Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Trump isn't guilty of collusion he's guilty of being Blackmailed by Putin!

This is the latest findings regarding Trump. So, in Trump's mind at least he cannot be guilty of collusion only of Blackmail.

I don't know how this all works out in a court of law however. Because the argument could also be made that allowing yourself to be blackmailed by an "Enemy of the STate" is a form of Treason and we all know what happens often to people  found guilty of committing Treason!

However, then we have to protect the office of president (for all future and past presidents) (even Nixon was pardoned from Prosecution by the way). So, in order to protect the office of President from someone guilty of the treason of allowing themselves to be blackmailed by Putin, Pence is going to have to pardon Trump in order to have ongoing peaceful succession of presidents with no major bloodshed.

Here's the thing. If you were Putin and you knew you COULD Blackmail a U.S. president. Would you?

Of Course!

Because Putin is an expert at this being an ex-KGB Colonel in East Germany in the 1980s.

This is a win win situation for him. Because even if Putin is caught blackmailing Trump it makes Americans look really stupid, doesn't it?

So, this is a WIN WIN situation for Putin and a Lose Lose situation for Trump and the Americans no matter what now.

Are the Pentagon and Secret Agencies and all miltiary officers in the U.S. really pissed off about now?

I think the answer can only be: "yes".

So, how does this end?

So, you've just got to know this doesn't end without a lot of revenge seeking on this and others of the (many many sides of this worldwide for years now).

It appears what is going to happen hasn't even begun to happen yet.

So, it makes perfect sense that the Republicans didn't want you to know about this because it is an extreme embarrassment that Trump (Their President) is being blackmailed by Putin right now and likely has been all along which might be why Melania cried when Trump was elected and looks very fearful often in public. I think she remembers what it was like in Eastern Europe before the Wall fell in Berlin and Eastern Europe around 1990 and the Soviet Union Collapsed. And realizes that Putin is and was a part of all that came before in the Soviet Union. She knows what a bad customer Putin really is from likely personal experiences.

Melania:She was born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia and grew up in Sevnica, Lower Sava Valley in 1970.

This means she was 10 years old in 1980 and 20 in 1990. So, growing up she saw just how bad communism really was in Slovenia. If you look at this map of the Iron Curtain countries Melania grew up under the Communism of a Soviet State until 1991 or until she left Easter Europe whenever that was.
begin quote from:

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