Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Who is the Solar Logos?

Until a few months ago I saw the Solar Logos as the ruler of the plasma beings in the sun who have similar souls to humans here on earth but wear plasma bodies in the sun instead of human bodies here on earth. Since we humans would burn up in the sun our physical bodies cannot go there, but our souls can visit there soul traveling if we are given permission to do this by God and his angels. I first met solar plasma beings around 1970 when I went into the sun soul traveling and it felt like a Hot Tub a lot and was pleasant. Then they sent me into the center of the Galaxy to meet the Creator species that created the Galaxy. All our souls  of us in human bodies are actually incarnations of our souls who tend to live in the Center of the Galaxy near the Black hole. But, since they are not time space beings they don't naturally live in time and space but they can if they wish to for short or long periods of time (even though they are not time-space resident beings naturally).

Within a few months ago I learned that the Solar Logos is also the Great Divine Director and Lord Maha Chohan as well which was news to me. The Creator species because they don't naturally live in time and space are basically immortal. Therefore, this is why you can say, "My immortal Soul" because it never dies (usually) unless it is bored to death from living so long. This is one reason why we incarnate as humans to make us value eternity by experiencing mortality as human beings.

By God's Grace

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