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Silver and Bret: Best Friends

I was looking for "As Drones Evolve" which is something I was very pleased with before it got hacked. I was able to salvage a lot of it and then I tried to write it like I had originally wrote it but found I wasn't in the right flow of writing for that later. So, when you write something try to keep a copy of what you are writing (if it is long enough and you have spent enough time on it for you to care) in Word or somewhere else besides the web at a blog site so this doesn't happen to you. Over the years I guess I got a little lazy while writing and a little less paranoid about what I was doing and so when someone hacked my site I wasn't prepared for that. One of the ways to avoid having your site hacked is not to have the password to your site stored in your computer for a hacker to find it there or out in a cloud. Even though you might have to type in your password full or partial it is worth it to prevent your site getting hacked and potentially losing hours or days or even years of work. However, it is also comforting to know that "What goes around comes around". In other words those who hack will also be hacked in a karmic sense of this. I think one of the most important things for everyone to realize is that whatever they do good or bad will come back upon them on every level of their lives eventually. Understanding this, one can be a kind and thoughtful person in all aspects of their lives and be healthy in all ways physically, mentally and spiritually ongoing.

None of us are perfect but in time we can learn to become more perfect than we once were.

Here is a word button for as Drones Evolve:AS DRONES EVOLVE: FICTION?
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intuitive fred888: Flying Eagle drone prototypes

The following site at 

dragonofcompassion - 2035


has Silver's life from when he was born in the year 2000. Bret is not in this one because it primarily is about Silver and his family life. Bret shows up in "As Drones Evolve" and Bret and Silver become friends and business partners because they both are young (12 to 15) and interested in quadrorotors and in building drone prototypes to fly and eventually to sell worldwide.

I found myself to be interested in writing more about them now and likely will at sometime in the future. Also, even though I lost a lot of "As Drones Evolve" to hackers it still is able to stand alone even though it sort of is unfinished. However, I tend to leave whatever I write except "Memories" at open ended and unfinished because I never know when I will be shown more to write by God and the universe regarding any of my longer writings. 

When you remember millions of years into the past and into the future like I do, it is interesting what God tends to do through you.

Once I didn't believe it was possible to remember the future. But, since I have discovered that Time and Space tend to be cyclical or to function in cycles or "ongoing circles" to some degree I found it is possible to remember not only the past lives you lived but also future ones as well. It appears that we might live all lives simultaneously something like the book "Oversoul 7" and other related writings. 

The following comes after the end of "As Drones Evolve" AS DRONES EVOLVE: FICTION?

Silver and Bret Best Friends:

After Silver was able to land the drone remotely in Bret's back yard things changed a lot in both their lives. They started to become famous through humans interest stories of what the boys had actually accomplished. So, in some ways in regard to exotic drones or "Radio Controlled Aircraft" from a distance, these boys became the best of the young minds on earth in regard to this new sport. They had developed a way to use artificial intelligence combined with cellphones to signal their remote craft what to do "When" it was in cell phone range. and when it couldn't receive a signal it would simply go in the direction (according to the weather) that it had been given as coordinates to travel along.

Bret became more like a Steve Jobs of their company "Eagle remote flyers" which built reasonably priced kits for either assembling or customizing your Eagle for flight. Strangely enough the government both Federal and Local and STate didn't interfere with what they were doing because they could actually learn more from buying their prototypes and letting them develop their business. The government saw these two boys as "natural resources" and developing minds a lot like younger versions of Steve Jobs and Stever Wozniak only in regard to remote flying vehicles. They didn't even seem to mind that Silver had obviously hacked government sites for artificial intelligence software because what they were doing was just so innovative and necessary for future warfare and police actions here on earth.

Everyone realized that having a drone actually look like an Eagle (or a life size hummingbird) could be very useful if people didn't really know what it was because it was in a glide rather than with a gas motor on recharging the battery. At a distance you really couldn't tell whether  you were looking at a real eagle or if it was a remote flying vehicle. So, as long as it was gliding or running on battery power people often thought they were watching a real eagle in a glide path, especially if it was circling while riding up a heat thermal somewhere. 

Bret and Silver: Best Friends

 One year after As Drones Evolve and they landed the Eagle Drone in Beverly Hills, California after taking off from the roof of Silver's Penthouse in New York:


Silver skyped Bret from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When they both could see each other he said, "Would you please come to Jackson Hole to my Dad's house? I'm sort of freaking out because I haven't ever left my penthouse before. It would really help me because I'm having sort of weird reactions like I've landed on some new planet or something. I really could use your help. Would your father let you come and hang out with me? There are really cool things here like Horses and Buffalo on this ranch my family owns that my Dad considers his home on earth."

Bret looked at Silver and said, "Well. You're my best friend, Silver. We have started our "Eagle Remote Flyers" business together and that is going really well. I have been on a lot of youtube stuff and even on "60 Minutes with you on Skype" in regard to our business and this appears to have both increased our business and to have inspired the world in a lot of ways. I'm sort of being seen as a really young version of Steve Jobs and now you are being heralded as a new young Thomas Edison or Nicola Tesla (with all the eccentricities to boot). I'm getting invited to all sort of high end parties and my DAd is concerned about me regarding all this. But yes. I'll come and have a blast with you trying to live on a new planet away from your New York Penthouse, Buddy!"

Silver said,"My God! That would be wonderful! Also, I want you to meet Lilu my nurse. I'm thinking about marrying her."

Bret said, "Okay. That actually sounds pretty crazy but then again you really are a truly eccentric genius after all!"

Silver: "I know but I'm not like anyone I know. No one appears to be as smart as I am in the ways that I am. But thanks for coming! A Driver will be at your home within 24 hours to pick you up. I'll let you know when he is almost there."

Bret: "Okay. My Dad is away but says now that I'm 15 1/2 that I can have more freedom. After all, I can't get pregnant and he considers me very responsible now you and I have started that business and are managing it pretty well."

Silver laughed at the Pregnant comment but understood completely.

Soon, Bret was on Silver's family private jet to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming Airport. When he arrived Slim picked him up with Silver riding shotgun. But after Slim loaded Bret's luggage in the vehicle Bret and Silver sat in the back to talk as friends.


BRet said, "So, what's all this really about Silver?"

silver: "Well. I'm not really comfortable with my Dad yet. This is the first time he has invited me here. Business decisions and inventions I'm good with but not dealing with my (NEw ) Dad in my life."

Bret said, "What has changed?"

Silver: "Well. I've never been here before and he hires this beautiful woman to be my nurse who appears to be open to a relationship with me. But, what's really weird is that my Dad and her have some kind of mentor friend kind of relationship too. So, I'm sort of scared about the whole thing."

Bret: "How do you feel about her Silver?"

Silver: "I'm lost in her eyes. She is more than anything I have ever dealt with, Bret. She's like a Disney character come to life in my life that wants to live with me. What do I do? I'm a genius but I"m sort of a babe in the woods in some ways."

Bret:"Well. I'm not and I do quite well with the ladies. Do you remember the 16 year old next door that used to sun bathe in the nude."

Silver nodded: "Well. We're friends now and she told me she wanted to get to know me. That's why she swam nude because she wanted me to have movies of her."

Silver: "Well. That's pretty scary when you think about it!"

Bret: "Or it's pretty wonderful. One or the other."

Silver: "Or maybe both."

Bret nodded.

Bret said, "Anyway, Silver I'm your friend and business partner. I'm here for you.

As they reached the ranch Bret let out a sigh of amazement at the beauty around them. He had never visited here before. He was going to have to get his Dad to fly them here in his Beechcraft soon for a visit. As they drove up to the main house it reminded Bret a lot of the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park.

Out came Lilu to greet them. Bret almost fainted at this beautiful woman dressed like a nurse. He gave Silver a look of amazement. He said under his breath, "Silver if you can marry this woman, go ahead. This is a Goddess."

Silver nodded. He agreed.




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