Monday, March 31, 2008

Countries Hoard Food

Countries Hoard Food to protect their citizens from starvation or not being able to afford food.

Though it makes sense to save ones own citizens from death and malnutrition the end result creates even more worldwide problems regarding food. However, likely food hoarding by nations likely will continue.

The yahoo news article also speaks about genetically modified grains and the regulations against them by many nations. What is not spoken about is that grains created by Monsanto, for example, are making many children around the world sick. The genetically modified grains are creating a new disease that many children die from before doctors can figure out what it is. They become allergic to all food and often die of starvation before their ailment can be diagnosed.

A neighbor girl has this problem and only survived because her mother is a full time nurse.

Also, if some of the genetically modified grains interbreed with natural ones it will cause them to die after one season as many grains are created to not create new seeds in order to increase profits for Monsanto and other companies. Seed banks are important so these new 'die off' seeds don't interbreed with normal seeds. Another problem with genetically modified seeds is often they have pesticides genetically induced into the seed itself. Though it kills pests what does it do to humans?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Strange Karma?

Strange Karma? As one of my teachers would say, "There is sympathy and then there is compassion." For me, this means that if one feels sympathy for someone being injured it may or may not be practical but compassion while connected with real wisdom helps end injuries or helps heal injuries both physical and emotional.

I have past life memories of being raised a Christian male in Europe during the crusades and fighting Islamics in the middle east. Then the karma for that is to be reborn a Moslem fighting Christians. After about 4 lifetimes going back and forth I gave up war for any reason in the 1100s. Yes, there is still self defense but religious wars I gave up then after all that confusion of going back and forth and remembering for 4 consecutive lifetimes.

Flash forward to the Chinese invading and killing many Tibetans in 1959. Many of those who killed Tibetans in the Chinese invasion have since died from old age or illness. They have been reborn in Tibet to face the scorn of the Chinese. Tibetan lamas also believe that many high lamas killed by chinese soldiers in Tibet in 1959 were reborn and then died a Tien Amin square in 1989 as Chinese students demonstrating for democracy. So today the young people the Chinese are killing, imprisoning and torturing who are young Tibetans are likely reborn from the Chinese soldiers who fought in Tibet who died and were reborn in Tibet since the invasion of Tibet in 1959.

Likewise because the United States killed me in my last lifetime in Nagasaki, Japan in the nuclear blast there as a 12 year old child in 1945 caused my birth in Seattle, Washington 3 years later. Karma happens! Both the Good and the Bad and the in between.


Belief. Belief comes primarily from two sources
1. Conditioning
2. Experience

1. Conditioning of belief. This comes from parents, siblings, family, friends, TV, video games, books, school, the government,religion etc.
2. Experiences creating beliefs come from everything one experiences from conception until passing on.

Throughout ones life this mixture of conditioning and experience takes place. in a sense conditioning is more about group hypnosis than anything else. As a child one doesn't have too much control over this kind of group hypnosis experiment constantly going on. However, as a fully functioning adult one can exert control of ones own life if one wants to enough.

For those of you who thought I was just going to talk about belief in regard to religion I might disappoint you because I see all beliefs from believing we are living on planet earth to calling the star in the sky the sun or the planet that circles earth the moon as a part of conditioning and belief as much as something called God or something called religion or spirituality or even humanism. All these things are caused to "stick" in our minds through a combination of conditioning and life experience.

3. Everyone believes in a fairy tale. This is something that I recently have found words for. In my own case at about age 21 I took stock of myself and realized that I only believed in God about 85% to 95% in that range. Then I asked myself would I choose to live if there was no God. My answer was "NO!" This then was my answer. Since I realized I would quickly commit suicide if there was no God or meaning to life then if I wanted to live I needed to pretend there was a God with the other 5% to 15% of my beliefs in order to stay alive.

I think most logical rational people at some point have to face this point too. I've met people who when they confront this some people's fairy tale unfortunately is alcohol or drugs. Luckily, mine isn't that. When I was young my fairy tale was girlfriends, which I had a a lot of, especially between ages 15 and 25 before I got married and had my first child, a son.

However, some people's fairy tale in the form of religion is so fragile that they stay on the edge of suicide all the time like the suicide bombers of radical Islam. Understanding why people choose to kill themselves for a belief and that this style is only cultural will help the world deal with suicide bombers in the long run.

Western people keep their religions more personal. For example, when I was dealing with the identity crisis of youth, it was all about me and God, that's it. However, someone in radical islam might say to themselves, "If everyone doesn't believe the way I do they should die." Now this way of thinking to a Christian Western mind is completely insane. This is the real problem of belief now in the world.

The people I meet who tend to be the most unbalanced and strange have the most conditioning and the least experience. I consider people who only have conditioning as dangerous potentially both mentally and physically. These would be people who have been trained to be criminals, religious crazies, and just people who had parents or teachers that were nuts.

The most balanced people I find have had time to have their own experiences and learned to value personal experiences over many types of conditioning. These people over the years have been the most likely to become my friends. For without enough real life experience people tend to walk around sort of like biological robots bumping into things. Because in the end conditioning is not enough.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meeting Jesus at age 27:fiction?

Meeting Jesus at age 27:fiction?

Arcane visits Jesus when he was 27

One day Arcane decided he wanted to visit Jesus. He had to ask his superiors in the Galactic Core. They said, "Please check possible ramifications after your visit. If they are not favorable please delete your visit." So Arcane set up time filters to gauge the impact of his visit with Jesus up to 5000 years after he visited him.

Arcane carefully designed his visit. First, he engramed ancient Aramaic into his mind so he could speak it. Of course his mouth muscles were used to more modern langauges so he would have an accent but he would be able to explain that. He chose a time before Jesus gathered his disciples. At this time Jesus was about 27 years old. Arcane chose this time specifically because this was the age when Arcane lost Arayin. He thought visiting Jesus at this age would tend to heal his inner wounding.

Jesus was walking down the road alone. Arcane walked up to Jesus and introduced himself. Jesus said, "I recognize your soul. It is in a very ancient form even though you are from the future." The hairs went up on Arcane's neck. He was definitely speaking to Jesus. Jesus went on, "You are the same soul as my father Joseph, Arcane. Please tell me what my father's soul has come to share with me from such a far away time." For one of the few times in his life Arcane was thunderstruck. He found it difficult to speak in the presence of Jesus." He finally said, "Jesus, I asked permission from my superiors in the future if I could visit you." Jesus said, "Yes. I see that." Arcane said, "If my visit through time causes any harmful future effects I will eliminate my visit with you." Jesus was quiet a moment and said, "I have spoken with my father in heaven. He has told me that your visit is auspicious as long as you let me ask the questions." Arcane said, "I am honored to be your servant, Jesus."

Jesus began his questions. "Arcane what is the result in your time of my life here?" Arcane said, "There are 1 billion Christians on earth 2000 years hence. Your teachings of brotherhood and hope have civilized the world. There are still other religions like Buddhism and another variation off of Judaism called Islam that starts in about 700 years." Jesus answered, "Yes. I know the soul of Mohammed." Arcane couldn't help but be surprised." Jesus then said, "Did you know that I learned kindness and compassion from the Buddhists in India?" Arcane said, "I had wondered about that." Jesus said, "When I was a boy I apprenticed to a camel train that led me to India. I stayed for a while in the prosperous town of Nalanda and met with Buddhist Teachers there. They introduced me to a Mahasiddha who told me my future and that I must die on a cross to lift mankind. I said it was a small price to pay for what would come as a result. He taught me how to raise my body from the dead. Arcane, I studied with teachers of various religions during my travels. What becomes Christianity is actually a new form of Judaism just like Buddhism is an outgrowth of Bramanism." Even though Arcane knew most of this he felt stunned like a child when confronted with new awarenesses. Arcane said, "Do I have permission to ask you a question?" Jesus looked into Arcane deeply and said, "Yes, my brother. Though you travel time you do similar work that I do. We are compatriots lifting the souls of the human race and all life on earth." Arcane said, "I am honored by what you say,your Holiness, Jesus." Jesus then said, "Don't call me Your Holiness yet. I'm still in training. Just call me Jesus." Arcane felt like a little child next to Jesus. He said, "Okay, Jesus." Then Jesus said, "Now is a good time to ask your question." Arcane pulled himself together and said to Jesus, "Everywhere I have traveled through time there have been religious wars. Why is that?" Arcane felt like a child asking this question.

Jesus smiled and said, "Relax Arcane. I know you are a World Saver in your time and I am a World Savior in my own. Is there really that much difference in the good works we do?" Arcane said, "That is the greatest compliment I have ever been given." Jesus said, "It is not a compliment, Arcane. I'm simply stating a fact. We are brothers. We have known each other for millions of years."

When Jesus said this to Arcane he found himself fainting. Jesus caught his body before it hit the ground. When Arcane awoke his head was in Jesus' lap. Jesus then said, "Arcane, once again you are one of my disciples, my students. In other lifetimes I have been your student. Sometimes, we even made it a point to teach each other lifetime after lifetime in order to keep the holy spirit alive on earth."

Arcane said, "I don't think my soul has experienced that yet, Jesus." Jesus said, "That really doesn't matter because both time and space are only an illusion as we both know by now." Arcane said, "Knowing that is true and actually experiencing it all the time I find to be very disorienting and leading to vertigo." Jesus said, "When one has reached our level of awareness mentally understanding it is all that is necessary unless we wish to be in another time or space, then a little vertigo is necessary while extreme focus is maintained mentally of visualizing exactly where and when we are going to."

Arcane sighed with the sigh of a child having found a friendly compassionate adult.

Arcane said, "Jesus. You have made me your student once again." Jesus said, "Isn't that why you came to see me?" Arcane said, "I thought it was something else that was troubling me but, Yes, you are right, I see now." Jesus then said, "It is now time to ask me your question." Arcane said, "Though I intellectually know the answer I need to hear it from you because it will heal me." Jesus said, "Yes. It will." "Jesus?" Arcane said, "Why are there relgious wars throughout time. My betrothed died of torture on my home planet which fully created me as World Saver, then everywhere I have been in times a religious war had arisen, was about to arise. Why must there always be people fighting and dying in the name of religion.

Jesus was quiet a moment and then said, "You only intellectually know part of the answer, Arcane. The rest of the answer is a question of balance. Religious wars tend to create balance. They tend to create equalization of resources throughout any civilized area in the universe. God is not limited to any one religion or even philosophy. God is all religions and beyond all religions and more than any one human mind could ever contain without dying in the process. So attempting to understand it all is good but actually understanding everything completely is not possible for any one human being while still in human form. Enlightenment is acheived when any human being accepts what is possible and what is not. Equipose is reached at that moment."

Arcane looked troubled, "What can I do with this information?" Jesus seemed compassionate. He said, "I have faced this conundrum too, Arcane. Now that you have heard this your heart will have peace." With this Jesus took his index finger and touched my heart. Smoke came out of my heart and then white light raditated from my heart. Jesus smiled and said, "Come and visit me after my resurrection, Brother." With this Jesus walked away having done his holy work on my soul and the future of Earth and the Universe.

The Resurrection

Since Arcane knew he was a disciple of Jesus by Jesus' own words on his home planet he had learned obedience when dealing with spiritual teachers. Since Jesu just told him to visit Jesus after his Resurrection he was doing that right now. Arcane thought to himself as he whisked himself through both time and space to the location of Jesus' resurrection. Arcane stayed invisible there at the moment of resurrection waiting for the moment Jesus had predicted for their meeting.

As Arcane watched the Roman soldiers guard Jesus' tomb he noticed how spooked and uncomfortable they were. One Soldier said to the other, "This is bad. What if this guy really is a God as some people say? What is he going to do to us stupid mortals here?" Another soldier said, "You're right! How did we ever become unfortunate enough to pull this duty?" A officer, a Centurian said, "Pipe down you guys. I've heard Jesus speak and he would be the first to forgive our ignorance." Tears came to the guards eyes with this. They both knew in their heart of hearts that this man buried here likely was a God if their Centurian had heard him speak. For their Centurian was an honorable man and could be trusted to tell the truth.

Arcane was dumbfounded. This Centurian was Jonthan. Yes. He looked a little different but it was his soul! This was just too much for Arcane and he started to lose consciousness. Just about this time Arcangel Gabriel appeared and the common soldiers ran away. The Centurian in typical Jonathan fashion stayed on bended knee with head bowed realizing what was happening. Yes! This is Jonathan, his soul present at the Resurrection! This was why Jesus wanted Arcane here. At least this is one of the reasons.

Arcangel Gabriel walked up to the Centurian(Jonathan's soul) and said, "Centurian! Be not afraid. You and your soldiers have nothing to fear. Your future is bright! For you are one of us.

At this point the Centurian fainted and collapsed in a pile unconscious from the power of the touch of the Arcangel Gabriel.

Next, Arcangel Gabriel stood with his accompanying angels in front of the tomb and lightning shot from his outstretched hand at the tomb. The large stone cover blew away from its perch. The tomb was open! In a few moments the stirrings inside were evident. Two of Arcangel Gabriel's healing angels stood over Jesus' body ministering to Jesus' needs. As Jesus emerged from the tomb the wounds on his hands and feet were still visible but they glowed an unearthly color. One knew one was witnessing something beyond the belief of most earthly beings.

Arcane was transfixed. He knew he would never be the same again after this experience. The words, "Born Again" had new meaning for him in this moment.

Finally, with Arcangel Gabriel and his angels guarding the area Jesus walked right up to Arcane. Jesus said, "It is time Arcane. Make youself visible!" Arcane did as he was asked.

Jesus embraced Arcane. Arcane wondered if he could stay conscious this time. As if in answer to Arcane's mental question Jesus said, "You will stay conscious this time, Arcane. I am preparing you to enter the time pool with His Oneness, The ancient Lemurian Christ before me. Today I become the new Christ in earnest. Today a new and Resurrected Order of the Ages begins and today you must Resurrect in the Time Pool and merge with His Oneness so he may start Shambala over Earth. Today I become the new Christ on Earth and He becomes a Protector of Earth until Jonathan becomes Eridian in the far far future."

God has everything in Perfect Divine Order. As I become through Resurrection the Christ on Earth, You and His Oneness become the King of Shambala!"

Arcane thought, "This is the end of Arcane!" To this Jesus said, "Arcane! This is not the end this is only the beginning for both of us. We are eternal brothers. We are both Sons of God!" With this the fire in Jesus' eyes burned Arcane to the point that his soul screamed in shock! When Arcane woke up Jesus was gone and Arcane was invisible again but this time he was 40,000 years before in the Capital city of Lemuria in what would be in the far far future California.

Arcane woke up knowing where he was and what he was there to do. He looked into the mirror and where his eyes should have been were two globes of fire. Jesus had filled Arcane's brain and body with the fire of the Holy Spirit of God. Arcane thought that the last day he had actually been the Arcane he knew was the day before he met his teacher and master, Jesus. Obedience had been the lesson he took from studying with masters in his childhood. Now, Obedience to God and Jesus would lead him to give up Arcane completely and merge into His Oneness. The Christness of His Oneness and the wisdom and experience of Arcane would protect Earth from all threats from all dimensions for 1,000,000 years or more if need be. After all, he remembered earth 1,000,000 years into the future and saw his touch, Jesus' touch, His Oneness' touch on everything! His destiny had been beyond anything he could have imagined. Gratitude to God filled His Soul!


Multiform:Fiction?Jonathan was walking his dogs in the forest near his home. He loved the ferns and pines and oaks and streams this time of year. As he looked for a place to relieve himself Biocom said, "Don't step on those circles over there." This meant to Jonathan that he was refering to the many pine cones just off the trail in a glade. Jonathan thought about this. He said, "Biocom?" "Yes" Biocom said.

Note:Biocom is a biologically powered computer sentience built into the fillings of ones teeth, a mole on ones face(tv monitor camera with sound)and short term transmitters in the fingernails(all earth reach) and long distance(galactic reach) in ones toenails. There are many other modifications done for time changers from the Galactic Time Guard but are too numerous here to mention.

Jonathan went on,"Does your vision change when you are not fully awake?" Biocom answered, "Yes. I'm set by Galactic Control to not waste one erg of energy. However, I can have all systems up in less than 1/1000 of a second or less if I sense danger or any other situation that I need to more carefully monitor." Jonathan said, "Oh." He thought a moment about this and said, "How would I be defined?" Biocom thought what would be useful to say to Jonathan and said, "Well. You are classified as a human but also as a modified human." Jonathan trying to fish for answers said, "What exactly does modified human mean?" Biocom didn't like the sound of this question so he was quiet for a while. Then he said, "My loyalty to the galaxy is greater than my loyalty to you. You understand this?" Jonathan said, "I understand that you are here with me in my body to protect me physically, mentally, emotionally and some would say even spiritually? Is this correct?"

Biocom said, "All this is correct Jonathan." Jonathan then said, "Then what is my purpose from your point of view?" Biocom then said, "You are a researcher and a liason for the galaxy in relation to earth and all it cultures." Jonathan thought about this and said, "Did all this come from when I soul traveled to the galactic core in 1970?" Biocom said, "Yes. They recognized your soul body to be a dream manifestation of the retired sleeping creator of this galaxy which they revere."

Jonathan said, "Biocom. You do understand that I think about this in maybe a different way than the Galaxy tends to." Biocom said, "That they would expect. Otherwise, how could you survive as a human on earth?" Jonathan said, "Exactly!"

Jonathan walked through the ferns and trees on this beautiful day. Then he said, "How does the Galaxy see Elohar and Ragna and Arcane and Meridian and His Oneness and King Interlaken." Without skipping a beat Biocom said, "Elohar and Ragna are time officers commissioned to manage time by King Interlaken. They live primarily in the 7000 ad range but have traveled as far back as 40,000 BC where they met His Oneness and Ragna has traveled with Arcane as far forward or further as 1,000,000 AD. Arcane is Considered a Galactic Saint and is sometimes known as Saint Germain. He has traveled to places and dimensions that most beings only dream of and from 7 million years into the past to at least that far into the future as well as multi-galactic travel."

Jonathan went on,"So would you say that all bodies who are dreams of the Galactic Creator are protected by the Galactic Time Guard?" Biocom thought about this and said, "Unequivocally, Yes!"

Jonathan said, "So what you are telling me is that time and space would be altered to protect us all?" Biocom said, "Yes."

Note:I first wrote of Biocom in my online book "Memories". The following url will take you to the first page Biococm is mentioned.

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HOWEVER, this information has been moved to my new archive site click on following word button Memories part 8 and 9 and scroll down to part 9

However, if you want to go to the beginning of the book you can go to:
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PS Though I have gone through "Memories" at least 9 times in editing it you will see it obviously isn't enough. However, since I wrote it sort of as "Fred's Version of what is actually going on in the universe", one could say it is my Bible of my spiritual experiences so to speak. I add on to the sequels as inspired by real life experiences.



These 60 minutes videos I found pretty interesting. More than any other one fact it was that other bees who normally would steal the honey from a hive that had collapsed didn't. This makes me think that either some kind of chemical was brought by the bees into the hive that no bees from any beehive could survive or a disease was caught by the hive that other bees realized was there. This changes for me, how I view what is happening to bees worldwide.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The World As a Corporation

The World As a Corporation. The further something is removed from actual cause and effect the less realistic its decisions become.

When the democratic nations first gave rights to fictitious entities called corporations that exceeded the rights of individual people or even unaligned groups of people not working for that corporation the beginning of the demise of the human race began. I don't think the people involved in creating corporations as a legal entity ever conceived of what is happening now on earth. I don't think they ever really expected multinational corporations as a group to actually become more powerful than most nations on earth. In fact, as a group multinationals are MORE powerful than all nations on earth. I just accept that as a fact at this point.

I also believe that all ideologies have become irrelevant to the Multinational corporate fascist world we actually all live in now. I'm not sure how the human race will figure its way out of this one. I wonder if we will all go extinct trying to survive this?

When multinationals own all or most media on earth who can find the truth? It is sort of like the philosophic statement, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one sees it did it really happen?" Modified for this article it would read, "If someone dies because of a corporation and no one ever finds out did it really happen?" Unfortunately, in this day and age the answer would be "no"!

Who is to blame for Darfur? The answer would be everyone who is buying Sudan's oil.
Who is killing Tibetans? The answer would be everyone who wants Tibetan natural resources.
Who is killing the Somalis? The answer would be: They are dying because the world doesn't care!

If you can't guess, I just watched the movie Michael Clayton on DVD.

I could go on and on. But you get my point. This is the world we really live in!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Into the Wild:The movie

Into the Wild:The Movie. I watched it on DVD. My wife brought it home. I thought it went on and on. Even though I have known many friends who spent too much time alone in the woods and got pretty squirrelly, I never met anyone who took it out as far or as lonely as this guy who died doing this did.

I always figured people either have the survival gene or they don't. Whether it is dying from not recognizing the right plant as in his case or whether its dying from driving your car too fast or falling asleep at the wheel or choking on something you swallowed that is too big for your throat or a real friend of mine who died free climbing and falling several hundred feet on Castle Crags in California, there is a bridge too far for everyone.

I always say people either have the survival gene or they don't. I always had an intuitive sense when I was going to far with anything that said to me, "You're going to die if you take it any further!" It really wasn't anything anyone told me it was just life saying to me, "Take it one step further and you're dead!" People who are too dense or just too stoned to hear this voice are all dead now or will be sooner or later. That is a given. I have watched people go crazy or die that were good friends of mine since the early 1960s. Most of them were very good people but they just didn't know when to quit whatever it was that they were doing that finally killed them. Some of them were really smart and some weren't so smart. But the one thing they seemed to lack was common sense.

I think it was Albert Einstein who said that intelligence doesn't mean anything if you don't have common sense to go with it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle?

Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle?

This thing is pretty neat. I'm surprised how quickly Darth Maul's air search mini droids have been built by US technology. they are small (only about 22 pounds) and have video cameras built into the base. I was reading an article in yahoo about police using it for surveillance here in the US already.

However, I think private individuals and companies will want one too for all sorts of reasons if they are allowed to buy such things.

Also, this reminds me of a UFO experience my family had in 1985. We were visiting relatives in Carmel Highlands at the time for Christmas. One side of the house was glass for viewing the beautiful ocean there far below. I had Tibetan lama and his translator visiting. The translator and my 11 year old son were in the living room (one wall is almost all glass). The translator( a young man of about 25) came into the bedroom where the family was all talking but his face was very pale.

He said, "Your son and I saw a red glowing object about 3 feet in diameter 'watching' us through the windows." Because the Tibetan translator from Darjeeling didn't believe in UFOs we watched him almost faint to have his beliefs challenged in real life.

My son saw it with him but was just excited because he knew I had already had many such experiences in and around Mt. Shasta.

Later I watched a program on tv about triangular ships visiting europe. They described the 3 foot glowing red objects as camera like devices that came down from the triangular ships to observe people. So I realized that likely that was what they had seen.

Now Americans have a primitive form of this device too.

Are bees and bats in US dying from the same thing?

Are Bees and Bats in US dying from the same thing?

being quote:"What is known is that the syndrome leaves small, white, fungal spots around the nose and mouth of the tiny nocturnal animals.

The bats have been woken prematurely from their winter hibernation and, with their fat reserves seriously depleted, their natural impulse is to forage for food." endquote.

The fungal spots that are symptomatic of the syndrome appear to awaken the bats too early from their hibernations for them to survive it. Is this fungus related to what is also killing bees.

Also, the past 10 to 20 years many types of mold and fungus appear to becoming more deadly to both animals and humans. One theory might be that antibiotics in water supplies might be mutating mold spores and fungus into things more lethal to bees and mammals.

Do Our Votes Really count?

Do Our Votes Really count? Off hand I'd say 'No'. However, that might just be me being cynical. Then again with what I know about Computer voting machines I would have to say that if it doesn't give a good paper trail count as you are voting then for sure your vote doesn't count because any vote done on computers can be messed with at some stage. However, ballot boxes thrown in trash and rivers are found in every election so it might just be a matter of scale. However, I would say that if you are using computer voting machines I have about 0% faith in those being counted. it would be better to use an absentee ballot than ANY voting machine. However, even then one doesn't really know.

I think voting is sort of like going to church. It is important to believe that democracy might sometimes work just like we hope justice sometimes works even though I personally don't have any faith at all in our justice system. Still, I have to believe what we have here both in our so called democracy, our so called justice system and our so called rights do appear to work much better than other places I've been on earth. At least here I'm not worrying about dying and having everything stolen 24 hours a day where I live. However, I know that many of you even in the states don't feel safe when you go to sleep at night.

So do our votes really count? The answer is: maybe!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The US: A Military Paradox?

The US:a Military Paradox?As schoolchildren in the 1960s we were taught that through nuclear weapons alone, the US could destroy the earth itself 3 times over and all life upon earth about 10 times over with a combination of atomic, hydrogen and neutron bombs then (and Now) in existence.This kind of information continued to junior high and high school students I believe most places until the demise of the old Soviet Union at which point everyone sort of mutually agreed to never talk about such things again. However, these weapons are still there and still functional and usable and well maintained. Any large country that attacked the mainland US could be dust within about 20 to 25 minutes with all life gone there for about 20,000 years or more. However, if any nation attacked Russia, England, Germany, China and a few other countries the country that attacked them likely wouldn't exist anymore either. So this is the main reason there haven't been any really big wars since World War II and it isn't likely there will be between large nations because of mutual extinction of whole continents likely.

But here comes the paradox. Then we factor in what the world tends to sees as failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, to be completely realistic one must also factor in Russia's failures and China's failures. The world sees Russia's (and the old Soviet Union's failures to be, Chernobyl, Chechnya, and Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Next, the world sees China's failures to be human rights for all Chinese, Islamic problems and Tibetan Buddhist problems. Any one of these problems could change the form of the Chinese government because of unhappy Chinese citizens all over China. However, the political systems of Russia and the US are less problematic and are likely to continue as they are. However, almost anything can and will happen in China during the next 100 years.

So, here is the US paradox. The US can destroy all life on earth many times over but can't stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan without completely bankrupting our country: The US.

spiritual, supernatural or psychic gifts

Spiritual, supernatural or psychic gifts.All these gifts can come upon a person without warning at any time from birth until one passes. From a secular humanistic viewpoint there might be no rhyme or reason to any of it.

However, whether or not you are surrounded by people that understand any of this, it is important to note that anyone who isn't connected to their deeper instincts in this way has every reason(fear) to try to convince you that you aren't experiencing anything and are just crazy.

That being said there are human traditions that span 100s of thousands of years or more that have used and understood these things. However, I have noticed that the more intellectual a person tends to be the less intuitive or instinctual that person tends to be. There are a few who are both and balanced about it but they as a general rule are the exception.

Then there are the religious power trippers whose vested interest it is to strip away all intuitive gifts from you because "they" are the only anointed by God and if you are too then that spoils not only their whole day but their whole life. So they may try to exorcise you, twist your mind or even try to secretly kill you. This is all a given.

Once one understands this,(especially if you are a child and trapped by these kinds of crazies) it is best to sort of go along with the program and not rock the boat too much until you can grow up and GET OUT OF THERE!

This being said if your primary motivation beyond physical, mental and emotional survival is not compassion toward all beings in the universe then if you are gifted likely you won't survive very long. Because God, life, nature, The Force, whatever you want to call it just doesn't allow beings to misuse their gifts beyond a certain point, and that certain point is slightly different for everyone.

So, if you are gifted and want to stay alive, figuring out how to use your gifts and to help not only yourself but all life around you is necessary if you want to stay alive very long.

Democratic Firing Squads forming in a circle

Democratic Firing Squads forming in a circle.Whose idea was it to run a woman and a black together? For that matter whose idea was it to do this when America is in one of the greatest crises since World War II? You can call it the perfect storm or you can call it insanity run amok. But whatever you call it the end result probably is that Obama can't win against McCain because independents have abandoned him because of Reverend Wright and his statements and Hillary might or might not be able to beat McCain but it is sure that neither of them will beat McCain if this democratic fight goes to the convention. It is now my belief that this will further fragment the party and take away whatever coalition chances it had to elect the next president. So whether you say the democrats have already shot themselves in the foot while the world watched or whether they formed a circular firing squad the damage has already been done.

Though many respect the principles that the democratic party is trying to protect there is a quote by Hermione Granger in one of the first Harry Potter movies that comes to mind where Hermione says something like,"We could be killed or worse we could get expelled." and Ron says, "She needs to get her priorities straight!"

This quote is tailor made for the democratic party now. The only sense I can make of the way they are acting is: "maybe the world is just too scary for them to even get their priorities straight in these times." If so,the world will be a much sadder place as a result.

The Food Disaster

The Food Disaster. I suppose it started when Global Climate Change caused a 100 years drought in Australia. Since Australia is second only to the US in the grains it grows, its crop failure due to drought reduced the world's food stores to the lowest point in 30 years. This caused food to double in price many places on earth. This then caused people who barely had enough to sustain life in their bodies to begining to starve and experience malnutrition. Even in the United States, a very rich nation, poorer people are having an extremely difficult time buying enough nutritious food to sustain body and mind in a reasonably balanced way. So, the end result is that those who were marginal are starving and many of those who weren't marginal are now.

Now, to add to this complexity we have rising oil prices. Some of the rise is due to demand and some of the rise comes from instability of currencies especially the dollar. This causes investors to buy oil futures as a way of hedging deflating currencies like the dollar. It also caused gold to go way up recently even though the last time I looked gold was in the 900 dollar per ounce range again. So, here again rising oil prices also contribute to starvation because of the cost of hauling foods and processing foods increases exponentially with the added cost of fuel.

Then, we add to this the instability in the US and World economy. This also contibutes to rising prices for food and more starvation. For the first time in a century it is very likely that our food stores will continue to drop because of all these factors and more.

Another factor in the Food Disaster is people beginning raise plants for fuel. Especially in regard to corn for fuel this is contributing starvation by the poor worldwide because of the rising corn prices. So, from all directions it doesn't look good for the worlds poor long term.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Making Sense of a Scared New World

begin quote:"In any otherwise inexplicable financial event, the people who profit from it may be understood to have caused it."endquote

The title of this article at the new york times online is:"Making Sense of a Scared New World"

I think this article has nailed it. It speaks to who is actually terrorizing the stock markets of the world, Hedge fund traders, not all of them but those who are some of the richest and the least regulated in the financial business.

And it also speaks to why the Fed backed up the 2 dollar takeover of Bear Stearns. This may have been done partly to financially bring to their knees some unregulated traders that were going to make a financial killing on Bear Stearns collapse and bankruptcy. They were using various means to create a run on the bank which among other things might have led to its demise as an investment bank.Unless we can protect our banking institutions from such malevolent attacks through regulation then more investment banks will fall one by one around the world.

I think it also might be important to investigate not only individuals and corporations being involved in this but also nations doing this as a way of waging economic war!

Life Will Find a Way

Life Will Find a Way.Many people wonder whether the human race can survive on into the future. However, if you look closely at the movie 10,000 BC and then seriously imagine what humans have ALREADY survived it becomes fairly obvious that even if 99% of humans were wiped out by one thing or another or even a multiple combinations of several difficult things it is my considered belief that those 1% of humans that might remain would still go on and find a way to survive no matter what!

Untreatable TB Strain sweeps Kyrgyz prisons

Untreatable TB Strain Sweeps Kyrgyz prisons.

You might say to me, "So What?" Well. The problem is that in poor countries untreatable TB doesn't just stay in the prisons and when it starts to spread to the countryside it might one day wind up here in the US. Untreatable TB strains are more deadly to the general populace worldwide than AIDS. Potentially, one carrier of an untreatable(multiple drug resistant)TB could potentially infect thousands to millions in the US or Europe because TB is airborne.

It is said that up to 1/3 of the population of China has TB. A majority of those people have treatable TB and then a certain percentage have untreatable(MDR) TB. I was talking to a nurse about how serious untreatable (MDR) TB is on earth and how much more potentially deadly it is within months upon a given populations than say, AIDS is. So because Kyrgyz is not a rich country this problem is potentially serious for all of us.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Problem of Iraq

The Problem of Iraq.

begin quote:"Long-term danger

Iraqi friends of mine who once hated the fact that the Americans were here now praise them for driving the militants from the streets. That is a real success.

Aftermath of bombing in Karbala - 17/03/2008
Violence is down, but Iraqis continue to be killed
But it is small compared with the damage which the war has done to America's reputation. The US state department finds it much harder nowadays to be taken seriously when it criticises other countries for their use of torture and arbitrary arrest.

People the world over have been repelled by things that have been done here: things that are now associated with place-names like Abu Ghraib, Haditha, and Falluja.

Above all, we have seen how hard it is for the Americans to deal with a few thousand lightly armed volunteers.

Germany's 19th-Century Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, said that great powers had to be very careful when they put their military strength to the test. Unless they are overwhelmingly successful, he meant, the perception will be that they have been defeated.

In spite of the new successes on the ground here, that is the long-term danger America faces."endquote

So here we are in Iraq with countries like Russia and China thinking like most foreign countries that America has been defeated by volunteer terrorists without special training overseen by the best of the best.

This is a serious problem of perception that in itself could put the US military in jeapordy or the entire US mainland in real danger!

Iraq Death Toll 4000

Iraq Death Toll 4000. The following article will give you more information if you are interested.

Even though this the present death toll in Iraq for US soldiers this figure in some ways is bogus because it doesn't include the deaths of Americans who are not in the military but do support work for the military who are from the US. It does not include political attaches or political figures who have died from the US. It does not include all the news people from the US who have died in Iraq and it does not include any American soldiers who did not die from their wounds in Iraq after the plane left the ground to take them to a hospital in Germany or the US or who died after they landed in Germany and the US. So the actual total of soldiers who died from wounds received in Iraq might be as high as 8000 to 10,000. I think this is a more realistic estimate of the numbers of soldiers who have died from wounds received in Iraq.

How Deep Is the Economic Abyss?

begin quote"I think the current financial crisis looks to me like the worst one since we got into the Depression," says Richard Sylla, who teaches the history of financial institutions at New York University's Stern School of Business."

Which is not to say this time will be anywhere near as bad -- partly because, economists note, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is a student of the Depression and appears to be steering the Fed toward avoiding the mistakes of back then." endquote.

I highly recommend both these articles if you are interested in both where we are: the first URL and how we got here:the second URL

The 1990's were the most economically flush times since the late 1960s in america. The Soviet Union had collapsed and the US military establishment hadn't figured out how to create another wartime scenario yet to get the funding it has now. So during the 1990s I believe was the biggest economic boom time since the 1950s and 1960s. During the Viet Nam War we squandered our wealth as a nation and went from a creditor nation to a debtor nation. So when the military industrial complex created the Terrorist war we entered this war as a debtor nation. since we aren't exiting this war we are becoming a bankrupt nation. A+B=C. It isn't rocket science. We couldn't afford this war, economically or in any other way and now we appear to be entering Great Depression2 as a direct result. Our nation might have to go bankrupt for a while for us as a nation to become realistic about all things once again.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bear Stearns

I was talking to a friend of mine who is an investor and studies markets 4 to 8 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week. He was saying one of the reasons Bear Stearn collapsed is that when their two hedge funds collapsed the average investor in those hedge funds felt abused directly by Bear Stearns. Since investors in Hedge funds tend to be extremely rich there was an element of payback in what happened to Bear Stearns recently. In other words "what goes around comes around". If this is true this may be an object lesson for all other investment banks connected to hedge funds.

China in Trouble long Term?

China in Trouble Long Term? There is a statement that is studied in War Colleges all over the world. "No army can succeed long term against an insurgency supported by the common people in any area of the world." What this actually means is that if the common people in any area support any guerrilla faction no army will be able to ever defeat that insurgency in 1year, 5 years, 10 years or ever.

It is my belief that in both Islamic areas of China and soon in Tibet this will be true. These struggles between the Islamics against the Chinese and the Tibetans against the Chinese cannot be won by China. Though China has almost infinite troops to send it does not have infinite money to fund those troops against multiple insurgencies.

Like the United States and NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq, unless the popular will of all the people in every area supports them they will not be able to hold the gained ground without the support of the common people of an area long term.

Yes. It is true that China COULD kill all Tibetans and all Islamics in China. But then one way or the other the whole world would find out and when it did it would become a complete pariah to the whole world and trade with China would eventually stop completely.

Can You Say Neville Chamberlain?

Neville Chamberlain? Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain by appeasing Hitler even though his intentions were well meaning allowed Hitler to begin taking Europe state by state. Then like now the world felt powerless to stand up to a nation that frightened them. This time that nation is China that still demonstrates qualities right out of the dark ages of brutal warlordism. This time it is the whole world not confronting China's treatment of the Tibetans. Next year or the year after it won't just be the Tibetans and Tibetan culture that will lay exterminated but Taiwan, Thailand, India, Australia, Japan, you name it.

The brutal warlordism in the guise of extreme capitalism out of China will not stop until all nations of earth are under its economic manipulation.

I once knew someone here in the United States that was not safe to have as a friend or an enemy. I didn't know what to do with that person. I had never encountered anyone that dangerous in my life before. I feel about China that way now. I understand how China got to where it is. There are just so many people there that the only way China has learned to survive is to deny the rights of any minority. Other countries including the US have done this in past centuries to native Americans and Blacks and other minorities. However, in most of the modern world this, in the main has gone away. However, in China it is the same as it was 500 years ago there in the sense that if you are a minority in China, either prepare to lose your culture completely or prepare to die. In China, there is no other option.

The rest of the world sits and watches in horror. The rest of the world has tried to encourage China into Capitalism and into democracy and democratic socialism. China has taken to Capitalism with a ferver unseen in a long time. But China has also held on to its policies of taking away the rights of any of its people on a whim. Not only taking away their rights but just as easily taking their lives. People sort of just disappear in China like they have for centuries and nothing is ever said about it by them again. It is sort of like people just disappear as if they never existed before!

The rest of the world watches China in horror because what China does is the very worst quality of living in denial that most present day humans have ever seen!

We, the people of the world are creating China into another Hitler by our inaction!
If China goes on slowly taking over the civilized world directly and indirectly in this way with impunity then it is the other 5 billion people's fault for not confronting China!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Multinational Corporate Warlordism

Multinational Corporate Warlordism. Warlodism I obviously made up. However, the concept is real and it is the scariest thing now on earth except Global Climate change long term.

Imagine(since it's real you don't have to really imagine)companies that are loyal to no nations laws or any group of nations laws, who hire thousands of lawyers worldwide whose only job is to find ways to circumvent any and all laws to get whatever they want(natural resources, LAND, or whatever) at the lowest price possible by disenfranchising anyone necessary to get whatever it is they want to get and then sell to the highest bidder.

If you have seen "There Will Be Blood:the movie" then think internationally. I think you get the picture of whatever Daniel Day Louis' charactor wanted(any natural resource or commodity or whatever)on earth (or beyond) in the future.

In the past warlord's took a village shot all the men in the back, raped all the women, killed or enslaved the children and stole all their natural resources including homes, farms animals and land.

The good news is less people get shot in the back. The bad news is the subprime debacle is no accident and its intent is to steal your land for bargain basement prices for foreign investors. You think I'm joking? Just watch what happens when land prices hit bottom. Foreign investors will snap up all that cheap land at pennies on the dollar! Just watch! I think it might be necessary to set a limit on how many acres or parcels a non US citizen can buy. Otherwise, I think we will have a real problem on our hands as a nation.

However, it is much worse than that. It is international corporate warlordism. It is happening to a greater or lesser degree in EVERY nation on earth, especially those with natural resources. And noble and religious people of all persuasions will get what the minister got at the end of "There Will Be Blood" all over the earth. Just watch!

7.2 Earthquake:Hotan, China

7.2 Earthquake: Hotan, China. Because of the location of the earthquake in xinjiang Province north of Tibet and East of where Osama bin Laden is in Pakistan and since xinjiang is Islamic, it makes one wonder if this indeed was an earthquake and not another ammunition dump blowing up like just blew up in Albania.

Microbanking for California?

Microbanking for California?

begin quote:"The entire states of California, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio and Nevada -- which have seen the highest foreclosure rates and the worst price declines -- are blackballed on some mortgage insurers' lists. endquotes.

Since loans from most banks aren't issued without Mortgage insurance it may be necessary for microbanking groups of Californians or any other state targeted by Mortgage insurers to bring back loans for Californians so they can buy houses here.

Microbanking could be organized by people who already own their homes outright or who are conservative investors. If groups of these people got together say for example through their churches then they might actually know the people that say 10 or more of them together could loan money to buy a house. In this way we could survive our state or your state being blackballed in regard to mortgage insurance.

Globalization is a Mess

Globalization is a Mess. If we look at the whole world now we see a de facto world capitalist state powered by the making of money. The problem with this is that the people that have the most money have no vested interest in keeping the poorest half of the world's population alive. So, in all likelihood many many will starve as the serious corrections caused by globalization are slowly corrected by world economies during this century. As Greenspan has said it is likely many many banking institutions will fail worldwide until the world figures out how to deal with the complexities of multiple currencies, multiple markets, multiple prices of the same goods etc. It is far more complex than I can even pretend to imagine at this point. Even geniuses like Greenspan only watch the tips of the financial icebergs and have to guess what is really underneath it all. Just remember these financial icebergs are 9/10 out of sight below the water line. That is why we are watching investment businesses like Bear Stearns sink like ships from the many hidden financial icebergs just like the Titanic did.

Propaganda ONLY Kills

Propaganda ONLY Kills. My personal definition of Propaganda is:that which maims the truth in such a way that some people die and their livelihoods are lost in the process. Propaganda also diminishes all who are unfortunate enough to hear it and who having no other source of information might take it for the truth which it NEVER is.

Whether that propaganda is out of China, the US or any other nation or multinational corporate mouthpiece spoken or written does not matter. When the truth is diminished by
National,Corporate or Military Industrial Corporate it doesn't not matter. Any way the truth is lost the people are sure to eventually perish from the loss of truth.

A new type of propaganda lately is the kind we see paid for by multinational corporations worldwide interested in confusing people about Global Climate Change. So when scientists who are actually doing real research into Global Climate Change are then discredited by scientists hired by Companies and nations to discredit them.

Another example is what China is doing to the Dalai Lama presently. Any educated person in a free nation knows that the Dalai Lama is not behind the violence in Tibet directly. One knows that the Tibetan people realizing that the present Dalai Lama can't live forever and in already in his 70s is almost at a point where he won't be able to continue the non-violent fight for his people within 20 years at most.

At that point it might be too late for Tibetans who want a free Tibet. So I see what is presently taking place worldwide as a last chance for a Free Tibet. The people participating know if they don't do it now there never will be a right time for this. China has lied to them for at least 60 years now so even if they all die they know they tried. Do they have hope? Probably not when they are only a few million versus 1.4 billion Chinese who aren't told the truth about Tibetans and their lives. All the Chinese need to do is to bring 10 million troops to Tibet and exterminate all Tibetans. Then they dress up the Chinese in Tibetan costumes and pretend nothing has happened.

It could be a holocaust right now like what happened to Jews in Europe during World War II and to the Cambodians under Pol Pot after the Viet Nam War. How would anyone know unless the US is looking on Satellites right now?

The real enemy of the Tibetan people isn't the Chinese government, it is companies and corporations worldwide that will do anything to anyone to get at Tibets natural resources. So Tibetans will be eliminated to get at these resources.

The real enemy of the Tibetan people is not the Government of China. The real enemy is China Incorporated with all the multinationals of the earth. For the chinese communist party is only the rich elites of china who are bribed by those companies who want tibet's resources and who don't really care who dies to get it.

I'm not sure if you reading this understand that ideologies- all of them became obsolete when the old Soviet Union collapsed. When the Soviet Union went the ONLY game in town is money and the power and the control that it brings. As far as governments, all governments on earth there is only now the bribed and the dead who wouldn't take a bribe. That is what all governments now consist of worldwide including China.

People with enough money can make ANYONE disappear and they have and they do. It's just that some people on earth if they were assassinated would then bring at least 100,000 deaths or more as a direct result. That is the ONLY reason why they stay alive.

We live in a de facto world Capitalist society. All governments on earth have now been circumvented by bribes, assassinations and money. All ideologies are defunct because of the perverse power of money and it has COMPLETELY been this way since 1990 on earth. All democracies are a sham because if there are two or three candidates all of them must accept bribes in order to stay alive.

If we recognize what has happened on earth it at least gives us a chance to survive it. KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE!


Guns. I was listening to Valerie Plame talk about how lucky she was to be good with an AK47 on a 60 minutes clip online. For some reason it took me back to my childhood and all the guns my grandfather had. So I thought back to the summer when I was 8 years old and first introduced to shooting pistols and rifles in Idaho.

I was very into cowboys and riding horses and always having a cowboy hat and toy guns at the time (1956). So when I got on the right fender of my granpa's old Mash world war II power wagon 4wd and headed down one of his many dirt roads on his 2000 acre mining claim there I had a silver Colt Woodsman .22 automatic clip loaded pistol strapped to my waist in a holster as I rode on the front fender of grandpa's 4wd old truck. On the other front fender rode my 13 year old cousin with a German Luger 9mm automatic holstered and strapped to his waist. We both felt pretty amazing that day riding in the light rain on a backwoods dirt road on Grandpa's mining claim(Until) grandpa hit a 10 inch in diameter rock on my side which slowed but did not stop the truck but threw me forward off the front of the truck and then grandpa ran over me.(Luckily because of the mud I just had a black and blue mark across my right shin and thigh as my leg was bent as the right front wheel ran over me).

I heard my mother screaming as she sat in the middle next to my father who was in the window seat on the front bench seat (bucket seats didn't come into vogue until the 1960s. I tried(even though the air was knocked out of me to let them know I was alive as I stared up at the transmission of the very high center old 4 wheel drive. Soon Dad saw I was alive and everyone was very relieved. however, for me, I had lost the fantasy moment because even though I still had my gun on my hip I was covered with mud and sitting on my mother's lap in the center of the front seat with Grandpa and Dad and Mom.

How quickly things can change. Next, we arrived at the target practice area on Grandpa's mining claim where bullets couldn't harm anyone and mountains surrounded us on all sides with no one this side of the mountains. I shot my woodsman .22 and was fairly accurate with it. Then I tried the German Luger and was hit in the center of my forehead because of the kick of the gun. So now I had blood going into my eyes from the wound on my forehead from the kick. Then I wanted to shoot Granpa's 30 odd 6 which is a World War I M1 army rifle. This time the kick didn't knock me down because I was ready but my shoulder was black and blue from the kick for about a month.

I decided I was going to stay with .22 rifles that tended to be very accurate but wouldn't make me black and blue on shoulder or forehead at least until I was 12.

Later that week in Seattle where Grandma was, she gave me Dad's childhood rifle that she had kept for protection. It was a .22 Remington Pump rifle. I was proud at age 8 to have my very own rifle to keep in my closet to protect my family and for hunting.

No Justice

No Justice. America(the US) isn't like China where Tibetans are now shot on sight if they are wearing traditional dress. No. America is something different. Even though the US has the dubious distinction of having more of its people in jail percentage wise than any nation on earth. Luckily, I have never had to deal with even one day or night in jail in my life. I'm very lucky.

I coasted along in life going through one very easy (financially and getting custody of my son) divorce. My ex and I agreed on everything and we are still good friends to this day. But then after being married 14 years the next time instead of 4 years the first time it was the opposite. In my second divorce we still didn't care about things or even money so there was no dispute over those things. This time it was our then 5 year old daughter. I filed for divorce because my priest and lawyer said I needed to to protect both myself and my then 5 year old. I had believed up to this point in American justice but I found no justice. Maybe I was naive in what I expected. But what I completely did not expect was the legal and financial rape of myself, my now ex-wife and my daughter. The harm done to all 3 of us has permanently changed all our lives.

All my illusions of what family law was ended. And I will never be happy with ANY of the results. I will be angry until the day I die at how the three of us were treated.

We probably in most ways are the best legal system on earth(but then how do you explain that 25% to 50% of all people in jail RIGHT NOW are innocent?

Then we take family law which is based upon PROPERTY not people. When family law evolved through time, children, wives and property were all the property of the male, the father, the dominant head of the household. So even today most places in the US, the male is blamed for everything, the wife is treated like a child, and the children are wards of the state.

IF you ever have to endure the personal and financial torture of a contested divorce YOU MUST UNDERSTAND that:the man will be blamed for everything, the woman will be treated like a child and the children are wards of the state. IF you can't get those three things then don't get divorced. For if you don't understand these three things then getting divorced is about as fun as getting castrated both physically and financially in public!

Since I did not understand these three things my experience was like the trauma of getting castrated in public physically an financially. Psychologically, I have never completely recovered from this experience.

Before this, I believed in our system. After this I have NO CONFIDENCE in our system at all.

IF I was to define American JUSTICE it would be: The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer and all those in contested divorces get poorer and have nothing but problems of all kinds afterwards.

To more fully understand where I am coming from there are only three things in my life that ever really made sense to me: Nature, God, and family. Everything else I have found to be a lie or to be so abstract and unfathomable in reality as to be absurd! Being patriotic is also useful but hard to fully makes sense of since I saw what it did to everyone I knew who went to the Viet Nam war. No one who had to actually kill ever came back fully sane or normal. So though I can say I'm patriotic I 'm glad I didn't have to die or go crazy like those I have seen who came back from that war.

In the end I was one of the lucky ones. While I was getting a divorce I met my present wife who came from a well to do family, had three degrees and who was the perfect person for me. Because of this I didn't become one of the people walking down the street talking to themselves because their lives have fallen apart and ended. Luckily, the men of my family go on and survive no matter what and I carry the same genes that settled this whole country of the US that go on no matter what. Luckily, I have the survivors gene so I am still alive and sane.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saint Obama?

Saint Obama?If Obama's speech on race doesn't bring tears to your eyes you aren't a very deep person. Though I still question whether Obama has enough experience to become a good and useful President or not I today have to put him in the category of Martin Luther King in this Oratory. This will be a defining speech on race for this decade and possibly even for this century just like the "I have a Dream" speech was for Martin Luther King. The things he said and could get away with saying because he is both black and white were amazing. It takes a man from both worlds to give a speech like this. When he said that he had relatives from every race and creed it slammed me to the wall and I felt the human race just might survive after all. Our descendants might be alive 1000 or 2000 or 3000 years from now after all!

Jesus was an Epileptic?

Jesus was an Epileptic? A good friend of mine got a Masters degree in History of Religion at UCLA. He was saying in his studies that he found that most Shamans, prophets, and even people like Jesus tended to fall into one of the following categories:they were epileptics, catatonics, hypnotics etc. In other words they were people who could access non-ordinary reality a lot of the time or even most of the time. Everyone can and probably does this but usually only in dreams at night while asleep.

However, people who have abilities beyond the normal are able to consciously access what one might call Deep instinct or deep deep intuition. This allows them to See the Future, understand the universe and commune with both God and nature and often lead their people to survive unbelievable catastrophies. We are all the product of millions of years of such things. Just because today we pretend that materialism is all their is doesn't actually make it so. In some ways it just makes humans silly the way they run from what they actually are. And then when they must face the truth many can't handle it and turn to alcohol and drugs.

As someone who had to survive childhood epilepsy without any medications I think I understand this better than most because of direct experience. It was once called the King's disease because Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napolean and many other Kings and leaders had this disease. It tends to make a person very telepathic both as a sender and as a receiver. I could see the advantage of a leader being able to better sense the thoughts and feelings of his people or soldiers and to be able to anticipate their needs as well as seeing through his enemies and anticipating their plans. I think this is why epileptics were so successful as leaders and why it also makes sense why Jesus likely was an epileptic too.

The disadvantage would have been if these leaders were seen to have a seizure because then their people likely would have killed them on the spot. So that was always a hazard back in more superstitious times.

However, Jesus must have been an exceptional being when he lived on earth. It is my belief that he studied Buddhism at some point between age 12 and 30. It might have been likely that he worked on a caravan that went through Egypt and possibly all the way to India where Nalanda was the foremost university on Buddhism at that time.

Christian Brotherhood models Buddhist Compassion and was a fairly new thing back then. Before this it was all an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, very revenge oriented. But with compassion and forgiveness came a workable society that can actually work like has been built in Europe, The US, Canada, Australia, India and many other places on earth. Without compassion and forgiveness, societies tend to be slow and flounder on the rocks of revenge.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Does Might Make Right?

Does Might Make Right?I would like to propose a number of Socratic questions in the interest of the long term survival of the human race.

Was Napolean right to conquer Europe? Was Kaiser Welhelm right? Was Hitler right? Was Stalin right? Was Mao Tse-Tung right? Only you can answer these questions. Is America always right? Is China always right? Is the European Union always right? Is Russia always right? Once again, what do you think?

It is my opinion that the most valuable leaders of the 20th Century were: Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mandella, The Dalai Lama and all the other people who champion reason and kindness and human rights. I don't recognize any politicians or advocates of brute force and might makes right. Because in the end all brute force is at best, temporary, whereas the people I mentioned will be known just like Confucious has been for thousands of years and all the political leaders of the 20th and 21st century will just be dust.

Just look at Jesus and Buddha and how they are remembered. Where are all the warlords now? Where are all those who only believed in bullying and death? They are all gone and mostly forgotten by all.

The Death of a 2000 year old culture?

The Death of a 2000 year old culture. For those of us from European based cultures like the United States where I live. It is important to note that Buddhism was going to Tibet to King Trisong detsen 755-797 Ad through Padmasambhava who came from Afghanistan after studying places like Nalanda University which was then a famous Buddhist University in India.(I visited the ruins in 1985)while I was staying at Bodhgaya, India.

Five hundred years before Guatama Buddha was born a man named Lord Shenrab Miwo in 1063 BC. He reformed the animists in Tibet and founded the Tibetan Bon religion which then blended with Buddhism during the reign of King Trisong Detsen which was from 755 to 797 AD. Since then there have been first the Ningma sect of Tibetan Buddhism and then the Kaygu sect and then the Sakya sect and finally the Gelugpa sect in the 1600s and 1700s of which the Dalai Lama is the head. He is also considered as the "jewel of compassion" as the spiritual leader of all Tibetan Buddhists throughout the world just like the Pope is the leader of all Catholics on earth.

So I guess what is being exterminated by the Chinese in Tibet since about 1949 is the slow through brainwashing and intimidation end of this 2000+ year old culture. I equate it in some ways to what happened to American Indian cultures through the manifest destiny of white settlers into North American Indian regions. However, this isn't happening 100 or 200 years ago. It is happening the last 50 years.

As further evidence of the hidden genocidal agenda, all chinese military vehicles have their license plates hidden to further muddle the minds of anyone watching as to who these military vehicles are and where they come from and where they are going. This, to me, is further evidence of planned hidden genocide and/or permanent incarceration of Tibetan nationals.

Also, something has changed since China has built a high speed railway into Tibet from China during the last few years. Now, the Chinese outnumber the native Tibetans. And finally the Tibetans understand fully that China's manifest destiny is the permanent end of their 3000 year old culture and many now will fight until they die or are imprisoned for the rest of their lives by China.

The real question is:"What is the rest of the world going to do?" If the answer is nothing then that will be a message to China that "Well. I guess the world is so scared of us that we will slowly do to the rest of the world what we have done to Tibet's now 3000 year old culture." Well. I'm sorry people. This is what the leadership of China will actually think.

If you want to understand this in Mao Tse-Tung's terms he would say something like this: "If you push forward and there is resistance then pull back, but if there is no resistance keep pushing until we win!" Though that is paraphrased that is how Chinese not only see Tibet but the whole world. If you are not in China or Tibet, one by one your countries will be next if there is no resistance by the outside world to what China is now doing in Tibet!

Tibetan Massacre?

Tibetan Massacre?Unless a Tibetan massacre was intended by the Chinese they would have no reason at all to forbid foreign journalists to witness what they are doing. I believe at this point it is worse than what recently happened in Burma.

The Chinese have no reason NOT to exterminate any Tibetans who believe in Tibetan Buddhism. There is no press to see. All those Tibetans who practice Tibetan Buddhism will simply be gone when this is over. They will be replaced by pretenders and China will say, "Everthing is fine." But the real Tibetans who still practice Tibetan Buddhism will be gone except for the old, the very young and the sick. The young will be brainwashed to be Chinese and to hate their parents and the Dalai Lama just like the Panchen Lama was brainwashed to go against his people. This is nothing new. China has practiced brainwashing of all its people since Mao Tse Tung took over in the 1940s. If they would massacre their own educated children of the elite in Tienanmen in 1989 they will only do much worse to the Tibetans today!

Monday, March 17, 2008

When a man has cried enough he dies

When a man has cried enough he dies. I first heard this statement in a Japanese Samurai movie. It was the jester or court fool talking to the warlord when it seemed all hope was lost. It was soon after my father died when I was 37. I couldn't believe at the time just how devastated I was by my father's death. I knew that my marriage wouldn't last because of it(even though it lasted 9 more years).However, when my father died I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep my wife and I from breaking up eventually. I knew it was only a matter of time. I remember thinking how appropriate this saying was for all men around the world and I felt very sad for my son and two step children in knowing no matter what I would do they eventually would have another broken home.

When I look at the present world economic crisis I feel this way. I'm pretty sure at this point I'm looking at something that though it may come slowly will be as bad or worse than the great depression of 1929 until world War II and after. I feel sad for my children both those grown and in their 30s and my two teenagers and my grown god daughters. Though I didn't live through the great depression, my parents, grandparents and anyone I knew who survived the Great Depression and world war II shared their private and public Hells from that time and told me and my generation to never repeat the mistakes of those who caused the Great Depression which also caused World War II.

If there is any one factor that caused this present collapse I could say it is the instabilities caused by Globalization that made financial markets just too complicated and confused by too many variables. I agree with Greenspan that many financial institutions will fail before we institute new international rules to prevent this happening again. However, for now around the world, When a man(or anyone) has cried enough he or she dies.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bear Sells for $2 a share

Bear Stearns Sells for $2 a share

quote:"JPMorgan's acquisition of Bear Stearns represents roughly 1 percent of what the investment bank was worth just 16 days ago. It marked a 93.3 percent discount to Bear Stearns' market capitalization as of Friday, and roughly a 98.8 percent discount to its book value as of Feb. 29." endquote

JPMorgan bailed out another investment bank? during the panic of 1907. So it's acquisition with 30 billion in Fed backing is a historic 100 years later. Since Bear Stearns began in 1923 it has weathered the Great depression, World War II, Korean War, Viet Nam, recessions only to be undone along with a lot of the mortgage investment world by overextended credit to consumers in the form of subprimes in a steadily downward housing market.

Men as Monks

Men as Monks. A friend of mine and his family visited my family and I recently. He was very concerned that since he is a building contractor and because there was no work he had had to go back to work building houses just like when he was in his late teens, 20s and thirties. Luckily, he was physically capable of the adjustment in his early 50s. He also said he was afraid every time he went up a ladder onto the roof knowing if he fell his family couldn't survive without his income. Though he has fixed interest loans on his extensive properties one fall off a ladder could mean the end of his family.

What I'm saying here is that it is not just the subprime loan holders who are harmed by what his happening. It is also a wide range of previously wealthy land owners barely hanging on now unless their properties are completely paid for.

I looked at him across our large dinner table and said, "It doesn't matter what happens to us. We're monks. However, it does matter what happens to our families." I'm sure many or most husbands and fathers feel this way now across the globe. For all intelligent pragmatic men know in their hearts that many will die around the globe. Many many will go homeless. And many who don't deserve it will die through starvation and other ways.It's 1929 all over again on planet earth. Let's hope there is an FDR, a Churchill and others to save us this time as well!

I'm Very Grateful to Be Alive!

I'm very grateful to be alive. Since I was born my life has always been wonderful, terrifying, amazing and I've always felt a little shell shocked by my amazing life.
Whenever I have asked God's help every aspect of my life(except parents and a few friends) has drastically changed. Because this can be pretty overwhelming to go through every day I learned to only ask God for Big things when there was an emergency in my life or someone else's life or if I felt the world was in trouble in one way or another. It has been more than awesome to watch God's response to these kinds of intense life saving prayers(in fact so awesome that I worried about having a heart attack or stroke sometimes when God comes through so powerfully). But as most of us know in God's world even if I died I would be brought back to life if doing His work!

As a child I wondered why I was dying and my face turning blue in the mirror when I had whooping cough at age 2. I finally figured out if I just let go and pass out from the coughing that after I passed out my coughing stopped and I started breathing again.

At age 10 when I had my first seizure after delivering my Sunday morning paper, the Glendale News Press in 1958, I had gone back to sleep after delivering my newspapers at 4 am on my bicycle. I woke on the floor next to my bed with my head in my mother's arms and she just said, "You had a nightmare! Go back to sleep." But she was as white as a ghost and scared and trying to hide it. Once, about every six months from ages 10 to 14 while I was asleep terrifying nightmares turned into real life horror movies and seizures for me. Once again I wondered why God was killing me.

Finally, at age 15 when I invoked God to live in my body with me and I was immediately completely healed forever from childhood epilepsy I began to understand. Because God once he came into my body to live with me never left. As my intuitive abilities grew and grew I became more and more afraid because I knew that less than 1% of people were like me on planet earth. I couldn't (in the US) find any teachers that were capable of teaching me what I needed to know about what was happening to me. So I tried to make it alone: just God, Jesus and me

Beginning in my 30s after meeting my first Tibetan Lama, I finally started to meet others as gifted as I and who weren't afraid of my extensive abilities given to me by God. Then I started to meet Native American Medicine men that helped me ground my abilities into the Earth of the United States where I live. Later still I traveled to India and Nepal for 4 months with my family and received the Kalachakra Intitiation along with 500,000 others from the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, India in December 1985.
Later, I traveled to Dharmsala, India with family and friends and realized I was home among my people that I lived with for several past liftimes from 1100 to 1930.(I also lived several lifetimes in Europe, the US and several other places during this same time.

I slowly started to remember various lifetimes from about 7,000,000 years ago until about 2 or 3 million years into the future as humans and various other kinds of civilized beings in our galaxy and others.

Though such an experience could be completely overwhelming to some people, for me it was like going to school from kindergarten through a Doctorate. Everything came in it's proper order and therefore could be assimilated. I've met a lot of people this wasn't true of. However, as wonderful as God has been to me I'm still sort of shell shocked by it all too.

Ethnic Cleansing of Tibetans?

Ethnic Cleansing of Tibetans?
The Title of the above article is:China Declares People's War in Tibet.

For me, in studying China over 50 years since I was ten years old this translates into only one thing:
Extermination of any Tibetans still loyal to the Dalai Lama and ancient Traditions.

It is a travesty that the Olympics should continue at this point. China has just demonstrated that it is not a civilized nation by participating in the conscious extermination and/or imprisonment of an ancient people and their traditions and beliefs.

China is by no means the only nation like this. There is also Burma, North Korea, Iran, and a few others. It's just that China is scarier than most. There might be some that say that America is scarier and I suppose that is a matter of opinion. I think the biggest difference would be that americans don't treat people who live in what is considered to be their own country this way, at least not in the last 100 years or so.

I wrote in another article that China is facing similar problems to the old Soviet Union in the 1980s. I seriously believe that all the presently unhappy ethnic groups inside of present day China are not governable without losing both the business and the trust of the rest of the world. Unless China sets free the Tibetans, the Islamics and a few of the other extremely unhappy ethnic groups in China, I do believe that China will collapse as a nation much in the same way that the old Soviet Union did. I believe this could happen anytime from now on.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

begin quote:"You Walk Away operates in California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Florida and is working to set up services for six other states. Maddox said the 13-employee staff will triple within a few months."endquote tells people how to walk away from their subprime and keep their credit cards and cars and how to rebuild your credit without going bankrupt within 3 years.

I have no experience with this online company in San Diego. However, if you are desperate enough they might be able to help you and your family keep your credit cards and cars in this nasty transition. It says their fee is about 1000 dollars for rescuing you, your credit cards and helping you possibly buy another house within 3 years.

100 Years War?

100 Years War?

I have long believed that in regard to Islamic fundamentalist terrorist War that the world is in for 100 years or more of this. The above article at the above web address
speaks to this.

The problem is mainly 11th and 12th century thinking that is still prevalent in much of the Islamic world clashing with the Secular Christian, Secular Islamic and non-believing in anything world.

It reminds me a lot of when civilization overtook the Yanomamo Indians except this time there are millions of people who still think like its 1200 AD. This kind of entrenchment has been like this for over 1000 years. It is not likely to change anytime soon. To them we are the invaders from another planet. They don't want any of our ideas. If the world weren't as small as it presently is because of swift air travel and multinational corporations it might not even be a problem. But it is and under the circumstances it can only get worse over time.

I think I worry the most about the increasing HI-Tech way Islamic terrorists function. I'm concerned that 20 or 30 years from now there will be flying terrorist drones armed with missiles or small nuclear weapons or nuclear bombs strapped on board. There is the insidious way that weapons tend to proliferate through illegal weapons traders and through the illegal underbelly of a free internet. I really don't see any real way to stop this problem except through a mandated form of worldwide education. I don't really like this idea but I can see it may be the only way to prevent extinction of whole nations as well as the earth itself. This particular terrorist war could extinct the human race as the types of weapons used become more and more sophisticated.

I'd like to quote from the above url article:Begin quote:
At one point, delegates trooped off to see that classic Sixties film The Battle of Algiers - the moral of which is that a Western country, however powerful (and even one that is ready to resort to torture) will fail to crush an insurgency if it faces determined popular resistance.endquote

This is not a war that either side can win. It is a war that either will end through attrition or with the extinction of all life on earth. So a new way of thinking about it must arise.

To Heal a Planet and its People

To Heal a Planet and its People. The Holy Ghost Rider looked at the gathering Karma of all humans on earth. He watched it gather much like it did during the Great Depression of the 1930s just before World War II. This time it caused dwindling natural resources like food, clean water,high prices for energy etc. He saw the gathering karma forming black war clouds on the horizon. A tear formed in his eye. He threw his leg over his Ghost Chopper readying his Ghost Motorcycle for action.

As he stood astride his chopper bike he watched the flames on the violet glowing tank move into action. The Holy Ghost Rider gathered the prayers of all mankind through this tank with his own powerful prayer. As he started his chopper all heaven awoke with its sound and power and all came out to see him off on his desperate journey for life on earth. All wished him well as the sacred violet flames flew from the twin pipes of his chopper.

Finally, it was time. He turned the hand throttle to full and he roared away with violet flames burning away the karma of mankind. He circled the planet once, twice, three times, each encircling taking a slightly different route burning away the gathering black clouds of group bad karma that otherwise result in famine, pestilence and war. Thousands of times his chopper screamed around the planet burning away the group karma that was leading to another world war, this time one born of lack of food, lack of clean water,a lack of cheap energy resources.

The Holy Ghost rider rode on resolute like a Holy soldier, burning away all he could, all he was allowed to by the power of the prayers all joined together that he was allowed to burn away the group bad karma with. At the end of the day he looked at his work and smiled. He hoped it would be enough to prevent further chaos leading to another world war. He hoped he was right.

This was my dream most of last night.

Friday, March 14, 2008

China's Growing Pains

China's Growing Pains. From the 1970s with Nixon and Kissinger visiting China, the US relationship with China has slowly gotten better. In the last 10 years this relationship has been financially beneficial to both countries. However, the present recession is hurting not only the US but China and the rest of the world.

This last ditch effort to regain the Dharma foothold in Tibet before the Dalai Lama passes away and is reborn (where?) is very problematic for Tibetan true believers worldwide. So in their desperation to not lose their whole culture completely they are trying one last time to take back their country so that the Dalai Lama has a free place to be reborn. However, since many Tibetan reincarnations are choosing to be reborn in Spain, Europe and the United States it is upsetting to those true believers still left alive in Tibet. So even as Tibetan Buddhism and its tulkus are reborn worldwide and Tibetan Buddhist believers are all over the world now and also when many Tibetans pass on they naturally tend to be reborn near their dearest reincarnating Buddha teachers, many if not most of the true believers are being reborn outside of Tibet. However, many Tibetans want Tibet to be for the Dharma completely and want China to leave. Whether that will happen or not now or never I cannot say.

However, I do believe that China is in the same position in many ways that the Soviet Union was in in the late 1980s when it had to divest itself of many parts of its empire and just stay with Russia.

I don't think China in the world the way it presently is can actually govern all the diverse ethnic groups at this time. I think it will have to choose to save Beijing and most of the Han and Mandarin Chinese under one umbrella so to speak but I think trying to keep all the ethnic groups in line including the Islamists and the Tibetans will cause the world to look at China and fear it. This fear will start now to interfere with good business between their trading partners. Unless China can create jobs like the US has by creating a better consumer oriented society based upon democratic capitalism I sense that it will collapse somehow either from within or without but most likely both. I think China like Russia must pare down to something that actually works because the way things are it is like a tire out of balance and as you know with a tire out of balance you can't go very fast until you either fix the wheel or change the wheel.

So I think China has a choice of either cutting loose the Islamists and the Tibetans and any other unhappy ethnic groups or losing more and more of its business trading partners as they become more and more afraid of China as its military grows.

Having a big military only makes people scared of you it doesn't do anything else. It is what you do with your military that convinces people who you are: friend or foe!

Is US Banking system in trouble?

Is US Banking System in Trouble? My father often told the story of his father burying $25,000 in his front yard during the Great Depression because he couldn't trust the banks not to fail.

In reading the above article at this URL it makes it clear we may be at such a beginning of major bank failures here in the US. The Problem appears to be Bear Stearns and the way it has been positioned in relation to Wall Street since 1923. It could be a lynchpin in the tumbling of many banks because of its position, so this is a far more serious issue longterm than is being given necessary press coverage inside the US.

Tibetans Desperate

Tibetans Desperate.
begin quote
"It used to be the Tibetans were protesting against Chinese rule," says Nicholas Bequelin, China
researcher with New York-based Human Rights Watch. "But now they're protesting against the destruction of their whole civilization, their whole world. They feel that they are doomed if they don't do something. And when people feel that desperation there's no knowing what it could lead them to do."

That desperation may only increase, as Beijing appears unwilling to making any conciliatory move. In a familiar phrasing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang bitterly criticized the Dalai Lama on March 13, blaming the protests on "a political conspiracy schemed by the Dalai group, aiming to separate Tibet from China and to destroy the normal, harmonious and peaceful life of the Tibetan people."

Beijing is particularly incapable of flexibility when it comes to policy toward ethnic areas of the country because it fears that any sign of weakness could open up the floodgates and lead to widespread demand for autonomy in other areas such as the Muslim province of Xinjiang. "There is just no safety valve for ethnic issues in China," says Bequelin. "It remains one of the most retrograde areas of policy. They just don't have the tools to handle something like this." endquote

I'm very concerned that China is completely unprepared to deal with the very patient Tibetans who have finally reached a stage of desperation that is the permanent end of Tibetan culture within Tibet. The world will watch because this is the way China will deal with all of us in the future if things are left as they are.

Tibetan Protesters

Tibetan Protesters.Ghandi must be turning over in his grave(metaphorically speaking).
Indians deny the same right that he exercised to establish a modern Indian run democracy to Tibetans! I know China is scary but Tibetans need to protest as it should be their right whether Indians agree or not!

Instead, Tibetan protestors are being treated like criminals just like they would be in China, except hopefully, in India and Nepal they aren't being beaten and killed like they would be in China for protesting what China has done to their country.

However, maybe the whole world needs to look at how badly Tibetans have been marginalized and how their culture has been completely destroyed inside Tibet during the last 60 years or so(China invaded Tibet November 6th 1950). Maybe the world needs to see what might happen to them next. Maybe India is afraid that what happened to Tibet almost 60 years ago now might also happen to India within the next 20 or 30 years. Maybe the world needs to understand that their countries could be next if no one stands up for native Tibetans and Tibetan culture now and in the future!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Have you lived a past life in the future?

Have you lived a past life in the future?My parents both believed in Reincarnation so it was something we could talk about easily when I was 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or whatever. They also believed that evolved people could soul travel. So I grew up wanting to do that also.

Because I was not only open to the ideas of reincarnation and soul travel it wasn't too much of a stretch to realize as I became proficient in conscious soul travel during my late teens and early twenties to find out that both time and space weren't actually real at least in the way most earth born humans tend to think of time and space. My actual experience was that through soul travel I experienced that either multiple lifetimes were lived concurrently or that a soul could weave and bob through time having lifetimes on this planet or dimension or that or in this time or that depending mostly upon the needs of the soul and the needs of the creator for that soul.

A good example of this is choosing a DVD to watch. You can choose pretty much anything you want to watch. In the same way one can choose lifetimes to either be entertained or to learn or to experience new things in the past, present or future.

Since soul travel tends to free up a soul from a lot of the drudgeries of human existence I was able to learn a lot when I felt free to travel and explore as long as God and his angels approved of my travels. Just like one needs a driver's license to drive a car one needs an adult level of proficiency and kindness to travel in ones soul consciously.

I have written about some of the lifetimes I remember including one as Arcane who has already been born about 1,000,000 years in the future. He is an aquatic human in that he has webbed fingers and toes and can breathe both air like us or water through gills on his neck. So I guess you could can him an amphibian human since he is related to us here today on earth. Earth is one of the places his ancestors come from starting about 2400 to 2500 AD. It is possible that earth already has colonies on other planets since the 1950s or after. However, the humans Arcane is a descendant of come from the years 2400 to 2500 Ad from here on earth.

It is my experience as an intuitive precognitive psychic that George Lucas' Star Wars is a past life experience of himself as Luke Skywalker. However, I'm not sure if this happened in the past, present or future. I only know that this is past lifetime of his that he actually experienced. It is a legendary telling of a real life experience. The actual experience he had was much more terrible and wonderful that could be written for earth born humans.

Likewise it is my experience that Gene Roddenbury wrote his past life memories in Star Trek. That is why both Star Wars and Star Trek resonate with so many millions around the world because these are real experiences and stories lived either in their past, present time or future time. However, to both Lucas and Roddenbury these things happened in their past. I'm not even sure they realize these were real experiences they had.

When I first wrote "Memories" starting in 1980 about these experiences that contain Arcane, I thought I was writing fiction. It wasn't until I almost died in 1998 that I realized it wasn't fiction at all but a legendary account of some of my past lives and lives of friends and loved ones of this lifetime. So it is just as likely as not that Lucas and Roddenbury might not know these are their lifetimes either.