Saturday, January 13, 2018

I foresee the biggest toll from electric cars will be human health and toxic batteries thrown away

First of all, unless you customize your electric vehicle and lead line it to protect yourself from electrical coronas, over time you and your children are going to have health problems. This is a given.

I figure within 20 years (especially when children start out at birth in hybrids or electric) they are going to be having health problems from the electrical coronas from generating and expending electrical energy through both generating mechanisms within the car (in hybrids) and braking and also from the electrical motors themselves.

The other toll I see will be to the environment itself from discarding leaking batteries (7000 of them in a Tesla) if they are not recycled and reused somehow by future vehicles. These would poison the earth and prevent plants from growing, especially in countries less ecologically motivated.

In other words the poorer the country the more problems with batteries preventing people growing healthy foods from polluting the lands and waters and oceans.

So, as you can see you reduce your dependency on oil products which is good because now we need whatever oil we have left to make plastics with but you kill your children and pollute good farmlands with waste as well.

It's true as long as there is sun you can cover a self driving or all electric or hybrid with solar cells all over the surface of the car and avoid energy bills, but unless you lead line the interior of cars and trucks where people are riding you are going to make them sick.

So, customizing your hybrid or electric car or truck by lead lining it and making sure your batteries when you are done with them don't pollute the earthmight be the two most important things to consider.

The third problem is when I look at a Tesla for example, I see an Apple Computer with 4 wheels waiting to be hacked. And hacking a Tesla means you completely lose control of the vehicle and you die by terrorists or just people who want to murder you remotely.

Imagine you driving your Tesla or other hybrid or electric or self driving vehicle and suddenly someone takes it over remotely and sends it 90 miles per hour down the freeway. Can you survive this? Probably not.

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