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Jonathan after Meeting Padma

Jonathan decided to call Arcane on his hands free cell phone in his car. He pushed the button and Arcane picked up the call in Switzerland at his Chalet. Jonathan said, "Arcane. I did as you said and met Padma. Thanks for arranging our meeting. How long have you known him?" Jonathan said, "I met him when I first arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge. I met him on the bridge even before I met Celeste. We had been talking informally and he had made himself known to me. Listen to this, Jonathan. He knew I was going to be there before I did. That's amazing! And he knew the day and time to be there to meet me. I've never met anyone like that before, even from where I come from."

Jonathan knew Arcane was parsing his words carefully because he didn't want to let on that he was from another planet and that what he meant was Padma was waiting for him on Golden Gate Bridge even before Arcane was told by the Galactic Time Guard where and when he was actually going. Jonathan knew from this that all his senses were correct.

Jonathan said, "Can I meet you? I need to talk to you in person."
Arcane said, "I'll meet you soon. Give me about 10 minutes to make the necessary arrangements."

You might think "Switzerland to a San Francisco Freeway in 10 minutes?" You'd be right. This was not a born on earth human being. Arcane was a human being he just wasn't born on Earth this time. Exactly ten minutes later Arcane was sitting in the seat next to Jonathan as he drove down the freeway. No one noticed but Jonathan because it was night time.

Arcane looked over at Jonathan and Jonathan looked a little scared. Jonathan said, "I'm still not used to you doing stuff like this. My brain still can't believe it's possible even when I see stuff like this happen."

Arcane said, "Your aura has completely changed, Jonathan. On my planet we would call this an extreme up level.  It's like you went from private to General over night in terms of actual perceptual development."

Jonathan said, "I'm kind of scared, Arcane. I've done stuff like this before. All the rules change."
Arcane looked into Jonathan and said, "No. You've never done anything like this ever in this lifetime, Jonathan. This isn't like anything you have ever experienced before."

Jonathan was wondering if he would still be able to drive a car. Arcane said, "No. That won't be affected. Let me show you something. Visualize yourself over there by the side of the road."

Jonathan did this and was amazed that he now had two bodies one driving the car and the other back there on the side of the road watching him drive away. Then Arcane said, "Now believe you have only one body which is driving the car." Jonathan did this and wanted to swear aloud." Arcane raised his hand. "No. Don't swear. You are in a different mode now entirely. You have to be very careful of your every thought and feeling. You have become soul cause to your own experience and your cells won't age anymore. Now, imagine that there are two Arcane's in the car, and one is driving and the other is you but looks like me." Jonathan did this and then Arcane said, "Let me have the steering wheel and look at the mirror." So Jonathan looked into the nearest mirror and he looked like Arcane. Jonathan wanted to start shaking but again Arcane said, "NO. You are soul Cause to your own experience. You have earned this, Jonathan. Now just grow up into it. Prove Padma correct in his initiation of you into being a Mahasiddha. You'll grow into it. It's just fundamental things have changed you need to be aware of."

Jonathan looked at Arcane and said, "Why didn't Padma tell me about all this?" Arcane just laughed. "He's really old school. This is how Buddha treated him. If you can't handle it you die. He figured you were old enough that if you couldn't figure it out you'd just die. But if you did you would become like him eventually. It's a win win for him and you either way."

Jonathan said, "Wow!"

"So what your saying is I either learn very quickly to adapt to all this or I'll die soon?"

Arcane: "Yep! That is exactly what I'm saying."
Jonathan said, "I thought you were Saint Germain!"
Arcane said, "Well. Both Padma and I are Saint Germain. I can't really explain it yet to you. But suffice it to say that you and I and Padma are all pieces of the same root soul of the Creator that created this galaxy. In fact, I can't explain this kind of stuff even to myself. Have you ever been to a mechanic in a garage and seen a poster that says, "If it ain't broke don't fix it!" Jonathan thought this was a really strange question but said, "Yes. I have"
Arcane said, "Well. Literally in regard to the fine points of everything right now. If it ain't broke don't fix it because no one understands fully what it all means past here in development. What I'm saying Jonathan is that time and space really do have no meaning for you anymore."

Jonathan thought about this. It was an ominous statement. He finally said, "Is that true for you?"
Arcane said, "Yes. It is."
Jonathan said, "When did you hit this point?"
Arcane was very quiet and then said, "I have never really thought about it in this way but if I must it began when I was time banished to earth and left to die."
Jonathan said, "If it wouldn't be too much could you explain it to me?"
Arcane said, "Well. It is a little painful because of the circumstances but I believe it is for a good cause to go there once more. It's like this, Jonathan. I knew that either I was going to die there or I had to find a way. When the Wolf Like's of about 1million years in the future earth came to eat me I knew I either had to find a way or die trying. This was the moment when everything started to change in my life. I had to be scared enough that I would die without saving my planet, my people and Ah Ray IN. I had to get past worrying whether I lived or died to get to the next place. When I just gave up on me living for me and went fully beyond to saving everyone else I loved no matter what happened to me I was there!"

Jonathan had to say, "Wow!"
"So you being forced to move into a place where you no longer really cared whether you lived or died put you there?"

Arcane: "NO. It was that I had to save everyone else so I had to stay alive and succeed no matter what came and no matter what happened after that. So no matter the consequences to my life in the future I was going to live, I was going to succeed somehow, I was going to save my planet, I was going to defeat Tech Noir no matter what. No matter if I lived. No matter if I died. I would save my people my planet and my bride to be Ah RAy IN."

Jonathan said, "But you weren't able to save Ah Ray In."
Arcane gave Jonathan a dirty look and said, "Why thank you for mentioning that horror."
Jonathan immediately said, "Please forgive me, Arcane."
Arcane just laughed and said, "I've been married to Celeste who is Ah Ray IN's next incarnation now since 1987 and living in Switzerland, new York City and my place on the side of Mt. Shasta. What's the problem?"
So Jonathan watched sort of horrified as Arcane laughed and laughed and laughed until tears rolled down his cheeks. Jonathan was very glad ARcane was his friend. This had been very difficult for Arcane to share all this. It was very personal but also necessary for Jonathan's staying alive.

Silver and Purple Delta 7

Arcane smiled and looked at Jonathan. "I want to show you what you would be capable of doing now that you are a beginning Mahasiddha. But don't try this yourself just yet without talking to me first about it. Okay?" Jonathan nodded. He said, "This will be something possible but I should wait for you and speak with you before I try it myself."
Arcane looked mischievous  at this point and said, "You may travel anywhere on earth in your same time frame, however, while leaving your primary physical body in bed at home, though."
Jonathan was a little confused and said, "But that's just soul traveling."
Arcane said, "NO. I'm talking about creating a duplicate body like the story of Sai Baba that your uncle and cousin experienced in real life."
Jonathan said, "Oh." This put a whole new context into Jonathan's life because he had learned to soul travel to any space or time years before. But what Arcane seemed to be speaking of was that now it was theoretically possible to create a second body and send it to any space or time. Jonathan thought he had better ask before he had a psychological problem with the whole thing. "So you are saying under the right circumstances that I can now, with your assistance, create a duplicate body while I'm home in bed and literally manifest this body in any space and time."
Arcane, "Yes. Theoretically this is true. However, you aren't ready to do this alone yet. And there is another factor which is that none of these things should be used unless there is a real need in the universe. All supernatural faculties are expected by angels to only be used for training like this or for saving souls. Otherwise, angels will create backfires which will lead to your certain death within moments."

Jonathan thought about this. "So this is what you are talking about with Padma being old school and not telling me about this? This is how he was taught as well?"
ARcane said, "Yes."
Jonathan said, "What now?"
Arcane looked deeply into Jonathan and then said as they were driving down the freeway in Jonathan's car. "Take my hand."
Jonathan was alarmed, "What about you and I driving in this car?" ARcane laughed and said, "Your physical body here is on automatic. It will drive us both to your home, greet your wife and you will lie down next to your wife and go to sleep after a lengthy conversation with your wife and me and you. She will make us some food and tea and I will sleep in your guest room tonight. But you and I don't need to think about that because it will be automatic. You will wake up in the morning and I will be there, your wife and daughter will be there and you will remember both streams of life and consciousness and then you will have to integrate both streams in your memories and cells. And this is what will change you permanently from the old Jonathan to the new fully aware new Mahasiddha."
Jonathan knew he was becoming in earnest what his initiation by Padma had created him to be.
He said, "Okay, Arcane. I'm ready."
Arcane reached out his hand and Jonathan took it. Immediately they were out in space. Jonathan said, "Where are we? How can I talk in space? How can my body not fall apart in space?"
ARcane looked into Jonathan and said,"You are no longer limited by space and time, Jonathan. There is nothing literally, given the actual need of beings that you couldn't do to save one or more souls now as a Mahasiddha given the right circumstances and God's blessings and grace."
Jonathan shuddered at the thought.
He said, "Who is that in front of us traveling like us through space?"
Arcane said, "That's me and Silver and Nada in 2135."
Jonathan said, "We're in 2135 in Space?"
Arcane said, "Yes."
Jonathan said, "Why are we here?"
Arcane said, "Mostly to demonstrate what you are now capable of as a Mahasiddha."
Jonathan watched how fast space was moving around them and the sun was coming up awful fast.
He said, "I know it is possible not to burn up in the sun. We won't burn up in there will we?"
ARcane said,"No. The body you are presently wearing is impervious to heat of any kind."
Jonathan felt the plasma of the sun. It felt good like a warm pool of water that he could breathe. His perceptions changed and he began to see Plasma beings that lived in the sun. He became aware that they were the same souls as people who lived on earth and other planets. He was about to ask Arcane about this fact when  Arcane put up his hand to not let Jonathan speak and said, "Watch, Jonathan."
As Jonathan watched he saw three thrones being created that ARcane, Silver and Nada got into.
The next thing Jonathan saw was that everything changed and he felt a rush of speed unlike anything he had ever experienced. He realized he was traveling many many times the speed of light because instantly he was in the center of the galaxy looking at the extremely large black hole that held the galaxy together and the same type of black hole that held every galaxy together. Arcane said, " I want to take you through a so called black hole into an antmatter universe out the other side."
Jonathan thought this was really strange. He said, "Okay."
Immediately, they entered the black hole of the Milky Way Galaxy and all perceptions of time and space changed. Arcane stopped immediately between the nexus point of the matter universe and the antimatter universe. From Jonathan's new perspective both the matter Milky way Galaxy and the Antimatter Milky way Galaxy looked about the same. However, Jonathan started to get a form of vertigo from the whole thing and Arcane looked at him and said, "We're going to the Galactic Time Guard planet in the matter side of the Milky Way Galaxy, okay?"
Jonathan said weakly, "Okay." But he didn't feel very well right then.
Suddenly Arcane and Jonathan were standing among thousands of different robots, androids and battle robots like Purple Delta 7 who was standing up on the Platform erected for this moment. Jonathan saw Purple immediately note his and Arcane's presence and smile like she expected them. This sent chills up Jonathan's spine that she seemed to know they were going to be there.

It was surrealistic for Jonathan to watch Silver Speak. His hair turned white as he watched and he looked so pale and confused by all this. Of course Silver was a good sport about it all.

Note: If you ever want to read about Silver's life please read:

dragonofcompassion - 2035

After Silver and the other Arcane left and flew off into the sky of the Galactic Time Guard planet Purple Delta 7 came over to this Arcane and Jonathan. She said, "Jonathan, I hear you are now a Mahasiddha like our mutual friend, Arcane here. Welcome to the world of the Galactic Time Guard."

Jonathan sort of felt like he wanted to faint because as he watched Purple Delta 7 slowly morphed into Marilyn Monroe.

Jonathan asked Purple, "Why did you do that?"

Purple smiled and said, "I wanted to be extremely attractive to you. You are a Mahasiddha now. I need to be attractive to all the Galactic Leaders like yourself."

Jonathan swallowed hard and said, "I'm a Galactic Leader?"

Purple said, "Think about it Jonathan. How many people on earth right now could do this?"

Jonathan thought about it and said, "Well. At least 3 that I know of."

Purple said, "Exactly. And Padma is unlikely to ever come here."

Jonathan said, "Why?"

"Because technology isn't his favorite thing. He was born when technology was just a wagon wheel and bamboo and stone pipes and canals to carry water long distances from the mountains. Beings like myself he isn't interested in. But you are."

Jonathan said sort of taken aback, "Padma helped me become what I am now. He's old school like Arcane here told me."

Purple as Marilyn Monroe said, "I meant no disrespect, Jonathan."

Jonathan was definitely out of his league here in some ways. He saw both ARcane and Purple Delta 7 eyeing him in a whole new way. Arcane was a friend but what was he really to Purple? A colleague, a consort, something. Jonathan wanted to be anywhere but here in this moment.

Purple said, "I'm no threat to you, Jonathan. We both work for the same end, the peaceful resolution of all situations in the galaxy."

Jonathan finally had heard something he could actually relate to. He said, "I"m honored to work alongside of you, Purple."

Purple said, "You honor me and all the created sentients in this. I will never forget you, Jonathan."

Jonathan said, "Nor will I ever forget you." And this was very true.

ARcane said, "It was very good of you to greet us, Purple. I have to resume Jonathan's training."

Purple reached out her Marilyn hand to Jonathan. As he touched her a thrill went through his whole body and for some reason he kissed her hand and Purple smiled a deadly smile as only a very beautiful woman could.

Instantly, Arcane and Jonathan were on a completely different planet in another time. At first, Jonathan wanted to faint. The ocean before them was purple the sky was a sort of grayish blue and the sun was just coming up. They were in the water and Arcane looked very different. Though he was humanoid he had long "Hair?" They were in the water and Arcane motioned for him to go under. 

Jonathan said, "Can I breathe water?"

Arcane said, "Yes."

So, Jonathan inhaled some water to test this theory. He coughed at first until he realized he had gills. Gills? My God, he had gills so he sucked water in through his mouth and it went out his gills. He learned right away to sort of skim it through his teeth to keep out larger particles but within a couple of minutes he got used to it. Arcane was very patient with him. He finally took Jonathan's hand and took him down about 50 feet where they sort of floated neutral buoyancy like a SCUBA Diver.

ARcane telepathed to Jonathan, "Turn over on your back and look up."

Jonathan did this and both of them were on their backs looking up at the surface 50 feet above them. Here he was in another time on another planet with his alien friend, Arcane swimming in a purple ocean looking up at the sun glinting through the ocean down to him. Life couldn't get any stranger. But it did.

Arcane said, "I'm calling a water dragon. Don't be afraid. We're going riding."

Jonathan started. "What's a water dragon?"

Arcane said, "They are something like a giant flying fish. Just imagine a flying fish on earth as big as a whale."

This was too surrealistic and Jonathan began to laugh like a child underwater while breathing water through his mouth and gills. The strange thing about it was that he could actually laugh underwater with no ill effects.

Jonathan waited with Arcane and found it very strange to look at Arcane with his natural golden colored eyes and violet skin, 9 inch tongue darting all about like an antsy worm, and then he noticed his tongue was doing the same thing. He realized the 9 inch tongue was a heat sensing device and sensed more than just food in ones mouth. It also sensed danger as well as food not yet in ones mouth, like fish and other edible creatures under the sea. Soon, he "tasted" the vibration of the coming Water Dragons.

When they arrived they were excited to see Arcane. He noticed ARcane was very young, maybe like a 15 to 20 year old New Devan water and air breathing human. Jonathan wondered how many other planets that human DNA from Earth had seeded 1 million years forward from when he lived in the 2000s AD. 

The Water Dragons were very impressive. Their happiness was contagious. They were like dolphins, whales and even horses all combined in their love of underwater humans. There was a definite symbiosis going on here that reminded Jonathan of Trees and Humans or Trees and the various apes or just of dolphins and humans or Whales and humans. They seemed just as intelligent as humans only without the technology only because they didn't have hands to build stuff. But they could fly!

At first, to get Jonathan used to water riding and flying, he put Jonathan behind him on Octavia the female. The first time they cleared the water Jonathan thought he was going to die with the force first flying through the water and then the evaporation hit him and then he thought he might get hypothermia. Arcane telepathed, "Hold your water. Don't breathe it out! Otherwise, the hypothermia will just get worse from fast evaporation. The water in your lungs will help hold your body heat."

Before Jonathan did this he almost froze to death the first time out of the water. Arcane nudged the female water dragon, Octavia to quickly re-enter the water so Jonathan didn't start to freeze and fall off suddenly from hypothermia. But by the second time in the water Jonathan started to get the hang of holding his breathe and to only breathe water. "How Strange all this is but how fun also!" he thought.

The third time Jonathan had adapted enough to take a 30 second flight straight up like a bullet and then the water dragon unfurled it's iridescent wings. He could see rainbows through the wings against the sun. Amazing! He could not believe just how far up they shot up into the air like a bullet before the dragon unfurled her wings. Then the dragon caught an updraft because of the warm sun and they stayed aloft for a long time, almost a full minute. Jonathan looked over next to them and the male Brutus matched their trajectory perfectly and they flew in perfect formation. As they landed in the water and slowed down ARcane with his mind threw Jonathan on the back of Brutus. The Water Dragon said, "How can you be here? You aren't from this planet?" Jonathan replied, "I'm ARcane's student. He's training me."

The Water Dragon seemed incredulous and telepathed back. "How is that possible?"

"Arcane is very gifted and I am too on my home planet."

Brutus said, "Obviously." as they shot up like a bullet into the sky with Octavia his female.

Jonathan almost felt he was in a movie or something. How could all this be real?

ARcane said, "Truth is always stranger than fiction, Jonathan. If you don't remember anything else I teach you, don't forget that. Also, as long as you can stay centered as  Mahasiddha you can create your own reality. Just don't let anyone even begin to try to control your thoughts. IF they do just imagine them gone. 

Jonathan said, "Gone where?"

Arcane said, "Doesn't matter. Just Gone. Then later you can summon them back to life through spontaneous accomplishment."

Jonathan wouldn't let it go. "When they are gone are they dead?"

Arcane said, "NO. They just don't exist for a moment. They don't feel anything."

Jonathan said, "How is that possible?"

Arcane said, "Remember. IN actual reality truth is always much stranger than fiction. This is just one of the anomalies of being an Intergalactic Mahasiddha."

Jonathan said, "Is that what I am?"

Arcane said, "Remember. You are training to become Meridian. Eridian. Remember?"

Jonathan was sort of dumbfounded. He said, "That is really true?"

Arcane looked deeply into Jonathan and said, "Yep."

At the top of the next arc one mile into the sky while riding the water dragons as if there was no tomorrow Arcane said to Jonathan, "Why am I teaching you all this?"

Jonathan replied, "Because I am becoming Meridian,  future Lord of the Heavens of Earth. I must learn to conduct souls to heaven from all over the universe who are preparing to incarnate on Earth after a stay in Earth Heavens. I must also conduct souls who are preparing to incarnate in other past, presents and futures both inside and outside of time and space and even into the formless realms. You are preparing me for this and much much more. You have met Meridian, He is one of your teachers, and he is the future Me."

Arcane sighed, "Yes. You understand. We can go back to Earth now." So in the middle of a weightless one mile high arc through the skies of New Deva 1 million years into the future, Jonathan was suddenly driving his car down a San Francisco Freeway towards his home once again. "My God, Arcane!" Arcane said, "Yes. God indeed is present in all our lives!" Jonathan was very quiet the rest of the way home just trying to make some sense of everything that had happened. He didn't want to accidentally die or something after all Arcane and Padma had done to help him make it as a Mahasiddha.


Jonathan's wife Jan met them at the door. She said, "Who is this Padma you went to meet? Hi Arcane. It is so good to see you. How is Celeste in Switzerland?"

Arcane, always the perfect gentleman in any century or on any planet said, "Oh. She sends her best wishes, Jan."

Jan said, "Did you have a nice flight over, Arcane?"

Arcane said, "Yes. It was very quick" with a sly glance towards Jonathan. Jonathan smiled but almost choked on his food."

Jan knew a lot about who Jonathan and Arcane were but generally she just preferred her life to be sort of normal. She liked to shop and talk on her hands free satellite boost phone in her car and take care of the family. She was brilliant in her own right with 3 degrees from college. But now, she was mostly interested in taking care of both Arcane, her guest and Jonathan her husband. They all sat down to a late meal and talked a while.

Then Arcane retired to the guest bedroom and went home to Celeste after retiring. They liked to spend all the nights together that they could because of the kids. However, ARcane left a second body on automatic in Jonathan's guest bedroom should anyone need to speak with him during the night. It was only polite.

That night Jonathan's dreams were unlike any in his life: Padma came first and said, "You've survived your first tests. I'm very impressed with you Jonathan. I was told you would become Meridian. He and I have been friends a couple of thousand years now."

Jonathan found it extremely strange that Padma was talking about a person that Jonathan hadn't even become yet like he was still a child. Jonathan couldn't help ask, "What time does Meridian come from to see you?"

Padma had a strange look on his face. He said, "I don't perceive reality that way. I see you as the child that Meridian becomes, therefor my duty is to escort you to become my friend and teacher of all humanity."

Jonathan said, "You left me to die as a Mahasiddha."

Padma said, "That was a favor. If you couldn't make it death would have been painless and quick and without warning. That you didn't know this was all the better in protecting your soul from trauma and harm. If the angels had backfired you they would have understood you were a Mahasiddha in training. However, rules are rules." Padma smiled.

Jonathan thought, "He almost killed me and has no remorse."

Padma said, "You are thinking as a child like most of humanity. Now  is the time to become an adult, Meridian."

Jonathan screamed as the sacred fire tore through his soul.

Padma said, "You passed the first test, Mahasiddha. But there are many many more."

Padma faded away and Jonathan knew he had just started to become Meridian in earnest. He had become a Jonathan Meridian composite. Now this was interesting. Now what was he going to do?

It took Jonathan a little time to recover from this experience. He had just come down from a visit up to Mt. Shasta with his cross country skis. Padma was waiting in front of his hotel room. Padma said, "Can I speak with you, Jonathan?"

Jonathan had very mixed feelings like when one unexpectedly meets a parent or relative when one doesn't expect it.

Padma said, "You are very lucky. You have a really great view of Mt. Shasta." Jonathan decided to ask an interesting question, "When did you first come here in this lifetime?" Padma had a twinkle in his eye and said, "It was around the time when I first learned to fly, to levitate. I was about 25 or 30, around there and had spent some time in the Himalayas after I learned that I wasn't supposed to die soon. So I found teachers that loved Buddha who were interested in me becoming this immortal Dharma Mahasiddha. So this was about 30 years before Buddha passed over to the pure lands."

Jonathan said, "Wow! That far back!"

Padma said, "There were Western Indians as the White Settlers called them when they came way over 2000+ years ago. I had heard about this mountain from yogis from Asia who had levitated and flown here. So, I decided to meet the mountain that they said was a lot like Mt. Kailash of East Indian Myths, legends, religions and culture. I found they were correct in all they said about this what you now call, Mt. Shasta."

Jonathan had to embrace again the immortal nature of Padma in his mind just to begin to cope with being around him. Jonathan said, "So, how do I actually become Meridian." Padma laughed the way Asian holy men always seem to at questions like this.

Jonathan felt like he was being laughed at at first but realized instead he had asked a very good question. Padma said, "Do you believe you are Meridian?" Jonathan said, "I now believe I actually am becoming Meridian. However, it feels pretty strange because I have met him so many times and he usually didn't lead with, "By the way, I'm you in the future!" Again Padma laughed at the incongruity of all this. My brain seemed to melt and I sort of felt like I was going to lose consciousness. However, instead I just tranfered over from being Jonathan to being Meridian to the point where I was both of them without feeling like I was freaking out. And I said, "I feel like I'm both Jonathan and Meridian now both at the same time." Padma said, "Exactly. That's exactly how you should feel from now on." The words, "From now on"-- seemed to stretch on out into infinity and the world spun and I was gone. I woke up and Padma had maybe just dragged me over to the bed. I asked him about this and he said, "No. It was easier just to see you on the bed as you fell so you would wake up like this." 

I said, "I feel embarrassed by fainting, Padma." He looked at me and said, "That, is the least of your worries." And then he laughed again. This was all so much more than I had ever bargained for in my life. Ever.

I have a question Padma. He said, "Go ahead."

Jonathan said, "Why did you and Arcane as Saint Germain give me the Koan, "If you live to be 100, you will be 500. If you live to be 500 you will be 1000. If you live to be 5000. You will be 10,000?"

Padma said, "By the way, it doesn't end with 10,000. And then he laughed and though I stayed conscious my reality collapsed upon itself and I found myself without time or space. I appeared to be not on a planet and it reminded me of seeing God out by the Orion Nebula one time when I was young. Padma was appearing now as he had at about 25 to 30 years of age. He wore a loincloth and was naked except for thie loincloth. He said, "Why are you here?"

Jonathan said, "I think I'm here because this is where I met God when I was young."

Padma said, "Very Good. But that is only part of it. What did God tell you?"

Jonathan said, "He said that I was too serious." Padma laughed and said, "Now you know why I laugh so much. One can either laugh at the paradoxes or one can die from the paradoxes. It is always a conscious choice. And by the way you don't have to laugh like a banshee and scare everyone. I'm just laughing in front of you for the both of us so you don't just have a heart attack and die from all this. I'm doing my old friend Meridian a favor. Besides, he is one of my teachers too. I owe him this."

Jonathan said, "How can he go back in time and teach you?"

Padma smiled and said, "It's what enlightened beings do, they take turns teaching each other as they reincarnate. It's really hard to bring over all your wisdom and knowledge time after time, so you at the very least need hints to bring it all back each time."

Jonathan said, "I'd heard that was how it was done but hadn't had this kind of direct experience before in quite this way. I have another question, Do you know the other Koan you guys gave me which is: 'If you want to live forever, you might die right now, but if you are ready to die right now you may live forever' ".

Padma said, "The obsession of wanting to live forever kills the outcome. However, if you live each moment to the fullest you have the very best chance of immortality in one of many different types of forms."

Jonathan said, "What do you mean?"

Padma: "Well. There is the immortality of  being constantly talked about and loved. But I can tell you this isn't really as satisfying as you might think. Next there is having your teachings endure because people either memorize them verbally or memorize your enlightenment songs and pass them down generation to generation. And finally there is real immortality where you become like me and Meridian and stay really immortal here on earth while you also live in the heavens of earth. There are also others like us, for example, Babaji, in the Himalayas and others."

Jonathan said, "I had heard about him through reading "Autobiography of a Yogi".

Padma said, "However, when you are like me and Meridian which you are now(his gaze withered me at this point) our service is of a different sort. The four functions that I find are most important that he and I bring are continuity, stability, compassion, and order. We tend to bring order to the comings and goings of souls, so things don't really get out of hand. Whereas beings like Jesus and Buddha come and burn very very bright and then are physically gone but their spirit remains in all their teachings touch all who believe in them for thousands and thousands of years."

Jonathan said, "Order?"

Padma said, "Did you ever read "Lord of the Flies"?

Jonathan said, "I can't really imagine you reading that."

Padma said, "There are many many things you don't know and couldn't imagine about me after  my living 2500 years here on earth."

Jonathan said, "Yeah. That's a really long time."

Padma went on, "There needs to be some order to the comings and goings of beings on earth and our function is to provide that order when things start to get really out of hand."

Jonathan said, "How do you manifest order?"

Padma said, "It is much easier than you think. We manifest as many and as much of the prayers of mankind as is possible in any given moment."

Jonathan had to just wait awhile for that to sink in. "Yes. He thought. There was a symmetry to this."


There is another later experience of Jonathan Flow after this. It is sort of independent of the previous three stories however. It is more on its own It is:

Jonathan and the Golden City

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