Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Mood Altering drugs permanently rewire the brain

As a counselor for emotionally disturbed teenagers in California I was required to dispense many prescriptions to these young adults so I decided as a person of conscience that I needed to better understand what the staff psychiatrist was having us give these kids. I was horrified when I started to study the physiological effects of drugs like prosac, haldol, Paxil zoloft etc. I learned that the Prosac family of mood altering drugs permanently rewires the brain of those who take it.

Think for a moment about what I am saying. The effects of this class of drug are permanent. These childrens and adults brains are permanently rewired. This means that these people(adults and children) once having taken these drugs will never process information like those who have never taken these drugs again.

To me, this is far more terrifying than cloning. at least with cloning you get two humans that eventually look the same. With the Prosac effect you get permanently mutated brains that will never process information the same way that humans have for 100,000 years.

What are the long term effects of this. What have we done to these people and their children? Is the suicide factor genetically passed on. Have we just doomed these people genetically? I don't have the answers to any of these questions. I'm just saying all the people that have been put on Prosac and all the other mood altering drugs are millions of guinea pigs and we have no idea what the end result will be for the human race 100, 500 or a 1000 years from now from all this!

Another guinea pig effect is cell phones. Many scientists are comparing cell phones to cigarettes in the way they likely are creating brain cancer. Everyone is addicted to cell phones now. What happens when people start to get sick and die from brain cancer within the next 20 years or so. Most studies on the subject consist of using a cell phone only once a week and these studies are funded by the cell phone makers.

We are a world society of consumers that are being lied to by the drug manufacturers and cell phone makers. It's just like the snake oil salesmen of 150 years ago. Many people died then from the snake oils that were supposed to cure everything. Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware!!!

Note: By the way I and another counselor became so upset at kids being drugged to the point where kids were being so heavily drugged in this facility that they would literally sit in a corner with drool coming out of their mouths and be unable to speak. When we complained we were told that they were more easily managed this way. We quit in protest. Many facilities nationwide do not care about children's rights to have normal lives at any point in the future. The children are just so heavily drugged and because of it will never be capable of a normal life at any point.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Defining the Problem

U.S. Government finances have been in deficit spending since 2002.
The U.S. right now owes 500 billion dollars to China. If they asked for their money
we could not pay it back. They likely won't (at least right now) because we have been their best trading partner on earth.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost 700 Billion so far and likely will reach a trillion dollars. All that is now owed to foreign countries by the U.S.

The net effect: We are financially bankrupt and fighting wars like we actually had the money to do it.

These problems all caught up with us during the subprime debacle.

There is no easy way out.

Ending the wars might save the nation from something like the Great Depression or worse.
Right now, our nation is so financially unrealistic likely it will be worse.

It reminds me of people who once were rich borrowing the money to pretend they are still rich when they actually are bankrupt out of pride.

Without some reality check the United States is over as a nation.

Note: However, I was taken completely by surprise during the 1980s recession and Savings and Loan Crisis. What I learned then much to my amazement is that Nations, Large Corporations and large religious organizations make up a lot of their own rules as they go along and the rest of us individuals are not privy to all this.

Since we are in a war between the free world and muslim terrorism almost anything can happen and anything you hear on the news cannot be completely trusted to be factual. So be aware that there is public knowledge like I shared above the note and the make your own rules to fit the need that all nations, large corporations and religious organizations do depending upon the need. For example, any nation can just print money, change accounting rules or do whatever they want as long as it is applied consistently to everyone within that nation. So, in a sense almost anything is possible in these times! end note.

IF Aliens from Space. . . . .

If aliens from space came down and told the President, "Stop the world economy right now because if you don't global warming will render all life on earth extinct" the result would look like what we are experiencing right now.

Gas and oil worldwide will likely drop in consumption by 50%. Up to half of the world's populations likely will be dead from starvation or worse within 10 years.

Even if aliens from space came down to stop the global economy they couldn't have created a more perfect storm than this. And it's not over.

I hope I'm wrong and a solution is found. But as of right now I'm not holding my breath.

Bailout Bill Fails

I'm looking at a 600 point loss on the dow because of the failure of the Bailout Bill in the House of Representatives.

What does this mean? It means not enough people believe in the Bill the way it is. Obviously, it can't be left this way so I think the House will stay in session until it comes up with something better. It's hard to say what will happen next.

The Ruse

The Ruse goes something like this:

If you are among the 20% most educated and/or successful people on earth then you know for sure that hunches,instinct, intuition, ESP, God knowing, whatever you want to call it is in action in your life and that you could not survive without it.

However, if you are greedy and jealous about this knowledge (like the Government) then you try to debunk any spiritual, intuitive or psychic thing going on and you might try to make anyone doubt their hunches, instincts, intuition, ESP, God knowing in order to control both them, their actions, their abilities and all of their resources.

So, the next time someone on TV (or in person)tries to tell you that you don't know anything and that your hunches, instinct, beliefs, ESP, God knowing or intelligence is ridiculous and tries to make you doubt yourself then you can: (in your mind or to their face say,"You are full of shit! I know who I am and what I'm talking about. Leave me alone. You have no power in my world in my reality and I will die before I listen to a complete controlling idiot like you!!!"

What you will find all intelligent, successful people who stay rich and successful have in common is they don't listen to fools who try to convince them they know nothing. Instead, intelligent people reach out for information from multiple sources, research their abilities and what is possible and move forward and have amazing lives.


And The Wheels came off the world Economy

Since I study world economics every day during the week, a friend of mine called and asked me to explain what is really happening in the world. I said,"It is like driving down the freeway at 70 miles per hour and having all 4 wheels come off at once. You have no control because you can't steer. You don't know if you are going to hit a cement bulkhead etc. Then if you survive you call a tow truck to take you back to the shop where you hope the front spindles haven't been destroyed so you can buy and put on new wheels."

That is what happened this weekend to our nation. So our world economy survived the wheels coming off and all the sparks and we didn't hit a cement bulkhead or any other car swerving to miss us on the freeway. And the 700 billion just calls the tow truck and gets us into the shop but it doesn't buy a mechanic to work on the car and it doesn't fix the ground down wheels and it doesn't fix the wheels and it doesn't buy the wheels.

In order to fix the car and the wheels and to pay the mechanic the government would have had to issue fixed loans to all the people who can still afford one and still have a job and who are willing to keep paying for a house that has lost 25% or more of its value.

Until this last piece is fixed the car is in the shop and nobody died but it doesn't run.

My wife says who liked the analogy says this is too cynical. She says the 700 billion got the car on the road but left the driver without gas to run his car.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

an excercise: speaking with the dead

This is the result of a college Creative writing class between 10 to 20 years ago. The assignment was to speak with someone that has passed on you always wanted to know or know better.

I chose my dad's Dad. (My Grandfather)

Fred: Hi Grandpa. I've been waiting 30 years to talk to you.
Grandpa:Even though I passed on in 1970 it seems you've found a way to talk to me.
Fred: I'm sorry I was such a mess the last time you saw me.
Grandpa:That's okay Grandson. I got a better perspective of it on the other side.
Fred: That's good.
Grandpa:When you were young I could see the fire in your eyes and that you were a lot like me. I was real scared for you, though. Your father and mother were raising you in that crazy religion stuff. I was afraid you wouldn't grow up right. I told your Dad when you were 12 that he was going to have trouble with you. I asked you to rototill my fields when you were 12. You just looked at me and walked away. In my day I would have skinned your hide for that.
Fred: I just wasn't used to be treated that way, Grandpa.
Grandpa: I realized that and asked your Dad for help.
Fred: Dad understood what was bothering me. Besides that rototiller was dangerous.
Grandpa: Dangerous?
Fred:Yes, Grandpa. It wasn't that safe. It was so old being out of the 1940s that it had no safety devices at all and I was worried since I wasn't used to using one that is was going to take off one or more of my toes. Also, a few years before I had an accident with a hand push lanwmower with my foot. I still have a scar on top of my foot from that.
Grandpa: You've got to be tough if your going to carry the family name!
Fred: Yeah. That's what Dad always said. Did he really start hunting at age 4?
Grandpa:No. Tommy was 4 and your Dad was 5 or 6 and Bob was 8 when they all started hunting with guns together. Tommy had a .22 pistol and Fred Sr. had the .22 pump rifle and Bob had a small .312 gauge shotgun. I sent them out across Coos Bay, Oregon to get doves for dinner but they brought back robins instead. Let's see, Freddie. This must have been about 1921 if your Dad was 5 or 6. Blanche(dad's mom) and I laughed our butts off when the kids weren't looking later that night. The boys were just so proud of themselves bringing back our dinner for the first time that we didn't have the heart to tell them they weren't doves just then.
Fred: I wish I had been given time to know you better, Grandpa.
Grandpa: I wanted that too, Freddie. But as you know by now life doesn't always bring us what we want.
Fred: Dad always said he hated you. Do you think that's really true.
Grandpa: If he hated me so much why do you think he worked for me and built a place for himself and you and your Mom and her Mom on my land and stayed there until he was 36.
Fred: Yeah. That's what I thought too, Grandpa.
Grandpa: It's a lot easier to hate someone than to love them if you decide to leave home and go out on your own like your Dad and Mom did when they moved from Seattle to San Diego when you were 4.
Fred: Why did you start living 6 months a year in Idaho on your 2000 acre mining claim every year?
Grandpa: When I retired from being an Electrical Contractor I was pretty bored and Blanche and I argued a lot. So I started spending spring and summers in Elk City, Idaho on my mining claim.
Fred: Don't you think Blanche got lonely?
Grandpa: I was 20 before 1910. I grew up in a much different world with somewhat different values than now. As a man I could pretty much do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I financially supported Blanche from 1912 until I died, raised 5 kids and put them all through high school and sent my two daughters through college. I did pretty good considering the times.
Fred:Do you think your oldest son, Bob, found the $25,000 you buried in the front yard during the depression because you couldn't trust the banks and bought a house with it?
Grandpa: Yeah. When I dug about 20 holes and couldn't find it and then Bob Bought that house for his wife I kind of figured that is what had happened.
Fred: Were you angry with him/
Grandpa: Actually, I kind of admired his gumption. It takes a lot to survive in this world, Freddie, as you know.
Fred: A whole lot of people seemed to be pretty scared of you.
Grandpa: Mostly all that is bluff that you need for order in a family. However, I could hold my own in any situation even away from my family.
Fred:Did you really shoot the ranger's hat off when he came to take away your mining claim and cabin?
Grandpa: Yes.That was pretty crazy of me but I was so old I figured I'd get away with it. besides, even though the mining claim laws had been changed they didn't take away my claim and cabin until after I died.
Fred: Was the story about the strawberries and gas coupons during World War II true/
Grandpa: those were pretty crazy times, freddie. You just had to stand up for your rights or you just got run over by the system. I had raised my victory garden east of the mountains and needed my gas coupons to get my strawberries to market. They coupon dispenser people told me that Strawberry season was over and wouldn't give me my gas coupons so I went out to my panel truck(called a van today) and got my double barreled shotgun from behind my seat. I walked in and laid it on the counter unloaded and asked again for my gas coupons and lo and behold they gave me my gas coupons. It was just a cowboy old fashioned way to cut through red tape and the way it was done when I grew up. Again, I was old and they were used to some of us old timers being like this from growing up in the 1800s so I got away with it. It was just the way things were done when I grew up in Kansas and points west.
Fred: I'm amazed that is a true story.

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

I have often contemplated having this saying by Shakespeare written upon my tombstone because it says it all. I was watching a preview for Bill Maher's movie "Religulous" a few minutes ago. And I decided to write about my reactions to this concept.

If a person is in his room alone and not harming anyone then I suppose they could believe anything they wanted to and that would be okay with me. However, if people's lives are at stake and people putting those lives at stake cannot have any doubt about their religious beliefs even if people's lives are in jeapordy because of it then those people are not considered to be human by me. Some Doubt in one's beliefs is for me a necessary component of being a human being. If any person does not value human life above any religious beliefs they have then that person is a danger to all societies on earth and should be incarcerated or eliminated from society permanently. For me, this is the whole point of a movie like "religulous". It is not that people should stop believing in whatever they believe in, it is that all people should definitely question their beliefs when harm to any beings is contemplated. For example, if someone killed someone because the Bible, the Koran or whatever religious book told them to then they might be considered a religious sociopath by ALL the main civilizations on earth and a danger to all societies and either be incarcerated or eliminated. This is how all civilizations on earth at present view all this in the main at this time.

Every Life and every Death Changes everything

To make sense of what I'm saying let me begin by sharing my own life experience of this since 2001. My mother, who finally passed away last week began to show signs of senile dementia in 1999 when I took her and my daughter to Scotland, England and Europe then and met my son and his friend there. Then relatives and friends of mine started dying in 2003. First my Aunt in 2003 passed away. Then her younger sister passed away. Then I lost a childhood friend to early Alzheimer;s. Then another childhood friend died two years ago. Then in the past 4 months I've lost my father's last sister who was alive, my wife's father and while we were taking his ashes to Saint Louis, my own mother from senile dementia, while I waited for a plane at L.A. International Airport while I waited for a connecting flight to Saint Louis.

You may be lucky and only witnessing births at this time in your life. You should be grateful for that. Yesterday, Paul Newman died too and I couldn't help think what and end to a cycle this all is. As I witnessed my own mother's cremation and pushed her burning casket into the furnace and pushed the button to start the furnace I started to get clarity with all these deaths in rising progressions the last five years. Every birth changes everything and every death changes everything. Every coming and every going changes everything.
But what each of us is responsible for is what we do here between coming here and going somewhere else.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Strangeness of being a Precognitive Psychic

I suppose the most strange thing about being a precognitive psychic is that if you tell someone the future you see the future you see will change. It might be a better or worse or whatever but it will definitely be different because of telling even one person what you see.

If you see a future outcome and you like what you see the single best way for it to actually happen is to tell no one and to not spend too much time overthinking about the future you see. Because thoughts clothed with feelings also change futures one has seen if they are intense enough.

So, to summarize if you see a future you like just thank God for it and then hope it comes true.

If, however, you see a future that harms someone you care about or harms thousands to millions or more people then for God's sake talk to someone or start a blog like I have so many many people can potentially read about what you see so it doesn't manifest as bad as what you saw.

The reason I'm writing about it this way is that all beings are potential precognitive psychics. Some will be aware of it only once or twice a lifetime, like when they pick their life mates, or saving a child, friend, sibling or relatives life or even the life of an acquaintance. Others like myself have precognitive experiences almost every day or even all day long in some cases. However, what is important is that we all do it to survive. Most of us wouldn't be alive now or even be successful or healthy if we hadn't followed our hunches even if it was to not step accidentally in front of an oncoming truck or taxi that couldn't be heard or seen ahead of time.

How to Save our Ameria's Economy

On the surface it appears easy. However, there are two main problems. The first one is that many of these subprime loans have been packaged into financial derivitives. The second problem is that our government would have to separate which loan holders actually qualify for a fixed loan on their house and which loan holders should be allowed to default because they either don't have a job, credit or any reason to grant a loan in the first place.

However, if all the Government does is to find out who actually qualifies for a fixed rate loan of those who want one in regard to refinancing their home loans, it would be an actual beginning to solving this nations problems. Only by going from the source of the problem up will the United States become financially solvent as a nation again and get our property values to go up again.

The alternative is to let this go on until property in the United States is worth nothing.

The problem is that even though the suprime started all this, as it unravels people with good credit and good jobs lose their credit and their jobs and homes as more and more people go into default and bankruptcy. There is simply no way to stop all this other than refinancing the homes of those who still have jobs and credit. The alternative is simply the end (at least for now of the United States).

Pumping 700 billion or even a trillion does not solve the basic problem. Until the problem is solved at a grass roots level it will end the United States from Bankruptcy, foreclosure and the end of our economy. It your choice. It's all of our choice worldwide.

Either we fix it at the average homeowner or our nation is over.

700 billioin or even a trillion at a corporate level just isn't going to do it!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Problem of Overspecialization

Most people with exotic financial degrees know their small segment but might not know other segments or even how all those segments interact with the rest of the worlds financial community. Because of globalization literally everything affects everything.

For example, when the dollar drops, oil and food commodities prices rise because people around the world are looking for safe havens for their money in volatile times. But what happens when the U.S. prints more money to compensate the problems occurring here in America right now? The dollar drops. Then people pay more for gas and food and more people starve around the world. Recently, Russia invaded Georgia and called it their 9-11. Whether that was propaganda or not their stock market dove 52% as a result as foreign investors dove out of the Russian stock market thinking a new Cold War had begun.

Most people agree that a new Cold War has not begun but things have definitely changed. Tonight during the Presidential debates commentators were saying that only Washington, Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt have faced comparable bad times to what the next president will face economically.

Each culture and civilization affects every other civilization. Because of this and globalization we live in a de facto one world community where everything affects everything else to a really alarming degree.

However, then the next question becomes: Is the glass half full or half empty? If you say it is half empty you might panic and financially and or physically self destruct in these times.

But if you think the glass is half full then you might say: There are no problems only opportunities! With this attitude one moves past panic and back toward functionality and pragmatism which tend to lead toward survival of oneself and ones family.

Then one begins to view all this as a series of opportunities for all people and all nations and all businesses and all families and all churches and religions and organizations to learn to work together for their mutual survival and the survival of all their members worldwide.

This is how I view these times: You can either choose to self destruct or you can choose to survive. There really isn't another choice.

The Presidential Debates

As I was watching the debates I found myself wishing that Obama was our President and McCain was our Vice-President. McCain would outdo Cheney and Obama would outdo Bush. Biden as Vice President would be good but McCain would be a better Vice-President, I think but would be way to scary and old and angry at this point to be President, much like Cheney has been for 8 years.

However, McCain's international experience is priceless but he's kind of stuck talking about Iraq as our nation goes bankrupt.
Cause and affect? Duh? Why are we going bankrupt as a nation? Answer. one word? Iraq!

What good does it do to be fighting a war if that war drives your nation into bankruptcy and thereby de facto out of existence?

Priorities. Yes. Terrorists are important but do they have tanks, aircraft carriers, and nuclear missiles ready to fire? NO. I don't think so.

So the real question is what is the most important thing to do so we survive as a nation? Answer? end all wars and get our domestic house in order. Going bankrupt is the alternative to ending all wars now. Unfortunately, it is already two years too late!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memories of My Mother

First of all let me say that writing for me is like therapy. So every hour I write is about 150 dollars in healing if I were to pay a psychologist for it. My wife and I started talking to a grief therapist when her mother died in 1999 so she could keep going and so we could keep going as a marriage and a family as our youngest daughter was then only 3.

Yesterday I witnessed my mother's cremation. I had done the same for my Dad when I was 37 in 1985. Then I did it so my father wouldn't become an experimental cadaver. So now even though there are many more enforced laws about this now I still felt I needed to do the same for my Mom. As I opened the burn casket and opened the plastic surrounding my mother's face I witnessed that it was indeed her. It was less scary now she was dead than last week listening to the "death rattle" of Pneumonia when she was comatose just before she passed away. I touched her shoulder and forehead and said "Goodbye Mom". I closed the burn casket and watched the older gentleman jack up her casket level with the furnace. He asked me, "Do you want to push your mother in and turn on the furnace?" I said, "Yes." Even though I was numb already from the experience of physically saying goodbye one last time to my mother. I pushed in the burn casket into the furnace and he closed the blast doors. He explained that this furnace was as loud as a jet engine and could only be used during the daytime because of this. So I pushed the green button and sure enough it was deafening. Soon we went outside to talk about angels and spiritual experiences people regularly have around death and dying.

I thought to myself, "Mom, you've been invoking the sacred fire now since you were 16 in the 1930s. Now you are in the physical fire that hopefully takes you to the real sacred fire and through that purification to heaven. I stood outside and realized all the moisture, red and white blood cells and organs and brain were being incinerated and blown up a 2 foot wide chimney after being scrubbed by technology. It was clear as it arose out the wide stainless steel stack. My mother used to say to me since I was a child, "I as an atom in the body of mankind can pray for everyone and have it manifest". My mother was the most spiritual person I ever got to know so deeply. Though I have met many since none have been so naturally with God every moment.

Her friends used to say to her, "Betty doesn't need religion she lives in a fantasy world with God." From growing up with her it wasn't a fantasy she lived in, she lived with God in the Scottish Celtic Tradition. In this ancient Christian mystical tradition God is a 24 hour a day experience.

She taught me to experience God full time in this way too. I didn't really get that good at it until I was 15 years old. But eventually this became the basis of my life too. Living experiencing God and angels 24 hours a day is the only way to fly!

Afghanistan has never been held long

If you study history Afghanistan has never been held long by any nation. There are two reasons for this. First the region is very tough topographically to fight in or to hold. And Second, the people just don't like people trying to tell them what to do and are very willing the last 10,000 years or so to die to get foreign powers to leave.

And so it is no surprise that the U.S. and europe and the free world are loosing Afghanistan. There is a principle taught at West Point at the military academy for Officers there. "No nation can long be held without the support of the masses!" This point blank means that unless the people want you there it will bankrupt any nation that tries to go against the popular will of the people.

Remember the Soviet Union? Even though I have never really figured out why the Soviet Union tried to take Afghanistan in the first place, it is very important to realize Afghanistan bankrupted the Soviet Union just like Iraq and Afghanistan together have bankrupted the U.S. and the World banking system.

You notice there is no more Soviet Union because of this?

Financial Terrorism Financial Wars

It is my present belief that what is going on was well thought out and well planned by a large group of PHD's in economics. The greedy of the world were mostly only their unknowing pawns for the most part in this. The likelihood that this is part of the Terrorist war against the United States and the Free world is very high. If you look back on Osama's statements he never said he would militarily destroy the free world. He said he would bankrupt America and the free world and establish a Sunni Muslim Caliphate World Government.

Though it is possible that this terrorist extremely well educated movement could succeed in bankrupting the Free World(Europe, U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan etc. which should also include Russia and China) because of shared banking systems through globalization. I don't believe there is any chance at all of them succeeding in creating a world Caliphate Sunni State because of the revenge of the western world that will come down upon them. Before this happened all centers of these ideologies would be nuked by Russia, the U.S., and Europe. These terrorists must have no idea who they are dealing with. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Cold War? In this regard the Muslim terrorists are suicidal only.

Though they might succeed in bringing down the worlds banking systems the next step would be annihilation of the nations responsible and extermination of all there. Read your history books! In the end there are no nations as ruthless as the United States and Europe if their civlizations are threatened.

Voter Fraud from McCain or Republican Extremists?

If the hackable computer voting systems across the U.S. weren't bad enough, the 1/3 of the electorate that got smart and are using absentee ballots are being duped again. Fraudulent absentee ballots are being sent out by McCain? or Republican extremists? that are fraudulent in that their return addresses are incorrect so your vote will be invalidated.

By the way these ballots are only being sent to DEMOCRATS not Republicans.

The monied powers of the world will do anything! to prevent a fair and true election. The absolute power that money creates corrupts absolutely! or
Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

We have no further to look at the Wall Street moguls like Goldman Sachs ex CEO Paulson, who is behind the bailout to see who is harming the average person in the U.S. and world. When the foxes guard the henhouses all the hens and eggs are eaten.

A few hours later:

After thinking about this awhile I have come to the conclusion that it is much more likely international interests who want the U.S. to collapse into bankruptcy that are behind putting out these fraudulent absentee ballots. I believe this because I have watched how bipartisan both parties are behaving right now trying to solve this present financial crisis.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strange Economic Time for Planet Earth

In its own way the present economic problems are much scarier than 1929 and the last really big crash. The main reason for this is that corruption and greed completely caused all the problems this time. The other reason it is so scary is that those who caused it are also present in Government. In other words the foxes are guarding the henhouse. Who do I personally blame for this problem? Answer: hackable computerized ballot boxes and unfortunately, the Supreme Court for giving the election to President Bush in 2000. More than any other eventualities these two occurrences led to this debacle.

The problem here this time is that Global Climate Change, the search for new and better energy resources and incredibly greedy and now incredibly panicked people together might create much worse problems than we now have by acting in very rash ways to solve the problem.

Yes. It is true certain things need to be done quickly. However, all of us know that "Figures don't lie but liars always use figures." Those of you who were duped into subprime loans through lies and have already lost your homes or are soon to lose your homes know this quite well.

So, what I need to say most is that a quick fix with 700 billion dollars will likely make things much worse for everyone on earth unless enough time is taken to not have the foxes running the henhouses anymore.

Like one of the comedians on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central Cable said recently, "Bush may not only be the worst President but also the LAST President of the United States."

Whether you are Republican or Democrat or independent please think about the scary thought of Bush being the last president the United States ever has. Think about what that could mean to planet EARTH!!! Your CHILDREN!!! EVERYONE!!!

7 Days

One week ago today I found out that my mother was dying so my wife and I went to the rest home where my mother, age 89 lives now to pay our respects. She was in a coma with the "death rattle" of pneumonia like symptoms present. I realized that I had to make arrangements for her cremation because even though I had designated a mortuary years before that I had not yet made arrangements with the mortuary yet.

This was all very difficult because my wife's father had died also recently and we had to fly out the next day to inter his ashes in Saint Louis with his mother and father. So, I heard about my mother's passing in Los Angeles International Airport after flying the first leg of our trip. I considered not going to Saint Louis but since life is for the living, decided that it was more important to keep my wife in one piece so to speak so that my daughter and two grown children had their mother and father together in all this. I took a moment when I heard while waiting for another plane in public to walk over to the window with planes landing and taking off and leaning against the wall to have a private moment.

My mother had had senile dementia starting in a mild way in 1999. By December 2001 when she almost burnt down her home we had to institutionalize her in a rest home facility. After witnessing about 50 different personalities as she slowly regressed back to childhood and then babyhood I felt more and more abandoned and more helpless to help her or myself in this awful situation. She hasn't known who I am for more than two years and my last visit was punctuated by primal screams because I am 6 foot 5 inches tall and when I walked through her facility door it was too much for her. That was very difficult for me. Two years ago I was able to still take her out to movies in her wheelchair by car.

Now, she's gone and today I will witness her cremation like I did for my father when I was 37. I'm 60 now so I hope I can do this again without fainting from the process. It's been a tough week burying my wife's father's ashes and now witnessing my own mother's cremation. But all in all, it must be understood that all of us do this for ourselves and our children. The dead don't really care either way. We bury or cremate our loved ones so we don't have to witness animals eat their corpses. That is what is really going on. I've been to India and seen dead bodies on the streets in 1985 and 1986. So I have seen first hand what happens to really poor people. There bodies just lie there and rot (at least they did 20 years ago). Believe me this is better(what we do in America) as long as we are real about the fact that death is real and happens to everyone. Being too insulated from death only makes people cruel and unrealistic and that is never never good.

several hours later. . .

I just witnessed my mother's cremation. The elder gentleman and the young lady were more than kind. After they understood why I wanted to witness my mother's cremation just like I had my father's in 1985 they were fine with whatever we wanted. I wanted to open the burning container and see my mother for one last time and to make sure it was her who would be cremated and to make sure my real mother's body didn't become a cadaver for experimentation. So the man showed me the button to push to turn on the furnace after he let me push my mother's burning container into the furnace. I pushed the button and it made a very loud noise almost like a jet taking off and so soon we all left the room and talked outside for awhile.

I had driven myself to the crematorium because I sensed it was a way to prevent my fainting from this experience. I was only 37 when I had witnessed my father's cremation
and so now at 60 am much more aware of my mortality than when I was a much younger man.
Driving myself did the trick. Looking at my mothers head and shoulders was actually less frightening than hearing my mother's death rattle 7 days ago on Thursday. My mothers body was at peace today having been refrigerated since last Thursday so her soul had had time to exit properly. I thought of the sacred fire she regularly invoked every day of her life since age 16 and thought to myself, "Well Mom. You are really in the sacred fire now!"

That's about all I can deal with for now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes: The New Season

One of my Goddaughters DVRed Heroes for me as I was in Chicago and couldn't watch it until I flew home today. So tonight the whole family gathered around an watched the 2 hour introduction to the new Season.

I got to thinking of my own experiences as a precognitive psychic since birth. It is my experience that when you see the future as I do, that if you tell people what you see, just by the telling you have already changed the future. But not only the future changes, I have discovered. The past, and present also change.

Since I know there are probably millions like myself on the planet who are precognitive psychics, our very existence constantly changes the past, present and future on earth.

It is almost like we are one of God's antidotes to boredom.

However, don't sell boredom short. I have always told my children that boredom is the real key to creativity. Most of the most amazing ideas and inventions and songs and art have come directly from boredom. Or as some people would say "by being open to the moment" or as I would say "being at peace and at one with the universe"

It reminds me of the Buddhist joke about a Buddhist who ordered a hot dog from a street vendor.
He wanted One with everything!

Friends Giving Friends Loans

Before the Scottish Knights Templar began loaning money in more formal ways which eventually become the cornerstone of Western Banking throughout Europe, the U.S., Canada and North and South America friends loaned friends and relatives money to start businesses and to buy land etc.

Looking at the present worldwide banking meltdown it seems to me that people who save money should wisely loan money if they feel safe enough to do that to their friends and relatives once again. Obviously, depending upon who you are loaning money to it could be(especially in the case of ones own children(interest free loans). However, in the case of people you know less well, it might be important just to cover your own risk of loaning the money to charge an interest rate for the money you loan.

However, since I am presently talking about loaning money to other people as a patriotic Citizen of Earth who is trying to prevent mass deaths from starvation by loaning money strategically, loaning with as little interest as possible as in microbanking all the way up to millions for starting or enlarging businesses I believe is a very good idea at present when the worldwide formal banking system is literally on the verge of complete collapse. Some people will have to fill the void of the collapse (or reorganization) of Global banking systems.

Networks of people around the world interested in doing this should get together to keep body, mind, and the world together in these most difficult times since The Great Depression and World War II.

Even though we are watching a slow motion train wreck none of us really knows how many lives will be taken or how many livelihoods will be permanently destroyed in all this. Humans are very paradoxical. In some ways they are very strong and in other ways they are very fragile. In situations like this one never knows what is the last staw for individuals and groups around the world. Remember, people Are very strong but they are also unexpectedly fragile as well! The world needs your help now!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What I'm trying to do is get to the actual core of the problem the world is facing so I'm going to try to do some free association.

The first thing that might be useful to know is that 90% of internet banking is flawed and vulnerable in some way. The second thing is that the last thing banks want you to know is how vulnerable their online security to your accounts actually is.

Second, it is no secret to anyone that Osama did not threaten to wipe us out but to bankrupt the free world. Is it possible that this has happened?

Third, everyone has been worried about a terrorist or terrorist nation blackmailing the free world with an actual nuclear weapon. They wouldn't have to use it just threaten to use it and nations and corporations would not want the public to know this.

Fourth, the Iraq War has bankrupted the United States like the Viet Nam War did. In the early 1980s I expected what is happening now to happen then but it didn't. Do you know why? Because the rest of the world was so dependent upon the U.S. economy that they loaned us money and propped us up even when most of our Savings and Loans went bankrupt from defaulted loans to Mexico, Central and South America.

Fifth, Nationalistic hackers sponsored by nations like China and Russia openly try to destroy our financial networks worldwide so they can bring us down and they can control the free and unfree market worldwide. This is widely known. However, it is like the American people choose not to believe it like Ostriches with their head in the sand.

All these five things and many man more not listed are likely all factors in what is happening to the U.S. and financial world.

Mad Max?

What we are actually facing is a crisis of confidence. It reminds me a lot of what happens when a marriage dissolves. Trust is a very fragile thing in a marriage and in society and in regard to the financial world. Even a rumor of mistrust can bring a financial company down if it cannot be immediately disproved.

I have watched what happens when rumors begin about a financial company. First, there are rumors and the very squemish start to sell their stocks. Then since the company has a lot less capital to work with it just makes its problems worse. Then average stockholders start to sell their stocks and then there is simply no way for that financial to recover. This is happening over and over again.

It is like a shark feeding frenzy and the sharks(wealthiest investors) gobble up the school of fish(capital) within a company in very strange ways. After the school of fish(capital within a financial company) has been mangled the sharks look for the next financial to destroy and gobble up.

The problem with this is that if the sharks keep this method up eventually there are no financials left to turn to on earth that are solvent and then the world turns into something like Mad Max beyond Thunderdome: The movie, where there are thousands to millions of physically armed sharks devouring honest families like mine and yours.

There was a saying during World War II:"Loose lips sink ships"
If things keep going like this and companies and governments and individuals keep gobbling each other up the Christian secular world and the free world for that matter is over. Just like in a bloody war each of us have to make a stand. We either stand together as the free world or we fall apart like a devoured school of fish by the sharks.

And by the way, you sharks out there. Who has your back? Think about it!

AIG 85 Billion dollar Bailout

A CNN tv anchor was saying that the 85 billion dollars Loaned to AIG would run the Iraq War for 200 days to give you an idea how much money that is. Even though it is supposed to be a loan it is still 85 billion dollars of taxpayers money.

The good thing about it is that Businesses in 130 nations will be able to have business insurance as their is NO other insurance conglomerate this big on earth. Without certain kinds of insurance to pacify investors in those businesses they could not get any capital to operate. So American taxpayers keeping AIG afloat may help keep the world economy afloat and prevent millions and possibly billions of deaths from starvation all over earth the next 5 to 10 years.

Dragon of Compassion

When I was in Dharmsala, India in January and February 1986, my friend Thubten, used to tell me traditional Tibetan tales of Drukpa Kunli. He is a mythical Dharma being that is a crazy wisdom humorous being that is woven into traditional Tibetan spiritual and stories told to young adults embarking on the strange path to adulthood. Although these stories are all humorous they are also cautionary tales weaving dharma, magic, trials and tribulations with funny outcomes that are a lot like parables.

As I listened to some of these stories I came to know more how Tibetan culture actually worked and how the men of Tibetan culture actually thought(at least those men that were devoted to Tibetan Buddhism who had been born in Tibet and been through a lot. Thubten was around my age and so likely was born in Tibet between 1948 and 1952 or thereabouts.

He told me how he had been born in Tibet and how his parents were persecuted by the Chinese. One night his parents had to flee Tibet and he and his 4 year old sister were left behind because of all the dangers at that time. They were locked in a barn and almost starved to death by an old woman. Finally, they dug out under the barn before they died there. Thubten was 9 at the time and his sister 4. After about 1 week locked in the barn without food or water they found a way digging out through the floor and escaped. They found relatives to stay with. Eventually as teenagers they made their way to India and found their parents. Thubten said this experience scarred them both for life. So Thubten became a Tibetan monk and his sister became an Ani or Tibetan Buddhist Nun.note(Geshela told me that his parents died when they were 52 and 54 respectively which was pretty normal in the harsh climate of the Himalayas without electricity or central heating or even western type insulation in homes.)end note.

When Thubten was about 25 his parents began to fade and since there was no social security Thubten took care of his parents until they died. He had a lama, Geshela, hold his robes for him so he could work and earn money to support his parents until they died. He worked as a guide for mountain climbers from Europe, America and for rich people from all over earth in the Himalayas of India, and Nepal. So he learned English as a second language for doing this. When I reached Dharmsala, India with my family, we were travelling with Geshela by train and bus to get there to Dharmsala. Thubten met us there and I found Thubten excellent at conveying Tibetan ideas in English, which generally speaking was very rare, I found at that time.

Though Geshela had been studying since he was 6 years old through his 40s to become a Geshe(spiritual friend lama) which might in some way be comparable to a Doctorate in Divinity in the Western world, he spoke very broken English and unless you listened very carefully you might miss things because it was like listening to Yoda with a thick Khampa Tibetan accent. So Thubten actually was able to translate what Tibetan thought was all about to me more than any other single person I ever met. In fact, the Gyuto Trantric Monks used Thubten as their English speaking master of ceremonies at many concerts they sang at in the United States when he came to the U.S. with them in the late 1980s and then settled in Minnesota, USA. When he visited me the last time I saw him in the very late 1980s he gave me a gift of a Dorje and Bell for my altar in my room. I always felt very blessed meeting Thubten and Geshela. They were both the very best of what Tibetans and Tibetan Buddhism is all about.

Thubten, a very devout Tibetan Buddhist, also took me to meet Lam Rim Geshe, who had just come out of a 17 year retreat walled away from the world. He looked almost exactly like Yoda only he was almost 6 feet tall. I remember looking into his eyes and seeing the whole universe there. His home looked very much like Yoda's in the movies too. Jim Henson's puppeteers had been to Dharmsala to look for High Lamas as examples for Yoda also, I learned from Thubten.

When someone spends 17 years in the dark they either go nuts or become enlightened there. There really isn't another choice walled away in the quiet solitude with only yourself and the universe and food pushed under your door once a day. I found the state of consciousness I was looking for looking into Lam Rim Geshe's eyes.

I found the explanation I was looking for speaking with Thubten about Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan thought. I found the practices I was looking for from Geshela and from all the other Rinpoches and lamas who gave me initiation and instruction and blessing.

Thubten also took me to see Ling Rinpoche, the senior tutor to the Dalai Lama. At that time Ling Rinpoche had been sitting on a table meditating for two years without water or food. When I walked into that room high in the Himalayas into the little stone house with the slate roof and saw Ling Rinpoche there I was amazed. Here was a very high Lama projecting back blessings from the heaven realms, even though he would never return to his body and walk again. His body was not decomposing but was being used as a meditational and blessing vehicle. After a while I walked outside and cried for about 20 minutes.

In the west where I was born and raised people were born and lived and died. But this was something different. Ling Rinpoche was neither dead nor alive but sending infinite blessings back to us on earth from heaven. I would never be the same again!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The foxes are STILL Guarding the Henhouses

First of all foxes don't guard henhouses they eat both the chickens and the eggs inside. I'm referring to traders within large financial corporations as the foxes and the hens and eggs the world's private monies invested by people like you all over the world.

This is the real reason Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and AIG and others seem to be either collapsing or on the verge of collapse or already having collapsed. All this was working for the traders of all these various financial corporations until the subprime problem hit and started lowering values of houses. This ended the financial feasting of financial companies big time. In all businesses there is a saying, "Feast or famine". Every business owner knows this all too well. Life long employees don't necessarily experience this as they get a steady paycheck every week or so. But the company makes millions one month and nothing the next then millions the next and nothing the next. As long as the company has enough to keep paying its employees, the employees and stockholders tend to think everything is okay even when it isn't.

Well, here came sub prime loan housing value loss and people walking away from their sub prime loans in the millions.

When President Reagan deregulated the financial industry some people were very worried at the time that something could go wrong. Well. Here it is!

The Great depression was caused primarily by individual investors buying too many stocks on margin. The collapse came when their stocks collapsed and they had no money to cover the margin calls(margin is borrowed money). This situation caused many people to jump out of windows and shoot themselves because they were financially ruined.

The problem this time is not that. This time it is institutional investors buying on margin, and the companies are collapsing because their unsecured debt is being called in on these margin buys institutionally. Though the subprime collapse could end within a year or two theoretically, the margin collapse of institutional investors of the financials, cities, municipalities, counties, states, and countries will continue until laws are enacted to prevent this kind of problematic investing.

The best idea for new laws is to make people only be able to invest money that is theirs. If the loss is really their loss they will tend not to make such risky investments because that would mean their personal financial collapse or the collapse of their companies.

This sounds like a much better idea than traders investing other peoples money and getting commissions if they succeed and only fired if they don't. If it was your own personal money you would care a lot more if you lost millions or billions in overly risky investments.

Money Wars

We all have always known that big money and what how it is manipulated is about greedy individuals worldwide and is also about nationalistic designs. Now if, greedy individuals have been manipulated by nationalistic designs then we might have what we are presently experiencing. The other horrifying realization I have come to is: What if all the nations and universities on earth looked at computer projections of Global Warming and what we are experiencing is a controlled system of eliminating the poorest of the poor on earth so that the wealthier people on earth have a chance of surviving. I have asked this question to myself with everything I know and have studied and I'm now beginning to believe this IS one of the many many panic driven things that is going on worldwide.

Yes. There is also nationalistic money warfare. Since the U.S. has been one of the most open armed and eclectic nations on earth it is also because of this openness one of the most vulnerable to unscrupulous people or nations.

So, what I will say here is that without openness to a certain point all the benefits to anyone of our global economy might be ending soon just because people have to do what they need to to survive. And if they find they can't survive under present conditions everyone will pull back and Billions (not millions) will starve to death.

Unfortunately, I think this last outcome is where we are headed the next 5 or 10 years the way things presently look. You and I and everyone on earth can change this outcome if we want to enough. However, right now, the billions starving to death in the next 5 to 10 years is the most likely thing that will happen given present variables. I'm speaking as a precognitive psychic. However, for me the most useful thing I can say is that I write about this sort of thing so a better outcome can take place by making people more aware of the actual problem.

If all you ever do---

“If all you ever do is all you’ve ever done, then all you’ll ever get is all you ever got.” Supposedly, this is a Texas saying, however, it is also true.

In these times we live in, instead of giving up, don't stop there, get really mad and take some time to really focus your anger to change things. If you can't change things for everyone, at least begin to make changes so you will survive.

For example, if Galveston, Texas was your town and your neighborhood is gone, at least for now, move somewhere else and start a new life anyway you can. There will be nothing in Galveston for you for at least a year maybe more. Possibly it is then end of Galveston if these storms keep hitting like this. Move on. Your mental and physical survival may depend on it and your kids and their kids.

If you work for Lehman Brothers and you and your family and your MBA specialty job is gone now stop crying and get angry enough to think of a possible new future for you and your family. If you don't get angry enough to think of and create a new future no one will!

No matter what your life circumstance move on if all has failed and try something new. If you don't you might just go crazy and die right where you are-- soon.

Remember, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

Monday, September 15, 2008

For Candidates for Restraining Orders

I just thought I would relay some helpful information since my God-Daughter is presently having a difficult time preventing her ex-live in boyfriend from stalking her and harming her life in multiple ways. Since tonight is the epicenter of the full moon this seemed like an opportune time to write this so more people stay alive and hopefully not harm themselves or anyone else.

First of all, the one thing you do NOT want to do is to live alone after you break up with a live in lover of any length of time over 1 to 3 months. It's important to be with friends, relatives, anyone who is objective because NOBODY is objecive after such a break up after short or long periods of time. It doesn't really matter the reason it ended,being alone, and living alone can make one suicidal-homicidal often in these situations often because people get into delusional states when left alone they or others die or are permanently maimed in some way.

So, if you are serious about surviving your breakup and serious about other people surviving your breakup and serious about your ex surviving the breakup seek out other people who are objective and listen to them. REMEMBER, IT IS BETTER EVEN TO START A REBOUND RELATIONSHIP RATHER THAN KILL YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE(BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE PSYCHOLOGICALLY HEALTHY ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO PULL THAT OFF).

Remember if you were really in love with your lover or even just believed that you were
it usually takes 2 to 5 years to get over the worst of the symptoms.

The most in love(young love) was when I was in my late teens. I was young and didn't understand a whole lot of things I do now. First, there was a girl in my church that I expected to marry that was the sister of one of my best friends since I was about 6 years old. I did date her from age 17 to 19. However, in my senior year I went away to a boarding school and had another affair with a 16 year old there who also lived in Los Angeles County, California like me. So when we returned on the train 2000 miles on the old El Capitan train I had two girlfriends and it was pretty crazy. However, my first girlfriend was a year older than I and already in college and though she loved me put up with my dalliance with a 16 year old. Then I went back to my college girlfriend like nothing had happened but I felt very guilty about the whole 16 year old thing so we broke up in Chicago during Christmas vacation when I was 19. We were at a church convention there. So my college girlfriend that I had known since I was 6 got interested in a handsome blonde haired 25 year old rocket scientist from Texas and I was interested in his girlfriend from the Detroit, Michigan area, so we sort of traded girlfriends. Even though I loved my college girlfriend from Los Angeles I was too ashamed to stay with her because of my dalliance with a 16 year old. So I believed I was in love with my new girlfriend from the Detroit, Michigan area. We went together for 2 years until I was 21, her in college in the Detroit Area and I in Los Angeles county in College there(she came out summers). However, because we were both religious we had a celibate relationship because people of my faith did not have sex with people they were going to marry before marriage. (I would have but they were of a more conservative point of view than I). When my Detroit Girlfriend and I broke up because she told me she wanted to remain celibate after marriage, I broke up with her because I couldn't have children with a celibate wife.

However, even though I made the right decision I could not live without her and became despondent and suicidal. I did not become angry at her because she wanted to be celibate and I understood that so I was angry at myself for all the wrong reasons.

However, it took me 5 years to get over both my Los Angeles childhood and college girlfriend(she got married to the rocket scientist from Texas and is still with him there) and when her brother died I got back in contact with her. I have had no contact with my Detroit girlfriend since we broke up in 1969 around the time when we landed on the moon the first time. However, I know she eventually married and raised to step children as their mother had died.

The point I'm trying to make is that if you break up with someone you have to choose to live on without them otherwise you won't.

The reason I'm alive today is that I took to heart the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song, "If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one your with, love the one you're with." So that is how I survived. Since I was still relatively a virgin at age 21 even though I had spent the night with girlfriends since I was 16(there was no intercourse) I was pretty frustrated by this and experiencing a pretty bad full time case of testosterone poisoning. So about 25 girlfriends and about 5 years later(most all of them were not virgins when I met them and none of them were after meeting me) I married and had a son at age 26 with my 21 year old bride. Even though we broke up 4 years later and I got custody of my then 3 year old son, my son gave me reason to stay alive and take care of him and create a really good life for us both. When he was 5 I met a lady with 2 kids from her first marriage and we were married for 15 years and I now have a 19 year old biological daughter from that marriage. Then that ended awfully
and I married again at age 46 and had another daughter in 1996. We have been happily together since then. My now 19 year old daughter from my last marriage spent a month with us this summer and was the single most useful person while a close relative of my wife's died. So I bought her a good car to go to college with since she was so very helpful. We have been skiing together since she is very athletic since she was about 4 years old. Now she is not only an expert skier but now an intermediate snowboarder too.
I ski while she snowboards every winter. Her boyfriend is an excellent trick snowboarder too.

As you can see, unless you make decisions to stay alive after a breakup you don't psychologically or physically survive. There isn't just one perfect person for you, there are hundreds and maybe even thousands out there. Yes, it will never be the same but what you really need is a real friend that shares your interests and is sexually compatible with you that wants to live where you do. That is what works. Choose life! not death.

The Long Slow Motion Economic Train Wreck

Two or three years ago when this all began if someone in the U.S. Government had stepped up to the plate all this could have been avoided. But, since then we have all witnessed the long slow motion train wreck of a slow world financial collapse that has been entirely unnecessary from the beginning.

Yes. The U.S. can't and couldn't afford the last two years of Iraq and Afghanistan. And yes, without these two wars none of this likely would be happening, and yes, I think this is the stupidest thing I've seen since I have been alive. However, something this far reaching has obviously been planned by some group of people.

If you want to know who caused this you have to look no further than who is directly benefiting from all these financial changes worldwide.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Conversations with Bigfoot

fiction? speculative fiction.

Though I have experienced what I believe to be many telepathic contacts with various Bigfoot beings, I think it is much more useful to say it is speculative fiction at best.

One of my stranger experiences in this vein I was sitting in my hot tub(spa) on the Northern California Coast near the ocean in the forest. I was sort of contemplating all the birds and clouds moving overhead and picked up because I was in the right kind of mode for excellent telepathic communication. At first I thought I was picking up a buck or deer telepathically because they have a very different mental telepathic signature than a human adult or child.

So I telepathically asked the being if he was bigfoot. He said telepathically that he was the kind of being I was thinking him about. He said(said means telepathic communication) that I must be part bigfoot because otherwise I couldn't do what I was doing. He said that likely it was my Scottish ancestry going back to Scotland. (Obviously, there was much more communication in a very detailed manner between us before we were able to establish all this). Because obviously, the bigfoot had never been to school or watched TV. However, all beings have compensating mechanisms in order to continue to survive anything.

After all, you and I and the Bigfoot and the raccoons, mountain lions, and bears and the like all are the survivor genes(in other words our genes and our forebears had it together enough to live to the age of reproduction, reproduce and find some way for us to survive to adulthood. So, we all have the survivor gene. And there is one thing that all with the survivor gene have. We are all very very adaptive both genetically and behaviorally.

So, as I'm talking(telepathing) I get the idea that the only reason this bigfoot is talking to me is that I am a distant relative. So I asked if he could screen others thoughts and appear as a buck or deer. He said, "Yes. That is what we do as a matter of course. Otherwise with this many people around us we would all be dead. I said, "Why don't people find your tracks or feces more?" The bigfoot said, "We usually bury our feces and most of our kind prefer to be as remote as possible. However, with the encroachment of humans on our wild places not we have no choice but to appear as other things quite often now."

I asked bigfoot if there were different varieties of Bigfoot all over the world. He thought that was quite likely but that he mostly like being near the ocean in the forest like the mountain lions and raccoons and deer and such.

I said, "So, you are talking to me because I am part bigfoot?" He said, "Yes. Many humans are part bigfoot otherwise they wouldn't be able to communicate in this way." So I asked, "How many humans that you encounter are part Bigfoot?" He said "About 1 finger out of ten, though in most it is very watered down." I said, "How does this happen?" He said that Bigfoot females sometimes get taken with a human male or a bigfoot gets taken with a human woman and then can make the human male or female believe not only they are with another human but actually mate with them with a child resulting sometimes, though a child is rare.

He also said it mostly happened with country people as a bigfoot would think city people just too far removed from the forest to be interesting to a bigfoot. Also, if the female bigfoot's child looked human she would take it near humans or if a human female got pregnant by a bigfoot and it looked like a bigfoot it would usually be destroyed by doctors as being an unfit human being.

This actually made sense to me and made me wonder about where a lot of really highly endowed ESP people got their gifts.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Does Race, Gender or Age motivate you?

They say voters vote emotionally on average. Only a few are really thoughtful about it and take the time to compare all the candidates. For example, I have never voted for whom I thought was the best candidate for my personal needs. I have always voted for the survival and longevity of the democratic principles of our nation because what our nation does affects the whole world. Yes. It is true that we have another elephant, China among us rolling over all the mice and fleas(smaller nations) so it is a very changing world we live in. But still (how goes America also goes the world) to a greater or lesser degree. Therefore, who rules us and how corrupt or not corrupt they are IS VERY IMPORTANT to the rights of all on earth.

Since we have not been in a worse time in the United States since 1929 and the Great Depression and World War II, if I had any choice I wanted for President appropriate to our times it would be Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bill or Hillary Clinton would be my second Choice, Ronald Reagan would be my third Choice and NO ONE this year would I choose to be President At this time.

McCain has given up all his principles that I used to respect him for and Obama is proving himself to indecisive. In other words his innate intelligence is interferring with him making good decisions. McCain is too grumpy and too old and will likely get us all killed while bankrupting the nation further because economics of the middle and lower classes is not his suit. Palin will make sure the right to abortion ends and women will then be relegated to the dung heap of history once their right to control their own bodies is gone. There not only won't be a glass sealing but only the elitist rightest rich women will be able to rise to the top.

So, if you vote to have the first woman become a vice-President, remember it is a trick vote because if you vote Palin in it is the end of your rights as a woman if you are middle to lower class. You may be able to vote after Palin gets in but everything else useful to you will be gone.

As for Obama, I think he is very inspirational but is now demonstrating his incapacity to make good decisions under pressure by the way he is campaigning. McCain is demonstrating he can make decisions to win an election by putting Palin(a republican Paris Hilton or Britney Spears celebrity) on the ticket with him. But has he demonstrated he will be a good President? Yes. If this were 2000 he would have been the perfect President. Todays McCain has given up all his principles to win at any cost. I'm sorry McCain, I think you want to be President so bad it is at any cost, including the damage you will do being president while being elected as the oldest first time electable President in the History of the United States. You are just too old and the world situation is just too bad.

So, what do we have? Obama, a very excellent Peace time President or McCain who likely will die in Office during a war while we go further bankrupt and become a banana republic because of war debts.

Lastly, No nation in the history of earth has ever taken and held Afghanistan! Think about that. These people are just so tough they kick any foreigners out and have the tradition of doing this for about 10,000 years. Even the Soviets had to leave. And you think we can stay without going bankrupt? Think Again!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Large Hadron Collider to Have "Practical" Spin-Offs?


I titled this blog article with the same title as the above article I'm referring to.

Though many positive result may come from the Hadron collider on the Swiss-French border, many negative effects may come as well. Just remember the Manhattan Project and Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all the physical and psychological suffering ever since then.

Likewise, the Hadron Collider will have similar results in the future. I'm speaking as a precognitive psychic now---many will die of unexplained illnesses over the next 50 years from it as well as strange multi-dimentional disorders. We live here on earth in a very rare and precious environment. In some ways the Manhattan Project and the Hadron Collider bring the most physically destructive elements(to biological beings and creatures and plants) of the universe to us as well as the benefits. Anyone working on a project like this has to be prepared for effects that might combine all the worst and best aspects of the Manhattan Project and very weird drug like effects on those within at least 100 miles of this ongoing experiment. You won't have to just believe me. If it is ever made public in the next 10 to 20 years you will learn first hand about some of the negative effects on humans in the news if it isn't suppressed.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

in Memoriam: 9-11

I was listening today 9-11-08 to an NPR broadcast while driving my car. A man had written a book about West Point graduates and how their lives were affected by 9-11-01. One of the widows was there also of a West Point Grad killed in Iraq. She said that her husband was always quoting Voltaire, the French philosopher who once said, paraphrased, "I may not agree with what you have to say but I will die defending your right to say it!" At this point I found tears streaming down my face as a clearer understanding of the troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan emerged within me. I needed to cry. I needed to hear this quote by Voltaire. I needed to know that because I can cry I am not one of the 70,000 in New York City that have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of their experiences on 9-11-01 and afterward.

Everyone in the free world and beyond was wounded that day. The question is: Can you live with it and move on or has it crippled you for life? Each of us can only answer that question alone in our heart of hearts as we go to sleep at night.

Meridian Walks the Earth

fiction? note:fiction? does not mean for me that I am writing just fiction. It means to me that I am writing the highest truths I can as safely as I can for both me and you. I use this demarkation to protect your sensibilities and my life from unnecessary harm. If you see the truth you will be reinforced. Therefore there are always hundreds of levels of perception written within writings demarked (fiction?) including Galactic codes for earth governments to decipher. It has been this way since my first contact with Elohar and Ragna from 7000+ AD on the alternate timeline who live near the Matterhorn on the border of Italy and Switzerland. I first met them when they arrived here from 7028 AD probably September or October of that year when they visited me in 1969. At the time I was 21 and had lost any real meaning in my life to stay alive any longer because I had broken up with my then, love of my life that I had planned the next 20 to 40 years of my life around. I had also been excommunicated from the church I was raised in for being too alternative for their tastes. So when they came and told me that something I would do would prevent the extinction of the human race I told them, "I have absolutely no reason to live on for myself. However, if my life keeps the human race alive then I will live on for them." So I dedicated myself to finding out how my life saved humanity from extinction.

At this point I think it is mostly through my writing. However, I could be wrong. It could be from other means as well. Time will tell. However, I'm 60 years old now so we'll see. end note.

Begin Story.

When I was young one of my teachers said to me, "If you live to be 100, you will live to be 500. If you live to be 500, you will live to be 1000. If you live to be 1000, you will live to be 5000. If you live to be 5000, you will live to be 10,000."

At the time I remember thinking, "This can be true, can it?" However, because this person was a very wise teacher, I had to consider it as a possiblity because thousands to millions of people on earth consider him to be like a Jesus of these times. So I had to at least consider the possiblity that he might be telling me the absolute truth!

I had dedicated myself to becoming enlightened in my teens after having almost died from two childhood ilnesses. Both I and my best friend in Junior High and High School tended to be much more serious than our compatriots because of our near death experiences, he from childhood polio and I from whooping cough and childhood epilepsy. Let's put it this way. Silly, we were not. We were survivors. We played but we were never silly. We were serious survivors always. I suppose the silliest we ever got was when I was 16. He convinced me into getting drunk with some buddies while he stayed sober and drove my 56 ford stationwagon. Although this was a mistake as I lost a front cap on one of my front teeth in a fight and had a scar on my check for a year that was a hit to the cheekbone it created a positive outcome. I could not drink and get drunk. I was allergic to alcohol. My normal kindly self turned into an asshole when drunk. So I vowed to never get drunk again to protect everyone. To this day I have succeeded in this over 40 years later. This didn't mean I didn't have a glass of wine or a beer once a month or every six months after I was 21. It just meant I never drank to excess ever again to protect everyone from myself. This was an excellent idea because I am 6 feet 4 1/2 inches tall and big boned and if angered could easily bring someone down permanently with one or two blows. So, as you can see I have REALLY been protecting mankind from my size and my allergy to alcohol.

So this has allowed me to be relatively clear headed except for college like most people in the late 1960s. I was 21 in 1969.

I didn't get to India until 1985&6 even though I had been thinking about India, Nepal and even Tibet since I was in my teens. I think the first time I considered the Himalayas was when I saw the 1930s version of "Shangri-la" in the 1950s. My father and mother were also taken with all the mysteries of Tibet, Nepal and India too. So they encouraged me to stay telepathic, talking to angels and good spirits and embarking on a path that took me to soul travel. I started mountain climbing and rock climbing with friends in Yosemite and and Idylwild, Ca.
So with my friend, a student from UCLA and often other friends too, we climbed Mt. Shasta 14,161 feet and Mt. San Gorgonio mountain, which is well over 11,000 feet and the tallest mountain in southern California. In November 1969, I almost died there I was climbing with two kids, one 17 and the other age 16. Unfortunately, their youthful decisions put my life at stake. When I stopped to fix a broken strap on my snowshoes on my back they went on and took a different trail than I knew about. After I fixed my snowshoes strap to my backpack I went on thinking their was only one trail to the summit. However, since I was 21 and not 16 or 17, I felt much more responsible for their well being than they did for my well being and reached the summit very late at 4 pm. Since this route was 10 miles in and 10 miles out I was in trouble. Since I didn't see them on the Summit or before I assumed they must have taken a different route down. As I reached the Summit of Mt. San Gorgonio I was in a 100 mile an hour ice storm. Since I didn't want my face sandblasted of from pieces of ice travelling 100 miles an hour I covered my face with plastic which kept me from going blind and my face from bleeding from ice impacts on it at that wind speed. However, the sound of ice hitting my plastic face cover was deafening. Finally, I was able to get below where the wind was that strong and I used the large sheet of bendable clear plastic for what I intended it for, sliding down the snow about 3 thousands feet vertically into the valley back toward slushy meadows. By now the sun had gone down and it was getting dark and I was starting to get cold and had already traveled about 15 miles by foot that day. As I strapped on my snowshoes I had a moment to think about my situation and realized I might be screwed. I sensed I only had about a 50-50 chance of making it back to my car. However, the only way I was going to make it was one step at a time.

However, then it suddenly got worse. I was walking in my snowshoes in about 10 feet or more of snow down the valley when suddenly I must have walked over an 8 or 9 feet tall manzinita bush and fell through. The nickname of this bush is "ironwood". For example if you run through a manzinita bush it will literally rip off your clothes and your flesh and this is what I fell into through the snow. I found myself hanging upside down being poked by hundreds of manzinita branches. Though I was cut in many places on my hands and face my clothes took the brunt so I wasn't impaled or dying from the incident.

I was so tired from climbing a mountain and already having walked through the snow 15 miles that my reaction was to cry out from the pain. I felt I might not survive this extra ordeal because of my energy level. Finally, I got angry enough to release the straps of my snowshoes which dropped me fully into the ironwood manzinita bush. More cuts and bruises but at least I was rightside up now so I scrambled out through the snowhole my body falling into the bush made and got up on top of the bush again on top of the ten feet or more of snow. Getting my snowshoes on without falling through the snow again was a real chore but somehow after that experience I tread very softly on the snow and went to the edge of the valley where I knew manzinita bushes would be less likely away from the stream I was following down the valley. By now it was dark and when I found the trail eventually it was covered with both ice and rocks. My flashlight wasn't working well and finally gave out because of my fall through the manzinita bush. Finally by 9 or 10 pm I made it by God's grace back to my car. By then, the ranger had been called and my father was there preparing a rescue team to come get me the next morning. My father was going to try that night alone to find me. Though I was exhausted I survived the ordeal but it took me a week to recover from the cold and exertion.

Well. I guess it all got away from me but if I change the title now none of you who like this spontaneous kind of writing will be able to find it so I guess I'm just going to go with it.

About 1 year and one month later during Christmas vacation from College I picked up to of my buddies, one from UCLA and one from Sacramento State University in my '66 VW bug seablue in color and headed with all our winter gear to Mt. Shasta. It was December 1970. Remember there were no cell phones, GPS indicators, or home computers or all the stuff you are used to today. I don't think the tv weathermen and women were even using Satellites then during their weather reports.

As we got near to Mt. Shasta I realized that I had driven 14 or more hours straight from San Diego where I went to college all the way up Mt. Shasta to Bunny Flats to park my VW bug. When we got there there was already 5 feet of snow with 2 feet packed and another 3 powder on top. Looking back since it was getting dark then, we should really have gone with another option. But at the time I was the oldest at age 22. At the time we didn't want to spend money on a motel for the night and decided despite the snowstorm to climb to Horse Camp(owned by the Sierra Club) and at that time used as an Emergency shelter for mountain climbers to shield them from severe weather at tree line(the altitude where trees stop growing). On Mt. Shasta this is around 9000 feet or so depending on which face of the mountain N,S,E,W you are talking about.

As we hiked towards Horse Camp( about 1 1/2 miles and about 2000 feet climb in elevation) the conditions turned into a white out. In this case it meant we could barely see our hands outstretched in front of us and could no longer see the contours of the land. When we must have gone in a circle and met our tracks we knew we were in trouble. We considered going back to my car but realized the snow was coming down so hard and fast we might not find the car or the road. At this point I realized I had overdone during the day and also wasn't adjusting quickly enough to the changes in temperature so I began to throw up from 14 hours of driving since San Diego and being in around 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

My buddy from Sacramento State had been to a snow survival training course the previous week in the High Sierras and suggested that we dig a snow cave so we didn't die in these conditions. He said, "Likely this storm will pass during the night and if we can just survive the night in a snow cave we will be okay."

So we took off our snow shoes in a likely place and started to dig a snow cave with our snowshoes. It was fairly easy digging because a lot of the snow was powder. However, this also meant that it would collapse unless the snow was dug starting about 2 to 3 feet down from the surface so the weight of the snow on itself had caused it to pack some. We dug a cave 6 feet by 6 feet and about 3 feet high and curved the ceiling (rounded it) so the ceiling wouldn't drip on us but instead roll along the curve of the ceiling to the edge.

I had always been a little claustrophobic since I had had whooping cough at age 2 and had almost died of suffocation then so I asked to be on the outside nearest to the entrance. They both agreed. During the night the snow I was laying in in my sleeping bag melted in the cave so I was very wet from my belt to the tips of my toes. I was a little concerned I might freeze to death when I got out of the home made snow cave the next morning. We all had convulsive shaking from the cold during the night. It starts with your teeth chattering and then moves to freezing to death convulsions and shaking all night long. When we began to see light through the snow I started to dig out since we had closed the entrance to try to maintain more warmth. It really didn't matter if we couldn't breathe well if we had frozen to death during the night.

Finally, I reached the surface and let out a whoop of joy that we had survived the night. And quickly my Levi jeans froze solid except for the knees so even though the temperature couldn't have been more than 25 degrees Fahrenheit out, my frozen pants insulatated me enough to survive.

Later, since the visibility was about 1 mile even though still overcast we slowly made our way back to my car. However, the only thing visible of my car was the tip of the radio aerial sticking out of the snow. We were still not going anywhere obviously. We could hear a large snow blower truck plowing the road several miles away. We all cheered knowing we were going to live. The storm we were in had dropped about 5 feet of powder snow in a freak storm not predicted by local weathermen. Even though it took us about 4 or 5 days taking turns soaking in a hot tub in a motel to be able to function right and to make all our toes, fingers and joints work right, eventually we were all fairly normal again except all my big joints hurt a lot for about 2 to 3 years after that because I had come so close to freezing to death. It also killed my heat and cold senses a lot and so it is hard to tell when I'm cold or hot. sometimes I have to almost freeze and get hypothermia or get so hot I'm almost passing out to really know what temperature my body is but at least we three guys survived that interesting ordeal.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Picture of Octopus with Jar


The above address should bring up the 9 month old female octopus holding her favorite snacks in a glass jar that she can open.

I wrote a piece that you might consider to be science fiction several years ago about this particular breed of Octopi. The short story covers several million years into the past and thousands of years into the future. It starts with Monterey Bay Aquarium and moves forward as octopi in succeeding generations are trained by using food as a teaching tool to use tools and to eventually work with underwater robots on this planet and on other water planets we colonize in the future.

This experience began in 1989 when I was taking a bath in a hotel in Kahului, Hawaii when I lived in Hana, Maui, Hawaii then. I experienced a time traveling 10 foot tall (from the tip of the tenticles to the top of the head evolution of the same type of Northern Pacific Octopus that had evolved for possibly 100,000 years on another water planet we had colonized and had become a time traveling space faring species. I was amazed at the idea of an evolved octopus as an intelligent species that started its evolution similar to the ways that humans interrelate with dolphins. Unlike dolphins octopi can be trained with food to open jars and eventually they will teach their young in order for them to get the food too and a social system might evolve as well. Though it starts with jars their tenticles can be trained like chimps and apes to do all sorts of things since an octopus, even though it isn't a mammal is very intelligent. In fact, they have been studied in the northern Pacific as Shark Killers. Since Octopi don't like sharks, the larger ones have been filmed lying in wait for under 5 foot long sharks and then jumping the sharks and by fouling the sharks gills, smothering them to death. This has been filmed multiple times now in the northern Pacific Ocean. It might be the kind of relationship that some whales have with giant squid as some whales have been found with injuries from the giant suction cups of giant squid on them over the years.

The following is my short story about Flame and his son and wife.

Though my original experience happened in 1989 when I lived in Hana, Maui, Hawaii in a hotel in Kahului, Maui in a bath tub, I had further communications with the Ten foot tall (tip of tentacle to top of head) being I call Flame. Over time he told me that I am an incarnation of his soul which was why he visited me. After he retired and separated from the Galactic Time Guard he said that he began visiting other incarnations of his soul since he wasn't asked to return his time and space traveling vehicle. This became his pastime of meeting his other incarnations both evolved Octopi, human and others.

I think this might have been the inspiration for the Octopi "Thermians" in the movie Galaxy Quest. However, ultimately it is hard to say.

Oh, by the way. Flame didn't speak with words. He used what he referred to as what is known as the secular name for the Galactic Language, "No Walls No Secrets" or what you and I would call telepathy. It is the basic language of all creatures on earth except social humans though I have met many country people whose primary language is also "No Walls No Secrets" as well while traveling here all over the earth.

Oh, by the way if you want to see a youtube video of a Northern Pacific Octopus killing a shark watch this:


or go to youtube and type:
Shark vs Octopus
Octopus killing sharks

I first heard about this on a Ferry from Vancouver, Canada on my way towards Victoria out on Vancouver Island from a tour guide talking about local octopi in the area one summer ago.Oh, by the way if you go to Vancouver they have a great aquarium with white beluga whales on display there. Amazing white Whales!

Maybe we're screwed

John McCain has completely sold out his values from 2000 and has now changed his position on every position in order to get elected. Even Governor Palin is a cynical choice to get elected. It appeals to his base but it doesn't save our country. Senator Obama has demonstrated he can make people feel good but I think he is worried too much about getting assasinated like JFK and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King to be as effective as he once was. I don't know what happened on his vacation in Hawaii but he just hasn't been the same since.

Both Candidates are talking like candidates for President did before 1980 but everything has changed. The ship of state has taken a financial torpedo from the Subprime lending scandal and since it wasn't handled properly it is sinking our ship of state and we may as a nation go bankrupt some time in the next 10 to 20 years. America Bankrupt? How could anyone believe that? Well. It's been coming since the Savings and Loan debacle after the Viet Nam War. Wars are very very expensive and the last 7 years is all borrowed money that america has borrowed from lenders all over earth. This war needed to end about 2 years ago not to create a bankrupt nation.

If all the candidates can talk about is Palin and Lipstick then there is no hope. What we need now is another FDR or even a Bill or Hillary Clinton or even a Reagan. Anything else but a superior President and we are possibly permanently over as a powerful nation. Both candidates are living in a fairy tale world that ended about 1980. Unless we deal with the harsh new realities the ship of state will permanently sink to 3rd world status. Do you really want to live in a Banana Republic?

Changing Time

If you have ever been walking along a city street and had a sense of impending doom and stopped because of it only to see a cab or other vehicle drive by at high speed where you would have been if you hadn't had this sixth sense then you know what I'm talking about here.

I have taken these sixth senses and refined them into what I consider to be a science. It doesn't prevent all accidents just some. It doesn't prevent all deaths just some deaths. My two MOST strange experiences with this were when I knew if anyone drove a car that day in my family someone would die. When I told my wife about this she just said, "I've got to make a business delivery get out of my way." When I get senses of things and the feeling is vague I'm not always sure if it is actually going to happen or if I just had a bad dream or I was just having a bad day. However, when I get certain senses I know 80% to 100% that something I sense is going to happen. This day in 1985 was one of those days. Since I couldn't convince my wife and stepdaughter of my 80% to 100% sense of things I began to pray very powerfully so when my wife and stepdaughter drove away I hoped to God they would both live. Though the car was totaled my wife only had a few cracked ribs and my daughter had only a minor concussion when she hit her head on the windshield. After the accident my then 12 year old daughter ran home with a severe headache because her mother was having trouble breathing with cracked ribs.

fiction? I'm very concerned that the CERN collider in Switzerland might create mini black holes. Though I don't think it will annihilate the world it might severely damage parts of Europe. This isn't a 80% to 100% but only a 50% to 75%. This is because the right particles would have to collide in the exact right way to create mini black holes and then the mini black holes would have to interact with matter and antimatter in exactly the right ways to grow so in the end damage is possible but there is only a 50-50 chance of causing serious problems in the Swiss French area over the next 10 years. If rock started to become like putty or rubberized you would know something is wrong over the next 10 years.


This is the present value of the dollar in relation to the Euro. Recent Blog articles by me .7011 and .7006 also document the dollars slow rise against the Euro. Though I'm concerned about Europe and the Europeans and the Euro, at least the starving of the world will be better able to buy food as the dollar rises and investors worldwide move out of Oil futures and food commodity futures and into dollars and dollar based securities.

Berkshire Tightens insurance for bank deposits


If you are depending upon Berkshire to insure accounts in your bank above $100,000 FDIC then you should read the above article. I've talked to several businessmen who have told me they have already 3 or more business checking accounts to keep individual business acounts below $100,000 in any one banking system. Last time I checked somewhere between 20% to 50% of FDIC insurance has already been used up. I think if it gets to 80% used up people will begin in earnest to buy safes and install them as secretly as possible to move directly to cash before FDIC collapses too. Taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac only speeds up this hopefully not inevitable reality!

This reminds me of my grandfather burying $25,000 in his yard in a can or jar during the great depression 1929 to World War II (1941) because so many banks were failing then. One of the few banks that didn't fail then was Wells Fargo.

sarah Palin youtube parody


This is the funniest parody yet of Sarah Palin that I've seen.

Be very Careful what you ask God for

I have always been one of those people that when they ask God for something strongly they get it. However, I have also learned the hard way that though God might give you exactly what you want most of the time the consequences of getting what you want might be completely different than what you expect.

For example, in my teens I thought it would be useful to become enlightened and to learn to soul travel. God has brought both these things to me. However, what it means to be able to soul travel and what it means to actually be enlightened are completely different than what I thought in my youthful ignorance.

First of all, being enlightened not only means being at peace in your heart while at times you must watch all your older relatives go crazy or die or both, it also means that you are responsible for everything you have learned becoming enlightened. So, for example if your enlightenment takes you to becoming a doctor, nurse, paramedic or EMT, then you are responsible for keeping almost anyone you might meet in distress alive until more help comes. This can become very problematic.

In regard to soul travel, in some ways it is like traveling anywhere on earth. You might go like I did to India in 1985&6 and spend 4 months there and Nepal and two weeks in Thailand but the experience of it makes you a completely different person internally than anyone you knew before you left home to the point where it becomes very difficult to have a meaningful conversation about the changes with anyone you knew back home. So even though your life has completely and unconditionally changed forever there is no real way to convey what has happened to your friends back home because there is no real way for them to experience it properly unless they had been there with you for four months and met Living Saints, watched people die on the streets from starvation and lack of medical care, watched children run after your horse carriage saying "Bhakshish!" which roughly translated means, "Help me I'm starving!" until they almost pass out trying to keep up with the horse cart and so you throw them some coins so they don't fall down or pass out from the exertion! They haven't seen several thousand lepers in a line begging without noses and sometimes without hands or feet while you know as an educated westerner that about $4 to $8 worth of medicine then might save their lives and prevented leprosy and would have kept it spreading to their children and theirs and theirs. They haven't met an American friend then who shared in tears of the women he met who was cutting off her children's toes with a hack saw in Calcutta and when he stopped her she cried and said to him, "If I don't do this my children won't be able to beg and will starve" because at that time there was no public education only private and they were "Untouchables" that would die without an education or the ability to beg to stay alive.

So, be very careful what you ask God for because God gives us things not only to help ourselves but also to help others, and if we don't help others with what he gives us all he has given will be taken away. We are all given these gifts to make not just our lives better. We are given all the gifts and benefits in life to make other beings lives better too. That's just how it all works!!!