Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ways to survive Climate changes

In some ways people have been trying to survive climate changes always. So, in some ways this is nothing new whether they were volcanoes going off or island volcanoes like Krakatoa blowing up to hurricanes going off and droughts and floods.

So, in some ways what people have always done is to go someplace that isn't a disaster temporarily or permanently is also likely what people will do in the future.

However, since literally almost all places on earth (instead of a few) are going to be having problems almost at the same times there will be a tendency for local infrastructures to fail in regard to water, food, sanitation etc. for longer and longer periods of times.

So, because of this being prepared for almost any eventuality will be more and more important for individuals and families to actually survive the multiple calamities in nearby areas all happening almost simultaneously as time moves on because of Global Warming and Global Climate changes.

So, the main ways to survive Climate changes are to prepare your families for almost any eventuality so when it happens they don't just sit down in shock and PTSD and fade out and die where they are because they are incapable of adapting to whatever changes are happening in their lives.

Later Note: The optimum ages for surviving calamities is about 20 to 50 years of age. IF you have older or younger people unless you save them some how often they just aren't going to make it through the coming calamities we all are going to face the rest of this century and the next centuries.

I'm actually not convinced because of leaders like Trump that ANY human beings will still be alive on earth about 300 years from now primarily because weather changes in Alaska that they didn't expect until 2069 already hit this summer of 2019. If we are already 40 years ahead of time in the arctic and antarctic then it likely is already too late, especially with presidents like Trump screwing up the survival of the whole human race like this.

However, "where there's a will there's always a way." But, implementing that way becomes harder unless there is some sort of literal world war for the survival of life on earth (at the very least  human survival) at this point in time.

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