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The End of the Free Market July 31st 2010

A few months ago now I watched Jon Stewart interview Ian Bremmer in regard to his new book "The End of the Free Market". My wife bought this book for me as I was interested in it but then decided to hold it from me until my birthday a month or two later. By then I was on to other things. However, I found it again recently when I had to drop my Lexus off to have a smog check for licensing. I was so intensely interested that I began to write notes in the first chapter. Here are some of the quotes that I found fascinating. It reminded me of reading "Megatrends" and "Megatrends 2000" during the 80s in its prescient and almost prophetic nature of the demise of nation states and of the "U.S.  version of the free market.

I will be quoting from Chapter one "The Rise of a New System". The frontspiece of this chapter was probably written about 20 years ago when the Cold War and the Soviet Union Collapsed:

"What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government." ---Francis Fukuyama, "The End of History" end quote.

However, now 20 years later or so we are witnessing what appears to be the death or at least the morphing of the U.S free market economy that has mostly prevailed worldwide during this time into something else. And we are witnessing not the direct death of the nation states but of states becoming more inconsequential in nature regarding the financial workings of the world. One of the driving factors is the internet which has taken the wind of the laws of democratic states by relatively effortlessly moving money and ideas over almost every border on earth, which although it has literally made most of earth a "Flat Earth" as far as opportunity goes has also incredibly weakened the actual powers of all nation states and given power to such non-democratically elected bodies such as: The United Nations, the European Union, International Criminal Court, International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. Begin quote: "All these organizations that are not states, not sovereign, and not directly accountable to local votes." end quote (anywhere)

Regarding the end of the growing of worldwide democracies and their present state on earth we turn to:
Begin quote on bottom of page 9 "In 2008, the non-profit organization Freedom House rated 121 of the world's 193 countries as "electoral democracies",  but only 90 of them as 'free' countries. In the same year, the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Democracy Indiex classified just 30 of 167 countries as "full democracies", 50 as "flawed democracies", and 87 (accounting for about half the world's population) as either "hybrid democracies" or "authoritarian" states. In fact, the EIU warned in its 2008 report that, "following a decades-long global trend in democratisation, the spread of democracy has come to a halt." end quote bottom of page 9.

So, as we can see from this research and statisical analysis democracy may not be in retreat but it is at best in "stalemate" with other governmental systems and philosophies worldwide.

In the next research into this subject we will deal with globalization. The idea that struck me from all this was depending upon your point of view: "Globalization is either killing the nation state worldwide or has already killed the nation state in comparison to what the nation state was and represented through World War I and II to the Earth's people's.

begin quote near top of page 10: "The third obituary was for the nation-state, which a 1993 United Nations Human Development Report described as 'too small for the big things and too big for the small things" and author Kenichi Ohmae dismissed in 1995 as a 'nostalgic fiction'. To understand why some believed that nation-states were headed for history's junkyard, it helps to define the word "Globalization". It's essentially a catchall term for all the various processes by which ideas, information, people, money, goods, and services cross international borders at unprecedented speed. Together, these processes have created a much more integrated global economy through trade, foreign direct investment, large-scale capital flows, the construction of global supply chains, innovation in communications technologies, and mass migration." end quote.

So, globalization while increasing financial profitability for many many people worldwide also tends to decrease the inherent power of every nation state. So, the vote worldwide tends now to be economic completely rather than by voting at the ballot box. In other words where you spend your money and on what will decide what nations and companies rise or fall worldwide. And if you are a member of one influence group or another and as a group decide who to economically support or boycott, your group will often decide whether individuals in a certain area, place or country have some place to work or not. It was always this way to a certain degree. It has become moreso a hundredfold or more now during globalization.

quote on Globalization: Begin quote. "Globalization, like capitalism, is powered by the individual impulses of billions of people. It is not the result of someone's economic reform plan, and it can't be reversed by decree." end quote from bottom middle of page 10.

Begin quote end of page 10, "All that movement across borders will eventually strip nation-states of their power, because governments will never be able to manage the international commercial, political, social and environmental challenges that globalization creates. Even the governments of the world's most reclusive states can't lock their citizens away forever. If cell phones from China are now flowing into North Korea, what hope does any despot have of ever again fully insulating his people from the world or from one another?" end quote top of page 11.

However, even though the internet is one of the engines of globalization the following quote addresses one of the major problems for democracy being faced now in many countries: begin quote.
"In Iran in 2009, Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging helped shape our opinions of the Islamic Republic's politics--but they did not change the outcome of it's presidential election. For the moment at least, authoritarian governments have proven up to the challenge of restricting online speech. Furthermore, new communications technologies are not inherently pro-democracy. end quote-------
begin quote: "Unless there is widespread, public demand for democracy, these new tools will simply be used for other purposes."

And here we are left once again regarding the stalemate of democracy worldwide. The old belief that everyone would rush to get on the democracy bandwagon is actually in reality tempered by the general need for order worldwide. Generally people would rather have something they can count on rather than nothing at all. Though the idea of democracy is wonderful if you don't have enough food to eat to survive it may be the last thing you think of in a dream before you starve to death somewhere alone on earth. So, food and shelter must come before the benefits of democracy have any real meaning to most people on earth. Otherwise, it is only dog eat dog for survival. Democracy needs real opportunity to flourish for people to want it. Without real opportunity it might only be a pipe dream for most of the real world.

So, in this real world of diminishing resources of food and oil and clean water we may see democracy have to modify itself in some ways to stay relevant in a harsher crueler world we seem to be entering into.

If you are interested in exploring these ideas which are  presently morphing the world as we know it please read  "The End of the Free Market" and see if you agree with any of his premises or not.

I found by what I have read so far that it explains better than any book I have read or concept that has been explained to me more about what is actually happening worldwide at this time.

So, maybe the real problems our nation and the world is having is that most people don't understand enough implications of the real changes going on. It would be like being on a raft and wondering what was wrong as we bumped over rocks not realizing that we actually were going over a waterfall that we couldn't see because it was night time without a moon. If people don't understand what is happening they can't solve the problem or they will just ask the wrong questions to create a solution that can  help anyone.

Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Here is another article Ian Bremmer wrote May 14th called:

Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer

Posted: May 14, 2010 09:47 AM

'The End Of The Free Market': Why America Must Defend The Free Market Economy

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Cosmic Rays possibly affecting computer chips

Toyota Recall Might Be Caused by Cosmic Rays 

Click "Toyota" above for full news article.

Begin quote:


Toyota Recall Might Be Caused by Cosmic Rays

By Denise Chow, LiveScience Staff Writer
posted: 26 March 2010 11:32 am ET

It may not lessen Toyota's woes to hear that the problems the company has been having with faulty gas pedals could be blamed on cosmic rays from space. Sound unbelievable? The concept is actually a lot more plausible than you might think. 
Toyota's sticky gas pedals caused sudden and unintended acceleration in several of the automaker's top-selling Toyota and Lexus-brand cars, which led to a massive recall of more than 9 million vehicles worldwide, beginning in November. While ongoing inquiries attempt to locate the source of the problem and figure out a fix, investigators might find it useful to examine a far-out culprit: cosmic ray radiation from deep in the cosmos, which has been known to plague vulnerable data and memory chips in electronics.
Cosmic rays could be at least partially to blame for Toyota's mechanical defects, scientists now say. And the problem could get worse in the future, as the increasing use of tiny computer chips — replacing mechanical parts — makes cars more and more vulnerable to space radiation.end quote.

It's not just Cosmic Rays that are plaguing electronics on earth. We are also in the 11th year of a sunspot cycle that is supposed to harm computer chips all the way to power generating stations. In 1989 (two cycles back) it created a temporary but major collapse of the southern Canadian and northern American Grid when a large power station blew off line from Solar plasma bursts caused by sunspots and Aurora Borealis plasma.


I was born in 1948 so when I was growing up during the 1950s "Longhair" referred always to college professors of a certain era and classical or "longhair" music. Both were considered Passe (pass-A) during the 1950s. Einstein was of this era with his long hair. So I guess the "Longhair era" lasted from about the 1870s to about 1915 to 1920 depending upon what area of the U.S. or europe you lived in then. But this all sort of ended abruptly with World War I when everyone fighting sort of "shaved their heads" and this sort of way of thinking continued to a greater or lesser degree through World War II. So, even in the 1950s I wasn't allowed in grade school or junior High or High School 1953 until 1966 to wear my hair below my collar. That was the rule for all boys. And girls were sent home if they wore pants, shorts, culots, tight sweaters or short skirts also during this time. Boys were only allowed to wear shorts in Gymn classes.

So, flash forward to 1964 when the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and all the British Beatles Clone groups like the Dave Clark 5, Herman's Hermits etc. all became the rage in the U.S. and throughout the world.

I guess it sort of started with the Beatle mop it was called then. So, as a natural progression men and boys started to grow their hair long like the Beatles and Rolling Stones and other groups. Girls started ironing their hair straight and growing it down to their waists. And everyone was dressing different too.

I can remember when I saw my first "Berkeley Girl" from UC Berkeley in California. I think she was home either for summer vacation or something and she wore a Pendleton wool shirt and took it off because it was hot that day in Glendale, so it likely was around 1961 or 1962. I could see the hair under her arms and she didn't look like she had showered recently and wore blue jeans. I was sort of horrified at the time as I hadn't seen Any girl dress like this yet. About that time Boys were starting to make skateboard from their roller skates by taking a 2" by 4" stud and nailing or screwing the separated roller skates to the bottom. Then boys started taking pieces of wood to wood shop in Junior high and making skateboards out of wood that looked like miniature surfboards. The world was changing. Then a friend of mine went down Adams hill on a skateboard and went too fast and skidded on his side too far and had to go to the hospital. The times they were a changing and people were getting injured in the changes more.

But as long hair on rock bands and their followers grew and grew it peaked in 1969 and 1970 with men's hair down to one's heart and a full beard. You can see this in "Let It Be" the last movie the Beatle's made together in 1970.

However, today when you see old folks my age from about 50 to 70 years of age or more wearing various states of long hair, it is important, (I believe) for you to know why they still wear long hair.
From my point of view it is to honor all their friends who died along the way of their generation, in the Viet Nam War, overdosing on drugs, crashing their cars or motorcycles or planes or gliders, or committing suicide because of a lover or because they couldn't deal with life for whatever the reason.
So, the next time you see someone rich or poor or in between with long hair or beard just remember that they are honoring the dead of their generation who died for whatever the reason good or bad. They are remembering friends and relatives now dead so you will know both who they are and who they once were.

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Enlightened By Suffering

Everyone of us who survives to be 21, 30, 50, 80 or more years old does so by becoming enlightened by our life experiences enough to do so.

If I trace back to my birth and all the things that contributed to my living to 62 so far it goes something like this:
I was born:
I learned that birth is painful and that nursing at my mother's breast is good and sustaining.
I touched fire:
I learned that touching fire raises welts and is very painful. I learned not to touch fire even when lighting matches.
I pushed a little girl down cement steps when I was 3:
I learned that my grandfather would beat me very hard if I did such things and I didn't do them anymore.
I went to a frog pond at age 4 and learned that frog's eggs reminded me of the Milky Way Galaxy that I could see at night when the sky was clear. I learned to see my place in the universe.
I walked to the little girl's house that I had pushed down the stairs and I walked into a hornet's nest and they all stung me so I ran home screaming at age 4:
I learned that my grandfather would pour gasoline on such hornets and burn them all to death so they wouldn't sting me anymore. I learned that my grandfather would protect me from harm if I did no harm to others.
I moved to San Diego from Seattle:
I learned that life was completely different in California than Washington in 1952. The culture was completely different.
My 13 year old cousin molested me at a religious retreat when I was 8. I realized what he had done 2 years later and it gave me childhood epilepsy. I learned never to trust any males regarding anything.
I saw women in the 1950s sort of go crazy from not enough women's liberation. I learned that women sometimes lost it and went crazy then in those times. I never forgot that.
Though I thought most religious people were crazy when I was 8 to 12 years of age I found that I needed religion to survive childhood epilepsy. I learned that life is a paradox but I also found a way to survive very difficult experiences.
I was ostracized from this religion when 21. My wife to be stayed with the religion and didn't speak to me again. I learned both life and religion were very very cruel indeed.
I tried other religions but finally decided I couldn't deal with religious organizations. I learned that I can think for myself unlike most religious people.
I studied every religious idea that I thought might help or save me. I learned what worked and what didn't for me to survive even another day at a time.
At age 32 I met a Tibetan Lama and became interested in both Buddhism and especially the Tibetan form of it which melds both Buddhism and Tibetan Shamanism in a beautiful way. I found a path that made some sense finally in my life.

When the lessons of life are learned one by one in this way and one is always paying attention to what is causing not only one's suffering but what is causing all suffering around one it is then possible for that one to become eventually a beacon of hope for all who suffer. It is possible to share what might work for them too.

Anne Rice's conversion

 Novelist Anne Rice says she's leaving Christianity
Click "Novelist" above to read full yahoo news article.
Begin quote from article:
"In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control," the author wrote Wednesday on her Facebook page. "In the name of ... Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen." end quote from above article.

When I first read Anne Rice's stance I was a little horrified until I realized the main point of this is to get people to be tolerant of one another. For example, I believe that being Christian is something one does to include all mankind and not to exclude anyone. I don't think Jesus was interested in excluding people either. He was inclusive always and not exclusive in his thinking. So, for me to exclude anyone is to be unChristian. So to exclude any person or being from Christianity is to not be a Christian but to be an abomination of what Jesus meant in the first place. However, that's just me.

I believe that when you exclude any group of people from Christianity you have no business any longer calling yourself a Christian. I think this is the point Anne Rice is trying to make also.

Global Warming Undeniable

Ten key indicators show global warming "undeniable"

Click "Ten key" above for full Yahoo News article
begin quote from above article
"The 10 key planet-wide indicators of a warming climate identified by the report are:
-- Higher temperatures over land
-- Higher temperatures over oceans
-- Higher ocean heat content
-- Higher near-surface air temperatures (temperatures in the troposphere, where Earth's weather occurs)
-- Higher humidity
-- Higher sea surface temperatures
-- Higher sea levels
-- Less sea ice
-- Less snow cover
-- Shrinking glaciers"
end quote.
The good news is that there is now a northwest passage between Canada and the North Pole for ships to travel many months of the year. The bad news is multiple: melting tundra, melting glaciers, melting ice caps (seasonally) melting glaciers worldwide (seasonally), higher sea levels, higher surface both land and sea temperatures. Oh, and I heard that Moscow has just had it's hottest week temperature wise ever in history.

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Methane and water upper atmosphere research studies

NASA GISS: Research News: Wetter Upper Atmosphere May Delay Global

Why does atmospheric CO2 rise

Science stunner: Vast East Siberian Arctic Shelf methane stores ...

State of Florida issues methane-tsunami factsheet : Current Events 

The Mammalian Methane Emissions Menace


I put all these above word buttons on research easily Googled so people could better understand some of the problems of increased methane in our atmosphere from a variety of causes from herds of animals to human waste to tundra melting to methane in the form of natural gas from oil deposits worldwide. 

Anyway you look at it the increasing methane from new and old sources are changing and possibly even speeding up global warming.






Unhappy wild Trees

Having been an intuitive all my life (now 62 years) intuitive telepathic conversations with everything has become normal for me over the years. So, conversations with trees (telepathically) has become the norm also. While I was up in Mt. Shasta I noticed that the trees were not happy. I began to ask them "What's wrong?" There answer might surprise you. I said, "What is wrong with you? You definitely had enough rain this year because of the El Nino. And yet, I see some of you, especially the Port Orford Cedars aren't happy."

Their answer went like this. The Cedars said, "We have enough water but we are sensitive to the changes in the sun. Since our wood is not liked by most bugs they generally don't bother us as much as other trees. But it is the sun. It has changed. We don't know why unless people have something to do with it."

Later I talked to the Pine and Fir trees. They too said the same thing about the sun. They don't like the changes in the sun. Now, it might just be that the trees I communicated with were at 3500 feet in elevation and above. When I returned to the Pine, Oak and Redwood forest I live in on the California Coast the trees near my home seemed less concerned about changes to the sun. But the trees at altitude seem to be really suffering a lot from the sun and cosmic ray changes just like people in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand have been suffering from incredible increases in skin cancer from the Ozone hole there for over 20 or more years now. About ten years ago sheep herders in the Andes mentioned that their sheep were starting to go blind from the increased radiation from the sun and cosmic rays. So, life is changing all over earth because of changes to the atmosphere.

Also, all the methane released from the Gulf Oil Spill for around 100 days likely didn't help the upper atmosphere either. And the melting tundra likely is releasing methane in unheard of quantities into the upper atmosphere as well worldwide. I personally don't know of research into the changes all this increased Methane going into the upper atmosphere will create. If I find research into this problem I will try to relay it to you.

Genetically modified foods kill children and young adults

Genetically modified corn, wheat, soy etc. are literally wolves in sheep's clothing. Though legally they can still be called wheat, corn, soy etc. they really should be called something else in the interest of the public good and the public health. It would be better if they had names like: the black plague, or smallpox, so they would be singled out as instruments of death and things that make people incapable of reproducing which is what they really are.

Yesterday I wrote about how  research shows that genetically modified foods will render all those who eat them for 3 generations incapable of reproducing at all.

Today, I'm writing to tell you about other problems that are actually killing children and young adults who eat GMO's right now.

Our neighbor is an oncology nurse. If she wasn't here daughter would likely be dead from GMO's now. Only through a whole lot of medical knowledge did her daughter survive at all. and even then she could only eat brown rice for 2 years. NOthing else. However, most people that have allergies to Genetically modified foods tend to just die because most doctors and nurses don't know how to treat:

Eosinophil definition - Allergies: Allergy Symptoms, Treatment ...

Please paste "eosinophil" to get definition of Eosinophil allergies.

Eosinophil granulocyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I'm not a doctor or nurse so I'm giving you some clues to all this stuff but since I'm not medically trained the most I can do is point you in the right direction regarding all the deaths of children and young adults happening now and caused directly by allergic reaction to genetically modified foods. However, proving  scientificaly that this  is the cause is another thing. Meanwhile, thousands of children and young adults around the world are dying from exposure (consuming) Genetically modified foods.

For example, my son's friend who is in his early 30's has food allergies and likely got into trouble with Genetically modified foods. He almost died before they removed most of his lower intestines and colon. In third world countries people who have these kinds of allergic reactions to GMO's just die horrible deaths.

The corporate cultures within companies like Monsanto who (for profit) create these abominations of grain seeds reminds me of "Better off Ted" the TV series last year of the fictitious "Veridian Corporation". Though this was a comedy show and also reminds one of "The Simpsons" which shows Homer running a Nuclear power plant, all goes down this same road of incompetence or in the case of Monsanto and other genetically modified grain producers it illustrates, "How to make money by killing people and getting away with it!"

More and more the food we eat is like eating cardboard. In other words the more we eat the sicker we get or in this case the more we are likely to die.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3rd gen. GMO consumers will be unable to reproduce

My daughter was telling me about  study she read that it has been proven that GMO eaters (most of the people in the U.S.) if they are now between 15 and 50 years of age their grandchildren will be unable to reproduce. Not only that any animals that people eat will concentrate the problem and make it much worse.

Since money has greased so many palms over the last 30 years or so GMO's (corn, wheat, soy etc) has slowly crept into the U.S. food chain. Over 75% of all main grains sold as grains or processed in any way are in this category. So, basically for profit these companies are rendering our nation encapable of reproducing within 40 to 50 years.

GMO means genetically modified organism. This usually refers to grains some of which now because of genetic modification are also licensed as insecticides. This is something to think about the next time you buy a bag of corn chips and realize you are eating corn that is licensed as a pesticide.

If you are raising animals for meat you might want to know this too. I'm not sure how many animal generations fed almost entirely on GMO grains it would take until they won't be able to reproduce either.

Since males aged 15 to 45 in the U.S. have only a 60% chance statistically of being able to have children right now today even without GMO's you can see just how serious this is.

Be a Mystic

I have been a mystic all my life. My mother taught me the attitude of a mystic by teaching me about God in all things, all people, all animals, all plants, all stars, all planets, all oceans, all birds etc. etc. etc.

There are mystics in all religions and even mystics who don't profess any religion at all. It is an attitude of constant worshipfulness, of always being in love with life, with the creator at all times. a mystic is less concerned with establishing order in the universe because for a mystic the order is already there. And sometimes establishing a human order is kind of a blasphemy against life and the creator. So mystics of all religions and beyond look for the profound experiences of life in every moment. They look and their breath is taken away by a passing dragonfly or an eagle of even of an ant  crawling by looking for food. They see the sacred in everything inside themselves and around them. Everything is sacred. So every moment one spends with the sacred is a blessing. Everyone is sacred and every moment is sacred.

Be a mystic. Life is just much more beautiful and meaningful in every way!

Rising Ocean Temperatures Create more jellyfish

If you haven't been reading or studying about jellyfish worldwide and you like to have fish in the ocean you should study about what you can do to reduce jellyfish so the oceans still have fish in them 50 years from now.

The Problem: As ocean temperatures rise jellyfish breeding increases naturally. The problem with this is that baby fish are one of the things that jellyfish eat and when you have schools of thousands and thousands of jellyfish all over the world it means that baby fish of almost all species are eaten by jellyfish and don't grow up to be adults. This decimates that populations of most fish species on earth and changes the food chain drastically. Many professional fishermen worldwide try to change this by killing sharks and other predators in the ocean. However, this just reduces the health of the remaining fish. Because predators just (like wolves on land and how the increase the genetic viability of the herds they hunt) predators in the ocean likewise actually increase the genetic viability of fish as well. So the health and genetic viability of the remaining fish actually reduces by not having predators or having many less predators around. No, the real problem at this time in ocean ecology is jellyfish worldwide. The following quote is from the "Smithsonian magazine" special edition July-August 2010.

Begin quote from page 32 "To test the impact of warming oceans on polyp productivity, Widmer assembled a series of incubators and seawater baths. If he heated each a few degrees warmer than the last, what would the jellyfish do? At 39 degrees Fahrenheit, the polyps generated on average about 20 teeny jellyfish. At 46 degrees, roughly 40. The polyps in a 54 degree seawater birthed some 50 jellies and one made 69. 'A new record' widmer says, awed.

To be sure, Widmer has also found that some polyps can't produce young at all if placed in waters significantly warmer than their native range. But his experiments, which confirm research on other jellies done by Purcell, also lend some credence to anxieties that global warming may induce jelly extravaganzas." end quote

Widmer is doing his reasearch at the Monterey Aquarium in California.


Who had the most to gain from the 90,000 leaked documents? Likely the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden.
Who had the most to lose from their release? The U.S. Government, the Afghan Government and the Pakistani Government. Who did this? Just analyze who had the most to gain.

Archangel Michael

A friend of mine shared his experiences with Archangel Michael recently. I was amazed how similar in some ways his experiences are to mine. He said that he couldn't see Archangel Michael until he moved to Mt. Shasta. I think somehow being and living around the mountain opened up his inner sight like it does for many people who come and stay in Mt. Shasta. Though my experiences with Michael started when I was two years old in Seattle, I too, notice the difference intuitively of being in Mt. Shasta more that 24 to 72 hours straight at one time. This gives a person time to slow down and experience all Mt. Shasta has to offer one on a spirit level and begin to experience nature communicating with you in very special ways.

Archangel Michael has always been there for me in this lifetime as long as I can remember (which is about back to 1 1/2 to 2 years of age. (I can sometimes remember back before that but in some ways it is kind of not being a human being (civilized anyway) that we are before 1 to 2 years of age. So it makes sense to me that almost no one remembers much before about 1 1/2 years of age because it usually for most people is just too traumatic to remember or even want to remember. You cannot remember it in any kind of human civilized way because you weren't enculturated yet so meanings were private and in that sense animal like.

So, though I can remember back to my birth I find it very uncomfortable and terrifying to do because of how much one doesn't know yet. This is why for most people it is so traumatic to remember as one actually perceived things then. Usually, being in the womb was really nice just swimming in there growing up then birth is Ouch! Oh My God! That hurts! Don't do that! Stop!

So that is mostly what being born and being traumatized into being enculturated was like for me. I can't speak for everyone else. I really hated the first year or so of my life. It was definitely the agony and the ecstasy. The ecstasy was nursing my Mom. The agony was being left alone or not having my diapers changed or them not knowing what I needed. The loneliness of birth and all these giant things touching and poking me I didn't like much.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Polar Bear and Eagle Spirit

Polar Bear and Eagle Spirit

When I first did my vision quest in 1983 in a bear wallow alongside the south Fork of the Trinity River there was a mother wood duck who brought all her ducklings downstream just after dawn into the safety of bull rushes a little downstream from me. Then she would return to her safe night place upstream at dusk. So each day would start at sunup watching the mother wood duck and all her ducklings first move downstream during the day and then upstream just at dusk for night time safety. Then in the second day of the vision quest a mated pair of bald eagles flew together overhead. This seemed like a very good sign. From this came a “Flying Eagle” song that I sometimes sung in sweats back then.

So, I related to being “Flying Eagle” a lot back then. I roamed in my spirit a lot as a messenger between God and Man. But then as I grew older into my 40s I began to change. I divorced and remarried and had another daughter with  my new wife. She related more to the bear within me. I was no longer the thin, buff and svelt 30 something and in my 40s the world weighed heavily on me and I almost died with a heart virus at age 50. I only survived by a miracle. Then I became “Growly” Bear to my new wife as in “Growl –ie”.

But then tonight I was reading “Call of the Great Spirit” and realized that I hadn’t ever defined what bear I was related to. As I thought about it I realized “all of them”.
I thought about real experiences I had had with bears in my life. The first time I saw a brown bear on a trail in Yosemite National Park we both ran from each other. But I realized tonight that other bears had naturally recognized the bear in me. Even when my young son and my father and I were in the wilderness about 20 miles East of McCloud E/NE we saw another brown bear while driving my International Harvester Scout II 4 wheel drive on a wilderness dirt road. The bear stopped on the road in front of us and rose up on its hind legs in a threatening way so we stopped the Car to get a good look at the bear as we meant it no harm. We stared at each other for about a minute like this until the bear sensed we would not fight or attack and slowly lumbered off into the wilderness to the left of us. We were sort of speechless at this completely unexpected experience.

Here too, the bear treated us with respect as if we were other bears and defended its territory against us as encroachers on his territory.

But then a couple of years ago I was in Yellowstone National Park and there was a Grizzly Bear that I nicknamed “Flower Child Grizzly Bear”. This was a bear I could relate to. All he did was sit in the flowers eating them. He was happy as long as no human came near to him or bothered him. He liked this because then he didn’t have to hit or eat any human as there were so many of them. This took my bear experience in a completely new direction.

So, tonight I was reading about Wahsek, the medicine man teaching Bobby Lake-Thom, and thinking about what exactly kind of bear I am now and I got Polar Bear because they are endangered(they may be all gone within 25 to 50 years). And the nature spirits around me and the Great Spirit all said, “Yes. You are Polar Bear Spirit. This is the bear spirit that you are.” I was amazed never to have asked this question before.

In the future it is said that most or all Polar Bears in order to survive will have to breed with the Grizzlies to become Grolar Bears so the Polar Bear genes don’t entirely go extinct.

Yes. Polar Bear Spirit. This makes a lot of sense.

My wife just said, “Are you sure you aren’t a Grizzly?” And I had to think about this as well. And what I got was that since I am “Growly Bear” to her maybe I’m a Grolar Bear. 

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Elohar Friday July 23rd 2010

more on the Planet Savers and Elohar: the girl in the forest

The Planet Savers

Elohar: The girl in the Forest

The three word buttons above will take you to either commentary I wrote a while ago on the "Planet Savers" which is a short story that might be developed eventually into an online book and "Elohar: the girl in the forest" which I have written many pages on so far and am fairly pleased with the results. These two short stories or mini-books I have been working on when I have time the last few months. The character of Cloud Being George in "The Planet Savers" is based upon my actual experiences with Water Spirits and other nature beings in the wilderness over the years. Lately, water spirits and air spirits have come to me to express their concern regarding the long term survival of the human race as well as all life on earth.



If you are a father who hasn't yet experienced teens and twenties with their daughter, you are in for a very rude awakening (if you allow your daughter to communicate honestly with you).

One of my daughters is now 21 I we have been doing relatively fine for the past couple of years but my now 14 year old daughter and I have trouble speaking to each other at all. I think part of it is the dynamic of being a girl and having to push off of your father because you need someone in authority to rebel against in order to grow up a healthy female adult. However, being a father it is sort of like hell to go from a daughter that mostly seems to adore her father to a place where her father is always wrong about everything. "Oh, and by the way, Dad, you are so old and don't know anything!"

So, I either have to laugh in her face at this point or feel kind of wounded so I kind of bounce between these two points of view as the Dad of a teenage girl. Laughing in her face only pisses her and her Mom off so I have to pretend to take her seriously. This is a very big challenge for me even after raising kids continuously since 1974 when my son was born. So, if you are a father of a girl under 12 enjoy it because it won't last. Pretty soon you will have to be more disciplined and adult than you ever thought possible.

Crystal Wings

Crystal Wings is the name of a Crystal Shop near the intersection of Mt. shasta Blvd and Lake St. in the little city of Mt. Shasta, California. I was up at a friend's house using my macbook pro on my friend's wifi(since I don't have wifi where I'm presently staying). So, since I was on my KLR 650 my wife and daughter and her friend were at Crystal Wings. I don't ever remember going in there before but my wife wanted me to look at something. So I rode my motorcycle down there and walked in and was pleasantly surprised at how many amazing large Amethyst Geodes and large crystals from all over the world they have there as well as many types of jewelry and other objects.

My wife was interested in something that had been made as a by-product of a government experiment with Cold Fusion that had been terminated. So, likely the new type of crystal structure created was a ruby violet in color and about 5 inches long and about a couple inches wide and came in a carrying pouch. Since I have always been interested in crystals and jewels that are amethyst or appear to be amethyst since I was raised by my parents I personally liked the idea of a crystal made through the cold fusion process that looked ruby violet in color as well. I also noticed in one of the crystal cases the book, "The Day After Roswell" which is known to be the single most definitive book on the Roswell incident written by Colonel Corso of U.S. Army intelligence under President Eisenhower. Corso writes about witnessing one of the bodies of the aliens as well as being involved in reverse engineering many of the relics of the Roswell Craft through U.S. corporations. He told them the relics were from Soviet Technology because he couldn't tell them they were actually from Roswell by the laws under which he operated in U.S. Army intelligence. So, I'm presently writing on one of the things reverse engineered from Roswell just like you are reading this through one of the things reverse engineered from Roswell as well. Some of the other things reverse engineered from Roswell were fiber optics and Kevlar for bulletproof vests. The aliens wore jumpsuits that were bulletproof and couldn't be penetrated by bullets as well.

So, anyway my wife bought here cold fusion  by-product ruby violet crystal. I asked her how the crystal felt about being created that way but then realized I was standing next to my Lexus which after all is mostly made of metal crystal and how do our cars and trucks feel about having been made? So, after realizing this I sort of laughed at myself and let it go.

So, if you are passing through Mt. Shasta and are interested in Crystals there are several Crystal shops in Mt. Shasta that are worth visiting usually owned and operated by various types of what I have always called "California Cosmics" which at the very least are usually very entertaining to talk to about various things.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dealing with Abandonment Issues

Dealing with Abandonment

Since most of the human race deals with this issue in one form or another I thought I would share some progress with this in my family both individually and collectively. In this way it may shed light on this subject that is needed inside you and your family’s awareness.

Abandonment at least to me is a sort of neutral thing. Though it affects those of us who feel abandoned by whatever person or situation we are dealing with, often one cannot fully be sure if one was abandoned consciously and therefore maliciously or whether the abandonment experienced was more accidental caused by someone thinking in some other direction, being self centered rather than thinking of others in that moment or whatever.

So, when one feels abandoned for whatever reason at whatever the age old or young one often cannot figure out whether that sense of abandonment came from something real or even planned or whether it was just a sort of unfortunate abandonment on someone else’s part.

In this blog article I’m not so much trying to deal with a person(especially a child) that is left physically alone in the middle of nowhere to die, but of feeling that one’s needs have not been met for whatever the reason, either physically or emotionally during their lives by others who should have (hopefully) known better.

My 21 year old daughter was telling me that she thought I needed to look at all the abandonment issues coming along my mother’s family line for maybe the last 100 years. I did so and it made me feel very uncomfortable. But since parents will do almost anything to keep their kids in their lives, I listened carefully to what she had to say even though it made me uncomfortable in the extreme. I told her that I knew that she and my wife were sincere in this but that I wasn’t sure how helpful all this was going to be to me and that it all made me very uncomfortable because I didn’t know what to do with it in any useful sense.

However, during the night I guess my subconscious worked on it and when I woke up this morning I was very surprised. What I got was that I didn’t feel abandoned as a child I felt betrayed, treated unfaithfully, lied to and that a lot of this was based upon the historic ignorance of most members of the human race down through history. So, I woke up angry in a way that wouldn’t have been useful to me if my parents were still alive. So, feeling betrayed by my parents even if this wasn’t their intention was what I felt. I felt betrayed that their religion was so much more important than I was to them that when I was excommunicated from our religion at age 21 they didn’t understand the problem I was having with everything. And, even worse this caused me to abandon myself at age 21 and seriously consider suicide which I would have actually done except that I believed this would dishonor God and because I could not do that to my parents. They had already been through enough.
So, though I have always felt that my parents abandoned me for their religion, I now see this as a natural progression of post traumatic stress disorder created by child abuse in both my parents lives as children. And because I see many extreme religions as populated by people having suffered child abuse of one form or another it all makes perfect sense to me now even though I still have to deal with the problems of my life that were caused by all this and to try to not pass all this down to yet another generation.

So, my problem seems to be defined as: “How do I not pass on issues of abandonment down to another generation?”. How do I make it all stop here?

Be a Living Zen Koan

To become enlightened one has to find a way accidentally or on purpose to end or to cease everything in one's mind that comes from conditioned response. The best way I can say it is that it is unnatural to be conditioned and it is natural to be unconditioned. So to become enlightened one must go to the most primal of places that one lived in before any cultural or family conditioning. Doing this for some might be easy, for others it is seemingly impossible. It all depends upon the individual.

For me, enlightenment comes temporarily(if we are lucky it stays permanently) and most likely enlightenment comes to us for longer and longer periods of time, in the wilderness when I am completely alone. However, today I went to a very remote pristine place with my 21 year old daughter and she was just so very happy to be somewhere this remote and beautiful that just seeing her happiness while climbing up the side of a Shasta Red Fir tree and standing on a knot barefoot made me feel enlightened like I once did when I was very young and inspired myself. Now at 62 enlightenment is completely different than when I was 21. I would define being enlightened as being totally present in every moment which for most of us tends to be a rare thing. So each totally present moment is priceless beyond words or speaking once one truly realizes what life is all about.

Zen Koan

Zen Koan

I have recently discovered that I and thousands of others on earth are literally “Living Zen Koans”.

Some Zen Koans you may have heard of before. But I think the most famous of them all is: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

Then there is the Koan that isn’t a Koan and yet really is: “The way that can be thought of or spoken of is not the true path or true way”.

And then there is my personal Koan that I now share with all of you, given to me personally by my Guru, Saint Germain, which is: “If you are ready to live forever you might die right now, but if you are ready to die right now you may live forever- - -“

Now you may or may not know that the purpose of a Zen Koan is to break your mind (literally). In other words one’s normal old fashioned way or ways of seeing things interferes with seeing things the way they actually are.

In other words cultural perceptions of all kinds tend to interfere with “Real Perception” of yourself and the universe. So unless a way is found to break away from conditioned responses, one cannot clearly see either oneself or the universe or one’s place in it or one’s relationship to everything in the universe in all time and space or even perceptions beyond that.

So, the way life dealt with me is that it literally “killed me”. What I mean by this is that although my body is still alive here at age 62 here in 2010 as I write this I died “psychologically” between July and November 1969. I was very aware of dying during this time. Every reason I could think of to go on living was gone for me at that point in my life. Over 90% of all reasons I had then to live on or succeed in any way were gone the way I saw things then. So I asked God permission to take my own life. I said to God, “Everything I was born to do is impossible now. So logically I must take my own life, God”. However, God’s response was literally: “Taking any human life including your own is to literally cut off one of God’s fingers”.

So I realized that to commit suicide would dishonor God. So to honor God I stayed alive without any meaning or purpose left for me. Within the next two years of this completely meaningless and hollow existence I returned to college at Palomar College in North San Diego County in Southern California. It was a really wonderful environment as colleges go, and I got into studying psychology, Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology. While studying Cultural Anthropology I realized that I was a natural shaman. I read a definition that I paraphrase here. “A natural Shaman is someone who has psychologically died whose body somehow lives on without them. Such a person is as comfortable talking with the dead as with the living and lives in both the world of the living and the world of the dead simultaneously. Such a person is valuable to his tribe and family and friends as a healer and facilitator between this world and the next. This was my experience exactly. I had always been clairvoyant in multiple ways ever since Archangel Michael and his band of Archangels had to come visit me and my Grandmother when I was two years old while she sang “ Hark the Herald Angels Sing” during the Christmas season in 1950 while rocking me in our old fashioned deep cushioned rocking chair.

So, the realization that I was a “Natural Shaman” gave me impetus to stay alive and to explore what this meant not only to myself but to all beings I came into contact with both living and those gone over into the next world. So, in my own mind my profession or existence here on earth became “Shaman, Priest, minister”. I had found my calling and why God had kept my body alive at all. But as time went on I found that it was more useful to be a secret “shaman Priest minister” because most people just weren’t ready for how deep all this really went. It was way beyond most people’s understanding of reality as they knew it.

Now, it is very important that all people reading this understand that this is not an easy path at all. However, it was and is the path that God set for me when he would not allow me to kill myself as any logical man would have without God’s intervention in my life. So, in order to keep me alive God gave me the power that I asked from him to help beings here on earth and beyond and to help save lives wherever I went and to allow me to help beings who were dying both human and animal to safe places on the other side as they were dying, dead, or in the process of dying. Since living between worlds was perfectly normal for me there was no fear of death as I had already died at age 21. The only reason I lived from age 21 until my son was born when I was 26 was that God set this path for me to follow and learn on and to help other beings in whatever way I was capable of in that given moment. So, as I used the skills that God developed in me they grew and grew and grew and grew as I used these skills to honor the God that had created my soul somewhere in an eternity of lifetimes on multiple planets and dimensions. I learned to see both my past and future lifetimes millions of years into the past and future. (Although to be honest God does not perceive in Time and Space as we do as humans). He perceives only in the Eternal now. Since there are literally an infinity of Nows for God that is a more useful way to perceive his perceptions because time as we know it is meaningless in that context. There really is only “What is happening right now in eternity?”

As my perceptions grew as God empowered me more and more sometimes I thought I couldn’t bear any more powers because it was just too much to deal with sometimes. Finally one day I said to God, “I just can’t deal with seeing everything good and bad all the time. I can handle seeing angels but the problem with that is seeing them is so intoxicating that I can barely drive a car when that happens. And when I have to see the bad things I’m so freaked out by it that that also interferes with driving a car safely. Please God. Just show me what I need to know that moment. I just can’t survive the rest.” Immediately, God did as I asked. My perceptions changed and I could then deal with everything more efficiently. When I needed to I would clairvoyantly see or hear whatever I needed to see or know world wide, Galaxy wide or universe wide. So, it was like having a sentient computer given to me by God that automatically put my attention upon what I needed to know to help all beings on God’s behalf without endangering me or anyone else.

And the really wonderful thing about this was that I could literally stake my life on any of this newly automatically organized information. So, since I asked God to put all this on Automatic when I was about 25, by age 30 everything was so remarkably integrated that in some ways my life was very charmed and lucky in every way by God’s Grace.

So I would say if you need something ask God for it. If it is practical to your purpose here on earth and beyond he will give it to you. This is my real experience.

And in this way you too will become a “Living Zen Koan” sent to break the minds of mankind and all life in the universe so all beings can be whole “holistic” “One” and not just live as pieces of themselves in disarray like most humans on earth do now.

Happy Oneness everyone!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Becoming St. Germain

Becoming St. Germain

What human beings are actually capable of is beyond human comprehension. For example, if you and I went back about 1000 years no one and I mean no one would ever believe people could actually do what the human race has done individually and collectively. So I posit to you that the next 1000 years will be as impossible to comprehend for those of us now as what has occurred in the last 1000 years would be to those who lived back then.

My father was always about 30 to 50 years ahead  his time in regard to most people. He became a vegetarian in 1934 when he was 18 for health reasons. Many people become or became vegetarians around the world so they won’t kill or eat any animals but his reason wasn’t that at the time. It was entirely that he wanted to live a long time and most of the meat at that time wasn’t healthy both because of what the animals ate but also the drugs and stimulants that they were given to get fatter quicker which gave people cancer and other illnesses when they ate it here in the United States. He thought that eating only deer and elk and other wild game might be okay but didn’t live remote enough for that to be practical as it is for some people even today.

So, Dad became vegetarian in order to be healthier longer and in the process began to read the “I am” books (Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence) while sailing on a yacht he chartered from Canada down through Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Catalina Island and finally to the Tuomoto Archipeligo and the Tahitian Islands.

He said that while he was in Tahiti it was 1939 and 1940 that he finished reading both books. Since his first wife’s parents had already read the first two “I am” books they had inspired Dad into reading  the books and joining the “I am” movement.

I guess one could say the “I am” Movement was at least 30 years ahead of its time too. It is based upon ideas similar to the Christian Science Movement combined with the Theosophical movement combined with the Swami Movement most notable in Self Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. There were always a lot of people going between all these movements when I was a child in the 1950s. I was born to my father’s second wife in 1948 in Seattle, Washington.

However, in order to feel safe one usually didn’t talk too much about being an “I am” Student because the basic philosophy was way above most people’s heads. So, generally people who could relate to the “I am”  tended to have a lot of knowledge about the world through travel and understanding of the world’s religions. Though sometimes people without a world wide background found their way into the “I am” movement as well. However, it wasn’t the norm.

People in the “I am” movement tended to be very interesting complex people with diverse backgrounds. And many people used the principles taught within the “I am” teachings to become very wealthy indeed. Unfortunately, as in all movements there were people also who just tended to complicate their lives in a way that wasn’t healthy. So as with all systems of thought and religion, they work for some and not for others. I guess one has to find a system that one’s mind and nature is compatible with and can more easily co-exist with.

For example, though the “I am” teachings saved my life while I had what I realize now was Childhood Blunt Trauma epilepsy between the ages of 10 and 15, it then began to become counterproductive for me between the ages of 16 and 21 when the movement and I parted ways in an unfortunate way. I would say the main reason that the organization and I parted ways was that I am not an organizational person by nature and am very independent in my thinking.

But if I look at it all in a “Mystery School” way my experience was not unlike Moses’ experience when he went out into the desert and after almost dying met and married his wife and saw the burning bush.

I had this “Burning Bush” kind of experience on Mt. Shasta when I climbed it in August 1970. 4 of us young men from the “I am” had the day before watched the “I am” Come Pagaent of the life of Christ at the base of Mt. Shasta in the little city of the same name. (The pageant is usually held in the City of Mt. Shasta in late July or early August. This year it is on August 8th 2010. There are some music and Angel programs open to the public starting on August 6th).

I spend the night at Horse Camp Sierra Club emergency Lodge with my buddies then in August 1970 in preparation for the climb starting at 2 a.m. early Monday Morning after the Pagaent on Sunday. But because I was traveling very light I had a sleeping bag that wasn’t warm enough. So I got up at 1:30 or 2 am before everyone else and said I was going to start climbing in order to get warm before the sun came up. As I walked about a mile above Horse Camp I saw the “Burning Bush”. I have always been very intuitively gifted but this was something incredible to my experience and thinking. It reminded me a lot of what the “Transporter” looked like in the early Star Trek program with William Shatner on TV in the 1960s when it transported physical beings to or from planets or ships to other locations.

In my mind I asked it since I sensed it was sentient what it was. It didn’t directly answer me. However, I sensed that other holy men and ministers and medicine men and women had visited this “ Burning Bush” before. It seemed almost like an ancient sentient computer life form and that this “Doorway” had been in this location possibly for thousands of years. The following is what it directly communicated to me: It said, “You shouldn’t stay here very long. I am not here for you. If you stay long it will change your perceptions too much.” I sensed it was trying to protect me from something. And so when it said quite pointedly, “It is time for you to go now, otherwise your presence here will start to damage you and your life.”

At the time because of the way I had been raised by my parents I thought it might be Mr. Ballard (Godfre Ray King) as he had passed away in 1939 and I thought he might have some reason to be there that I wouldn’t know of then in August 1970.

After this experience over the next  3 years and continuing all my life my supernatural gifts and experiences seemed to multiply exponentially.

My first experience within the first few weeks was feeling like my arms and hands were catching on fire. My hands and arms hurt and I realized I had been filled with the Holy Spirit through this experience with the “Burning Bush”. I became frightened when I found no one evolved enough to help me with this energy that I didn’t know what to do with that made my arms feel like they were on fire with the holy spirit.

One month later I joined a group for a class of about 100 or more students at the Experimental College at San Diego State University. The class was called “Universal awareness”. This seemed to be a part of what had happened to me on Mt. Shasta. I was able to teach some about the “Violet Flame” and how it consumed bad Karma and how it was important to call the wisdom into that situation so one didn’t just create the same bad karma again through bad judgment.

Later when the class ended after many sessions about 12 to 20 of us joined as a group that met at one of the students homes in Balboa Park San Diego area and we met there every Friday Night for around 6 months to one year. It was an extremely amazing time during which I learned to soul travel and see auras clearly and to do quantum jumps in my awareness in all ways.

This experience in a quantum jump sense literally “Shot me out into Space” in a spiritually gifted sense and I became truly amazed at all the things happening in my life. This experience hasn’t really ever stopped and has taken me all over the world and has introduced me to truly amazing people everywhere I went.

In 1973 Saint Germain appeared to me after my room turned literally into ‘violet Flame” for around 1 hour. Though I had experienced the cleansing of the violet flame all my life in church and whenever I visualized it, I had never had it manifest visibly so I could see the sentient living flames. I realized that the violet flame is really many sacred beings who are violet flame and they cleanse all the bad things out of us when properly invoked. I lay down on my bed and watched this violet flame beings bring the black smoke of an awful year of sadness out of my chest. At the conclusion of this experience Saint Germain came out of a poster on my wall at the time of a mountain with a sun coming up over it so the center of the sun was at the tip of the mountain. From this violet light spark came through expansion Saint Germain until he was life size. It was so incredibly powerful that I finally passed out in amazement. When I woke up an hour or two later I realized that Saint Germain had reprogrammed my brain through joining me in it. So no longer was I just Fred, I was more like Fredric Saint Germain.

After this time many people along the way believed that I was SAINT GERMAIN. Since I knew what Saint Germain had done to me and through me I would tell them that although I wasn’t literally Saint Germain that he had appeared to me so that it was possible to experience Saint Germain by being around me or near me because of how different I was after that powerful powerful experience.

After this I watched how different my aura was than most people’s and how it began to expand out to encompass first the earth and then it expanded out eventually to encompass the whole Galaxy and finally it expanded out to encompass the whole universe. Now, it is important to realize that for me, this was a gradual experience. There were some moments that I must say were terrifying during this process but most moments were okay for me to experience in this spiritually and physically evolutionary process. This process I would describe as like a child slowly learning what his capacities are through direct experience. So I would say the single most important things to think about were and are safety(for myself and all life) and balance(for myself and all life around me) during this ongoing evolutionary process physically and spiritually.

This came about I believe because I had asked likely first before I was born to become someone helpful to the human race. I wanted to see all life on earth suffer less and to move toward enlightenment and inner peace in their daily lives so their lives wouldn’t always have to be such a struggle with such early deaths through various mistakes and diseases. For the longer the average person lives the more likelihood there is that they will be able to help others survive better in their lives as well.

So, for me at least, it isn’t the quantity of humans alive that is important, it is the quality of their lives and how well they are able to help others to quality lives that is actually important in the end.

I see physical life as constant triage. In life there are those that can be safely kept alive and many who can’t. By concentrating on those who can be brought to quality lives one ensures the continuity of the human race and its ongoing beneficence.

Physically at least one cannot save everyone. However, if we are speaking about souls and not just bodies it IS possible  to help all souls in a variety of ways. However, it may not be possible to help all physical beings to quality lives simply because of the world we presently live in. However, in the next 1000 years this could change and literally all, or most all physical beings might be able to be helped to a quality life of some sort.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice: The Disney Movie

Disney almost always does things right. The movie I looked under Yahoo Users and they gave it an A- which very few movies get. The critics gave it a C which is what critics usually do with a movie like this. I was personally impressed with the dialog between Dave, the Prime Merlinian, the kid and his coversations with Balthazar of Merlin's time. The conversations will make sense to all practitioners of all paths. The element of seriousness is necessary whether you are becoming a physicist like Dave is or whether you are becoming a doctor or lawyer or other kind of healer or whatever discipline you are studying or becoming a practitioner in. And if you are serious, women are always a distraction no matter what you are studying to be even if they are wonderful. So, to make a long story short the movie is a fun ride for almost any age just like most Disney movies. If you are looking for something formidable like Pirates of the Caribbean this isn't it. But if you are looking for some great special effects and some great acting in a fun Disney movie this is it. The following in some ways has nothing at all to do with the movie.

I can remember back to my studying and trying to become a psychologist at age 23. I had finally decided what I wanted to be and was moving in that direction. But when I met my first wife at age 25 and she became pregnant and we got married I realized it was either going to be the wife and son or becoming a psychologist. It just wasn't going to work then to do both. So I became a father and a husband which  was probably the best decision of my life. When my son was born I felt like I was holding God in my arms and God taught me innocence and true power once again. To become a father is to experience a form of immortality through ones children if one is ready for it and luckily I was. So I gave up trying to become a psychologist ( but didn't give up  taking more college courses just not full time) and went to work to support the three of us. I learned around this time from reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" which is the life of Paramahansa Yogananda who came to the U.S around 1914 and stayed   a concept that I found useful. It was called "a Householder Yogi". What this meant was that your discipline (your spirituality) is developed by taking care of your family. It is a specific and joyful yoga and is a very quick path to enlightenment. I learned of Lahiri Mahasaya who was one of the foremost practitioners of this art and science. After becoming this I studied many other disciplines both spiritual and technical and they also became a part of being a householder yogi. I have never regretted this choice of family, marriage and becoming a householder yogi. It has been beautiful and very fulfilling for me. However, one must be sure it is your dharma to do this and be sure this is the right person if it is.  Life is a series of stepping stones taking us hopefully to enlightenment and a heaven realm. If this is your path to heaven then be sure to do it!

8000 PSI

8000 PSI or 8000 pounds per square inch of pressure IS the approximate pressure of the oil gushing up from the gulf of Mexico. To bring this into perspective. We all mostly live in about 15 PSI or 15 pounds per square inch of air pushing our bodies together. Without this 15 pounds per square inch of air pushing on our bodies we would literally explode like some fish do when brought up from the deepest of depths. However, if our air pressure was 8000 pounds per square inch each one of us would look something like a 1 inch spherical marble to give you an idea of what this much pressure would do to us in air pressure. So, 8000 PSI is literally unfathomable to air breathers like ourselves at sea level or about living in the air.
So when this pressure is reduced by valves closing it could cause many sorts of damage to the integrity of the oil pipe sunk deep into the ground under the ocean all the way to the oil pool.

Methane Bubble in Gulf?

Doomsday 'mega-bubble' theory debunked

click "debunked" above to read full news article. quote from article follows begin quote

You're now probably wondering if it's time to start frantically compiling a bucket list of things to do before we're all killed off by a methane eruption. However, according to an expert interviewed by Yahoo! News, such doomsday predictions are "extreme" and highly unlikely to take place.

end quote.

The main reason that even if such a methane bubble exists that it likely won't be a threat is simply that methane after it reaches the surface in a gaseous (not liquid or frozen) state goes straight up into the upper atmosphere because it is lighter than air. However, propane is not so when there is a propane leak it will gather along the ground and I saw during my teen years an explosion in the city of Yucca Valley of a major propane explosion where it basically leveled a block and shot an explosion several hundred feet into the air and could be heard for at least 25 to 50 miles away.

So, Methane because it is lighter than air will not gather on the surface unless it is in a frozen or liquid state. And I believe that it very soon would covert into a gas and be airborne. Also, I doubt if it could be ignited in a liquid or frozen state. However, I'm not sure about that.

However, if such a bubble of methane were high in the atmosphere and didn't dissipate and mix in all over the world eventually I'm not sure about the short or long term consequences of that much methane in the upper atmosphere of earth.

3 million lose jobless benefits

Fears grow as millions lose jobless benefits

Click on "Jobles Benefits" above to read full news article on this subject.

In the past when large amounts of people suddenly lost benefits it had many different effects on those people's lives and the lives of their families and children. However, in 48 of the states I believe that it is still true that families cannot collect AFDC or welfare payments if the father is present in the family. The only two exceptions to this I believe are New York and California.

Another likely effect of these 3 million going off of unemployment compensation will likely be a rise in thefts in all the places where these people live. Because, after all, if there is no hope normal people become desperate in ways they may have never been before if they have never seen this kind of a downturn before. So, in order to reduce crime in areas where there are a lot of people going off of unemployment insurance it is very important to get counseling for these people so they can be retrained in College through grants and loans, get benefits of some kind for their wives and children etc. Without more help during these most difficult of times since the Great Depression crime is likely to go up with people this desperate.

Oil Capping Danger real

If you have ever had gophers in your yard and put a hose in one of their holes then you can see first hand the kind of problem  BP is having. As the water goes in for a while it is sure to come up spouting out of    another hole somewhere else. This could be a similar reaction to putting down pressure on a wellhead spouting oil for this long. The abrasion of anything like pebbles, rocks and sand being forced up under pressure this long acts just like a sand blasting device on the well pipes and anywhere the pipes could have been broken or damaged. So putting down pressure might just force the oil up somewhere there is no pipe or wellhead at all and make the whole problem 10 times worse. This is a real and present danger and is one of the many reasons I have said all along as an intuitive that there is a 50-50 chance for a variety of reasons that the well may not be able to be capped ever.

When You add to that any nations or corporations or terrorist organizations that are oil or drug wealthy enough to afford to buy or rent deep underwater robots or other types of interferences with the capping operation you wind up with at best only a 50-50 chance of ever capping this wellhead in an effective way. I am speaking only as an intuitive relating to the actual situation at hand rather than just a theoretical situation with many facts unknown or removed by various parties to the real situation.

Failed Spiritual Paths

At first I was going to list some of the people who I knew that died in the "I am" movement from extreme actions. But then I realized it was more important to just say that, "People who are in extreme need of psychological help often perish when they turn to religion." The reason for this is that without enough common sense no one survives many of these "spiritual paths"

Though many people I have known over the years have died "or gone crazy" from various extreme things that they did. Nothing caused more problems that I know of than extreme diets. So even people who were perfectly normal and actually had common sense before they entered some extreme diet often lost it completely doing some fool diet.

The 40 day water fast:

There are very few people of any age that can stay very balanced while doing a 40 day water fast. I know people who did this once a year and I wouldn't consider any of them completely sane now.

The Fruitarian:

Most people who did this eventually died if they kept doing it. The main problem appears to be hypoglycemia or diabetes caused by too much fructose sugar.

The Breathairian:

In this diet one simply breathes and doesn't drink or eat. Most people recover from this when they start suffering and start eating and drinking water again because reality wins out.

Various types of diets or diet pills:

Unless people use common sense especially around diet pills many many problems both physical and psychological can arise.

Though there can be other spiritual problems caused by things like too much sex or psychological problems caused by someone who is oversexed trying to become celibate and instead just becoming an aberrant predator instead, I think the worst problems tend to come from people with common sense losing their common sense by strange diets and getting really psychologically strange.

So, people with various kinds of post traumatic Stress disorder caused by war, rape, drug abuse or violence or verbal violence of all kinds should not be ready to retreat into strange diets or fasts because this will only take their post traumatic stress disorder and create serious and possibly permanent mental or physical disorders or both.

So, spiritual paths need to be approached with common sense and if possible wisdom. Otherwise people often just wind up nuts or dead in the process.

note: This is not to say that there may be people who are capable of being Breathairians. It's just that they may be 1 in a million or even 1 in a billion. There are always exceptions to every rule. However, just make sure you aren't one of the fatalities whose good effort fails because you just aren't ready or evolved enough yet.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Growing up in the "I am"

I didn't really think to much about the fact that my parents religion was much different than anyone else's until I reached about 4 or 5 years of age. Then my parents began to warn me about saying anything about our religion to people. Now you have to realize that I was 4 years old in 1952 and things were not at all like they are now in the U.S. So having a non-mainstream religion was almost as bad or worse than having no religion at all. People always seemed to look very closely when one was asked about their ethnicity and their religion back then. There was always this sort of "Are you for us or against us?" kind of paranoid attitude back then. It definitely was not okay to be different in any way. People who were different often were just found dead somewhere even during the 1950s. So appearing to be "Mainstream" meant a better chance you would still be alive the next day or year. Toleration didn't really mean much back then it was mostly just lip service. So unless you actively protected your minority status by not talking about it whether it was religion or ethnicity it could get you killed, maimed or just shut out of some job or school you wanted to go to.

So, by age 6 I learned to tell people that my religion was a lot like Christian Science. If they asked more I simply repeated "It's a lot like Christian Science." And if they wanted to know more I just pretended not to know my parents religion. As I grew older only my most trusted friends would I let know anything about my religion and parents of friends knew nothing. This kept me and my parents happy and alive and safe. Any minority religion at that time like Buddhism, Hinduism, mystical Christian, New Age or anything out of the mainstream just wasn't entirely safe to say you were a part of in the 1950s. However, staring in the mid 1960s many of these same "Minority" U.S. religions became "Groovy" and people everywhere had to start up and take notice and minority religions of all shapes and sizes became "sheik" and "cool" and groovy. I don't know if the "I am" ever became like this but the spinoffs did and so it seems like everyone was suddenly talking about the "Violet Flame" and having "Violet Flame" parties to burn off everyone's karma and to check out past lifetimes. And by the way "What's your sign?" So at least on the California Coast among college kids the violet Flame and "Organic Foods" and "UFOS" and the "Space Brothers" became cool and groovy and I had a lot less problems talking about growing up in the "I am" than when I was 6. So by age 21 I was groovy too.