Saturday, September 22, 2018

I found this very informative and helpful so I thought I would share it here

This likely came through me written in the early 2000s sometime. But, I thought it said some things about religion that are helpful for  some people to read. I personally see organized religion in the way I see Walmart or  in that they might be helpful in some situations to me or others. But, exactly like Walmart or they are harmful to humanity in various ways too. So, navigating what religions are and what corporations are and what governments are worldwide is very very important to the survival of each and every person on earth or any other planet you might be on.

In addition to sometimes being called "Utopia" a more common name for Celeste Weaver's planet was Humanity one. Eventually there were planets "Humanity 1 through humanity 10.

Here is what I wanted to share that is a partial quote from:


If you write, are you writing to inform, enlighten, to help the world around you, or is it for self therapy and something you might never share with most or even any people at all? Knowing why you are writing is helpful both to yourself and to others. I started writing journals when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I would doodle artwork or write poetry or write things that were interesting to me or important to me. This helped me a lot because I had no brothers or sisters to bounce off of. But, I almost always had a best friend that I could call or visit locally too wherever my parents lived, especially after I was 5 years old. I lived in Lake Forest Park in Seattle until I was 4 years old when my parents moved first to San Diego in 1952. I remember being shy but very physical and active boy and my mother and her mother traveled by train with us to San Diego from Seattle then. My father had driven ahead in his 1941 Buick that had been his brothers before the war (World War II). So, we moved first to Vista, California on the ocean where I started Kindergarten there. I took the bus by myself but didn't like doing that so I always walked or my parents  drove me or rode my bike or drove my car to school the rest of my life. I never cared for buses much so I only rode them when there was no other choice in my life.

Though I have written about this before maybe there are new readers that don't know this yet. Around 1980 when I lived on Lassen Lane near Old Stage Rd then in Mt. Shasta it was a beautiful summer day and I walked to what was then Pine Grove Health food store across from the cemetery on Lassen Lane I believe and bought some groceries (Now Pine Grove is Berryvale health foods store next to the Post office in Town) by the way. So, the brown paper grocery bag I started writing about Arcane on while I sat on the front lawn of the house where I lived with my family then. I had been to my first Tibetan Lama in Ashland by then and received the initiation "The Sword Which pierces all defilement" or the Thousand Buddhas Empowerment from the Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist Lama there which completely changed my life in a variety of ways.

So, I thought I was writing therapeutic science fiction to heal some of the traumas of my youth and 20s by writing about Arcane and Ah Ray In and everyone. I didn't know until I thought I might be dying when I was 50 in 1998 and 1999 that this was actually a past life of mine that took place in the past, present and future. Trying to wrap my mind around this was pretty overwhelming by the way while I thought I was dying in 1998 and 1999. But, realizing that one's lifetimes are in the past, present and future maybe all lived simultaneously so that one can remember the past, present and future as a soul was a revelation for me. So, I realized that these lifetimes might be important for mankind to read about too. So, after I got permission from God and Jesus and Saint Germain I began to publish these this lifetime online starting in the early 2000s I believe but there might have been some of it I published as early as summer 1999 on my first blogging site at when that was in existence. Eventually Yahoo bought Geocities and this is where I bought a site there called where I store all or most of my longer writings.

By God's Grace.

PS I also have realized that many things like Star Wars and Star Trek are actually versions of real events that the authors have actually experienced in the past, present and future as well. So, this also  was and is a revelation to me. Whether the authors realize this or not is maybe not as important  you realizing this is true. You know because of the way people identify with things that ring true because they lived in those eras in the past, present or future of likely this galaxy or even others.

No Nuclear Power Plant on earth is engineered to last more than 50 years

How many of you drive 50 year old cars or trucks. Well, the same is pretty much true of nuclear power plants too worldwide. There are just so many band aids you can put on something and make it still work before it just isn't safe (under any conditions) anymore.

So, it might be important to check the Nuclear power plants around you to know when they were built. Because at a certain point having a geiger counter is important to your life and the lives of your children worldwide. Because water or food grown nearby could be contaminated with radiation. And one particle of radiated dust that you breathe in could kill you within 20 years in your lungs for example, like it did John Wayne who made a cowboy movie downwind of a nuclear test site. So, if you ingest through eating something radiated or drink something radiated and that particle stays in your body it could also eventually become fatal to you or to a member of your family worldwide.

For example, Fukushima Nuclear power plant is going to be leaking radiated water from 3 meltdowns into the water table and through the water table into the oceans for the next 25,000 to 50,000 years because one of those meltdowns was them reprocessing nuclear weapons grade plutonium. Since literally all of the major oceans on earth are interconnected this means that radiation will be mixing in the oceans all during that time, fish will be eating other fish that are radiated to one degree or another and people will be eating those fish that are radiated to a greater or lesser degree in Japan and around the world during the next 25,000 to 50,000 years too.

However, it is also true that people all over the world are genetically adapting to dealing with more radiation in their environment too. What this means is people with genetics sensitive to radiation have already died out along with their genetics. So, more and more the people still alive have more tolerance for radiation worldwide in their genetics.

America's Oldest Nuclear Plant Is Shutting Down

begin quote from:America's Oldest Nuclear Plant Is Shutting Down

America's Oldest Nuclear Plant Is Shutting Down

This closure is just one more indicator of the United States' suffering nuclear industry.

An aerial view of the Oyster Creek Gener
The oldest nuclear plant in the United States has now officially closed a month ahead of schedule. The Oyster Creek Generating Station was shut down on Monday, bringing an end to nearly 50 years of operation.
Oyster Creek first opened on December 1, 1969, on the coast of New Jersey. Over the past 49 years, the power plant has produced 636 megawatts of electricity and powered 600,000 homes. According to managing company Exelon Generation, the clean energy produced by the facility is the equivalent of taking around 31 million cars off the road.
Nuclear plants like Oyster Creek are excellent at reducing carbon emissions that would otherwise be produced by coal or natural gas plants, but like Oyster Creek, many other nuclear plants are closing all over the country. They’re not required to close; Oyster Creek is certified to operate through at least 2029. But a mix of high operating and maintenance costs coupled with low electricity prices have made nuclear plants like Oyster Creek simply unprofitable.
“The decision [to close Oyster Creek] will also help Exelon better manage resources as fuel and maintenance costs continue to rise amid historically low power prices,” said Exelon Generation in a statement.
Six nuclear plants in the United States have closed in the last five years, and a dozen more are scheduled to close in the next decade. Additional nuclear plants aren’t being built to replace them, either. Nuclear plants have high construction costs that make them impractical for all but the largest electricity grids.
This is bad news for the nuclear industry, but it’s also bad news for the environment. These closed nuclear plants are overwhelmingly replaced by natural gas plants, and last year research found that closing these plants could set the country’s clean energy goals back a full decade. Unfortunately, with the closing of Oyster Creek and many other plants, it’s not likely we’ll ever see a resurgence of American nuclear power anytime soon.
Source: The Hill

207 now have died when Tanzanian Ferry capsized

begin quote from:Survivor pulled from capsized Tanzanian ferry as death toll reaches 207

Survivor pulled from capsized Tanzanian ferry as death toll reaches 207

UKARA, Tanzania (Reuters) - Divers on Saturday rescued a man from the wreck of an overcrowded Tanzanian ferry that capsized on Lake Victoria on Thursday, killing at least 207 people.
Bodies continued to float to the surface around the vessel, which initial estimates suggested was carrying more than 300 people. State broadcaster TBC said the death toll had reached 207.
Four navy divers resumed their search inside the sunken MV Nyerere early on Saturday after hearing sounds that suggested signs of life.
They pulled one man out of the overturned ship and he was rushed to hospital, a Reuters witness said. His condition was not immediately known.
On Friday, President John Magufuli ordered the arrest of those responsible for the sinking.
Tanzanian police and rescuers transport bodies of passengers retrieved after a ferry MV Nyerere overturned off the shores of Ukara Island in Lake Victoria, Tanzania September 22, 2018. REUTERS/Jackson Njehia
Dozens of relatives stood crying by the shoreline as they waited for information on their loved ones. Coffins were lined up nearby awaiting bodies being pulled from the vessel, which lay belly up in the water just meters from the shoreline.
“The ferry overturned very fast and covered us,” survivor Charles Ngarima told Reuters. “I was lucky that I was able to swim under water not knowing where I was swimming to...while trying to swim to safety, I found a number of metal bars that cut my face and the back of my head.”
Another survivor, Jennifer Idhoze, blamed the ferry had capsized because it was overloaded. “I was able to jump out of the ferry... That is how I survived,” she said.
Works, Transport and Communication Minister Isack Kamwelwe said the government was sending special equipment to aid the rescue effort.
“This equipment will increase efficiency in the rescue operation and we will continue with the search until we are satisfied that we have rescued everyone,” he told Reuters.
The ferry sank on Thursday evening just a few meters from the dock on Ukerewe, the lake’s biggest island.
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