Thursday, May 17, 2018

There are always many versions of the truth but which one are you inclined to believe?

There is an illustration of getting 12 witnesses to ANY event. Lawyers and prosecutors know this quite well by the way.

IF you keep all 12 witnesses separate from each other and don't let them hear what the other person said you are "ALWAYS" going to  get 12 different versions of the truth in any given situation.

But, if you have them confer with each other people then tend to come to "group conclusions" as a matter of course and begin to change their stories to agree with each other.

Why would there be 12 different versions of the truth from each of 12 witnesses?

Because each of us has our own filter of reality.

So, every filter is different and unique to us.

And it's not that any version is wrong. It's just that each version would be unique to us as individuals around the world.

And then there is Donald Trump who like a mob Boss or Dictator makes up each version to manipulate the masses any way he wants.

This is also how royalty (until democracy) manipulated the truth about everyone and everything so they could kill anyone they wanted and steal the money of anyone they wanted.

IN dictatorships that are not democracies lies are told about everyone all the time and people are killed and relieved of their wealth regularly with zero due process happening at all.

This is why the words "NO one including the President of the United States is above the law"  are so important to our democracy always ongoing into the future.

(If we value human rights for anyone at all on earth)

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