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I can remember in 1964 when I watched black and white movies on TV of how bad the Alaska quake and tsunamis were then. I don't think there were movies of quakes and tsunamis anywhere that looked that bad until then at least in the U.S.

I read of one account of a man in a 75 foot or longer fishing boat or trawler with his 10 year old son. He had no idea an earthquake had occurred yet or that a tsunami was headed towards him. He was within 5 miles of the Alaskan coast when suddenly he looked out to sea and saw a hundred foot wall of water headed toward he and his son and his fishing boat. So he gunned the boat at full speed ahead and barely made it over the hundred foot crest when the wave broke and even then he was worried about the boat capsizing in such a huge crested wave. But somehow the boat stayed aright and he watched the wave hit the shore and mountains and trees and then he had to deal with all the hundreds of uprooted full grown pine and fir trees coming out into the ocean where he was. And he didn't know which was worse: cresting the wave or dodging hundreds of full grown huge trees swept into the ocean by the huge wave hitting the shore and nearby mountains. He said the ocean took all the trees nearby to an altitude of 1000 feet on the shore mountains and anyone unlucky to be there that was human or animal that couldn't fly likely was dead. I read this account in Reader's Digest in 1964 when I was 16. It was so well written and so horrific and otherworldly that I have never forgotten it.

Today as an intuitive I can feel the fear of all those who live on or near the Pacific Ocean wondering if they (wherever they live in the Pacific Region) might be in for it again. The quakes near Samoa and Sumatra that have likely taken together thousands of lives are a sobering of all of us who live on the ring of fire and all wonder "What's Next?"

From what I have gathered if you are warned to get to higher ground by fire or police or reverse 911 automated phone calls it is a good idea to do what they say.

I was thinking today of how Pago Pago on American Samoa was hit. They said the 20 foot high plus wave or Tide hit in 5 waves but most people died in the first wave but the destruction continued through all 5 waves caused by the large earthquake nearby.

So, if 5 20 foot high waves could go 1.5 miles inland then I was thinking that a 100 foot wave or waves that hit the Alaskan coast in 1964 might go maybe 5 to 10 miles inland and over 1000 feet high. Whereas a 20 foot wave like hit Samoa would likely not be able to destroy much above about 100 feet in elevation from the ocean.

Another thing to know about Tsunamis is that most tsunamis can be fairly easily ridden out in boats or ships if those boats are ships are at least 5 to 10 miles out to sea. So if you are on the ocean shore you can (depending upon how much time you have), climb a tree, climb a mountain or if the sea hasn't already gone out 1 or more miles go out then 5 to 10 miles to sea to ride out the tsunami there in your or a friend's boat.

8 hours later: I was thinking about all this whenever I woke up during the night and realized that a theoretical 100 foot tsunami or tidal wave could devastate an island 20 miles in diameter and 1000 feet high at its highest point leaving almost no one alive except birds or people who were 5 to 10 miles from the island in a boat or ship. So it gives credence to a theoretical Atlantis type of scenario given an earthquake somewhere of between an 8 and a 10 on the Richter scale and at least a 100 foot tidal wave or tsunami. I have often thought that Noah's Ark and Atlantis were the same place and same situation at the same time.

Also, a tsunami is completely different from a surfing wave at Makaha or other 25 to 50 foot wave sites because at these sites we have force but very little volume of water. However, a tsunami or tidal waves is where the whole ocean for a time raises 20 to 100 feet and stays that way for a short time.

A friend of mine was on Maui in the early 1960s when he was about 14 when all of a sudden the ocean went out a mile or more which most people now know is the sure sign of a tsunami or tidal wave. Because there were fish flopping on the now dry ocean floor many hundreds of people ran out to harvest this bounty of fish and then they all died when the tidal wave came in and up onto the island and washed away many houses, businesses and people. He watched in horror from his hotel balcony upper story as the people all died and the bottom floor of his hotel flooded.

If The Accelerator Pedal Sticks

I just listened to a DVR of CNN I recorded today where a man in a Lexus is traveling 120 mph because his accelerator pedal was stuck and you can hear where he and his family members all died on the 911 cell phone call he made as they died.

When I was 16 and bought my first car in 1964, a 1956 Ford Stationwagon automatic, that I called my "surf wagon" and I was test driving it on the Glendale Freeway in California the same thing happened to me. The Accelerator pedal got stuck in the carpeting and the car soon went from 60 to 90 mph and beyond and I couldn't go that fast on a curve and I started to panic because I was a relatively new driver when my brakes did nothing at that speed. My friend was a year older and had a street racer a 1956 Chevy with slicks for racing. Luckily, he was sitting next to me during the test drive and knew to turn off the key on the car to slow us down. We almost crashed into the wall on the curve but through squealing the tires we managed to stay on the road and not die, crash or get injured. Ever since then if I was in the car when the accelerator pedal stuck for any reason this is what I did.

The problem now with the way cars are made is that sometimes when you turn the ignition off the steering wheel can lock when you do this. So you will need a different strategy with cars with steering wheel locks tied into the ignition system.
Please do the following:

Put your car into neutral.(don't get excited and put it into reverse by accident because you likely might die of you do this). Just quickly into neutral. Or if your car is a stick shift simply push the clutch in and hold it until you get the car into neutral or stop it whichever comes first. Don't worry about the car red lining or the engine blowing up or dying. Your life and your passenger's lives are more important than the life of your car engine. After you stop then worry about turning off the engine. So, remember don't turn off the engine until the car stops because likely if your cars was made after the 1970s the steering wheel could lock up and cause an accident another way.

You don't have to die like the family with the Lexus did. If you just know a few tricks like this it could save your lives one day. Another one is to carry a device in your glovebox that shatters a window if you go into water. But don't shatter the window until you take off your seatbelt first or likely you will drown. There is very little time to save yourself then too. So always be prepared. It's how to survive anything.

So if your car is still drivable after the accelerator pedal getting stuck, first remove your driver side floor mat. And then go wherever you were going in the first place. Because if you didn't die and your engine still works, like my Dad used to say, "A miss is as good as a mile". Which just basically means "If you didn't die just go on living like nothing happened." (except be sure to learn from whatever just happened so you don't die the next time for the same reason!)

So, good luck with all this. Also, when your engine is off, especially if you have a Toyota product (Lexus is Toyota by the way) take your hand and try to push your accelerator pedal to make it stick to the floor. If it sticks under ANY circumstances pull out your floor mat and/or take your car to a mechanic to modify it so it is safe!

If you are totally not mechanical in any way and you are scared I suppose you could call a mechanic or someone mechanical to come to you. However, for those used to thinking mechanically and methodically, if you analyze the situation for flaws to safety likely you will be okay. But unless you are used to fixing and building things you might want to call someone who thinks like this to check it out for you.

Comments about City of Angels

Zephyr has left a new comment on your post "City of the Angels":

I totally agree. I was homeless living/sleeping on the beach during the day in San Diego and working for North County Transit at night-An angel (who proclaimed to be my angel) took me in and let me live with her. I moved to Los Angeles and furthered my career as an Environmentalist. She gave me a chance to not only use my degree but to make some really important self-realizations.

Posted by Zephyr to intuitive fred888 at September 29, 2009 7:07 PM
end quote.

Whether it is angels from the other side or people who think they are incarnate angels, people who help other people or other living beings survive hard times are "Angels" in every sense of the word.

If you write they may read

"If you write they may read" sort of reminds me of "To Sleep Perchance to Dream" from Shakespeare. However, some people just write to hear themselves talk "in their minds" and this is true. However, others of us write to know ourselves and our humanity better so we can be better persons in every way and to help both ourselves and all other beings in more and more useful ways.

Baby Sitting under Attack

Because a mother watches three neighbor children in Michigan in the above article for free so the parent of the three children she is not related to can get to work on time, she is now being charged with violating a state law.

Begin quote from above article:

Snyder's predicament has led to a debate in Michigan about whether a law that says no one may care for unrelated children in their home for more than four weeks each calendar year unless they are licensed day-care providers needs to be changed. end quote

During the severe worldwide recession we are in such laws as this are only causing harm. The law needs to be rewritten to say that "people who watch non-related children for profit" instead of the way it is written.

Such laws nationwide need to be changed now so everyone can better come out of this recession in one piece, financially, medically, emotionally and mentally.

Another useful idea is the use of the barter system for individuals, families, and businesses and even Non-profit corporations. When loans are unavailable for one reason or another try bartering goods or services. This will help the whole nation come out of this recession much quicker.

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The UC CSU nightmare continues

My son is at one of the CSU campuses in California. That is very lucky for him as no new freshmen are being admitted and he said that no transfer students are being admitted at any UC or CSU campus now. He also said 400 classes have been dropped from his CSU alone.

If you have a child who just graduated high school in California, either send them to junior college and then to an out of state school or a private college when they transfer as juniors. Or you can send them to an out of state university or to a private college in California now.

However, it is hard to say how long the UC system and the CSU system will be out of whack. So education for Californians and for out of state and out of country people interested in going to a state funded California University just ended for new freshman and new transfer students(most transfer students are students transferring from community colleges to a junior upper division level at universities).

Death Panels Today? Insurance Companies

I was listening to the Jay Leno Show on TV and he mentioned the Real Death Panels right now in YOUR life. They are not the government. They are the insurance companies every time they deny someone's policy for any reason and as a result someone becomes permanently incapacitated or dies. The real Death Panels are the insurance companies because they are not regulated to not do that by any Federal Regulations. And as long as it stays the way it is, denying someone's health insurance policy often results in death or permanent incapacitation or bankruptcy.

We are the only country (probably) in the entire G-20 nations that has a for profit medical care system. Every other system is non-profit because how immoral is it to have a for profit health care system or for that matter how immoral is it to have a for profit Prison system?

Until we can at least say our medical care is covered by non-profit corporations with for profit doctors and nurses we cannot say we are a moral nation in regard to health care.

The Legends of Saint Germain

In the above web article I tried to illustrate the historical parts of the Comte De Saint Germain. So if you want more the historical part please read that article. However, in this article I will touch upon the Legends of Saint Germain that I have read of and heard of in my life.

When we move into discussing legends of anything or anyone it is much like discussing the legends of say, Jesus or Buddha or of any of the Saints for thousands of years. It is mostly a matter of what works for you and of belief. So if you are looking for more hard evidence you will have to find that elsewhere. What I'm trying to do is to research how beings like Francis Bacon and the Shakespearean plays got interfaced with the legends of Saint Germain, Prince Ragocy of Transylvania and the like. Since I have been exposed to much of this information most of my life I guess I'm trying to make a synthesis here of what I have learned and studied of and of why all this is important to me and possibly to you as well.

For me to even start to make sense of all this I have to go back to Jesus and the Irish Catholic Monks bringing Christianity to Ireland and the British Isles sometimes between 500 AD to 1000 AD. Then to add to that we have to combine it with local religious customs that might have looked more like Druidic or Merlinic and like that. For example, many people who believe in Saint Germain also believe one of his incarnations was as Merlin, the magician who helped bring about King Arthur through King Uther's desires and then Merlin then helped raise Arthur to become a King of England. So, if you believe in reincarnation and then believe in Jesus, then Merlin and then of King Arthur, then you might also believe that when Merlin reincarnated as Francis Bacon he stayed alive and feigned his death and eventually became Prince Ragocy and Saint Germain. Some also believe that this same soul was also St. Francis of Assisi that the city of San Francisco was named after in California.

When I was born I was taught that Saint Germain had also been born as Joseph, the Father of Jesus by the time I was 2 or 3 years old. So, my experience of who Jesus was and of his spiritual younger brother, Saint Germain, was a part of my life growing up and had been fully instilled in me by age 21. So, this was what I was taught in my church growing up. So, in the 1950s if you were alive back then you know that I wouldn't have run around telling everyone of my beliefs, especially back then.

However, I digress. So what I'm trying to get at is the melding pot of life experiences that the legends of Francis Bacon and Saint Germain came up out of and why all these things including some of the excesses of King Henry VIII led to the Episcopal Church of England and then changed the world in a variety of ways. I'm not saying here that there is anything wrong with Catholicism. What I am saying is that life always seems to find a way forward through any situation. And without the craziness of King Henry VIII or the craziness of King George it is unlikely that the United States as a separate state from the British Empire could ever have been.

It is like the philosopher Descartes said, "There is nothing so good that no bad may come from it nor something so bad that no good may come from it." Purists probably would hate this saying but for us pragmatists that statement is just how life basically is. We may not like it but to survive life we must acknowledge that it this statement is just the rules of the road.

However, if we are talking about God and angels then we are talking about another dimension that may intersect with the physical but that has different rules than the physical world does.

Many of not most people who believe in Saint Germain as one of Jesus' Saints and as one of Jesus' younger friend brothers in spirit, See Saint Germain as having attained perfection in 1684.

So if Saint Germain's physical body started out as Francis Bacon, since Francis Bacon of England was born in 1561, he would have been 123 years old when he attained a perfected state like raised Angel or a heaven type of being like Jesus. Then if we are talking about the Comte De Saint Germain, he was known by King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette while they were still alive. He was also known to have visited the colonies before and during the Revolutionary war and knew many of the founders of the United States like Thomas Jefferson who said of Francis Bacon that he was one of the three greatest men of all time in history. I think he said, "Bacon, Locke, and Newton".

So, if we carry Francis Bacon who was supposedly born in 1561 and then we believe that Bacon become Prince Ragocy and the Comte De Saint Germain then we know that there are reports of the Comte De Saint Germain until the French Revolution which was in the 1790s. So if this was the same being in 1793 for example, he would now be 232 years old.

Then we have things like the Bi-literal code, (which is now being reprinted). It is called "The bi-literal cypher of Sir Francis Bacon discover in his works and deciphered" in paperback. I found it at

The cipher(Francis Bacon's book on codes and ciphers was preeminent until World War II)

Written within the original manuscripts of the Shakespearean plays were 7 codes or ciphers. The bi-literal code was but the first.

In fact, many of the ideas for the nation we now live in in detail came from Francis Bacon's writings. Thomas Jefferson was one of the American founding fathers that shared some of Francis Bacon's dreams for a good future for all beings.

Though I could go on and write some more my fingers are asking for a rest at the keyboard so I think I'll go do something else.

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The Man Who Never Died

This man is an actual historical figure who knew personally King Louis the 16th and Queen Marie Antoinette of 18th Century France. He knew the famous French philosopher Voltaire who in a letter to King Fredric the Great of Prussia said, "He is a man who never dies and who knows everything."

Leonard Nemoy narrated a television program called "In search of" during the late 1970s. One of these programs was called "In Search of the Man Who Never Died". I just looked at Youtube and couldn't find it there but watched it on TV in the late 1970s.

The man they spoke of was called "The Comte De Saint Germain". At this point because when most people knew him was around the time of the 1750s through about 1800 is covered in a book called "The Comte De Saint Germain". I have a 1912 copy but my daughter found a paperback reprint through Amazon. The reprint doesn't have the letter by him in French longhand that is now in the British Museum, however.

Then there is the Countess D'Ademar was I believe her name. She met him once in her 20s and then again 50 years later and both times she remarked he looked to be in his 40s with his black hair only slightly graying at the temples. I suppose it is from her account and many others that aristocrats began to speak of him as never dying. However, I haven't heard about him after the French revolution during the 1790s, although perhaps he went to England or elsewhere.

Then there is a whole lot of speculation about his either being or suspected of being several alternate egos like Francis Bacon of England(who some believe actually wrote the Shakespearean Plays and who also might have been an illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I of England 'it is said there were two illegitimate sons' and that the main reason she did not marry is she didn't want to be killed like her mother even though she had to have her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots beheaded to keep her throne.

One of the other names often associated with "The Comte De Saint Germain" is Prince Ragocy of Transylvania. It is the blending of the legends of Prince Ragocy of Transylvania with the legends of Vlad the Impaler, (the historical Count Dracula) from which spawned the soap opera pulp fiction stories acted out by Bela Lugosi. So Bram Stoker must have heard the rumors and legends and then did some research and put these two stories into one somehow.

The real Prince Ragocy of Transylvania was a miracle worker. And the real Vlad the Impaler(Count Dracula) kept Islam from coming into Northern Europe any further by impaling all the Muslim soldiers who came into Transylvania while still alive on wooden stakes along the road. This discouraged Muslims from attacking Transylvania and eventually Vlad was killed for doing this by Muslims.

The Association with Francis Bacon and the Comte De Saint Germain I think comes from the fact that both Francis Bacon and the Comte De Saint Germain were both Scientists and extremely brilliant. It is said of the Comte De Saint Germain that he spoke all languages then known on earth like he had been raised as a child speaking that language. The main problem is that since all this happened from 500 to 200 years ago it is hard to establish all the facts about all these things today. Something like Vlad impaling thousands of Muslims can be established and their revenge upon him can be established because there were many witnesses to both these occurrences. However, things done that weren't violent are harder to confirm except for the letter of Voltaire and the Memoirs of many historical figures who knew Francis Bacon, Prince Ragocy and the Comte De Saint Germain.

Robots are our kids?

I agree with Obama on many things but not upon this. Year around school does not allow kids to have the time to just BE. Having the time to just be and read books that I was interested in and traveling with my parents and visiting mountains, oceans, new people, helped create the person I became as an adult and led to my traveling all over the world.

The only thing I'm certain we will create with all year around school is robots, automatons, people who can't think for themselves but only obey their teachers and parents.

This country was built upon rugged individuality. This uniqueness has made America different from any other country. Part if this individuality is innovation. And innovation comes from two things: Boredom and the absolute necessity of survival.

All the good things that came from America came because of all the people who died trying to settle America. The people who found ways to survive in a new environment created the innovative america everyone knew in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Just thinking about competing with other nations and nothing else will only make us more robotic and less human and individualistic. Individualism is the primary basis of American ingenuity. Without free time to develop individuality we will only become another nation of biological robots. And all the best things about America will have been lost.

California Cosmic Sept. 28th 2009

I was thinking about what it is to be a California Cosmic. I suppose there are synonyms for this which might be: California Mystic, California Open minded, California constantly learning and evolving. Or just add your state or country if this is you as well. So, you could literally say if you wanted to: "I'm a _______ Cosmic or mystic or open minded or just constantly learning and evolving as a person.

I think the trigger for me in becoming a California Cosmic was my realization that God absolutely could not be limited to any one philosophy or religion. So, now when someone says, "Well. You have to do such and such" my reaction is to want to laugh in their face because, "HOw small do you think God is?" If God really exists He or She or the Being IS the size of the whole universe and any human conceptions of who God is will be in the end way too limited or wrong. By anthropomorphizing God like we do our pets or ancestors we never met we do a very great disservice to what God would actually be. To think otherwise is to be a child and about like a 4 year old asking questions at that.

So, if God exists then God is big enough to encompass all human, animal, bird, fish religions and individual covenants and religions throughout all time and space on earth and beyond. And if God honors all kind religions then all kind religions throughout the universe are then honored by God and all individual covenants with God.

So what is it that I'm saying? What I'm saying is that both the Universe and God are unlimited in any way. So trying to define God within ANY framework is like trying to catch Air in a net. If one did such a thing they only would be laughed at! The best anyone can do is to make their own personal Covenant with God and life. Only in this way I believe is anything useful accomplished. However, since I admit that God is beyond what any human being(or probably what ANY other Being in the universe) can fully conceive of then all of us can only do our best in any given moment.

Love is a Difficult thing

No pain. No gain. Let's be honest. If you are going to experience love at some point you are going to experience pain. It is in the nature of the thing. However, without love life isn't worth living even one day. What I'm talking about here is all kinds of love. The love you have for a good friend
the love you have for your Mom and Dad
the love you have for your country, city, state
the love you have for you area and climate
the love you have for your planet and sky and ocean
the love you have for yourself and all mankind
and, last but certainly not least the love you have for one or more significant others
throughout your life.

When there is love eventually, sooner or later there will be loss.

It's just a part of the territory. In some ways it is better to get this suffering out of the way early because if it comes after 50 years you may not survive it if your significant other passes away. Sometimes, if the pain comes early it is better even though you might feel at the time that you are going to die. Unless you are really stupid you usually don't die. You just have to change into someone slightly different than you were. And there are sometimes those rebound affairs that can be either wonderful or terrible or usually both. But some how rebound affairs can keep you alive after having lost someone by breaking up or through death.

I have loved many in my life and have been sort of fearless about the whole thing I realize now many years later. Whether I was really brave or just stupid to live that way is open to conjecture. But bravado was my nature and the way my relatives always were on my Dad's side. Even though I realize in the long run I suffered a lot from my bravado. I also realize it has made all the best parts of my life as well. So not only love but bravery and bravado and all that is a two edged sword as well. Remember, the world has been full of brave warriors who never lived long enough to pass on their seed to the next generation. That is something to think about right there.

Don't underestimate the importance of love in your life. Whether you are a man or woman love is necessary for life. And it doesn't matter whether it is love at a distance or love up close, without love we are all just walking robots.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Armour Thyroid

When I was finally diagnosed with thyroid deficiency when I was 58 and I started taking Armour Thyroid I felt like I was 30 again. It was really amazing. There were absolutely no side affects like one gets with most prescription medicines. None at all. However, this summer suddenly without waring Armour thyroid is no longer being made and those of it taking it( some for 50 years) since as far back as the 1940s are screwed. Because the alternatives all seem to have some kind of side affects or don't work properly.

Because I had a bursa in my heel this year I had to reduce my walking about 80% or it would never heal. Since I tend to be very active for my age walking and biking and hiking and motorcyling this has been awful. To have to deal with Armour thyroid leaving permanently I am now dealing with heart arrythmia like I had before being diagnosed with thyroid deficiency. Only now, I haven't had to deal with all this for over three years of feeling once again I was 30. What I miss the most is the evenness of the Armour Thyroid. However, I have found that God seems to have an unseen reason for everything he(or she or the being) does over the years so I have to believe there is a reason for everything. There always has been before. However, I miss feeling like I was 30 for now.
sharilhindman1 said...

Hi, Fred.

Your post is a really important one. I have a friend that is a naturopathic doctor and she works with ADD/ADHD/autistic kids. She told me that before she can ever start any program with them, she has to detox them from mercury. I have such respect for her pioneering spirit and the patience she has to work at this from such an environmental angle. She is my same friend that worked with massage therapists and found that the ingestion of oil and the toxins in the oil through the hands was causing some pretty serious illness. Again, environmental basis for many, many problems. Recently, the lead in lipstick really outraged me but I felt that it was glossed over in the news. Thanks for the great information. Oh, BTW, I am a big proponent of Nordic Naturals. Not only do their fish oil products work, this company has the best environmental ethics that I have seen. My favorite herbal company is GAIA Herbs - again a giant in the industry doing so much to preserve and interact profoundly with the plants.
end quote

I wasn't aware of the mercury effect on ADD/ADHD/ and Autistic kids but it does make sense. A friend of mine swears his child's disabilities come from mercury and other impurities in kids shots. It is one of the many reasons that parents are refusing giving their kids shots as much because no one really knows why so many autistic, ADD and ADHD children are being born. I believe it is from the polution in the evironment building up. As this pollution builds up it will genetically modify all of us. What I mean by this is only the people that can survive in a polluted environment will.

For example, the genetics of the people in the American revolution I believe has been extremely modified by all the changes in the world, including sound pollution, radio waves, TV waves, cell phone signals, ground pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion etc. Each of these things and more select out people with certain genetic traits. Let's hope we still have kind, decent survivors who help each other and the world 500 years from now.

Heads UP

The politics in the Muslim and western secular world has radically changed almost overnight. People have been dreading these days when incontrovertable evidence arose that Iran was creating nuclear weapons like right now. One must expect a lot of anger and horror and arguments in not only all Muslim nations but all nations over this de facto problem here spitting in all our faces and it is inevitable that it has permanently changed the world political and nuclear and military dynamics. Muslim nations once convinced that the G-20 and the United Nations could keep Iran in check have been extremely disappointed and now will have no choice but to begin to acquire nuclear weapons themselves. And hopefully, this will not develop into a mini or maxi World War III scenario eventually. But it is obvious now that nothing the G-20 or the United Nations or even individual nations cannot put the genie back in the bottle. The genie is out and we are all in for it!

But unfortunately, I believe that it is the people of Iran who will suffer the most from the new sanctions. The unthinkable seems to be happening, Iran appears to be turning into another North Korea.

Irans Biggest Threat is now Pakistan?

quote from above 2004 BBC article:
"US arms and Saudi funds allowed General Zia to mount a proxy war in Afghanistan with mujahideen, or holy warriors.

Drawn from Pakistani as well as Afghan and Arab youths mostly educated at religious schools, the mujahideen and their patrons were to become influential actors in Pakistan.

Because Sunnis form a large majority in Pakistan, most of the mujahideen were Sunni too.

Radical Sunni Islamists were able to establish armed groups like the Sipah-e-Sahaba." end quote.

Because the biggest nations do not see Iran other than a potential terrorist nuclearized nation, it's biggest real threat may not be Israel but Pakistan. Pakistan, even though it has both Shia Muslims(like Iran) and Sunnis Muslims(like Saudi Arabia), is not only the only other Nuclearized Muslim state it is potentially its biggest rival because the Sunni Majority controls the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Also, Bin Laden's group is also Sunni.

A good example of this would be the Catholic versus Protestant wars in Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries. Shias and Sunnis have been killing each other since Mohammed (similar to Catholics and Protestants in history). And Bin Laden considers Shias as people that need to be exterminated by jihad and that they need to be wiped from the planet. So because of all this in order to consolidate power within the Muslim world Iran would first have to take on Pakistan while Saudi Arabia and many other rich Muslim countries bought Nuclear weapons to defend themselves from Iran. At this point most Shias are in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan so expect these to be flashpoints once Iran has nuclear missiles ready to go.

Amazing Sunday Sept. 27th 2009

Life comes at us all from all directions at once every day so even I as a lifelong intuitive have times when I question my intuitive abilities and sometimes momentarily become overwhelmed. This past week I have felt physically fragile, for example, but many times that just means there is going to be an earthquake, war or something else extreme about to happen within about 7 days. So often I just look for the event and usually it doesn't feel as stressful after the event takes place. But it is also like being the canary in the coal mine so to speak.

Today I was overwhelmed with another of the thousands of confirmations of my abilities and gifts given by and monitored by God.

I had been shown a date which I then wrote down sometime between 1999 and 2002. The date was September 18th 7028 AD. I was told this was the date to remember about Elohar and Ragna on their timeline here on Earth. Then when I rented a motorhome in Munich, Germany in October 1999 with my then 10(now 20 year old daughter) and my mother who was then about 80 but who passed away last year. At that time I picked up my son (who was then 25) and traveling with a high school buddy on a eurail pass throughout Europe for several months. We all met in Munich and I rented a 6 passenger diesel powered motor home with a Fiat diesel 5 speed stickshift in order to more safely navigate the more dangerous roads in the Alps of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. In Italy not far from Aoste I drove up into the Alps towards the Matterhorn looking for Elohar And Ragna's 7028 AD UFO site. When I found it I had to laugh because it was called: "The Dalai Lama Camping Club" in this timeline and at that date of October 1999.

Then in the Christina Hotel in Aoste over a restaurant and Bar my mother and daughter and I rented a room to rest since my son and his friend had headed south further into Italy and I had to drive the Motor Home back to Munich to fly to London and after I visited "Glastonbury Tull" (The Isle of Avalon) and possible home to the "Holy Grail" I was to fly home to San Francisco with my daughter and mother via a polar 11 hour flight from London. When I woke up in Christina Hotel in Aoste I looked out because I heard a noise and was amazed to see Elohar and Ragna get out of a much bigger Motorhome next to my own rental. So this was a double confirmation of what I was doing there.

Now this morning less than 1/2 hour ago I finally realized that the date I was given between 1999 and 2002 of September 18th, 7028 directly correlates to September 18th 2008 which was the day my mother passed away. I realized my mother was trying to say, "Freddie. You got it right. I'm Elohar too!"

So, whether reincarnation is simaltaneous where one lives all incarnations at once or whether it is sequential or random in time I know for sure my mother is somehow also Elohar in the year 7028.

If you want to read more about my mother as Elohar read: "Memories: The whole book here" if you are at right now and are still in September 2009. If it is now later than september 2009 you can click on the september 2009 button and search for the book or you can go direct to my web site and read it there in 7 web pages. It is not that long it is only about 125 typewritten pages long in actual length. Also at the website are character based sequels under the headings His Oneness , Arcane, Celeste, Jonathan, Ragna. As I have the time and am inspired I continue to write as becomes the right time to make certain things public. So, "Hi Mom, 5,020 years from last September 18th 2008.

Medicine path of experiences with animals and Birds

Cynthia Kay said...

Enjoyed your story. It is true many Native Americans did adopt others who were not members of their band, group, or tribe. Your vission quest was interesting you saw a crow. From what I have read you again the crow abilities and strengths. Another example Quanah Parker on his vision quest came in contact with a bear. He gains his stregths through the bear's abilities. Check out my new book available on my publisher's website
Thank you sincerely, Cynthia Kay Rhodes

Cynthia Rhodes, author of "Between Two Worlds: The Legend of Quanah Parker" brings up an interesting point.

When I was studying with several Medicine men and specifically one in particular one of his abilities was to see through the eyes of a Crow. Part of the medicine path is to recognize the power that particular animals carry. In the tradition I was taught which is a combination of Blackfoot and Sioux traditions was that it was very important to observe which animals visited you as you wandered the wilderness. It would give you clues as to what was happening in your life and what was going to happen in the near future. So, observing not only the animals and birds but of their specific behaviors was one of the way one protected oneself in all ways.

So, likewise when the "White eyes" first came they were observed in this way. The Indians eyed the "white eyes" (anglos from northern Europe) with suspicion just like they would observe rival tribe of Native Americans. However, Americans didn't follow any of the accepted rules of behavior of Native Americans. The fact that the (white eyes) didn't practice birth control and the fact that the first trappers brought smallpox, black plague and influenza so decimated tribes by up to 90% or more, that by the time that settlers arrived tribes were already in confusion from the human toll and trying to regroup from their losses. Settlers and soldiers only became the "Coup De Gras" for native american tribes during the 1800s.

But many Tribes like the Hopis in the four corners area of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah predicted the arrival of the "White man" and of his "Iron road" (trains) and of pieces of moon brought to earth and of all the trouble that that would create.

But what I found really useful about studying a Medicine path is just how basically logical it is to observe animals and birds and how incredibly helpful it is to get a sense of what is happening in your life. Animals and birds are far more sensitive to changes in any environment that humans to can be intellectually diverted in all sorts of ways in making tools and things and art objects and weapons and nowadays TV, computers, reading, jobs, careers, etc. So still it is important to observe the animals around you whether they be your pets, the birds outside or raccoons or deer in your neighborhood (we have a lot of these), and to protect your dogs from contact with raccoons(we lost a dog, a jack russel corgi mix to a raccoon encounter about 5 years ago now because the baby sitter forgot to bring her in at dark. Because of the Jack Russel part of her she had a mouth full of Raccoon blood too. But she died a month later from kidney failure from the encounter.

So, watching birds and animals can save your life, especially in an earthquake where animals tend to predict such occurances by acting sort of crazy so watch for these kinds of behavior just before an earthquake.

Also, an island tribal group in the Indonesia area was the only group near the shores of the islands then not to lose any people. One of the elders noticed the crazy animal behavior and got all his people into boats to ride out the Tsunami out to sea. However, none of the more modern people heeded their warning and all others near the shore that day died. This was in December 2004.

So even today watching the behavior of animals might save your life one day too.

note: I just remember the Indonesian area tribe of people are called the Moken Tribe who live very close to nature and to the ocean and to fishing as a way of life.

Tibetan Medicine

Someone from Stargate Nutrition was interested in hearing about Tibetan Medicine.

Though I did not study Tibetan medicine formally I can share what little I know and have experienced personally about Tibetan Medicine. It has some of the same philosophy as Aryuvedic medicine I would say. It is a more Holistic approach to medicine than is ordinarily found in the western world like much of Asian medicine. For example, when one looks for the cause of an ailment one isn't just looking physically but intuitively and karmicly as well. So this, compared to western medicine is a very unique approach. However, this kind of approach has been this way for thousands of years in most of Asia.

My personal experience with Tibetan medicine was that I was in New Delhi, India with my family in 1986 in January. The five of my family, a friend from Alaska, a 25 year old translator for the Tibetan Lama from Darjeeling had all traveled with from Bodhgaya to Varanasi, then Agra to visit the Taj Mahal and finally to New Delhi. Our plan was to rest up a bit in New Delhi and then to head to Dharmsala, India in Himchal Pradesh State where the Dalai Lama's home is since about 1959 when he left Tibet.

Anyway, in New Delhi my 12 year old stepdaughter got Delhi Belly (similar to Montezuma's revenge) (the runs) possibly from bad water or food(to a western pallet). I asked the 25 year old Darjeeling Tibetan translator to try to get medicine for her. He got something that had morphine in it that she was allergic to and then she went into convulsions. (There were a lot of really strange medicines one could buy over the counter there at that time). Needless to say we and she were pretty traumatized by first having her have Deli Belly and then going into convulsions in the shower.

So, I intuitively decided that the best thing for her would be to get her out of the hot tropical climate and into a mountain climate so her Deli Belly could no longer live. Also, I had heard a lot about Tibetan Doctors and Healers. So we rented a compartment on a train(all of my family) and went to Dharmsala. The Lama translator and our friend from Alaska went elsewhere and we traveled with the Lama on the Train and then Bus to Dharmsala. When we arrived there we were sent to Lady Dolma who was a known Tibetan healer and Doctor who had legends of miracles in her healings.

What I found unusual is what looked like 1 gallon glass Mayonaise jars filled with what looked like large Rabbit Droppings(I used to raise Fuzzy Lops withe my wife as pets). But what we were actually looking at were jars of collected and dried into balls of medicinal herbs collected. So very much like traditional Chinese medicine one eats or drinks these balls of herbs to get over various illnesses.

Just like I intuited within a few days both my stepdaughter and my son who had also gotten ill on the train were completely well in the 6000 foot mountain climate and 20 degree nighttime temperatures. They had been seen by Lady Dolma and given the necessary herbs. So they had been with an intuitive healer and had been given the correct medicine as well. We then bought a kerosene stove to sterilize all our water by boiling it for 5 minutes before we put it in canteens to take with us wherever we went(we each carried a canteen). At that time there was no heating only water and lighting in hotel rooms in Dharmsala and most of the Tibetans were very tough and hardy there and used to dealing with the cold all the time. But we heated our room above 50 degrees to maybe 60 degrees before we went to sleep at night. They had a shower area in the hotel for use during the day which had hot water which was really great too. And another thing I saw all across India then was that Televisions with VCRs became theatre attractions and about 20 to 25 people would buy tickets to movies to watch a particular move on the TV in a public place. Though larger cities had Movie theatres if one lived further out one bought tickets to watch movies on TV with VCR tape players. It was kind of fun watching a Rambo movie at Bodhgaya with other people there for the Kalachakra Initiation. There were many unexpected incongruencies for a westerner all across India then. The unexpected things for a westerner might be different now about 25 years later. My oldest stepson is now 39 and the step daughter and my son are now 36 and 35 respectively.

I also met a Tulku(living Buddha) in Oregon called Chakdud Tulku Pronounced (chalk dude) which I believe means Iron Horse then Tulku means (reincarnated living Buddha).
He was a Tibetan Doctor and he was very helpful to me in my life. However, I never needed to see him as a doctor formally. However, he did counsel me about my practices and my life.

I was able to find the folowing sites regarding Tibetan medicine:

Another approach to Tibetan medicine would be to receive a White Tara initiation which is the Tara of Long Life practice from an authorized Tibetan Lama that you feel a positive connection with.

For example, Geshe Lobsang Gyatso's specialty was his White Tara Long Life initiation. People would come to him from all over to get this initiation.

There is also a Padmasambhava Long Life Practice if you are a fan of Padmasambhava. Both of these initiations and practices will naturally increase your lifespan and protect you from dangers if properly received and practiced in commitment and sincerity.

In regard to healing there is always the physical component, the karmic component, and the commitment component to help oneself and others into more positives states of enlightenment. As one's commitment and compassion increases it affects all the outcomes of both your life as well as all lives surrounding you and your lifespan and health naturally increases. I have observed personally many near death experiences and often angels will come and extend one's life over and over if they feel you are helping yourself and others into more blessed states of being. It is just in the nature of life and the universe to help you if you are helping yourself and others to higher states of consciousness. Health, wealth and all good things come to such a one who is praying and living for all beings enlightenment.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

This saying came printed on a large black and white poster of Albert Einstein that I purchased at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in June of 1999 in Washington DC, one month after I was told by my heart specialist that he had figured out that I had had a heart virus after 7 months of thinking I might die. Only through a process of elimination could he be sure that that was what I had wrong as it is very hard to diagnose and most people die before it is diagnosed. I was one of the very few lucky ones to survive it.

It is sort of like your heart has a flu and if you don't die of panic when you pass out over and over again because your heart can't properly oxygenate your blood then you just might survive. If you panic even once during improper oxygenation you are dead.

The poster of Einstein is three feet high and 2 1/2 feet wide and I hung it over my desk to remind me of the importance of this saying.

To me it means that the genius of life is asking questions, not necessarily the finding of the answers. Because if the right question is formulated someone of us WILL find the answer if the question is properly formulated no matter what the question is.

So then when a four year old asks, "Why is the sky blue?", there are scientific answers to that question. It is the sun refraction through the atmosphere, clouds and ocean that causes the sky to be blue. But as with most colors the color we see is the one reflected by what we see and not absorbed by it.

So, "Imagination is more important than knowledge" tells us to never stop asking questions. For in the formulation of the perfect question leads to the perfect answer to that question and on and on and on.

And so, for all students of all ages it is important to remember always that although answers are important, our survival depends more at this time on the continuous formulation of questions even more than the answers they bring. Because if you can ask the right questions, all your problems and the worlds problems, and the universes problems can potentially be solved.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Worldwide Mercury and Lead Poisoning

Two of the major factors worldwide now in preventing normal brain function are mercury poisoning from fish, and lead poisoning from a variety of products we use every day. Luckily, leaded gasoline has been off the market in most of the world now since the 1970s. Because this was a major factor in improper brain development in children exposed to leaded gasoline combusted fumes since the 1920s when lead was first put into gasoline to prevent engine knock.

However, today the problem is different. I'm writing this article because I believe one of the major factors in the incredible increase in alzheimer's disease worldwide is Mercury primarily and secondarily lead. There likely are many other causes that could be from things like, dioxin, for example, which is used to make all paper white as well as toilet paper and it used to be a cause of toxic shock in all feminine products. And the fact that there IS NO SAFE LEVEL of DIOXIN for a human or animal body. And agent orange in the Viet Nam War is the most severe and extreme use of dioxin ever used anywhere on the planet.

Many people try to have mercury composite fillings removed from their teeth that were put in when they were children or young adults. However, my dentist told me that he had stopped doing that because he found that he could not remove the mercury composite fillings without his patients swallowing large amounts of mercury based filings and grindings during the process and now believes it is safer for his patients to leave them in.

Also, in regard to mercury I was watching an actor speak about how he converted all his proteins in his diet for 10 years to fish proteins thinking they would be healthier for him. But when he was checked for Mercury in his body his was found to have 10 times more than was safe to have and to stay alive. So he took off a year from acting while taking chelation treatments with an Medical Doctor to remove as much as possible the Mercury from eating fish from his blood.

I was noticing that there has been a 140% increase in alzheimer's disease in Asia and I think this directly correlates to the amount of fish eaten in an Asian diet. Whether the fish are from the ocean or rivers or lakes it doesn't matter. Mercury at this point is everywhere. And since fish must breathe water it naturally builds up in their flesh but doesn't become a problem until people eat them.

By the way alzheimer's disease has increased 70% in the U.S. and 40% in Europe as well.

Also, don't drink out of garden hoses made in China. So much lead is used in the processing of those hoses that it is actually unsafe to your health to drink from hoses made there. I don't think it is a problem to eat vegetables grown by watering with these hoses though because I believe the plants wouldn't maintain the lead in the plant flesh but likely would rather convert it in some other way. However, since I'm not paid to research physically such things I couldn't really say authoritatively.

With more nations like India and China and others starting to make more things without ecological guidelines like those found in Europe and the U.S. it is likely there will be increasing horror stories worldwide to add to the problems created by the U.S. and Europe of the last 150 years or so.

If you are interested in purified fish oil which is known to support memory learing and mood that has been purified to remove all mercury I use a product called DHA and presently use Nordic Naturals. However, there are many other companies producing this stuff.

Also, if you are concerned about mercury poisoning or lead poisoning and are over 50, after you are tested for mercury poisoning and have had chelation with a medical doctor to reduse your mercury and lead in your body, you might also want to try Phosphatidylserine which promotes brain function. I take a 100 mg softgell every day of phosphatidylserine to enhance brain function. Also, if you are over 50 years of age one has to be concerned about the stomach not being any longer able to digest and convert vitamin B-12. If this happens no amount of B-12 or B vitamins taken orally will help you. There are only two ways to fix this problem. One way (it's cheaper) is to get Trader Joe's sublingual B-12s. These go under the tongue and through cell salts are taken directly into the bloodstream under the tongue and bypass the stomach completely. The second in the long run is better if you can afford it is to go to your doctor and have a B-12 shot monthly to keep your brain working. My wife's father did this and was still mentally functional to age 89 when he passed on.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Having a Journal

I have been writing in spiral notebooks and on typewriters writings and journals since I was a child. My mother couldn't deal with some of my writings when I was suicidal for a few years between 1969 and 1973 so whenever I left home for a job or a girlfriend,(usually both) she would throw away any journals I inadvertently left behind. She also threw away my comic book collection (3 feet high) that I had collected from age 4 on which really pissed my off, because that would all be worth thousands of dollars now. But my mother was never a rocket scientist, my Dad was the genius in the family. My mother was the intuitive genius. So, I got Mom's common sense and mellowness and I got Dad's incisive logic and intelligence. But I never have seen myself as an intellectual but as a common sensical intuitive genius whose best skill is being in the right place at the right time. This was a great skill for meeting good women when I was young by the way. It is also a great skill if you have dangerous hobbies like off road motorcycles, hangliders, flying gliders and planes, surfing, skiing, mountain climbing and rock climbing and world travel, especially to interesting 3rd world nations and meeting interesting people. So, if you want to live through all this like I have it is necessary to always be in the right place at the right time to live through it all. You have to have a positive attitude and have the good fortune of common sense and intuition on your side to still be alive like I am at age 61 with reasonably good health, healthy grown kids, and one 13 year old still growing up at home and a good wife.

But I digress. Writing journals can be a very useful important thing that you do. First, there is the writing. Often when you are experiencing something there is no one to talk to about it. So take advantage of that by writing it down. Then when you reread what you have written it is like reading something someone else wrote 1, 2 5, 10 years later when you read it. It is marvelous for understanding all the people we are during our lives. In understanding better all the people you have been you better understand yourself now. Everyone is always changing and hopefully for the better. Situations you may not expect to survive you likely will. That's just the way of life.
As long as you let yourself die to self you allow you body to live on. I have been hundreds of different people during my life and so have you. How much do you have in common with yourself at age 5, 10 15, 20 25,30,35,40? When I look back at my life I see myself still much like I was at age 10, a kind, sweet, intelligent person but with many layers of armor and experience and finesse added on. So even now at 61 I still feel like that 10 year old wanting to know more about life and interested in new things every day and wanting to travel the world and meet amazing people. I still have those kinds of hopes and dreams except now I'm 61 which means I might have the money to do anything I want but it is less likely that I can live my life the way I could in my 20s. When I look back at my 20s it was one of the most miserable time of my life. The most physically happy and mentally happy time of my life was from 32 to 37. The most miserable time of my life was from 37 throughout most of my 40s because I couldn't get full custody of my daughter. However, when I almost died at age 50 of a heart virus from being so angry I couldn't get full custody of my daughter I learned to be thankful for each moment of life and to take solace in my new wife and daughter. Now its 11 years later and the daughter I couldn't get full custody with spent 6 weeks with my present wife and daughter and I and brought her boyfriend along. So life goes on and things just might get better if you are patient enough.

Also, writing a journal is a whole lot cheaper than paying 150 dollars an hour for a therapist. But if you can afford it and can find a good one I find a therapist is like a tool you can use. A therapist is sort of like a college degree. You can take your college degree and you can really do good with it or you can use it as a hammer to bash your own brains out. It's all your choice so make a good one. Build yourself a life you can stand to live. Start writing in a journal to better understand yourself.

Electrical Conduction

I was doing some research on Nicola Tesla and how he helped create the alternating current generated and sent long distance from point to point and as a part of grid systems around the world today. I came upon this jewel about wireless transmission of electricity from wikipedia under the title of "Wireless energy transfer" and subheading "electrical conduction:

begin quote:
Electrical energy can also be transmitted by means of electrical currents made to flow through naturally existing conductors, specifically the earth, lakes and oceans, and through the upper atmosphere — a natural medium that can be made conducting if the breakdown voltage is exceeded and the gas becomes ionized. For example, when a high voltage is applied across a neon tube the gas becomes ionized and a current passes between the two internal electrodes. In a wireless energy transmission system using this principle, a high-power ultraviolet beam might be used to form vertical ionized channels in the air directly above the transmitter-receiver stations. The same concept is used in virtual lightning rods, the electrolaser electroshock weapon[53] and has been proposed for disabling vehicles.[54][55][56] A global system for "the transmission of electrical energy without wires" dependant upon the high electrical conductivity of the earth was proposed by Nikola Tesla as early as 1904.[57]
end quote.

This lends credence to my theory that the primary electrical generator for earth is the sun through plasma streams and photons. I don't fully understand this but I think it is an important study that should be conducted so our magnetosphere isn't depleted like Mars and Venus have been. One theory is that there might have been humanoids or another race upon those planets at one time and through the use of electricity(alternating current generated through magnets) like we use now depleted their magnetosphere of energy which began to change the weather like we are experiencing now.

If one of the factors of the depletion of energy electrically is taking place and if our magnetosphere is depleting because of this it may mean that we REALLY need to change to solar, wind, wave and geothermal to generate electricity. Or it could mean that the only safe way to generate electricity is through solar which converts electricity directly from photons(visible light rays) and not using the system of breaking the magnetic fields of a magnet or magnets.

If the depletion of the ozone layer is also related to the depletion of the magnetosphere caused by the magnetic generation of alternating current worldwide, it could be that it is like the fish in the ocean, there is only so much available that can be harvested without major consequences like Global Climate change.

So if I'm right it is possible that the only safe form of electrical power generation might be from solar cells. If this is true it is very unfortunate but to pretend it isn't happening is suicidal for all life on the planet. I hope my theory is proved wrong but common sense and intuition tells me I'm right!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Duty Sept. 23rd 2009

I believe it is the duty of all of us humans to learn as much as we can and to share the results of what we have learned before we die in such a way so as many humans as possible can benefit from whatever wisdom we have garnered.

Most of what I learned in school as a boy wasn't as useful as I might have imagined. Yes, reading writing and arithmetic were useful in different ways but I would say the most useful things I learned mostly unexpectedly and sort of left my mouth hanging open(metaphorically if not physically) because the things I learned that I found the most useful were usually completely unexpected. So that, in the end "Truth is much stranger than fiction".

Many people spend their whole lives running from the truth but I have chosen to embrace the truth. For without the truth how can any civilization last long enough to be actually worth something to anyone? Without at least some of us willing to embrace the truth our civilization is going to be over pretty soon.

Sweat Lodges

During the 1980s especially I studied with several Native American Medicine men and met many Medicine women while sweating at their sweat lodges. Usually, it was along a river or stream with permission from the forest service because the medicine people were native to the area and were given these priveleges. Also, whenever there was a Sweat Lodge built whenever it was done usually days or weeks depending upon the ceremonies and how many different people wanted to sweat in the lodge(anywhere from 20 to hundreds) things might be done differently. However, the structure of the lodge was always basically the same. It is made from willow branches woven into a dome shape of and usually looks like a hemisphere when done. Then people bring tarps and blankets to cover the sweat lodge. If it is raining or snowing during this time then plastic or plastic tarps are used to keep the inside of the lodge dry. It is usually under 4 feet tall to capture as much heat as possible and up near the roof it sometimes gets between 130 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and the most macho of the men who want their prayers really answered often brave the heat for a while during the prayers and prayer songs. It is usually completely dark inside and I have been in sweats that mostly have both men and women. Each medicine man or woman is different the way the do things but usually people were bathing suits or just shorts for the men inside. It's been a few years since I made it a point to go to where I could join others for a sweat lodge ceremony. But between 1980 and 2000 I usually joined a sweat lodge 1 to 12 or more times a year.

One experience with Charlie Thom, a local Karoc Medicine man who live near Yreka it was snowing really hard at Stewart Mineral Springs near Gazelle and I wondered about getting out of the sweat lodge in the 20s Fahrenheit and breaking the ice and jumping into a nearby stream. But, after a very hot sweat lodge it was easy to break through the ice and cool down, especially because we could then go in for another round. And even when we got out the last time we somehow stayed warm because the lodge had heated us to the core. I never cease to be amazed at how strong these lodge sessions made me feel both physically and spiritually and as a man in all ways. Especially between the ages of 32 and 50 I was amazed each time I joined a sweat lodge at how deep an experience this usually is.

If you are afraid of being with men and women in the dark this could be a problem for you. But since almost all people who take the time to do this are sincere, usually you have nothing at all to worry about. Ones biggest concern is getting ones eyes burnt from the steam or getting to close to the mostly 8 inch in diameter river rocks that have been put in a bonfire to heat until they are red outside the lodge. Then a shovel is used to carry the rocks into the fire pit in the middle of the ground inside the sweat lodge. Then lastly a bucket of fresh river water is brought in. For safety, the rocks are not brought into the lodge until everyone is already in place and the very last thing that comes into the lodge before the door closes(a flap usually of blankets and tarps) and in often comes the fire and rock tender. Though sometimes the tender stays outside depending upon the circumstances present.

So after each round(about 10 to 15 minutes in the steam heat caused by splashing water on red hot rocks) everyone gets out and rinses off in the river next to the sweat lodge. It is common to get the spins from the heat at this time(one sometimes feels dizzy from the drastic temperature changes). Also, ones body is going through extreme temperature changes and this also strengthens ones heart, especially if one is under about 50. But if you have been used to all this physically and psychologically, usually you are okay after 50 as well. I have seen a lady as old as 73 sweat for the first time. But some allowances were made for her. So, as you can see it is a very special experience. Often the medicine man has an Eagle Wing or Feather that he splashes the water out with and many songs he sings and often he invites all to sing his songs(some songs date back hundreds or thousands of years) and are passed Father to son or daughter, or grandfather or grandmother to grandson or granddaughter.

All this is a very visceral and primal spiritual experience in that I always found myself amazed to be doing this because for a person of the western world it is very unique for someone who grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles County for the most part.

The Native American Medicine Path

People tend to think that if one wants to be taught the native American medicine path they must be at least part native American. Well, that is not completely true. What one must do is to find a medicine man or woman of a tribe that believes their religion is for everyone. So even though the medicine men and women of many tribes don't accept non-native Americans to teach their path to, many do. So, Just like finding a Guru or teacher in India one must search for the right medicine man or woman to learn from and to be taught by.

There are many things that people all know about Native Americans but there are a lot of things most people don't know about what a medicine path is. Though in some specifics it varies from tribe to tribe there are some things that all share in philosophy and religion. Though this might seem strange to you, you will learn more about what the medicine path is from watching "Pocahontas", the Disney cartoon and "Brother Bear" another cartoon than almost any single experience you might have in a city or suburb. But to really enter the medicine path is a full commitment much like becoming a nurse or a doctor or a priest or minister. However, entering the medicine path one is becoming a Priest-warrior, which is an attitude that one brings to everything.

I was taught a Blackfoot-Sioux path by a medicine man in Northern California. Later I met a Karoc medicine man that I enjoyed Sweating with in the sweat lodge. Myself and four other friends eventually did a four day vision quest each of no water no food on the north fork of the Trinity River in Northern California. This changed each of our lives in many ways.

This was in the early 1980s. Today, I saw a Crow and in my mind I said to it, "Is that you?" The Crow said, "NO. It isn't me." My original teacher identified with seeing through the eyes of Crows which was one of his abilities because of his affinity with them. So this conversation actually meant, "Is that you?" Answer, "Of course it's me."
and more it means, "are you a medicine
incompetent or what?"

This begins to take you into the world of a medicine path with someone who has actually studied with a Medicine Man or woman and is competent to actually teach you something meaningful. Now, most of you might think such a path isn't real or useful. However, I think the best way to say this is this is: how many people still live all over earth now use a similar system?" And the fact that it has kept their tribes alive without going extinct over 40,000 years until organized religions and technology brainwashed people into believing something else. Were the new technologies and religions better? That's hard to say, "I would say both yes in some ways but no in others." It's like asking are automobiles good? I would say they are good because people can get themselves and their goods where they want to faster but at the price of Global Warming and the potential death of everything on earth alive. It is sort of like this. What most of the world has now is better in some ways and worse in other ways. But we are usually only taught about the good changes and seldom the real price paid.

This is the best way to say it. There is a price we pay for everything and if we are not told the full price (which we never are) we might make a different choice yesterday, today or tomorrow.

In these insecure times worldwide understanding more about the medicine path might save your life. For it is a way to survive without houses, cars, or jobs within society if it ever comes to that. I'm not saying to give up everything that you believe that works for you. However, if something isn't working for you it may be time to try something else whether that something is a religion, a relationship or a job or even a career. It is not worth being alive if there is no joy in your life. It is my belief that that is a given. Do you stay alive and sacrifice for you kids even if there is no joy? That is entirely up to you. I decided long ago that my pain meant nothing if my kids weren't okay. No pain I might have would be as bad as I would feel alive or dead if my kids lives weren't okay. So like you I sacrificed sometimes a lot for my kids always.

The problem today is that most people only push paper and cannot actually do anything real. They cannot actually defend themselves physically or mentally. Maybe a relative of theirs can but that relative might not be there for them all the time.

So, for me, in 1980 finding a medicine path was about learning a better attitude to survive no matter what, as 1980 was a lot like now with 9.6% unemployment nationwide. Now, however, I'm financially secure. This wasn't as true in 1980 when I was only 32 and raising my son and two step kids out in the country in Mt. Shasta, California(near the Oregon Border). So, finding a medicine man to learn from seemed important then both from a spiritual point of view and from a survivalist point of view.

When I look back now what I learned the most important things that come to mind are just how really alive and how many different abilities and senses we actually have but just don't use if we live in Cities or suburbia. However, the beauty of all this now for me is that once you develop these medicine senses, if you keep in the right states of mind even in a city or suburbia you will keep these senses as long as periodically you visit the wilds and the wilderness to recharge your spiritual and wilderness batteries so to speak.

The most important things for me, however, I learned through my vision quest of no water no food for four days. in one of my prayer visions after the second day of no water no food 5 miles from the nearest person in a bear wallow on the Trinity River was when I became a 50 foot high Golden Dragon that breathed out fire on thousands of people. What amazed me then was that the fire I breathed out upon people did not burn them but enlightened them and if they were sad or not they all then began to smile with the joy of enlightenment!

When I began to write more after I almost died in 1998 and 9 I believe my writings that I publish are the fire breath of the dragon enlightening people and making their lives better in the short and long term. It is one of the reasons why is the name of my new website.

Also, when I later studied Tibetan Buddhism in California, Oregon, India and Nepal, I learned of a branch of Tibetan Buddhism called Drukpa Kagyu which means Dragon Kagyu. There is also a humorous Crazy Wisdom figure in Tibetan mythology called Drukpa Kunli. If you know anyone from old Tibet ask them to tell you Drukpa Kunli stories, they are really funny and enlightening in a Crazy Wisdom way!

Note: Added May 24th 2013: During my vision quest in 1983 I was in a bear wallow at the side of the North Fork of the Trinity River about 5 miles from the nearest human being. I saw a mated pair of Bald Eagles flying overhead and every day a Mama wood duck and all her babies swam past my point in the River and went down stream for food and every day at dusk she and her babies swam upstream to roost in the rushes out of danger at night. I found I could eat the sunlight off the water with my eyes and mind in this state to fulfill any need I had for water without drinking it. One night it rained and I didn't have a tent with me so I took my tarp and put it over a large 6 foot through fallen Cedar Tree and crawled under the tree to get out of the rain. I also had sweet grass in braids that I burned as incense as I prayed. The second night into the quest I became a 50 to 100 foot tall golden dragon (which at the time was pretty terrifying and overwhelming in a unbelievable way). But when I breathed fire out on everyone I saw it didn't harm or kill them or burn them up. Instead it made them smile and become enlightened and their heads glowed with the enlightenment they needed to stay alive and to keep their kids and friends and family alive too on into the future for thousands of years.

When my vision quest was over this lead in the next year to meeting a Tibetan Buddhist Student who was an American (I was telepathically directed to pick him up because he was hitchiking by the Tibetan Lama who had given me "The Thousand Buddhas Empowerment" in Ashland, Oregon. He introduced my family to 5 or 10 very powerful Tibetan Lamas in Oregon and California. Within two years after many initiations I was directed inwardly to take my family to India, Nepal and Thailand through Japan(where my last lifetime was from 1933 to 1945) there. I along with my family was given the "Kalachakra Initiation" by the Dalai Lama along with 500,000 others there from Tibet, Nepal, India and surrounding areas as well as about 10,000 westerners like me from places like Europe, North and South America, and Japan etc.

So, the Native American Medicine path led me to a Path of Compassion in the Tibetan Buddhist Path. So, the Dragon I became in my vision quest I guess I already was all along and still am. Understanding this is very freeing and empowering for me and hopefully for you as well. I am very grateful for my amazing Native American medicine path teachers for teaching me to become who I already was and but didn't know it yet before the vision quest.

Note: Within the last couple of years I learned that Drukpa Kunley is a real person from Bhutan:

Drukpa Kunley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Drukpa Kunley (1455 - 1529), also known as Kunga Legpai Zangpo, Drukpa Kunleg (Tibetan: འབྲུག་པ་ཀན་ལེགས་, Wylie: 'brug pa kun legs), and Kunga Legpa, ...


My friend Anton

I had three friends and two cousins that stayed friends with me through most of my life. My friend, Anton has been my friend since he was 11 and I 14 when I met him at a church party. He is also the only best friend(of my non-relatives) that is still alive or who still knows who I am after all these years. I'm now 61.

I can remember a church party that was a pool party and it was one of the first times I questioned the hypocricy of church goers in general. A child was drowning in the pool and people were sitting in their best clothes eating at tables all around the child while the child drowned. So I got up at age 14 and saved the child. I only ruined my tie by getting it wet. I was pretty upset with all the church partygoers. However, because of my age I just sort of gave everyone a dirty look as they clapped after I saved the child's life. I think it was about this time that I met Anton.

If I was 14 then Anton would have been 11 years old. I didn't think to much about it at the time because this was a long way from where I lived and he was attending a different church of my denomination. (He lived in Palos Verdes, Ca. and I in Glendale)
So flash forward 7 years.

Now Anton was 18 and I was 21. We were both at a church Conclave in Mt. Shasta. His parents had already gone back the then 10 to 12 hour drive back to the Los Angeles Couty area. So, I was sitting near the Boys dorm in the 2000 acre church retreat area in the mountains and he came and asked me for a ride back to Los Angeles. I didn't know what to make of him as he was wearing his hair pretty long and wore bell bottom pants and a belt with harmonicas all around it. And I knew he had his own band that was very successful for a high school band.(Almost all of the band members became successful musicians eventually including Anton).

Since I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was distraught from that and because my parents had just moved from Los Angeles to San Diego I realized I could use the company on the long drive back to Los Angeles. Also, during that retreat I had sort of protected Anton from being beat up by other boys 17 to 25 years of age at the church retreat as Anton had a lot of attitude like most people who become successful do.

So, Anton and I headed home in August 1969 in my almost new 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. He was pretty impressed with my car. As we drove home (I was supposed to start work 24 hours from that day) he and I decided to climb Half Dome in Yosemite because as we drove we both realized that we were both dedicated climbers and mountaineers. Though I was fired from my job for being 24 hours late Anton and I became lifelong friends through climbing Half Dome in Yosemite together. (using the summer chain not a vertical assent). The route we took is about 10 miles each way and barely able to accomplish in one 12 to 15 hour hike for most healthy people (unless you are strong enough to jog it). If you climb up to Vernal Falls by trail and then take the trail to California-Nevada Falls then the trail to the rounded side of Half Dome goes up from there. However, don't attempt the chain if you get vertigo with thousands of feet exposure. I almost lost my second wife there in 1985 before we flew to Nepal because she got dizzy from the exposure and I barely got her back down off of Half Dome.

Though Anton and I shared many many near death experiences from mountain climbing, rock climbing and almost freezing to death, for example in a white out on Mt. Shasta, still some of the best adventures of my life I shared with Anton and other friends throughout the years.

Since Anton always from the time I was 21 usually had a band of some sort, I met a lot of people while he was rehearsing or playing in his bands. The first band concert I went to to hear he and his band play(his first band was called Bulls Eye electric) was at a high school in Altadena. During the concert there was a girl who made it a point to kiss every guy in the band during breaks. I found this very strange at the time.

But over the years even as we both stopped climbing mountains so much as we grew older we have still made it a point to ski on Mt. Shasta (either mountaineering skis or downhill skiing) at least once every year. Another place we have always loved is swimming or kayaking on Castle Lake or swimming in Lake Siskiyou or its tributaries that feed into it. (Mt. Shasta city park, Castle Lake and Lake Siskiyou and all the tributaries are recognized as the beginnings of the Sacramento River. So, it is safe to say that the Sacramento River starts flowing out of Mt. Shasta and the surrounding areas.

Also, if Anton is playing a concert near where I live he comes and stays with my family and I on his way passing through even now.

If you are interested in his music he is at:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Artery Clearing Secrets

Though these two secrets work it must be noted that most people might not have the time or the patience or good enough health to use them in an emergency.

The first most extreme and fast way to clear out your arteries is an Organic Watermelon fast for 30 days. And most people who need a heart bypass operation don't have good enough health to do this.

However, if you are 20 to 40 years of age and can retreat and have good enough health you might never ever have to have a heart bypass operation if you can do a 30 day watermelon fast of nothing but organic watermelons and water for 30 days. However, if you have problems with fructose sugar or sugars in general this might not be for you. Another option is to do what I did for years, 4 days straight each year(in summer during watermelon season) I would go on an organic watermelon fast to keep my arteries clear. For most healthy people this might be the best preventative alternative.

The second way to clear out your arteries is to go on a brown rice fast for 6 months. Now, I don't know many people who could handle doing this but it Is and alternative to ever having to have a heart bypass operation.

So, both those the two extreme methods work well if one has the time and the health to do this, for most people who need a heart bypass operation right now this won't work.

However, my father put a CEO of a company on 30 days of watermelon only and he lived another ten years and never needed a heart bypass operation. This was during the mid 1970s and he was 60 years old at the time and then he lived into his 70s and never needed his heart bypass operation. So, these methods work but only if ones health and time can work to make the methods work.

When I had an angiogram at Stanford Medical in 1998 the doctors had never seen arteries as clear as mine ever. However, remember I was raised from birth as a lacto ovo vegetarian until age 32 and I'm still a 95% vegetarian even at age 61. It is very difficult to remain a complete vegetarian past 40 or 50 years of age unless one really studies ways to keep their bones strong through this. Many vegetarians bones and backs and disks tend to deteriorate unless they are very judicious and informed about what they eat, especially women.

If you Live to Be 100

First, it is important that I tend to be an intuitive which means that I tend to pick up useful information about important things, seemingly to some people right out of the air. However, what it looks like to me is just that I actually use many senses most people have but don't necessarily develop like I have. And most of the time people don't develop these special skills unless they have to. Well. I had to in order to survive childhood epilepsy which I finally outgrew at age 15 and haven't ever had a seizure ever since.

So, one of the things that came to me from one of my teachers is the following saying and advice. However, I firmly believe this could also be true potentially for anyone reading this.

This is how it goes, "If you live to be 100 you will live to 500. If you live to 500 you will live to 1000. If you live to 1000 you will live to 5000. If you live to 5000 you will live to 10,000 years of age."

I think this saying has to do with a person's education, general health, and the incredible increases exponentially of medical technology to the point where this is moving toward becoming possible.

When I was told this by a master I thought cynically, "Yeah sure. I'll believe that when I see it." Then when I got a heart virus and doctors told me that I might die I thought back to what the master had said to me."

I also thought about when I woke up that morning and couldn't feel my lips or arms and hands much and walked into the bathroom and my lips seemed to be turning blue. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch as my wife was at work. I watched the now familiar white glow of 12 angels surrounding me and believed I was dying. But the angels made it a major point to let me know I wasn't going to die. They spoke in unison telling me that "You aren't going to die! Your life will get better now!"
The kept saying this in unison together until I could take it all in. After it had seeped into my consciousness and subconscious so my being accepted this fact they slowly faded out. I then went to the phone and called my son (in his early 20s) and asked him to come get me and drive me to the hospital.(I sensed the stress of calling an ambulance might kill me because of the condition I was then in). So I walked outside so I wouldn't be alone and asked a gentleman who was a neighbor to talk to me until my son arrived in case I lost consciousness. This was 11 years ago now in September 1998. Doctors told me I might die for about 7 months but I have learned all my life that angels can be trusted much more than people who generally are pretty ignorant about things compared to angels. Angels might be naive about what it is like to grow up a human on earth but they tend to see the past, present and future of all of us and in regard to that can usually be completely trusted. Most people on the other hand often don't even know what is going on in their lives today, let alone past, present and future.

Anyway, to make a long story short I have less doubts about the saying being true than I did in my early twenties when it was pronounced upon my life. At the time it was tied to 1 million correct decisions as I was told by the master. So I knew right then living the destiny wasn't necessarily easy but I have known more and more over the years that it is possible, not only for me but for many or even all of you reading this. After all I have already lived to 61 and didn't die 11 years ago. So as far as I am concerned my life is already a miracle of God's Grace many times over. Sept. 22, 2009

I was able to get up a complete copy of "Memories" in 7 web segments as well as some of the sequels like Jonathan Flow(under sequels) and "His Oneness", "Arcane", and "Celeste", at my new website

All the word buttons that you can count on for sure now are at the top of the page except for my blog page here which if you click on it there will open in a new window.

If you ever visited my geocities website over the last 10 years I likely won't have a Journal page at the new site as my blogsite (here) fulfills that need.

The purpose of the website is mostly so I don't have to work so hard each month trying to fin ways to display my online books here at the blogsite as the blogsite is mostly set up only for good access within any one month. After that trying to find out what I have written might be problematic for you. So, dragonofcompassion is a much easier way for you to find the books I've written. But if you want to read all my 624 blog articles so far in 2009 or the 830 blog articles I wrote in 2009 or the 193 blog articles I wrote in 2007 then I wish you well. However, I believe if you type a keyword up in the search area it might be helpful depending upon the subject you want to research through my blog articles.

Climate Change Tipping Point,8599,1920168,00.html
Begin quote from above web article
"It's the same phenomenon of sudden collapse that can be seen in any number of complex systems that seem perfectly stable, until they're not — ecosystems, financial markets, even epileptic seizures. The trick is to identify the warning signs that indicate a tipping point — and collapse — are about to be reached and to take action to avoid them."end quote

As an intuitive this statement I experience every day. So, my reaction to it is basically, "How do I deal with this experience?"

My answer more and more is to pray for all beings human plant and animal that will transition from physical life over the next centuries because of all these changes. But also to pray for those who will remain here and feel alone because of all the loss of life.

In another sense though the saying, "You are dying from the moment you are born", is also true. So in that same sense all sense we have of a 'Forever continuity' is in the end an illusion we foster (at least physically) to cope with a temporary time in a temporary world.

It is likely that many people around the world will become more and more unrealistic about all this as hundreds dying turnes to thousands dying turns to millions dying and billions dying from global climate change. This change is inevitable. It behooves us to find ways to cope with this so that the malaise isn't so great that society stops functioning completely and humans go extinct (at least as a world civilization).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Carl Jung

I have always been a fan of Carl Jung since I was about 18 and even a more serious fan after I was 21. It was in reading the books of one of his patients: Herman Hesse that I was able to dig my way out of impending suicide after having a falling out with my childhood church and the breakup of my girlfriend who was a member of this church around the same time. These events catapulted me towards suicide at an alarming rate at the time. However, reading "Siddhartha" and then "Narcisus and Goldmund" and then Magister Ludi and the glass bead game" (all by Herman Hesse) took me to a place where I could extricate myself from suicidal thoughts. My time of danger was 1969 until 1971-3.
The birth of my son in 1974 ended all thoughts of suicide ever since because I needed to stay alive to raise him and then my other children.

However, one of the most amazing tools was Carl Jung's concept called the Unconscious. He also had many students which also championed the understanding of the unconscious as a tool to enlightenment on all levels. In some ways this reminded me of Emerson and Thoreau and the transcendentalists of the early 1800s in Jung's approach to the Unconscious and the use of archetypes and symbolism.

However, the one book I just couldn't get myself to read all the way through was "Steppenwolf". When one is flirting with suicide one does not need to be reminded of how close to an animal a man really is.

Through these times my altruism and kindness and gentlemanly behavior won out which caused success in my life in all ways over time. It didn't mean life is easy. If anyone tells you life is easy you know they are a fool right away or have never been completely on their own ever. However, if one can learn to forgive oneself and to always be kind to oneself and others as long as it is safe to do so, life can be VERY good.

Through all this basically I rebuilt myself from ages 21 to 23 in a much better psychological form than I had been in to begin with. I designed myself to be a successful survivor from the 1970s onward. And I am happy with the simple elegant design that saved my life and made me prosperous in all ways.

note: at the top of this page is an interesting article about a book never published by Carl Jung and others that is being released from a Swiss Vault recently. Interesting story.

Humanity: 100,000 years into the future

You might ask me why think about this? My answer is that if no one thinks about this it simply won't happen. If no one thinks about how to accomplish this we might be gone within 100 years.

Since I'm a precognitive psychic and have been one since I was born I often see things before they happen. One of the difficult things about this is that often I know what will happen to them by a few decisions they make. Often only one or two decisions a person makes decides whether they live to be old and happy and loved or dead young or suffering, lonely and old.

However, what can be said for a person can also be said for a world civilization. And the decisions we make as groups and individuals will eventually decide whether our world civilization lives or dies.

For example, if world civilizations keep disagreeing and fighting over stupid things we will all be so focused on the fight that something really stupid will kill us all that we never thought of. Where are the Easter Island people now or the Mayan civilization. Where are the 13 to 20 million Native Americans that were alive in the U.S. when Columbus first landed. The answer is that most of them died from smallpox or Black plague brought by the colonists. Since the native Americans weren't exposed to these things or even influenza often tribes lost 90% to 95% of their tribes after the first trappers past through their village.

Without smallpox, influenza and Black plague the United States could not have been so easily colonized with so little loss of colonist life.

It's always the unexpected things that doom a civlization, things that aren't obvious at first. So, if we want our descendants to still be here 100,000 years from now we all need to get busy.