Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Driving North on Interstate 5

I finally got free to travel a little bit again. But I noticed that there were about 1/4 of the cars on the road since the price of gas went again above $4 a gallon everywhere in California. So, it seemed like almost during the worst times we went through in 2009 and 2010. On one level it is good that people are driving less in that it makes the air clearer here in the Western United States. But, on the other hand it also means our economy is functioning much differently than it did up until 2006. I suppose another way to look at it is more people likely are using public transportation and more people aren't taking cars out much unless it is for work that get under 25 miles per gallon either. So, this may be what the new normal is and not an anomaly here in the Western United States. I had heard that Lake of the Woods would soon be out of water. I just learned another little town that will be soon out of water too, Montague, California.

Montague, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_California
Montague is a city in Siskiyou County, California, United States. The population was 1,443 at the 2010 census, down from 1,456 at the 2000 census.

Lake of the Woods, California - Wikipedia, the free ...,_California
Lake of the Woods is an unincorporated area and census-designated place (CDP) in Kern County, California. The population was 917 at the 2010 census, ...
I have mentioned before that one of the ways to handle this kind of situation for some people is to buy a 1200 gallon or bigger water tank and put it on a roof or a garage or a free standing structure at the height of a house (unless you have two stories) then it has to be higher than your highest water spigot in the house unless you want to pump the water higher than the tank for use. 
Then people can buy water through water tanker drivers who get water one place and deliver it to another place for a fee. However, still you have to be very conservative about how you use this water too or else you will be filling the tank several times a week. However, my parents and I had one of these out in the desert in Yucca Valley until we had pipes put in on my father's (as we built it) eventual retirement home in the high desert. So, for 5 or more years this was our water source for watering plants, washing dishes, taking showers and everything else one does with water at a home. Mostly then, we were only out weekends while building this home so our water likely would last doing this a few months. But, we didn't drink that water because we brought in bottled water for drinking and cooking. We used a high 1200 gallon water tank that we installed on top of a very well built tool shed my father and I built. But, if you do this just 2 by 4s aren't going to hold this weight unless you use a whole lot of them in a structure 
1 gallon of water weighs 8.345 pounds 
end quote from:
So, if one gallon of water weighs 8.345 pounds then 1200 gallons weighs over 10,000 pounds or about 10,014 pounds. So, if you get a larger tank you need to think about stress loads of water and wind and earthquakes on that water tank. Because no one needs a water tank coming down on them anytime.
Once the empty water tank is installed a water tanker you hire or a water tanker you buy (like on a trailer or in the back of your pickup truck or a large water tanker you can buy you could even do this yourself and then it is pumped up into the tank through a hose usually with a gasoline powered water pump. However, if this drought is a short time you might have to think about what kind of an investment you want to  put into all this? Because you really don't know right now whether this drought is a 3 year (so far event) or more permanent.

Another thing to think about is if you are inside city limits there might be restrictions on water tanks. Also, check what the building codes are in your county before you install something like this so they don't red tag it and make you tear it down after all the work you put into it.

So, although this might work for some people it likely won't work for everyone because of local building codes and safety regarding heavy water tanks.

Another idea which will work for most of you is to install your water tank 1200 gallons or more at ground level if you have electricity and to buy a pressure tank which pumps the water and puts air pressure on it to run through your pipes of your house automatically. My father and I installed this after we wanted more pressure from the roof height water tank we had installed. But, with a pressure tank you don't have to have the tank higher than ground level. But, with it at roof level you don't have to have to have a pressure tank as long as you don't mind a lower pressure of water coming out at ground level. So, a 1200 gallon roof height water tank doesn't need electricity only gravity to get it into your sinks and bathrooms as long as they all are below the height of the water tank and as long as you don't mind having water come out at a slightly lower pressure than you might be used to with electricity in a suburb or big city.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saint Germain: Easter 1973

Note: I wrote this several days ago but wondered about sharing this and it just didn't feel right to share it intuitively or spiritually until now. But, I finally got the go ahead from Saint Germain to share it today.

This experience with Saint Germain was extremely powerful and unexpected. It was Easter Sunday so likely I had gone to Lake Shrine on Sunset Blvd. to the Self Realization Fellowship there with my friend, his girlfriend and a lady my age from Alaska who was married and visiting us for Easter.

That evening I drove back to Rancho Bernardo near San Diego, California and had the following experience with Saint Germain.

I was born into the Saint Germain Foundation so experiences with Saint Germain had been quite common all my life and I often asked him for help and direction in my life so I could stay alive and not die too young and so I could help the most amount of people on earth during my lifetime.

When the powerful energy came into my bedroom I was kind of scared (almost terrified) because it was unexpected and powerful in a way I had never experienced before. So, I sort of snapped into a different state of consciousness and sort of rode the energy right out of my body into the sky like I was driving a Harley Davidson Motorcycle right straight up into the sky. I heard a voice say to me, "No. Turn this energy into the Violet Sacred Flame." I had been taught to do this since I was about 2 years old so I visualized all this incredibly powerful energy turning into violet sacred fire. When it did I was very surprised and found myself back in my body on my bed. I was very surprised to see and to realize that Violet fire is actually living flames rather than what fire is on earth. The flames actually were like special beings who took away all my pain of the last year of my life and I watched a black smoke cloud arise from my chest. So, this was sort of like a personal resurrection or purification by God the way I experienced this. This was the best feeling I ever had as a human being on earth while the flames burnt up all my bad karma from this lifetime.

Then, I saw a spark of violet light coming out a poster of where a mountain peak and a sunrise perfectly intersect. This violet spark of light came closer to me until it grew into an oval of the Real Saint Germain about 4 feet vertical to about 2 to 3 feet wide. So, I could see him from his belt up to the top of his head.

He smiled at me but it was so very powerful like meeting Jesus or something that I couldn't stay conscious and I passed out, ( fainted). When I came to an hour or so later my whole brain had been reprogrammed into the consciousness of Saint Germain. I knew then he had made me one of his bodies on earth because my intuitive gifts suddenly quantum jumped into a state where they have remained ever since.

Later that week I drove the lady and her 3 year old daughter from Alaska as far as Mount Shasta so she could take a train or bus to Alaska from there. I had brought my guitar and had decided to spend my birthday at Horse Camp on Mt. Shasta alone so I walked there on snow shoes because the snow at Horse camp was taller than a house deep. Since it was April there was still snow covering Horse Camp Sierra Club emergency lodge so, I had to get the shovel there and walk across the roof and dig down to the front door and build a fire to stay warm. I stayed there several days and prayed and wrote songs.

This week was one of the most spiritually powerful of my life and reminded me a little of the "Burning Bush" experience I had had in August 1970 when I was 22 years old. So, I spent my 25th birthday at Horse Camp. I had also met my wife to be in Long Beach at church that year. So, when I returned to San Diego she moved into my apartment and we started living together. My son to be came to me looking like the Great Divine Director after this and so at first I thought I as meeting God when he first appeared to me. He asked me if he could be my son. I said "Yes" but I needed help too. So, he was conceived about a month after this visitation. Before he was born my girlfriend and I got married and raised him together for his first three years and then we broke up and I got custody of him because I had made a commitment to his soul when he appeared to me as the "Great Divine Director".

I was pretty amazed at all these experiences because it felt like Saint Germain was living inside my mind with me like I had invited God to live in my body with me when I was 15 which instantly ended my seizures from childhood epilepsy then.

So, my life has always been sort of like what I read about the prophets experienced in the Old Testament. When they describe their experiences it reminds me a lot of what has been happening to me since I was about 10.

The main difference is that Saint Germain and my life experiences have taught me that religions are all obsolete in this world era. This makes sense because too often they cause wars when people get too dogmatic in one direction or another.

So, when Saint Germain started introducing me to Tibetan Lamas starting about 1980 or so I thought this was really interesting because the historical Comte de Saint Germain of France was considered in the late 1700s the foremost oriental adept of his times in Europe.

He is often known as "The man who never died". I was raised to believe he was a spiritual brother to Jesus and was his father Joseph the husband of Mary in that incarnation, as well as Merlin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Columbus and many other pivotal historical characters.

He was also instrumental in the Signing of the Declaration of Independence and caused John Hancock to sign so boldly by his speech to those men in 1776. He also likely is still working and helped create the EU to be something like he created the U.S. to be in the 1770s.

I am here witnessing this to you because it is useful to you for some reason now so I'm doing this for you to understand something new about your lives. Saint Germain and Jesus and Archangel Michael have guided my life ever since I was dying of whooping cough at age 2 and Archangel Michael appeared to me along with his band of Archangels and saved my life while I lay near death in my grandmother's lap while she sang "Hark!The Herald Angels Sing!"

I don't claim to actually be Saint Germain. However, he came to me in the ways I am sharing here with you and in many many other ways throughout my life. However, he wanted me to share this with you tonight because times are tough on earth and maybe you need to hear this to comfort you a little.

Making Sense of One's Life?

When I look back now at the 1950s when I grew up I still can see that sweet, thoughtful, caring and polite, adventurous and physically fearless person I was at age 10. So, it is kind of like when I see myself internally I'm still that person but wearing all the armor of experience and all the good and bad and very painful experiences I have survived in my life including the loss of basically everyone I knew in the 1950s except for my cousin and one or two friends now. So, of my 3 best friends growing up 2 are already dead along with my parents, all my aunts and uncles, all my grandparents and about 1/2 of my cousins are already gone now.

So, my thought is to move through life sort of an adventurer might be the best if you want to live into old age. You have to sort of want to see what's going to happen next in life? Because it is going to surprise you every time. Nothing will ever be exactly what you expect, even if you are an intuitive like me. You might get the general idea of what is coming as an intuitive better than most but it still doesn't prepare you for a whole lot of things in life.

Things that I couldn't have prepared for:

Getting whooping cough and childhood epilepsy as a child up to 15
The Cuban Missile Crisis
President Kennedy being assassinated
all the other assassinations of people like Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy and others
Famous people dying like Steve Reeves the childhood hero in Superman on TV
The Viet Nam War and the insanity it brought to the U.S. and the world
The Cold War and the insanity it brought to the U.S. and the world
9-11 and the insanity it brought to this world
and now Putin and all the insanity he is bringing to the western world through
thousands and likely millions of deaths in the future in Syria, Ukraine, Chechnya etc. now and into the future.

So, none of the above things could I or the world have prepared for.

We also couldn't have prepared for what the Internet (both Good and Bad) has done to both the U.S. and the world both now and into the future. We still aren't prepared (any of us for this) and most people don't even see the full problem yet like I and many do.

So, trying to make sense of one's life is like writing many stories with different people in them and then later trying someone desperately trying  to tie them all together in a way that makes sense to yourself and others. And sometimes it just can't be done in a useful way.

Because everything is changing all the time, people, places, conditions and things. Nothing stays exactly the same. Everything is constantly changing even though you might want it to stay the same. It might even look the same but even then intrinsically it is different somehow. So, believing things are all the same might make you feel better but in actuality it isn't being realistic about your life.

So, once again if you are an adventurer likely you will live the longest and happiest of lives because life is an every changing adventure that no one can completely predict except maybe God.

There Be Dragons

In western Culture, especially in England and Europe Dragons came to represent power but also things that would burn villages with the fire coming from their mouths. So, dragon killers became part of the culture of England and Europe over the years.

Whereas in Asia Dragons could be either Good Dragons or Bad Dragons or even neutral Dragons but mostly were associated with Kings and spiritual Beings.

For example, you could say that Buddha and Jesus in this context were Dragon Souls or "Great Souls". So, in Asia Dragons became associated in those cultures with "Power" of all kinds both temporal and spiritual.

When I went on my vision quest I was as surprised as anyone could be to experience myself as a dragon and was completely unprepared for this experience in every way. Over time after meditating on what God and my soul were sharing with me I came to the conclusion that I had spent many lifetimes (through reincarnation) developing spiritually as a soul on various levels. A good way to put this would be if in a single lifetime someone got a lot of PHDs in various subjects. Then imagine that you could take all the knowledge and experience of all those PHDs in various lifetimes with you to the next lifetime and the next and the next.

So, when I stopped eating and drinking water for 4 days 96 hours I could have a vision while praying that was telling me who I was. At the time I couldn't believe I was having this vision during a Native American Vision quest. In fact, I'm not sure if Native Americans even have dragons in their culture at all?

So, this definitely was a sign direct from my soul of something more than I had realized before. Then when I had a vision of becoming a 50 to 100 foot tall dragon and breathing fire on everyone, thousands and thousands of people and they all smiling and being happy at the enlightenment this fire brought into their lives it put my life in a different context than I had seen it or myself before.

So, when this happened I (within a year) began meeting Tibetan Lamas in California and Oregon and being initiated by them (this was starting in 1983) and then by 1985 in December my family and I were flying to Thailand for a few weeks and then to Kathmandu, Nepal and then we drove by car and by bus to Bodhgaya, India where we thought we were going to meet a Tibetan Lama that we had met in Santa Cruz, California who had originally been in Santa Cruz to help Lama Yeshe pass over to the other side. A couple of years later we met Lama Yeshe's reincarnation who then was a boy of about 2 or 3 years of age while other Lamas including Geshe Lobsang Gyatso officiated at the dedication of a Stupa for Lama Yeshe in Boulder Creek, California.

When we arrived in Bodhgaya, India (my family and I) we were very surprised that there were also hundreds of thousands of people there for a Kalachakra Initiation from the Dalai Lama. Geshela told us we should receive this initiation so we signed up for it there in Bodhgaya, India near the Bodhi tree where Buddha became enlightened (one of the Bodhi Tree's descendants now).


Kalachakra Initiations by His Holiness the Dalai Lama | The ... › Teachings
Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
The entire meaning of the subject matter of the Kalachakra tantra is included within the three Kalachakras, or Wheels of Time: The Outer Wheel of Time, the Inner ...

At the time this was sort of like being on another planet than what life was like in the U.S. For example, we hired a horse cart to take us to where we were staying in Magadh University nearby. For example, people dressed in their local traditional dresses for this event so imagine hundreds of thousands of people dressed like Traditional Tibetans, traditional Bhutanese, traditional Sherpas etc. so there was this feeling of being 1000 years ago in both dress and actions in regard to Tibetan Buddhism. I met a man who had walked for 6 months to be there from Kham, Tibet knowing the Chinese wouldn't allow him to return there once he left and went to India. This was profound meeting people like this with this much dedication and devotion to their beliefs.

Magadh University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Magadh University is situated in Bihar state, India. It is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The university is now governed by Bihar State ...

So, the driver of the horse cart showed up every day dressed like someone from 1000 years ago which was his tradition. One night on the way back several miles to our room at Magadh University he asked if he could stop and buy food for his family. It turned out that his town had no electricity and so as we drove up to it all light was by things that looked a lot like Aladdin's lamps and there were no street lights. We were amazed at a town that reminded us of how things had been 1000 years or more ago. As the stars came out on the way there while we listened to the clip clop of the horses gait we were transported to a world none of us had ever experienced before.

In some ways being in India for us as westerners was sort of like going to another planet not earth so it was a paradox of wondering how people like the ones we met could even be from earth at all.

Imagine a place where in 1985 and 1986 60% of the people have never been to school. This puts anyone with a high school or college education from the western world in a place of power that they never expected in a culture like this just like every other person in India with a High School or College education. Just because we were white and westerners we were treated like Upper class people everywhere we went possibly partly because we were traveling as a family and so were always given a lot of respect wherever we went compared to the average person in India. This was both a good thing and an embarrassing thing in some ways because as Americans equality is very important to us. So, getting too much attention we found embarrassing in many ways that we didn't really know how to deal with especially when hundreds or thousands of uneducated people would gather around us in a circle and stare at us as that was what people do in that culture.

At one point a lot of westerners and middle to upper class people of India and surrounding areas were traveling with us in an air conditioned bus (which was exceptional at that time for India) from New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal when the bus (because it was overloaded with goods on the roof broke a leaf spring out in the sticks somewhere that westerner usually don't go except to travel through. Hundreds and then thousands of people came to look at us that don't usually get to see westerners or upper class people from their own culture. Then police showed up because of this many people gathering and looking at us all and the police told us to get back in the bus even though it was close to 90 or 100 degree out. This was unbearable at first and people in the bus were going to start passing out from the heat. But, the driver started up the diesel engine to the bus so we could have air conditioning while we watched men beat out with sledge hammers the right curve on a piece of metal to make a new leaf spring for the bus. Rather than send someone for a part we watched them custom make one by 5 or 10 men beating on a piece of metal while they hit it right to curve it to the right shape which was pretty amazing for an American and his family to witness.

Before this when we landed in Nepal and hired a car to take us to the Indian Border we saw elephants and camels and men with what looked like wooden rollers the kind you flatten dough with in the kitchen rolling asphalt onto roads with their bare hands. Next to them, people (without eye protection) were breaking rocks with hammers into smaller rocks to use as roadbed under the asphalt. Their heavy equipment wasn't there western style. Their heavy equipment building one lane paved roads was always elephants, camels, and men with hammers, hammering rocks with rolling pins rolling out the asphalt on top of the broken rocks.

Amazing things were happening all the time during the 4 months we were in India and Nepal.

Even in Thailand things were always amazing and unexpected. We first flew into Tokyo, Japan but when I was told it would cost 300 dollars to get my family one way into the City of Tokyo by bullet train (less than a 30 minute ride from Narito Airport) I realized Tokyo was too expensive for our budget as a family traveling in Asia then. So, we hopped on another plane to Bangkok, Thailand. We arrived about 1 am local time and were whisked at about 90 mph across town in two taxis to Sweety's Guest House. Luckily there was someone there that spoke English because Thailand at that time at least was really a problem in finding enough people who actually spoke English there in the 1980s. We were very frustrated the next day even finding our way to the Nepali Embassy to get a Visa for Nepal which was the next place we were flying to then a few weeks away. It was very hot and loud and noisy and smoggy in Bangkok then (there were no mufflers on cars or trucks then so about 5 am the noise started of all the cars, trucks and motorcycles going to work at once so it woke us up and we then looked out our 2nd story veranda at all the noisy noisy traffic that was deafening without mufflers or catalytic converters and at the air which was brown from all the smoke out of all the vehicles. This was our first day time experience with Bangkok. It was then a week before Christmas or so and the temperature even then in Bangkok never went below about 75 or 80 degrees Fahrenheit all night long. So, ceiling fans went all night long and it was too hot to wear anything or even to have sheets over you on the bed at night.

We decided we didn't need to be in Bangkok after spending a day finding the Nepalese Embassy to get a Visa for all of us for Nepal and we met a couple that was traveling together they were young in their early 20s and schooled us about traveling the way we all were sort of out of the Lonely Planet Travel Guide. They said that the first week you get somewhere you will be taken advantage of by locals the most until you learn what prices to pay for things. Nothing then had price tags on it so basically they might get you to pay anything you were willing to pay for anything. When we learned this we hired a young man to be our guide to bargain for us so we could get good prices for anything we did. He traveled to Ko Samet Island in the ocean off of Bangkok (which I found was completely washed away and everyone died there on the island in the 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami). However, when we were there was 1985 in December because it isn't very high. So, if you weren't on a boat out to sea you died there then in 2004 if you were there.

Ko Samet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ko Samet is one of the Eastern Seaboard Islands of Thailand. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand off the coastline of the Thai province of Rayong, approximately ...

Images for ko samet island


At that time in 1985 it was a hangout for Europeans especially Germans and you could rent a grass hut to sleep in for about $2.50 a day and there were restaurants there also. There was also more advanced and expensive accommodations on the island too in addition to places to rent masks, snorkels, and wind surfers at very reasonable prices too. So, we did this too. However, you had to be very aware of giant clams and rock fish and sea snakes. Because the rock fish if you stepped on them you might die from their spines and the sea snakes were also fatal and the giant clams 3 feet or more across would close suddenly if you stuck your feet, head or arms into them and you would drown. So, being aware of all this sort of put us all on guard our first day there while snorkeling. But, other than that imagine snorkeling someplace in Hawaii with crystal clear water with 50 to 100 feet visibility and coconut palms where our bargaining college student guide climbed a coconut tree after asking the owners if we could have some coconuts and they said yes. So, since he could do this he climbed a coconut palm with a knife in his teeth and cut us down some wonderful coconuts that day. So, it was quite an adventure.

However, to make sense of this 4 month adventure in Japan, Thailand, India and Nepal it all goes back to a vision quest of no water and no food 2 years before on the Trinity River in Northern California.

Later: I was talking to a man from Thailand who goes back there every year or every other year to visit his friends and relatives and to buy Thai dishes and bowls and stuff for his restaurant. He was saying that though it was likely that everyone might have died there in 2004 during the Earthquake and Tsunami that he thought the island accommodations had bee rebuilt and tourists were going there again. It is a lot like other tropical places like Hawaii and Tahiti in the tropical fish and life there as long as you watch out for the giant clams, don't step on the rock fish either and watch out for sea snakes which are small but fatal if they bite you. Other than that the place is a paradise to visit.

At that time we got to the Ko Samet Island by a wooden fishing type of boat that had diesel engine. It seemed like about 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to get there from the mainland. Maybe something like going to Catalina from Los Angeles or Long Beach but I think it was closer than that. There were no piers there then and so the boat was driven up on the beach. My oldest stepson was 14 and so jumped into up to his knees in the water and waded ashore. My younger son wasn't as lucky and where he jumped off the boat he was up to almost his neck. Then I piggy backed my wife and 12 year old daughter one at a time ashore so they didn't have to get wet. We also brought all our gear along with us the same way. It was just after dark at this point so we smelled the garlic smell of garlic fried shrimp caught there locally so we went over first and had a great dinner. The temperature here was still at least 75 degrees even at night. So, we kept cool by wading in the ocean or snorkeling during the next day as the temperatures rose and rented a small hut on stilts that slept all of us with an outdoor bathroom and toilet facilities. We had a really great time there sailboarding, snorkeling and exploring the island for a few days. Then we returned to Sweety's Guest House to stay a couple more days before we hopped on a plane to Kathmandu, Nepal.

I think everything mostly has been rebuilt on Ko Samet Island park. Here is a page about it:

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Welcome to Koh Samet Island
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Koh Samet Island, Rayong

Koh Samet (Island)
Rayong Province, Thailand

Koh Samet Island

Koh Samet Sundhorn Phu, Thailand's Shakespeare, described Koh Kaew Pitsadan (the magical crystal island), which is believed to be the present Koh Samet, in his famous Thai literature Phra Aphaimanee as a beautiful island that shelters his main character from a lovelorn giant - she is broken-hearted and dies on the crystal sandy beach of the island. Even though you won't see her remains anywhere on Koh Samet, you're sure to see its crystal white sandy beaches, especially on the Had Sai Kaew or Sai Kaew Beach.
Koh Samet was named after the Samet Tree or the cajuput tree that grows everywhere on the island. It was declared Khao Lam Ya Samet Archipelago Maritime National Park in 1981. The park encompasses Had Mae Rumpueng-a beach on the coast of Rayong, Lam Ya Mountain and the Samet Archipelago that consists of Koh Samet, Koh Chan, Koh San Chalam, Koh Hin Khao, Koh Kang Kao, Koh Kudee, Koh Kruoy and Koh Plateen. An ecological tour can be conducted through three itineraries on Koh Samet, Koh Kudee and Lam Ya Mountain.
To reach the island, tourists must take a local fishing boat, from Ban Phea in Muang District of Rayong Province for about 30mins. Boats run back and forth around the clock with the minimum of seven passengers. There are direct routes to some beaches including Had Sai Kaew and Ao Wong Duan, from which one can walk to other beaches through a relatively primitive inland road network. Most of the beaches are located on the northern and eastern sides of this T-shaped island whereas only a few, that is, Ao Prao, Ao Kham and Ao Kiu Na Nai lie on the west. It is more convenient to reach Ao Prao by a direct ferry from Ban Phea.
The weather on the island is more comfortable than inland area. However, the rainy season runs from May to September with heavy rains, high surges and monsoons in May. Ideal activities here are sunbathing on the beach, making an inland excursion on foot or by chartered bus, and taking a boat trip around the island. Also recommended is making a trip to some nearby isles.
Koh Tai Kang Kao and Koh Tam Rusi, located near Koh Kudee, offer swimming, scuba diving, seeing coral reefs and camping. There is information for accommodations and campgrounds provided at the park office on these isles. Koh Kruoy, Koh Kham and Koh Plateen, 600 meters north of Koh Kudee, are also other sites superb for coral reef exploring while Koh Talu is excellent for trekking, seeing some rare species of bats and turtles, and deep water diving.
Take note that the island is popular among local and foreign tourists and it is hard to find accommodation during the peak season, usually March, while September is the scantiest.
Accommodation in Koh Samet area
Rayong Province, Thailand
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Paradee Resort + Spa Koh Samet, Ao Kew 274 $ INCL INCL INCL
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Mooban Talay Resort Koh Samet, Ao Noi Na 98 $
Mook Samed Koh Samet, Ao Noi Na 175 $ INCL INCL INCL
Nim-ma-no-ra-dee Koh Samet, Ao Pakarang 61 $ INCL INCL INCL
Lima Coco Resort Koh Samet, Ao Prao 64 $ INCL INCL INCL
Ao Prao Resort Koh Samet, Ao Prao 93 $ INCL INCL INCL
Le Vimarn Cottages + Spa Koh Samet, Ao Prao 165 $ INCL INCL INCL YES
Samed Cliff Resort Koh Samet, Noi Na Beach 45 $ INCL INCL INCL
Saikaew Villa Koh Samet, Saikaew Beach 28 $ INCL INCL INCL
Saikaew Beach Resort Koh Samet, Saikaew Beach 61 $ INCL INCL INCL YES
Lima Bella Resort Koh Samet, Saikaew Beach 74 $ INCL INCL INCL
Malibu Garden Resort Koh Samet, Vongduen Beach 44 $ INCL INCL INCL
Samed Cabana Resort Koh Samet, Vongduen Beach 61 $ INCL INCL INCL
Remarks : Most of rates are INCLUSIVE all taxes (10% service charge, 7% VAT). Booking is in THB (Thai Baht). Other currencies are for information only.
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Obviously the prices have skyrocketed from when we were there. For example, you could rent a grass shack that slept two for $2.50 a day and a small house on stilts without electricity or running water fro $4 day when we were there in 1985 in December. Even in December the weather was hot when we were there to the point where the only relief was getting into the ocean but the snorkeling was divine as long as you were careful of the rock fish, giant clams and sea snakes. But, the tropical fish there in 1985 were absolutely amazing. (However, that is almost 30 years ago now).