Sunday, April 30, 2017

I think that's enough of 3D printing for now

The point of all this is to show you first hand how the 3rd industrial revolution has begun in earnest now with all of this.

Where this is all going it's hard to say especially with the 3D printing now of food like Pizzas and cakes and griddle cakes made to look like your favorite cartoon character for kids.

We are definitely in a Brave New World regarding 3d Printing.

My daughter by the way was saying how if you want to go to sleep the light from your computer will keep your brain awake if you don't download f.lux online.

I didn't know how to adjust it so I didn't like it very much because right now my screen is sort of the color of sand. But, I feel like I could go to sleep which I was wondering why I wasn't feeling sleepy before because she says it's the blue light. I didn't know this before.

So, remember download f.lux so your computer doesn't keep your brain awake even though you are sleepy already.

She says it's the blue light in the computer screens that is keeping you awake and not feeling sleepy.

just remember f.lux for a sandy brown colored screen when you should actually be asleep already but your brain is being kept awake by all the blue lighting in your computer screen

7 Shocking 3D Printed Things

if you copy and paste this you can see this. I wasn't able to find or create a word button for this for some reason. not sure why?

7 Shocking 3D Printed Things 

If you can deal with this guy to begin with he shares some pretty weird stuff that people have done with 3D printers

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This one and the one on the hips and knees an meniscus is pretty amazing!

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