Is SAS: Rise of the Black Swan on Netflix?

After watching Sweet Girl and Hit and Run, we needed another action-thriller movie or show to keep us on a never-ending thrilling ride of fun. SAS: Rise of the Black Swan came just in time because this movie meets the criteria since it’s fast-paced and action-packed. But is SAS: Rise of the Black Swan on Netflix?

If SAS: Rise of the Black Swan sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you’re thinking of the movie SAS: Red Notice. No, these are not two separate movies. They’re actually the same movie but with different names.

In certain places like the UK, the movie is named SAS: Red Notice, but on Netflix US, it’s titled SAS: Rise of the Black Swan. It’s unclear why the action movie was renamed, but just know they’re the same film.

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan is about a couple (Tom and Sophie) enjoying their time together, traveling from London to Paris on a train. With intentions to propose to Sophie, Tom’s plans are thwarted when a group of criminals attempts to pull off their biggest heist yet by hijacking the train full of passengers.

The action movie stars Outlander’s Sam Heughan, The Strangers Hannah John-Kamen, former Batwomans Ruby Rose, Black Panther’s Andy Serkis and many more. So is SAS: Rise of the Black Swan on Netflix? Don’t worry, friends. We’ll let you know if you can stream this action-thriller on your favorite streamer.

Where to watch SAS: Rise of the Black Swan

Yes, you can! We’re so happy to announce that you can watch this movie on Netflix. The film was released on the streamer on Aug. 27 and is currently holding the No.3 spot on Netflix top 10 list. But unfortunately, it received mixed reviews from critics, which may stop you from watching the film.

However, Netflix subscribers seem to be enjoying the movie, so jump on the bandwagon and watch SAS: Rise of the Black Swan on Netflix! Let us know what you think about the action-thriller in the comments.