Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What is Dragon of Compassion All About?

I think the first time I experienced actually being a house sized Golden Dragon it was a complete surprise and equally horrific and amazing at the time.

I was on a "Vision Quest" of no water and no food for 96 hours in a bear wallow on the South Fork of the Trinity River in the wilderness several miles from the nearest human being. In fact, no one walked through my campsite in the 4 days I was there from the outside world.

It was the 2nd day of fasting and praying that night when I became this huge Golden Dragon. You might call this a "starvation" hallucination but when you pray like this God gives you the answers to your prayers in your visions in a vision quest like this if you are praying for 4 days and nights straight at the same time. I wanted to know the purpose of the rest of my life and I was about 35 at the time then in 1983 I believe.

So, this vision sort of "reset" my life in many ways on a slightly different path than I had been on before.

This vision basically took me into Tibetan Buddhism with my family at that time and by 1985 we flew to Japan, Thailand, India and Nepal for 4 months as a part of this continuing "Vision quest" which was showing me my path in this lifetime.

In the 1983 vision when I became a dragon bigger than any house I also breathed out Golden fire upon people. At the time I was terrified this would make people Burn up and die, but instead they smiled and became enlightened. When this happened I realized how powerful my soul is but that the power of enlightenment flows through me through the sacred fire of the Dragon's outbreath.

Also, in the Asian Context a Dragon is a great leader and not a bad thing necessarily like you often find in European Culture. A Dragon in Asia is symbolic of a Great political or spiritual leader in this context. I understood this was the context that God was sharing with me so I realized that I was like a Golden Dragon Sent by God to enlighten the masses at that point which reordered how I saw myself in God's eyes too.

It also manifested when I almost died from a heart virus in 1998 because I was afraid to write of all these experiences publicly. But, I was on a guerney at Stanford Medical (near stanford university) and with about 50 or 60 other patients on Guerneys, most of which were worried they might die that day and I vowed to God if I survived all this that I would start a blog (they weren't called that then in 1998) and I would write of the amazing experiences that God had shared with me.

So, when as the angels told me I got well in May of 1999 (They came and told me this in Fall 1998 when I thought I was dying)  after I was so sick I had to retire or die in the fall of 1998 I did start a blog first at Geocities.com that I had to program myself in HTML at that time until I started this site in 2007 that has Autoencoders so I don't have to spend 90% more time writing all this in HTML.

So, life is pretty amazing isn't it?

Life is a constant series of miracles!

By God's Grace

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