Thursday, October 17, 2019

Here's what's strange about quid Pro Quo!

Just because you admit  to doing something illegal doesn't make it legal to have done that. You notice it wasn't Trump's legal team that did this but instead his Press Secretary. His legal team were horrified. Because admitting you committed a crime as a president doesn't make it any less of a punishable crime through impeachment. So, I find it very strange. It would be exactly like saying,

"I killed someone but most soldiers have too. So, you cannot punish me for killing someone."

Or like Trump said during the 2016 campaign, "I could go out and shoot someone dead and people would still vote for me."

Yes. That might be true but you would still be just as guilty of murder either way. And if you murder someone (even if you are the president) shouldn't you be punished?

IN this case Trump was just causing deaths in another Country, Ukraine by what he was doing. So, it could be said that Trump's quid pro quo killed people in Ukraine or lead to the eventual takeover of Ukraine by Russia. That would be fair.

So, Trump should be stopped from causing deaths in Ukraine and undermining the government of Ukraine, Shouldn't he?

Just telling people you committed a crime doesn't stop it from being a crime and treason and a breach of our national security (the worst one so far) by any sitting U.S. president ever.

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