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The effect of EMP's on modern day civilization

The effect of EMP's on modern day civilization

I started thinking about this more after I learned about the NSA's hacking the global financial System. The problem is the sun, an electromagnetic pulse to device, or a nuclear weapon that detonates over a country in the air all causes an Electromagnetic pulse.

I started to realize that not only will people in electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles have their system suddenly shutdown by any and all electromagnetic pulses from any source but all banking and all banking records that are or magnetic in nature would also be gone that were above 10 feet under ground.

As I started thinking more about this I realized how ridiculous it is for us to be so dependent on anything electrical or electronic.

As you can see, civilization could easily be wiped out as we know it, And even more so in the future as we become more dependent on everything electrical and electronic in our lives.

The reason for this is that it is not even if it is only when we received the Electromagnetic pulse from the sun, from an electromagnetic pulse generator, or a nuclear weapon set off in the sky. So we are building an infrastructure that cannot and will not be maintained when that electromagnetic pulse or pulses come.

Even if we avoid nukes going off above ground and avoid the Electromagnetic pulse generator (s) somehow we are still inevitably in the next 3 to 500 years going to receive a pulse equal to the Carrington event in the 1800s.

Like I said before this is not if this is only when.

So now, we know that it is inevitable at some point that everything is electrical and electronic on at least one side of the planet Will be destroyed if it is above 10 feet below ground.

Once again this is not if this is only when.

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     In college and after I studied at one point  about a  hydrogen bomb going off 10 miles to 100 miles in space. If it was at the right distance when it goes off no one blows up at all from it on the ground even though there might be winds eventually caused by the concussion explosion in the upper atmosphere. But what does happen if was the right size at the right altitude of thermo-nuclear weapon is that anyone within 12 feet of anything metal would die from something that looks a little like a lightning bolt that is caused by the electromagnetic pulse from the nuclear explosion. So though no one dies directly on the ground from the nuclear explosion in itself likely around one third of the people who might be close to something metal are the ones who would die. When I wrote EMP I surmised that things that are  anything like a microchip or was metal like keys, or your iPhone or your belt buckle would burn you if you were in the receiving vicinity of this electromagnetic pulse. The pulse itself wouldn't kill you but it might Harm you from your iPhone belt buckle glasses rims anything metal in your pockets or your purse like coins. So according to research done at universities regarding the electromagnetic pulse this is what they had to say about it that about a third of the people in any country receiving this EMP would be close enough to something metal say within 10 to 12 feet where they would be electrocuted by their Metal computer, their toaster, sliding glass door, sink, their car or any thing that'll they were near to Like an aluminum chair outside they might be sitting in.

    So, you likely would  expect 1/3 of the people in any country where an atmospheric nuclear detonation going off to die from the EMP. However, most things on the ground would remain intact like Cars, houses, buildings. However, nothing electrical (unless military modified) would work ever again until replacement parts came from some other part of the world or manufacturing of those parts resumed here in the U.S.
    So, basically after an EMP nothing existing electrical will likely work ever again if it is above ground and within the EMP main radius of effect which could also be a country as big as the U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii, it could also be Russia or China or any other country on earth that lost everything electrical of any kind within a few minutes time.

    However, even if this occurred we would also not remember it because this could be retroactively time corrected as well.

    However, at this point I think this is the least likely thing to happen because we have so far survived since World war II with no (observable) detonations going off even though I’m fairly sure many have been “Time corrected” along the way by present or past Time Cadres here in the U.S. since World War II much like how Timeless works to correct past changes on earth as a TV program.

    In other words I’m saying this is not fictional in the sense that people do travel time and change it all the time, especially nuclear detonations. So, this is why we don’t remember any because any that occurred were then corrected by retroactive time travel. So, at least on our personal timelines this nuclear detonation or detonations never occurred.

    For example, with time corrections you can stop nuclear detonations, or pandemics that kill 95% of the people on earth by retroactively stopping it from happening. 

    What you cannot correct with retroactive Time correction is overpopulation causing terrorism causing human extinction. So, this must be dealt with by each civilization presently on earth or human extinction likely could occur. 

    It's not that it couldn't be done it's just that the United Nations oversees stuff like this and sovereignty is the main law on Earth regarding all this.

    So, in reality our main danger right now is not nuclear annihilation by nations at least. Our main problem is overpopulation causing terrorism in ever increasing numbers because of not enough jobs, water, food, places to live at any one location on earth.

    So, wherever there are no jobs because of overpopulation and lack of resources in that given area there will naturally be terrorism so they people who refuse to just drop dead fight back for food, water, clothing, shelter, jobs and respect at various places on earth.

    So far, we are seeing this the most in the Middle East in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia. But in the future it likely will spread in countries where no or not enough birth control is practiced. So, there is a direct co-relation between no birth control and terrorism from lack of resources and a lack of jobs and the lack therefore of the ability to get married and raise a family.


    Time could be corrected for a Solar Sun EMP:

    However, you would have to go back to around 1947 to Roswell and prevent all technology from there and the one near Germany that allowed development of V1 and V2 rockets and the like and jet engines in the 1930s. In other words you might have to eliminate all technology gleaned from ufo crashes from other planets or future Earth civilizations in order to prevent the next serious EMP from the sun from destroying civilization on one side of the planet or the other.

    However, it is presently unknown what that would do to the human race either.

    The problem is: "What is going to stop human extinction?"

    This would be the way the problem would have to be framed seeing that "Whatever" Caused human extinction is a threat to the ongoing survival of the human race.

    This would be the primary objective.

    By scanning time and changing variables until the human race survived one of these variables we wouldn't know what variables to use to save the human race for millions of years into the future here on earth.

    However, though an EMP on one side of the earth caused by a Solar EMP might destroy civlizations electrically and electronically and cost millions or even billions of lives, one side of the planet likely would still have technology to help solve the problem of human survival on the planet. So, the half of the planet that did not receive the solar blast through space causing the large Carrington event EMP or larger could be rebuilt no matter how many humans died from it on the side of the planet that was hit.

    So, everyone on earth is not going to die from the EMP because they are not all driving in self driving cars and trucks or flying in planes that would just crash without anything electrical working on them. I think I figured recently that 60,000 people would die right then when their passenger planes crashed when a solar EMP hit one side of earth.

    At least an equal amount of people in self driving cars and trucks likely would die also as their CPUs running their vehicles suddenly stopped working. So, this wouldn't cause extinction, but it might cause many deaths when this happened.

    A Solar Flare isn't likely to cause the same kind of EMP that a nuclear blast in the air would either. If you study the 1859 Carrington event when they had Telegraph lines and stations, the sky you could read by at midnight most places on earth because of Aurora Borealis, Fires started at telegraph stations when things caught on fire and even when you took telegraph lines off batteries they still could send messages down the lines without any electrical connections at all.

    So, though a solar flare likely would end all microchips and CPUs in everything on the side of the planet it hit, larger electrical machines like refrigerators or transformers or power stations may or may not burn up and go off line permanently until new equipment was built on the other side of the planet that wasn't hit during the full force of the EMP from the sun.

    IN 1859 when the Carrington Event hit Earth from the sun we only had electrical things common like Telegraph lines and batteries and even then the stations were catching fire when lightning bolts and sparks caught telegraph paper on fire in the offices. And sometimes telegraph operators were often shocked during this event too. So, for most people reading newspapers at midnight most places on earth and watching the Aurora Borealis from almost anywhere on earth were the worst problems most people dealt with in 1859 during that event. One way the operators solved this problem was to disconnect the batteries because they found the EMP was carrying enough current without batteries connected to send the dashes and dots down the wire without any battery connected at all.

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