Tuesday, June 20, 2017

who's minding the store?

Maybe not Trump. I think he has just let the military do their own thing. What's wrong with this?

Our military isn't designed to create policy. They are designed to enforce policy instead. So, to me, this is the biggest problem with just turning our military loose on any subject like Trump has done.

Creating policy is expected to be political through diplomacy. When the military gets involved there might be a greater chance of violence if they are expected to produce policy because diplomacy is not a military function inherently.

so, when the U.S. shoots down a Syrian warplane and then shoots down an Iranian Drone within a day or two you kind of know "No one is minding the store" in regard to U.S. policy.

Unless the policy Trump is maybe activating is to totally piss off Russia, Syria and Iran or something else no one knows about.

However, my point of view is that in regard to the Syrian plane being shot down, the Iranian drone being shot down and U.S. warplanes flying near North Korea that possibly Trump and the White House are not minding the store so to speak regarding foreign affairs.

Australia is obviously on top of all this by grounding their fighter planes after Syrian plane was shot down.

Where is the U.S.?

Is there even any rational policy?

Or are we just winging it?

What's going on?

The world should even be more scared than most Americans are already.

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