Thursday, May 31, 2018

When Creators Create Galaxies

Of course I'm giving you a simplistic human explanation that humans can actually understand here but nevertheless this is what actually happens to Creators when they create a galaxy as a home or farm for their children to be able to eat better much like humans build farms to feed their families and extended families here on earth.

First of all, a male and female mated pair of Creators leave a Galaxy for one reason or another. They then drift in Space sort of like young High school or College students might in their minds and traveling all over visiting parts of the known or unknown world down through history.

But in the case of Creators from Dark matter (which only means unknown matter) that actually comprises 96% of the known universe (because Galaxies and matter ONLY compose 4% of the known universe at present).

So, the majority of the universe is Dark matter (likely without either Time or Space as useful variable. I'm thinking that Time and space ONLY exist within a Galaxy and even then Time is bent by all the objects that are large in the Galaxy. For example, Earth bends time and so does the sun. So, there is no one constant time even for the Solar System as you travel through it.

Then this couple might get pregnant with Creator Babies. If this happens one of two things usually occurs. If the male is really in love enough with his mate he creates a Galaxy for he and his chidren to live in much like a man might build a farm where there was only a Forest before down through history to feed and clothe his family.

Then he becomes like a King like Zeus of this Galaxy and his wife becomes like Hera of this Galaxy and Because Creators don't live in time and space (unless they want to) they never die. The Only real cause of death by Creators is boredom and this they have learned to conquer by taking incarnation as beings on planets and inside of Suns like us as human beings. So, most or all of the souls of mankind are the Creator species of this Galaxy seeking mortality so they can value being alive once again and not be bored to death literally after they reach billions of years in age.

(Even though this is meaningless because creators don't naturally live in Time and space) (Except when they choose to).

How do they create a Galaxy?

They separate Dark matter (unknown matter) into matter and antimatter with a black hole in between the two dimensions to allow the balance to exist.

Galaxies are about as natural as waterfalls on rivers or waves on the ocean and relatively speaking about as long lasting from a Creator's point of view. But, A galaxy I suppose is a better analogy when compared to a Waterfall of never ending water because this resembles a galaxy more in this analogy better than anything else I can think of.

So, our souls are actually immortal creators who built this galaxy or were born after the galaxy was created and now maintain it for future generations of Creators.

And every Galaxy in the universe is built and maintained by Creators too.

And would each Creator be thought of as a God (or Grandfather)  and a Grandmother (Goddess) to all who live in that Galaxy?

Likely yes.

But, likely there is a Grandfather of Grandfathers also that we would be happier to call God watching over all Galaxies.

In Buddhism they actually have such a concept in the Buddhas Vajrasattva and Nyema so I tend to think of them as the God and Goddess of the physical Universe. The are the highest level Buddhas in existence that connect with the physical universe.

By the way Vajrasattva is male and Nyema is his mate and female. So, it could be said that they are presently the God and Goddess or male and female Buddhas in charge of the physical universe.

All Buddhas beyond that live in the Formless Realms.

However, depending upon your religion or philosophy you will have to figure all this out on your own.

Or if you have no religion this might also be viewed as a humanistic view of Galaxies as well in reality.

Interestingly enough,  I have now met many people who believe in psychic gifts like precognition and healing near and far that don't believe in either God or Buddha.

So, for them a humanistic yet scientific approach might be best.

I have really been enjoying watching "The Crown" on Netflix

This series is just so well done that it is a pleasure to watch with really good action set to historical events even with Winston Churchill as Prime Minister when Queen Elizabeth first becomes the Queen after her father the King  passes away. At this point I'm watching the late 1940s through about 1952 in the earlier episodes of history.

Another series I like but don't like to watch alone is "Stranger Things" also on Netflix. This isn't one I like to watch alone at all. About 1 1/2 years ago my wife and I watched the first season and at first it was fun but the last few episodes of the first season were a little hard for my wife and I to watch (as we are not horror fans) but Stranger things is sort of like if you combined "Goonies" in the 1980s with "Super 8" and combined that with maybe "Twilight Zone" in a series or something like that. I suppose it is more scary than "Super 8" at times.

So, don't watch this thing alone. It turned out after I showed my son "Stranger Things" this week he binge watched last night the first 7 episodes of season 1. So, we watched the last episode of Season 1 and the first episode of Season 2 together tonight.  Great Fun! But like I said don't watch this alone for most of you!

It's 52 where I live in California and 53 where I am in Portland now

I thought this was an interesting coincidence. However, where I live on the coast Near San Francisco in May or June it is usually called" The June Glooms" or as Mark Twain once said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." IN other words, the sun heats up inland and draws the fog and high clouds off the ocean into the SF Bay area for most of the summer. So, where I live no one has air conditioners because it never gets above at the highest 85 and even then that is only for an afternoon before the heat sucks more fog in off the ocean from the heat inland going up into the sky and drawing more cold air and fog off the oceans during the summer mostly.

So, though it rained some in Portland, Oregon today it has been sunny and up to 88 degrees in the last 7 days too with several days of around 78 degrees too. The forests are all green and lush from the rain here sort of like Rain forests all over the place too here in Portland where they haven't been cut down for building new buildings and homes.

Astronomers May Finally Have Evidence Of ‘Planet Nine’ In Solar System

begin quote from:

Astronomers May Finally Have Evidence Of ‘Planet Nine’ In Solar System

Astronomers have detected new evidence of a possible “Planet Nine” in our solar system, though fans of Pluto will be disappointed to learn that the object in question is roughly four times the size of the Earth, possessing nearly 10 times its mass. A new study is giving credence to the belief that this as-of-now mysterious Planet Nine is influencing the behavior of other objects in our solar system, though scientists have yet to come to a consensus about whether this mysterious orbiting mass really exists.
According to the study published earlier in May, this so-called Planet Nine is likely influencing the gravitation behavior of other objects in our solar system, though the vast reaches of space and the continued jockeying over limited observing resources continue to present hurdles to researchers trying to prove with certainty that a ninth planet exists in our solar system. By examining the orbits of smaller icy objects zooming through the solar system, researchers at Caltech are fairly confident that they can eventually gather enough evidence to make a case that our solar system has a new planetary member.
According to reporting by Live Science, speculation about a ninth planet, an icy giant, has existed since the Middle Ages, when some researchers claim tapestries were woven with evidence of the ninth celestial body. According to researchers with Queen’s University Belfast, old scrolls and tapestries could contain the evidence that hyper-modern research has yet to find.
“We have a wealth of historical records of comets in Old English, Old Irish, Latin and Russian which have been overlooked for a long time,” university medievalist Marilina Cesario told Live Science.
Planet nine close to confirmation
 Mark Wilson / Getty Images
Despite the possibility of answers lying hidden in our past, however, contemporary researchers are likely to keep most of their focus on the stars above. Pedro Lacerda, a Queen’s University astronomer, shed some light on how ancient practices meet with modern scientific marvels in order to elucidate the mysteries of the universe.
“We can take the orbits of comets currently known and use a computer to calculate the times when those comets would be visible in the skies during the Middle Ages,” Lacerda told Live Science.
Does that mean the former planet Pluto will soon be replaced by another addition to our solar system’s planetary bodies? As of now, evidence totally proving Planet Nine’s existence remains to be found, but astronomers are keeping their eyes on the stars.

I've been telling people my whole life regarding things that were going to happen and then they happened

It's kind of weird to be like this but this is what natural shamans have been doing for thousands and thousands of years already. Without them the Human race would have gone extinct hundreds and maybe thousands of times already.

This is just one of things that some humans have always been able to do. See the future and heal people up close or at a distance.Why?

Because otherwise the whole human race would have gone extinct already thousands and thousands of times already.

Unless some of us are like this humans just don't survive anything very well.

All of us are capable of being like this in an emergency. If we weren't we wouldn't have survived this long already.

People without this ability are often dead by 2 to 4 years of age all over the world.

Unless you can sense what you shouldn't do when, no one survives to even 5 years of age ever.

Knowing what you can survive is relatively easy. Knowing what you absolutely cannot survive thinking or doing is another matter. So, those who can't do this have already gone home to God.

By God's Grace

Knowing the future is almost always traumatic to a greater or lesser degree.

Because the future is never just what people would consider to be good. It is always what people would say is both good and bad and everything in between.


So, there is this balance in any future at all always.

So, if you are going to be brave enough to see the future like I do I would like to warn you of the consequences.

But, also it might be important to know that not seeing the future is almost always a worst consequence because often you and others you love are dead in this future without you able to help them stay alive.

Also, God won't allow you or me to save every person or animal we might want to (or any tree or plant we want to either for that matter).

It's really important to learn to listen to God about what God wants to happen or else you really won't be around very long at all. What you want isn't necessarily what God wants because God is above your and my pay grade so to speak in the universe.

So, learning this first is necessary or you won't keep your precognitive or healing gifts, they will just go away.

Angels will just take your precognitive or healing gifts away from you if you don't ask God what he wants first.

By God's Grace

So, in order to grow your precognitive and healing gifts you have to be in the service of God and Angels first or else all these gifts just go away (Or you die suddenly within 2 weeks time).

By God's Grace

The Great killing Smog of London: December 5th to 9th 1952

note: in Season one episode 4 of "The Crown" it goes into this actual killing event

of as many as 12,000 people from December 5th to 9th 1952 in London.

I had heard about this before, and after living through bad smog days of sum-


from 1953 on in Los Angeles in Glendale and before that Tujunga as a child I know what bad smog can do to people. 

In the case of the London Smog it was caused by burning coal as individuals burning coal for heat combined with coal fired power plants right downtown in London that Killed thousands during this 4 or 5 day period. Winston Churchill's private secretary was also hit by a bus and died because the smog was so thick the bus driver couldn't see her as well. But, strangely enough, her death and him visiting her body in the hospital made him aware of how many were sick and dying and this saved his Prime Ministership at the time and he stayed on as prime Minister until 1955 and lived until age 91 in 1965 because he was born in 1874.

In Los Angeles the problem was before Catalytic converters were put on cars. The fuels burned were high sulfur content fuels and the gas was leaded on top of this which often caused brain damage of children downtown who lived near large thoroughfares of traffic in cities. So, like when I went to Verdugo Olympic sized Swimming pool in Glendale to swim on a smoggy day every breath felt like someone was stabbing me in the chest with a knife it was so painful. Also, I remember being little and if You started crying from the sulphur in the smoke in the air on a smoggy day you couldn't stop crying (tears coming from your eyes from the irritation then) in the 1950s in Los Angeles County all over. So, when the smog was bad people shut all their windows to keep out the worst of the smog so they could breathe, Just like the people who survived the London Smog did too. So, when I was crying from the smog being bad as a child I would go inside and my mother would give me a wet washcloth to wipe my eyes and let me run water over my eyes in the sink so I could stop crying from the sulphur in the air then from the smoke from cars in the air which was always the worst in the summertime when it was 90 to 110 degrees then in Los Angeles.

The stabbing sensation was from the combination of Chlorine in the swimming pool combined with the sulfur and lead in the smog from burned leaded sulphur gas and diesel in the air. Gasoline doesn't have the high sulphur content or lead in it anymore and neither does diesel either. (at least here in the U.S. in California this is true).

Great Smog of London - Wikipedia

The Great Smog of London, or Great Smog of 1952, was a severe air-pollution event that affected the British capital of London in early December 1952. ... It lasted from Friday, 5 December to Tuesday, 9December 1952 and then dispersed ..... Death in the Air: The True Story of a Serial Killer, the Great London Smog, and the ...

People also ask

Smog kills thousands in England - Dec 04, 1952 -

Heavy smog begins to hover over London, England, on this day in 1952. ... By the morning of December 5, there was a visible pall cast over hundreds of square miles. The Great Smog of 1952 became so thick and dense that by December 7 .... After nine days at sea aboard the S.S. George Washington, Wilson arrived at ...