Tuesday, June 20, 2017

There are some movies that might be useful in understanding how things work

From a self proved scientific point of view even though Hollywood (hollywoods up everything) there are a few movies that I find very helpful in demonstrating what is really going on regarding souls.

The first movie is actually a comedy Drama in which Patrick Swayze is murdered and Demi Moore is left wondering and so Patrick tries to let Demi know he is okay still.

This movie is called "Ghost"
  1. Ghost (1990) - IMDb

    Cast/crew information with a synopsis of the film, user comments and ratings, with recommendations. 

    Though some of the movie is silly there are actually some earthbound souls who have issues. There are souls who move quickly to heaven and there are souls who take a little time to resolve issues and there are souls that go into what I might call "some type of hell experience". However, hell isn't as pervasive a thing as you might imagine from church. NO.

    When you are unkind to yourself or others there are consequences of this which I might say are "natural consequences". We don't really own our bodies and our souls are subject to rules of the road too. So, whenever you don't treat yourself or others right there are consequences whether that is a human or animal or bird or fish or insect.

    The other movie that demonstrates mostly about Soul travel which is also more like a comic book than real life in some ways but is also based upon a lot of facts too is:

    1. Doctor Strange (2016) - IMDb

      Directed by Scott Derrickson. With Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong. While on a journey of physical and spiritual healing, a ... 

      However, separating fact and fiction in both movies is difficult but also sort of puts you in the right direction if you are a seeker on the path to enlightenment.

      So, truth is everywhere it all depends upon what you do with it in the end, in the beginning and in the middle (past, present and future).

      By God's Grace 

      what I personally find powerful about this movie is you have a materialistic egotistic doctor specialist (there are a lot of these by the way in the world) who has to see that there is more to life than he originally thought. So, this is a very powerful movie in transformation traumatically of this doctor.

      Whereas Patrick Swayze is murdered in Ghost and has to come up to speed pretty quick in getting what is going on. More of you are going to relate to Patrick Swayze's predicament I'm thinking. However, I have seen the Dr. STrange kind of experience play out into many people's lives too.

      When someone has the capacity to be intuitive but isn't presently using it except in a materialistic way it is possible for a Dr. Strange like effect to actually take place in someone's life.

      However, in my own life it was more about choosing to stay alive. My parents basically told me what to do. as a 10 to 15 year old I thought all religious people were crazy until I was forced by life (if I wanted to live through childhood epilepsy) to invoke God to live in my body with me. 

      But, I was lucky because my parents were very wise and helpful in many ways which made my path in the end very helpful to me and thousands of others too around the world. 

      By God's Grace

      It is my present belief that I am here to help people to enlightenment and longevity of a kind we likely haven't seen in the last 10,000 to 15,000 years here on earth. I am obviously not the only one here on earth working on this either.

      We are going through a faster and faster transformation as a human race here on earth. The biggest problem I think is going to be psychological in dealing with all the many many changes now in quick sucession.

      It will be helpful to be so intuitive you just know what is coming next. You sort of feel the future before it arrives so you are safe because you know automatically where to be and where not to be to live basically ongoing for hundreds or thousands of years.

      By God's Grace

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