Monday, June 19, 2017

What did Soul Travel teach me?

It taught me over 10 years time from the time I was around 20 to age 32 that we all live in God's Mind and not in a physical universe at all. A Physical universe does not exist except in God's Mind.

If a physical universe existed I should not have been able to do any of the things I have done and still do as a soul traveler. Therefore, scientifically speaking I have proved to myself that a physical universe does not exist at all and that the physical universe is ONLY one component of God's Mind.

However, in regard to living in a human body here on earth you MUST pretend it is all real or you soon will die while at the same time also knowing the full truth.

So, life here on earth then becomes a sort of paradox that you live within knowing the full truth but also understanding that many people likely would have a heart attack or stroke if they found out what you know to be true was actually true.

So, in politeness and kindness you pretend the human world is true until someone tries to harm you then you open them to the truth as a way to protect yourself. But, in reality all you are really doing is sharing the truth with people who are harming other people.

So, how do you open harmful people to the truth?

By fully experiencing the Truth in that moment.

So, like many have said before me:

"Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set you Free!"

By God's Grace

Note: This is just attaining a state of consciousness so in that moment
You are the Truth manifest. I'm not talking about doing anything physical
at all. It's all done just going into True reality in Consciousness for sometimes 30 seconds to
1 minute to 5 minutes time and just experiencing "Full Reality"

and then after that going back to pretending the physical world is real
so your body doesn't die because it is useful for God to have your body
here on earth to work through.

By God's Grace

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