Wednesday, August 31, 2022

As California inland cooks and catches on fire from dry hot weather

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My daughter was telling me about present sunspots and a solar Flare?

 I haven't had more time to study this yet because I spent Monday through Wednesday in the Hospital. But, I realized that since I have had heart problems flying over to the mainland from Maui to California during a solar flare that this could have also triggered my extreme Atrial Fibrillation about 2 weeks ago now that was like having a 7.0 earthquake in my chest for around 8 hours from about 11 pm one night until 7 or 8 am the next morning. This caused a marked decline in my heart health and I wound up in the hospital Monday morning (this week) and having to undergo a Cardioversion. (in a cardioversion they give you versed as an amnesiac to knock you out to forget the events simply because the experience is similar to being tasered in regard to the extreme physical and psychological shock of going through this procedure for your mind and body.

So, they shock the heart to make it stop having an atrial fibrillation sequence. If they don't do this and atrial fibrillation continues for too long you will eventually die within a few months usually as over time this harms not only your heart muscle but all parts of your body.

My experience of this was mostly through my wife since my memories were removed during the experience by using versed which is something they suppress your memories with during various medical procedures so you don't have potentially permanent psychological problems from the medical event.

Mine was successful so I'm going to live for awhile yet. Thank God!

However, the past two weeks were very difficult because I couldn't sleep because of edema and fluids in my lungs in conjunction with atrial fibrillation which wouldn't stop for about 2 weeks time.

However, since I'm not a doctor or a nurse I didn't know that I was slowly dying from atrial fibrillation until doctors told me my life depended upon going to the hospital this last Monday when I did.

So, even though the atrial fibrillation was harmful to me physically I am still alive and kicking.

By God's Grace

And the doctors by God's Grace were able to save my life once more.

This is the story my wife told me when she witnessed them shocking my heart with the electric paddles like you see in movies and on tv when someone's heart stops.

She said I said "Ouch!" when they hit me with full power. Then I said, "What the F--- was that!"

But, I have no memory of this because the versed wiped that memory away to protect me from the trauma of the event that they gave me when they put me unconscious to hit me with electricity.

Since the procedure worked I'm still alive today.

By God's Grace!

Heart problems during the Solar Maximum or during times of solar flares

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Solar maximum is the regular period of greatest solar activity during the Sun's 11-year solar cycle. During solar maximum, large numbers of sunspots appear, and the solar irradiance output grows by about 0.07%.
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