Friday, August 30, 2019

The Nazis built a base on the moon?

Part of the interesting part of the story (according to Corey Goode) is that the Nazis built a base on the moon and that 23 American Agents had been there so they knew about it during World War II.

If this is true then where did they take off from?

Antarctica in order to build their secret base on the moon that is still used by the way and has been added to now by the Secret Space Command composed of people from all nations here on earth.

The story is made even more interesting by the Reptilians (humanoid looking Reptilian based beings (that might have come from an alternate time line where Dinosaurs didn't die in asteroid hit 65 million years ago here on earth by the way).

It seems the Reptilians gave Hitler anti-gravity units to put on submarines. So, they flew to the Moon from Antarctica on U-Boats which could naturally stand the vacuum of space just like they stand the pressures of the ocean.

From a purely technical point of view, if you could reverse gravity and then have some sort of propulsion for traveling through space, Submarines might make good space ships once you get over the whole weight factor of a submarine in space. But, the weight of a submarine even in space is a lot of inertia to overcome too. However, if you have anti-gravity devices that can lift a submarine off of earth in the first place then you might have repulsion and attraction gravity devices that could easily get you to the moon or Mars as well.

Mag-Lev trains might be considered a light weight form of this same type of propulsion through space (and time).

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