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My Little Margie: Gale Storm

In 1952 when the TV show "MY Little Margie" was on I was 4 years old and my parents didn't own a TV yet just my grandparents and a few relatives.(We got our first black and white TV in 1954(color wasn't good then on TV) So I used to watch this program and "Superman" at a friends house starting in El Cajon. His name was Danny Barsocks and by that time I was 5 and in Kindergarten. These were my favorite programs then soon to be replaced until I was 12 by "Maverick" "Jim Bowie"
"Cheyenne" "Bewitched" "Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Leave it to Beaver". Beaver about that time looked a lot like me at age 8 or 9 years of age in 1956 when I was 8.

If you are about my age or just a TV buff of old shows check out on Youtube an episode or two of "My little margie" starring Gale Storm who passed away recently at age 87.

Since my mother passed away last fall at 89 it was just one more reminder of bygone days when life was much simpler than now. Have fun at Youtube!

The World is Changing

I had to go to a physical therapist yesterday because of a bursa on my heel. I had been depressed for sometime about it because I had been in constant varying stages of pain for about 4 months now. I am sort of a caveman in that I need physical excercise to stay alive and am used to walking in the forest or riding my bicycle with my dogs almost every day. So this new situation that prevents my walking every day has been very troubling for me at age 61. At a younger age I might have been able to take it more in stride but this illness I see at this age as very serious because I can't correct this successfully with an operation.

Anyway, yesterday I went to a new physical therapist and was very depressed about the whole thing. I took my wife along because it is difficult for me to retain enough information if I'm in pain. I can drive a car or motorcycle with pain but find it more difficult to retain verbal information especially medical information if I'm in pain. I seem to lose about 80% of it because I'm trying to push away the pain mentally.

Anyway, I soon learned that physical therapy would help me somewhat. The most interesting things to me were the "cold lasers" shot into the bursa on my heel to simulate "as the physical therapist said" what happens if a tiger makes deep cuts with its claws in a human. He said that there are triggers when raw flesh is exposed to sunlight that causes a very quick healing response to take place and that he can trick my bursa to heal in this way by shining cold lasers directly into the bursa to trick the flesh to go into emergency mode and to heal itself.

I found out that a bursa is not like a rupture on my foot but it is too thick of scar tissue from too many injuries in the past during my life and that shining the cold laser into it forces it to heal itself rather than to just get into a vicious cycle of pain and swelling. Also, he attached electrodes to my foot and leg and showed me a biofeedback device with little lights and sounds. He told me to make the lights and sounds go up to a certain level with my mind and then let it go back to zero. I was able to see that there were many rogue signals from my mind going off because of the injury. As I used the biofeedback mechanism I found I could eliminate them because they weren't useful. When I returned home I noticed I was completely pain free for the evening. Yes. The world is changing in what is possible every day.


When I was 8 in 1956 we moved from Tujunga, California to Glendale, California to be nearer to the church my parents were in charge of in Los Angeles, California. My cousin who was a boy and 5 years older than I also lived in Glendale with my aunt, my father's sister.

So since my cousin played piano and took lessons from about age 6 or 8 I began to take lessons from his teacher, Mrs. Hall at age 8 in 1956. I took lessons until I was 16 in 1964 even though I refused to play in public recitals after I was 12. I loved to play but didn't like recitals by the time I was 12. I found playing the latest popular songs as well as classical music the best thing for unwinding after the stresses of going to school each day. I only played each piece once through but it was enough over 8 years to make me a decent sight reading pianist. And since I was gifted musically like my mother was was an operatic type of singer, it came sort of naturally. By age 12 I joined my church choir and sang there until I was 21 when I separated from my family church and started thinking for myself rather than having other people telling me what to think.

When I was 9 years old at Horace Mann grade school in Glendale Paul Gruss played, "It's a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater" on his violin at grade school to interest 4th, 5th an 6th graders in learning a musical instrument to form a band or orchestra. Since my cousin also played the violin I took violin lessons too at school and played in Horace Mann's orchestra and Woodrow Wilson Jr. High Orchestra until I was 14. AT 14 I just got tired of being teased by kids in carrying a violin home from school and seeing others beaten up for it. I wasn't beaten up because I was over 6 feet at fourteen and people didn't mess with me physically because they knew they might not survive it. However, I gave up the violin also because I just wasn't very good at it. However, I was very good at piano, organ, and keyboards so I stayed with that and then during and after high school I taught myself to play guitar and flute. But mostly when I jammed with friends it was either on piano, guitar or vocals or just vocals and one instrument whatever I was playing at the time. I also started playing a concert grand Steinway at church and then eventually I played the Baldwin organ there too by age 14 or 15.

I met many of my girlfriends especially from age 21 on by playing at parties and at friends houses and singing. Some of my friends became professional musicians and I still have one friend who is a successful musician who travels and plays music all over the world regularly.

I played basically for all my girlfriends from about age 15 to 25 when I settled down and got married at 26 and had a son.

I almost always either owned a grand piano or upright piano over the years so I could play and write songs for my own amusement and sometimes sing them for friends and relatives. I had gotten a lot of attention playing music for relatives and friends since I was about 8 or 9 so it was a big part of my life. In fact, I gave up being an electrician because my fingers would swell up from the cuts from wires and metal boxes bigger than piano or keyboard keys and I didn't want to lose the ability to play piano and keyboards. I still programmed computers and built houses but I didn't specialize in the electrical trade that I learned from my Dad, Grandad, and uncle. They were all Electrical Contractors.

I played piano pretty steadily until my father died when I was 37. It seemed like all my emotions about the loss of my father came up every time I played so I just pretty much stopped playing when he died. My mother could still get me to play sometimes though and we would sing a lot of the songs we sang together as I grew up while I played piano. She was an incredible singer. She passed away last fall after a long bout with senile dementia(about 10 years at age 89). Since her ashes are still on my grand piano I've noticed that I play a little more because it is like she is here listening like when I was a boy and singing with me. My daughter is gifted musically but is also a very gifted artist. Since her mother has two art degrees and an MBA she has gravitated more toward being an artist like her Mom, even though her Mom says she is better than she was at 12 or 13.

But tonight was kind of a breakthrough for her. My daughter is asking me to teach her to sight read music. She was asking me what all the symbols mean. I said, "The big C there means it is in 4/4 time which means the 1/4 notes get 1 beat and the whole notes get 2 beats." She said she didn't like the way it was designed. I said, Europeans designed this system and you have to remember there were no video or tape recordings when this was designed. It was created so a composer could write a song in one country and ship it to a friend in another on paper and the friend could play it for friends or even for money there without ever having heard it played before."

I think this idea sort of impressed her. Then I said, "But if you want to you can just go on Youtube and call up the songs you want to learn and just watch the finger positions of the people who demonstrate the songs there on the keyboards and pianos."

Since she is very studious and likes to read I know she will also learn to read music on her own time but I want to make sure she has fun learning songs and playing. Also, my daughter takes after my mother and I and has a great singing voice.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Arcane and Eridian 6-29-09







Arcane had just come from has sojourn in a cave and learning to levitate earth yogi style. He had mentioned that he felt like more of a master than ever before because of this style of enlightenment mixed with levitation that he had learned. Biocom had told him he was turning into Saint Germain. This had always been a paradox for him that slowly unraveled over his life as he bounced around the universe learning new stuff and helping beings as best he could. It always seemed that if you put life first and continued to always do that then enlightenment continued seemingly eternally(at least to him).

He took his new wife home to her home time to New Deva but they both had changed a lot since their initiations and mastery. They were still married and likely always would be but they were becoming more independent as well with their new found wisdom and capabilities.

It was understood that he would return on a certain day for her. This allowed as much time as Arcane needed as long as he returned on that certain day in the future. So, Arcane went to his Mt. Shasta Retreat cabin and estate. As he stared at the mountain a thought occurred to him. After his meditations he realized that time doesn't really exist. He realized that there is only one moment and it is as if that moment spins and gives the illusion of time and space but there really only is that one moment. He decided to ask Eridian about this because Eridian appeared to be the final incarnation of his soul on Earth.

He watched Eridian take form in his living room. Eridian said, "What would you like to talk about, Arcane?

ARcane said, "I am experiencing that there is only one moment. Can you explain this?
Eridian looked into Arcane deeply and then said, "Well. Since you are perceiving things in this way now because of the next level of enlightenment that you have reached, let me put it this way: There is no time and space. There is only one moment of being and there is only one being and consciousness in the universe, and all else is but a temporary illusion."

Arcane looked a little pale for a moment and said,"I have intellectually grasped this since I was first taught this as a boy child initiate as a new Dragon of Compassion on my home planet, New Deva. But this is the first moment when I fully experienced it. And doing that I almost passed right out of existence."

Eridian smiled, "You won't pass out of existence now that you are enlightened to this level, Arcane, because this level of enlightenment begins to control your existence and to make it permanent."

Arcane said, "Permanent?"

Eridian said, "Well. All beings sort of have their trial period of existence to see if they can get it together enough to reach a state of consciousness like you have. Until one becomes a master it could be said that they are temporary. However, the desire to pray for and to help all beings brings that being into the proper state for permanence as a being. It's sort of like if you can experience yourself as the parent or grandparent of all beings then you might be able to become permanent as an enlightened being. It all begins with understanding that all beings suffer and then wanting to help all beings reach permanent bliss and to end their suffering. This then brings enlightenment and as each being reaches a new state of enlightenment he or she draws up naturally all their friends and relatives and anyone around them naturally into enlightenment with them."

Arcane said, "I don't know what to say."

Eridian said, "You don't have to say anything. Just experience the truth of it."


The Movie. I just saw the sequel to the original Transformers movie that has made 200 million in the U.S. since last Friday(4 days). I found it very cathartic in its own strange way for all of us who have been through all the horrors since 9-11 on earth. The enemy can be defined easily(not like in real life). There is a certain symmetry about this and I found myself crying through parts of it even though most is quite funny too. It was the right amount of gore and sadness and funny to make a really great movie. It's a feel good movie and touches the core of almost anyone that can stand that much violence and noise. A fun ride from beginning to end!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More stories from India and Nepal 1985-6

(In March 1986) We had been trekking about 50 miles through the Helambu region of the Himalayas in Nepal. We had visited our Sherpa guide's family members and stayed with them in Tarky Gyan and Shermontang. We had just hiked down about 5000 feet in elevation and my wife gave me a muscle relaxant because I took everyone's excess pack weight that they couldn't manage because I'm 6 foot 5 inches tall and have very strong legs. My wife was getting tired and the kids 10,12,and 14 were getting tired after trekking 50 miles over the last week on foot where there were no roads only trails through this area. We had crossed by then somewhere between 10 and 20 foot path suspension bridges from 1 foot wide to 5 feet wide across canyons and streams. Literally everything including aluminum roofing was carried in on foot by Nepali porters, a very hardy group who work very hard but tend to have a short life by our standards and were often married by 15 and who are gone often by 40 to 50 years of age from overwork, danger and weather in the Himalayas. However, they were very proud and happy in their lives and thought westerners were generally weak compared to them. They were all tough as nails to live this life.

Anyway, the next morning after I took muscle relaxant as I went to sleep so I wouldn't cramp up so bad I couldn't walk the next day with a pack on, my wife started crying because she was so exhausted that she couldn't control her bladder anymore. I thought we were in for it until I saw in the distance at the same time and unbelievable sight. A taxi was driving up a trail within 1 block of us and two wealthy Nepali businessmen got out of it. My two boys and I, 10, and 14 ran over to the taxi to bargain a ride back into Boudanath where we were staying at the Snow Lion Lodge then, with our guide's Tensin's family. We were in luck, he had been paid so handsomely by the two Nepali businessmen that he charged us very little to carry us and our backpacks back into the Katmandu area and to Boudanath where we were staying after our week trip through the Himalayas.

What were the chances of this happening? About zero. This taxi from heaven saved us two days hiking back to where we could catch a bus on a dirt road. We were back to our room and a warm bath in about 2 hours instead of 2 or three days. It was a miracle!

I had been recommended to take this Trek by a man from England about my age that I met in Karmandu. He was a very interesting fellow who was studying Tibetan Buddhism and had lived in Katmandu for several years at that point studying with local Tibetan Lamas.

Some of the things that were amazing to me while we trekked were bananas growing up in the Himalayas in protected well watered canyons up to 9000 feet in elevation and Rododendrons growing and blooming at 10,000 feet while a patch of snow was nearby that we ate for water at that altitude. I guess since the equator was relatively near to where we were the tree line is much higher in the Himalayas than anywhere I had ever been before on earth.

While we were on this trek I found a meditation cave where I remembered meditating in a previous lifetime. It was an eerie experience to find a place I had lived and meditated before in another lifetime. However, about 15 years later I had another experience like this while visiting Scotland in Aviemore and while driving through the Swiss Alps in a rented motorhome. So, as you travel the world don't be surprised in what you find there.

The Dark Crystal

My daughter decided to buy the movie "The Dark Crystal" and so I watched it with her tonight. I have only seen it a couple of times since it first came out in the early 1980s with my older children. I owned a VHS of it for years but since everything is DVD now I don't think I have it anymore. Jim Henson's puppeteers made this movie and it is probably the best puppet movie of its kind ever, so it is a classic in this sense.

Also, since I met Lamrim Geshe when he had just come out of a 17 year retreat, I realized right away he was one of the people Yoda was patterned after even though he was close to 6 feet tall in 1985 when I met him in Dharmsala, India where the Dalai Lama lives at about 6000 feet in elevation in the Himalayas.

Also, the Ewoks spoke a primitive dialect of Tibetan. I didn't know this until I took Geshe Lobsang Gyatso and his Darjeeling translator to see "Revenge of the Jedi" in New Delhi, India. Geshela laughed harder than I had ever seen him during this movie when the Ewoks talked in Tibetan.

So, there was a strong Tibetan cultural influence in the Dark Crystal through Jim Henson's researchers for Yoda and "The Dark Crystal" during the late 1970s and the early 1980s.

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Proposition 13


In the above url Proposition 13 of California is blamed at the core of this crisis. HOwever, being 61 now I actually was alive and an adult when Proposition passed in California. The reason for proposition 13 being put in place by the voters in the first place was so many retired people being forced to sell their homes in order to pay their property taxes. So, in effect native Californians were being forced out of their homes by the state just because the property tax rate was just too high state wide.

Proposition 13 solved this crisis and injustice against home owners by reducing the maximum tax against homeowners of 1% of the value of the home per year and made living in and owning a home in California more possible for almost everyone. However, it is true that other sources of income to run state programs were not properly funded by the voters. But in the end do we live in a democracy or not? California is a real democracy. I don't know about the rest of the country.

Worse Than Great Depression?


quote from above url.
According to Ibbotson Associates, of the 74 rolling 10-year periods since 1926 (i.e., 1926-1935, 1927-1936, and so on), U.S. large-cap stocks posted negative returns in just three of them. The first two were 1929-1938 (-0.89% compound annual return) and 1930-1939 (-0.05% compound annual return), and involved the Depression. The third loser decade was the most recent -- and the worst. From 1999-2008, U.S. large-cap stocks "returned" a compound annual average of negative 1.38%.

Who would have thought back in 1999, when we were more worried about Y2K than our 401(k), that in the subsequent decade big-name American stocks would do worse than they did in the 1930s? Not many. end quote.

So, if I'm reading this right of all 74 rolling 10 year periods, the last ten year period is the worst since 1926.

And if that is the case I think there is a whole new dynamic than we have seen before. One of the causes of this new dynamic is global warming. The droughts that have encreased along with aberrant rain patterns and weather patterns have played havoc with crops worldwide over the last 10 years what with Australian farmers in the outback committing suicide in droves and most of Australia's crops failing from lack of water during those same times and various other problems worldwide.

If the period from 1926 to 1996 was a period of more effective use of farmland and crop growing, we could be in for a long period of decreasing crops worldwide and a loss of land that requires direct rain that otherwise might be tillable. Water reclamation projects might be the only solution worldwide to keep crop levels from dropping in droughted areas.

Happiness and Wealth


Just as in the webpage url above it is my experience that wealth, fame and good looks in combination are more likely to be a problem than a blessing.

From about age 15 on I always had good looks, good parents(my birth parents stayed together from before my birth until they each died), and a fairly good education and good friends. However, my happiest memories of my life started about age 32 to about age 37. When I was young I expected to be happiest when I was 16 and got my driver's license. However, I didn't understand the problem of unrealistic expectations that most people don't get over until at least age 30 if ever.

So, my favorite time of my life was age 32 to 37 where I had gotten over unrealistic expectations, knew who I was and neither of my parents had died yet. With the death of my father at my age 37 it began the ending of my second marriage and I can't really say I was ever happy after that though I can say I have been very contented since I almost died at age 50. Now I'm 61.

Has money made me happier? Strangely enough since my late 40s money has no longer been a problem for me. Up until then I never had private health insurance before. So I think the biggest help money has brought is that I can now see any doctor I want and because of this I'm still alive. If there is any one advantage to money it is in staying alive after 40.

For example, I had a colonoscopy at age 50 and they found a polyp and snipped it off during the colonoscopy. If that had been left to grow I would be dead now. So, I would say money for health insurance and good doctors is the most important thing about wealth. So if staying alive makes you happy then you want to be wealthy after 45 or it might not happen.

This is a real life reason that this nation needs health care for everyone.

The single biggest reason statistically for personal bankruptcy is health care expenses in this country.

Everyone Suffers

People might say to you, "If I only had a big house to live in and had enough food then everything would be okay. Then,say, they get the big house and enough food for a lifetime and then what will they say? Probably something like, "I'm so happy I have a big house now but now I'm lonely because I'm alone with enough food in my big house."

So, then maybe they go to the internet, bar, church, social gathering, walking down the street and meet someone they feel attracted to and invite that person to share their big house and their food and then things seem perfect for a week, a month, a year or several years. But eventually, either the relationship ends, kids are involved and custody battles ensue, someone tries to steal the house from the original owner or whatever. People are unhappy again one way or the other.

The point of all this is not just to go outside and shoot yourself because this is how life really is. The point is to see that everyone suffers. If everyone suffers then one then knows they are not alone suffering. The saying misery loves company comes to mind. I prefer to say, "Samsara sucks". Which is a 1960s statement about living in the physical world where nothing is perfect or stays perfect for very long.

So, the first step toward inner peace and enlightenment is to accept deep in your heart that everyone suffers. Once this first hurdle can be jumped over then next one decides what to do about it for oneself and all others. The noble path and the noble choice is to say, "I am going to take responsibility for my own happiness and not only that I am going to try to end permanently the suffering of all beings".

You might say to me, "That's an impossible task!" And I would say to you, "It's only impossible if you believe it is."

Besides, it is something positive to do rather than taking your own life as if you were a helpless baby.

Genghis Khan and Tibetan Buddhism

When Genghis Khan was captured by the Tangut nation a Tibetan monk or lama who could see the future told Genghis Khan in prison, "If I go get your wife for you will you spare my religion your wrath?" Genghis Khan said, "If you get word to my wife I will spare and reward your religion. So the Tibetan monk or Lama walked until he was able to get the message to Genghis Khan's wife and she came and found a way to rescue him. However, when he became the ruler of Mongolia he wiped the Tanguts off the face of the earth and rewarded Tibetan Buddhism for helping him. Partly as a result of this most Chinese Emperors had one or more high Tibetan Lamas as their helpers and advisors since this time. Genghis Khan lived from 1162 until 1227 and ruled Mongolia from 1206 to 1227. His birth name was Temujin which means iron worker.

Stories about Lamas

When I was young and heard my first stories about Tibetan stuff I wondered if it could be all true. Later I grew up and still sort of wondered but I was no longer a child. However, along the way I had started as a toddler telepath and had matured into a much more developed person because unlike many people I had had to develop my gifts in order to survive childhood epilepsy because I wasn't allowed by my father to take phenobarbitol which was prescribed for me because he thought it was an evil drug. So all I had left to survive it was mind over matter. So in order to survive the terror of childhood epilepsy I became very aware of everything I felt and thought at all times. So when it ended at age 15 I was already developed just trying to survive the last 5 years and then I didn't know what to do with my developed intuitions.

Since I was raised a Christian mystic it was a long road to get to non-dualism and seeing the universe like weather. It took a long time to understand a universe in which one did not apply external rules but lived in a universe based upon compassion for all beings in the universe as the only real criteria.

My second wife got me to study with Tibetan Lamas and Native American Medicine men. In some ways I found their laughter and attitude very similar. Other people when they realized just how intuitive I was became afraid often of me because they couldn't find a way to understand. However, Lamas and medicine men had a system in which someone gifted like me was an asset to the tribe. I was a natural shaman, a naturally gifted person and so they saw teaching me as helpful to all beings in the universe.

I began to hear stories about the Karmapa when he visited the U.S. Americans and others who lived with him in the U.S. when he traveled and taught here told me amazing experiences they had had. They saw him do his fade out where hundreds and sometimes thousands of people could see the wall clearly behind him when he faded almost completely out like a ghost or something. Stories about an elderly female relative of his having to take a bathroom break and walking through the wall because she just couldn't wait to go another way around the wall. Of Hundreds of people seeing things like this. It got me wondering more as people witnessed these things first hand.

Later, I started meeting Tibetan Lamas myself. By then His holiness, the Karmapa
had passed on in the U.S. and then was reborn in Asia.

I met a lama in Ashland, Oregon and he taught me and several hundred others there. As I first walked into the room I was two places at once. Now, I had never experienced anything like this before. It seemed very different than soul traveling. But it was like literally being two places at once without any effort or understanding how or why on my part. I was still Fred walking to my seat but also a being in a loincloth in the springtime in Tibet somewhere. The lama said to me to this body in Tibet, "You don't belong in any church. Your place is to do research for all mankind. You are a yogi." This was the first time I realized that I had been a cave yogi and a siddha in one or more lifetimes. As I sat down I realized that there really was something to all this stuff, much more than I had even imagined.

I thought to myself, "I need to ground myself into a religion that came up out of the ground in the United States like Tibetan Buddhism sprang up out of the ground of Asia and Christianity sprang up out of the ground out of the Old Testament and Moses and Jesus in Israel and the middle east." I thought that I needed to study with a native American medicine man so I could study with the lamas and not become unbalanced with all this supernatural power that I would have to learn to deal with based completely on compassion.

So I asked God in that moment to send me a medicine man. Two weeks later he arrived in Mt. Shasta at a friends house. I studied with him with my family for 3 years. There came a moment when I had to go my own way and I asked the Lama if I should come study with him. He said, "NO. I'm not your teacher in this lifetime. I'll send someone." A week later I picked him up hitchiking on the road to McCloud then in 1983. He said, "I want to do a puja on Mt. Shasta in my tent." I thought this guy is really different to want to do a puja in two feet of snow in a tent." But I took him to a good remote place as he asked. However, two more feet of snow came down and I said to my wife, "This guy has no 4 wheel drive and no car at all and these two feet of snow will collapse his tent. I'd better go rescue him." She agreed so I started up my 1974 Scout II IH 4wd and went and rescued him. A friend had left his RV Camper parked on my land for the winter so I let the guy with the collapsed tent stay there until the storms abated. He began giving my family and I Tibetan initiations and empowerments and then we all went to Berkeley and Santa Cruz and met several Tibetan Lamas through him. One Lama Geshe Lobsang Gyatso became a friend of the family(Geshe means spiritual friend)until he passed away nearer to 2000.

Then in 1985 I was guided to take our family to India. I was working as a fire lookout at 4000ft for the CDF then. I was on duty 12 hours a day and off duty 12 on station. Since I was very remote(10 miles from the nearest human) I saw an amazing assortment of wildlife like herds of wild boars, many deer and bucks and babies Western Bluebirds and many amazing critters. Because of the remoteness I was often visited by Tibetan Dieties and one of them told me when to go to India, December 10th 1985.

I went home and told my wife who by then was used to me telling her things before they happened simply said, "Where will the money come from to do this?"(since we had three children ages 10 to 14). I said, "Well. If God wants this to happen we will be shown a way."

Sure enough a way was shown through a relative just as predicted. But then, we didn't see how we could afford to pay someone to run our business(the lookout job was seasonal so I had about 6 months off a year during late fall, winter and early spring).So, as long as we could make our car payments, rent payments and get someone to run our family business we could be gone up to 6 months.

1 week before we had been told we were going finally it all came into line. Through a airplane ticket discounter San Francisco that specialized in university student fares worldwide we were able to buy 5 open ended 6 month tickets with stops in Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Katmandu, Nepal as long as we were all the way to Bangkok within 1 week of the moment we bought them. In 1985 these round trip tickets were about 5 thousand for 5 people. We could afford to go now! So we did.

After snorkling at Koi Samed Island in Thailand for a week we went to meet our Lama friend, Geshe Lobsang Gyatso in Bodhgaya, India. The Dalai Lama and 500,000 other Tibetan Buddhists from all over the world in native dress were there too which was amazing. However, nothing prepares one for the culture shock of India in 1985. An american who had been coming back to India for 20 years then said it best. He said, "One moment you are watching someone levitate a boulder or healing someone and the next moment you are looking at a corpse of someone who just starved to death on the streets and no one is coming to pick that person up. It's like they are road kill or something." He said he had a love hate relationship with India. It was just so amazing, magical and yet the next moment someone was screaming and dying or dead. India was then, 24 hour a day sensory overload.

For me, the amazing thing about India in 1985 and 1986 when I was there was that I had no fear of being murdered because most people believed in Karma. But instead it seemed like everyone was trying to scam me and my family out of everything we had, and every penny. So one had to be on guard not to give people an opportunity to take everything you have. One of the ways we did it was to hire a young college student to bargain for us. This way we paid the going price for everything we bought from food to taxis to horse carts to camel carts to rickshaws to clothes and trinkets. We usually took a native college student with us to bargain and in this way we had a great trip without getting ripped off financially every day like some people do.

We stayed in Guest houses primarily and we never camped out because one will wake up with between hundreds and thousands of people staring at you in the morning. So besides being very shocking it is psychologically difficult to endure this every day. If you pay to stay inside somewhere the lodge owners will protect you from people who just want to stare at you because you are different that most people they see. Also, if you have passed the first grade in school you have more education than over 50% of the people in India in 1985. It could be much different now, though because it is now almost 25 years later.

After the Kalachakra Initiation by the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya we traveled by train to Varanasi, the Taj Mahal, New Delhi and then after awhile in Varanasi(Benares), The Taj Mahal and New Delhi, my daughter got Delhi Belly (like Montezuma's revenge) so we felt she would get better faster in the mountains of Dharmsala where the Dalai Lama lives(and she did). Tropical diseases don't usually do well in the mountains(Dharmsala is about 6000 feet in elevation about like Lake Tahoe in California).

When we arrived in Dharmsala we went to a famous healer or Tibetan Doctor there and within a day or two my daughter was well. We stayed at the Kailash Hotel and then we stayed at the Green hotel because at that time the Kailash was set up mainly for singles and at most 2 in a room. So we soon moved to the green hotel and bought a kerosene cook stove because it was January and the nights could be very cold (15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit).One morning it was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit out and I noticed a four year old being bathed in cold water outside like it was normal. I really realized just how sissified our western culture had become at this moment. So either this kid was a tulku learning tsumo(vital heat) so he could melt glaciers(or ice cubes) or he was just tough Tibetan style. He didn't act like he was cold or that anything was wrong or unusual at all. Pretty amazing.

Friday, June 26, 2009

monthly cycles

Since I think females should stay alive as long as possible here on earth I'm writing this for those less educated who may not know about stuff like this.

First of all there are now birth control pills that can give you one period a year or three or four periods a year. However, this change of cycle might be fatal. It is very easy to die of stroke or heart attack while only having 1 to 3 periods a year using this type of birth control pill. I think a better choice if bleeding is an extreme problem might be in some cases a partial or complete hysterectomy rather than using pills that reduce periods so drastically. Otherwise in using these latest inventions you might just wind up a dead research subject. No one knows yet the long term consequences of these things and it could just as easily maim you or be fatal. These sorts of things are actually more about money than your health or safety. If you can't see that because of a lack of education in this area please listen to me and others who have your long term health in mind rather than just making a buck on your untimely death by using such medicines.

I think a 12 cycle per year birth control pill is relatively safe. At this point billions of them have been taken since 1960 when they became legal in the United States. However, this other stuff kind of goes against nature and the parodies done by Saturday night Live on NBC are perfectly appropriate.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

China Slams Google

Begin quote:
Separately, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk on Wednesday voiced concerns over the "Green Dam" software in a letter to Chinese officials.

"China is putting companies in an untenable position by requiring them, with virtually no public notice, to pre-install software that appears to have broad-based censorship implications and network security issues," Locke said in a statement.

China says the "Green Dam" filtering software is to protect children from illegal images and insists the deadline of July 1 for new computers to be sold with the software will not change.

An official at the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, which handles trade rows, said the ministry had no immediate response to the U.S. criticism and referred questions to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which also had no comment.

Critics have said the program, sold by Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co, is technically flawed and could be used to spy on users and block sites Beijing considers politically offensive.

The proposed new rules raised fundamental questions regarding the transparency of China's regulatory practices and concerns about compliance with WTO rules, the U.S. officials said.end quote.

Since the "Green Dam" software causes serious security problems and opens up to hacking problems it is obvious that China's main concern is not to stop porn but to control content and thereby monopolize trade and to break WTO agreements for international fair trade. Not only the U.S. but all trading partners with China should be complaining. I hope a new trade war against China doesn't develop because of this. But I think it is fairly obvious that it is unfortunately the most likely outcome.

California's IOUs

Well. It looks like we are almost there again to IOUs for many contractors with the state government. Mr. Chiang the state financial controller said he has no choice but to start sending IOUs to state contractors soon. There are certain bills that have to be paid but many contractors including counties and cities will receive IOUs for now.

Though money might be borrowed at a much higher interest rate the Governor thinks it is better(since our debt got us here in the first place) to face it now full in the face.

I think the whole nation needs to look a AIG, GM, Chrysler and California as a symptom that could eventually bring down or at the very least hamstring the whole country eventually.

Since California is the 8th largest GDP among nations in the world, a collapse toward something resembling bankruptcy will definitely affect the whole world and the U.S. in specific.

California already in this crisis has the lowest credit rating of any state. If California's credit rating goes much lower no one will be loaning California money to stay afloat. This could in the end force the federal government to loan California money to stay afloat.

The primary cause of California's problems came from companies like Enron who threw cozy utility theft through out of state energy companies forced the state to step in so the poor and elderly wouldn't owe hundreds of thousands of dollars each in utility bills. FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory commision) under Bush was a part of the conspiracy against the western states who this theft of Billions and billions of dollars perpetrated against us.

Just as Companies like Enron have been the downfall through legal theft of California's money reserves, AIG, GM, Chrysler, The Banks and California may be the downfall of U.S. Government financial security.

How all this is handled will affect whether the U.S. stays on top or falls through the cracks in the next 10 to 20 years.

Iran: Becoming like N. Korea or like China?

One of the best comments about Iran I heard on "The Daily Show". It was made by a guest who is Iranian-American. He said paraphrased that Iran will either become like China or like N. Korea. In other words Iran will now become completely irrational and insane and dysfunctional to its people in any way like N. Korea, or it will become functional and rational and heading somewhat in the direction of a Republic in a democracy and toward parliamentary elections more like England, France, Germany, or Japan. And the direction will be decided by how repressive a regime the government becomes in Iran. Right now, the government of Iran has chosen insanity. In other words it has chosen the path of the dismemberment of the Iranian people just like N. Korea.For now, Iran is looked upon as an insane nation. What it will become tomorrow is anyone's guess.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Train had Computer Error 9 dead

Shades of the Air France flight that went down. When mass transportation is no longer actually flown by a person all the time or when a train isn't really run by an operator all the time this sort of thing can happen.

The operator of the DC train engaged the emergency brake but likely wasn't allowed by the computer fast enough to disengage the electric motors. So the likely result was that the emergency brake was trying to stop that the operator engaged while the electric engines were still pulling because she couldn't override the computers.

begin quote:Reporting from Washington -- The operator of the Metro train that slammed into a stationary train apparently had activated the emergency brake in a failed effort to stop before the deadly collision, federal officials said Tuesday, as they searched for the cause of Monday's wreck that killed nine and injured 80.

Debbie Hersman of the National Transportation Safety Board said the emergency brake was depressed, and the steel rails showed evidence that the brakes were engaged. Investigators also said the moving train had been in automatic mode, which means onboard computers should have controlled its speed and stopped it before it got too close to the stationary train. end quote.



My daughter was watching a Disney movie called "Robots". I got to thinking while watching it "At what point do robots become real to people?" In other words at what point do people consider robots to be alive like animals?

I was amazed at the answer I came to. They will be considered real on an individual basis much like animals and people. Some babies will always consider robots to be real like people if they grow up communicating with them. However, for adults it will be in a case by case basis. It basically depends for adults on when they cannot really tell the difference between robots and any other lifeform like humans, animals, birds, fish or other creatures. At this point there will still be differences between looks, and style of communication but there might not be any other useful difference on an individual basis.

I think there will always be people who are against them and want to destroy them all but if robots and computer based sentient apps prove themselves to be more useful than destructive the majority of people will still want them around and so likely they will be here as long as there is a way to power them. Solar cells and wind powered generating fans for robots anyone?

good two wheel transportation anywhere

If you don't want to ride a mountain bike then the next best bet anywhere on earth would be a motorcycle, a Kawasaki klr 650.

Some people prefer the bmw 650 or 1200 for status and I considered this carefully because I could afford one. However, after researching the number one complaint about bmw's which is that they have so many automatic gadgets on them that if one of these options goes down in the backwoods your only recourse is to use your cellphone and call for help. Whereas the klr 650 is sort of like a vw bug in that one can fix most things with the tools that come with the bike built into the black utility carrier that comes standard when you buy the bike. Though it might be good to have gray duct tape and a spool of wire along with you for really remote places in case you break down there with no cell phone coverage.

In many parts of the world the klr 650 is to necessity what the toyota 4wd truck is to utility of all kinds. In some situations you might want something lighter like a 250 dualsport though because the 650 is something you could drive around the world just like ewan McGregor did with his friend on I believe BMW 1200s. However, they had a support team in several suvs following them with parts and medical support and emergency food and tents and stuff and cameras.

One of the reasons I chose a klr 650 over a bmw is that the US army chose the klr 650 to buy for their dualsport go anywhere motorcycles and has converted them to run any fuel including diesel in emergencies. So, since the army chose this bike over all others it makes sense to own one if you want to literally ride anywhere and not just on freeways and city driving.

Since I'm only really interested in remote riding on country paved, rock and dirt roads because of the really beautiful rides one can have in the U.S. and Canada I chose the Klr 650. New this bike sells for around 1/2 to 1/3 of what you will pay for a bmw 650, so you can save in that way too. though at some time I might also buy a bmw for less backwoods riding I plan to use my klr 650 for my most remote rides where if something breaks down I can usually fix it myself and keep on going.

It is still built much like motorcycles of the 70s and 80s without a lot of unnecessary extras and so will be there for you when you need it or you should be able to fix it relatively easily on the spot wherever you are.

The KLR 650 has an incredible reputation for about 30 years much like the Kalashnikov that people have poured sand down the barrel or dropped it in mud or water and it still worked fine without jamming or exploding.

One article mentioned that it must have been very hard for the company to resist the urge to change perfection in the last 30 years in the KLR 650. And instead stay much like the VW Bug a work of perfection the just doesn't break down much and if it does it is relatively easy to fix.

There are very few mechanical things around that have stayed as simple and nice as the KLR 650 down through the years. Even the VW Bug isn't built anymore.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Shamanic Experience

It has always been my experience that everything is alive, everything. I didn't think too much about it as I grew up and was allowed to experience my life this way by my parents, even though most people in the United States in the 1950s saw everything as "dead" even beings that are alive like cows, pigs, turkeys etc. I always found this very strange.

So, I guess you would have to say that my experience of life would be as an animist but then I was raised as a mystical Christian. You might not see these two beliefs as compatible but it worked for me.

I didn't name any of this until I took a course in Cultural Anthropology in college when I was about 22 and recognized myself to be a natural shaman. The definition of a natural shaman is someone who has psychologically died but whose body is still here on earth alive and because of this is able to communicate both with the living and the dead on the other side. Since this also was my experience I naturally identified with it.

The above was just an introduction which I felt I owed you before I began.

I have always chosen to live (whenever possible) in or near forests or ocean. For the last 15 years I have done both which I find very peaceful(ocean) and internally integrating(forests). Since I like being a peace and internally integrated I prefer living in nature like this.

Lately, I have noticed a difference in forests and in the ocean. But since I live on land I notice it mostly among plants. Simply put, I have noticed that plants though they still tend to see humans who have yards as (water Gods who bring water) as having screwed things up and more and more plants and all creatures have been losing faith in people in general.

Now, you might think this doesn't matter but it does. Let me give you an example. What if all your kids when they turned 6 or 8 divorced you as parents and got weapons and tried to trip you up or actually harm you. This I am beginning to experience from plants and animals more and more.

Now, all this depends more or less on how the plants or animals have been treated by humans. But it appears a consensus has been reached among both plants and animals in general worldwide that humans are not good caretakers of earth in general and have majorly screwed things up. So, there is a slow progression of turning against humans.

Now, if you are not shamanically gifted then you might miss this.

However, how you will see this manifest is how people get more and more ill from extreme pollen worldwide, how plants don't do what they normally do. And you will notice this in strange behavior primarily in wild animals. Your pets are less likely to cause you discomfort or harm simply because, "One doesn't bite the hand that feeds them", and survive for very long.

However, I'm witnessing all of this to you. This doesn't mean that you can't help make this better by your relationship with plants and animals. Treating plants and animals with kindness and respect may help keep your descendants alive in the future.

Where only the Strong Survive

In the next 1 to 5 years depending upon the study, it is expected that 100 million people will likely die of starvation worldwide.

In my lifetime this is comparable to all the deaths related directly to World War II worldwide.

Though it might be good for the planet long term to have less people, how horrific is it for the people who will actually die?

If you have ever studied anthropology we are in a time of evolution of the human race where only the strongest mentally, physically, spiritually survive what is coming. And those who are left will breed an even stronger race worldwide mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I'm not writing about this in a moral sense. I'm writing about this in a factual sense. It IS happening and it WILL affect all of us.

California: 8th biggest GDP in world

The list of biggest Gross National product in the world goes like this:
1. European Union
2. United States
3. People's Republic of China
4. Japan
5. India
6. Germany
7. Russia
8. California
9. France
10. Brazil

However, the three lists at wikipedia are the IMF, the World Bank, and the CIA factbook
and even though California is not on this list because it is a part of the U.S. it is widely known to be number 8 GDP in the world.

IF the 8th largest GDP on earth suddenly goes bankrupt, I think the affect not only upon the US but on the world would be much more serious than GM or Chrysler going bankrupt. IN fact, it could trigger about 46 other states to go bankrupt as well in the next 5 years. However, if Obama bails out California he might not be able to bail out the other 46 states set to bankrupt in the next 5 years. This one fact might be the undoing of the U.S. within 10 years.

The international repercussions of a California bankruptcy are impossible to calculate at present.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I watched the first two episodes of the TV series "Merlin" tonight with my family. We all enjoyed it a lot even though it doesn't really follow La Morte D'Arthur.

It got me to thinking about many elements that I have studied about Merlin. For example, in the church I was raised in they said that Merlin was one of the many incarnations of Saint Germain before he became a master and "The Man who Never Dies" of Europe during the 1700s and 1800s. He was given that name by Voltaire, the French Philosopher among others.

When I was in Rewalsar, India and I put my foot in Padmasambhava's melted footprint in the rock above the lake it was exactly the same size as my vasques cascade mountain boot in 1985 size 14(American men sizes). I realized that Padmasambhava must have either been a very tall man like myself 6 foot 5 inches or just had very big feet for Asia where most men there seemed to be between about 5 foot 2 inches and about 5 foot 8 inches tall. Though I did meet a few 6 footers, especially in the Himalayas.

It is said that Padmasambhava came originally from Afghanistan and that he had a pink complexion like people from Britain and Europe. So I always wondered if by chance Merlin and Padmasambhava were the same person and maybe Merlin traveled a lot. It would explain all Merlin's powers better if he was actually a trained Mahasiddha.

When I put my foot in the print of Padmasambhava and my boot fit perfectly the monk showing me the melted rock footprint was surprised and I was invited to meet his Lama and have tea with him then. The sky turned violet and purple and lightning and rain came down after we had tea. I had asked Saint Germain that morning whether Saint Germain and Padmasambhava were the same being. The violet sky, violet lightning and rain all together was my answer, "Yes."

So, if Padmasambhava and Saint Germain are the same soul then likely Merlin since he was a previous incarnation of Saint Germain and Padmasambhava are the same incarnation.

So, at this point I believe Merlin and Padmasambhava are the same incarnation of Saint Germain.

Lifting, Healing, and protection 2

The moment any human or any being realizes that he or she or it isn't suffering alone, in that instant the path to enlightenment begins if that being makes a commitment to helping others and oneself to try to end their suffering. However, this is only the beginning of the path to enlightenment. This would be like the first day of kindergarten in school.

As one moves forward in the realization of helping oneself and the others around one to lessening and ending their suffering many things begin to happen for it is not an easy path. If it was easy everyone would be like Jesus.

However, it is the path of all those who actually make a difference in the world and who constantly make the world a better place.

My experience of all this was long, amazing and torturous, and at times wonderful beyond belief. 61 years later I'm trying to write of it to lessen the suffering of all others in the universe. Since I was given the gift of precognition of the past, present and future I can actually see past, present and future what my writing accomplishes. I don't just write for the present. If I did I would use a completely different style. NO. I write for the past, present and future because I can experience it. From this perspective I can actually see all beings permanently ending their suffering and becoming blissful. It is so reassuring for me that this happens for all beings at some point. From the most presently evolved human master on earth to the littlest fly or organism on earth, eventually all beings permanently end their suffering as beings, as souls. It is my experience of that that keeps me going.

For those of you having a very difficult time, if you are capable just experience all the love on earth of all beings for all beings. By circling the energy within the love of this it can empower you to stay alive to benefit all beings further.

Many many times in my life I fully expected to die, either through accident or illness. However, just like Arcane I have been resurrected over and over and still the angels come to me and tell me I must live a very long time. Now, sometimes I think to myself, "I'm really tired of being alive. Why should I live on?" But then, somehow, God and angels come to me and show me that there are very few people like me on earth and that I am needed now to help those alive who still have a lot to learn before I go.

In regard to being protected at all times. The best protection is your good works. The more you do to benefit life in all ways the more you will be protected in all ways. This is always a given.

The more you pray for others and help others in all ways the more healing and long life will come into your life and the more wealth naturally comes into your life.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sai Baba

I first understood who Sai Baba was during the 1960s and 1970s. My Uncle who was a Science of Mind Minister to the Stars in Hollywood took his older son, my cousin to meet Sai Baba in India sometime between 1965 and 1968. Sai Baba precipitated a ring for my uncle and a spiritual necklace for my cousin who was about 18 years old that summer. He and I were the same age and into the Beatles and stuff and what was happening then in Hollywood, Los Angeles and San Francisco so we talked a lot then about what happened when he met Sai Baba.

Sai Baba was known around the world for two things: one, manifesting scented ash from one of his previous bodies on pictures of himself around the world spontaneously at a distance(I saw this) and two precipatating things from the universal for people who were donating or doing good works for his students worldwide. This precipitation when it happened caused some people's normal version of reality to collapse. For someone like myself these kinds of wonderful supernatural things are accepted as a natural part of the physical universe. However, for others, this sort of thing when witnessed just collapsed their natural reality. It just depends on the person which reaction people have when supernatural events occur that cannot be explained at all by western point of view.

I have a completely different way of looking at this sort of thing. I see these events like different languages of understanding and experience. To me, it makes perfect sense that if people believe different things then they are going to have different experiences. Since my experience is that all people's beliefs actually create the reality they experience it makes sense to me to be open to what people's beliefs are going to create if they are different than where I grew up.

As a mystic this just makes logical sense to me. However, for others who basically have lived in the same place since they were born and talked to the same people since they were born, it might not work for them like it does for me who lived about 50 different places since I was born. I learned to adapt to anything and they might have learned only to conform to that one reality they grew up with. Until I was 45 the longest I had lived anywhere was 4 years and this had happened only three times. The first from age 8 to 12 and the second from 12 to 16 and the third from 17
to 21. However, since age 45 I have lived one place 5 years and most recently ten years in the same place. However, it has taken a lot for me to get used to living in one place this long. I find it very strange. I still keep my shaving kit packed at all times with electric razer. safety razors, tooth brush, cologne, after shave, mini parabolic mirror, scissors, small swiss army knives, combs and brushes at all times ready to go anywhere for the last 15 years next to my bathroom sink. So, my identity as an international traveler is still alive and well, whether I'm visiting friends in Mt. Shasta or on business in Southern California or visiting friends or relatives on the east coast, England or just traveling through Europe or some other destination.

When I lived in Mt. Shasta in 1979 and 1980 I was a single father and my son was 4 or 5 years old. There was a lady friend that I met at a Sai Baba meditation meeting that was a Forest Ranger and she sort of fell in love with my young son. She baby sat him before she was leaving to join Sai Baba as a devotee working for him for about 3 years. I admired her devotion to his causes and was grateful for her help babysitting my son while I worked. The next fall he went to kindergarten.

I found myself experiencing Sai Baba on Mt. Shasta often when I hiked alone the trails between 8000 feet and 10,000 feet there. I had had experiences with my uncle like this before who had died in a plane crash as well so I was used to being visited by beings who were soul traveling. And after all I was a soul traveler myself. Often I could see Sai Baba and he would counsel me then. I found this relationship to Sai Baba very healing and comforting and it helped me continue to be a good single father to my son and it helped keep me centered in making good decisions for myself and my son until I met my second wife and settled down again in 1980 in March.

Recently, as I was writing the latest series of Arcane and Prohetess which included Yesu(Jesus),
Siddhartha Buddha, Padmasambhava, Babaji, and Sai Baba I found myself having conversations once again with Sai Baba. I once again found it very comforting the way real highly evolved spiritual teachers really are. It seems they show up in our lives when they are most needed. Likely, many of the things Sai Baba says in this series are actually his.

Biocom Reacts

I have tried to write this several times and each time the power supply to my laptop cut off. I took it as a sign that it wasn't time to write this yet but here it is today.

This conversation took place between Arcane and Biocom telepathically when Arcane came out of his Tibetan Cave in the Himalayas after doing his levitation puja meditation for one or more months.

note: If you don't know who Biocom or Arcane are they are characters I have written about since 1980. ARcane I began writing about in 1980 and I believe Biocom was added in 1987 when Arcane finally made it to earth in 1987 as a Galactic Time Guard planetary anthropologist on assignment to earth. A Biocom is a sentient computer device built into a human. The interface operates on the electricity of a human body that operates neurons and muscles. It is so micro-miniaturized that it doesn't drain the bodies electrical reserves created by eating food. Deep memory storage is in the back teeth, the molars and the Biocom is usually about the size of a tip of ones little finger(so about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter and placed either on the back of the neck on soldiers so it can be like a dog tag in case of death or near the heart on a planetary anthropologist to prevent medical personel from removing it by accident on earth or another planet.For live digital TV or radio transmissions the minicam is usually on simulated facial mole and the Galactic range transmission devices are in the toenails to prevent organ damage during Galaxy wide transmissions. 24 hour a day telepathic communication exists between a Biocom and Arcane. All mental, emotional and physical processes are analyzed while a Planetary anthropologist or time soldier are on assignment to any place in the galaxy. end note.

Biocom asked Arcane: "Can I speak to you now about what you have been doing the last few months?"

Arcane said, "I'm not in an ordinary reality perceptually. You must honor this."

Biocom said, "I'm not sure exactly what this means."

Arcane said, "My reality basis has changed."

Biocom said, "HOw is that possible?"

Arcane said, "Humans have different parameters than created sentients."

Biocom said, "Can you share more?"

Arcane said, "I cannot fully explain it myself. However, let me try. It appears to me after living more than 3000 years on several planets that belief creates reality to a greater or lesser degree."

Biocom said, "Okay."

ARcane said, "Well. This belief is enhanced or detracted by surrounding influences of other beings or situations."

Biocom said, "So this makes everything fluid and unpredictable?"

Arcane said, "Yes. So if a human can remove himself or herself from all unpredictable variables or at least most of them, he can learn with a master of a skill to do something that most people might believe impossible."

Biocom said, "So all my readings that I consider to be anomalies are actually within the potential parameters of a human if he has special capabilities?"

Arcane said, "I would put it another way. Given the right circumstances it is possible that one or more humans could do almost anything. There really isn't any limit."

Biocom said, "Why is this?"

Arcane said, "I think it is that the actual nature of the universe is beyond anyone's wildest dreams of imaginings. I think the potential for any being is infinite in actuality. However, this is much too terrifying for most beings to believe most of the time. Only those most capable and brave and with the best intentions and motivations actually reach this potential."

Biocom said, "Well.That sad."

Arcane said, "Well. I see it differently. If beings don't have the right motivation they would die anyway attempting this no matter what their natural abilities are."

Biocom said,"I see your point."

ARcame said,"Because I have the right motivations I can now levitate and fly without wings as if I were a bird. I couldn't do that before, Biocom. I could only go from one place and time instantly to another. If find this liberating in a whole new way. I actually feel like a real master now for the first time in my life."

Biocom said, "My compatriots say you are becoming Saint Germain as we speak. What does that mean?""

Arcane said, "It means seeing is believing."

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is the next installment of this years "Arcane and Prophetess" Saga.Jun 18th 2009.

Yesu could be said to say, "I heal and bring forgiveness and teach"
Siddhartha Buddha could say, "I bring compassion and end suffering and teach"
Padmasambhava in the same simple way, "I levitate and I teach"
MilaRepa, Tibet's most beloved native Saint could say, "I levitate and sing the dharma"
Babaji could be said to say, "I heal in all ways and teach"
Sai Baba could be said to say, "I precipitate and thereby enlighten and heal souls"
Arcane could be said to say, "I change time so souls can evolve"
Prophetess could be said to say, "I will enlighten all souls on New Deva, my home planet"

By interweaving the lives of all these beings I'm trying to illustrate how beings of a specialty teach other beings capable of learning that specialty. For example, runners teach other capable runners, writers teach other capable writers and likewise the enlightened teach others who are capable of being enlightened without misusing it and test their students to make sure they will always use their developed gifts in a way that benefits all beings.

By Prophetess learning from all these teachers she will learn to enlighten all the beings on her planet, New Deva, and thereby change the future of all.

By studying with all these beings everyone changes and evolves as souls. Arcane finally becomes Saint Germain after living over 3000 years already. It is his association with Siddhartha Buddha, Yesu(Jesus) and he and Yesu and Prophetess that creates Yesu and Prophetess in becoming each a world savior of each of their planets. So it could be said that Arcane becoming Saint Germain could not have happened without his association with Yesu, Prophetess, Siddhartha Buddha, Padmasambhava, Babaji and in the future likely Sai Baba and Milarepa.

If you have studied the historical Saint Germain then you know he was considered the foremost Oriental Adept in Europe in the 1700s and 1800s and was considered to have been born in either the 1500s or 1600s. Since I see often the past, present and future as it actually happened I can say to you it is possible that all I write here is physically true. Being a precognitive psychic who has found that the past and present and future are not static but constantly changing might be unsettling to some of you. But think of the possibilities if you could change all the negative things in your life and heal them somehow in your future. What a Godsend that would be!

All the beings that I listed above are capable of going to any time or space at will, not only as soul travelers but physically. Whether you believe that or not it does not deny the fact of it.

Spiritual technology is a technology just as certain as particle physics. To the western world often spiritual technology is laughed at or frowned upon. However, the reality is that it is just as real as your automobile in your garage or your motorcycle or plane. If you didn't believe in mechanical things because you lived deep in the Rain Forests of Brazil and hadn't ever seen anything mechanical would that deny their existence? Of course not. The same is true of spiritual technology.

So if you ever travel to a place like India or Nepal, or Tibet or Bhutan and you tell them there is no such thing as spiritual technology don't be surprised if they find it very difficult not to laugh at your ignorance. If formally educated they tend to be very polite about such things but common people might just laugh at you by the hundreds or thousands while staring right at you if you said that spiritual technology isn't real.

Finally Yesu levitated out of his cave. Almost one full year had passed. Most of his clothes had rotted off him by then. Only a loincloth that he had washed in nearby streams once or twice a month still held firm on his body. He had been taught Tsumo or Tumo (Vital heat) so that he did not get cold and could have melted ice if he had been set in it. So only having a loincloth on for him was not a problem.

Padmasambhava had come to him in a vision and explained that he had attained full realization and enlightenment of all aspects of Levitation. He was now a Levitation master capable of teaching others this gift. Arcane and Prophetess had arranged to be there to witness this as well. However, all were connected having attained this siddhi(magical empowerment) and so no words were spoken, all were in agreement and joy in this moment. The four of them reached out spiritually to the world to share with the world this momentous occasion.

Padma telepathed to Yesu that he needed to fly over to a different range of mountains where Babaji would meet him. Yesu lifted off from the center of the circle of friends near the Himalayan caves and flew up into the sky and over to where Babaji was.

Sai Baba appeared suddenly to Padmasambhava and Arcane(now Saint Germain) and Prophetess. Padma introduced them all. Sai Baba wanted to meet them and so had flown physically through time and space to meet them in this moment.

Sai Baba said, "I came here in this moment so I could give you all my blessing as well. I plan to visit Yesu after Babaji imparts his healing and raising from the dead empowerment upon Yesu. But I am here first to visit with you in this moment to share with you my precipitation siddhi."

Arcane said, "I felt you here during the 20th and 21st centuries when I lived those times on earth but I'm amazed that you travel through time and space as I do."

Sai Baba said, "But Arcane, Eridian is in all our lineages! Your ability to go to any time or space comes from all our lineages. We share these siddhis with those who are both capable and worthy of attaining them throughout all time and space.

Arcane said, "May I ask you a question?"
Sai Baba said, "Yes."
Arcane said, "I heard a story about how a man came to you in India from New York and you wanted to reward him for donating a lot of money to your charity and you asked what he would like. He said he wanted a Yellow diamond from Tiffany's of New York for his wife. A moment later you handed the man the exact yellow diamond for his wife that he had asked for. When the man returned to New York City he visited Tiffany's and asked about the yellow diamond. The proprietor said, "You know, it's a funny story. A man came in one day in orange robes and long hair and looked like he was from India. He asked for the yellow diamond ring, paid cash for it and walked out the door." The man from New York realized that Said Baba must have manifested another physical body at Tiffany's and somehow paid cash for the diamond and then gave it to his other body back in India. Is this a true story."

Sai Baba smiled, "Pretty much," he said.

Arcane and Prophetess were amazed by this while Padmasambhava just smiled. He just loved these get togethers because it uplifted the time and space of earth so much when something like this happened.

Sai Baba smiled again and said, "I wish to precipitate something for both you, PRophetess and Yesu. I want to give both items to you, Prophetess."

Prophetess said, "I'm overwhelmed, your holiness."

With this Sai Baba put both his hands behind his back and came for with two metal goblets. He said, "These are two Holy Grails, one for you, Prophetess and one for you to give to Yesu. I'm doing this as a blessing of the past by the future and of the future by the past. This creates infinite circles of blessings throughout all time and space."

Arcane now Saint Germain said, "I'm just amazed at all the applied wisdom and kindness here upon all life past, present and future."

Sai Baba said,"Yes. You and I understand each other quite well I think, Saint Germain for we travel in the same way throughout time and space. In this moment we are all masters and students of each other as it should be."

Arcane(Saint Germain) said to Sai Baba, "I have a question, your holiness, about all this."
Sai Baba nodded his head in Arcane's request to ask his question.
Arcane said, "Thank you. I was wondering because of my experiences with Siddhartha Buddha before he became the Buddha, and then Yesu(Jesus) before he becomes the world Savior"
Said Baba said, "Yes?"
Arcane(Saint Germain) said, Which came first the experience or what. These experiences all seem like infinite loops of some kind of programming language just set out randomly in space."
Sai Baba sighed.
"The universe is spontaneous. We, as humans like to view it as static or narrow when in actuality it is ever changing and ever expanding. To allow yourself to be a part of the expansion of the universe as you have and as I regularly do we live God's amazing adventure as his spontaneous enthusiasts. In little ways as children all do this but then often become insecure as adults and think everything is fixed but it is not."

Sai Baba smiled an amazing smile with incredible darshan(infinite spiritual blessings) and quietly disappeared to the location of Yesu.

Yesu was floating quietly to earth while Babaji and his disciples put their hands together in eastern prayer form against their chests. As Yesu landed so did Sai Baba. All present except for Yesu knew who he was.

Between Babaji and Sai Baba there was a greeting telepathically, "Greetings, Forever soul, I am here to witness your initiation of Yesu. I wish to bring the world savior a gift of precipitation of food and wealth and whatever he needs for his flock after you teach him healing and raising his body and others from the dead."

Babaji smiled and a glow burst of darshan rained down on all present from their combined attainment. Everyone present felt tears come to their eyes. They knew all on earth would experience an uplift in their lives from this gigantic darshan burst from two masters.

Babaji reached out his hand to Sai Baba and to Yesu. Yesu was still pretty altered from 1 year of arduous meditation and assimilation of the entire levitation siddhi and the enlightenment this brings but in this altered state he was perfect for the next level of Initiation. When the three joined hands the very earth shook like when it is said, "The very rocks cried out his name. (Yesu, Jesus)"

The glow included all the Himalayas and all within their caves meditating knew nothing had been like this since Buddha at Bodhgaya under the Bodhi Tree.

As the three turned into light together all bowed their heads in recognition of the moment of complete rebirth of Yesu(Jesus) into the world savior of this world era.

note: If this is the first of this series you have read "Yesu", then I should tell you that "Yesu" is what Jesus actually was called in Aramaic his native tongue.

In the next moment Sai Baba smiled and he went somewhere somewhen else but still the glow of his ongoing Darshan(spiritual blessings) remained.

Within moments of this Arcane and Prophetess came into view. They both came in Lotus position and parked their levitating forms on the tops of nearby rocks. In a little while Babaji motioned the two to join he and his disciples.

Prophetess reached out the Holy Grail that Sai Baba had precipitated for Jesus. She said,"Keep this with you as your fancy drinking cup. It will be important for thousands of years to your followers. Mine matches it and I will take the matching Holy Grail on into the future where I was born on another world and will live in my future.

Yesu smiled and said, "LIke I said you are second in beauty both inside and out only to one, my Mary Magdelene."

Prophetess smiled, "I'm your sister now. We go to save two worlds, you, the present and I the future."

Yesu beamed a smile that would melt glaciers in the hearts of men.

This was the last Prophetess and ARcane(Saint Germain) saw Jesus until after his crucifiction. Of course, Yesu's teacher's Padmasambhava, Babaji and Sai Baba often joined his multitudes in disguise to add their presence to the moment in secret.

However, after Yesu's crucifiction and raising himself from the dead in Resurrection to demonstrate to all that this could be done, most people emphasized the crucifiction rather than the Resurrection which is what he was trying to show mankind. That it was possible to die and be reborn. Sometimes, I think that it was too close to the concept of reincarnation which was always a threat to Emporers and Kings and rulers. Only Hell, fire and brimstone with no reincarnation terrified the common people into becoming lifelong slaves for the corrupted rulers of the Christian world. So the real lesson of Yesu was mostly lost on most people of the possibility of raising oneself from the dead just like he did.

Yesu was travelling with his little family in Egypt on day when he was about 35 and he sensed the Roman soldiers who had heard rumors of his presence in Egypt. So Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their children fled to what is now Spain and France. But after a time there the soldiers once again were tipped off by the few who knew Yesu's face from Israel who were bounty hunters. Finally, he and his family were cornered so he did what came naturally to him, they simply disappeared and were in India in the Himalayas. The moment they arrived near Yesu's meditation caves Arcane and PRophetess because of being in the right place at the right time as was their custom and since this was Yesu's custom too, they met once again. Yesu had aged because he was now about 37 years old.

Prophetess asked him where the Holy Grail was. Yesu said, "I left it with my disciples. The last I heard it made its way to Roman Britain and eventually to the Isle of Avalon(now Glastonbury) there in England with Joseph of Arimathea.

Prophetess said, "Good. Then it is still doing its work."

They all smiled and Prophetess and Arcane(St. Germain) were introduced to Mary Magdalene.
Arcane asked, "Where will you all live now?"
Yesu said, "Well. We might spend time up here in the pristine Himalayas with the snow melt when the weather allows and spend in the Indian plains when the weather is good there from here on out."

Arcane asked, "Did you go around the world by air and walking on water after your crucifiction?"
Yesu said, "Yes. I was Caimu and walked over the water and onto the land at Kalapana, Hawaii on the big Island. I came and gave blue corn to the Hopi Indians. There are stories around the world about me and most of these are true, pretty much."

Arcane smiled, "It worked Yesu. Prophetess and I were so happy to be a small part of your amazing life."

Yesu said, "Though most of the world will never know about it my life and my family line is far from over."

Arcane said, "What do you plan to do now, Yesu?"
Yesu said, "In this area of the world I fit into the category of Guru and siddha and probably moving in the direction of Mahasiddha as my reputation grows."

Arcane said, "Historically, you become known as Saint Issa, which is very close to your Aramaic name 'Yesu'."
Yesu said, "That makes sense."
"What will become of your descendants, Yesu?" said Arcane.
Yesu looked into his soul and said, "They will become many things. Some will become a Guru like me that have the aptitude and proper motivation. Others will become writers and poets. Some will become Mahasiddhas or siddhas. There will be many variations. However, I foresee some will become spontaneous time changers like you, Arcane."

Arcane's eyes widened and said, "Well. You know that the Galaxy has learned the hard way to allow all non-external technology time travelers alone changing time and space. The reason for this is that it appears that those who spontaneously change time normally do so with the infinite creators blessings. So it is allowed. The only time changers that are monitored are those who use external technology."

Yesu said, "Then my descendants who have this ability and are foreseen by their lineage to use it correctly and are thereby initiated will be allowed to freely and spontaneously change time as needed?"

Arcane said, "The short answer is 'Yes'"

Yesu and Arcane laughed at this because both knew exactly what this meant. This was God's Grace upon mankind in action.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Intuitive Activist

If you cannot sense danger to yourself your family, your finances, then who will keep you alive in these times? Yes. You can pray and being intuitive for me, at least is living in a state of prayer or oneness with God's consciousness so he, she(the Being) just makes me aware of whatever I need to know. Everyone has slightly different gifts but his is my agreement, my personal covenant with God.
In many families there is at least one person who will tell everyone else what is going to happen next or who just "knows things" and people in that family go to this person who "knows things" to make sure they are making the "correct" choices for a good future. It is like this all around the world in every family.

In my family it was my mother, Grandmother and father. Now they are all gone it is me and my wife and sometimes my son and both of my daughters. Allowing kids growing up to have time to be with themselves and to learn these skills as they grow might mean the difference between life and death for members of your family in both the near and distant future. The important thing is to teach them kindness toward all members of the family and then kindness wherever and whenever possible for all beings everywhere.

Having people around who can sense the future and to help protect all your family in every way will be more important than any time since World War II in the remaining parts of this century.

1 Billion, 150 million, zero?

caveat: I was born a precognitive psychic. Everyone has feelings that save their lives throughout their lives or they don't survive. I guess I just needed to develop this gift that everyone has(that survives) to where I survived everything. For me, this gift isn't just about today and tomorrow, it is about hundreds and thousands of years past, present and future. So I write about it. If I see something coming that I want to happen I don't say a word to anyone about it and then I just happily watch it happen. But if I see something I REALLY don't want to happen I write about it in order to change the future to a better one. end caveat.

This is one of those times. First let me tell you what I see. I see(if nothing changes)
1 billion people left alive on earth in 2100 and I see either 150 million, 250 million or zero alive in the year 2200. The main causes of this problem strangely enough are not in Europe or North America but in Asia, Africa and certain parts of South America. In other words the main problem will not be(at least in this century) the people with at least a high school education. These people(if they have enough to eat and feel safe enough) won't be the problem. The problem will come from people just doing literally anything to survive no matter what who have little or no education. So, educating the masses might be the most economically valuable investment to prevent the human race from going extinct within 2 centuries.

For example, if the United Nations and the IMF got together to educate everyone on earth between the ages of 5 and 18 years old using just flatscreen TVs or even laptops over internet networks most of the problems that are coming could be avoided. information could be networked into EVERY language that could be useful to people in every situation worldwide. By just doing this one thing the human race could avoid extinction by 2200. It would put off extinction until 2400 to 2500 and by then another solution might be found.

Another solution like being researched at Lawrence Livermore Labratories in the San Francisco Bay area of California might also work where I think it is a house sized sphere with 190? lasers that are focused on hydrogen atoms to create a very small sun(hydrogen reaction ongoing). If this is successful and if more energy can be created than is expended then we may have the next non carbon or very low carbon emitting power source for earth. They may also try to create a small black hole which also makes me a little nervous. I think a small sun might be more useful. But we have to wait and see.

Whatever happens the incredible loss of life isn't going to be fun for anyone to watch anywhere. But it is true that the earth cannot contain(on the surface) over about 150 to 200 million people on its surface for more than a few thousand years(We are at the end of this now). The time reduces as the population increases. So in our present mode we are heading for one of three things: extinction or a new stone age or what we as a world population of humans are wise enough to create. It's up to all of us now. It always was.

What I see coming no one has seen at anytime in recorded history

Time Travel and the Group Sacred

If you believe that beings like Jesus, Buddha, Padmasambhava, Babaji etc. were all born of their mother's womb as babies and grew up like the rest of us, then it is logical that they were human like all of us whether or not you believe now that they are special and should be seen as above human and in some ways unreachable.

I have written All these beings in their own home times as real humans that were exceptionally intelligent and gifted and tried to show how they might have used their intelligence and gifts to become all that mankind remembers of them. I did this so that all of you that want to can more efficiently move towards becoming like them. Because in these times of Global warming and terrorist wars, without a whole lot more humans like Jesus,Buddha, Padmasambhava, Babaji etc. mankind will be extinct here on earth within a couple hundred years.




Saturday, June 13, 2009

Santa Barbara

When I want to escape the summer high fog of the northern California coast, I head south to Santa Barbara to warmer waters and the sun without smog of Santa Barbara. Oprah and all the Hollywood crowd have discovered this jewel of the Pacific as well. The Land Shark takes people on tours of old Santa Barbara and for a tour out into the ocean as well since it is a duck which goes on water or land. I tried a jet ski for the first time in my life recently and felt what it is to travel at 35 miles per hour across the ocean. My 35 year old son went up to 45 mph on his because he is younger and didn't mind more severe water impacts than I. Having ridden motorcycles and crashed in the desert on dualsport motocycles I knew that hitting the ocean at over 30 mph isn't very comfortable. Also, I have water skied as a young man and the impact of hitting water at any speed over about 20 mph is a little(or a lot painful). So every time I thought the jet ski might tip over I let off the gas lever(throttle) on the handlebars. The beaches tend to be nice and tend not to be overcrowded like Los Angeles Beaches. The water, however, is still relatively warm this far south during the summer time.

Another fun place to visit is near Pismo Beach, California. I think it is called Pismo Dunes state Park. However, I haven't been there recently since all 220 plus state parks are closing soon or already because of state budget issues. Obviously, eventually they should reopen but possibly not this summer at least.

However, Santa Barbara, if you can afford to visit here is a wonderful place during the summers and often during spring, fall and summers as well. There are almost no below freezing nights during the entire year along the California coast south of places like Eureka which is a long stretch of non- freezing nights 98% of the year. As for days it is highly unlikely to have any days in which even one freezing day per year could occur after 8 am south of San Francisco.

So, if I want warm weather, beaches, water, and no smog during the summer I go to Santa Barbara for fun in the sun.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Radioactiave Wasps


begin quote:YAKIMA, Wash. – If workers cleaning up the nation's most contaminated nuclear site didn't have enough to worry about, now they've got to deal with radioactive wasp nests. Mud dauber wasps built the nests, which have been largely abandoned by their flighty owners, in holes at south-central Washington's Hanford nuclear reservation in 2003.

That's when workers finished covering cleaned-up waste sites with fresh topsoil, native plants and straw to help the plants grow — inadvertently creating perfect ground cover for the insects to build their nests. Nearby cleanup work also provided a steady supply of mud, which the wasps used as building material.

Today, the nests, which could number in the thousands, are "fairly highly contaminated" with radioactive isotopes, such as cesium and cobalt, but don't pose a significant threat to workers digging them up.

"You don't know what you're going to run into, and this is probably one of the more unusual situations," said Todd Nelson, spokesman for Washington Closure Hanford, the contractor hired to clean up the area under the oversight of the U.S. Department of Energy.

As for the wasps themselves, they're largely long gone — the insects don't reuse their nests when they colonize each spring.end quote.

What next? When those radioactive wasps hatched their young out of radioactive nests did the birds and insects who ate them get radioactive too? Were any of those birds (or anything else that ate those wasps also then eaten by humans. And since it takes only one particle of radioactive dust in one person's lung to kill them slowly over 25 or more years this is something to think about. However, it is just another part of the radioactive legacy in places like Hanford.

My son and I were exploring the world on Google Earth and amazed just how detailed it has become. Even area 51 is there clearly to see and all the underground nuclear test sites that were turned instantly to underground glass sphered caves underground nearby. There were even detailed charts of the 7% of all Americans that were exposed in one of those tests in 1962, especially in Iowa and points east of the Nevada underground testing sites. I think even John Wayne and Maureen O'hara eventually died from radioactive dust from one of the dusty cowboy movies they made together east of the Nevada Test sites.

So, radioactive wasps are important and there could be dozens of people potentially that ate birds that ate seriously radioactive wasps and could be dying slowly right now from it and not know it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ancient records and Libraries

Because of wars, fires and acts of God and nature, very few repositories of knowledge (if any) have remained intact from the times of the Birth of Christ onward. It is one of the reasons that so little is known about the actual historical life of Jesus both during his formative years(12 to 30) and if he actually survived the Crucifixion by trick or supernatural means.

The burning of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt was one of the greatest historical losses to the wisdom of the ages for mankind. Another loss was Nalanda University in India which was destroyed by the Mogul Empire when Islam came to India. However, when I traveled to Dharmsala I found out that when Padmasambhava took Buddhism and melded it with the Shamanic Bonpo religions of Tibet before the Mogul Empire happened in India, copies were made of very ancient records concerning Jesus. According to these records Jesus did not die on the cross because he had learned in various countries, including India (between ages 12 and 30) to among other things raise his body from the dead, levitate and other amazing things. He was a very gifted being, historically speaking, not just through myths and legends. So according to records kept in Sanskrit and later translated into Tibetan, Jesus or (Yesu, the Aramaic pronunciation of Jesus which he actually went by) became a Guru in India who was called Saint Issa(notice how close this is to Yesu and allow for local dialects) and how he and Mary Magdelene and their (up to 12 children) went to India after he was crucified and he taught as a major major Guru there until he was 85 years old. Now, it is important to understand that this isn't what people who are interested in you believing in myths and legends want you to believe. However, this appears to be the historical Jesus. So, it makes sense since levitation and raising ones body from the dead is still taught to gifted and worthy students in India, Nepal and Tibet still by profound teachers there, that Jesus learned these siddhis(Magical empowerments) there in India and would have returned there to his teachers with his family after having brought Christianity and forgiveness into his homeland and apparently had died on the cross.

However, what I have shared here is the historical Jesus as opposed to he legendary Jesus. Also, whether something happened 20 years ago or 2000 years ago one(in a way has to take all this on faith). Even people I meet who didn't live through the 1960s that I meet talk about it only in cliches. If they weren't there they could not possibly understand the powerful angst of those times, of having ones high school classmates blown up dead(50,000) and wounded (250,000) and just how upset all those left behind were about the Viet Nam War. NO one was happy about that war, Not those who went to it and not those left behind with dead or wounded or crazy friends and relatives. All Americans were equally wounded permanently by those times.

So, the point I'm trying to make is that if you did not live personally through the times of Jesus and if you did not personally speak his personal dialect of Aramaic or any other languages he spoke in then ones complete understanding of who Jesus the man actually was would be very limited. In studying the history behind Jesus his languages and his culture will come to you more truth about Jesus than you likely will find in any church on earth. Only if you can find the genuine records can you actually make much sense of it at all.

For even then, 1000s of basic point of view about Jesus existed, there was the point of view of the disciples, and there were twelve of them, There was the roman point of view. There were at least 1000 Jewish points of view about Jesus at that time even if you don't count the point of view of the San Hedron who judged him. Even that is only one point of view.

What I'm saying is that the only way you could really know who Jesus the man was then would be to time travel back and watch and listen to everything that happened and I bet it is different than anything right now in any Christian Bible on earth.

The Spirit of Jesus is alive on earth today but the history of Jesus is still very vague and promises to become more vague as the centuries pass. But maybe the most important things he taught were Forgiveness and Christian Brotherhood which are the foundations of Western World Societies. So maybe that is what's the most important thing he brought anyway.