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List of alleged extraterrestrial beings

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List of alleged extraterrestrial beings

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This is a list of alleged extraterrestrial beings that have been reported in close encounters, claimed or speculated to be associated with "Unidentified flying objects".


Flatwoods monster[1][2]Tall humanoid with a spade-shaped head.[1]
Greys[3][4] Grey-skinned humanoids, usually 3–4 feet tall, hairless, with large heads, black almond-shaped eyes, nostrils without a nose, slits for mouths, no ears and 3-4 fingers including thumb. Greys have been the predominant extraterrestrial beings of alleged alien contact since the 1960s.[4]
Hopkinsville goblin[5]Small, greenish-silver humanoids.[6]
Little green men[7]Diminutive green humanoids. Even though a few abduction or anal probe cases have referred to green skin, no report has ever involved anything that would fit the classic cultural stereotype of "Little Green Men". They are included here only for cultural reference.[7]
Nordic/aliens[8][9] Humanoids with stereotypical "Nordic features" (tall, blonde hair, blue eyes) and have featured in several cases of contact. It is said they are from Ancient Earth but presenting themselves as ETs in the past, they moved from living on the surface to live underground around the Himalayas area after a natural event.[10]
Reptilians and Reptiloids[15] Tall, scaly humanoids. Popularized by David Icke, in many of his conspiracy theories.

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List of reported UFO sightings before and after Roswell back to 1440 BC

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List of reported UFO sightings

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This is a partial list by date of sightings of alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs), including reports of close encounters and abductions.

Second millennium BC[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources
ca. 1440 BCFiery disksLower EgyptAncient EgyptAccording to the disputed Tulli Papyrus, the scribes of the pharaoh Thutmose III reported that "fiery disks" were encountered floating over the skies.[1][2]

Classical antiquity[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources
218 BCships in the skyRomeItaliaRoman RepublicLivy records a number of portents in the winter of this year, including vanadium speciem de caelo adfulsisse ("phantom ships had been seen gleaming in the sky").Livy's Ab Urbe Condita Libri[3][4]
76 BCspark from a falling starunknownRoman RepublicAccording to Pliny the Elder, a spark fell from a star and grew as it descended until it appeared to be the size of the Moon. It then ascended back up to the heavens and was transformed into a light.[5][4]
74 BCflame-like pithoi from the skyPhrygiaAsiaRoman RepublicAccording to Plutarch, a Roman army commanded by Lucullus was about to begin a battle with Mithridates VI of Pontus when "all on a sudden, the sky burst asunder, and a huge, flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies. In shape, it was most like a wine-jar, and in colour, like molten silver." Plutarch reports the shape of the object as like a wine-jar (pithos). The apparently silvery object was reported by both armies.[6][4]
196 ADangel hairRomeRoman EmpireHistorian Cassius Dio described "A fine rain resembling silver descended from a clear sky upon the Forum of Augustus." He used some of the material to plate some of his bronze coins, but by the fourth day afterwards the silvery coating was gone.[4]

16th–17th centuries[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources
1561-04-141561 celestial phenomenon over NurembergNurembergHoly Roman EmpireResidents of Nuremberg saw what they described as an aerial battle, followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object and then a large crash outside of the city. The broadsheet claims that witnesses observed hundreds of spheres, cylinders and other odd-shaped objects that moved erratically overhead.[7]
1566-08-071566 celestial phenomenon over BaselBaselSwitzerlandA broadsheet published in 1566 depicted numerous spherical objects appearing out of the sun. This event is depicted in a 16th-century woodcut by Samuel Coccius (Samuel Koch) and Samuel Apiarius.[7]

19th century[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources
1803-02-22 or 03-24Utsuro-bune at Haratono-hamaEastern shoreJapanOn February 22 (or March 24) in 1803 local fishermen reportedly saw a vessel drifting in close by waters. They say when they investigated it, "a beautiful young woman" they described as having red and white hair and dressed in strange clothes appeared. The fishermen claim she held a square box "that no one was allowed to touch" and she spoke to them in a language they never heard before. Some UFO believers think this story was a credible document of a close encounter of the third kind in Japan. Historians and Ethnologists consider it folklore.[8][9]
1883-08-12José Bonilla ObservationZacatecas Observatory, ZacatecasMexicoOn August 12, 1883, the astronomer José Bonilla reported that he saw more than 300 dark, unidentified objects crossing the sun disk while observing sunspot activity at Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico. He was able to take several photographs, exposing wet plates at 1/100 second. It was subsequently determined that the objects were high-flying geese.[10]
1896–1897Mystery airshipsUnited StatesNumerous reports of UFO sightings and attempted abductions that took place around the United States in a 2-year period.[11]
1897-04-17Aurora, Texas, UFO incidentAurora, TexasUnited StatesA tale of a UFO crash and a burial of its alien pilot in the local cemetery was sent to newspapers in Dallas and Fort Worth in April 1897 by local correspondent S.E. Hayden.[12][13]

20th century[edit]


DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources
1909Mystery airshipsOtagoNew ZealandStrange moving lights and some solid bodies in the sky were seen around Otago and elsewhere in New Zealand, and were reported to newspapers.[14][15]
Miracle of the SunFátimaSantarém DistrictPortugalThousands of people observed the sun gyrate and descend. This was later reinterpreted by Jacques Vallée, Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada as a possible UFO sighting, but not recognized as such due to cultural differences.[16][17][18]
1940sFoo fightersOver World War II theatersSmall metallic spheres and colorful balls of light repeatedly spotted and occasionally photographed worldwide by bomber crews during World War II.[19][20]
1941Cape Girardeau UFO crashCape GirardeauMissouriUnited StatesFirst responders and a Baptist minister allegedly view crashed spacecraft and bodies.[21][22][23]
1942-02-24Battle of Los AngelesLos Angeles, CaliforniaUnited StatesUnidentified aerial objects trigger the firing of thousands of anti-aircraft rounds and raise the wartime alert status.[24]
1946The Ghost RocketsMostly in Scandinavia, but also other European countriesNumerous UFO sightings were reported over Scandinavia, causing the Swedish Defense Staff to express concern.[25]
1946-05-18UFO-Memorial ÄngelholmÄngelholmKristianstads CountySwedenGösta Karlsson reports seeing a flying saucer and its alien passengers. A model of it is now erected at the site.[26]
1947-06-21Maury Island incidentPuget Sound near Maury IslandWashingtonUnited StatesHarold A. Dahl reported that his dog was killed and his son was injured by debris in an encounter with four to six flying doughnut-shaped objects. He also claimed that a witness was subsequently threatened by the Men in Black.[27]
1947-06-24Kenneth Arnold UFO sightingNorth of Mount RainierWashingtonUnited StatesThe UFO sighting that sparked the name flying saucers. This sighting is considered as the start of the "Modern UFO era".[28][29]
1947-06/071947 UFO sightingsmostly WashingtonUnited StatesSeveral UFO sightings reported after the sighting of Kenneth Arnold.[28]
1947-06Roswell UFO crashabout 30 mi north of Roswell, New MexicoUnited StatesUnited States Army Air Forces allegedly captured a crashed flying saucer and its alien occupants. The find was soon reveled to be a crashed balloon but regained attention since 1978 after investigation of S. T. Friedman.[30][31]
1948The Green FireballsUnited StatesObjects were reported over several United States military bases; an official investigation followed.[32][33]
1948-01-07Thomas MantellKentuckyUnited StatesUS Air Force sent a fighter pilot to investigate a UFO sighting over Fort Knox, Kentucky; his aircraft crashed and the pilot was killed while pursuing the UFO.[34]
1948-07-24Chiles-Whitted UFO encounterAlabamaUnited StatesChiles and Whitted, American commercial pilots, reported that their airplane had nearly collided with a UFO[35]
1948-10-01Gorman dogfightNorth DakotaUnited StatesA US Air Force pilot sighted and pursued a UFO for 27 minutes over Fargo, North Dakota.[36][37]
1949Aztec, New Mexico, UFO incidentNew MexicoUnited StatesAn alleged retrieval of a grounded UFO and its occupants from a plateau in New Mexico[38]


DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources
1950-05-11McMinnville UFO photographsa farm near McMinnville, OregonUnited StatesA farmer took pictures of a purported "flying saucer". These were the first claimed photographs of flying saucers since the coining of the term.[39]
1950-08-05 or 15Mariana UFO incidentGreat Falls, MontanaUnited StatesThe manager of Great Falls' pro baseball team took color film of two UFOs flying over Great Falls. The film was extensively analyzed by the US Air Force and several independent investigators.[40]
1951-08-25Lubbock LightsLubbock, TexasUnited StatesSeveral Lights in V-Shaped formations were repeatedly spotted flying over the city. Witnesses included professors from Texas Tech University and photographed by a Texas Tech student.[41]
1952-07-12 to 291952 Washington, D.C. UFO incidentWashington, D.C.United StatesA series of sightings in July 1952 accompanied radar contacts at three separate airports in the Washington area. The sightings made front-page headlines around the nation, and ultimately lead to the formation of the Robertson Panel by the CIA.[42][43]
1952-07-14Nash-Fortenberry UFO sightingNorfolk, VirginiaUnited StatesW. Nash and W. Fortenberry, pilots of a DC-4 airliner of Pan American Airways, sighted eight large, round, glowing red objects.[44][45]
1952-07-24Carson Sink UFO incidentnear Carson SinkNevadaUnited StatesTwo pilots saw three unusual Delta wing aircraft flying in a V-formation over Carson Sink.[46]
1952-09-12The Flatwoods MonsterFlatwoods, West VirginiaUnited StatesSix local boys and a woman report seeing a UFO land, and saw a spade-headed creature near the landing site.[47][48][49]
1953-08-05/06Ellsworth UFO sightingRapid City, South Dakota and Bismarck, North DakotaUnited StatesOver two nights, a red glowing light is witnessed by 45 people.[50]
1953-11-23The disappearance of Felix Moncla and Robert Wilsonnear the Soo Locks over Lake SuperiorUnited States/CanadaU.S. Air Force pilot and radar operator and their F-89C disappeared while pursuing an unidentified radar return.[51]
1955-08-21/22Kelly–Hopkinsville encounterA farmhouse near Hopkinsville, KentuckyUnited StatesAfter the sighting of a disc-shaped aircraft a group of strange, goblin-like creatures are reported to have repeatedly approached a farm house and looked inside through the windows. Members of the two families present shot at them several times with little or no effect. The encounter lasted from evening to dawn.[52]
1956-07-24Drakensberg ContacteeDrakensbergSouth AfricaA well-known photo series depicting a supposed UFO, was taken on 24 July near Rosetta in the Drakensberg region. The photographer, meteorologist Elizabeth Klarer, claimed detailed adventures with an alien race, besides having had an alien lover, Akon, who would have fathered her son Ayling.[53]
1957-05-20Milton Torres 1957 UFO EncounterEast AngliaUnited KingdomU.S. Air Force fighter pilot Milton Torres reports that he was ordered to intercept and fire on a UFO displaying "very unusual flight patterns" over East Anglia. Ground radar operators tracked what was believed to be an unidentified aircraft for some time before Torres' plane was scrambled to intercept.[54]
1957-10-16/17Antonio Vilas Boas AbductionNear São Francisco de SalesMinas GeraisBrazilOne of the first abduction claims. Farmer Antonio Vilas Boas claimed to have been abducted and examined by humanoid aliens while working in the fields at night. He also claimed to have had sex with an alien woman aboard the egg-shaped aircraft.[55]
1957-11-02Levelland UFO caseLevelland, TexasUnited StatesNumerous people describe seeing a glowing, egg-shaped object and a cigar-shaped object which caused their vehicle's engines to shut down.[56][57]
1958-01-16Trindade UFO IncidentTrindade IslandBrazil9 Separate sightings and 7 photos of UFO's were reported in the Trinidade Island during the meteorological and geological expeditions in the island.[58]
1959-02-02/03Dyatlov Pass incidentKholat SyakhlSverdlovsk OblastSoviet UnionMysterious deaths of experienced cross-country skiers in the Urals are due to official investigation believed to have been caused by an unknown "compelling natural force". Some claim relation to unidentified orange spheres.[59]
1961-09-19Betty and Barney Hill abductionSouth of Lancaster on Route 3New HampshireUnited StatesThe first widely publicized alien abduction experience. The Hills saw a huge flying disk while driving home in their car at late evening and later claimed they were abducted and medically examined by small extraterrestrials.[60]
1964-04-24Lonnie Zamora incidentSocorro, New MexicoUnited StatesPolice officer Zamora reports a close encounter.[61]
1965-03-09The Incident at ExeterExeter, New HampshireUnited StatesNumerous reports of UFOs in Exeter, New Hampshire.[62]
1965-07-01The Valensole UFO incidentValensoleProvence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurFrancePeasant Maurice Massé saw a landed spherical object and was paralyzed by two grey alien-like occupants.[63][64]
1965-12-09Kecksburg UFO incidentKecksburg, PennsylvaniaUnited StatesMass sighting of a falling brilliant fireball dropping debris and causing sonic booms, followed by a cordoning-off of the probable crash site, alleged intimidation of a reporter by men in black and cover-up and the unresolved death of said witness.[65]
1966The Mothman PropheciesPoint Pleasant, West VirginiaUnited StatesA wave of reported sightings of a winged humanoid are connected to other mysterious events including sightings of UFOs.[66]
1966-04-06Westall UFOClayton South, VictoriaAustraliaA sighting reported by hundreds of people. Witnesses of "The Clayton Incident" still gather for reunions.[67]
1967-08-29Close encounter of CussacOutside CussacAuvergneFranceA young brother and sister claimed to have witnessed a brilliant sphere and four small black occupants while herding cattle outside their village.[68]
1967-10-04Shag Harbour UFO incidentGulf of Maine near Shag Harbour, Nova ScotiaCanadaA large lit object was reported to have crashed into waters near Shag Harbour. A Canadian naval search followed, and officially referred to the object as a UFO. There were other UFO sightings in the area at the time.[69][70]
1969-01-06Jimmy Carter UFO incidentLeary, GeorgiaUnited StatesLater U.S. president Jimmy Carter's sighting of a UFO, which he didn't believe to be of extraterrestrial origin and is, contrary to him, thought to be Venus.[71]
1969-04-12Finnish Air Force sightingPoriFinlandSeven disc shaped objects hovering in formation around 1500–3000 meters were spotted by the airtraffic controller and two pilots. When fighter pilot Tarmo Tukeva investigated, they accelerated away.[72]
1972-06-271972 UFO sightings in the eastern CapeFort BeaufortSouth AfricaA craft was observed near Fort Beaufort in the eastern Cape, which attracted the attention of the military.[73][74][75][76]
1972-11-121972 UFO sightings in the eastern CapeRosmeadSouth AfricaA school headmaster seems to have arrived at a still smouldering UFO landing site in the town of Rosmead.[74][77][78][79]
1973-10-11Pascagoula AbductionNear Pascagoula at the Pascagoula RiverMississippiUnited StatesTwo men fishing on the river claimed to be abducted by strange-looking humanoids.[80]
1974-01-23Berwyn Mountain UFO incidentLlandrilloMerionethshireNorth WalesUnited KingdomAn alleged UFO crash involving lights in the sky moments before a large impact shock. The cause of the incident was however soon revealed as a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.[81][82]


DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources
1975-01-12Stonehenge incidentNorth Bergen, New JerseyUnited StatesA UFO was allegedly sighted in North Hudson Park by a man, George O'Barski, while he was driving home at 2:45 AM.[83]
1975-11-05Travis WaltonNear Turkey Springs in Apache-Sitgreaves National ForestArizonaUnited StatesLogger Travis Walton reports being abducted by aliens for five days. Walton's six workmates claimed to have witnessed a bright hovering large silvery disk and fled the scene leaving him lying on the ground. He reappeared on 11-10 at late evening in Heber-Overgaard. Walton described the event and its aftermath in the book The Walton Experience (1978), which was dramatized in the film Fire in the Sky (1993) (with the scenes aboard the extraterrestrials' vessel significantly changed).[80]
1976-08-26Allagash AbductionsEagle Lake on the Allagash waterwayMaineUnited StatesFour campers claimed to have been abducted by alien beings in the Allagash wilderness.[84][85]
1976-09-191976 Tehran UFO incidentNorth of and in TehranMazandaran and Tehran ProvincesIranA very bright object similar to a star was seen from Shemiran; after each approach to the UFO the electronic equipment of two F-4 interceptor aircraft of the Imperial Iranian Air Force was disabled, along with ground control equipment in Mehrabad International Airport, an event thoroughly documented in the U.S. DIA report.[86]
1977-09-20Petrozavodsk phenomenonMultiple locations in several countriesSoviet Union/Northern EuropeA series of celestial events of a disputed nature from Copenhagen and Helsinki in the west to Vladivostok in the east. In Petrozavodsk, a glowing object was reported that showered the city with numerous rays. The phenomenon is sometimes attributed to the launch of the Soviet satellite Kosmos-955.[87]
1977Broad HavenDyfedWalesUnited KingdomIn the 1970s, the area was the scene of alleged UFO sightings and nicknamed the Broad Haven Triangle.[88][89]
1978-05-10Emilcin AbductionEmilcinLublin VoivodeshipPolandA farmer in Emilcin is said to have been abducted and medically examined by short, green-faced, humanoid entities speaking an unearthly language in a white, hovering, humming craft. There is now a memorial at the site.[90]
1978-10-21Valentich disappearanceVictoriaAustraliaContacting air traffic control, an Australian pilot reported seeing a UFO before both he and his aircraft vanished.[91][92]
1978-12-21Kaikoura lightsSouth IslandNew ZealandA series of sightings by a Safe Air freight plane over two nights. The airplane was escorted by lights that changed color and size. The lights were tracked by ground and air radar, and filmed in the air by a TV crew.[93]
1979-08-27Val Johnson incidentMarshall County, MinnesotaUnited StatesA deputy sheriff spotted a bright light which appeared to have collided with his patrol car and damaged it. The deputy also suffered temporary retinal damage.[94][95]
1979-11-09Dechmont Woods EncounterDechmont Law near Livingston, West LothianScotlandUnited KingdomForester, Bob Taylor, was pulled by two spiked globes towards a large spheroid object, which hovered on a clearing. He lost consciousness and afterwards had trouble walking and speaking. He was also constantly thirsty for several days.[96]
1979-11-11Manises UFO incidentValenciaProvince of ValenciaSpainThree large UFOs forced a commercial flight to make an emergency landing at Manises Airport.[97]
1980-04-11 to 28Arequipa UFO incidentArequipa RegionPeruInterception of an alleged UFO by a Sukhoi Su-22. The pilot followed the object, and aimed his weapons at the UFO, firing sixty four 30mm shells. The pilot followed the object, reporting it had an enamelled cream colour; similar to an incandescent lightbulb with a much wider circular silver base. The pilot then broke off the engagement.[98][99]
1980-12-24 to 28Rendlesham-Woodbridge IncidentRendlesham ForestSuffolkEnglandUnited KingdomA sighting by USAF personnel, which at first appeared to be a downed aircraft.[100]
1980-12-29Cash-Landrum incidentOn state highway FM 1485 in New Caney, TexasUnited StatesA huge diamond-shaped object expelling flame and emitting heat irradiated three witnesses on an isolated road in dense woods; all required treatment for radiation poisoning. The witnesses then saw military helicopters, including CH-47 Chinooks, following. The witnesses sued the United States Government, and the case was dismissed.[101]
1981-01-08Trans-en-Provence CaseTrans-en-ProvenceProvence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurFranceRetired contractor Renato Nicolai said he saw a flying object shaped like two inverted bowls that left circular traces on the grass.[102]
1985-12-27CommunionNew YorkUnited StatesAuthor Whitley Strieber claims he was abducted by aliens while at his cabin in upstate New York.[103]
1986-01-29Height 611 UFO incidentDalnegorskPrimorski KraiSoviet UnionThe inhabitants of the town watched a reddish ball which crashed into a mount known as Height 611.[citation needed]
1986-11-17Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 incidentFrom eastern to south central AlaskaUnited StatesFirst two square-shaped, then one apparent craft witnessed by the crew reportedly flew alongside Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 for 50 minutes above Alaska. Military radar detected an object trailing the Boeing 747.[104]
1987-11-11Gulf Breeze UFO incidentFloridaUnited StatesEd Walters, a building contractor claimed to see a UFO and take photos of it.[105][106]
1989-09-27Voronezh UFO incidentVoronezhSoviet UnionA group of youths claimed to have seen a UFO and a "three eyed alien".[107]
1990-03-30Belgian UFO waveAnsWalloniaBelgiumReports of large, silent, low-flying black triangles, allegedly investigated by Belgium's military.[108]
1991-09-15STS-48 incidentSpace Shuttle Discovery while in orbitOuter spaceVideo taken during mission STS-48 shows a flash of light and several objects, apparently flying in an artificial or controlled fashion. NASA explained them as ice particles reacting to engine jets.[109]
1996-01-20Varginha UFO incidentVarginhaBrazilBrazilian Armed Forces allegedly captured extraterrestrial being after an UFO crash. The Brazilian government has officially denied these claims. According to a military inquest, a local man with disabilities was mistaken for an alien.[110]
1996-10-05Westendorff UFO sightingPelotasBrazilPilot observes a UFO emerge from a mother craft.[111][112][113][114]
1997-03-13Phoenix LightsPhoenix, ArizonaUnited StatesLights and craft of varying descriptions, most notably a V-shaped pattern, were seen by thousands of people between 19:30 and 22:30 MST, in a space of about 300 miles, from the Nevada line, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson.[115][116]

21st century[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSources
2004-03-052004 Mexican UFO incidentMexicoA drug-smuggling air-patrol recorded on infrared camera what some claimed to be UFOs. The footage was released by Jaime Maussan. The observations were however convincingly correlated with the burn-off flares of oil platforms.[117]
2004-11-14USS Nimitz UFO incidentOff the coast of San Diego, CaliforniaUnited StatesSeveral pilots from VFA-41 squadron flying Super Hornets from the USS Nimitz, were directed by the USS Princeton to intercept one of several unidentified flying objects detected by radar. The pilots reported a visual encounter and recorded an infrared video. The Navy has verified that the video was taken by Navy personnel and has stated that it has not yet identified the nature of the sightings which they classify as unexplained aerial phenomena.[118][119][120]
2006-11-072006 O'Hare International Airport UFO sightingChicago, IllinoisUnited StatesUnited Airlines employees and pilots claimed sightings of a saucer-shaped, unlit craft hovering over a Chicago O'Hare Airport terminal, before appearing to leave with a rapid vertical rise.[121]
2007-04-232007 Alderney UFO sightingAlderneyBailiwick of GuernseyTwo airline pilots on separate flights spot UFOs off the coast of Alderney.[122]
2007-11-28 to 2011-12-13Dudley DoritoWest Midlands conurbationUnited KingdomThe Dudley Dorito were multiple sightings of a black triangle over the West Midlands conurbation of the United Kingdom which began in November 2007. The phrase was coined by the local press after hearing witness descriptions of the object.[123][124]
2008-01-08Stephenville, Texas UFO sightingsStephenville, TexasDublin, Texas, Crawford, TexasUnited StatesUFOs were sighted over a three county area during a four-hour period of time by some 20 witnesses. Radar data detected a reflected signal. The Air Force was doing training exercises in the Brownwood Military Operating Area during this event and their aircraft were identified on radar independent of the UFO.[125]
2008-06-20Wales UFO sightingsdifferent cities, WalesUnited KingdomAccording to media reports, a police helicopter was almost hit by a UFO, before it tried to pursue it. Hundreds of people reported to have witnessed a UFO on the same or preceding days, from different areas of Wales.[126]
2009-01-05Morristown UFO hoaxMorristown, New JerseyUnited StatesIn the evening, citizens in Morristown and other town in Morris County, New Jersey saw five red lights in the sky. After three months, two men from the Morristown area announced they had organized an UFO hoax, meant as a "social experiment".[127]
2009-12-092009 Norwegian spiral anomalyFinnmarkNorway/SwedenA large, circular spinning white light, trailed by a long blue tail over the skies of Norway was spotted by thousands for two minutes around 8:45 am on December 9. The following day Russian authorities confirmed a failed Bulava launch, identifying the flying object.[128]
2010-01-25Harbour Mille incidentHarbour MilleNewfoundland and LabradorCanadaAt least three UFOs that looked like missiles but emitted no noise were spotted over Harbour Mille.[129]
2014-06-02 to 2015-03-10USS Theodore Roosevelt UFO incidentsEast Coast of the United StatesUnited StatesMultiple UFO radar-visual encounters by United States Navy pilots over a period of nine months. Videos of two of the encounters was released. The Navy has verified that the videos were taken by Navy personnel and has stated that it has not yet identified the nature of the sightings which they classify as unexplained aerial phenomena.[130][131]

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