Sunday, April 30, 2017

I spend a lot of time cleaning up articles

When I share something with you I try to clean it from any advertisements of any kind at that site so it is just what it is whatever it's about. But, just now I realized that often some of the random buttons are very entertaining so I'll have to think more about this and what I'm doing. I know a lot of you enjoy this site because you don't have to deal with advertisements pretty much at all here and this is something I do for you here often at this site as long as I have the time to do that.

If you were wondering how I do this I first copy and paste the page here to in the "Compose" mode (not the html mode).

At this point I can put the cursor wherever I want and either hit delete (mostly for lines of type and it erases those parts I don't want to show here at this site. note: it erases to from right to left and up by the way not down if you just hold down the delete key on your computer.

Or I can left click the mouse while I move the mouse over something and if it is blue (or purple) often if I just hit the space bar it disappears. So, this is one way I can edit after I have pasted something here in "compose" mode. But, if you are in HTML mode you have to do all this in completely different ways.

Then when the quoted copy looks the way I want it to then I just hit publish and it publishes here at this site as long as I am in "Compose" mode.

But, just remember if your site is not a Free Site that you don't advertise on you might have people wanting a piece of your financial pie so to speak so be careful about this especially is you are some poor guy in your basement or attic without many funds like a business would have.

Also, you have to be careful to understand how different countries or regions are going to view what you do as well.

I'm viewed as a public service. But, often I get messages that this site has cookies here.

But, I NEVER put cookies here that I personally generate.

But, GOOGLE Does put cookies here and sometimes there might be cookies in things I quote because I don't scrub in HTML for cookies.

IN fact I can say to you I don't even know what a cookie looks like programmed in HTML so I wouldn't even know that to look for at this point. This could change at any point but we all have our priorities don't we?

My priority is: "How can I help mankind in the most efficient way not go extinct and how can I help enlighten mankind in the most efficient way the most quickly?"

These are my present priorities.

By God's Grace

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