Wednesday, September 28, 2022

What kills people in Tropical Cyclones like Hurricane Ian category 4

Surge 49%

Flooding 27%

Wind  8%

Surf 6%

Offshore 6% 

Tornado 3%

Unknown 1%

So, the surge we are now seeing is likely to kill the most people during these next couple of days across Florida. And ocean Flooding and Rain river Flooding will likely be the 2nd biggest killer of people in Florida.

This Hurricane appears (at least at this point) to be much worse potentially death wise than anything since 

Hurricane Katrina in 2004.

There are now gusts of over 200 mph hitting from Hurricane Ian

 If you are outside when a 200 mile per hour gust hits you likely will be air born in other words flying through the air (along with branches and signs and pieces of wood and especially plywood and corrugated aluminum roofing. So, being inside so that all these things impact your homes rather than you is really important at this time in certain parts of Florida.

However, the biggest problem is flooding so if you are not about 50 feet elevation you could be in trouble because there will be flooding (both fresh water and by ocean water combined all the way across Florida from Tampa all the way across to Orlando where Disney World is. So, Disney World could even get flooded out too along with everything else all the way across the state.

So, people could die theoretically by the thousands in flooding of various kinds much like Hurricane Katrina in 2004 in New Orleans. This is the biggest storm to EVER hit western Florida. 

There is NO STORM bigger than this one to ever hit Western Florida in HISTORY!

Write your own Creation Story

 I did and still continue doing this and I find it one of the most meaningful things in my life.

Religions of all kinds abound around the world.

However, as I studied Creation stories while studying cultural Anthropology in University during my life I realized that every tribe had it's own creation story.

One of the more interesting ones was a tribe in South America that worshiped a post that was carved and decorated in the middle of their tribal area. But, one day termites ate away this post that was carved and painted and it fell over and one by one the tribe all sat down and died because their sacred post had been eaten and fallen over.

This is something to think about for all of us because if what we believe isn't survivable then we won't survive either and neither will our children.

All the members of this tribe died simply because the post they worshiped got eaten by termites and it fell over so the whole tribe went extinct within a month or two.

As you write your creation story it's important to realize that you are writing what you actually believe in and what is meaningful to you about life and your soul and the souls around you.

Being 1/2 Swiss and 1/2 Scottish I tend to be a very efficient and practical person and I have watched all the less practical people I have met die one by one around me until I'm 74 and many I have known are gone because of their impracticality in various ways while I'm still alive here in California.

But, I have found starting in 1980 when I first started writing about Arcane and realized I was writing my own creation story by 1998 and 1999 when I believed I might be dying of a heart virus I saw that I could remember past lives of mine in the past, present and future.

What you believe in either nurtures you or kills you or both. So, be very careful what you choose to believe in.

Originally, I thought I was only writing a healing form of science fiction in 1980. It wasn't until 1998 and 1999 when I believed I might be dying that I realized that these were soul memories of various lifetimes I had already lived in the past, present and future.

How is it possible to remember future lifetimes and events?

It is possible because our souls do not live in time and space naturally so it could be said our souls live in the eternal now which includes the past, present and future.

IF you understand this you also understand the true nature of our souls.

By God's Grace

January 6 rioter who assaulted Michael Fanone sentenced to over 7 years in prison Holmes Lybrand


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‘The violence was you’: January 6 rioter who assaulted Michael Fanone sentenced to over 7 years in prison

He helped recruit migrants to go to Martha's Vineyard. Why he now regrets his actions
CNN  — 

Kyle Young, one of several rioters who attacked Washington, DC, police officer Michael Fanone during the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol was sentenced to 86 months in prison on Tuesday.

“On January 6, the violence was you,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson told Young before handing down the sentence, adding that he was a “one man wrecking ball” that day who attacked Fanone “under the whirling banner of a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag.”

In May, Young pleaded guilty to assaulting Fanone, holding his wrist and pulling his arm while the officer was dragged into the mob by other rioters.

Fanone has since left the Metropolitan Police and is now a CNN contributor.

After being pulled from the line of officers, Fanone was then beaten by rioters during one of the most brutal assaults on police protecting the Capitol that day. He was tased in the neck and eventually lost consciousness during the attack, where he had begged rioters for his life and told them he had children.

Young, Jackson said, was the individual who handed another rioter the stun gun used to electrocute Fanone. Young then showed the individual how to operate the device.

“You had to teach him how to turn it on,” Jackson said, “you armed someone.”

The individual, Daniel Rodriguez, is charged with electrocuting Fanone several times in his neck and has pleaded not guilty.

“I hope someday you’ll forgive me,” Young, who brought his 16-year-old son with him to the Capitol, said to Fanone during the sentencing hearing. “I know you hate me.”

Young told the judge that “whatever you give me as punishment I accept and I probably deserve.”

During the sentencing, prosecutors played video of Fanone being swallowed into the mass of attackers. “You can hear screams on the video. Screams,” Jackson said of Fanone’s calls for the rioters to stop.

Fanone, who spoke during Tuesday’s hearing, asked Jackson to sentence Young to 10 years behind bars and spoke of how he was “violently beaten.” The former officer said he was prevented by Young from grabbing his firearm or radio, which he called his “lifeline.”

“I would have lost my life,” Fanone said, were it not for others in the mob who dragged him out.

“The assault on me by Mr. Young cost me my career,” Fanone added, before turning to Young and telling him hoped he suffered in his time in prison.

As Fanone walked back to his seat in the courtroom, one man sitting in the audience called Fanone a “piece of s**t” and was quickly removed from the courtroom by a deputy US Marshal.

One of Young’s co-defendants, Albuquerque Head, also pleaded guilty to the assault and will be sentenced in late October.

Putin's draft could upend the deal that kept him in power

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 • Analysis: Putin's draft could upend the deal that kept him in power

NATO chief calls Nord Stream leaks acts of 'sabotage'


I woke up on the northern California coast and was very surprised at low temperatures

 51 degrees for a low here on the coast in September seems awfully low when I expected it not to be below 56, 58 or 59 degrees. So, 51 is very very unusual for September here on the Northern California Coast in the Greater SF Bay area. The Fog has come in over night so everything where I am at least is wet which is really good for the trees and helps prevent fires completely at least along the coast where I live.

So, it's interesting being back because here are the temperatures in Santa Barbara very different than here.

While the low was 61 in Santa Barbara it is 51 here where I am nearer San Francisco and it will be 78 down there and only 67 where I am here today. So, it's around 10 degrees cooler here than in Santa Barbara which is basically a normal difference between Santa Barbara and the SF Bay area year around basically. So, I already miss the warm waters of Santa Barbara wading through the surf there. The water temperature there is 66.9 degrees which is warm to me being from the Bay area because here it is only 62 degrees this time of year. Though where I live is it around 54 to 57 degrees in the winter it is only 62 usually at most this time of year. Maybe it has been 63 in August but no more than that.

Mostly sunny
Precipitation: 1%
Humidity: 81%
Wind: 1 mph
Santa Barbara, CA
Wednesday 7:00 AM
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
Partly cloudy