Friday, September 4, 2009

Saint Germain 9-4-2009

I'm witnessing a Saint Germain story here. I'm just letting you know so you have a choice about reading this.

When I was a baby and young child I was introduced to Jesus and Saint Germain at the same time and told that Jesus' father Joseph was one of the many incarnations of Saint Germain and that Jesus and Saint Germain were spiritual brothers and that Saint Germain considered Jesus his Paramguru(his primary or root teacher or Guru). So, I learned as I grew up to experience both Jesus and Saint Germain.

So, as I grew up I realized I was an intuitive and could speak easily with Jesus, Saint Germain and Angels as well as other Ascended Masters. Now, this is not an easy thing to cope with at first as you might imagine but with time, experience and common sense coping with all this in a useful, commonsensical, practical, scientific and useful way can be cultivated. But getting it all right usually doesn't happen overnight. But now I'm 61 and used to them speaking with me and telling me things before they happen and helping me solve all problems I encounter in my life and others lives in miracle ways that they create. end introduction.

I went to Europe in 1999 and took my 10 year old daughter who is now 20. My 3 year old daughter and wife stayed behind because my wife decided that because my mother was going and because our daughter was only 3 she just wasn't going to do it yet.

So, I have been waiting for 10 years to take my wife and now 13 year old daughter to Europe and was pretty upset at what they came up with as I had a specific agenda that I have been waiting 10 years to fulfill. So I had been having a very upset time of it because I couldn't see any way that I would want to do what they had planned without me.

This went on for several days until finally I asked Saint Germain directly what I should do. What he said amazed me but at the same time I have learned that one must listen very careful to beings like Jesus and Saint Germain and angels because they know intuitively millions of times more than us mortals do about any given subject.

So when Saint Germain said, "This trip isn't about you. It is about your children. Do whatever they want." Though I was blown away I have learned to accept point blank what holy powerful beings say.

So I completely let go of what I had wanted realizing he was right. Because my wife and I can go anytime we want. But this is my two daughter's time to have their coming of age experiences. Most of my life has passed but theirs is just beginning.

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