Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mobility versus Security

For many people in this fast changing world we live in both in the United States, Europe and in various other places, mobility often trumps security especially for people under 30 to 40 years of age. Especially since so many people who were trying to own their own houses have now lost them, for many, this dream may be permanently dead for a variety of reasons. However, if one is single or with a significant other and sometimes being mobile also works with children if they are being home schooled or on independent study, many will choose now a mobile versus secure life, whether this is temporarily or until something else can be found. Often one can own their own camper, mobile home or trailer, and with this comes its own kind of security especially if the truck, camper, mobile home or trailer is paid for. In fact, owning outright their truck, van, camper, mobile home or trailer might be the single most important thing on these people's minds because if they own their vehicle outright no one can then take it away from them like they might have their house or condo.

The other potential advantage is that one can go wherever the jobs are at that time of year and I have known in previous years single people who often (if their vehicle was paid for) living on 3000 to 5000 a year just by picking up odd jobs here and there. Though many might not be suited for this kind of life, others seem to thrive living often in the most beautiful places this way worldwide for sometimes months or years.

So, unless your home that you own is completely paid for and you have money to continue to pay the property taxes, sometimes being mobile in something you own will allow you to live wherever you can find a job or even to live in the most beautiful places you can imagine, near oceans, mountains, deserts or whatever you like.

ANY home that is not completely paid for CANNOT be considered an asset these days because likely you cannot sell it and get your money out of it. However, if you own your mobile home, trailer, or truck camper or van outright, it is an asset even if it still needs repairs and a new license and insurance every year.

So, as in other eras of the past, having whatever you own paid for might be a necessity for your ongoing survival in these crazy unknown times. Just look at Hurricane Irene for one example. Just like the Navy's ships if you were watching CNN or another network on TV or internet, you could have driven somewhere the storm wasn't going to hit and been just fine.  During weather or other kinds of Crises mobility or the capacity to be mobile in an emergency might pay big dividends like in staying alive and healthy for one.

Heaven is For Real: The Book

I was watching Mondays "Dateline NBC" that I had previously DVRed this last my Monday when I found this segment of a little boy who had gone to heaven. When I looked at the boy as he spoke I could see from his eyes and his countenance that he was telling the truth about "Going to Heaven". Like this boy I also have experienced heaven and speaking with Jesus and Angels, especially Archangel Michael my whole life. Though having these kinds of experiences doesn't necessarily solve every problem in one's life it sure makes life a lot easier to survive because of the Grace it brings into everyone's life. At one point the TV interviewer asked the boy something like, "What do you say to people who say they don't believe you?" The boy said exactly what I say to people which is, "Well. You are welcome to believe whatever you believe. I have my own experiences and my memories." And this is one reason that the first online book I wrote is called "Memories".

Heaven isn't really separate from the rest of anyone's life. Heaven is integrated into the lives we live right here and now. When the interviewer said, "Didn't you want to stay in heaven?" And the boy said, "Oh Yes! But if I had stayed there I couldn't be here with you right now." I also have had this experience as well. As humans in bodies we make a commitment as souls before we are born and God holds us to whatever commitment we made to God while we are here on earth. I desperately tried to get God and his angels to let me leave my body and Earth when I was about 20 years old. I even projected my soul out of my body to let my body die but I wasn't allowed to end my life. Angels came to me and made me come back into my body. However, they gave me a gift for coming back. They said to me, "As a reward for your coming back into your body it can be a reference point rather than feeling you have to stay in it all the time. This will let you travel as a soul anywhere your heart desires." This took the incredible emotional pain of my 20s that many don't survive and allowed me to survive it with all my spiritual gifts intact so I could survive into my 60s now so I could write this for you right here right now. So, at least what I saw of this boy and his book is all for real about Jesus and his relatives that he saw in heaven. This is what heaven is really like if you watch this interview online or on Video tape.

But there isn't just one heaven. There are thousands of heavens for every religion and philosophy on earth. There are even heavens for individual covenants that people make individualistically with God. So what your religion is is much less important than your personal relationship with God ongoing. And what you do to any being big or small you do to God. This is important to know about our lives here on Earth.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

We exist because we believe we do

Just to make this easier to deal with let us approach this from a philosophic level first. What is the real difference between a human being and an animal? Let me give you a hint. First of all, there is nothing intrinsically different that much physically about humans. For example, somewhere humans share somewhere between 90% to 98% or more of exactly the same genes as a pig or a mouse. In fact, we are so similar to pigs and mice that both are used to clone things like human ears (mice) and organs (pigs). For example, Armour thyroid from Canada which if you are hypothyroid (thyroid glands don't make enough secretions to balance your hormones in your body) the best single thing (with no side effects at all is Armour Thyroid from Pig thyroid glands). So, there is very little difference between most mammals and humans. So, the difference physically is very very slight indeed.

So, why are we different than other mammals? The main difference is that we take a very long time to grow up and we speak and we can not only invent new ideas and physical inventions, we can now also write about what we have invented so that someone who has never even met us can read what we have written or even spoken about on in a video and understand perfectly what our ideas or our physical inventions are either now or hundreds to thousands of years from now. So, we are different because first we believe we are different than them and second because we have developed ways to share information. So we can come close to knowing what any single person knew or even what all people knew that shared it in some way, shape or form with any other human along the way.

So, having established all that. Why do we exist? In other words we aren't very different from animals so why are humans different? I used to wonder about all this a lot and studied many different philosophies and science and psychology and multiple religions for the answers. And I found useful things in every branch of knowledge but I also found that no branch of knowledge has all the answers. So, I found by synthesizing all branches of knowledge one can then begin to make some sense of it all in a really useful way. At least this is my personal experience of it all. Others are going to have their own experiences. Though I was born in Seattle after 4 I grew up in Southern California mostly. So, Seattle made me very polite like Canadians and English People tend to be and Southern California made me very experimental and inquisitive about everything which is what Californians are like. They want to know about everything in the universe and aren't afraid to try almost anything once.

So, somewhere along the way I read a few books from authors like Hugh Lofting then Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov and then I read a book called "A Dweller on Two Planets" channeled through and 18 year old in the 1880s on Mt. Shasta and realized this was really something. Then I read "Autobiography of a Yogi" and used to hand it out to hitch hikers because I felt that book saved lives and kept people alive when I was in my early 20s when I used to pick up hitch hikers when I was about 18 to 25 years of age in one of my cars. Everyone I knew did that my age back then in the 1960s and early 1970s. We all met a lot of really amazing people traveling the world back then and usually a few crazies as well that you made excuses to drop off as soon as you could.

Somewhere along the way I read, "The Tao of Physics" which talked about how what Yogis talk about (for thousands of years) pretty much aligns with Quantum physics and Particle physics which I found quite interesting when I read it. Only Yogis talk about it more in a philosophical vein and Physicists just use different language to say about the same thing in the end.

So, when I talked myself to these kinds of yogis and then to Physics professors and heads of Physics departments I began to make the most sense of the universe to myself. Because I tend to be extremely intuitive and simultaneously extremely logical and rational. You might have different gifts and qualities but my intuition and logical and rational qualities make me tend to be "Crazy Wisdom" sometimes referred to as "The Wisdom Beyond Logic". A good example of a crazy wisdom person would be someone who would rescue a child just before the child is hit by a car and lives to tell about it and so does the child.

So, as I listened to several teachers telling me that advanced souls can leave form and go into the void for an eternity and then re-manifest in any form they wish in any time and space. My reaction to this as both an intuitive and a perfectly logical person was: "Of Course!" This might not be your reaction but to me it was a perfectly obvious that: "We all exist because we believe we do!"

And if this were philosophically true then it followed that it could also be physically true as well.

 Someone told my wife something that upset her in regard to Jesus that someone's Guru had told them. I told her that whenever anyone is that specific and upsets someone else it usually isn't right. So I proceeded to tell her that all my teachers have told me that unless you can laugh at your own existence you cannot become enlightened.  I proceeded to explain to her that we only exist because we believe we do. And wouldn't you know she once again demonstrated her enlightened state by laughing when I told her this. Only an enlightened person laughs when you tell them they only exist because they believe they do. This tells me that she is enlightened. Wonderful!

Later: After thinking more about this thought I realized that even if someone was laughing Only because they thought the concept of "We exist Because we believe we do" is absurd, still this is a Zen laughter which means that either the person is enlightened or can become enlightened. Whereas if a person is only afraid of this concept they organically would have to evolve to the point of being able to naturally laugh at this before enlightenment was possible.

In conjunction with all this I also said to my wife, "I don't worry about my own death and I don't fear it at all. What I fear is screwing up and creating bad karma. Death is not a problem, creating bad karma is a problem. So, since I remember millions of years of lifetimes past, present and future, death is not something I fear. Because it is in my enlightened self interest to be kind to myself and all beings. So, as long as I am right mindful and compassionate and am working towards complete efficiency in all my thoughts, words and deeds and prayers, I efficiently move all beings in the universe past, present and future towards the permanent end of suffering and complete enlightenment and bliss past, present and future. In doing this every moment waking and sleeping while having a whole lot of fun doing this I efficiently help move all life substance, energy and consciousness towards permanent enlightenment and permanent bliss. This is not only something for me to think about, it might also be something useful for you to think about as well. And maybe you are a whole lot more skilled at writing than I am. Or maybe you are an artist, sculptor, musician or singer. However you move yourself forward or all life around you, I find the sky is the limit (there is no limit). Like Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

The reason Einstein said this is that all existing knowledge is limited. Whereas imagination is unlimited. So by imagining how all beings can become enlightened and come to bliss and permanently end their suffering is a pretty amazing thing for all of us to think about. Why not think about this in relation to yourself first and then find ways to help everyone else get there too?

Golden Dragon Heaven

I went to a Chinese Restaurant with my daughter today.  There was a Golden Dragon literally climbing a 2 foot thick pole inside the Restaurant. It took me back to my vision quest vision in 1983 when after 2 days of no water or food alongside the Trinity River in Northern California I had a vision of myself becoming a 50 to 100 foot tall Golden Dragon that then breathed out fire on everyone. But instead of the fire burning all the people and killing them it enlightened them and made them all smile and happy and enlightened and happy to be alive instead. I often think now as I write some of the things that I do as an intuitive and as an enlightened person (once on the path you are forever becoming more enlightened in a never ending way. It literally never ends) that I am living the vision of the Gigantic Golden Dragon breathing out sacred fire upon everyone so they can be happy and enlightened and to stop wanting to be dead or wanting to kill themselves. Like my son was listening to Gloria Estafan's song, "There's always tomorrow". His wife and he are either breaking up or temporarily taking a  break until they can pass their nursing certifications and get a nursing job somewhere in the U.S. so he was kind of sad realizing he was moving out of their home and staying somewhere else for a while. So, "There's Always Tomorrow" was giving him some hope for the future. I told him, "Without a job and a new place for you both to live your marriage is probably over." I guess it's just part of the times we live in where love isn't the most important thing, money is. Because without it marriages can't go on. (At least married people can't live together during these rough economic times for most people under 30 or 40).

He called me from the Beach at Santa Barbara where we often walk while we vacation there a few times a year from Northern California while on his way to southern California to move his stuff out of their place there. He took his sister and her boyfriend to help him in this move.

I was experiencing during and after this Chinese Restaurant experience the Golden Dragon Heaven experience. Somehow the Golden City Heaven experience which I experienced surrounding Mt. Shasta and then traveling down to where I live on the California Coast and then surrounding the world while exploding certain people's auras who were about to have a heart attack or stroke from the stress in their lives. Certain spiritual people while I passed by I watched their auras catch on fire and noticeably watched people calm down after this experience and become more at peace. Personally, I was very surprised to see people go through such extreme transformations in consciousness and aura and still be able to drive a car. But then that's just me as an observer. However, I have many times gone through really extreme spiritual transformations myself and have been able to keep my car on the road. You sort of don't know when one of these oceanic experiences is going to happen. So you just have to kind of go with it just like everything else in life. One moment you are driving along minding your own business and the next moment tears are streaming down your face and you are with God and the Angels and everything about your life experience changes and transforms. It is a lot like one reincarnates as a better happier person when this kind of thing happens. So, I usually look forward to these kinds of trans formative cleansing experiences because one never really knows when something like this is going to happen.

For example, I sort of got into a scared place this week (which is very unusual for me the last 10 years or so). Normally, I can snap out of most scared places I might get to within a couple of seconds or minutes just by saying the Buddhist Prayer: "May All Beings attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss
May all Beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all Beings never be without the supreme bliss that is free from all near and far all grasping and aversion"

Usually, if I just start saying this and experiencing this as a consciously generated reality I can pull myself immediately or within a few minutes into a "Heaven Realm" of consciousness just by saying this over and over while I actually experience this happening to all beings in the universe. I find this prayer supremely powerful because literally all beings want this Bliss, Freedom, and the permanent end to their suffering wherever and whenever they are in the universe. So, by experiencing this it happens. So, when you experience this happening for all beings you are literally broadcasting it as a telepathic human radio or TV signal template for all beings to make infinite copies of to continue the generation in all times and spaces. So, on a prayer level it is profound in a way seldom seen anywhere in the universe.

It is sort of like if you want a swimming pool you get a shovel and dig a hole to fill it with water. This prayer is like a shovel that you can dig your swimming pool with. and as you give it the pool becomes deeper and then you can let the water in and then you have your cool fresh water pool to feel at peace in forever, or as long as you want to experience it. So just as surely as you can dig a swimming pool, just as surely you can generate through your prayers a happy peaceful heaven to live in while you are here on earth for yourself and others to live in.

So, when Earlier this year I was up at Bunny Flats on Everette Memorial Hiway at about 7 or 8000 feet on Mt. Shasta and my daughter said, "Where is the Golden City you experienced when you almost froze to death in that blizzard in 1970?" I looked up at about 12,000 ft where I had seen it then with my inner sight but it wasn't there and so I became worried. But then I heard laughter from the other side and realized it had moved to Bunny Flats so more people could experience it there. Then about an hour later I drove my car then which was a Golden 2000 Lexus SUV that I had bought new and I noticed the Golden City came with us into the City of Mt. Shasta. I was very surprised at this because I had never experienced anything quite like this before. I was even more surprised when it came all the way to the California Coast and then I watched it spread all the way around the world. It was then I realized that we were in some new kind of dispensation here on Earth. This kind of thing couldn't have happened before these times we now live in. Maybe one could call these times the end times. I think I would call them "The Beginning Times" because heaven has come here. There is no place to go for heaven because it is here if you can experience it. It is sort of like a radio or TV station in that it functions on its own frequency.

I once talked to a college physics professor about quantum and particle physics and I said, "Is it true that rather than to call Earth a place that it would be better to call it an intersection of consciousness almost like a TV or radio frequency?"  His answer was, "Actually that's a good way to put it. The traditional way to describe what earth is isn't really valid and to speak about what it really is only upsets most people without a knowledge of physics and particle physics and quantum physics. So I think your description is one of the best non mathematical ways of putting the truth of what earth actually is."

So, if Earth is an intersection of Consciousness much like a radio or TV frequency then you can literally be in heaven or hell or anything in between according to what you want to be listening to or seeing. It's all your choice. But to realize this might be really scary for some people who think they have to suffer. Because they don't have to.

Let's put it this way. Unless you are making other people and yourself suffer you don't have to make anyone suffer. So, if you give up making others or yourself suffering then you stop suffering too.

This is the true meaning of renunciation and becoming a monk or nun or spiritual person. You simply decide not to make yourself or anyone else suffer anymore and you study how to do that and then you do it. Why not live in Heaven? Renounce suffering. Live in Heaven. Why not start now?

Friday, August 26, 2011 and

Siskiyou History: The Stories and Images of Siskiyou County

I was web surfing on my Iphone as I had written about the ski bowl in one of my longer short stories at   I was trying to figure out when the ski bowl was actually built and opened. (The first one that got knocked down by a severe avalanche above tree line one year and had to be torn down). Many of my friends were the right age to be hired to tear it down and do salvage work at that time when it was torn down by the owner. There is a newer one that is open now during the ski season that can be reached from Snowman Summit on Hiway 89 on the road there going up toward Mt. Shasta. But it is at a much lower altitude where usually trees prevent the kinds of avalanches that the first lift experienced above tree line when it knocked down most of the towers one year. I found the following photo at  of the day the first ski bowl opened in 1958:


Ski Bowl Opens: c. 1958

Ski Bowl Parking: c. 1960

It's amazing to see all the cars there in 1960. I rode the lift up to the top where you could see Horse Camp Sierra Club Lodge from the ridge back in 1958 the summer it first opened when I was 10 years old with my parents and my cousin who was then 15. 


Siskiyou Project: Siskiyou Wild Rivers Campaign, Community ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Do People Believe What they do?

The first reason that people believe what they do is conditioning. For example, if you are a baby or a little child and you state some belief not acceptable to your family or whoever may be raising you or babysitting you for any reason you might be hit or have your life threatened. Since this is a very common occurrence around the world believing in whatever the people hitting you or threatening you are saying you need to believe in might seem like a necessity for survival. However, after a person grows up, often one continues to believe in things that maybe they shouldn't because many people stop thinking about what happened to them growing up. And also, most people don't get to go to a public college where all sorts of ideas and beliefs are tolerated. So those that are conditioned through violence or threat of violence continue in their beliefs because of psychological conditioning. So, unless they study psychology and find out how this messes with people in a post traumatic stress disorder kind of way, there is no way for most of the people of the world to ever have any control at all in what they believe.

So, most people in the world literally are mentally enslaved from birth on with no real hope of unraveling what they want to believe or able to take the time to find what they really believe except maybe for those educated enough or rich enough to take the time to try to figure out what they really believe. So, unfortunately most people of the world are mentally enslaved to the beliefs of those who raised them or threatened them with no hope of escape since birth.

Though all this sounds really depressing and horrid all one has to do is to find a way to discover what they really believe and start to undo all the conditioning that others have done to them. In the process they might be able to find what they really believe and have the joy of actually being free in all their thoughts, lives and dreams. I call this process the Path to Enlightenment because it is always different for everyone who takes this path. But once you embark on your path to enlightenment, your first step tells you that you are free forevermore.

Two Earthquakes: Colorado and Virginia

Both of these Earthquakes were the biggest earthquakes in a very long time. In fact, the Virginia has never had an earthquake this big in over 100 years. As people reported their experiences most who lived all their lives on the east coast had never experienced an earthquake like this at all. The Virginia Earthquake was a 5.8 quake. I have been in many this size and it is enough to scare you pretty bad, bring down chimneys all over the place (like this one did) crack foundations of buildings and bridges (likely this one did this too and make some older brick and mortar buildings fall down completely or partially (this one did this too). This quake was felt by people in 22 Eastern States. The Colorado Quake was first at 5.3 which appeared to be a harbinger for the second. What is interesting to me is that you can draw a line from the first to the second and it is almost completely East of Colorado in a straight line across the U.S.  There was also a 4.4 quake in Guatemala and a 4.7 quake in Columbia that could be indirectly or directly related to the ones in Colorado and Virginia.

I was in a quake about this size in Orange, California a few years ago while visiting my cousins house. My daughter was in the pool and luckily she was in the center of the pool and was about 8 years old at the time. She wondered why all the water started splashing outside of the pool and called for me to come and see it. I was very grateful she hadn't been near the edge of the pool because she could have gotten her teeth knocked out or gotten a concussion from the moving water against the side of the pool. I was in the living room and found I couldn't stand up and then I ran for my daughter because being in a pool as you can see isn't always the safest place to be in an earthquake even though it might cushion the shocks if you are in the center in a flotation device like my daughter was at about a 5 or lower. Above 6 in ratings you might be severely injured or die being in a pool. So it is always the luck of the draw in an earthquake. My ex-wife and her ex-husband were in college during the San Fernando or Sylmar Earthquake which was a magnitude 6.6. In that quake all the windows in their house broke and all their college books came down on top of them from all their bookshelves. When they looked outside their bedroom window all the telephone poles were moving and falling down and electrical lines off the poles were snaking around on the ground and some cars were moving as the ground moved. There was 1 Billion dollars damage from this quake.

About 65 people died in that quake and even though I was a long way from the epicenter during that same quake living then on Yucca Mesa above the little city of Yucca Valley at the time I was woken up before dawn to the earthquake. At first I thought to myself since I grew up mostly in California, "Oh. It's just another little earthquake" and thought "It just might rock me back to sleep." But then it kept getting stronger and stronger until I thought I was going to die because it just didn't stop and kept getting stronger and stronger. I have never been more afraid in any earthquake than this one because it really felt like we were all going to die. I haven't ever been personally in another one where I actually thought I was going to die. In 1971 I would have been around 22 or 23 depending upon the time of year that one was.

If you want to read more about this one here it is:

1971 San Fernando earthquake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is a picture of what the 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco did. If you are interested in learning more about this picture and the 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco go to wikipedia and type in this heading: "1906 San Francisco Earthquake".

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Problems of Democracy

When any group of people design a governmental system there are always advantages and disadvantages to everything. As you look around the world from my personal point of view you see two basic systems. First you see all the various forms of democracy and then you see Military Dictatorships and then you see hybrids of both at the same time. If you study history it took a whole lot of Warlords and Military Dictatorships and struggles for governments to evolve into democracies. If you want to get things done really quickly a military dictatorship might be desired. However, if you want to protect human rights and to protect the ecology of any nation so future people will actually WANT to live there you simply must have a democracy for people to want to live any place on earth 100 years from now. For all the military dictatorships will be cancer causing places where people die young.

However, for all the good things that a democracy does in the present and the future for their people they are also vulnerable to people who are various kind of terrorists whether they be violent or internet or white collar criminals or whatever other insidious forms that both criminals and terrorists take. So that every successful criminal act or terrorist act brings down the value of that democracy and makes its people question whether that national government or police force can actually protect them or whether that government is presently obsolete or ineffective. And each culture might have different standards for all this depending upon their own unique cultural history. So, as good as democracies are at protecting the ecology and human rights, when you are dealing with overpopulation and terrorists and global climate change it is possible that eventually if things get too out of hand that democracies might begin to fall all over earth and governments might tend to move back towards Military dictatorships and Warlords.

I personally hope this is not the case so any way you can defend democracy so your children and your children's children can experience the quality of life that only a democracy can bring, please find a way to defend all democracies worldwide. Otherwise, the world will descend once again into a new stone age of Chaos and Warlords once again. So I hope there is a way to defend and to increase the number of democracies worldwide so the human race has a future someone actually wants to live here on earth and beyond.

Grilled Cheesus

I was watching with my family an episode called "Grilled Cheesus" on DVD of the TV show called "Glee" where the high school football player singer in Glee "without the Mohawk" makes a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the face of Jesus appears on it. He begins praying to Grilled Cheesus and all the things he asked for happen. Then because he is young and afraid he goes and talks to a high school counselor who talks him out of believing in "Grilled Cheesus". In the meantime the gay student singer's father has a heart attack and almost dies. So, in the context of this "near death" experience the aspect of religion and belief is brought up with different people expressing much different belief systems. I thought this is a very well written episode for people struggling with finding their own belief systems. The episode is very humanitarian in its writing which allows all belief systems to be okay including agnosticism and atheism. Which is sort of like how people generally experience things in the U.S. especially on the East and West  coasts of the U.S. where all belief systems are allowed in a more graceful fashion than most other places on earth.

Writing About Saint Germain

I personally think more people should write about their experiences with Saint Germain like I do or if people have experiences with Jesus or other Saints people should write about those experiences too. There is something about sharing amazing experiences with other people. Whether those people believe those experiences or not I think it can awaken what people most need in any given experiences to share the amazing things that can happen in one's life. I know some people need to keep those experiences close to their hearts and other people like myself have the right astrology or whatever you want to call it where people reading about our experiences only empowers us more and more. So, it is like a quantum jump for everyone (the writer and the reader) whenever this happens. It becomes another quantum jump towards enlightenment for everyone by sharing their experiences.

I was first introduced to Saint Germain and Jesus in the womb by my mother and father. They were both ministers in a mystical Christian religion that worshipped both of them so they were thought of as spiritual brothers. So, for example, Joseph Jesus' father was supposed to be one of the incarnations of Saint Germain, so they were close even then. Also, some of the other incarnations that I was taught to believe in as a child were Saint Germain as Merlin, the Magician in England, Francis Bacon, one of the two  illegitimate sons of Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England, Leonardo Da Vinci, Columbus, Christian Rosencrutz and many others. As Francis Bacon, who was thought to never have died partly because when his grave was dug up there were only rocks inside to give the coffin the weight of a man. During this same lifetime that never ended he is thought to have also been known as the Comte De Saint Germain (Count of Saint Germain) who was also known as "The Man who Never Died" of Europe and friend to King Louis the 16th and Marie Antonette and later to Napoleon. Through Napoleon he tried to establish the United States of Europe and finally succeeded in the European Union of today. He was sitting in during the signing of the Declaration of Independence here in the U.S. and when some of the men quaked and were afraid to sign he gave a rousing speech after which "John Hancock" rose up the first to sign in bold letters. Saint Germain is also tied directly into the Masonic Order, the Rosicrucian religion and tied directly into also the Knights Templar. So, his history through multiple lifetimes is very interesting. This is what I was told growing up in my parents religion. Can I vouch that all these lifetimes are true? Can you vouch that everything in the Bible is true? Neither of us can. But can I assure you that Jesus and Saint Germain are real beings and that I have had experiences with both of them? Yes. I can do that.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Help: The movie

My wife had wanted to read the book before we saw the movie but that didn't happen so we went to it before we all took her out to dinner on her birthday. I was very moved by the movie as I understood as I was growing up how it really was back then. Also, to have these all be true stories told to the young female author from Jackson, Mississippi by the maids she interviewed made it all the more poignant. Was life really like this? I think it all was caricatured in some ways to make it more flashy but generally things probably were just like this in many ways. What I enjoyed about all this was how the author was one of the "Ladies" of Jackson and even belonged to the  "Women's club" depicted in the story. You can see how she looked up to the maid who basically raised her that she looked up to who gave her the courage to actually be brave enough to write about this even though it was illegal to do so in Mississippi in those days according to Mississippi State law. So, if you just want to be entertained I wouldn't go see this movie because even though it is entertaining you have to know it is all true and that will rip your heart out. And if you aren't ready for that you might not be ready to see this movie. If you have a heart it will make you cry. So get ready. But there are also some lighter moments in the movie as well.

What is great about this movie is to watch how women of both races solve their problems without physical violence. If you had made a movie about white and black men then it would be very ugly. This movie is not ugly it is both very sad and very beautiful at the same time. It makes you have faith in the human spirit to survive anything to watch this movie.

Dream Your Ideas into Being

I have a friend who likes to give a prayer before he goes to sleep which is: "Dear God, Please give me helpful healing dreams tonight." I have tried this myself and found it very useful. Because whatever your belief system most people understand who are educated that a prayer like this is a posthypnotic suggestion which can make your brain heal itself as you go to sleep.

So, why not go further than this in your prayer: "Dear God: Please give me helpful healing dreams and give me ideas in my dreams to help  both me and mankind. Amen"  As you do this remember that in order to actually use these ideas you have to remember them and to write them down in the morning. Most of my best ideas come to me before and as I wake up and I experience God moving me to wake up and to write these articles for you. So, what I'm saying here is that I really do go to sleep and be with God each night and wake up experiencing God inspiring me to write for you things that will help you in your lives.

I would say that around 50% to 75% of what I write here on my blog is something that comes to me as I was waking up in the morning after spending my nights in the heart of God. Experience your nights in the heart of God Too. I find it incredibly refreshing.


It's ideas that created the modern world and it's ideas that will revolutionise your business.
But they need time to originate. end quote. This is a quote from my blog:Stop Working and Start Thinking
I started thinking about this when I reread the quote I was quoting in that last article and realized that "The Great Depression" when no one had jobs forced people to have enough time to begin to create everything after World War II. And even World War II so scared the hell out of everyone that it shocked people into a quantum jump of change. Millions of soldiers exposed to new places ideas and death shocked them out of any old conceptions of the universe and into the 1950s and beyond. We are now in a similar place that the world was during the Great Depression. However, there can be no world war without us all dying. So the closest to World Warfare now is through business worldwide. And unfortunately the people that get away with playing unfairly tend to win in this kind of war unless they aren't allowed to. We are in a new idea war here on earth and the strongest and not necessarily the nicest ideas are going to win. The U.S. has gotten used to playing nice since the end of World War II but now those who "Play nice" as nations won't survive what is coming. As an intuitive I can tell you that. We are now in an international war of survival as nations around the world and I will tell you straight out that about 1/2 the nations of the world won't survive in this present war for survival. I wish I could tell you something else but the dynamics of Post World War II have vanished into something in its own way more awful than World War II.  There are the haves and the have nots and many of the have nots simply won't be alive 20 to 50 years from now and those who survive will have to live with themselves knowing this. There are very rough waters ahead for life on earth. I think this is a given. Watching people die isn't fun worldwide but I'm afraid as an intuitive that is what we all will be forced to watch.
So, whatever you can do to develop good ideas that will help yourself and all life on earth you should do now. So, at least some of us survive out of the other end of all this.


There is more to life than just survival. If you look historically at people who viewed survival as the end all and be all of life you often see people who died from age 30 to age 50. So, though there are times all of us have to just find a way to survive and to take any job to have food to eat and a place to live that is not an ideal or desirable life for very long. There has to be quality to life to want to live it very long and finding what brings Quality to your life is the key to even wanting to live a long time or even become immortal as in "2045" of Ray Kurzweil's predictions. (Ray Kurzweil predicted the internet coming into being 20 years before it happened and Bill Gates thinks he is very technologically prescient).

Finding a reason and even fun in life helping yourself and others is what will give you true survival and bring you into true prosperity both internally and externally. When I started working after school and weekends I was 10 years old and started with a paper route. Though I had fun delivering the newspapers I did like to do it 7 days a week. (Especially when I had to get up about 3:30 AM or 4:00 AM on Sundays to deliver the Sunday paper to all my clients). But over time I realized I was being ripped off by the way things were set up within newspaper businesses then. If there was any loss(people who didn't pay me when I went to their door to collect at the end of every month) I took the hit not the newspaper. I had to pay for my newspapers whether my clients paid me or not. So every time a client said, "Come Back tomorrow" and wasn't there the next day or wouldn't answer their door I got ripped off not the newspaper. This was a very good lesson for me, "I learned that just because you do a good job doesn't mean that you will ever be rewarded for it by life." This was very important to learn as a 10 year old and showed me the full cruelty of life right then.

I don't think schools do anyone a favor by making everyone win. In real life there are those who survive and those who don't and it has more to do with who you know rather than what you know. For example, one of my sons best friends when to college for 5 years to become a Pixar type of Cartoonist because he is an incredible artist. He got his degree but couldn't get hired because he didn't know the right people. Then he worked in a comic book store. Then he got married and almost died from an allergic infection. But he survived his life because he married the right girl who was very successful and married him and stayed with him. So, in life you never know what is going to work and what won't until it does. All you can do is to keep trying things until something works or you die trying. That is what life is really like.

So, trying to give everyone awards in school and trying to make children think that everyone wins is a lie. And it is only going to give children psychological problems when the actually have to face the dog eat dog world of the real world out there where often nice people finish last or not at all. Unless you are willing to do whatever it takes to survive you might not. That is how difficult life really can be.

And the funny thing is that out of hundreds of decisions that you have to make ongoing to survive, even if you only make 1 or 2 decisions that actually work in your whole life, often that is enough to be happy. So remember that and keep making those decisions until you find the 1 or 2 that work so you can live to become maybe an immortal and maybe you will even want to write stuff like I do to encourage people to keep trying and to go on living to help others survive long enough until they figure it all out. Have a Great Day! Have a Wonderful Life!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

If you want to buy a smart phone

This is not for the full out techie. This is for the average person who is just now thinking about buying a smart phone for whatever the reason.

The first thing you need to know is that you are going to be paying 25 dollars a month in addition to everything else just for your internet fees. For example, AT&T has a low level of 250 megabytes but you can't do anything with that. So I think now you can buy 2 gigabytes for $25 dollars a month but the 250 megabytes is really to little if you are going to do anything with the internet or GPS at all. However, the most internet usage I have personally ever done in any one month since Christmas 2010 is 500 megabytes. I average about 300 megabytes a month. So if you can buy 2 gigabytes for 20 or 25 dollars a month I think now with AT&T you can (right now) get another 2 gigabytes for a total of 4 for 5 dollars more a month. So they really get you coming and going. Unlimited gigabytes of internet usage neither Verizon or AT&T does exist at all anymore except for those who had it unlimited before the rates all changed so they have it grandfathered in. This may not be true for other companies besides Verizon and AT&T. These are the only two that I know much about.

So, what kind of Smartphone can you get? My wife has a Blackberry but for me it is the single most unintuitive phone I have ever used. So, I got myself an IPHONE 4 last Christmas never having had one before but my previous phone was a touch phone that was not a smart phone before. I had wanted to become proficient with a touch screen as I knew all smartphones use touch screen technology and this needs some getting used to. So imagine a small computer with the screen as your keypad with a few buttons around the edge of the phone to control things like on-off and mode and things like that. I bought an Iphone4 because I knew it would be very intuitive and easier to use than an Android. Though an Android system does more things potentially, my son who is a tech said it took him about 1 week of constantly playing with his new Android to fully understand everything it could do. However, with my Iphone4 I was using it (at least the phone and texting well) within the first couple of days. It took me longer to learn the GPS part of it because I didn't understand how to make the maps get bigger and smaller with my fingers. Also, I didn't know how to switch between the types of maps available. For instance I prefer a hybrid of where you actually see the terrain from a satellite with roads superimposed upon that with street names and area and town names also superimposed upon the whole map. However, if you see the little blue dot pulsing that is you and anyone who can hack into the phone from outside can see that little blue dot pulsing and not only exactly where you are but anywhere you have ever been while using the phone as well. So this is something to think about. However, almost any cell phone of any kind on earth is being tracked right now by someone. So, if you have ANY cellphone someone else you don't know knows where (at least the cell phone is) or you are with the cellphone right now. This is the price we all pay to play with all this technology in our lives. So, I see it in some ways like and addiction, a computer addiction. But that is just my point of view. Will this tracking ever bit you or me in the butt. Unknown. But then my God Daughter's ex boyfriend bought a cell phone for her before she married someone else and he tracked her every movement without telling her over the internet and followed her and beat her up a couple of times before the police were called and this ended. So this is something for everyone to consider before they let (ANYONE) give them a cell phone that they did not buy themselves.

So, then I would say the single simplest and easy to use smartphone is any IPhone there are several different ones out now that you can buy and use. The second easiest to use would be most Android phones that will take you a week or more of constant playing to become proficient with them. Though I bought my Iphone4 at Christmastime I'm still learning new thing about it here 8 months later. But then I take a different attitude about hardware and software than most people. I have seen literally somewhere between 20 and 100 generations of technology come and then become obsolete within 1 to 5 years since the 1960s. So, I tend to be a minimalist with technology in that I try to learn as little as possible or as necessary about any new technology because within a couple of years it will be outmoded too. So unless someone comes up with something we can keep all our lives to use I won't spend forever learning about it except in the course of finding out new things in the process of using it over time.

A couple more tips. Though many people like Verizon, for example, you can't use your phone and do anything else at the same time like you can on the AT&T way of functioning. So, for example, since I'm with AT&T I can be talking to someone on the phone while I text at the same time or am on the internet at the same time or even check GPS locations at the same time or anything else. But if you are talking on the phone with Verizon that is all you can do at once, talk on the phone. But then, when I talk using my Iphone4 over AT&T I find that to my wife sometimes (most of the time) I sound like I'm talking underwater. So, unless I plug in my earphones with the built in mike she sometimes can't understand me. Also, AT&T reception really sucks in places like the Greater Los Angeles ARea or the San Francisco- San Jose Corridor. So many people in these areas have gone over to Verizon as a result.

However, where I live AT&T is the only carrier that works very well all the time so that I why I'm using AT&T. So, as you can see wherever you live and whatever you do in your life you must consider many different variables to be happy and satisfied with your personal Smart Phone in the long run.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A difficult Day

I wrote the last few articles as a way to sort of cheer up people because of all the bad stock market news worldwide. It does look like the next couple of years might remind people of Stagflation in Japan or a minor version of the Great Depression. There likely won't be 25% unemployment nationwide or in Europe but unless we have 3% or more GDP growth we will continue to lose jobs. 3% is the minimum GDP growth to even retain jobs and to possibly increase them in any country. So this is good to know. I must tell you that some of the best years of my life were when the economy was the lousiest in my lifetime which was 1980 to 1984 or 5. I just bought inexpensive land at 4000 feet on the side of Mt.Shasta with my savings and saved about 60,000 in rent after I built myself and my family an A-Frame. We home schooled the kids using Oak Meadow School independent study and had a wilderness family experience completely off the grid without phones, TV, before internet, and with Aladdin Kerosene lamps and regular kerosene lamps and candles for light and a wood stove to warm us and an old clawfoot giant bathtub to bath in from water we heated on our wood stove and a wood cook stove and oven to bake bread and cakes with and to cook with. It was one of the best experiences of my life home schooling my kids in a house I built on land that I owned. And eventually when unemployment went below 10% nationwide by 1984 and 1985 we went to the California Coast and bought a business and put our kids back in public school on the northern California coast when the oldest was 12.

Now one of the kids is a Fire Captain, one is a nurse and one is a lawyer and all have college degrees. They all see living a wilderness experience as children made them all self starters always. No one ever needs to tell them what to do, they always think for themselves and all are very creative in their lives.


modesty has its place
it helps one to survive
hard times

I wrote this series of ideas in 1999
somehow they all seemed important to reprint. They are also at:

dragonofcompassion - poems

The following is a reprint of the whole series of ideas from 1999:


Note: the following are:
New January 8th and a product of having to be quiet for one
week with flu. "There is nothing so bad that no good may
come of it---." Descartes

wisdom come during fasting and sicknes
Listen when you least expect it
wisdom so precious
it comes but once

intolerable at times
a drudge at others
we live
for moments of oneness
with the Creator
our one True Lover

Springs eternal
If we die daily

The key to peace is kindness

Prosperity comes from giving
Peace and kindness to others
Prosperous soul
Prosperous mind
Prosperous body

Be very careful
what you desire
You may get it

is like a drug
everything is new
and strange
and so are you

Happiness is fleeting
contentment is forever

modesty has its place
it helps one to survive
hard times

To laugh at ones own mistakes
is the mark of a great soul
to betlittle and laugh at another
is the mark of an idiot

to stay alive to old age
is the bravest thing
that one can do

Listen my child
to your elders
you would be
when you grow up

years ago I thought
was burying food in a
50 gallon drum

Now I know
survival is fasting, praying,
kindness and mercy

Being an only child
aloneness was hard
too many vacations-no kids
Now I am a man
Aloneness is still hard
But now I am a new family

Sadness is being human
Joy is being alive
Happiness is knowing God

If you can live through it
it brings wisdom and kindness
If not,
it brings death

In the quiet
I can hear myself think
I can know myself, my world, my nature
My sadness is how few experience the Quiet
For Quiet is Healing!

Wilderness is my church
The church of all creatures
Why is the church of all creatures
Without their church
all creatures will die!

The Ocean of kindness
of all Beings
Gives hope
to all who struggle




My Thoughtful Wife

May God Grant you always. . .

My wife is one of the most thoughtful and kind people I have ever known.  She gave me a card for my wallet that says this prayer. Often as I open my wallet for whatever reason I see it there and think of her and smile and feel the warm feelings it brings to my heart and a feeling of well being. Hopefully, you have someone thoughtful in your life too. It can really make a difference on a day to day basis.

So as a thank you I sort of magically found a card that says

"May there always be an Angel By your side"

To give back some of the blessings to my wife in return. After all, gratitude is the motor of life, and this is especially true if you want real angels in your life.

May God Grant you always. . .

A Sunbeam to warm you,
a moonbeam to charm you,
a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you,
laughter to cheer you,
faithful friends near you,
and whenever you pray,
Heaven to hear you.

-An Irish Blessing

Researchers create car that can be steered by thought

Researchers create car that can be steered by thought

Scientists in Germany have equipped a car with new technology that measures the driver's brain waves.

By Bryan NelsonWed, Feb 23 2011 at 3:12 AM EST

car steering wheel Photo: Robert S. Donovan/Flickr
The case for outlawing the practice of talking on cell phones while driving got a boost from the latest breakthrough from the innovation labs of Freie Universität Berlin. German scientists working there have installed a car with new technology that can read the driver's brain waves, thus allowing the car to be steered entirely by thought, reports Science Daily. Needless to say, you probably don't want to be distracted while driving this vehicle.
The technology is made possible by commercially available sensors for recording electroencephalograms (EEGs), which are basically the electrical outputs your brain produces while it thinks. Scientists then trained a computer program to distinguish the particular electrical patterns that are produced when a person thinks certain commands, such as "left," "right," "accelerate" or "brake."
Of course, this training couldn't have been done while out on the open road without being a hazard, so the scientists also created a virtual computer program more appropriate for the task. In this program, a person hooked up to the EEG sensors learned to maneauver a virtual cube around a screen using mental commands like those he or she might use when controlling a car.
Once the training was complete, it was time to take it out for a spin in the real world. Aside from being equipped with the brain-reading technology, the "Knight Rider"-esque car was also equipped with video cameras, radar and laser sensors so that it could independently interpret the simple commands given by the driver's thoughts and apply them appropriately.
"In our test runs, a driver equipped with EEG sensors was able to control the car with no problem — there was only a slight delay between the envisaged commands and the response of the car," said Professor Raúl Rojas, who headed the project at Freie Universität Berlin.
In other words, the technology is not quite ready for the open road, where rapid response times would be necessary to avoid perilous road conditions — but it's an impressive first step.
For a closer look at the technology in action, check out this short film assembled by the Freie Universität Berlin researchers: end quote.
This above address takes you to the thought controlled car video.

I first heard about technology like this which took it out of the realm of science fiction when I read "The Day After Roswell" by Defense Intelligence Agency Army Colonel Corso who worked directly under President Eisenhower and also under Army DIA General Trudeau. I think when this technology was first discovered as a relic of the Roswell Crash it killed many people because it was used to pilot the Roswell Craft and human brains could not sync with it. The is a much simplified version of what piloted the Roswell Craft. It has taken 64 years now since the Roswell crash for it to make it out of U.S. Top Secret kinds of Research and being used by pilots in fighter jets  to pilot their jets when they couldn't move their arms in 9 G-load loops and turns where physical movement is impossible under that g-loading. The best the pilots can do under those conditions is try not to pass out. But they can still think usually and so it has been used as a way to pilot their jets in some situations along with artificial intelligence which is found on almost all fighter jets and now most commercial Air planes on earth for emergencies to land the planes when there is no pilot left alive on board or if for some reason everyone on board is unconscious for some reason. So, the fact that this technology has now reached being able to drive a car will benefit all of us in as yet unknown ways now and into the future.

NOTE: Don't forget to visit the site to watch the video of the technology actually being demonstrated while driving a car only with a mind. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time Travel and UFOs

For myself, because of my life experiences, if there is any doubt that time travel exists and is being used it is for me at least under 1% doubt if that. But do I expect you to believe this as well. No. That wouldn't be right unless you have had experiences like I have had. Each person has to define reality according to their own life experiences.

I was watching "I know What I saw" on the History Channel and began to think about future technology coming back through time and of rich people or military dignitaries or group in the future coming back to tour earth now to see what it was like now and then returning to the future with more information. Because just like now we can't be sure about much of what actually has happened in our history either. Oh, we can be sure of group events and things like battles and maybe the number of deaths in a particular battle, but things like true motivations of leaders and soldiers and average people regarding any number of things is less certain. So often I believe people come back through time to find out what was really going on as much as possible in any given situation because what people write or say about ANY event isn't always true or completely accurate in any way. So, perception is almost always completely different than objective reality. And even then all of our views of reality would change on any given day depending upon what had been happening to us: i.e. did we get enough sleep, food, sex, happiness? Were we healthy or sick mentally or physically that day for any known or unknown reason etc. ? So all these factors especially in world leaders make a big difference regarding almost any outcome in history that particular day for thousands and thousands of years into the past, present and future of Earth. So, for people who just have to know what was really going on, time travel might be for them and just for people who want to see what it was like for their ancestors to be alive now or any other time. So, it is my belief that at a minimum at least half of the  UFOs that we see are from our progeny in the future coming back to see their 'Grandparents', their ancestors and what we were all about. And some decide to get to know us.

However, can I explain fully how that affects our time and space? Maybe Yes and Maybe no. If I logically think about it all time and space past, present and future are constantly changing. All we have to do is to look at the premise from particle physics that says, "It is only a probability that any atom or particle is at any specific location at any time."

What that means in real terms is that even though your body or any object isn't likely to appear or disappear at any given moment the same isn't true for small particles and atoms. They seem to come and go at any moment without us having any useful scientific knowledge of where and when they come and go. This is a constant within particle physics. So, if it can be said that "Atoms and particles are constantly on a whim going to other times and spaces and sometimes returning and sometimes not" then it can also therefore be said that time and space are not constants for any matter because parts of that matter are constantly going to other times and spaces all the time. All atoms aren't traveling any given moment but many are. Because of this time is only relative and space is only relative and nothing can be considered a constant but everything is sort of moving and changing more like an ocean of air or water or magma or plasma possibly than anything else I can presently think of. So, all ideas of constants like time are actually illusions. Though it makes humans uncomfortable to think like this maybe some of us need to to actually perceive how things really are in the universe.

Today's Stock Market and a European History Lesson

The following quote is from:
Investors are now in a situation in which stability — and perhaps their ability to sleep — rests on effective European collective action.
Read the Financial Times, or read some histories of 20th century Europe, or spend some time in Budapest and Prague (as I did last month), and a theme emerges: European governments and institutions have been very poor at crisis management. Time and again through history, minor disputes over religion, borders or royal succession turned into wars that persisted for decades. The 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian separatist led to a devastating, continent-wide war that ultimately drew in the U.S. The 1920s and 1930s brought hyperinflation, banking system meltdowns, and the rise of Hitler. You can't spend 15 minutes in Prague without learning how Europe collectively sold out independent Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany in 1938.
In the post-war era, Europe finally seemed to get its hands around the problem of collective action. The creation of NATO bound Western Europe together in a security alliance. The creation of a (very weak) common government, a (stronger) common market, and a single European currency under a single monetary policy lead many to believe that the United States of Europe had finally arrived. (See, for example, T.R. Reid's 2004 book: The United States of Europe: The Rise of a Superpower and the End of American Supremacy) end quote.

So, the likelihood that Europe will be able to end their Crises anytime soon is unlikely. But let me point out something else. Europeans like Americans tend to be very pragmatic and always have been. Otherwise they wouldn't have survived so many wars over the last 1000 years or more with their countries intact. So, don't underestimate Europeans in the long run. One does at their own peril. The same can be said for the United States. There is an ongoing resiliency to democracies everywhere. They may have to adapt to a new world and find new ways to go on. But if you look at Europe that plague after plague and war after war always found a way to pick up afterwords and make the best of things we must also see a very pragmatic Europe and a very pragmatic U.S. that no one should underestimate long term at their own  peril.

The real point of the quote is that Europe may find a useful answer to its problems in the long run but it may be very expensive in the short run because of all the money that will be wasted trying to make it all work without solid enough universal agreements in place. Until Europe finds a way to be a little more like the U.S. with independent states having less power and one overall government having more power it is going to be pretty painful both for Europeans and for the rest of the world alike to watch.

Of course, the alternative will be for the whole thing to blow apart and for everyone to go back to their own currencies. In that world there likely would be less suffering in the near term but more in the long run. So, in the end all Europeans must choose how much pain they are willing to endure and what kind in order to get to where they want to all go wherever that is.

I know what I saw-History Channel

I was watching a group of citizens from all over earth and especially airline pilots, air force pilots, Astronauts, and even President Jimmy Carter talk about seeing a UFO. Many of them were asked a question which was something like, "Why aren't governments telling all people that UFOs are real?"
Their answer would be the same as mine is, which is, "Though they are real, since our governments are powerless to deal with them, there is nothing to say which would comfort the people of the world."

I too, have had experiences which changed my life as well like this. The last one was the summer of 1992 in Mt. Shasta, California where I went outside because three Chinook Helicopters like the one that crashed with all the Navy Seals on Board came over my 1 acre land and house in Mt. Shasta. They were so loud because of their leading edges of their chopper blades were breaking the sound barrier for some reason, (probably because of the altitude, because the land was 3,500 feet there so they had to be about 4500 feet to 5000 feet in altitude when I went out to see them. I was washing dishes in the kitchen at that time. However, when I went outside the three Chinooks suddently stopped and then I noticed an unbelievable thing in formation with them and just below them. It was a disc of the same shape exactly of the print I had seen in Spring 1974 up on Mt. Shasta. So, I tried not to blink because I knew this might be a once in a lifetime experience of seeing a UFO in formation withe Three Chinook helicopters. The helicopters were gray and had no marking on them at all (Black ops?) So, within 30 seconds of all four objects in formation and stationary in the sky the ufo suddenly disappeared. As I thought about this I realized the most plausible explanation of them all was that I had just witnessed Time Travel when the UFO soundlessly disappeared. But then, I don't have any photos or real proof do I? However, that is the most logical and likely explanation I have come up with to date.

So, if you get a chance to see these witnesses from all over the world talk before the National Press Club in Washington DC please do so because it is quite insightful. You will notice most of these men are retired because witnessing this sort of thing much before retirement could have jeopardized their careers. However, after retirement they feel the necessity for the truth to be known and so the International outing of all these events before the National Press Club is probably quite useful for all of us.

If you don't get this channel on your TV set or can't arrange to see it on TV you might be able to watch it at   I wasn't able to find somewhere to stream it but I was able to find the location of a DVD of it: here is is:


I found in college that forming useful questions is always more important than the answers that you get. Without useful questions no life is lived to the fullest but many times just ends in despair. So, in the interest of everyone's survival on earth I'm asking these questions:

Why is the world in such a mess right now? As recently as the 1990s things were never better and our government here in the U.S. had a surplus of money on board.

Why are people accusing Bernanke of Treason? Though the average person might not understand this, without devaluing the dollar or raising taxes or both our nation will turn into a banana republic the way things now stand. The Bush Tax cuts combined with Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have bankrupted our nation.

How high will food prices go? The answer unfortunately is there is no limit to how high food prices will go. The answer for anyone who has a windowsill or land to grow food on is: Start growing your own food before you starve. And start figuring out how to recycle your water if there is a drought where you live. One way is through a solar distiller using clear or black plastic to recycle water. Take the plastic and put it above the water in the sun and make it be an angle so the pure water can condense upon the plastic and run down into some kind of container. Use the heat of the sun so you have water to drink at least.

What is REALLY done with the 500 billion dollars a years spent on defense? We don't really have an enemy outside of ourselves. I presently believe the terrorist wars were for the most part fund raisers done by people in the intelligence community trying not to lose their jobs and the whole thing got so out of hand that both world propaganda and the military industrial complex got on the band wagon. Just watch the movie "Wag the Dog" and you will see what the last 10 years has really been about.

Why is the price of Gold going up like it is? Is it really the debt ceiling problem which is a completely manufactured political problem caused by Republicans being racist and wanting to get rid of a black president? Do Republicans really think that politics is more important than the survival of our nation economically? Obviously, some really do. It's almost like they are saying "It is better that our country doesn't exist at all if we are going to  have a black president." This unfortunately is my present opinion on this in regard to some Republicans. So in this one sense these kinds of Republicans demonstrate they are anti-U.S. and therefore in a real sense demonstrate that they might be considered "enemies of the state" because they are acting to destroy the U.S. as a way of electing a Republican (any Republican). However, this kind of thinking is just so ideological and non-pragmatic and non-practical in any way, shape or form as to be considered and rightly so, Insane and self defeating and self destructive for us as a nation.

Why do we allow China to devalue their currency? No other nation is allowed to do this. And by allowing them to continue devaluing  we steal the jobs of our people and all people in the western World. Until the Western world either forces China to raise the value of their currency to what it is actually worth, millions and millions more jobs in the Western world and all around the world will be lost DIRECTLY because of this one factor.

However, on another level there is a paradox here. The paradox is that any nation that is serious about surviving right now is seriously struggling to devalue their currencies including the United States and many countries in Europe. So when the Governor of Texas, Perry, says that Bernanke is guilty of treason in printing money, it is more like Rick Perry of Texas is guilty of Treason by saying this because only nations that devalue their currency in the present world climate will survive.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are problems but so is Computer addiction and in specific computer Games and gaming. What happens when people young or old worldwide simply say to themselves, "The world is so bad off I'm just going to go play a video game and live in a fantasy world?" What happens then when millions and billions of people who could potentially solve all the problems of the world just decide to escape into video games and solve their problems just in fantasy?

These are just some of the questions that I have. I'm sure others of you have questions too. Blog your questions because if you can at least formulate what is bothering you then maybe someone else has a real world solution for you and for the world that can be implemented! If you can't even ask the right questions then how do you expect to survive all this?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My son and I were having an interesting conversation about Gold today in the Hot Tub outside. It's a great place to think and to try and understand what is happening both in our lives and the world around us. He was saying, "What if the price of Gold isn't really being driven up by panicking people but by people buying gold for some other purpose? For example, in Zacharia Sitchin's book when he translated ancient cuneiform rock tablets from Northern Africa it spoke about how humans were bred by aliens who wanted gold. What if those aliens have returned and want more gold now and we have to give it to them to make peace with them and to stay alive as humans?"  Since my son has an IQ of 150 sometimes he says pretty interesting things. What I said in return to him was, "I have no doubt at all that humans on earth are being thinned out, whether that is by aliens, upper class wealthy people and governments or all of the above or none of the above it's hard to say for sure. What I have no doubt about, however, is that likely 1/2 to 1/3 of the present numbers on earth will be gone by 2100. In other words if there are 7 billion people on earth now there will only be around 4.5 billion or 3.5 billion by 2100. That is a given. Because of Global Warming, the scarcity of oil which will drive up the cost of food past about what 50% of the earth can afford and a variety of other factors will reduce world populations by at least that amount. On top of that you have people like El Shabaab in Somalia which likely will mean about 4 to 10 million people will starve there because this Al Qaeda group is shooting Aid groups trying to feed the 12 million people starving their now and 29,000 children for sure have already died in this problem within the span of a few weeks.

Also, if you saw "Cowboys and Aliens" the movie you noticed that this was what the aliens really wanted was gold. "Why?", you might ask.

 The reason is simple if you know anything about electronics and computer chips and the like. Gold is the single best conductor of electricity except for Platinum. However, Platinum is very rare. So, Gold since it is in more abundance is the easiest "Fantastic" conductor of electricity to use "IF money is no object". So, if you or I wanted to design an electrical technology that would actually last 100s or thousands of years, gold might be the single best conductor to use. However, if you wanted to design an  electronic microchip that you only wanted to last 5, 10, or 20 years at most you would build silicon chips like we do now, because the silicon and the plastic will degrade and start making mistakes eventually in computation. Whereas if you built a gold component it could literally last forever as long as it didn't have an electrical short (which would melt out the gold) or unless it was exposed to another extreme heat source (which would also melt out the gold of the electronic component). But if you actually wanted to create something that would go on working indefinitely as long as you had a usable power source Gold would be the likely conductor you would want to use.  Because silicon, and plastic fiber optics aren't going to last more than 20 to 25 years without degrading from heat and wear and tear.

So, is the price of Gold's only reason going up is people freaking out about world debt? I don't know for sure. But somebody does. And that might be worth researching if you had a way to do it.

Also, in line with this same kind of thinking is the Sunspot cycle which we are now in the thick of until possibly 2014. It is possible that and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) caused by the plasma caused sunspots and plumes off the sun will disrupt even more than they already have world navigation through GPS satellites and other satellites. How many planes and ships and hikers have had their GPS devices malfunction already not knowing the cause worldwide. Maybe it was the GPS device and maybe it was an EMP which through off the GPS satellites or a single satellites computations. Have any airliners crashed or come to harm from this? Have any ships crashed on rocks or been lost at sea because of this. Have any hikers been lost because of this? It would be impossible to know because governments can't afford to let this kind of information out because it relates directly to the national security of every advanced nation and weapons delivery system on the planet.

The following is an intuitive read from before there were any Bibles of any kind written in North Africa.

The Ancients from the Stars

The ancients from the Stars bred us to serve them. We call them "the Gods" but if they left I think we would also be fine without them too. The time is thousands of years before any Bibles were written either old or new. We mine gold for them and grow food for us and them and they tell us stories of the planets they are from. I wonder what will happen if they go. Many of them say that they have enough gold for now. We beg them to take us with them because we don't know what will become of us humans without our parents from the Stars. There are no other creatures as smart as us here on earth now. The animals recognize us as being a little like them but we are also something different something alien from them. We also, are really half children from the stars too. So though our pets love us and look up to us sometimes they are scared of our ruthlessness too. The Ancients from the stars that bred us for mining Gold tell us many things about their home planets. But they also say we would not fit in there because half aliens wouldn't be accepted in their cultures on their planets. Because we are half animal half alien we must stay here. Some of the scientists worry that over time we too might develop nuclear weapons and space travel. They said that could be a problem because we might become a threat to other planets of the aliens because we have a lot of intelligence like half aliens would. However, though our lives are much shorter we are tougher and stronger in some of the ways that apes are still stronger than humans of earth. In that way humans tend to be physically stronger than aliens. That's why they bred us to mine for them. They said it would take to much fuel for them to build something they called robots and then to bring them back. So instead the sent their genetic engineers so we would be related as family to those that came on their ships. So we could call them all our fathers and our mothers and our guardians and so as their children we could serve them until they had to leave carrying enough gold for their purposes. They said they would return periodically for us to mine more gold for them over the years. And as their family it would be required of us to give them gold. And so it was. And so it is.


I have lived in countless bodies in the past, present and future. I have lived for millions or billions of years already. In the end time is relative but immortality just is. So, life is for those who choose to live. I take pleasure in learning and living. It's what an immortal does. Many immortals choose to forget all the lives they have lived except the one they are presently living. I choose to remember them all, at least the parts that are not too disturbing to want to remember. But often when I meet you I remember you from countless lifetimes and see you as my friend or family member from countless lives already lived in the past, present or future. Whether this life I am presently living lasts another moment or thousands of years still I am immortal and will live on in this and other forms as long as I choose to. I can go into the formless void and just hang out there without a body for an eternity if I wish and then spontaneously manifest a new body somewhere because it is time to do that much like one can go to sleep and then wake up refreshed ready to try something new or different. Immortality is universal but many of us choose to forget about our immortality because we are choosing to learn about different things. But I almost always choose to remember because that way I don't forget all the souls I love and have always loved throughout my immortality. By remembering sometimes I can help them if they get lost or confused in their chosen forgetfulness of the fulness of who they are. So, for me, there is always joy in my immortality because just remembering my friends everywhere I go makes me happy. I don't get lost just in friends passing on like some do because I know I will see them again in the heavens in between lifetimes. So being immortal doesn't become so upsetting as it gets for some. Immortality for me is something to be savored, a smorgasbord of experiences never ending. Thousands of beautiful sunrises and sunsets never ending. It's like living for real in thousands of movies, each one is one of your many lives and loves. Immortality is a memory and a future for any who wish it both in this lifetime and all those that have gone before and all those to come in the past, present and future.

Polarization- Please Remember Gabby Giffords

Everyone is stressed because of the polarization in this country. And yes, people on both sides of the divide believe that their way is the ONLY way to solve everyone's problems. However, without some way to compromise we may have more Gabby Giffords in the next few years being shot. People need to think of what happened to her and to tone down their rhetoric. It is useful to have a point of view but remember the whole point of Democracy is to have political revolutions through voting rather than through bloodshed like it is done over most of earth. So, if any of our speech gets too polarized we might incite others with psychological problems or boundary problems and people may die. So please think about preventing more deaths this Presidential Season. Rationality is lacking. I think anyone can see it. And when rationality and compromise don't exist, violence could be around the corner. One Gabby Gifford incident was enough. There has got to be some way of protecting all candidates being elected to all offices in the land. The way is for each of us to think about the consequences of what we are saying all the time. Without responsible talk likely there will only be more violence in the process of the next election cycle. Think about it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everyone is Gifted

Yes. Everyone is gifted. However, not everyone discovers what their gift is. So, allowing yourself to live and to explore yourself, the world, and meeting all kinds of people might help you in discovering what your gift or gifts are. Sometimes people like their gifts and other times they don't. But in the end just like we all have to live with what we look like, our health, who are friends and parents are, where we live etc., we all have to live with the gifts we were given. And so finding out what those gifts are is helpful.

Let me give you an example. I discovered that I was always big and tall and very strong for my age growing up. However, I was also fairly shy until I was 15 years old and girls started coming on to me and I found my shyness actually was an advantage. For example, other boys might say rude things to girls and suggestive things to girls. However, since I had been trained to be a perfect gentleman I didn't do things like that. And many boys bragged about their exploits with girls and I tended not to do that either much. So, I discovered that girls liked me and that my tallness and even my shyness was an advantage because I was a gentleman and that seemed to make up for everything. So, I always from age 15 had a fairly easy time dating and going steady until I was 26 and got married and had my first son.

On another level my mother was an incredible singer and I inherited this trait of perfect pitch and a good singing voice. So I started learning to play the piano at age 8 and took piano lessons from age 8 to 16. I also took violyn lessons and played in the grade school public school all city orchestra when I was 12. And I played in the junior High Orchestra until I was about 14 and decided I had had enough of playing the violyn. But by the time I was 16 I started to teach myself to play the 6 string and 12 string guitar and later the silver flute and then wooden flute and then PVC plastic flute that I took with me in my backpack while backpacking all over California, and especially in the Sierras and to Mt. Shasta.

By age 12 I learned that I could come home and someone that had angered me during the day I could sluff off if I played music on the piano and sang. So within and hour I wouldn't want to fight someone anymore I would start to see how that was just going to probably get me expelled from school or worse and so I would usually find a way not to have to fight someone stupid and usually they were just being stupid because of problems in their lives that had absolutely nothing to do with me. And so music became a way to rise above stupidity. I found playing music that I met most of my girlfriends after I was about 20. Most of my girlfriends before 20 I met through my church that I left when I was 21 because I found people in church to be hypocrital. It took me about another 5 years or more before I saw that people in every church are hypocritical and that churches in general breed hypocrisy because most churches ask things that are not possible for people to do. So people have to tell lies or at the very least omit information or tell white lies otherwise they would all be kicked out of their churches by age 25. However, it  might be true that many people, especially women might be able to obey all the rules of most churches after they are about 50 or so.

So, being gifted might be being gifted enough to notice all churches on earth are full to the brim with hypocrisy and serious psychological problems that people develop from lying all the time to try to fit into an unrealistic expectation of ANY human being.

So by the time I was 30  I decided that religions and churches make people be nonhuman and that is the real problem of churches (all the psychological problems that are caused by people trying to be someone that they are not and never will be.)

So, I decided that the best thing that I could do would be to talk and write to people of my discoveries. And that being true to yourself is the first part of being true to God. Because God really isn't in any book, God if he or she exists is in every moment of life, so finding how to be true to yourself you will actually start to find God in everything and everyone. I find I don't find God in churches. God is a completely spontaneous experience that can happen at any moment anywhere. So, if an ant is your Guru Feed him. God is where you find him, her, it!

Afghanistan: The Western World's Latest Quagmire

It might be useful to begin by listing the quagmires of the 20th and 21st Century since World War II that have sapped U.S. and western wealth to the point of the near bankruptcy of the whole western World now.

Here they are in order: The Korean War, The Viet Nam War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War. And the potential or present quagmires of Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria and others that the western world now face as well. I don't think Egypt is a quagmire because I think the people of Egypt will likely bring about a better government and it also looks like Libya will too. But Somalia, Syria, Yemen remain as new quagmires the western world and Saudi Arabia and others might get bogged down in now and into the future.

The Korean War turned out okay for South Korea and completely horrific for North Korea which is great for South Korea and horrific for North Korea. Viet Nam as far as America and the Western World went at the time was a disaster from beginning to end. The vote tally is still out on what long term will happen in Iraq. But I would say at this point that Afghanistan is another disaster in the making ongoing. For the western world, this country is like a quicksand that we keep throwing money at. And to make things worse it is next to a nuclear power, Pakistan which is a traditional enemy of India another nuclear power. So, in danger ratings, Pakistan is now the single most dangerous nation on earth. And any political scientist will tell you this. So, Afghanistan and its effects on Pakistan very likely could spark some kind of nuclear war eventually. This is a given the way things are now in the world.

Afghanistan historically, doesn't seem to like any government, especially any foreign government there at all. They have thrown off ANY foreign regime since Alexander the Great. Strangely enough, Afghanistan in its independent nature is a lot like the old Wild West of the United States in some ways in its independent nature. The only thing most Afghanistan people seem to agree on is that most of them are Muslim. Otherwise, it breaks down tribally and into classes of people economically, like farmers, lawyers, and other trades. So, if I compare Afghanistan to the Wild West of Western United States in the 1800s I get a similar kind of wildness and level of education as those times here in the U.S. The people in Afghanistan are also at a similar level of toughness of necessity to survive. Though I have never been physically in Afghanistan I have experienced this same kind of toughness while traveling in the Himalayas in India and Nepal which is a very similar topographically and climate wise to Afghanistan. The biggest difference would be climate but in attitude in some ways it is very similar throughout the Himalayan region.

The other really important thing for the West to be thinking about is that Afghanistan and Chernobyl brought down the whole Soviet Union and this economically and ecologically devastated the Soviet Union and made possible a turn towards democracy because communism had completely devastated the country through nuclear weapons and all the semi permanent problems this brought to where people were gathering kerosene from the surface of streams to heat their houses in the late 1980s and early 1990s. And literally thousands of children and adults directly or indirectly died from ecological problems in Russia then just like thousands of people are dying in China from all the ecological problems there now also. So, there are some advantages to living in a democracy where people are actually listened to so they don't all have to die in multiple ecological disasters like Chernobyl and others.

But in the end, The U.S. and Europe may go bankrupt and fall simply because they are involved in such economically draining enterprises as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. Because unless all the western countries learn to be more conservative with their military resources we all will be gone within 20 years as powerful countries on the world seen. And if Both Russia and China don't get their ecological act together thousands and thousands more people will die both places and the relatives of those people will cause further trouble to those countries too.

So, the main weakness of China and Russia appears to be in dealing with Ecological disasters and problems and the main weakness for Western powers is in regard to wasting their military resources and pretending it is still World War II and the 1950s still, which it isn't. One man with a Kalashnikov rifle doesn't equate with a million dollar or more cruise missile or multimillion dollar drone with hellfire missiles. Some kind of sanity and balance about all this has to be reached or both the U.S. and Europe will be no more.

Note: The best way to express this problem is that the 500 Billion dollars plus a year the U.S. spends on defense is as much as the defense departments of the next 100 nations in defense money outlay size combined.