Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is not to work yourself to death. That is just ignorance in action.No. The purpose of life is wherever possible to meditate, to think about life, to contemplate the meaning of life(not just what someone else thought but have those realizations yourself on your own time). Each one of us who can even for a few days or months at a time break free from the rat race and who can actually think and help create solutions that might just actually prevent the long term extinction of the human race and maybe just maybe create a utopian heaven right here on earth or on out into the universe. That is the Real Purpose of Life on Earth---To become truly enlightened like a Jesus or a Buddha. THAT IS OUR REAL PURPOSE. Even if everyone doesn't do that a few of us must so that the human race doesn't just exist and then go extinct but really live!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

25 to 30% of children are abused

Though this is true worldwide and always has been, I guess, it all depends upon the degree of abuse and the kind(s) of abuse and whether the child or children in question can stay sane and alive and healthy through it all or not.

I can remember being in a University of California class on Child Psychology. There were about 500 of us attending. The professor spoke of this fact and asked for a show of hands of those in the class who were physically or sexually abused growing up and over a quarter of us raised our hands. I remember how amazed I was at the level of abuse illustrated even among those of us who had the intelligence and resources to make it into the University of California system. I haven't forgotten that experience.

One girl choose to share an instance of her father getting drunk and stabbing and nailing her hand to a table through her hand. She showed the scar but luckily it had been between the tendons and the bones so she still had good use of her hand and there was only a little scar still visible. The kinds of things even resourceful and intelligent people have to go through in life are mind boggling to even consider.

In my case I was 8 years old at a church camp and my 13 year old cousin took me into the pump room where the huge hot water heaters and heating system was located. However, I didn't know a man in the church had been molesting my cousin regularly. So my cousin said, "Lay down on this insulation." I said, "That doesn't look very comfortable." At the time I knew about men and women and babies sort of but I had no idea about men and men or women and women. At age 8 you might have just as well told me that we breathed water and drank air at that point so far those kinds of ideas were from me at the time. I was reading Batman comics at the time and it was 1956. It wasn't until I became a full adult that I started to get angry about this incident.

I can remember when I visited him and his wife when I was 29 with my 4 year old son. I mentioned this incident in front of his wife and they soon broke up. I guess that was a bad idea mentioning it in front of his wife. But I was still young and didn't always think that far ahead then. At 29 I had already been married and divorced and was raising my son by myself.

I think one of the worst places for sexual child abuse is in regard to all organized religions. I have watched how people in religious organizations and communities want so much to trust their fellow parishoners that they have blinders on and children get molested by seemingly nice people. Many people prey on children and women worldwide through the cover of religion. I find this pretty sad. I think this is why though I am spiritual I choose not to be a churchgoer. I guess it makes sense after what happened to my cousin and I.

I See Dead People

The title is from the movie "The Sixth Sense" 1999. I always thought this statement was funny in the many jokes it inspired at that time and since. However, this is also my experience in real life just like the little boy of the movie. And like the little boy when I was young this was not fun, it was just scary. However, like that little boy I always tried to help the dead and so they always became my friends and have helped me ever since. Just like the people you help become loyal to you and help you in the living world the people I have helped in the Dead world became loyal to me and have helped me in the living world and the dead world whenever they could.

This is not for everyone. Either you have these abilities or you don't. I wouldn't even recommend trying to develop these abilities as it is a very tricky thing even for those of us with these abilities. The reason for the difficulties, first of all should be obvious to everyone. Even though I have always lived in both worlds all my life, being a natural shaman isn't always fun. It can be wonderful in that I live when others die because I am needed to be alive to help all those living and dead beings who need me alive in the physical. So beings both living and dead make sure I stay alive to be a spiritual helper to help more and more people over to the angelic and heaven realms when they pass.

Recently, a very close relative of my wife's passed. When he passed in the hospital I was driving back from Orange County as my son's car had blown its radiator and so we didn't have time to fix it so I just went to pick him up to take him to the hospital far away. On the way (several hours) to the hospital my wife's relative passed on. She called me on my cell in tears. Within one half hour he came to me having died and not really expecting an afterlife. Because I was trained until I was 21 to be a minister of my church I had been trained to deal with this kind of situation. So I invoked sacred fire to cleanse his fears away by the Grace of God. After about ten minutes of this he had returned to looking like and 18 to 20 year old from someone almost 90. At this point his parents turned up to take him to one of the heavens. I was very surprised that I was able to see into the heaven he and his parents went to. There he met his dog from childhood and in the large meadow with many flowers he cavorted happily with his long lost dog of childhood. There also were both of his wives as young women who had predeceased him. He being a newbie in heaven did not know who they were yet.

I was in the car driving with my 3 children(two grown) while this all happened and began to sob in overwhelm of the experience. Though this was all incredibly positive it was also overwhelming for me. I asked my children to pray for me and for him. They did. At first I worried about being able to drive a car like this but soon realized that my personal covenant with God and his Angels and Grace would protect my children and I driving in the car on the freeway. I was right. I was amazed and overwhelmed that God had Graced me with seeing a heaven realm once again. I hadn't been allowed to see into a heaven realm since my 20s. I felt very blessed and honored. By witnessing this to you it is my hope it will bless your lives too.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Possibilities of Wealth

Though the possibilities of wealth for some of you might be only for yourselves, I believe the real possibilities of wealth should be for everyone. However, getting from point A here and now to point B where everyone benefits from wealth is another story. Many have attempted this and all have miserable failed because of one reason or another. For example, those that once believed in "To each according to his or her needs and from each according to their ability" failed miserable because this sort of thinking though sweet in the abstract does not work in the real world. It failed miserable simply because people, "mostly only do things when they have no other choice". So if people have a choice often they will either do nothing or do whatever they want which has absolutely nothing to do with "To each according to his or her needs and from each according to his or her ability". It is my belief that the only present reality that this could work in would be if robots were programmed to serve humans. Then robots could provide the needs of humans and animals according to their programmed abilities. One sees this in the the space luxury liner in the movie WALL-E with all its good and bad ramifications. So, obviously there is no perfect solution to sharing the wealth yet devised for mankind here on earth.

So, then we turn to the possibilities of wealth for each person on earth. For me, wealth is not just money. It is intelligence, wisdom, experience. Add to that intuition, friendship, spirituality, humanism and altruism and then you really have something valuable. But in order to achieve all these things the right opportunities and intelligence and mental and physical health are necessary.

In my life money hasn't been my first consideration. I think this has been because I had two parents growing up that I was biologically related to and we were fairly happy as a family. My mother, father and I and my and then live in Scottish Grandmother all lived together and this worked to make me feel secure and stable when I grew up. So, for me, family and friends were always my priority since my life has been lower middle class to middle class as I grew up. My parents always had at least one car and sometimes a truck as well for Dad's business or for weekend jaunts or both.

So, since I always had enough cars, bicycles, toys, relatives and friends I didn't see money the way most people do. This gave me time to become philosophical and to ask questions about everything as many in my generation did during the 1960s. Since we were all very well educated compared to our parents and predecessors we saw many of the problems in the 1960s and began to change things for the better. In our idealism and relative inexperience in the world we both succeeded and failed in a multitude of ways the way all generations do. What we had was enthusiasm, intelligence but little experience at the time. This created many solutions as well as many new problems that the human race is still dealing with now. This is always true of innovative times and generations and ideas.

The next thing I'd like to mention is how many people who win lotteries lose all their money and even go bankrupt within 5 years. The main reason for this is that they treat their money like many middle and lower class people do their paychecks. When what really needs to be done is a rethinking of all their money ideas.

The way to keep their new wealth or lottery winnings is to begin to understand that, first of all a house or car is not a good investment if you are making payments on it. And on top of that a house is only a good investment if it's paid for. I suppose if one bought an antique or rare car that might be a good investment if it was stored and maintained properly. The point I'm trying to make is that if one wants to have wealth and to keep it, to maintain it and to grow it, then one has to view wealth as investments and dividends or interest. Investments are usually left as investments in order to earn you money in the form of dividends or interest or equity on your house. So one does not ordinarily spend their investments unless they have to or want to be poor. One does at times reinvest but that is a different thing than liquidating investments and spending the money.

There is a saying, "It takes money to make money". My addition to that would be, "It takes money to make money and it takes invested money to get interest and dividends to say wealthy." Getting wealth people do in all sorts of ways. However, staying wealthy is done by investing and living on dividends and interest or working at whatever job you choose worldwide and supplementing your income with dividends and interest. One can even choose to work while reinvesting dividends and interest and watching it compile over the years. Though the housing and mortgage industry are having problems at present, one can also study history and see how people found ways to survive those times too. This might be a good time to study that now.

Optimists and Idealists

My wife is an optimist and I am an idealist I realized today. There is a saying on a piece I read today that went like this. "Optimists refuse to acknowledge reality. Idealists remind us that it isn’t fixed." Though this saying isn't kind to optimists, I could also see its validity. Also, by reading this saying I realized how much of an idealist I am. I tend to be very pragmatic, very compassionate, but I am always also aware of how unfixed everything is. I am always aware just how much all people and situations could change for the better. And whenever I see an opportunity I begin those changes as much as I am able in all people and all situations. Mostly, it is about being aware of opportunities to create positive change in my life and others. So being an optimist my wife saved my life and hers(in the long run) by marrying me. And since I am a pragmatic idealist, I can move myself and all beings to better lives whenever I sense opportunities for doing so.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What it's like to be born psychically gifted

The story I like to tell is in regard to truth as humans express it. At two years of old and less I wondered a lot about why humans didn't ever tell the complete truth, but only shades of it. It took me until 12 to 15 years old to ascertain that politeness kept people alive and that complete truth was a sword that often killed unnecessarily.

So I learned to disregard what people were actually thinking and feeling if they told me something different. So that I would not confront them about what they thought in their minds or they felt if they didn't want to talk about that. I honored them by what they actually said even if it was the complete reverse of what they really felt or thought. I guess it reminds a lot of growing up and being a boy and having to do what girls said rather than what they actually wanted or thought in their minds but instead having to do what they were conditioned to say by their mothers. So, even in this way all things are codified for communication verbally without honoring peoples intuitive gifts.

However, I always use my psychic gifts to sense whether people are safe or not or whether they are crazy dangerous or crazy confused. There is a big difference here. Also, I try not to talk to people who live in a non psychic or spiritual or religious world of thought and being as speaking this way might make them faint or cause them to have a break with their normal reality and I don't want the responsibility for that unless they are threatening my life or someone else's life. If lives are at stake I have no problem doing whatever is necessary to save the lives of whoever is present or involved in whatever the situation.

However, most of the time I live according to the ethic of, "Everyone needs their own relationship with God and the universe because without that people don't usually survive well or at all. So because this is my experience of life I try to let people have their own experiences with God or the universe unless they are directly or indirectly harming or trying to harm me or my family or my friends.

I see or meet other psychically gifted people all the time. We instantly know each other because of the kinds of fields of energy we run in our auras. Some are threatened that I exist and some are spiritual like me and some are not. I am aware that I might seem frightening to other psychics because I am unafraid because of my alliances with trillions of other compassionate beings throughout all time and space and have entered into the most extremely powerful alliance I have ever experienced with them throughout all time and space. This direct experience has existed since it manifested in the early 1980s in my life. However, trillions of beings throughout the universe are also conscious members of this infinitely compassionate and infinitely powerful brotherhood, sisterhood and beinghood of all compassionate beings that ever have existed or ever will exist everywhere and everywhen.

WALL-E Revisited

My oldest daughter, 19 is visiting and she wanted to go to WALL-E so I promised to take her even though I had already seen it once. My younger daughter decided to go too.

As I was watching it keyed me into past life memories of the survivors of Mars and the planet that is now the Asteroid belt waiting a lot like these survivors for the pieces of the planet, Maldek to impact the Earth which they knew would kill the larger dinosaurs which would have eaten humans trying to colonize here on earth. Since there were only about 500 survivors from Maldek and around 10,000 from Mars after the Thermonuclear war on Maldek destroyed the planet and also blew most of the atmosphere off of Mars. So only those living underground on Mars stayed and the rest immigrated to earth after waiting for one of the larger asteroids from the planet exploding to reach earth and to kill the dinosaurs. The Mars and Maldek survivors did not like each other but after colonizing earth intermarried at some point. We are descendants of the Maldek survivors and Mars survivors genetically enhanced with Ape DNA mixed with Galactic Humanoid DNA. We don't live as long as our Mars and Maldek ancestors but we are much physically stronger and generally bigger and stronger. Maldekians and Martians live each about 1000 years on average.

Someone said when I grew up that there have been at least 7 times that earth has had a civilization as developed as now in the past. However, ice ages tend to thin out the human race as well as times of high winds, droughts and Noah type floods.

If there are any left of them I don't know where they are now. It is possible that they just died off after creating the present cross breed of Humanoids and Apes to be their caretakers and servants which are our ancestors.

Iran ends cooperation with UN nuclear arms probe


And so Iran kicks out UN inspectors searching for any evidence of Iran developing Nuclear Weapons. There is no longer doubt in anyone's mind around the world that Iran is now developing or has already developed one or more nuclear weapons.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Om Mani Padma Hung

This Sanskrit Mantra invokes the jewel in the center of the lotus, Avaloketesvara, a physical manifestation of which is the Dalai Lama who is supposed to be the Deity of Compassion incarnate in a physical body on earth. Often Tibetans and Tibetan Buddhists will carry pictures of the Dalai Lama and touch it to their foreheads to invoke compassion, protection and blessings upon themselves and friends and loved ones in dangerous situations while trekking in the Himalayas or anywhere on earth.

My direct experience with all this began for me around 1980 when I met my first Tibetan Lama in Ashland, Oregon. This sequence of my life grew and prospered until I was initiated by the Dalai Lama, along with 500,000 other Tibetan Buddhists into the Kalachakra initiation in Bodhygaya, India, near where Buddha achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree over 2500 years ago there. In 1980 I was a Christian mystic and constantly searching for the truth and for God in everything everywhere I physically went or thought about. The idea of having compassion for all beings in all time and space throughout the universe appealed to me. For, you see when I grew up in a Christian cult I was told only about 10,000 people in my cult were going to heaven. I always felt upset about this growing up. So as an adult I wanted to include all beings in all time and space in my prayers of compassion for all beings. In this way I could facilitate the end of suffering for all beings eventually beginning right now by consciously moving toward Buddha hood like Buddha and I believe Jesus also did through becoming enlightened and helping all beings toward compassion, enlightenment and the permanent end of suffering.

This mantra facilitates the end of suffering of all beings on earth and beyond. Tibetan bracelets have this carved into them in either Tibetan or Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the root language of both Tibetan and Hindi just like Latin is the root language of all romance languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

About 20% of all Buddhists worldwide or more also believe in God and I am one of them. Though I consider myself to be what I would call a universalist in that I believe in the 49,000 correct paths to enlightenment as talked about by Tibetan Buddhists which include all compassionate religions and philosophies, I also consider myself to be a Tibetan Buddhist, Catholic and mystic. So, for me, God is where I find him, her, the being. Wherever I look I see God even in your eyes. Namaste. (which means, "I bow to the God within you".

Fathers and Mothers of the Future

Many people will tell you we live in difficult times. After living 60 I can say in complete honesty, "Times are always difficult, just in different ways." I think a good way to look at all this might be to study 1908, for example. If you study how people looked at things then and compared it to now you might get some interesting similarities. If you lived in the United States in 1908 you likely would not have a car or motorcycle or definitely not a plane. A car had just been invented as an evolution of a horse drawn wagon. In fact, they were called "horseless carriages" at first.

What I'm trying to get at is that most people have no idea what is coming and those of us who do see more than most cannot see everything and all the infinite details and ramifications of everyone and every beings thought and actions as it relates to earth and the whole universe. So, the single most important thing if you want to survive all or a part of this century is to not be a victim of any person or news in the way you look at things. Even during the Great Depression people made incredible amounts of money and wonderful relationships between people existed.

Some of the most wonderful times in my whole life were when I literally had nothing but a good relationship with a girlfriend and my friends. Often when you have everything later in life one longs for ones youth and those very free times when one has freedom of both thought and movement and dreams and hope of a good future. Whether those dreams are completely realistic or not, one at least has a hope of a future or a good future.

In order to survive to even be a father or a mother of the future one must not allow oneself to be victimized in their minds and emotions by the media by friends or by relatives. Getting angry and saying to myself, "I would rather die than be a victim of this job, this person, this company often created a much better future for me both in relationships and as an entrepreunneur. Learning how to harness ones anger at injustice not to hurt anyone but simply to create a better future for oneself and ones loved ones and friends is actually the real key to success. The first step is usually anger at something really stupid in ones life and a choice not to be a victim of a stupid person, company or situation. This is how the whole human race moves forward. Yes. Love is all you need. But to get to this place one often needs to know how to harness ones righteous anger in a positive useful way in order to get there.
Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. That's life. C'est la vie!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mamma Mia

I went to see Mamma Mia with my family. Meryl Streep really nailed this one and held it together. All the other older male and female actors were veterans and made this whole thing fly. I would have to say that this was the most delightful movie thus far this year, even though it is kind of for the 10 or 12 years or older croud because of the subject matter. (three fathers?) bawdy humor etc. However, only you will know if your child is okay to see this. For me, my older kids would have loved this even at 6, 8 or 10 during the 1980s when things were different than now. I find people much more uptight since AIDS and Herpes became a problem(25% of New York City has herpes for example.)

Anyway, for a good time, and the feel good movie of the year for us old ABBA fans, go see Mamma Mia. It is a must see for those of us who came up during the 60s, 70s and even into the 80s. Good fun. Good humor!

EVen those born as recently as 5 years ago might find it interesting! Good movie!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

1/3 of flights in U.S.

Since April, several airlines have gone out of business in the U.S. In addition those airlines staying in business are cancelling about 1/3 of their flights to mostly small airports. For air commuters to work this is very bad news.

I recently found out it is now cheaper to travel by Amtrak than even by bus most places within the U.S. Amtrak now provides train or if there is no train tracks, buses to most larger cities in the U.S. So traveling does not have to just be by train to get the great fares. Though it might take in some instances longer to get some where, still one can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in plane or bus tickets and still get there safely while not worrying about burning up more diesel or gas in a less efficient way than on the trains.

For example, a friend of mine was able to travel from oregon to southern California recently for $90 recently one way. Even in a Prius, just paying the gas bill would likely have been much more than that. I checked the plane fare one way and found around $550 for a one way ticket. I was amazed how much the airfares have gone up in that time. I think it's time we built high speed trains accross the western United States too.

Friday, July 18, 2008

To Honor a Good Man

A friend of mine passed away this week. He was 89 and a veteran of World War II. I met him in 1994 and I want to say of him that he was one of the most benevolent men I have ever met in my life. There are many who talk the talk but few who can walk the walk. He did both with style. He is one of the last of the greatest generation who fought in World War II and lived good lives until now. He wasn't afraid of death. Most of the guys who went through the great depression and World War II weren't afraid of death. I am writing here to witness the passing of a good and benevolent man who helped anyone he could and when his body just couldn't work right anymore he went to join all his friends and relatives already on the other side of life. God Bless You John. Godspeed!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today's crunch feels like '70s


The above internet address of the title of the article speaks about some of the similarities of todays problems in the U.S. and those of the 1970s where gas prices quadrupled. However, it is good that at least so far there are not fist fights at gas stations over people cutting in on one mile lines to buy gas.

However, on the other hand globalization was not yet a problem like it is now and there was no Subprime meltdown affecting not only U.S. homeowners but also unhappy mortgage investors worldwide.

I can remember in 1969 still being able to buy gas at independent gas stations for 17 cents a gallon,(I was college age) and being able to drive in my friends 1956 36 horsepower VW bug from from Los Angeles to Mt. Shasta to go climbing and it cost less than ten dollars round trip.(around 1200 miles). Those were the days. Then gasoline reached 40 to 50 cents a gallon and we couldn't even buy it at that price because there were mile lines and fist fights breaking out all over because of people who cut in gas lines. I usually waited until the lines were the smallest to get gas which usually meant 2 pm to 4 pm or after 9pm at night. I didn't like to watch people get hysterical and physically fight over gas and the prices. Because these things often got out of hand with tire irons, knives and guns. The average person tends to be less violent now than then. People then were used to a much rougher world where children commonly played with toy guns and prepared to fight and die and be drafted into the military and die in wars. Death was much more real and pressing and present to the average person then than now. On TV we watched bloody dead and dying U.S. soldiers being blown apart and being carried away every single night on national TV. It wasn't like now when all the blood and death is hidden completely away from Americans except in words.

I didn't understand national and international economics like I do now in the 1970s.
It wasn't until the early 1980s that I really understood economic problems worldwide and how nations all affected each other. So when most South and Central American nations defaulted on their large loans from the U.S. it caused the Savings and Loans to collapse in the United States. Many people lost billions of dollars and were wiped out and many died or commmited suicide because of this here in the United States. Bear Stearns and Indymac foreshadow more of this sort of thing right now. It is said that 90 banks in the United States could potentially fail. Everyone should make sure to have no account or group of accounts in any one named bank to total more than 100,000 dollars. If you do you might lose all or part of it that isn't FDIC insured. However, if enough banks fail then FDIC could be wiped out and only a home safe or a coffee can buried in your yard or something like that would work. My Grandad buried 25,000 dollars in his front yard during the great depression in a coffee can to weather that storm. I think a safe you set in cement somewhere in your house is a better idea, personally, or a safety deposit box.(Even if a bank fails it shouldn't affect a safety deposit box). Only a bank fire might be a problem then.

At the time of the collapse of the Savings and loans I owned property that was very remote and was home schooling my children with my wife. We prepared by buying food that could be stored long term in 50 gallon drums and buried it in the ground preparing for a collapse at that time. However, what I didn't understand during the Savings and Loan collapse was that the rest of the world wasn't going to let the U.S. collapse. However, now the U.S. has lost its good will from much of the world. Our financial survival as a nation might be dependent on Obama becoming the new JFK. (JFK is recognized along with Reagan as the most popular President of the 20th Century worldwide). Clinton was a very popular president worldwide as well.

When the nation has a popular President, America is more likely to financially do well and to survive in general better. America has completely squandered world good will since 9-11. We live in very scary times as a result.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pakistan says US not hunting bin Laden on its turf


I have long believed that Osama Bin Laden was a deep cover CIA operative. He was a known CIA operative during the Afghanistan war with the Soviet Union. Since International CIA operatives tend to either stay operatives or become residents of coffins it is logical to assume that Osama is still working for the CIA.

If this is true then Osama Bin Laden is a secret services "fund raiser" for all the secret services and military branches of the western world. They started to panic when the Cold War ended and funding dried up so about 10 years later Osama Bin Laden is pushed to the front. Do I have any evidence of this? Of course not. It is just completely logical. If you run through the logic it makes complete financial sense to agencies who were bleeding financially after the Soviet collapse.

Does it matter I believe this? Probably not. Because if it is true it will continue until just like the oil and food debacle every last dollar is drained from all western democracies and they collapse just like they are doing now. Who's minding the store?
Certainly, no one with the common peoples interests in mind.

The Moon is from the Asteroid Belt

I looked up into the sky tonight and being a psychic some times one is in the right frame of mind to see things or to ask the right questions. I thought to myself, "Where did the moon come from?" and got back an answer from the universe. Since I have been a natural psychic all my life it wasn't just an impression this particular time it was what I sometimes call "a certainty". I realized that when the Asteroid Belt was formed by a surface thermonuclear war on a planet out past Mars and this war blew apart the planet sometimes called "Maldek" and turned it into the asteroid Belt that now exists out past Mars that our Moon is a piece of the planet our ancestors lived on. This explains our odd relationship with it. It is a meteor slammed piece of the planet our ancestors once lived on before the dinosaurs died on earth. We are the descendants of the survivors of Maldek. I guess humanoids like us are millions of years older than many people think.

Later: The larger Dinosaurs on land died about 65.5 million years ago. So, only the little ones that could hide underground or in caves or crevices on in the water survived the Asteroid from the Planet Maldek that hit in the Gulf of Mexico and created the Gulf of Mexico at that time. So, likely whatever humanoids on Maldek and  Mars moved eventually to Earth or left the Solar system to either go back to the planets they originally came from or to new planets that could work for humanoids. The rest who couldn't afford to leave the Solar System for one reason or another likely came to Earth to survive and eventually created a Humanoid Ape Hybrid which we are likely related to. So, I expect our DNA is likely humanoid with ape since Apes don't process words and can't speak or sing words like we do. So likely that part of our DNA came from humanoids from other planets.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mongol:The Movie

I went to see the movie "Mongol" today. It is excellent. Surprisingly, it is a love story. For me, it was "Behind every great man is a great woman". I especially liked the way shamans and Buddhist monks were depicted. The way they were shown reminded me a little of the lady shaman in "10,000 BC. However, the Seer tradition was alive then just as it is alive now in Asia and throughout the world. In the movie, Khan's loyalty to his wife and her loyalty to him was remarkable for that era. The culture of the time was depicted in such a way that wives seemed to be chattel and nothing else. By chattel I mean property. The fact that Genghis Khan saw his wife as his equal and a partner to be loved and honored no matter what and likewise for her, made this movie and story a truly remarkable one. One gets the feeling from the story that the two actually were fated for one another to make a better Mongolia and Asia. However, where legend begins and reality leaves off it is hard to say. However, the attention to detail in this movie I found remarkable. So, even though it was subtitled, one was listening to the movie, in Mongolian, and so one felt transported to that era and that time completely.

Iran missile test 'provocative


The rest of the world can only look on in horror as Iran and Israel act out their apparent struggle to the death. Though firing off these missiles might give the rest of the world pause, for Israel, this is a fight to the death with Iran. To think something else is going on is to be naive. So once again for Iran to fire off missiles that can reach Israel might be one thing, to the rest of the world it must be remembered that Israel has had almost continual missiles fired upon its territory for about 20 or 30 years or more. To think they wouldn't take these bigger missiles that could potentially carry nuclear weapons to Israel to detonate there as anything other than an imminent threat and a "Clear and Present Danger!" is to be very very naive!

Cheney's Staff Cut Testimony On Warming


Though I think what Cheney's staff did to cut testimony was wrong, I also think that the biggest damage to Global Climate change was done by the 1950s to 1970s. In order to avoid mass suffering that is now coming no matter what anyone does, people would have had to make major changes by 1920 or 1930. I believe by 1950 to 1970 there really was no way to prevent what is now coming as a result.

As an intuitive and precognitive psychic I would say that 70 to 74 degrees farenheit average temperature at the North Pole will be reached once again before the climate settles down once more. The answer then was ferns growing from the equator to the north pole for a long time en masse finally reduced the CO2 back down to what we had in the 19th and 20th centuries once again.

I think it is fair to say that Any humans surviving the next 1000 years is debatable. Therefore, one can either blame ones ancestors for all the changes or themselves or both. However, neither of these reactions are useful. What is useful is to take stock of what we now can do.

Those genetic stocks that potentially eventually survive this will either live in space on space stations or underground here on earth for the most part. People will over time migrate closer to both poles.(However, because of the melting ice caps the poles might change in placement somewhat from what they are now.) The reason for this is that the melting ice is changing the weight ratios of both north and south and might alter where the poles are located. As rain stops falling a lot of places people will be forced to move closer to oceans for a water source and use solar distilling for drinking water to survive.

Places where it still rains will likely be more subject to flooding. Winds will increase as the gyrations of the weather from hot to cold to wind and rain and floods and drought increase in intensity and ferocity over the years.

The good thing about this is that people will have time to adapt and to move to new locations slowly so those that choose to move and change will survive. Those that don't won't.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Like most of you my family sees the problems with the price of gasoline worldwide. I would like to share one potential solution. Though it is a best a short term solution to a very long term problem, still it is a start in the right direction.

First of all, like many families we now look at our SUVs differently. Mine gets 18.7 miles per gallon and is a four wheel drive SUV which is great in snow or rain or mud. My wife's gets 11 miles per gallon at best but can haul 1 adult and 6 kids or teenagers, a total of 7 people. Mostly for now we have pretty much decided to park the 11 mile per gallon vehicle for now except when 2 suvs are needed in exceptional circumstances. We also have a motor home that funny enough gets 12 to 14 miles per gallon. It is mostly parked too.

However, our solution is not to go buy a hybrid car. Our reasons for this might surprise you. First of all, even though a hybrid like a Prius might get 40 to 50 or more miles per gallon I don't necessarily consider passenger car hybrids that one uses every day for work as safe for humans to ride in. I lost my father to bone cancer that was caused by working under 130,000 volt lines in a power generating station. Before he died he taught me about coronas and how they can damage human tissue and cells. Though I think hybrids are generally safe to ride in I think they are unsafe if one rides in one every day for years. I guess it is a little like cell phones. More and more studies are finding how serious long term use of cell phones can be. There aren't enough years of exposure to fully understand this yet but 20 or more years of heavy cellphone use could be very damaging. So I worry about especially young girls and young women who spend hours on cellphones and how they could be damaging not only their long term health but also the genetic health of their babies and future generations worldwide. So I'm very concerned about the long term (ten to twenty years or more)use of cellphones, standing to close to microwave ovens in use, being close to electric motors or generators or alternators that use or generate more than 10 horsepower AC or DC. Remote or cordless phones in houses and apartments etc etc. etc.

Because my father was an Electrical Contractor and Electrician he understood a lot about this. However, his death from bone cancer taught us what long term exposure to high voltage can do to a human body.

So, though hybrid cars might be relatively safe in the short term, I believe in the long term of 20 to 30 years or more they likely will be deadly on the health of people riding in them long term. I believe the likely kinds of illnesses that will come from these things will be: immune problems, leucemia, and many kinds of cancer. It is not that one cannot get these things from insecticide or herbicide on plants and food or through exposure to paint or even old lead paint or lead in the soil from long term traffic that used leaded gas from the early 1920s until the 1970s when lead in gasoline was finally banned.

Anyway, to make a long story short I think a high mileage car like a Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic or other car that gets above 30 miles per gallon regularly is the best long distance driving option and health wise preferable to a hybrid. Since people don't drive Motorhomes every day I think that hybrid gas electric or diesel electric motorhomes without all the batteries is a very good idea too. No batteries makes it safer in an accident as well.(less chance of electrocution without the batteries).

Dual Power hybrid cars and motorhomes

I was listening the last few days to the news about the difficulty of making enough hybrid batteries for the Prius and other hybrids. This got me to thinking about dual power takeoffs like one finds on old pickup trucks. Why couldn't one build a power takeoff right where the U-joint is on rear wheel drive vehicles. Maybe by using the gas powered electrical generators on existing motorhomes, one could then use the 110 volts generated to power an electric motor big enough to move a motorhome on the level at 55 mph or more. So the way I envision this would be use your regular gasoline engine until you get to the freeway where you really need the mileage per gallon. Then pull to the side of the road and disconnect your U-joint and connect it to your 100+ horsepower AC 110 powered electric motor powered by your gas powered generator onboard and using a dimmer switch as a throttle power back onto the freeway. This way you could still afford to drive your vehicle and make your family and yourself happy. You might have to idle the gas or diesel main engine to power your brakes and steering and Air conditioner, radio, cds and Dvds but idling doesn't burn much gas. When you need to drive in the city,(if you want the extra control) pull over and reconnect your U-joint and drive shaft to the transmission. However, it also might be possible to design another way to shift it between gas and electric power to the drive shaft like one shifts between 2wheel drive to 4 wheel drive on some vehicles.

This way no extra batteries beyond your main engine battery and deep storage batteries for your 12 volt lighting system for the living area that would already be there on board your motor home would be needed because you still can use your gas or diesel engine locally and around town. So this solves the problem Prius and other Hybrid owners are having or will run into soon. I think those hybrid batteries have to be changed about every 3 years just like a regular car battery, except hybrid batteries are several thousand dollars to replace and a car battery is about $50 to 75(big difference).

The one drawback might be the size of your gasoline generator and how much electric power it puts out. So to really make this work one might have to put a bigger gasoline powered electrical generator. Also, I'm envisioning not a DC electric motor but an AC powered electrical motor. I'm not sure which would be better for maximum torque.

I was watching the news today about a guy who took out his VW bugs gasoline engine and put in an electric motor in place of it and probably put batteries in the back seat area of the Bug. So this person had a plug-in Bug that ran only after charging by plugging it into 110 volts. There is also a ready made Zap Car and truck that goes about 40 miles on an electric charge that you can buy. Check online. It is a 3 wheeler which puts it in the category of a 3 wheel motorcycle like several other new vehicles.

Country and Suburban Home Garage research is what made this country great in the first place. Just look at the Wright Brothers and Henry Ford for example.

I have it! This actually is the best idea of all. A V8 or V6 or straight 6 engine even at idle could generate enough power if the torque was connected to a generator and the generators power connected to an AC or DC electric motor of 100 horsepower or more.(whatever you need). Once this was done, even at idle one could easily travel on the level. On hills one might need to up the engine speed to generate more power to the electrical motor. Extra batteries wouldn't be necessary. I envision at least a doubling or tripling of mileage, so you would get at least 20 to 30 miles per gallon even at idle on the level and maybe 15 to 25 on a hill. It won't hurt to try your only other choice might be park it or sell it if you have a motor home. I have a Canadian Leisure Van and it is parked too, even though it gets 2 mpg more than my wife's SUV which now gets about 10 or 11 mpg. We're all in this together worldwide!

I think this is the same principle that Diesel Electric train engines use nationwide. That is what is powering over 90% of the trains in the United States or more. They don't store much electricity except for starting the diesel engines. Without the expense of all the batteries this all gets a whole lot more practical. Good Luck!

Man should study man before Spirit

I think it was Confucious who said my title. I have found it to be true. Studying man, in other words, psychology, building, history, social Science, philosophy, anthropology etc. should be attempted before studying spirit. The Zen masters also have a saying, "Carry water chop wood". Even though this was before electricity and running water it still applies. What this means is, "You must be aware of what your body needs before you look for your spirit. Otherwise there will be no body to approach spirit and you will be just dead."

When I first learned to soul travel consciously in my early 20s, for a short time because I had broken up with the woman I wanted to marry and spend my life with and because I had been excommunicated from my childhood church I didn't really care whether I lived or died for a time, so I soul traveled for a while. Then I realized that unless I took care of my body I wouldn't have one and that God had given me this body for a purpose and I needed to figure out what that purpose was. "Carry water chop wood". You must eat, drink, breathe, defecate, urinate and associate with people. Otherwise, you will soon be gone and no matter how spiritual you are you will just be dead.

Understanding the Dead and the Dying

I wish to share my lifetime of experience with people who are already dead or who are dying. First of all, just like drivers of cars worldwide, everyone drives pretty much the same no matter their religion or philosophy worldwide. Likewise, what happens to all souls after they leave their body or as they leave their bodies is very similar. How it is perceived by each being might be different because of religion or philosophy but scientifically what happens to the souls of all beings in passing out of whatever body they are occupying presently is pretty much the same for everyone.

It is in this quest for understanding by most beings that I am writing to lessen your suffering as a being living in a mortal body.

What I am going to recommend is not for everyone and I must say along the way to gain my understanding I have crapped my pants especially in my teens and 20s to obtain some of my knowledge of death and dying. However, after I theoretically found out about the Mahayana and the Vajrayana and then went on to actually experience them both as a scientifically based reality, fear permanently left me in regard to death and dying.

I also believe there is a scientific basis for all religions, it is just that experiencing fearlessness and peace and wisdom in regard to death and dying I find incredibly useful for those of us living in mortal bodies still.

It is easier for me to start by sharing what I experience now even though it took me about 30 years to get to even the beginning of what I'm talking about and then I now have had about another 30 years to get used to it all.

What I experience now at age 60 when someone I know and am close to dies is still very difficult at first unless the soul is very advanced and can protect both itself and me from harm. One of the easiest transitions was a Catholic Priest named Charles Moore that was also a lawyer and a friend to me. Another was my Aunt who recently passed who also seems to be very spiritually advanced.

I recounted two personal experiences with friends here but they came to me and asked me not to print those experiences so I honored their wishes. One of the first things I have to say to you is that it is very important to honor the wishes of the dead so they have no reason to seek revenge upon you. As long as you honor them they are honor bound to honor you. If they don't honor you then you can call in angels and Archangels like Michael or Jesus or whoever you pray to in your religion to protect you from harm.

Many many people have come to me at their time of passing for help as I am gifted in this way. I know who to call in to help them if they are scared or confused. It is very important to pray for relatives that don't believe in God also so they don't just hang like a grey blob over their grave or cremation urn because whenever an angel comes they just think it is a phantasm and unreal because of their earthly beliefs. So praying for your friends and relatives that believe in nothing is important for everyone's well being.

I have seen this gray blob kind to thing and have learned to pray for angels to come take the being to a place of spiritual healing.

Often times the dying are afraid, panicked or just plain confused for one reason or another. They will have a better time of it if you can reassure them that everything is okay. Whether they completely believe you or not is not what is important. What is important is that the more peacefully one can pass over the easier time that one usually has. The hardest times on the other side can come from the most traumatic and violent deaths. This is why it is so important for soldiers facing death every day to pray together and to help each other wherever possible to the other side when one goes on. This lessens greatly the trauma of the event on the soul.

My mother and I were both gifted in some of the same ways. When I was in my late twenties and visiting my mother, sometimes we would be shown just to drive somewhere on the freeway and there would be an accident and we both would help the dead and dying there transition to the other side. We would be mystically guided to these events just after they had occurred to help those in transition. Often this would bring tears to our eyes as the angels we had called arrived and took the dying away.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Deaths in Previous Wars

I was thinking about the death tolls in wars and police actions the last 20 years or so. I thought it would give some perspective to list war dead from World War II and Viet Nam so people can see how much better they have had it than then.


The above wikipedia address is my source for fatalities.

The total losses recorded worldwide from all nations in World War II was

The United States alone had 416,800 military deaths and 418,500 civilian deaths attributed to World War II.

However, the Soviet Union had 10,700,000 military deaths and 11,400,000 civilian deaths. So their total losses were 23,100,000 or 13.71% of their population as of 1939.
Whereas the United States only lost .32% of their population.

China also lost 20,000,000 people, mostly civilian during World War II as well.

Germany lost 7,293,000 total of their population, mostly military deaths.

Japan lost 2,700,000 also mostly military deaths.

However, even though the Soviet Union and China lost over 20,000,000 people each, the most meaningful statistic is the total dead of 72,763,500 worldwide which is more than the total living population of many individual nations on earth right now!

The statistics that were commonly given at the end of the Viet Nam war that I cannot find documented now online for some reason were: 50,000 American dead, 250,000 seriously wounded and maybe 1,000,000 veterans scarred mentally or physically or both for life.

If you compare these death statistics to the losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, one thinks more of police action than full out war. However, if one looks at these last two wars(Iraq and Afghanistan) in regard to the economic and political damage done to the U.S. and the Western World long term, I guess one will have to see how history decides to see all this in a longer term perspective.

Were these last two wars necessary? I think a longer view is necessary just like with Viet Nam. No one is happy about any of these wars. However, can anyone tell me what the alternative might have been? One might conjecture all sorts of things but in the end, no one really knows what might have been because that is not what actually happened.

Now, all we really have is the present and future. All those on all sides are both dead and gone no matter what their point of view was. We are alive and they are dead and in the end we all have to live with that somehow.

The Bush Legacy

It has never been easy for wartime presidents or the soldiers who fought for them and their country in times of need. It claimed the lives of many presidents: Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Johnson after Kennedy was assassinated which also might have been a wartime assassination because of the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In Reagan we had a people person that the world loved. In Clinton we had a very brilliant and public man who led us into prosperity and an international positive view of the United States that was unparalleled since President Kennedy and Reagan.

Bush's Presidency will always be defined by 9-11. Bush will be seen as the western world leader that truly drew a line in the sand and said "Thus far and no further." What will come next is anyone's guess. How efficiently this was done will be debated for decades to come.

However, just after 9-11 I predicted as a psychic that Bush would be seen when leaving office as similar to President Truman who dropped the two A-bombs and firebombed Japan's cities killing millions of civilians in order to end World War II. Though Americans were happy to end the war only losing 900,000 Americans, they were embarrassed to have had to kill so many Japanese in order to end the war in the face of Kamikaze suicide warriors. However, the Japanese finally gave up in desperation in order that their whole nation wasn't rendered extinct by Truman.

Likewise, many things have been done by the United States that it wouldn't have normally done when it perceived its way of life facing extinction. Our way of life these days is facing extinction again from the price of oil and food and from Global Climate change. But that will be the job of the next president to solve.


First I would like to say that my experience with both life and precognition is a very personal experience for me. It might be said that life trusts me to be precognitive and to keep these gifts because I am very responsible with my gifts and because I consider all life as my family so I am trusted. Trust is very necessary for life to allow you to be as gifted as I. If you are not trusted life will find a way to take either your gifts or your life itself.

That being said I find that if I look at all this scientifically all this most closely resembles things I hear about particle physics. For example, in particle physics there is no objective reality because every experiment is affected directly by the consciousness of the observer of any experiment. So in any experiment the result is partly the product of the consciousness of the observer.

This puts the observer in the position of being a potential or actual God in regard to their lives and all the lives they affect with their consciousness and actions. Once one understands they are responsible in this way a higher level of responsibility is necessary. I can remember when life asked me to become more responsible. No. I think demanded a higher responsibility on pain of death would be more accurate. It started when I was 10 and I achieved a high enough level of consciousness to be allowed to live and have my gifts by age 15. This was a very terrifying but necessary experience.

So, at this point I'm 60 and I see all this gifted stuff in a slightly different way now.

When I look at precognition as it affects my life and others I see myself as a natural intuitive precognitive psychic that has been accepted by life and nature as being a responsible shaman or Merlin type of being who sees himself as both a Christian Mystic and as a Tibetan Buddhist also. You might say "How do you reconcile all this." My answer would be experientially "God is where you find Him" (her, it, the Being). Yes. This is a very mystical experience. But it is recognizable to you if you compare it to when you see someone you immediately fall in love with. For me, this experience can be found in any person, place, condition or thing, so I am constantly looking for God, the Beloved, everywhere and every-when. Often I find God(him, her, the Being) and am overwhelmed with love and peace with God in those moments.

My experience of being a precognitive psychic is in the context of being a servant of God. I guess the most useful way I could say it is I appear to be an incarnate angel or Archangel and in this context work for God to restore order and harmony and balance.

Things are just so in transition or "out of balance" depending upon your point of view right now on earth that "Balance" seems to be the only worthwhile goal(at least for the life that will remain on earth). Many souls will be leaving earth for other realms in this cycle though it is likely that earth will remain for many types of souls to incarnate on for millions or more years to come.

One of the reasons I write is to create a better future for all beings. Since I see the future I also see that if I write about what I see the future changes to a better one. So it is a lot for me like riding in a car and seeing potential hazards and accidents ahead and telling the driver to slow down and watch out. If the driver heads my warning things will be ok. If the driver doesn't heed my warnings then I might ask the driver to stop and let me out. The time it takes him to stop might save his life. Either way I have done what I can as God has gifted me so in my heart I have peace about it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Conversations with Vegetables

Yes. You read this right. It all started at a Greek Restaurant with my grown son, my 12 year old and my wife and I. My wife said after we all laughed until we all almost fell out of our dinner chairs, "Fred. You need to write about this." I said, "You know this would make a great title for a book." I thought to myself about the book called "The Secret Life of Plants" that came out I believe in the 1970s.

What I said to my family has to be put in context or you will surely think me a loon. First of all, I have been a lifelong telepathic and psychic. Even at age 2 I knew what people thought and wondered why no one (at least adults) ever said what they actually thought about anything. I would wonder as a child about the mental gymnastics that adults went though not to infuriate other adults with the truth of what they actually thought and felt and by 12 to 15 began to understand that basic politeness was how wars and fights were prevented by adults and how civilization actually functioned as well as it did at least where we live in the U.S. and Europe and other civilized places.

As I grew older being a psychic made me naturally gravitate toward animism as a personal experience of life all the time. An animist experiences all things as being alive. An animist who is extremely telepathic and a precognitive psychic like me can communicate with anything, sometimes with very humorous results. What is even funnier is that many times plants, animals, and even inanimate objects save my life by telling me how not to die or be maimed. This happens all the time so I have just grown used to it like many country people worldwide. I find that only country people and those city people who have learned to slow down and process intuitively with common sense all the time live in this "safe" world that I live in. As long as I am "in tune" with all life around me I am safe. They take care of me and I likewise take care of all beings around me all the time as best as I can.

So, when my daughter said, "People who are vegetarians are funny because they are against eating living things, plants are alive. Imagine what a piece of celery could be thinking while it was going down one's throat?" the conversation came to a perfect timing point for me to mention that I have conversations with apples, tomatoes, celery, lettuce and especially potatoes before I bake them in the microwave. I said, "The potatoes say to me 'what are you doing?' and I will say I'm going to cook you and they usually say something like, 'well this should be an interesting experience'". I don't tell the potatoes too much because that would be unkind and make them afraid.
I have made this mistake before and since I have to eat the potatoes to stay alive it is sort of like native americans when they kill a deer they say, "I'm sorry dear, my family needs your meat to live. Please forgive me for taking your life. I will use every part of you so I won't have to kill another deer very soon. You will become my tent, my winter clothes, your horns I will use as knives and your brains I will use to cure your skin to make a soft buckskin for my wife. I will use all of you so I won't have to kill again soon". This is the kind of thing native Americans say when taking a life to survive.

Likewise, if an innocent tomato or potato or apple asks me something I try to be kind and to think how I would feel while being eaten and what I would like to hear. So I try to treat all beings as my friends or relatives even while I know I have to eat to live. I feel less obligation with more processed food because it is not alive in the same way anymore. But whole tomatoes, apples, carrots, heads of lettuce etc. are very alive and consciousness is usually very innocent in these beings so they deserve respect. If you cannot respect your food then you cannot respect yourself.

Speculation on Iran

Both as an intelligent person and as a precognitive psychic I think that there is a 75% chance that Israel will take out Iran's nuclear facilities and succeed at that between August 1st and December 1st 2008. Israel sees no other option. This is a given.

Now at this point the future becomes very murky if this takes place. If this takes place then I think there is an 80% chance that all hell breaks loose in the middle east. It is difficult to say if Israel is the same or not. The end result likely would be the collapse of the present Iranian government within 5 years because of a wide area of nuclear poisoning similar to Chernobyl in Russia. Chernobyl was one of the reason the Soviet Government collapsed as well.

The Iranian oil tankers waiting near Iran that are filled with oil waiting for higher oil prices to finance further military enhancements might also be blown up by Israel. This might be a given as well.

The attack on Iranian nuclear facilities (if it happens) will also create McCain as the next American president which Israel might feel is in its best survival interests.

However, I believe a better outcome in the long run for the world is Obama as president. It would have a worldwide calming affect like when Kennedy was president from 1960 until his assassination in 1963. The danger of Obama becoming president is that there is above a 50% chance he would be assassinated like Kennedy.

However, it is also true that every president elected on a zero ending year since 1849 has either been assassinated in office or has died in office or has died shortly after leaving office. Reagan is the only exception to this and this was accomplished by Nancy Reagan consulting and astrologer so he was sworn into office at a different time in order to keep him alive as long as he lived. So, it is possible since Reagan avoided the death zero curse it is also possible that Bush can too.

Friday, July 4, 2008

For the Airlines

For me, personally, the problems associated with airlines have become so extreme that I usually don't choose to fly unless it is over a large ocean. Car or train is usually now a much better option because Amtrak for example, costs about half as much as paying for gas to drive my car most places now over about 100 miles.

However, I was listening to an airline executive say that airlines would have to eventually go out of business if oil was sustained above 130 dollars a barrel. It looks like we are already there.

I was thinking about this problem and it made sense to me for airlines in the United States to whenever possible to fill up their planes in Mexico because jet fuel likely costs less there, as long as there was a way to assure quality of fuel as equal to the United States. Otherwise, airlines who don't send as many flights through Mexico as possible will soon be out of business because of the price of jet fuel. Other countries where jet fuel might be less expensive might be Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, China etc. Do the research.

Mexico, at around $2.50 a gallon for regular might sell jet fuel less as well if it is refined there. So, for example, a Los Angeles to Miama flight might route through Mexico City or a more northern Mexico town to fill up with jet fuel. There might be other considerations than I might be aware of but without thinking outside the box the only airlines left alive will be out of Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, China and a few others within a few years. Hopefully, the oil bubble will burst soon just like the dot com bust. But until then airlines must be very creative to stay in business.


Hancock is a strange superhero movie. It is very unconventional. About halfway through it takes a completely unexpected turn. I won't say what it is so I don't give it away for those of you who haven't seen it yet. After this turn it is difficult to see how they are going to resolve everything.

When my family left the theater we didn't exactly know what to feel. However, the one thing we did know is that there might be a sequel if enough people like this movie. I'd like to see a sequel. If there is one it likely would be better than the first Hancock since after the first movie most of the plot setup has already happened.

Hancock has had amnesia for about 80 years(he doesn't age) so that is the basic superhero setup right there.

Dreams and Reality

One way to look at all religions would be to say that each one is a dream version of reality. From this point of view no religion would either be right or wrong, valid or invalid but only a shared dream of a group of people on earth.

It reminds me a lot, for example, of two men in love with the same woman. The woman might be in love with both men or one of them or neither of them. However, if these men decided that their dream of love with that woman was necessary to be lived to stay alive then both men as well as the woman might die even if she wasn't interested in either of them. I see war caused by religion a lot like this. People dying because of conflicting versions of their dreams.

Being able to step back from ones religion or even from all religions for a moment might bring sanity for our world and prevent the mass extinction eventually of humankind because of conflicting dreams(religions).

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Denmark 'world's happiest nation'


Begin quote from above internet address:
Our research indicates prosperity is linked with happiness. It does contribute," he says, "but it is not the most important factor.

"Personal freedom is even more important, and it's freedom in all kinds of ways. Political freedom, like with democracy and freedom of choice." end quote.

If I look at my own life, for example, after 60 years, the happiest times were not necessarily associated with Great Wealth but with freedom of choice and good physical health. Now, wealth is nice but I would likely trade it for the physically pain free 20s or the wise 30s with less physical pain than one tends to have at 60. I felt more free then because of my health and because I at least seemed to have less obligations and responsibilities.

However, the least happy times of my life were probably from age 18 to 24 when I had the most girlfriends and my life mostly was just about me. My highest level of satisfaction has always been about being a good father but not necessarily being a good husband. However, now I have the best of all worlds because I am married to my best friend in this lifetime, my wife. In this way I'm married to my best friend and being faithful to my best friend is always easy for me. Being there for my kids whether or not they are there for me always also makes my life worthwhile. A house that's paid for and being mostly retired is nice too.

Putting the county First

This following is a quote by John McCain from an article he recently wrote. Even though I presently support Obama because I think he is what the world needs now to survive I greatly respect McCain's patriotism and sacrifice for this country. If McCain was younger and if Bush hadn't just been president for 8 years I think McCain might have made a good president if he were elected in 2000.

Begin quote:
Two of our greatest statesmen, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, took their last breaths on July 4, 1826, exactly 50 years after they presented America with our Declaration of Independence. They had been fellow revolutionaries, the closest of comrades, who went on to become bitter political rivals. Then, as the new era of the 1800s dawned, they reconciled, reminded of their old friendship and the momentous history they had made together. "Who shall write the history of the American revolution?" Adams asked Jefferson in one of the 158 letters they exchanged after they'd rediscovered their bonds. "Nobody," responded Jefferson, suggesting that while writers could understand the facts, they might never grasp the sacrifices.endquote

All of us make varying sacrifices for what we believe in. For example, when I graduated High School, my mother needed and operation so I didn't go to college for one year and worked full time to help pay for this operation and put off returning to college for this purpose. Other boys my age joined the military or were drafted and went to Viet Nam. I wasn't drafted because I had had childhood epilepsy and sunstroke. At the time I was embarrassed by this and usually told people I had a student deferment when I was in college. Each of us make the sacrifices necessary to keep our family and friends alive. Some people take this even further and give up their lives and personal fortunes for the future of their country. It is all a matter of what gifts we have and how we want to use them.

Whatever gifts you have be sure to be kind and wise and efficient, all the time doing whatever you can to help all beings. Living in this way always creates success of all kinds in ones life and in the lives of those around you.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Millions of Years of Saving Lives

First of all I have believed in reincarnation since my parents taught me to believe. Second, since I was in my early to late teens I started to remember my lifetimes, past, present and future. There seems to be a theme in all these lives and it is saving lives. So whether I was a priest, soldier, diplomat, farmer or whatever, my goal was always to save lives any way I could either according to the rules or by making my own when necessary to save lives. My own life has always in all these lives has been about living for others, so that others could stay alive. Sometimes, this wasn't always true as a child but eventually I had suffered enough to value the lives and health of my family and friends. So all my lives have been lived to save lives, to protect lives any way I could.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Choppy dreams

In times of extreme change on earth I have noticed all my life that my dreams get choppy and seem to make less sense than usual. You may have noticed the same thing. I could say that because I am a livelong precognitive psychic that I am more sensitive to this than other people. I don't think this is necessarily true. What might be true is that because of my gifts I am just more observant of these things than most people tend to be. People tend to value what keeps them alive. My gifts early on because of childhood epilepsy and a father who didn't believe in Phenobarbitol as a medicine meant that I had to go it alone. The only way I had to survive it was watching my emotions and thoughts like a hawk all the time in order to perfectly gauge what was going on inside of me. This meditation makes me now the way I presently am. I am very aware of all emotional and internal goings on all the time waking and sleeping.

What I'm noticing is how all life is being affected by all the changes, weather, oil prices, food prices, and more. This greatly affects all our dreams. In times of serious stress dreams tend to get more extreme and vivid. Night and day dreams tell us a lot about how to survive these times. We tend to be more observant in our dreams and sometimes less panicked about these changes than while awake. This is why it is important to watch your dreams for useful signs to help you survive your lives and to protect yourself and your families on into the future.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is there will be those choppy dreams that one can make no sense at all with, and there will be once in a while a very clear vivid dream that just might save your life and the life of your family.

Mars and Beyond

With the latest probes on Mars comes the realization that Mars soil can grow some foods right now and there is water there. This opens many doors that were relatively or completely unexpected or at least unknown before.


There is a book called "the 12th Planet" by Zecharia Sitchin. This website seems to be related to all this. He purportedly translated ancient Sumerian clay tablets and in the translations it talked about space travle 450,000 years ago,and a space base on Mars. I believe this same book speaks about the Asteroid belt which was once a planet. a Soviet Probe that was sent to the Asteroids in the 1970s discovered that the Asteroids were a planet that had been destroyed by thermonuclear weapons. This makes me think that the Asteroid planet and Mars were both inhabited and something blew one up and this blew off most of Mars atmosphere and Mars became uninhabitable too. Likely, the survivors of those planets came to earth after the dinosaurs died from a piece of the Asteroid Planet hitting earth and killing most large dinosaurs. So, possibly we are the descendants of the people who blew up the Asteroid belt planet with thermonuclear weapons. I was told by a friend of mine who had an IQ of over 200 and spoke 20 languages including Russian, that one of the main reasons the Soviet Union collapsed was this information about the Soviet Probe and the thermonuclear war destroying that planet in the solar system. The intelligencia of the old Soviet Union didn't want this happening again on earth.

The Voyage of Discovery

Individually and collectively as the human race as well as all life on and of the earth, we are constantly discovering things from the moment we are conceived and maybe long even before that. It is always convenient to limit consciousness to when a child talks but I have memory long before that quite clearly. However, it is of course a different type of consciousness than most of us who are civilized relate to.

For example, I have lived far from civilization for months at a time without electricity for the most part and 10 miles from the nearest small town with my wife and three children during the early 1980s. We did this by choice and home schooled our kids. During this time we experienced our senses slow down but also open much wider than is helpful or safe if one is living in the speedy city. I found it became natural to view the wild forest as a part of me. As my senses slowed down I became more and more a part of the forest and the forest became more a part of me. It could be said that I experienced while I was in the wilderness, strength and unification and communication from the forest to me and from me to the forest. I experience this now from living remotely there now anytime I am near the ocean a forest or in the desert away from major civilization. I am usually as at peace in the wilderness of forest, sea or desert as I am uncomfortable in big cities with smog. Cities, I find to be mostly sources of confusion and out of touchedness and the remaining wild places tend to be places of spiritual refuge.

I find people in cities must many times use alcohol or drugs to cope (both legal and illegal) whereas out in the country that isn't really necessary if one knows how to commune with nature. For example, if you are in distress you can walk up to a friendly tree and many times the tree or trees will take away your distress. Getting rid of distress is much harder to do deep in a city than it is walking along the ocean or being with nice trees in a forest.

In some ways the fuel shortage and extremely high prices separate people living in the country and people living in the cities once again. This is both good and bad. It will be the hardest on the poor in the city and the poor in the country. It will also be hard on anyone who earns their living in regard to vacations or the travel business of any kind.

However, it will also reduce country smog(except for forest fires). It might be harder to afford to live in the country unless you are retired also. So more people will be in cities and suburbia just to make a living and going to the country will be a really big deal for those who don't live there already.

Learning to be comfortable in the wilderness, I have found is the essence of spirituality for me. When I learned to be comfortable in the wilderness, I also learned to be comfortable with myself. I learned not to panic. I learned to be nicer to myself and nicer to others. By learning to be at peace with myself in the wilderness, I also learned how to be a better father, husband and human being.

In the end we are all wild creatures. Accepting this is the beginning of self discovery. You have to accept your wildness before you can understand the necessity for self discipline as a being. Self discipline is meaningless without understanding wildness. Human beings are infinitely more than most people think!