Thursday, April 13, 2017

It rained all night pretty hard

We drove up from southern California and knew it likely would rain when we got home to northern California on the coast. Sure enough, it rained very hard by nightfall most of the night long. I could hear it beating on the deck and in the kitchen on our skylight and the skylight in our bedroom that looks up into the sky. So, it was nice it didn't let loose on us while we were driving north except for momentary sprinkles.

There is supposed to be 14 inches of new snow to ski on on Mt. Shasta and at the ski park there. However, My friend is working in his music studio recording artists and won't be available to ski for a week or two which means I won't ski with him at Mt. Shasta Ski Park (because it closes after Easter Sunday) this year but maybe we will do some mountaineering skiing within the next few weeks on Mt. Shasta instead. I might go up to Portland and ski with my daughter and stay in Timberline Lodge there which I also love to do.

Here is my favorite place to stay on a mountain in the western United States where you walk outside the lodge at around 6000 feet and hop on a ski lift! NO place like it that I know of anywhere on the west coast. It was built during the Great Depression and so has so much of the old time charm of those days with big open fireplaces and you can even get a fireplace in your room if you want to pay for that option.

The base depth of snow right now (I checked the conditions is 180 inches of snow at the Lodge)

180 inches means the base depth at the lodge is 15 Feet of Snow! So, if you have never skied on 15 feet of snow or more this might be your chance now. Because if it is 15 feet at the Lodge likely it will be even more at the top around 8000 to 9000 feet of the highest lift on the mountain!

Timberline is on Mt. Hood within easy driving distance ( a few hours) from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Timberline Lodge - Official Site
... Timberline Lodge stands on the south slope of Mt. Hood at an elevation ... Timberline is at the center of Oregon’s ... Timberline Bike Park; Mt. Hood Fusion ...
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