Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Day of the Dead

A friend asked my personal experience of the transition from Halloween (the day of the Dead) to All Saints Day. Also (Halloween means literally the Eve of all that is Hallowed) or the precursor to the birth of Christ.

As an intuitive I told her that my experience of September and October has always been very strange for me since I was a little child. However, as an adult I have come to terms with it and basically experience it as everyone I have known in this lifetime and others, mostly those who have passed on already come to me and eat me spiritually. This is always a very strange kind of experience for anyone. But the good part is that these mostly passed over people eat not only my good spirit but also anything bad in my karma in my aura. So what this means is that I am like a clean spiritual skeleton by midnight to 6 AM on the 1st of November like an empty cup or clean spiritual state ready for God once again to fill me with his grace. And so my personal experience starting on November 1st is the Grace of the Holy Spirit filling my emptiness and so it is my personal experience of becoming a Holy child and being born with Jesus by December the 25th. I always look forward to this amazing time of Grace and blessings from November 1st until at least the middle of January of the next year. I experience it as golden light filling my whole being that is like the Golden light that Jesus brought to me when he filled the whole room I was in when he healed me of Chicken Pox when I was 5 years old in El Cajon, California (Near San Diego) in 1953.

So when people don't understand this effective purification or cleansing process they miss the chance to give up all their bad karma on Hallween. However, you have to give up everything both the good and the bad to your ghosts and friend ghosts and relative ghosts of your past in order to become empty and filled by the Holy Spirit like a Saint starting on November 1st.

This doesn't mean I particularly like the Day of the Dead. The feeling for me is like when you are a little child and everyone wants to pat your butt and squeeze your cheeks and you just feel violated and sort of raped by the whole thing. You love all these folks but they are just so old you want them to kind of just give you candy and leave you alone or buy you toys or play with you and just stop patting your butt and squeezing your cheeks and telling you how cute you are. It is sort of like that.

The Ins and Outs of Positive Thinking

My parents from 1956 to 1960 were in charge of the "I AM" Sanctuary in Los Angeles. The basis of the religion is similar to Christain Science in that one is taught to create what they want in their lives by experiencing it here right now. The process is called Co-Creating with God.

I don't wish this to be about wealth or poverty but rather Ascending with Christ. But I saw many different results both good, bad and indifferent.

The result of this for me is that I met many very wealthy people who made this work and I met a lot of really crazy people that basically lived in a dream who stayed poor because one component or another was missing from their lives. So I learned not only what worked and what didn't work through this, I learned balance.

From the wealthy people I learned pragmatism, from the poor grateful people I learned kindness and sweetness and philosophy. And from the out of balance but sincere people I mostly found I was scared by them and their plight.

Like the lady who grabbed me by my sunday suit lapels when I was about 10 years old and began to sing, "I love money! I love money! I love Money! Oh Mighty I AM" and continued this for about 5 minutes straight. Five minutes to a 10 year old is an eternity as many of you know. I didn't know what to make of her except she was crazy. There was this tenant of celibacy that wreaked havoc on a lot of lives in this religion as well. Even my parents only were intimate about once a year during the time they were in charge of this church.

What it was like for me looking back now was like being on a Hollywood set making a movie, only some of the people knew it was a movie being made and others thought it was all real. So, as a child I found this sort of scary. It wasn't as scary as going to school and watching kids get beat up or intimidated but it was close.

What I took from all this was what I learned from the most successful ministers and wealthy people of my church. From them I learned what it is to be intelligent and cultured and I learned what is important in life. At the time I couldn't have told you all this. But as time has gone on in my life and I've had time to reflect on what I learned then, it was the ability to be respectful to both wealthy people and poor people and everyone in between. In other words what was most important about those days was learning to respect all classes of people no matter how smart or crazy they might be. And this has both helped me and even saved my life in the many many very different and diverse situations I have been in in the United States and around the world.

So, in the end the good thing about Positive Thinking is that people all over the world use it to literally pull themselves out of really terrible and awful situations by "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps". The really awful thing about positive thinking is when people are just too unrealistic and impractical for their own good.

Every structure whether physical or psychological has certain elements that have to be in place for the structure to stand ongoing. Learning what those elements are can be vital to having a good outcome in one's life. Just like in building a house if you don't lay a good foundation, later without one the house just might blow away in a good wind if you haven't tied the house to a good foundation. And just like the foundation of a house every element needs to be well designed to work and prosper for hundreds or thousands of years. This is true for families, nations as well as civilizations. So learning the basics of whatever you want to accomplish is a necessary part of not only creating something good but also of making it last.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Syncretism and Eclecticism: The hope of humanity

It is my belief that Syncretism and Eclecticism are the hope of humanity and of the continued survival of the human race on earth.

Syncretism from wikipedia is defined as:the attempt to reconcile disparate or contrary beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought. This may involve attempts to merge and to analogise several originally discrete traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of religion, and thus assert an underlying unity allowing for an inclusive approach to other faiths. end of definition from wikipedia.

It is perfectly obvious to me that if enough people of earth don't join in a similar philosophy in regard to religion and politics that the human race will be extinct sometime in the next 1000 years. I would say that is a given.

So if your goal is the survival of the human race and of your family and friends and culture, finding ways to create bridges to lessen the causes of violence and conflict around the world are our only hope in resolving the problems of violence and war and never ending conflicts.

September 24th 2010- I realized much later that I didn't defince eclecticism so here it is:
Eclecticism is a conceptual approach that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions, but instead draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject, or applies different theories in particular cases. end quote. This is from wikipedia under the heading "Eclecticism".

When I was studying with a Catholic Priest who had been District Attorney of Santa Cruz County before he became a Jesuit Priest he once said to me, "You are very eclectic, Fred". I took this as a compliment because for me, "God is where you find Him,her, the being." I just took this as a compliment because of my heritage growing up as a Christian Mystic.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


In the past year my Mother and Mother Elizabeth passed on. I had wondered how my mother becomes Elohar 5000 years from now. Today I realized that she somehow is a combination of my mother and Mother Elizabeth. I'm not sure what to do with that. Such is what it is to become an intuitive. Sometimes, it is like being given a picture puzzle that you don't know what it is supposed to look like when it is finished only you are only given about 1/3 of the pieces so you have to guess the rest and even then you might not know what the full picture is. So as an intuitive you might know more than most do about a situation but one still has to be very patient as sometimes the full picture either never comes or comes 5,10, 20 or even 50 years later when you might wonder about the usefulness of being an intuitive regarding something you might have wanted to know 50 years ago.

Like today, I realized that I have 2 Maha Kala dogs not just one. I realized my older dog has taught my younger dog to be a supernatural protector dog and not just a physical protector dog. It's amazing to realize something like this when you might consider the younger dog sort of a ditz and then realize just how important she is and was to the family all along. And you sort of say to yourself, "When did all this happen?" And then you feel kind of silly not to have noticed all the changes which were always there for you to see if you had just taken an interest in that kind of stuff.

But the realization of my mother and mother Elizabeth sort of caught me completely off guard and I still don't quite know what to do with this information. I guess life is just like that. You hope you know what you need to know when you really need to know it!

I can remember the first really clear telepathic conversation I had with my younger female dog. I wasn't really telepathing with her at all because that wasn't something that we had regularly done. Whereas my older dog is part German Shepard and he is constantly trying to go into my mind telepathically to give him pizza and any interesting food I'm eating at the time.

So this particular time I found a stick for my younger female dog( a Corgi belonging to my daughter) so I could throw it for her because she loves to fetch sticks with me on a trail or dirt road now. So, I was worried whether this stick had been poohed on or peed on and was deciding whether to use it or not and she went right into my mind and said clearly to me, "Everything get's peed on!" I was just so overwhelmed that the first real straight communication between us would be this. But as I thought about it I realized she was right. Everything get's peed on by birds from the air, by animals on the ground by lizards and snakes by bugs, and of course she knew it because she could smell it all. But it wasn't something that I as a human would ever ordinarily think about in this way unless I was a dog which has this incredible sense of smell as its primary sense along with really good hearing. In fact I think dogs only see in black and white and gray. So there main senses are smelling and hearing.

Ragna on 7028.80r

I was thinking about the whole 7028.80r

please see articles called:

7028.80r and/or

September 18th 7028 AD

at my October 2009 blog here a if interested in reading more.

As I walked along the trail covered with pine and Oak and Redwood trees on the Northern Coast of California I was thinking about what Ragna meant when he gave me this code around 2000 AD.

That his ship was there at the ocean view site in the hills overlooking the ocean wasn't really a surprise to me this time at all.

After greetings he talked to me sort of as father son(him being my father) or as old friends the way a son and father can get as they both age together when the son is over 50.

I said finally after greetings and other short conversations, "What is with 7028.80r anyway?"

Ragna sort of looked at me and laughed and said, "That wasn't from me." I looked sort of bewildered. He said, "It was designed to enlighten people in various ways. "His Oneness called it a Galactic Engram which was an almost infinite series of codes natural built into it. Here let me show you." Ragna led me over to his timespace ship desk built into the wall which came down with a chair when we came near. He quickly took out a pen and paper and wrote '7028.80r' . He looked at me carefully and said, "Well, my first reaction to this code would be of course "7 days of the week which could allude to God creating the earth." My eyebrows rose as I now saw it in a different way. "Then I might look at it and say '28 days refers to the female menstral cycle which allows humans to exist at all and to reproduce which is vital to humans staying alive anywhere'. Then I might look at the .8 and say this is the 8 fold path of Buddha or even the 8 fold path of going beyond suffering. And finally I might say the Master R as in "The Great Divine Director" or "The Lord Maha Chohan" or something like that."

I said, "I didn't see that it is potentially so many things."

"No. I wouldn't have either." said Ragna. He went on, "Jonathan, this was designed by the Galactic Sentience as an 'INFINITE CODE'. I said, "An INFINITE CODE?" Ragna looked at me and said, "Yes. IT is designed using DNA CODES and Soul Codes for Planet Earth and is used to unlock many secrets both scientific and of a soul or spirit level in everyone on earth. So there is a code in it for everyone if they believe it is there. And there might be thousands of codes for everyone in a special sort of way as well."

Jonathan felt this and intuited it and said, "So it is sort of a Zen for everyone if they want it to be?" Ragna smiled and said, "Even if they don't want it to be it is a potential Zen Code that can unlock secrets they need to move forward in their lives. So, if for example, they mediatated on it just like I did and allowed themselves to see what this set of numbers with a point and the letter r means to them.

I looked at Ragna realizing that this next question I might be able to ask myself just as well as he could respond. But I couldn't pass up asking this question to someone I knew from 5000 years into the future.

I said, "What is the significance of this life of mine? You and Elohar told me that I couldn't take my own life when I was 21 in 1969 and said that I had to stay alive to help prevent the extinction of life on earth. Ragna seemed kind of shocked at this question and expressed his shock to me thusly. "Jonathan. I thought you would understand by now that your purpose on earth was just to be here. Once you soul traveled to the Galactic Core around age 21 or 22 they all saw your soul signature and knew immediately who you were. Almost anyone else having done that would have been either torched and their body die on earth or something else not good would have happened to them. Your going to the Galactic Core as a soul showed them who your soul was and was a path for earth to be saved extinction. Just because a lot of souls think earth has to be blown to kingdom come doesn't mean it is an ANYONE's best interest that it actually happen that way. That is just a point of view of small minded people who cannot conceive of how complicated and wondrous the universe really is and want to self destruct in mass so they don't have to think about it anymore!"

Jonathan sort of smiled. He had thought it might be something like this. He said, "So my purpose on earth appears to you as Being more than Doing?"

Ragna said, "Your purpose on earth is to "BE" here and to write about all your experiences both traveling on earth and beyond earth, spiritual experiences, scientific experiences and realizations etc. Your writing is about expanding the horizons of as many people as possible into new worlds they might have never dreamed of before both spiritual and material. Your purpose is to keep the human race alive while giving them a good reason to stay alive. That is your purpose here the way that I see it."

Jonathan looked at Ragna and said, "I guess you see it sort of how I would if I lived the life you have lived."

Ragna said, "Jonathan. We aren't really that different you and I. It is only our life experiences that separate us. Otherwise it could be said of both of us, 'There but for the Grace of God Go I'".

Time War (Galactic style)


The way the theory has been presented to me is as follows. First of all, planetary time wars can be very messy because of all the emotions involved of revenge and retribution and all that.

However, Galactic Time War is very different from this. Their rules are very simple in practice. The offending party, usually a leader has his conception prevented regarding his mother. This is never done through abortion. It is done one of three ways. The first(preferred way) is specific to eliminating someone say like Hitler from history. It would be done by distracting his mother into some other venue during the night or day of his normal conception. Therefore the specific sperm and the specific egg could not connect and this person therefore could never result. In this way there is no murder or execution only the prevention of conception which is generally considered harmless. The second way is through convincing the mother to use an effective form of birth control. And the third is through radiation or other type of means to effect permanent sterilization of the mother.

So, in percentages, the first method is used 95% of the time. The second method is used 4% of the time and the third method is used less than 1% of the time.

This can also be done retroactively. For example, if a leaders actions result in the destruction of a planet and culture this is done retroactively so the culture and planet survive and the leader is never conceived or born.


This was the code I was given almost ten years ago now some time After I returned from Europe in October 1999. It was a code given me by Ragna and Elohar. As an intuitive my first reaction was that it was a typo. However, I had a really strong intuitive hit and realized it was a relatively easy code to decipher that I had been given.

7028 was of course 7028 Ad
.80 was the time of year in tenths
r was of course telling me it was Ragna's code or time line or something he wanted me to know about.

So as I began to decipher the date the date I came up with was:

September 18th 7028 AD.

This I assume was the first date that General Ragna and Elohar had left their time line to visit me and to meet with me for the very first time. This would be a significant time for them as well as for me. It was significant for them as for them they would be visiting their past life son, me. It would be significant for me because I would be meeting with my parents in a future lifetime. The first time I remember meeting them in 1969 my father was still alive but the actual first time they experienced meeting me I was 38 years old and was in India. I'm not sure whether the second time they met me was in Europe or in 1969 when they tried to get me not to commit suicide and convinced me that it was very important for the human race's survival on earth that I stay alive. So even though I preferred death I chose to stay alive then so the human race wouldn't go extinct and so it could continue on for thousands of years.

There are those of you who might say all this is BS. That is your right.

However, this is what my life experience has shown me and so I share it in the hopes that we together can lengthen the lifespan of the human race on into the thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands or millions of years into the future on Earth and beyond on other planets and dimensions as long as is usefully possible in a constructive way.

Then to top all this off my mother who I believe is also the same soul as Elohar, passed on September 18th 2008. Recently, I put these two things together and realized my mother was saying to me, "Fred, you were right! I am Elohar!"

If you want to read about the real Elohar she is at at the Memories part 2 button at the top of the page.

Thoughts on Government

I was exploring in my mind different forms of government today.

It seems like the United States has fallen to greed which makes democracy more and more irrelevant because regulations for corporations and banking institutions are not happening. So people with good credit who were paying 8 or 9% interest are now socked with 30% interest or more. Since government isn't moving fast enough to protect citizens from this gouging I began to think of more useful forms of government.

When designing a form of government it appears that checks and balances and human rights seem to be the most important things to consider.

Remember, I'm only thinking out loud about this because I now believe that our U.S. Government has been so overtaken by corporations and big money and lobbyists that even someone like Obama can't do much to save the common people of the U.S. from the frauds perpetrated against the common people of our nation.

The way I see what just happened in the last few years is that a few at the top saw the changes coming in the world and just tried to skim all they could before the economies of the U.S. and Europe collapsed in a new Great Depression. I believe this is still happening through the banks and lending institutions worldwide and the common people are still getting screwed. So Those who still have jobs will be more likely to lose everything through interest gouging of the common people.

So, I was thinking it is time to start thinking about a better system so that there doesn't have to been some sort of revolution in the U.S.

People are getting more and more upset in the U.S. The last civil war was in 1860 so it would really take a lot to make people revolt again. However, on the far right and on the far left many are really angry right now in the U.S. and around the world. And to make matters worse even those in the middle are pretty angry and scared right now as well.

The problem, I believe is misplaced anger. It is a lot like people sitting in the sun in a hot car in the sun. They might be talking about something and going along with their lives and suddenly they find themselves getting angrier and angrier until finally someone says. "Hey. We're getting angry because it is getting too hot in the car and we either need to get out of the car or open the windows. However, the human race is only at the angry part and has NOT clearly defined what is wrong yet.

If I were to define what the problems are they would be:

Global Warming
World overpopulation
scarcity of food
irregular or low rainfalls or droughts
dwindling petroleum reserves worldwide

However, until enough of the people of earth understand what is really going wrong they will be misdirected and many will starve and die as a result.

And both governments and corporations function with the sure knowledge that: "There's a new sucker born every minute."

So, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself so you can protect yourself and your families from governments, corporations and people trying to take advantage of you in every way and who are trying to steal everything from you both directly and indirectly.

Though I suppose this is very idealistic and Utopian of me I began to think today of what and ideal form of government would look like. I was trying to envision a real theocracy, "in other words someone or a group of people who really were working in everyone's best interests" not just people who were saying one thing and really doing another.

I have always been very taken with the Theocracy that existed in Tibet before the Chinese invaded and took over Tibet from the Dalai Lama. The theocratic form of government there appears to have worked very well. Even Polyandry- one wife with several husbands who are brothers(which reduced population growth) was very efective at high altitude(over 8000 feet in altitude) since wheat doesn't grow that high (only barley and a few other things).

When I wrote about "His Oneness" I stil beleive that this was a form of Theocracy from Ancient Lemuria that was in many ways similar to what we found in Tibet in past centuries only I believe ancient Lemuria had Intergalactic Travel and so had a very highly developed culture.

note: if you want to read about His Oneness of Lemuria you can read more about him at my other website. He first shows up in "Memories" part 2 which includes part 3. If you scroll down to part 3 you begin to read about "His Oneness"
Also, there is a "His Oneness" button at the top which is a short sequel to "Memories" which describes more specifically who "His Oneness" was and is. I believe that "His Oneness still exists in stasis over the Gobi Desert and that Mt. Shasta is an Archive or library of Lemuria and that by taking a volcanic rock from above 5000 feet in altitude from Mt. Shasta you can engram your brain and memories with ancient knowledge from Lemuria archives. By being led to the "Kalachakra initiation in Bodhgaya, India combined with a lifetime of experience with Mt. Shasta in California I was able to write about "His Oneness" of Lemuria. "His Oneness" is a title bestowed upon a planetary leader by the Galactic Sentience, and immortal being who rules the "Milky Way" Galaxy. Possibly seeing all this as fiction at first might be more useful to you until you have your own proof through your direct experiences that what I'm saying is all true. Also everyone's truth is slightly different just as everyone's enlightenment is slightly different.end note.

However, I also believe that ice ages, droughts, wars, famines, and many other types of problems that we haven't yet encountered in the last 10,000 years is why these cultures don't presently exist anymore.

For example, the reason the Tibetan Government is gone is that the Chinese which were atheistic when they attacked denied the existence of Tibetan Buddhism as a valid form of thought. So it was very much like when Europeans came to America and denied native Americans their religions and languages and made everyone become Christian. Only in this case the Chinese wanted everyone to become atheistic and only believe in Mao Tse Tung.

So, as you can see if you have studied history at all, creating ANY form of government and making it last and protecting it from the Barbarians so to speak is not an easy task in any era.

For example, right now the U.S. and Europe cannot possibly win against terrorists who spend only 1 dollar to fight us for every 100 dollars or more we spend to fight them. It is an economic reality that neither Europe nor the United States has faced yet.

What the long term solution to this ongoing problem is I don't know. However, the most likely long term solution unfortunately will be that NATO troops including the U.S will all be withdrawn from Afghanistan, Iraq and possibly Pakistan leaving only predator drones with Hellfire missils that daily kill Taliban leaders for the next 100 years or so. This unfortunately looks like what will happen in the long run.

So, what will government look like in the future? Necessity is the mother of invention!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is Truth?

I don't believe that there is any one concept or idea that everyone on earth would agree on. So, "What is truth?" and "What is real?" must of necessity be relativistic.

Every culture on earth would have you believe that their truths, their philosophy and their religion is truth but this is not the case. Any one of you can see this.

So, at best people of a certain educational model(people who were educated similarly) and (people who speak the same language) might agree on some but not all things.

So, then we must all realize just how diverse human beings really are.

For example, in order to travel on jet passenger plane anywhere on earth there are certain requirements generally. (Although in some countries these requirements might be waived by bribes or private jets or even chartered jets.) Some of the requirements might be that you need a valid Passport from your native country in order to fly from one country to another. However, the problem with this is many people have no public identification at all because they were not born in a hospital and literally have no way to be identified other than by friends or relatives. I would say the majority of people on earth or at least half fall into that category of not having a birth certificate which then prevents them from obtaining a passport which then prevents them from traveling(at least legally) from country to country. Although, for example, many people travel from country to country in Asia, South America, and even in Europe by avoiding major border crossings and just finding ways to sneak across borders for whatever reasons they might have.

Even when I was in Asia in the 1980s I noticed often that many people traveling did not look at all like the pictures in their passports. So I just assumed they were not the people in the passports which kind of made me think differently about traveling in Asia.

So, even in regard to identity there is no truth in actuality in most of the world. Even though, people who travel in places like the United States and Europe with countries that can identify fake passports or people not using their own passports generally are the people in the passports.

So, what is truth? I suppose it can be exactly whatever you think it is any given moment. And that truth is different for every person on earth.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quote on Shamanism

I found this site through Google Images so I don't know much about it except that the title of the page was Bukisa begin quote.

Shamans, Prophets and Gods
Posted Apr 11, 2009 by RichardLynn

Shamanism is in almost every culture from before the beginning of civilizations to the present.. A Shaman is a person that communicates with the spirit world; they treat illnesses with prayer, chants, incantations, herbs and other forms of natural remedies. They go into an induced trance with drumming, dancing and herbs to enable contact with spirits in other dimensions. Many "bring back" useful, even enlightening information from vision quests. Some "act" very strange while they are in visionary ecstasy because they are in a dream state. Most shamans operate outside of established religions but are very compassionate ministers wanting to help other people. Most say that they leave their bodies( a form of astral projection) and contact guides, some even have animal guides that give them omens or insights.. end quote.

Though I have heard many definitions of "Shamanism" this is informative in an interesting way of approaching the subject. The world Shaman comes from Siberian Shamans and has become used to similar practices around the world which are shared by all cultures back into prehistory.

All religions at first started in Shamanistic ways. It could be said that cities caused codification of Shamanism into religions. However, most religions have lost something powerful in the process. I believe that each person's direct experience with God and nature is vital for a powerful and useful experience with God and nature. As people become more removed from the natural world by living in large cities they become removed from their natural abilities. Specialization in this way robs people of their direct experiences with God. At some point I believe everyone needs to experience the primalness of a direct experience with God. This often comes in dealing with the death or near death of the person or the death of a relative or friend which triggers experiences, emotions and a reality that oftentimes don't arise in that person's life otherwise. Through death or a near death of a person or a significant other people many times can then more realistically approach life, death and God.

Living in a Nebula

Remember, I'm speaking here as an intuitive and it is important to consider that I remember thousands to millions of lifetimes in this and other galaxies as human and other types of beings both corporeal and non-corporeal.(physical and non-physical)

This is likely my first memory as a being anywhere and likely happened millions and possibly billions of years ago or more. Also, remember I am speaking of a past life although it may not really be a past life in the sense that I may still be this kind of being and only allowing myself to be born a human in order to get beyond the boredom of living in any form for billions of years.

There were millions of us then in that Nebula that was pink and violet and blue. We were all very happy. There were all my brothers and sisters of a species that I call "Creators" that create galaxies so that they can feed on antimatter changing to matter and matter converting to antimatter and they can (once they grow up) (thousands to millions of years growing up) live in both antimatter and matter as plasma beings as stars, nebulae or other types of forms.

We all were there in the Nebula which was our incubator or womb so to speak. When I think of the prayer "May all beings attain bliss and the cause of bliss" I often think of this memory, for it was living that kind of perception and experience for thousands of years or more in perfect bliss. However, just like living in your mother's womb if it is a good experience for you and because you were loved and wanted, it eventually ends and changes into something else more difficult. This was true for me as well, as I watched many of my brothers and sisters not have what it takes to survive as teenagers and adults. However, I was always exceptional and father always thought I would one day get married and start a galaxy, which actually happened. I never believed it would actually. But it did actually happen when my girlfriend got pregnant and I either had to run away and leave her or make a galaxy to feed us, so I made a galaxy and the rest is history. end of story

Whether you believe me or not is not really the point. The point is to take you to a place where you to can experience a state of eternal or almost eternal bliss. This state is contagious and while you are experiencing it it also affects everyone you know. So attaining states of bliss helps everyone on earth to survive better and choose to live and less likely to off themselves in an unguarded moment. So your meditations on peace and blissfullness help keep everyone you love alive and happy or at least happier!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mipham Rinpoche 1846-1912

begin quote from above website:
Ju Mipham Rinpoche (Wyl. 'ju mi pham) or Jamgön Mipham Gyatso (Wyl. 'jam mgon mi pham rgya mtsho) (1846-1912) - a great Nyingma master and writer of the last century, student of Jamgön Kongtrul, Jamyang Khyentsé Wangpo and Patrul Rinpoche. Blessed by Manjushri, he became one of the greatest scholars of his time. His collected works fill more than thirty volumes. His chief disciple was Shechen Gyaltsab Pema Namgyal.---

Shortly before he passed away, he told his attendant Lama Ösel:

Nowadays, if you speak the truth, there is nobody to listen; if you speak lies everyone thinks it is true. I have never said this before: I am not an ordinary person; I am a bodhisattva who has taken rebirth through aspiration. The suffering experienced in this body is just the residue of karma; but from now on I will never again have to experience karmic obscuration. … Now, in this final age, the barbarians beyond the frontier are close to undermining the teaching. [So] there is no point whatsoever in my taking rebirth here…I have no reason to take birth in impure realms ever again. end quote.

To put this into context for someone from the Western World, first of all, barbarians, would refer to anyone from a non-Asian point of view. This was a view held by traditional people of Asia until this Century in many cases. I suppose there are still people born during the early 1900s or even today that might share this view about Europeans and North Americans.

Traditional Tibetans and Lamas of the 19th and early 20th Century tried to protect themselves from the "Corrupting influences" of other cultures because everyone outside of their culture was deemed a "Barbarian" and uncultured.

Having met many Tibetan Lamas at this point I think I might even share this prejudice in some ways because of the sophistication of Tibetan philosophy and culture. However, I have other cultures that I have been taken with too.

However, without a big enough army even the Himalayas weren't going to protect the Tibetans from invasion eventually.

So if I were to say what I like about some different cultures here goes:

United States-ultimately utilitarian culture

French culture-ultimate in food cuisine and in the integrating of love, ideas and philosophy in Europe. Amazing art and sculpture everywhere in Paris.

English Culture- The ultimate in Scientific thought and psychological order. Also, it is interesting that this could also be said for Germany.

Tibetan philosophic thought-probably the most sophisticated spiritual technology I have ever encountered on earth. I particularly like the 49,000 correct paths which likely would include every non-violent kind path on earth that one might think of.

Also, there is a book I read years ago that I really liked called: Mipam:The First Tibetan Novel(paperback) from Albert Arthur Yongden, also called Lama Yongden and illustrated by Roger Williams

The March Toward the Bomb

From news reports since the 1940s we know that there have been no reports of nuclear warheads going off without the sanction of their owner governments so far.

However, the laws of probability tell us that this may not be the case in this century or the next.

Therefore since the laws of probability are not on the side of the citizens of earth this century or next, it behooves all governments on earth to redouble their efforts to prevent a non-Government sanctioned nuclear blast.

For, if it ever happens it won't just be a building in Baghdad or Kabul or Islamabad going up to a suicide Terrorist, it will be a whole city. And if that ever happens will the genie be out of the bottle and will we peaceful citizens of earth ever be able to put it back? So redoubling the efforts of world governments right now to prevent the "accidental" nuking of a large city might be the single most important thing any nation can do.

When it comes to nuclear weapons, precedent is everything.

Sexual Sanity

Since I am not a woman even though I think I understand women better than about 90% of the men I meet, I am a man and can speak to that.

For a man, often sex is sort of like food. Either a man is satiated(rare), starving(relatively normal) or looking for food.

Many religions consider sex a sin. I think that is stupid. I don't think sex is a sin it is necessary for sanity for most people. And denying people a useful outlet only makes them slaves to whatever religion, church or philosophy that is controlling their behavior and minds.

So, I believe that sanity is to be physically faithful to one's significant other if they have one. However, I also believe that one's dreams and fantasies are a private thing that no religion and no person should have control over these dreams and fantasies other than the person having these dreams or fantasies.

Can some sexual fantasies or dreams become harmful? Yes. But most of the people who are like that aren't ever going to be completely sane anyway. They have been so abused in one way or another in their lives that only serious psychological or pharmacological help will succeed for them.

But if someone has had a relatively normal life growing up, a healthy sexual fantasy life (whether one is married or not) allows that person to grow in healthy ways. To prevent healthy fantasies is only to stifle that person's useful abilities in life.

Yes. It is true that sexual fantasies involving torture, maiming and death should not be tolerated. But these kinds of fantasies usually spring from abuse as a child. And so, to get beyond this one needs serious psychological counseling and possibly medication in order to prevent harm to oneself or others or animals.

But, like I said, if a person is having relatively healthy fantasies, this can create a very useful, functioning adult in all cultures of the world, as long as one can remain faithful to one's significant other or spouse at the same time.

May All Beings Attain Bliss October 26, 2009

When I want to experience Peace in every cell of my body I give the following prayer silently or out loud:

"May All Beings attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss
May all Beings Be Free from suffering and the Cause of Suffering
May all Beings Never be without the Supreme Bliss that is Free from
All near and Far all Grasping and Aversion"

Since I have been a conscious Soul Traveler since my early teens and Twenties I have come to understand as I have grown older (now 61) that time and space are only relative. So This prayer is a real experience now. As I experience All Beings in the Universe in All Time and Space(remember this is trillions and trillions of Beings, everything living in any form including people, animals, ghosts, insects, all kinds of life forms on earth and beyond everywhere) experiencing permanent Bliss and Permanent Freedom from Suffering my whole Body glows during this experience and every moment of suffering I have had to endure in my life then has value and merit in the pursuit of this goal for all beings in the Universe in All time and Space!

Feel Free to experience this for all life in the universe! I have found it to be the most blissful of all Experiences in the Now! By Experiencing this you make it happen in actuality. This is just the true nature of all life in the universe.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Humans Still Evolving

begin quote from above article
Evolution: Are Humans Still Evolving?

By EBEN HARRELL Eben Harrell – Sat Oct 24, 10:10 am ET

Modern Homo sapiens is still evolving. Despite the long-held view that natural selection has ceased to affect humans because almost everybody now lives long enough to have children, a new study of a contemporary Massachusetts population offers evidence of evolution still in action.

A team of scientists led by Yale University evolutionary biologist Stephen Stearns suggests that if the natural selection of fitter traits is no longer driven by survival, perhaps it owes to differences in women's fertility. "Variations in reproductive success still exist among humans, and therefore some traits related to fertility continue to be shaped by natural selection," Stearns says. That is, women who have more children are more likely to pass on certain traits to their progeny. (See the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2008.)

Stearns' team examined the vital statistics of 2,238 postmenopausal women participating in the Framingham Heart Study, which has tracked the medical histories of some 14,000 residents of Framingham, Mass., since 1948. Investigators searched for correlations between women's physical characteristics - including height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels - and the number of offspring they produced. According to their findings, it was stout, slightly plump (but not obese) women who tended to have more children - "Women with very low body fat don't ovulate," end quote.

So I guess it is the reproductive success among stout, slightly plump(but not obese) women who are successful having more children that are driving human evolution worldwide.

So, if you are a male and are having babies with someone like this then you are driving evolution too with your genes.

Begin quote(same article)

If these trends were to continue with no cultural changes in the town for the next 10 generations, by 2409 the average Framingham woman would be 2 cm (0.8 in) shorter, 1 kg (2.2 lb.) heavier, have a healthier heart, have her first child five months earlier and enter menopause 10 months later than a woman today, the study found. "That rate of evolution is slow but pretty similar to what we see in other plants and animals. Humans don't seem to be any exception," Stearns says. (See TIME's photo-essay "Happy 200th Darwin Day.")
end quote.

So this study is credible for Framingham because the study has been ongoing since 1948. So the .8 inch shorter and 2.2 pounds heavier with a healthy heart and having her first child 5 months earlier and entering menopause 10 months later than women today can be predicted by 2409. However, it is unlikely to go this way because there are always unexpected events over 300 or 400 years to alter this trend. However, there likely is a probability if no major factors change that this could still happen.


My daughter who is 13 is required to write a paper on prejudice for her class. So when I tried to talk about my experience growing up in the 1950s onward through the 1960s, 1970s and on up to the present she didn't want to hear it.

I was saying that everyone is prejudiced in some way. For example, if you prefer your family to all others then you are prejudiced against other families. It is a part of being decisive and decision making and a part of all decisions. Decisions are the basis of discrimination. And if you don't want to be prejudicial in one way or another you would have to stop making all decisions which would interfere in your ongoing survival.

However, if you are trying to eliminate being racially or religiously prejudicial then I think that is a very good goal. I don't really think anyone of any race ever completely gets there but to be working toward that is a very admirable goal as the most suffering on earth seems to have been always caused by racial and religious discrimination. More people have suffered and died over the last 10,000 years for these reasons than for any other. Because of this all our efforts to end religious and racial prejudice should be welcomed by all mankind.

Preparing for Anything

I was watching one of the many streams of previews to 2012 the movie online and even though I don't believe that is going to happen in 2012 because world Scientists can only bring this calendar down to a 35 year period and 2012 is only around the middle of the 35 year period. So no one knows for sure if it is 2012 or 2015 or was even 2000 or 2020. December 21st 2012 just happens to be a planetary alignment with the core of the Galaxy and the sun and solar system. So even then it is only a good guess as a date of change.

So, then because of Tsunami's and Earthquakes like the one that killed 230,000 to 250,000 people in 2004 in Indonesia, Thailand, India and Ceylon and other places it behooves us all as responsible adults to be or to become physically and psychologically prepared for anything. And the potential arrival of a meteor on earth in the late 2015 to 2020 is something we might have to look forward to also, even though the military may pulverize it in space before it arrives without telling us with a nuke so we might just have a really amazing meteor shower instead sometime between 2015 and 2020.

So, just like our pioneer forebears had to prepare for anything as they settled the United States in past centuries without satellites or weather reports and died by the hundred and thousands from freezing to death, pneumonia, heat stroke and flying away in tornadoes, we should also gird ourselves for anything just like they did. For the first to perish are going to be those who are the most unrealistic about this things. those who are the most prepared physically or psychologically for ANYTHING are the most likely to survive ANYTHING.

If you Find a Good Woman

If you are a guy and you find a good woman don't f--- around on her. Life is very tough for everyone rich and poor. If you don't believe this then you have never had to go out and to support yourself and live in the real world yet.

Finding a good woman or a good mate no matter what your preference is is a very hard thing to do. Some few are lucky enough to find a perfect mate in primary school or High School and are happy the rest of their lives (or as happy as it is possible for them to be). I found someone at age 6 that I decided I wanted to marry in my Sunday School at my parent's church and I even went steady with her for 2 years in High School. But because she was a year older than I since I was becoming a man, men are usually about 3 years behind women in emotional maturity. So when she reached 22 I had to watch her marry another man who was then about 25. Since I was only 21 I still had a long way to go in maturity. She recently asked me, "Why didn't you tell me you loved me then?" I said, "I had no idea if or when I would be ready to settle down." Which was the truth. I knew the man that married her was an engineer and I had faith he would do right by her and always take care of her very well financially and otherwise. Did it break my heart? Of course. But I never expected life to be easy and I had memories of being married to her in a previous lifetime in Europe and it didn't turn out well for her as a result of being married to me. So I knew marrying her again wouldn't be a good idea for her as I had many things to do and places to go and people to see and things to learn to be a good husband to her before I was about 30 to 35.

So this helped to contribute to my suicidal thoughts for a couple of years and made my early twenties very difficult. I guess I thought it didn't matter what happened to me. It mattered what happened to her and everyone else. However, until I valued myself more my life didn't turn out as well. When I started valuing both myself and all other humans and all life on earth everything started moving in my life in much better ways.

By age 25 my girlfriend at that time that I loved got pregnant and we eventually got married and stayed together about 4 years total and 3 years married. But by age 29 I was a single parent raising my son alone. My Mom and Dad really loved my son and I and also stepped in to help both my son and I so I could run my business and still raise my son. So after age 26 for me my life was about being a father. So I looked for a new mother for my son. At age 32 I met a lady who divorced the same year as I and who had two kids from her first marriage so 1980 to 1985 became one of the best periods of my life where my dreams started to be fulfilled, I lived in the mountains where I wanted to with my family and friends. I skied in the winter and hiked and swam in mountain lakes and kayaked in the summers. It was a very good and healthy life for my whole family. But eventually in 1994 that dream came to and end with another divorce.

In 1995 I remarried a highly educated lady 7 years younger than I and had another daughter. So now I had 3 biological children and two step kids and through my new wife I also had responsibility for 2 more God Daughters, the youngest of these is now 24.

I have been faithful to my present wife for 15 years and this has been a very good working relationship and we have traveled a lot to Canada, Hawaii, Europe and throughout the Western and Far Eastern States together.

So, once again though I dated a whole lot of women in my 20s I think it is important to note that you only need one good Mate. You really don't need 100 women to make you happy, you just need one good one that you are faithful to and who is your best friend.

Being faithful to a wife might be hard for some but being faithful to my best friend is very easy for me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two Technologies

There have always been two technologies. One is physical technology that has to do with building a fire, building a house, physically making war, in other words all the physical things that people potentially can do.

However, simaltaneously there has also always been what I must call a "Spiritual Technology" or I suppose one could call it, "The technology of mind and spirit". And people in leadership positions down through history seem to want to keep this technology to themselves. Because God help those in leadership positions if the common people get a hold of this technology. Because this technology is what actually controls everything.

So that physical technology is put forth to the common people sort of like smoke and mirrors. Whereas spiritual or "The technology of mind and spirit" is left hiding in plain sight. And only those who understand its true power and value are able to succeed in all the real ways in life.

So, if the common people are misled and bamboozled by those in leadership in Government, Business, Church or military, they tend to fall by the wayside to alcohol, drugs, and misdirected lives. This is the way it has always been and those in power usually guard jealously everything they know about spiritual technology or "The technology of Mind and spirit". In this way religions, governments, the military and all the other institutions on earth are maintained.

Is this good or bad?

Whether is is good or bad or not it is the way things have always been and the general leadership thinking goes something like, "Don't throw pearls before swine!"

So, I guess the point of view is sort of like, "If you aren't evolved enough to value this stuff then you deserve not to make it if you don't survive."

Whether I or anyone else agrees with this all or not it must realized this is the way it has ALWAYS BEEN.

Friday, October 23, 2009

September 18th 7028 AD

I have been an intuitive all my life but sometimes I get things that overwhelm me. This is one of those times.

About 7 or more years ago I was given a date by Elohar. The date was quite specific. I had wondered about it for some time and realized it was the date that Elohar and Ragna left their time to visit me consciously for the first time together.

However, that isn't the part that makes me want to faint. This is.

Last year, my mother who I always have known was also Elohar(the same soul) in two different incarnations present and future, passed on on September 18th 2008. If it were you it might take your breath away too.

If you want to read about the real Elohar, read my book Memories at

Elohar and Ragna are in the second section of the book

Found Sindelar picture of Jesus and St. Germain online

This is the picture of the original drawing I saw and loved as a little child from age 6 to 12 at the White Temple in the Silver Lake District of Los Angeles on top of the Hill. I was 6 in 1954 and 12 in 1960. I mentioned it in another article earlier in this month of October. I really like this picture of Jesus and Saint Germain and for me as a child it set the tone of how I always see them both: as brothers working together for all life on earth. Jesus as the master and Saint Germain as the student and friend to Jesus. However, since Jesus ascended in 33 AD and Saint Germain in 1684 AD now both are Ascended and I see them like this.

The Count of Saint Germain October 23rd 2009

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has taken the historical Saint Germain and put him in a fictional novel series in which he is described as "a 3500 year old vampire that acts a lot like 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. I haven't read this series but I looked up "Count Saint Germain (vampire) and found an interesting description of the 3500 year old fiction character she calls the Count Saint Germain.

If I were as an intuitive to describe Saint Germain to you after first being introduced to him like he was a devotee of Jesus and who became perfected like Jesus in 1684, I would describe my personal experiences of Saint Germain not as a vampire but as a Time Traveler from another world.

I wrote about him at my other website. Memories 1 through 11 at this website if you click the top of page buttons will tell you the incarnations of Saint Germain that I remember as an intuitive.

When I was initiated into Phowa by Lama Ayang in the 1980s I was told by him that I would start to remember all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas lives as my own since this initiation took me into the Mahayana. The Mahayana was described to me as flying to enlightenment with hundreds thousands, millions or trillions on a 747 across the Pacific ocean rather than doing it alone in a rowboat. As I began to remember all these lifetimes of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas including Jesus at first I found it disturbing but then realized it was just what I was told would happen to me and was a sign to look for that the initiation took. So many lives I remember now and then are Buddhas, Jesus', and Saint Germain's. And because I am now a part of the infinite Mahayana of the Universe their past lifetimes of attainment are also mine.

This may not make sense to you but please understand it is my experience. It is my belief that when Jesus and Mary give Grace this is how they do it. They literally make you one with their souls. The same is true of Saint Germain and all the other true Saints.

Also, I have the correct astrology so that when I share spiritual positive things it increases the blessing in my life and if you accept it Grace comes into your life as well.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

My wife and I and a friend caught a matinee of Cirque du Freak today. It reminds me of 3/4 Harry Potter and 1/4 Twilight. It is actually very entertaining but not as good as Harry Potter or Twilight. However, I really liked the special effects. I found it to be a very enjoyable movie. But I would say it is generally for the over 10 crowd because it is PG-13. Not because of any nudity but of just strangeness and violence. In other words people die violently in this movie but in a sort of Harry Potter kind of way. In other words Twilight I found to be much more violent and disturbing in an adult way than Cirque Du Freak. Cirque Du Freak is sort of the all around interesting feel good kind of scary Halloween movie. Even kids who are used to more adult themes as young as 5 if they were properly prepared might be able to handle this movie. However, I would recommend seeing the movie first to see if it is a good fit before letting someone under 10 watch it. But if your kid is five and can handle any Harry Potter Movie they likely could handle this one too. However, it is a new genre and because of this very strange.

Home Lighting with solar power

First you must remember my father was an Electrical Contractor when I grew up and I was trained from age 12 to 17 to be an electrician and for one year as an adult I actually worked full time as an electrician.

I was thinking about how if a day is sunny that one could separate the lighting circuits within a home and power all lighting circuits with solar energy that was stored in batteries. This could save the average home owner or home resident or even an apartment resident with a sunny balcony a lot of money over the years to run all their lighting circuits with solar. The only problem would be if you plugged into a lighting circuit plug with a hair blower, hair dryer or something that burned a lot more electricity. So what I'm saying is that your lights would have to be on a different circuit than higher voltage and amperage appliances.

But if all your lighting over the years was solar powered whenever the day was sunny enough that would save you a lot of money in grid electricity. I thought of this idea because of my solar powered garden lights that automatically go on at dark and stay on until the solar charged battery runs down which is usually about midnight until 2 am depending upon how much sun they received that day.

So even if your area does not allow permanently installed solar cells on your roof they usually can't say anything about portable solar cells in your back yard or veranda just like they don't bother children for setting up camping tents in back yards in the summer or like campgrounds don't bother motorhomes with solar cells on their roofs to keep their batteries fully charged.

One other important point in doing this. Unless you convert all your lighting to 12 volt or be like motorhomes with dual voltage 12 volt or 110 volt lights, you would have to otherwise get a 12 volt DC to 110 volt AC converter for this to work on standard 110 volt lights, and lamps long term.

Obama's MIT Speech today

Today Friday October 23rd 2009, President Obama gave a speech that I found very inspiring that goes back to the Thomas Edison's, the Wright Brothers, The inventors of the Solar Cell here in the U.S.

One of the things I found interesting was that there is more money set aside for energy research in (I believe it was the Tarp Bill) than at any time in history that will help us develop and change to alternative sources of energy as soon as possible.

Also, he spoke of Iraq veterans who are traveling around the country talking about how our dependence on foreign oil is a security threat to the United States.

He also spoke of depleting energy resources and the absolute necessity of moving away from petroleum products for energy as quickly as possible.

Once again I would like to share my experience of riding on one of France's high speed trains at over 200 mph from Paris to Nice Ville on the Cote D'Azure(French Riviera) within the last month. None of the electricity for that high speed journey came from fossil fuels. Most came from Nuclear power plants generating electrical power and some likely came from wind generators but NONE came from fossil fuels. Here in America that is definitely something to think about.

Something to Believe In

Everyone always has been and always will be searching for something to believe in. Even people using drugs are often people who have given up searching or trying to believe in anything. And this gesture often is an alternative to suicide. In college in my teens and twenties I met many people like this.

I have been lucky. I always have believed in something even if that something slowly changed and evolved over the years as I was presented by college, life, and the people I met better and better things to believe in.

However, what one is taught to believe in as a child (or not taught) stays with them throughout their lives. Childhood is such a potentially magical thing that it seems to set the core of a person for life. So even if they learn new things as I did along the way, still what they learned as a child sets the tone of their lives.

So, if you are an adult raising or teaching children under 12 years old you have an incredible responsibility because what you teach these children will affect them in one way or another their whole lives. This is just a part of the developmental process of all human beings.

Some people or cultures tend to be one dimensional in that one is forced to believe one thing and never change. And I recognize this for what it is: tradition.

However, others of us grow up in places like Coastal California, Oregon or Washington where change and growth is a natural part of growing up in these places. New concepts and ideas are springing up all the time and part of the joy of growing up in places like this are these new ideas constantly percolating up through the culture all the time.

Others around the world might recoil in horror or be secretly amazed by a culture like this. Of course there is both good and bad both to a culture that stays rigid like cement or one that can change every day. Both have their uses to everyone on the world stage of progress and beliefs. Recognizing this is just what any intelligent person does. And if you are intelligent you will benefit from the whole world and all the variations possible and not just get stuck in any one system of belief.

For only through mutual understanding will the world not just eventually blow itself up. If that happens where will we all be?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A four day work week is better

In the above article online it says that Utah state government saved 4.1 million dollars in overtime pay by going to a 4 day work week. I think other state governments should do this as well to save money.

Besides, a 4 day work week is much more psychologically and physically beneficial to those that work those hours. 4 10 hour days monday through thursday means then. 3 days (72 hours) of recreation time for families, recreation, traveling or whatever. It makes for much happier employees and more work getting done in the long run. It is a win win situation for both employees and who ever they are working for.

My cousin years ago was learning to become a lawyer and the lawyer he was working for who was only in his early 40s dropped dead one day from overwork with a heart attack. My cousin decided right then and there about 40 years ago now that he would work a 4 day week when he started his own law practice and he did. Even now he still works a 4 day 10 hour a day work week and is still very happy with this practice and loves his life.

As a man thinketh so is He

Or woman. I was watching a program I DVRed last week or so that is Matt Lauer interviewing Dan Brown the author of "Secrets of the Lost Symbol" which just came out in hard bound. It started me thinking about what my parents taught me about the title of this article.

You can't do anything unless you believe you can. So, literally "As a man or woman thinketh so is he or she".

It is said that beings like Jesus or Buddha were intuitive geniuses who were always the right place at the right time maximizing their positive gifts for the most efficient good they could do in all situations all the time. If you look at not only what they both did in their lives but how many lives they have both affected in positive ways every since it is very difficult to logically argue with this thesis.

So, if you and I consider what Jesus and Buddha did was the ultimate of what mankind should aspire to then to follow in their footsteps seems to be the highest honor we could pay them and the highest good we could do for our fellow man and ourselves, our families and all life everywhere in the universe.

However, when one begins it is helpful to understand how one gets from point A (ignorance) to Point B (enlightenment).

Actually, one point of view says they are not far apart at all. For many Buddhists say that the only thing you need do to become enlightened is to realize it and if you are the rare being that can realize it right now and hold that thought always then you are enlightened right now and always will be and all mankind and you will be the better for it.

I can give my own experience as an example. When I was young I wanted very much to soul travel. My parents often talked about it and I read about it in I believe either "Unveiled Mysteries" or "The Magic Presence". I read of a Lady Master named Leto that would come teach me to soul travel if I wished. And so in my teens I decided that I would pray hard to be able to soul travel even though I already knew everyone already does it in dreams at night and in waking dreams.

So in my late teens and twenties my whole perceptual paradigm shifted and I was soul traveling consciously throughout earth and to other planets just like Buddha and Jesus. However, I believed at that time that it took effort to travel long distances and so the effort wore me out at times.

It wasn't until my 30s when I realized fully that both time and space were not ultimately real the way we are taught here on earth and experienced fully that I already was everywhere and everywhen. And since I was already everywhere and everywhen all I need do is to believe I was at any place or time I wished and I was there.

What the Buddhists say about instant enlightenment or some call it Zen enlightenment is like this. You are already there. You are already enlightened.

So don't get in your own way. Allow yourself to already be enlightened right now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Powder Keg

The Powder Keg of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

What is very obvious to me and many others around the world at this time is that the interests of the U.S. and Europe might not coincide with enough people in these countries to make the presence the U.S and European troops a useful thing to almost anyone actually living in the area at this time. The troops protect the interests of the U.S., Canada, Europe and many other countries on earth but not necessarily most of the people actually living in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

What I'm saying here is this: the mere presence of U.S. and European troops is destabilizing the whole area in a multiplicity of ways. What I'm saying is that it is very obvious to me that it is now quite probable that we will at the very least lose a capable government in Pakistan and possibly Afghanistan too. If that happens the likelihood is also very high that we will also lose the government of Iran in the process.

The Predator drones and Hellfire missiles are definitely eliminating Taliban leaders but are also destroying the fabric of society at all levels in the area that has existed this way for thousands of years. I no longer believe that Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran can successfully be thrown into the 21st century world as cultures without destroying them almost completely and creating multiple groups of walking wounded.

In other words though the U.S. and Europe may achieve their goals they will do so with the complete destruction of thousands of year old cultures. The level of dissociation within what is left will be horrific for those who live there. However, I don't see another alternative and I feel sick for what it will do to everyone living in those countries.

The Pakistani Government I don't believe is more than two years from complete collapse the way things are presently going. And who will step in to fill that void? The Taliban.

This is awful to see the destruction of Afghanistan and Pakistan on the news every day. But I don't see another option for any country on earth at present. Sickening.

Charles Sindelar

Though Charles passed on a year before I was born I knew his wife who lived at the White Temple on top of a hill in the Silver Lake District in Los Angeles in the 1950s. I don't know if it is there anymore or not. Mrs. Sindelar was very nice to me and in the main Sanctuary of the White Temple there were hung about 50 or more prints and originals of Charles Sindelar's art work. If you go to Google images and type "Charles Sindelar" you can see some of his art work of Jesus, Saint Germain and one of a divine self with a rainbow of colors behind it. Usually when you see a rainbow of colors like that it is referring to the positive karma built up from past lifetimes moving one toward Sainthood.

Charles Sindelar was Mr. Ballard's artist and May De Camera was Mrs. Ballard's artist. So when Mr. Ballard passed on Mrs. Ballard seemed to prefer May De Camera's art works. However, in the 1970s the Summit Lighthouse got a hold of a painting of Saint Germain and Jesus by Charles Sindelar and still uses these images in their church since the 1970s.

8 years of College

I started going to college when I was 18 and I basically never stopped. So by the time I was about 42 in 1990 and finally just gave up because of how expensive it is to raise children since 1974. And since I first Started college at Glendale College in Fall 1966 I started to calculate how many units and how many books and how much I had studied over the years. I calculated about 8 years worth of study in total. So, if I hadn't been married at raising kids since age 25 I might have 3 or more degrees now.

So, my first major was Computer Data Processing in 1966 at Glendale College. At that time what I wanted to do with computers and robotics I didn't yet know was impossible at that time(at least to make a living doing). So after a couple of years in the field I became frustrated and decided to do something else other than program computers and operate computers. At that time there were no micro computers like we use today. There were only warehouse sized windowless rooms filled with millions and milllions of dollars worth of mainframes and peripherals and most things were still done with punch cards at that time in 1966 to 1969 when I worked in that field. So, by 1969 I had burnt out at working 12 hours a day 7 days a week and I was only 21 at that time. By the way my hours were midnight until noon which is a shift I have never ever chosen to repeat after age 21.

Next, I studied psychology which began with my reading Psychology Today, the magazine. I was having difficulty finding reasons to stay alive at the time another day and Psychology Today and its pop psychology ideas helped me to see the reason not to end my life then. Then I read Herman Hesse's works like Sidhartha, Narcisus and Goldmund, Demian, and Magister Ludi and the Glass Bead Game. I tried to read Steppenwolf but thinking of myself as an animal at that level sort of made me feel like a living Wolf Man. And at that time it wasn't something that I could relate to. It wasn't until I studied with Native American Medicine Men in my early 30s that I could make sense of that side of life. And I could relate to it then because I realized everything living on earth including humans were at core animals and to deny that only created neurotic people who couldn't function on any level of reality or pragmatism that was required for basic survival on planet earth.

Next or rather simaltaneously I studied Philosphy. Because I was about 22 at the time I no longer felt like students 18 to 20 were my peers exactly. Because I had really suffered and lived and worked as a full time adult by then. So the 18 to 20 year olds seemed to me like children just out of high school who hadn't had enough life experience to take seriously yet. So I was very outspoken in my Philosphy Classes because I knew what I had to say would save the lives of some people there.

The professor who was only a couple of years older than I and who was married to a native American girl from New Mexico befriended me and gave me an "A" in the class and even when I tried to drop out of college because I was troubled at that time, he called up and said the other students needed to hear what I had to say and that I should come back to class.

So, about 60 units later I met the woman that I was going to have a son with and marry. She took a sociology class with me over the summer that taught about the dangers of pesticides which was incredibly informative and useful but then my goal then to become a Psychologist specializing in Parapsychology went down the drain when she got pregnant and I had to work more to take care of us all. So, by age 25 I was married and by 26 I was raising our son and by 29 I was a single father raising my then 3 year old son. You see, my wife was only 21 when she got pregnant and I soon realized that I was the only real adult in that relationship even though I loved her dearly.

So, after the birth of my son college classes became more hit or miss. Which means I started a lot of them but couldn't ever finish most because of family obligations like jobs, taking care of my son, etc.

However, one of my favorite stories is when I rode to college (Palomar College in San Diego County) to my Welding Class on my motorcycle. I wore flat nosed cowboy boots to protect my legs while riding a motorcycle and bellbottom Levi jeans. And the style then was to have the bottoms of your jeans frayed which means to cut them off a little and then about 1/2 inch up from the bottom you stitched them off so the fray couldn't go all the way up the leg but only be able to fray about 1/2 inch up the bell.

So, anyway, I was practicing Arc Welding with a protective face plate on so I wouldn't go blind or take pieces of molten metal to the face when I noticed my right leg was getting warm. When I looked down my right frayed pant leg was on fire up about 6 inches. And I wasn't being burned physically only because of my high top cowboy boots that I wore while riding my motorcycle which was a Honda 250 XL, probably my favorite motorcycle of all time that I ever owned. I love my Kawasaki KLR 650 that I bought last spring but there was just something special about that Honda that could be licensed for the freeway or riden anywhere in the dirt with knobby tires that was incredibly special for me then in my life.

So, over the years I also studied Business and book keeping and Anthropology and about 1990 when my wife and I both wanted to become cultural Anthropologists together. However, this didn't work out as we broke up before this dream manifested.

I struggled for several years trying to complete my 4 year university degree with no success. The final straw for me was filing for grants and loans and receiving the letter but not the money when I came to the University four hundred miles away from where we lived then. When I moved out of our house and put everything in storage I expected to be able to receive the grants and loans just like the letter told me on the date they told me. But no, that wasn't to be. So, I found myself in a terrible position as husband and father of having already moved out of my house and having put everything into storage and finding I was only being given books and tuition for the first few months. (there was no fine print) One just had to know this I guess. So the end result of that was that we lived in my Chevy window van in below freezing temperatures in the Mt. Shasta Forests until we could once again to afford to rent a house for our family. This was such a bad and unforgiving experience for the whole family that it took away permanently my desire to get a 4 year degree. I have the brains for it but I finally decided my family's well being was more important than my having a 4 year degree.

So after that the nightmare of my 40s went into full force and I went through a divorce I didn't think I could survive, didn't get full custody of my then 5 year old daughter but I did get Joint Legal Custody. And then because I was very upset about all this almost died from a Heart Virus. However, by then I was remarried with another daughter by age 47 (one month before 48). I remember at the time thinking how I had to create my next life before the one I was leaving killed me or drove me insane. I succeeded unlike many people I have known that never really recovered from something like this in their 30s, 40s or 50s. I think what saved me is that I had dated so many people from age 15 to 25 that dating people was still pretty natural for me if I wasn't married and so because of this was able to find someone good to marry. And so I survived and started a new family unlike many people I know. So by the Grace of God my life is still a good one even at age 61 I have a happy marriage, all my kids are healthy and alive, and our finances are okay so by the Grace of God we are all okay.

The Heart Cell

I'm using what happens to a single different heart cell each time your heart beats to illustrate what enlightenment really is.

Every time your heart beats a different heart cell leads the beat. One could liken how this happens to a flower opening or to one cell having an orgasm and all the other cells having an orgasm too. The illustration that one chooses(there could be many) just depends upon the sensibilities of the one doing the choosing.

So, to be clear when one(any) heart cell is ready it fires off and is followed by all the other cells which causes the heart to beat and to pump blood so the body can live and go on living as long as this keeps happening.

Likewise, when a person (male or female or other on other planets) reaches a new stage of enlightenment this enlightenment then washes through the auras of all the beings that being is close to as family, friends and compatriots. And so, all the connected beings become more enlightened in this way until it extends out to all beings in that country or world or dimension and then on out through all worlds and dimensions out into infinity like a Cosmic wave of enlightenment until it touches all beings everywhere in some way.

So, when someone comes up to me and might say, "I'm Maitreya or I'm Jesus, unless I feel that rush of enlightenment that knocks my breath out and might even make me and all around me faint then I know that they are just deluded. Because if they really are that being then thousands of beings around that one might faint just from the power of them speaking their name like that.

However, many people might say, "I'm empowered now by Jesus or I'm empowered now by Maitreya and I or other intuitives might say to ourselves, "Yes. We experience this happening! This is true!"

So, it doesn't really matter what anyone says, it matters what people experience and if they experience it as truth for it to mean anything at all.

For example, people have walked up to me on Mt. Shasta while I was hiking and they believed me to actually BE Saint Germain because I am 6 feet 4 inches tall like he is reported to be and to have my hair dark brown and graying at the temples because I am one of his descendants biologically. But I always have told people that, "No. I'm not Saint Germain, I just vibe a lot like him because I was raised in the "I AM" and I know a lot about him and have been his student all my life.

Likewise, highly evolved beings have asked me if I was Maitreya Buddha and my response always is, "I don't know." which is the truth. This is because if Maitreya Buddha actually was manifesting we would all know it and I'm not experiencing it right now. Also, I'm familiar with the concept that any one of us could be Saint Germain or Maitreya at any or all moments because I HAVE experienced for many different moments in my life of actually being Saint Germain. But in those moments it is not my place to tell anyone about it but just to experience it and to do what needs to be done.

When I grew up we children in Sunday School were all taught a motto, "To know, to Dare, To Do, and to be Silent." This was the motto of what was called "The Ascended Master Youth" that we were called when I grew up. What does this mean? I guess it means whatever you believe it to. For me, it simply means that if God gives you a mission, you do it. But one must be very certain the mission actually comes from God and not from something else.

So then, this goes to the motto of the Adept, "Many are called but few are chosen." Which makes a lot of sense when you look at real life every day. Many people want to do good things, and many people try to do good things. But very few people ever seem to get it right so it actually all works perfectly. So, for all of us let's just keep trying. Or as Yoda said it, "There is no try there is only DO!"

Saint Germain while Growing up

To say my childhood was unusual would be correct in regard to my parents religion. I remember being in grade school in Public School in Glendale, California when it was normal to have kids leave for an afternoon to go to a "Sunday school Afternoon" with their Church. Because my church was too far away in Los Angeles and because it wasn't a church other people were familiar with I didn't get one or two afternoons off to go to my "Sunday School during school hours".

I was told by my parents if I was asked what my religion was to say that, "MY religion is a lot like Christian Science." This got people off my back because in the 1950s the LAST thing you wanted to say to people was "I don't believe in God!" or in some cases even worse back then was "MY religion is other than Christianity!" People generally just were not open to anything other than mainline Christian Religion and it could interfere with your livelihood or even living in a body in the U.S. if you said the wrong thing back then. One had to be very careful what one said all the time. Fear was always present when talking to people outside ones family. It is much different than now when almost anything goes in Southern California or Northern California at least along the coast.

So, since my father played the part of John the Baptist from the 1940s until 1974 in the "I AM COME" Pageant in Mt. Shasta, California which is usually done in a Church Amphitheatre there built for that purpose and because from 1954 until 1960 both my parents were in charge as Lay Ministers of the Hope STreet "I AM" Sanctuary in Los Angeles, I was exposed to Saint Germain all the time from babyhood to adulthood. There was another "I AM" Temple in the area in the Silver Lake District then Called "The White Temple" that was run by Mrs. Sindelar the wife of Charles Sindelar who painted beautiful pictures of Jesus and Saint Germain and many many others. There was one picture in particular that I loved of Jesus and Saint Germain standing together like brothers each with an arm around the other with sacred love and light pouring forth towards all us students. It set a tone in my life regarding Jesus and Saint Germain that they were brothers. Even though I knew Jesus was Saint Germain's Param Guru (Supreme Guru), still I knew that they also were brothers in that Saint Germain had also incarnated as Joseph, the Father of Jesus, Merlin, the Magician, Columbus, the discoverer of America and his final embodiment had been as Francis Bacon who never died and eventually became an Ascended Master like Jesus in 1684. So this is how my spiritual life began in knowing Mrs. Sindelar at the White Temple and my parents running the "I Am" Temple in Los Angeles starting when I was 6 years old.

But my favorite place was Shasta Springs which was a few miles from Mt. Shasta, the Mountain. If you have read "Unveiled Mysteries" by Godfre Ray King(Guy W. Ballard), then you know that Mount Shasta and the Tetons in Wyoming are the Sacred Mountains talked about in "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence". So these two mountains became sacred to me as well and they still are. And these two mountains I have spent time on meditating and experiencing God, Jesus and Saint Germain. Because I have lived in California most of my life except for the first four years after birth in Seattle, Washington, and one year in Santa Fe, New Mexico when the "I AM" School was there when I graduated High School there, and a couple of years in Hawaii on Maui and the big island, I spent a lot of time on Mt. Shasta over the years. Climbing up to Horse Camp(A Sierra Club emergency stone hut for climbers) was something I accomplished with my father and mother by the time I was 8 or 10 years old with other "I Am" Students. Climbing to the top of Mt. Shasta was something I accomplished with other "I Am" student friends in 1970 even though I had separated from the "I Am" Organization by then. So at age 22 I climbed to the top of the mountain 14,161 feet high with my friends then. My friend Anton and I both made it to the top that 1970 August day with two other friends.

So, as you can see my life has been embued with Saint Germain and Jesus and Mt. Shasta for the last 61 years of my life since I was born. Now both my parents are gone and I find myself trying to understand what it all meant while I'm still alive. The most sense I can make of it all is that every generation is searching for truth. And truth seems to mean slightly different things to each generation. I suppose it has always been this way for thousands of years. People value slightly different things in each generation. So each generation has a hard time looking at what their children and grandchildren choose because it is slightly different than what they would have chosen. But that is just life. People do the best they can with what they know about. It has always been this way and I guess it always will be. There just doesn't seem to be one answer that fits all people, I guess, even though some in desperation try to make it that way. I'm more a "Live and let live" kind of person. I believe in "Moderation in all things". I guess I've just seen too many extreme people in all directions in my life and have watched many of them go crazy or die or both. So I know firsthand just how important balance and moderation is for long term survival. You can believe all sorts of amazing things but if you don't eat right or feed your kids right or send them to school so they can have a life what good is it?

Sir Francis Bacon's Cipher's_cipher

begin quote from above site:

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Bacon's cipher or the Baconian cipher is a method of steganography (a method of hiding a secret message as opposed to a true cipher) devised by Francis Bacon. A message is concealed in the presentation of text, rather than its content.

To encode a message, each letter of the plaintext is replaced by a group of five of the letters 'A' or 'B'. This replacement is done according to the alphabet of the Baconian cipher, shown below.


Note: A second version of Bacon's cipher uses a unique code for each letter. In other words, Is and Js each have their own pattern.

The writer must make use of two different typefaces for this cipher. After preparing a false message with the same number of letters as all of the As and Bs in the real, secret message, two typefaces are chosen, one to represent As and the other Bs. Then each letter of the false message must be presented in the appropriate typeface, according to whether it stands for an A or a B. [1]

To decode the message, the reverse method is applied. Each "typeface 1" letter in the false message is replaced with an A and each "typeface 2" letter is replaced with a B. The Baconian alphabet is then used to recover the original message.

Any method of writing the message that allows two distinct representations for each character can be used for the Bacon Cipher. Bacon himself prepared a Biliteral Alphabet [2] for handwritten capital and small letters with each having two alternative forms, one to be used as A and the other as B. This was published as an illustrated plate in his De Augmentis Scientiarum (The Advancement of Learning).

Because any message of the right length can be used to carry the encoding, the secret message is effectively hidden in plain sight. The false message can be on any topic and thus can distract a person seeking to find the real message.
end quote:

If you are a little confused by what is being said here you are not alone. After reading this I like many of you feel, it is a little out of my expertise. However, it should be known that Francis Bacon, Prince Ragoczy and the Comte De Saint Germain were all experts in this field and so their knowledge was priceless in delivering coded messages between aristocrats and royalty throughout Europe during those times and possibly on into the present.

Count Robert De Saint Germain

Count Robert de Saint Germain is not the same person as the mystical Saint Germain or the "Man who never died". Count Robert De Saint Germain lived at the same time as the mystical Comte De Saint Germain but Robert was a General and got himself into trouble with the King of France's court. In fact if you Google Count Claude-Louis-Robert De Saint Germain you will first find a painting of him that you can get a copy of for about $49.99. He lived from 1707 to 1778. Also there is Pierre-Renault de Saint Germain who was governor of Chengalaput, in India in 1752 and a Robert-Francois Quesnay de St. Germain who was active in several secret societies.

There is a painting of the real Count De Saint Germain "The man who never died" at wikipedia under the heading "Count of St. Germain".

It also has been documented by witnesses of the time that these were some of the names and aliases that the mystical "Comte De Saint Germain" used:
Comte De Saint Germain in 1710 witnessed by the Countess D'Adhemar
Marquis de Montferrat in 1760 witness by the Countess D'Adhemar
Comte Bellamarre in Venice
Comte Aymar in Venice
Chevalier Shoening at Pisa
Chevalier Weldon at Milan and Leipzig
Comte Soltikoff at Genoa and Leghorn
Graf Tzarogy at Schwalbach and Triesdorf
Prince Ragoczy at Dresden
And of course the Comte De Saint Germain at Paris, The Hague, London and Saint Petersburg

Also, in the 18th century just like now in many parts of the world the disparity between rich and poor, educated and uneducated, and world traveled and not world traveled was extreme so using aliases was a way to protect oneself and ones family from harm when traveling. And the last point to be remembered is that King Louis the Fifteenth engaged the Comte De Saint Germain as his personal spy internationally and also the Comte was a trusted free ranging Ambassador and confident of King Louis the Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth of France.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mac or PC

Why has Imac and macbook and Ipod and Iphone moved from 5 percent of the market a few years ago to about 25% in the U.S.? The main reason is that people are just completely fed up with adware and viruses ruining all their work. And the fact that once one learns to use a Mac it is just much simpler to use. And if you want to do music or art or movies then the best choice is Mac. If you want to do gaming the best choice is a custom built PC still. But even that is starting to change.

So, people are willing to pay a little more not to get hassled by viruses and adware almost not at all. This is basically what is happening in the U.S.

If you deal with PC's you have to expect crashes, viruses and adware problems. If you have a Mac you will not experience this about 90% of the time. However, the real problem is that if enough people go Mac then hackers will likely start attacking Macs too. However, now is the time to own a Mac. At least for now.

Danger in Iran, Pakistan with Taliban

I'm speaking as an intuitive now. There is a real danger that the Taliban would consider it to their advantage to spark a war between Pakistan and Iran right now. They might also consider it an advantage to spark a war between India and Pakistan. This is a very dangerous moment. The world needs to be watching for the Taliban to strike a match to very dry tinder which could turn into a blaze of war on all fronts. The Taliban are like pyromaniacs in the dry season. They have nothing to lose but everyone else has everything to lose.

Though in the long run the Taliban would want to have access to Pakistan's nuclear weapons for right now they must defend their bases in Pakistan and around the world at all costs. Remember they have nothing to lose except their bases. It is an extremely dangerous moment for the whole world.

excerpts from "The Comte de Saint Germain"
begin quote:

HE was, perhaps, one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. The friend of humanity, wishing for money only that he might give to the poor, a friend to animals, his heart was concerned only with the happiness of others.--Mémoires de Mon Temps, p. 135. S. A. LE LANDGRAVE CHARLES, PRINCE DE HESSE. (Copenhagen, 1861.)

DURING the last quarter of every hundred years an attempt is made by those Masters, of whom I have spoken, to help on the spiritual progress of Humanity. Towards the close of each century you will invariably find that an outpouring or upheaval of spirituality--or call it mysticism if you prefer--has taken place. Some one or more persons have appeared in the world as their agents, and a greater or less amount of occult knowledge or teaching has been given out.--The Key to Theosophy (p. 194). H. P. BLAVATSKY

THE Comte de St. Germain was certainly the greatest Oriental Adept Europe has seen during the last centuries.--Theosophical Glossary, H. P. BLAVATSKY.

AMONG the strange mysterious beings, with which the eighteenth century was so richly dowered, no one has commanded more universal comment and attention than the mystic who was known by the name of the Comte de St. Germain. A hero of romance; a charlatan; a swindler and an adventurer; rich and varied were the names

p. 2

that showered freely upon him. Hated by the many, loved and reverenced by the few, time has not yet lifted the veil which screened his true mission from the vulgar speculators of the period. Then, as now, the occultist was dubbed charlatan by the ignorant; only some men and women here and there realised the power of which he stood possessed. The friend and councillor of kings and princes, an enemy to ministers who were skilled in deception, he brought his great knowledge to help the West, to stave off in some small measure the storm clouds that were gathering so thickly around some nations. Alas! his words of warning fell on deafened ears, and his advice went all unheeded.

Looking back from this distance of time it will be of interest to many students of mysticism to trace the life, so far as it may yet be told, of this great occultist. Sketches are to be found here and there from various writers, mostly antagonistic, but no coherent detailed account of his life has yet appeared. This is very largely owing to the fact that the most interesting and important work, done by M. de St. Germain, lies buried in the secret archives of many princely and noble families. With this fact we have become acquainted during the careful investigations which we have been making on the subject. Where the archives are situated we have also learned,

p. 3

but we have not yet in all cases received permission to make the necessary researches.

It must be borne in mind that the Comte de St. Germain, alchemist and mystic, does not belong to the French family of St. Germain, from which descended Count Robert de St. Germain; the latter was born in the year 1708, at Lons-le-Saulnier, was first a Jesuit, and entered later in turn the French, Palatine, and Russian military services; he became Danish Minister of War under Count Struensee, then re-entered the French service, and at the beginning of the reign of Louis XVI., he tried, as Minister of War, to introduce various changes into the French army; these raised a violent storm of indignation; he was disgraced by the king and finally died in 1778. He is so often confounded with his mystic and philosophic namesake, that for the sake of clearing up the ignorance that prevails on the matter it is well to give these brief details, showing the difference between the two men; unfortunately the disgrace into which the soldier fell is but too often attributed to the mystic, to whom we will now turn our entire attention.

That M. de St. Germain had intimate relations with many high persons in various countries is quite undeniable, the testimony on this point being overwhelming. That such relations should

p. 4

cause jealousy and unkindly speculation is unfortunately not rare in any century. Let us, however, see what some of these princely friends say. When questioned by the Herzog Karl August as to the supernatural age of this mystic, the Landgraf von Hessen-Phillips-Barchfeld replied: "We cannot speak with certainty on that point; the fact is the Count is acquainted with details about which only contemporaries of that period could give us information; it is now the fashion in Cassel to listen respectfully to his statements and not to be astonished at anything. The Count is known not to be an importunate sycophant; he is a man of good society to whom all are pleased to attach themselves. . . . He at all events stands in close relation with many men of considerable importance, and exercises an incomprehensible influence on others. My cousin the Landgraf Karl von Hessen is much attached to him; they are eager Freemasons, and work together at all sorts of hidden arts. . . . He is supposed to have intercourse with ghosts and supernatural beings, who appear at his call." 1

Herr Mauvillon, in spite of his personal prejudice against M. de St. Germain, is obliged to acknowledge the feeling of the Duke towards

p. 5

the great alchemist. For on his supposed death being mentioned in the Brunswick newspaper of the period, wherein M. de St. Germain was spoken of as "a man of learning," "a lover of truth," "devoted to the good" and "a hater of baseness and deception," the Duke himself wrote to the editor, expressing his approbation of the announcement. 1

In France M. de St. Germain appears to have been under the personal care, and enjoying the affection of Louis XV., who repeatedly declared that he would not tolerate any mockery of the Count, who was of high birth. It was this affection and protection that caused the Prime Minister, the Duc de Choiseul, to become a bitter enemy of the mystic, although he was at one time friendly to him, since the Baron de Gleichen in his memoirs says: "M. de St. Germain frequented the house of M. de Choiseul, and was well received there." 2

The same writer, who later became one of his devoted students, testifies to the fact that M. de St. Germain ate no meat, drank no wine, and lived according to a strict régime. Louis XV. gave him a suite of rooms in the royal Château de Chambord, and he constantly spent

p. 6

whole evenings at Versailles with the King and the royal family.
end quote from first chapter of Book "The Comte de Saint Germain" by Cooper-Oakley in 1912

By the way this book is available now at

Though I have a 1912 copy of this book and my 20 year old daughter just finished reading it before we went to France October 1st, I have primarily used the book as a reference source and read chapters at random trying to ascertain their meaning in relation to the Saint Germain I was taught to love and to respect as a baby and small child growing up in the church of my parents which was the Saint Germain Foundation. My parents were put in charge of the Los Angeles Church of this denomination on Hope Street in Los Angeles, California from 1954 to 1960 when my mother's father passed on.

So growing up with Saint Germain was something that I was always a part of from babyhood on. My mother, and her father both knew Mr. Ballard from 1934 or 1936 on until he passed on in 1939. My father read "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence" and "The 'I AM' Discourses" while sailing in the Pacific Ocean in 1939 when he and his wife and his brother chartered a yacht to Tahiti and the Tuomoto archipelago. They returned in 1940 and 1941 before Pearl Harbor was attacked to the United States and Seattle to where their families were.

So my motivation in all this research is to try to understand who the physical being Saint Germain really was. Just like if you decided to find out who the historical Jesus really was. And since truth in both cases is much stranger than fiction it is bound to be a very interesting journey.

When I went on to research the French royal Chateau de Chambord I found some very interesting things about this place as well. For example, it is believed that it was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci who was into many of the same kinds of things as the Comte De Saint Germain. The other interesting thing for me was that the Comte ate no meat or wine and followed a strict diet which reminds me of many people in Southern California and at this point throughout the world since the 1960s.

In regard to him switching names it appears that this was a quite common way for nobles of his period to protect themselves from the poor and vulgar people who might want to harm or extort money from them or kidnap their relatives. Then like now there were extremes in wealth and poverty throughout Europe at that time so self protection was a necessity by the nobles and the wealthy of that period.

Begin quote from "The Comte de Saint Germain"

One of the chief difficulties we find in tracing his history consists in the constant changes of name and title, a proceeding which seems to have aroused much antagonism and no little doubt. This fact should not, however, have made the public (of the period) dislike him, for it appears to have been the practice of persons of position, who did not wish to attract vulgar curiosity; thus, for instance, we have the Duc de Medici travelling in the years 1698 and 1700 under the name of the Conte di Siena. The Graf Marcolini, when he went from Dresden to Leipzig to meet M. de St. Germain, adopted another name. The Kur-Prinz Friedrich-Christian von Sachsen travelled in Italy from 1738 to 1740, under the name Comte Lausitz. Nearly all the members of the royal families in every country, during the last century, and even in this, adopted the same practice; but when M. de St. Germain did so, we have all the small writers of that period and later calling him an adventurer and a charlatan for what appears to have been, practically, a custom of the time.

Let us now make a list of these names and titles, bearing in mind that they cover a period of time dating from 1710 to 1822. The first date is mentioned by Baron de Gleichen, who says:

p. 7

"I have heard Rameau and an old relative of a French ambassador at Venice testify to having known M. de St. Germain in 1710, when he had the appearance of a man of fifty years of age." 1 The second date is mentioned by Mme. d’Adhémar in her most interesting Souvenirs sur Marie Antoinette. 2 During this time we have M. de St. Germain as the Marquis de Montferrat, Comte Bellamarre or Aymar at Venice, Chevalier Schoening at Pisa, Chevalier Weldon at Milan and Leipzig, Comte Soltikoff at Genoa and Leghorn, Graf Tzarogy at Schwalbach and Triesdorf, Prinz Ragoczy at Dresden, and Comte de St. Germain at Paris, the Hague, London, and St. Petersburg. No doubt all these varied changes gave ample scope and much material for curious speculations.

A few words may fitly here be said about his personal appearance and education. From one contemporary writer we get the following sketch:--

"He looked about fifty, is neither stout nor thin, has a fine intellectual countenance, dresses very simply, but with taste; he wears the finest diamonds on snuff-box, watch and buckles. Much of the mystery with which he is surrounded is

p. 8

owing to his princely liberality." Another writer, who knew him when at Anspach, says: "He always dined alone and very simply; his wants were extremely few; it was impossible while at Anspach to persuade him to dine at the Prince's table."

M. de St. Germain appears to have been very highly educated. According to Karl von Weber, 1 "he spoke German, English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish very well, and French with a Piedmontese accent." end quote from the Comte de Saint Germain

So if the Comte de Saint Germain was actually Francis Bacon who was born in 1561 and we now have established continuous accounts of his life until 1822 then we have established that he was in 1822, 261 years old. If we take into account all the stories he told he could be dated back to the time of Christ.

However, I might give an alternate explanation of all this. If one put into place reincarnation as experienced especially in India. It is often common for some children to tell their parents who they were previously and to visit where they used to live and even visit with past life relatives with everyone being quite happy about the whole thing. So, what I'm saying here is that it isn't necessary for someone to have lived 2000 years to be able to remember all ones lives of the last 2000 years. However, it does take an exceptional soul and body and mind to cope with the fullness of all lifetimes simaltaneously. Even I remember glyffs of my previous lives but I don't presume to go too deep because it can be very painful to take on everything and everyone from all ones past lives in one's present lifetime. Often if a person isn't very judicious they become lost in past experiences and feelings and lose their present lifetime as a result. So it isn't something one lightly embarks upon in discovering past lives. PRotections must be established first in order for a good end to come about in the present.

So to summarize the names presently known that the Comte De Saint Germain used are:

Comte De Saint Germain in 1710 witnessed by Countess D'Adhemar
Marquis de Montferrat in 1760 witnessed by Countess D'Adhemar
Comte Bellamarre in Venice
Comte Aymar in Venice
Chevalier Shoening at Pisa
Chevalier Weldon at Milan and Leipzig
Comte Soltikoff at Genoa and Leghorn
Graf Tzarogy at Schwalbach and Triesdorf
Prince Ragoczy at Dresden
and the Comte De Saint Germain at Paris, The Hague, London and St. Petersburg.

Another point that should be remembered is that I believe it was Louis the fifteenth that engaged the Comte De Saint Germain as his personal international spy. This is another point that makes sense of all the different names used in different European cities.

Also, the Comte De Saint Germain appears to be financially connected to the Hotel de Ville in Paris and lived at the royal Chateau de Chambord thought to be designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. And since Da Vinci was interested in similar esoteric points of view this brings another interesting element into the mix. Because of his personal protection from King Louis the fourteenth and Fifteenth it is also possible because of the intermarriage of royalty throughout Europe that the Comte De Saint Germain was a distant relative maybe like a cousin or second cousin to one or both of the two French kings.