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Memories: The whole book here

Though I started to write this in 1980 in Mt. Shasta California when I lived there, this chronicle of past life events of myself and other souls I know and have known was unknown to me until I almost died in 1998. Death looking over my shoulder during my heart virus and being told by doctors that I likely would die for about 7 months and hearing about most other heart virus patients actually dying, much like a vision quest opened even deeper senses and awareness within me as I spiritually and psychologically prepared for my own death, to the point where I could finally see that this book wasn't just therapeutic for me to write but an actual chronicling of past lives of myself and many other souls I have known for millions of years. I feel blessed to be able to share something this deep and potentially useful to mankind, now and in the future.

This is the first time I have been able to put the whole book in one place like this and on one web page. So, if you want a copy of it on your computer or want to print it out please do so. I'm grateful my efforts to put this out at least this month in this form has actually worked for me and for you.

Memories part 1


The Autobiography of Jonathan Flow in several of his Lifetimes

2-12-02 Though the following is a rough draft. I have copywrited it but please download, zip and email to beings who need this information. It is both timeless and priceless. All I ask is that you don't change a word because it is encoded for decription in multiple times, spaces, dimensions and galaxies. If you wish to translate this text into Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi, French,German, Spanish, Italian etc. please do so. However, it will no longer be galactically incripted for about 500 types of basic decoding. Only in English can it be decoded. This was designed by Arcane, Ragna, Elohar, His Oneness, Eridian and the Galactic Sentience to help promote peace and better understanding between present time galactic civilizations and past, present and future Galactic civilizations. It is also intended to promote peace and understanding between this and other galaxies as long as their intent toward this galaxy is peaceful and friendly.

Dear Reader: Originally here was the dedication, introduction and many relevant facts for you to better understand this book. I decided to use artistic license in order to catapault the reader immediately into the experience of Arcane, a man of the far future, and a man I remember being some time before I was born in 1948. I remember being Arcane. Initially, when I wrote this following initial piece in about 1980 I was sitting on the lawn of my Mt. Shasta house and I wrote it on a beautiful mild summer day on a large paper grocery bag. 2 years later on the Northern California Coast came the first pages of Elohar and Ragna. However, it wasn't until 1999 when I almost died that I finally realized that both these stories were true experiences of myself and friends and relatives down through time. I was very amazed to understand this. It made me wonder how much so called fiction that people write is actually some version of author's present, past, or future lives that they have already lived? Please enjoy! Chapter One is now included with the preface, Introduction etc at the very end of the book. Thanks!

The place earth, long after the last human body has gone. A few previously human souls remain and much of the flora and fauna remains. Most human souls have moved elsewhere and to better things.

Chapter 2 Arcane Meets Earth

Arcane was sad. A normal man having gone through what Arcane had been through would have been enraged, crazy, beside himself, robotic. But Arcane was just sad. He had been through a lot the last few years since this war began. The last two or three weeks he had been tortured.Since the leader of Isfahel could not kill Arcane physically without destroying his planet Isfahel he tried to destroy Arcane mentally.

Tech Noir saw Arcane as an invaluable asset and wanted to turn him to Isfahel's side. He tried to destroy every good thing about Arcane and his life and everything that he believed. He had be sorely tested. Looking back on the torture Arcane saw it in a nondualistic context. In that context anything that didn't kill him made him stronger. For the moment, however, he was questioning many things he had taken for granted growing up on New Deva. He had very little left in his memory of childhood that was sacrosanct and left untouched by the deep and forbidding torture.

Original arcane story 1980 Mt. Shasta White House

I am standing on the banks of a river gazing at an Orange sky a yellow colored sun vaguely showing above the horizon. There are two bluish colored moons in the sky. I have feeling of being trapped, -- or having been cast out. I am arcane, the priest warrior of the planet new Deva. I have been captured in a time traveling battle and cast into a dimension and time with no visible means of return to my own time and planet. I must get back to my lady ah ray in --. I must find a way to save her life. I'm searching for some point some power to help me. I'm searching the whole planet with my mystical eye. My priestly powers must be prepared so that I can send my body or at least my consciousness back to Isfahel to accomplish the necessary task -- to get back to a ray in. I must fulfill the vision of the Oracle of my planet New Deva.

There are sometimes opportunities when I can travel through time unaided. I need the special intersections of time and space. It is very difficult to find these places and to be there at the right time without an electronic sensor and there is almost no likelihood that there is even one sensor or scanner on this planet.

I am listening to the howling of the wolf-like creatures. I can feel their primitive powerful feelings. I am attracted to such wildness. At first I long to howl with them to release the pain of my torture. But quickly I think of my bride to be Ah Ray In. My resolve and tears firm in my eyes. The wolf-like creatures call to me with their minds telepathically " give up. there is no hope for you. You will make a nice supper for us." " Forget you!", I say with my mind. They let out howls of pain from my controlled mind burst. It will not harm them. They will only be confused for a few minutes. I wish them no harm if I can survive and live.And I run to the first PowerPoint that I can find. With contact of the first Power point on the high plateau I interface with the power of the planet there and soon I am floating above the ground just as I was trained to as a boy. Miles pass, and I am free from the pack of wolf-like's for the moment at least.

I have finally found in my desperation a strong enough Power point to enter into the entire grid system of the planet, the orange star in the two moons and all the Power point's that can help save what is left of arcane. I reach out and touch the outer aura of the planet with my soul. I sense the force fields that had been placed on this planet by an ancient civilization. I also sense of force fields that are put here to prevent my escape back my own planet and dimension. I summon the old ones of this planet and they tell me of all the wondrous qualities and ways of being of this planetary dimension. They tell me of civilization's past and of the city of the spheres.

The old ones of the planet no longer have physical bodies and can't be seen by beings not trained in the priestly sciences. But luckily my training included communication with angels and guardians.As children we were tested for intuitive gifts. Since I tested off the charts I was recognized as a world saver. I was trained from age 6 to help all beings and to protect my planet from external or internal harm.

By projecting my consciousness into the earth I find sphere nodules.They are various sizes but the ones that draw me most are 8 to 15 feet in diameter. I sense wisdom there that might help my planet survive. Inside one of these nodules I will find the answer I seek. Of this I am certain. As I reach further with my spirit I connect with the remaining old ones of this planet. I'm in luck they are good. The ones that remain and live on throughout time and space will guide me and help me.They have prayed long and powerfully for someone like me to come to earth. I call out the name of Eridian. I have a natural affinity with him. At my call he comes and tells me of the thought picture to hold in my mind as a key to bring a green sphere which will transport me to where I need to be. I am becoming a part of this planet. It is the price that I must willingly pay to save ah ray in. The planet is becoming like a friend or a stepparent to be loved, cherished, learned from and blessed by my ideas and cultural traditions even as I am changed by the planets love and wisdom for me. I have been adopted as a priest instrument of earth. As the sphere green comes I feel it's power and its majesty. It envevelops me and as I stand and then sit cross legged in the posture of Earth yogis I am transported to the sphere city in a style that I could very easily become accustomed to. From the vantage point of the sphere I can see what the sphere city was on land and under the land. It was a truly beautiful and magnificent work of functional art that the Present spirit beings lived in when they still had physical bodies.

Soon we moved under the ground to where the city now physically abandoned was once inhabited. There is no entrance. We simply moved through rock somehow. The sphere I travel in has the capacity to move through solid objects with no damage resulting to me or to the sphere. As the cavern of spheres becomes visible the many interlocking crystalline spheres fill my being with the majesty and power of the beings that once lived here in human bodies. Many thousands of years before the inhabitants of this planetary dimension had turned into light " pure energy soul forms" as a result of millions of years of evolution. As I disembark from the green sphere nodule.I thank it as it is sentient and hasn't had a physical rider for thousands of years.

This is the first planet on which I have been permitted to enter into a domain of once physical beings who have now turned into light. I have seen into the light plane of being on my home planet New Deva. But I was not permitted to enter in with my soul. It can be disorienting to a humanoid to spend more than a day there as humanoids have a tendency not to come back from light dimensions if they stay longer than a day. Many priests of new Deva used to drop into a lifetime of physical catatonia and bliss after entering some of the light dimension's there with their consciousness.

I am entering the first golden room as a guest of the old ones of the planet. In the room are gathered nine of the old ones of the planet in their ghostlike light forms. They begin to instruct me as they wish the condensed knowledge of their planet to be carried throughout the Galaxy and beyond by my soul DNA. Through the Darshan of my Earth blessed aura I will be an emissary of the Enlightenment of Earth wherever I go in all my lives in whatever time I embody.

From each of the nine elders a ray of green light or fire comes to my forehead. At first it is somewhat painful to experience as the frequencies of my neurons are different than the thought patterns that were used on this planet. But the light elders are considerate of me and don't destroy my mind, neurons, or brain. Even though the old ones don't have physical bodies anymore they still respect tht other life forms who do. In time I become accustomed to what they are giving me and I become first at peace with it and then at one with it. The new consciousness is creating new ways of perceiving the universe. I kneel to pray and give gratitude to the creator of the universe for the blessings of this empowerment. I have been trained since childhood for such a moment. But I wasn't sure it would ever come. I know in my heart and soul my enemies could never stand against me now. I know that now I am more than a man but my responsibilities to all living things have grown also.

Eridian Speaks." Now you're ready to come into our most powerful of Power points which will transport you to any realm you wish to go.

As we walk down the corridor my perceptions of reality are very unusual for I see through the walls and have the senses of the beings that once lived on this planet. I have the feeling of walking on a cloud and having eyes in every pore of my skin. As I walk toward the main mystical Power point of the planet I am very reverent and respectful to the thousands of unseen spirits. My inner spirit has been changed. Soon we reach a room filled with all the stars at night like a planetarium. In the center of this seeming planetarium is a blue fire as tall as I am. It is sentient and a wing or arm of fire reaches out lovingly like a powerful parent and grabs my consciousness. I am burned by the experience. I sense that submission is the only way to survive. The blue light increases it's power until I must merge or die so I merge. Within the center of the blue fire is a green fire which is the mate of the Blue fire. Now the fires merge. The fires now turn into a sphere of green and blue.

As I come into the green and blue sphere of the center of this Power point I begin to see in all directions. I see all the planets I have touched and all the beings I have the never known. I see both the beings I considered good and the beings I considered bad. I also see all the beings in between. I feel the compassion of the old ones of this planet for all sentient life everywhere and now I can see even those beings that I had thought of as evil were just out of touch or disconnected from their true selves. Their need is to come into the oneness or self-destruct so their energy can return to the oneness. And because of their impact upon my home planet new Deva I must assist them soon to one or the other before they destroy my people -- my life wave. For the goodness of life must go on and the evil in life must destroy itself -- must cease to be.

From within the center of my being the old ones tell me that I now contain all the knowledge of their planet Earth that one man can hold. They tell me all this knowledge is now contained within me -- within cells of my body and within my soul dna that will incarnate in other bodies once I lay this body to rest-- and that I as an Atom in the body of their planet will now go forth to bless the universe with their wisdom. They tell me that any time I wish to come back I need only think of them and I'll be back with them to learn more or they will come to me to help and protect me and mine. As I begin to leave I am grateful with words that none can say.


Introduction to Elohar by Eridian

As I stand up to leave the sphere Eridian asks me a question. "Would you like to see your future lives here on Earth?" I said, "How is that possible Eridian? No humanoid bodies are allowed here without breaking Galactic Law!" "Your future lives reside in Earth's past."

I asked again. "How is it possible that I arrive here now and then incarnate in Earth's past?" Eridian said, "Souls are not limited the way most beings think. God creates past, present and future but time really doesn't exist, Arcane. So God has us incarnate in the past, present and future or the future, the present and the past or the present the future and the past or whatever combination that God and the soul as one need to do. Some souls only incarnate once but some souls incarnate an infinity of times. It depends on the nature of the soul, the need of the soul, and the need of God for that soul. Would you like to see some of your future lives in Earth's past?" "Yes, I would like that Eridian. Thank you for the opportunity." I said. "Follow me then Arcane." Said Eridian.

Following behind Eridian I felt in awe and soon we came to a blue green sphere of ominous power. Eridian said something in an Earth language and the sphere opened like a mouth to encompass me. This is a sentient sphere and as I'm taken inside it is like a friend, a lover or a nursemade in it's relationship to me. Soon I hear music and I hear a young mans voice speaking the following poem.

My Book Memories web page 2

I sing a song of youth, truth and beauty
I sing a song of sadness and pain
I sing a song of forever, beloved
I sing a song of sadness and pain

Why must our youth, truth and beauty
Be overcome by old age and death?
Why must we try so hard to remember
Who we are and what we came here to do?

So sing your song of youth, truth and beauty
'till you're overcome by old age and death
But don't forget each day to meet your maker
and give thanks for each day of life
For each night we sleep it is like dying
and each day we wake we are reborn

After hearing this poem tears came to Arcane's eyes. He understood this poem to represent the plight of all souls as they transmigrate in and out of time, space and into and out of new bodies and dimensions. Even though the purpose of all this is to learn and grow in awareness the actual experience can be very terrifying and sad at times. Dealing with ageing and mortality is always a struggle. But through this one can develope compassion for all beings everywhere. All beings suffer with basicly the same issues.

At this thought Eridian spoke through the sphere. "Arcane, the pictures you see will be the actual events and sounds and feelings. However, the narration will be from Jonathan Flow, who was born in the 20th Century A.D. So you will see the universe past, present and future from the perspective of a 20th and 21st century man who you will incarnate as sometime in your souls future."

"I will begin with Jonathan Flow's memories of some of his past and your future lives. You will meet Jonathan in this life, Arcane. You will travel through time and visit 20th century Earth." said Eridian. "Why would I want to do that, Eridian? My life is on New Deva." said Arcane with concern building in his voice. Eridian answered,"Events in all our lives are unpredictable. For this reason we must be kind to all beings. For through time friends become enemies and enemies become friends. This is the way of all lifetimes and karma!"

"First we will go to September 18th 7028 AD." Arcane looking bewildered said, " Whatever you think is best Eridian."

Chapter 5

Elohar Complete

Whether one studies the technology of the spirit or the technology of material things the discipline and focus and level headedness necessary to survive either or both technologies is the same. And unless one is kind and compassionate to all life it is all meaningless anyway! For whatever you do towards any part of life in any time you do to yourself!

Elohar and Ragna

From the halls of Pegasus she came bringing with her visions of the past and future. She found it hardest to live in the now. Elohar we called her, which meant one in tune with the hearts of the gods. The ancient Greeks had one like her they called the Oracle of Delphi. Now life has brought her to us as we have need of one like her again.

I am Ragna Royal Time Traveler and General to our Emperor. Happily for me King Interlaken, my lord and Emperor directed me to work with the Elohar to keep our times and spiritual interests intact from the distant past to the distant future.

Our segment of time that we control and oversee is approximately 20,000 years. There is a block in time that we cannot pass approximately 10,000 years before Christ in another at 10,000 years after Christ.

On our first day working together Elohar, after the usual social amenities said," What's that you are thinking Ragna?" I said," I've just been musing to myself about the different cultural views people have in different countries and time periods." Elohar thought a moment and then replied," I wonder if all people's views of reality would be so different if they all saw reality as I do. In my world the past, present and future is one experience ever-changing yet ever the same." This thought startled me as one is startled by a precocious child saying something profound and unexpected. I said," I wish I had your vision as an Oracle and you had my experience in time travel. Better yet if both our life experiences were combined into one being we might have something really profound to say if anyone cared to listen."

Elohar laughed and said," It's funny you should say that because in a past time we shared a body with a host soul for about 40 years during its life. From 1965 to 2005 we shared his body with him." "How can this be?" I said.

She looked deep into my eyes for a while and then said," Ragna you are a technician and no one is better than you in protecting the King's time but you are not yet a Seer like me. I see the past, present, and the future both before and after you have changed it by time travel. The king created our association so that less lives would be harmed by the military changes that you make that are necessary to protect our time and government. Meeting and associating with our son from a past life will enable you to become a seer like me as well as an even better military strategist and time technician. For he was both a Seer like me and technician like you."

Ragna turned pale and said," Your ways are difficult for me to cope with. If I wasn't under orders I wouldn't put up with this."

" I understand Ragna." Elohar murmured in compassion. Ragna continued," I am a trained strategist and capable of up to 1000 entries into the same five-minute period of time without any confusion. But being a good strategist does not prepare me for past lives in other bodies with us married with a son in a past time. Though all this may be true it is also confusing and takes some little time to get used to." " I completely understand," Elohar continued," if it wasn't necessary for us all I wouldn't press the issue."

" Necessary?" I said. "I have the ability to intuit the best interests of all sentience on the planet and in all times all at once.", said Elohar." It is in all life on Earth's best interests that you and I and Earth reach an understanding now!" Ragna was visibly shaken by the implications of this." I am not an animist or a Seer and beyond that if I were to explain my religion it would be pragmatic agnosticism." Ragna said defensively." It is specifically because of your philosophy that I am here." Elohar interjected.

"You are here to change me in a fundamental way. I am not sure I can or will allow that to happen, Elohar." Elohar responded," I am not a fool but rather a scientist like you first, Ragna." "Yes that is what our king has said." Quipped Ragna." Since your orders are to listen to me and be trained by me please listen to me as a scientist first then!" Said Elohar.

" Agreed." Ragna said in an uneasy voice. But scientific exploration of the King's wishes did make sense.

" I would like us to go now to your time ship and travel to the year 2005 and then to 1986 and then to 1969. We will go first to Mt. Shasta to a secret ancient Lemurian enclave there and then we will go to Rewalsar, Himchal Predesh, India. Rewalsar, India is also called a Tsopema by Tibetans. In February 1986 our son Jonathan and his family are staying at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Rewalsar there in the Himalayan foothills. It is about 5000 feet in elevation there." Ragna said. " That's fine. But to maintain security we must be duplicated by time manipulation. We won't activate the bodies but we will keep the extra bodies in time stasis to be used in case we don't return. This will maintain our DNA and memories for the King to reactivate if there is a mishap with the bodies we presently wear."

" Security must come first, I guess." Elohar secretly was a little nauseous at the idea of a duplicate Elohar. She did not like technology much. She always saw technology as necessary but unfortunate. Part of my difficulty with her was that I was basically a technophile and she was basically a technophobe. And conversely I was a pragmatic agnostic whereas she embraced all religions and philosophies that helped life evolve into something better and greater than it was before. Wisdom and kindness were her two closest friends. Looking back now I see that she taught me more important things than anyone else had in that entire lifetime.

Looking back now I have to laugh at myself. But then I was very angry. I was angry at being put in this position by the king and I was angry to be the forced pupil of a very frightening psychic and seer. My only weapon against her was my technology and my steel-trap mind. However, life would prove us both utterly defenseless to each other's skills. For "one cannot effectively defend against that which one does not completely understand!"

When she ordered me to take her to 2005 and then to 1986 me I was so incensed I thought I might blow up in anger because of this strange experience. After all I am general Ragna, the head of my world and my nation's military and security. I answered to no one but the King himself. But since Elohar had been ordered by the king to train me I had no choice but to obey. She might give me the destination but I was still Captain of my time ship.

Fear was etched in Ragna's face bordering on revealing his anger. However, he knew he loved this woman. He also knew that whatever he thought or felt she would know also. His experience of her was overwhelming and confusing. He hoped her abilities wouldn't compromise national or planetary security. What if he became a seer like Elohar? Would that also compromise national and planetary time security? Experience would teach them. If he didn't trust the king and his instincts all could be lost. But what if the king was wrong to put his faith in Elohar?

Hopefully, what they experienced and the order in which they experienced it would help them and teach than what they desperately needed to know. The fate of their whole civilization as well as the fate of any civilization they connected with could hang in the balance. Ragna prayed quietly in his mind even though he is an agnostic "If there is a God please help Elohar and I do right by all we contact and God Please help our planet and our nation survive all this!" Ragna promised himself to have a conversation about all this with one of his replacement bodies before he reintegrated them with himself after this risky mission. But for now the King's wishes must come first.

As they began their walk through the Time palace Elohar realized fully how important Ragna and she were to the past, present, and future. She did not really approve of time travel for military purposes. but if she could in some way lessen the suffering of others she would feel justified. Ragna offered his arm and she took it.

As they walked the royal corridors the guards and officials regarded them with respect and awe as befitted their stations at court. Ragna was the most respected military man in the world. and Elohar was an awesome presence in her own right.

As they reached the time pad, which looked and will look similar to helicopter landing pad on top of a skyscraper Elohar noticed an electrical field surrounding it. The electrical Corona was uncomfortable to her keen senses. She said, "Ragna, this electrical corona makes me feel faint. Ragna gave her a patient but understanding look and said, "It's okay, my DNA print will unlock this forcefield within ten seconds." Ragna shored her up with his right arm until the electrical field was shut down for five seconds. It enabled them to walk through without dying. He quickly said, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience but the security of everything we hold sacred is at stake here. Thousands of checks and balances have been developed to protect all life on earth since humans developed electrical technology in the 19th and 20th centuries. We have a lot to thank our ancestors for. As a result of their mistakes and experiments we live very good lives." "I think I understand", said Elohar. But she did not feel well. At that moment she also appreciated Ragna's sturdy physical makeup and Constitution. She realized fully then that she could never do any of this alone. She also understood Ragna's insensitivities a little better and why they were necessary in his job

Finally they were inside the time field.

note: that particular time field in Elohar and Ragna's home time is/was/will be sometimes called the exit entry points or E-E points for short in time tech talk. This is very useful for Time technicians because one tech could say to another or into a recorder "I entered from 7028 then exited 1969 then I was resident on earth from 1969 until 1974 and then exited from 1974 and reentered 7028. Since this actually happened I can see it very useful.So the 1st E-E point is 7028-1969. The second E-E Point is 1974-7028. Now to complicate matters even further as of May 2003 we have 2 timelines. You reading this are primarily on timeline 2 with me and timeline 1 still exists. For example all the above were in timeline 1 so the E-E points are T1 E-E 7028-1969 and then T1 E-E 1974-7028. In order to come to the present time line most of you and I are on it would be T1 E-E 7028-T2 2003. Of course Biocoms of 7028 store all pertinent information beyond this including bacteria microbes etc. for microbes of 7028 should not be brought to 1969 or vice versa without causing incredible calamities in both times. Biocoms and technology have solved this problems nicely. T2 began between 1999 and 2001. In T2 China, South America, North America, Australia, Japan and all Pacific nations and all life upon them do not go extinct. That is the beauty of the highly modified T2 that most of you and I reading this are presently on.

In T1 only Europe, Africa, Greenland, and Iceland are still inhabitable by humans and other organisms. The primary seat of World Government is in Switzerland. The US, Russia and China are permanently gone as inhabitable nations at least for thousands of years. end note.

Ragna relaxed a little. He quickly accessed a voice controlled terminal on his left wrist and said," time one authorized entry. No breach repeat no breach. King one authorized passenger name is Elohar -- classification all King's personal seer and healer. Purpose -- use all King's personal time ellipse to visit and time scan of Earth 1965 to 2005 with widest options and fields available. Eye and mind awareness view of Jonathan Flow target subject of study is approved by all king by King 1 general Ragna for this date and time. check -- check -- check."

Whirring, scanning and confusion greeted Elohar. The sensory overload caused her to lose consciousness.

Quickly Ragna moved to new commands," King-5 sentient ellipse, heal and move Elohar to crews quarters room three. Protect sensibilities from further harm." Though Elohar was now unconscious her body floated on an invisible gurney or stretcher to room 3 of the King's own private silver violet blue shaped disk designated King 5. On a more personal note the King's name for the ship would translate to something like "the Awesome."

After preparing and testing all equipment Ragna entered the awesome and brought his other crewmembers back from the past. They stayed in stasis or went on leave but in the far future or far past as only Ragna was allowed any knowledge of Time travel in their home era. When it was time for replacement he would train others. This method meant that if Ragna's culture was invaded somehow and he was unable to stop the problem in time by time manipulation Ragna was programmed to self-destruct rather than have time travel fall into the wrong hands.

Ragna's men were recruited during a future military aviation crash that would have been fatal had they been not been removed from their aircraft in time. Also Ragna's crew were dna descendants of his and handpicked. Elohar had already told Ragna that his commander was himself born again in the future and his gunnery officer was someone else he knew reborn. Ragna did not know how to deal with this so he always tried to put off dealing with it at all along with a lot of other time anomoly emotional stuff.

As Ragna walked within 20 paces to the awesome the ship greeted him in a woman's voice. "Who goes there!" the Awesome said threateningly." Time one Ragna, the King's messenger and time general."" Done." The Awesome said. Then" quick entry only."" Done." Said Ragna. He really disliked all this protocol but knew that it was necessary for security. He scrambled up the open door before it closed on him. He heard the thud of the closing walkway door at about the same time he heard" welcome aboard, Sir!" "Vital, Vital 7" Ragna replied in code. "Time one is genuine and from this time, Sir." Ensign Free replied. By this mutual code the commander knew not to kill Ragna as an imposter and vice versa.

Ragna then turned to his gunnery and security officer. And said, Ensign "Are we secure?"" From this time, yes!"

" What about the unknown property, Elohar, the King's seer?" said Free" We can only classify her from present time and record her actions in any changes in her DNA." "Done sir. The Awesome's Robomed has already completed the task for the next 100 years."" Excellent! What was the result?" " Two tamperings, Sir. One is from the future in one is from the past." The ensign was nervous. What else is wrong?" " If time is not tempered with you and she will have a son seven years hence." I'm not surprised," said Ragna nervously." A good son, ensign?"" Yes sir, the best of you both and more." " Excellent! A toast to the future, men!"

At this statement glasses of effervescent liquid appeared in each of their three outstretched hands. They drank heartily." A toast to the past." Again their glasses were full and they drank." A toast to the present and long-live our Holy King!" Again their glasses filled by themselves while in midair.

With the traditional formalities of the fraternal brotherhood and sisterhood and beinghood of time protectors completed Ragna ventured something personal" a toast to my future wife and son. May they prosper and live forever if they wish." All three men repeated the last statement.

Immediately after this, Elohar somewhat stupefied walked toward them awkwardly and said" Ragna will you introduce me?" Ragna was taken aback by the intrusion into their fraternal group and said,"uh, why I yes of course."

Elohar, Holy seer to our good King and Emperor I present Commander Free and Ensign Hawk from a future time." Both officers bowed and shook her hand. This was a once-in-a-lifetime treat as she was the first woman of this time period of Earth that they were ever allowed to meet. Ragna then explained their presence here and of the future they lived in to Elohar. "Your ladyship, we serve general Ragna and the Emperor of this time because our lives were saved and because our era and even our births depend upon this time staying unviolated by the distant past or distant future or the unscrupulous in the present." "It's amazing to meet such gentlemen from a distant time. Your accents are quite remarkable." " Oh, Genesian is not our native language. Our language is more akin to Americanized English of the 20th century.", commander free offered." "Yes I could hear that in your accent." Elohar replied. "You must be very knowledgeable to hear that." Ensign Hawk noted." We have made friends with your son from a previous time, Jonathan in the late 20th century, Elohar." " When did you do that?", asked Elohar incredulously." When you mentioned to Ragna about Jonathan we overheard your conversation. The 'Awesome' monitors all Ragna's thoughts, movements and even his diet and ablutions." " When did you have time to do this?" It's hard to believe your efficiency." "We need only five minutes to go into the past stay up to six months and return." " It must be confusing at times." Said Elohar "Yes your ladyship, but we have learned to think and feel the necessary ways to maintain balance." " Amazing!" Said Elohar.

" Could want you introduce me to the ship's sentience?" Elohar said eagerly. The commander and ensign looked at General Ragna who was captain of the awesome. Ragna flickered a smile at this." May I present her awesomeness, Elohar?" Her awesomeness quipped." Please call me Timeless, Elohar. All my friends call me that."

Note: unless the ships sentience is manifesting hollophysically as an adult five foot six inch 20 something female with blond hair and green eyes and a Nordic complexion she is called Timeless or Awesome.endnote. At this point the computer voice turned into Jan, the 20 something sentien being appearing to be human but really being the ships complete sentient and computer awareness. "Amazing!" cried Elohar. What are you called now? Timeless answered, "If I'm just a voice I'm Timeless but if I manifest as Jan I have all the qualities of a good friend or diplomat or if necessary- warrior. "Why is that Timeless?" Elohar. It's just how I was designed. There are times when a diplomat is needed and sometimes the crew are unconscious or out working in a time or whatever." Elohar said, "Unconscious?" Jan said, "In stasis in some types of hostile and non hostile situations. If the crew is in stasis I can go zero to 16,000 miles an hour even within the Earth's atmostphere." Elohar said, "Wow! Timeless! I mean Jan you are the most amazing human replicant I have ever seen." Jan said, "That's because I am an Above Top Secret military sentient device. Even though I'm above top-secret you need to know a few things while you are travelling with us. Besides you have been given relatively infinite trust clearance by our Leader, King Interlaken. Neither my technology or I or anyone on board can be attacked in any way from any known time. Thus I am timeless." "That's remarkable,Jan,Uh Timeless I feel like a baby in the world you live in. I have a lot to learn." Jan-Timeless went on, "Most of the technology will be erased from your long-term and short-term memory when you are returned to your home time. You will remember everything you need to but all reference to how our technology works and also any knowledge that would be useful to anyone trying to duplicate our technology will be gone and irretrievable." " Will I be damaged as a Seer?" Elohar was very concerned. "There is a 98.8 percent likelihood you will be enhanced and not harmed at all on his journey." "But I will be changed!" Spoke Elohar as she found her voice rising. " Yes, Elohar, time travel always changes one. Just as a journey to a culture on the other side of one's world can permanently change one."

As Elohar turned from Jan, the beautiful woman that Timeless manifested as she saw the Awesome's three officers staring intently at her. She was a much greater enigma to all of them than the awesome, timeless or Jan.

The men were proud and strong for they were the best of the best at what they did and their attitude reflected that. Redirecting Elohar, Ragna said quickly, " We all wish you to know that you are very welcome aboard, Elohar. I'm sorry you fainted and had to be gurneyed in. We've never transported a full empath, telepath, healer or seer through time. We are not sure of the long term consequences." Elohar got a faraway look in her eye and said," actually, Ragna or should I say general or captain." "Captain will do." Ragna said." Actually, Captain, you will change far more than I on this journey." The hair stood up on the back of Ragna's neck. Free and Hawk felt it too. The three spent a tense moment eyeing each other. Ensign Free spoke first," Captain, Commander Hawk and I would like to request some rest and relaxation in our own era when this mission is over."" Done!", Ragna replied.

Note: should you wish to meet Ragna and Elohar they are located approximately 3000 years future at the palace you can't miss. You will find it in the vicinity of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Elohar can be reached through time astral projection or time bi-location. Ragna can be reached if you are skilled enough as a technician.

" Well everyone, our security procedures demand that we leave now." Hawk and Free went about their duties. Elohar asked what she should do." Commander Hawk is our pilot. We will be underway in a few seconds. We will reform 20 miles off the coast of San Francisco underwater and under the cover of night. As you requested the year will be 2005."

Ragna looked at Elohar and said," even though the ship calls herself Timeless, the men and I call her The 'Awesome' because it is the King's endearing name for her. So if we call her Awesome you'll know who we mean." "All right, I'll remember that." Said Elohar.

Elohar heard an unfamiliar hum and said," should we sit down and strapped in?"" That is not necessary unless timeless or the commander asks us to because right now we are not moving in space only time. Also, we are in the most luxurious time device known. Timeless is safe enough for our King to observe history safely at any point just as it was made." I bet the reality is much different than history as it is written." Quipped Elohar." Yes, I'm afraid your right. However, a nation only has to be concerned with how things are perceived by its people. Whether those things are true or not is irrelevant unless everyone can travel through time and is allowed to tell their stories and is believed. If that happened then all nations throughout history could fall. One of the reasons my job exists is to make sure that time to continues to be perceived as it was cynical though that might be."

" General! Your ladyship! Come and see! We're underwater off the coast of San Francisco in summer 2005. I've got their ancient interactive cable on 50 segments of our wall screen." One of the segments made Elohar blush and Ragna smile. It disappeared quickly as Commander Hawk realized Elohar was a celibate priestess still. Ragna smiled because despite her powers she was not worldly in a physical sense (yet).

Ragna sensed the controlled passion in her. Her presence warmed all three men. Sometimes her presence made the men feel like they were going to faint. For the men it was very intoxicating and pleasant. However, they all knew it was all the more reason to focus on their duties in order to return to their respective times as soon as possible.

After 20 minutes to one-half hour of listening to the interactive cable shows Elohar said,"Ragna we must first go to Mt. Shasta before we go to Rewalsar." "You know, Elohar, we've modified most satellites above the earth to act as mind telephones and to read minds."" That may be true, Ragna, but it is very important we contact Jonathan in person. I know we could influence him through dreams and altered motivations but what we are dealing with here is pivotal to life on Earth continuing. I don't fully understand this gentlemen, but the fabric of time and space seems to be at stake, at least as far as the earth and solar system are concerned.

Chapter 2 note: February 4th 2008-I realized today that Chapter 2 doesn't follow chapter 5. Though now isn't the time to change it. At least it is a useful demarkation. Blessings readers! end note.

The awesome is underwater 20 miles off the coast of San Francisco. The ship rises up out of the water and slowly floats up toward the Golden Gate Bridge. As they move up over the Bridge it is between 11 P. M. and 1 AM so the Bridge is lighted up and quite beautiful. It is a very romantic night. They move slowly and a notice several people are looking awestruck by the unusual light. A purple blue and silver disk is very different from the usual on a beautiful San Francisco night. Before any military jets can get within ten miles of them they move from San Francisco to Mt. Shasta within one-half a second. When the jets arrive to the Awesome's previous location it is already hundreds of miles to the northeast and already inside the mountain.

The mountain opens up to receive the awesome as per Elohar's instructions. The men are in awe of Elohar at this point because to them this has become an amazing discovery. Ragna said," How long have you known of this, Elohar?" " I read many books on the legends of Mt. Shasta. So I time astral projected to ascertain the facts. This is one of the things I found. It seems there are have been civilizations before recorded history. Lemuria and Atlantis are but two of these."" Remarkable, Elohar!" Said Ragna.

Elohar lectured the three men concerning ancient lemurian treasures and legends that are recorded in the Magna and rocks throughout this area. She told them all they have to do is to put their head against any one of the rocks and meditate and the secrets of Lemuria and Mu will form in their subconscious minds. Slowly like a flower growing and opening the secrets will work their way to the surface of the men's consciousness over the years through dreams and visions. All four stand for a while touching their heads to the indoor cliffs absorbing the usefulness of the ancient ancestors. All the secrets of Lemuria can be experienced perfectly in time like a flower unfolding in the morning sunlight. Facts about Atlantis and other civilizations can be unlocked in slightly different ways. Elohar picked up a 5 lb. rock and slipped it into her shoulder pouch. The men looked at her strangely. She said in response," I'm going to put it under my pillow on the awesome." The men had a strange look of "Oh!" on their faces.

Elohar explained the symbols on the walls. Stopping before a large equal pointed ornate cross she said," this is called the sacred four. It is the main emblem and symbol of the Lemurian culture." " What does it represent, Elohar?" Said Hawk." It represents balance, power, Harmony, and equipose. The Lemurians believed in living in Harmony with the powers of nature. All who were educated in Lemuria were taught to resonate as perfectly as possible with the sentient being earth. They did not believe in dominating the earth or the land. They believed in living in cooperation with the earth."

" The Lemurian culture by this method created a totally different basis of living on the earth than we have seen since. It was quite different than you or I have seen in any of the times you have either physically visited or any of the times I have visited through dimensional out of body travel. My first out of body visit to ancient Lemuria was only a few weeks ago and was very disorienting because they did not want me to return to my body in my home time. Only with great effort was I able to return and escape ancient Lemuria. I was told by the Lemurian Leadership my priestesses in my home time in the Alps of Europe are reincarnations of the ones I visited in Lemuria. I was told by the Lemurian leadership that full knowledge of Lemuria could be dangerous to the fabric of all time on earth if held improperly. They said improper perception of their Lemurian era could harm all space-time since Lemuria. I'm still trying to comprehend what they meant by that." Ragna commented," Without traveling to Lemuria physically and observing and studying the culture firsthand it is difficult to know for sure what was meant. It's amazing that you went back that far. We can't do that with our time ships because there are physical barriers or force fields in place preventing that." " If we are to know the answer, Captain Ragna, we will be shown at some point." Said Elohar.

Elohar began teaching the men what she knew about the ancient secrets through time of the Mt. Shasta area and locale, Atlantis and the Brotherhood of Light. She said," They (The Brotherhood of light) have been helping mankind evolve in civilization after civilization for hundreds of thousands of years, maybe longer." The three men marveled at the esoteric knowledge she conveyed to them and their lives were forever changed by what she revealed.

At a certain point Elohar got a faraway looked in her eyes and said, " Jonathan is waiting for us. It is time to go."

Ragna led the way back down the Mountain's ancient corridors and into their ship 'The Awesome. He felt reassured entering something he was familiar with. He felt in this mountain feelings and thoughts he had never considered thinking or feeling. He realized these thoughts had shaken him in a way he hadn't even considered before. He felt most of all a peace he had never known before. Elohar asked the rocks to open once again and the ship came out of the mountain. What seemed strange to Ragna was not that the mountain opened for them to enter. What was strange to him was that the landing pad seemed to be built exactly the right size for ships like his. This landing pad area was thousands and thousands of years old and self-maintaining and self protecting. He thought to himself, "Whoever built this may have put that block in time before the time of Christ. I have a funny feeling. This won't be the end of all this for us. There is much more to this than meets the eye."

Chapter 3

Now we return to the point where the awesome emerged from the water near the Golden Gate Bridge next to San Francisco, California. When Ragna and Elohar first arrived in 'The Awesome' over the Golden Gate Bridge fighter jets were scrambled from Travis Air Force Base east of the bay near Vacaville, California. Two men were playing cards at Travis quickly scrambled their fighter jets to intercept 'The awesome' which to them was an unknown bogie. When the men were within five to ten minutes of confronting and are locking onto the awesome with their air-to-air missiles the awesome moved in 1/2 second from San Francisco to Mt. Shasta area. Satellites above California designed for tracking incoming Nuclear missiles track the U.F.O. in it's 1/2 second flight to Mt. Shasta. The pilots watch. Their code names are Luke and Eagle One. Eagle One says," Luke did you see that?" " No." Replied Luke. " But if it had been there it would have been incredible wouldn't it?" " Yeah", said Eagle 1," It would have been fastest purple blue meteorite that I've ever seen." They both laughed at this. " Travis Tower here. Your orders are to fly to Mt. Shasta area at subsonic speeds and do a slow 25 mile diameter continuous circle of the area using Mt. Shasta as a center." "Tower, this is Eagle 1, did you get a speed on it?" " No more chatter, Eagle 1. Go subsonic to Shasta then circle and wait for further orders." " Yes Sir!" Eagle One and Luke both responded. A few minutes after Eagle 1 and Luke arrived in the vicinity of Mt. Shasta the purple blue meteorite came up out of the mountain. However, it soon disappeared then reappeared a few miles away heading toward Eureka, California area and out to sea leaving the two pilots in amazement.

Eagle 1 said," I think it's time we climbed Mt. Shasta, Luke." " Ditto"-said Luke. " This is Travis Tower, Eagle 1, what did you see?" " Travis read my broadcast on the three word scrambler." " Roger Eagle 1." " Momentarily saw similar U.F. 0 to the one seen in San Francisco over the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Then it shot away toward Eureka I think." " Yes, Eagle 1 it's headed out to sea." " It must have some sort of time space displacement, nothing living could survive that acceleration otherwise." " Transmission complete. No chatter. That's an order!" " Yes Sir!" Was their answer.

Chapter 4 the Himalayas

With flash the Awesome was out to sea and headed for Rewalsar, Himcahl Pradesh state in India. Jonathan Flow and his family are there. Jonathan is an American born around 1950 to Ragna and Elohar in their past lives. Jonathan is now 38 years old. He has been traveling in Thailand, Nepal, and India. His experiences have greatly enriched his life and his wife and children's.

When Ragna first contacts Jonathan's mind he is amazed at how many different facets he has in his awareness of life. In Ragna's time people are much more specialized. Only a few like King Interlaken and Elohar in Ragna's time would have a mind as multifaceted from external and internal experiences as Jonathan's. At the time Ragna first observes Jonathan's mind Jonathan is looking over his life up to that point. What is disturbing to Ragna is the way in which he does this. Jonathan uses many mystical methods to travel to his future and pasts. The basis of Jonathan's mind is instinctual and intuitive rather than completely based on mechanics, logic and reason as Ragna's mind and behavior tends to be. Ragna immediately sees the value of Jonathan's way of problem solving and processing information and wonders why this way of functioning hadn't occurred to him sooner. Ragna previous to this had only reverted to intuitive and instinctual behavior when in battle. Even then this behavior was controlled by logic and reason. Jonathan on the other hand uses logic and reason but only when he finds them useful. So his basis is God, Nature, instinct, intuition, compassion, pragmatism, logic and then reason. By functioning in this order any situation he finds himself in anywhere in the universe is dealt with successfully.

Jonathan, because of how he was raised sees the whole universe and himself as one experience. He does not see himself as separate from the entire universe. Ragna imagines that this must be similar to how Elohar functions also. He wonders at all the many far reaching implications of this.
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Memories part 3
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Chapter 4

With a flash they were out to sea and headed for Rewalsar, India. Jonathan is an American born around 1950 to Ragna and Elohar past life.

The Tibetan New Year is called lotsar, pronounced Lo tzar. The time his Feb. 1986 and we are in Rewalsar in Himchal Pradesh ,a state in India. Jonathan is awed by the magic of where he is in a high room in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Rewalsar, India. Rewalsar Lake is located at about 5000 feet elevation and up a windey mountain road near the city of Mendi in the Himalayas. All five of his family including himself are here in Rewalsar. They reached Rewalsar by bus from Dharmsala where they had been staying. Two different Lamas and a monk in Dharmsala had directed Jonathan to Rewalsar on different occasions. Jonathan decided it was an important journey to take. Upon arriving with his family there he found lodging at the local Nyingma Temple. The temple or Gonpo. Change the o to a and it becomes Gonpa which is a revered male Buddhist Teacher. Tsopema or Rewlasar as it is called surrounds the Lake of the same name. It is said that Padmasambhava was a renowned Mahasiddha created the Lake while demonstrating his supernatural gifts. Jonathan was told "Mahasiddha" means "A King of God's magic power." For those of you who are not familiar with Tibetan Buddhism I will try not to be too complicated on the subject.

In this story sacred to Tibetan Buddhists and others Padmasambhava was instructing a princess from the Rewalsar area. The year was sometime around 800 A.D. The local King who was the father of Princess Mandhrava thought that Padmasambhava was having his way with Mandhrava However in reality, Padmasambhava was instructing Mandhrava in Buddhist Dharma and moving toward enlightenment. When the king tried to burn Padmasambhava at the stake for having his way with Mandhrava, Padmasambhava turned the burning stake into a lake and then flew several thousand feet up the mountain and melted his foot into a boulder to demonstrate his attainment and enlightenment.

A monk took me to this boulder while I was in Rewalsar.It both looked and vibed authentic. The interesting thing for me was that the melted footprint in the rock was the same size as my vasques cascade hiking boot size 14. Padmasambhava must have been well over 6 feet like myself to have feet that big. I put my boot into the melted rock footprint and laughed. The monk stared at me as my boot was exactly the same size as the melted print. As I turned around after that the sky was violet and violet purple lightning started crashing from the skies along with rain. At this time my family and I were invited to meet a Reknowned Kagyu Lama nearby. He gave us tea as a symbol of our spiritual connection throughout lifetimes. Years later he came to Mt. Shasta and gave friends and family and others a Dzogchen Empowerment, which is a powerful key to enlightenment.

I thanked the Kagyu Lama for his hospitality and then my family and I walked on the trail down to Rewalsar in the purple rain with purple violet lightning crashing all around. I knew somehow I had lived all my life waiting for this amazing day.

When we reached the Nyingma monastery it was raining hard. I sensed what God was calling me to do so I got my rain poncho from my room and did a special Padmasambhava power walk and chant while circling Rewalsar Lake three times. My Tibetan prayer beads(Mala) I held in my right hand during the three times I circled the lake. Padmasambhava in this form is called Dorje Drollo.I am told he is the emanation of Crazy Wisdom otherwise known as Spontaneous Wisdom beyond all Logic. The legend says that Padmasambhava turned his burning stake into Lake Tsopema. The Lake has become sacred to all Tibetan Buddhists and all who Revere Padmasambhava. As I strode and chanted the power mantra revered in this holy place the violet lightning crashed all around me while the purple rain stung my face from the blowing wind. I knew I was with God and his power coursed through my veins. I asked in my heart for health, and for the healing of the human race and of all life upon the earth. I asked for help for my family and all my progeny and my descendants on into the future. Some of the locals looked out from their windows with concern for my being struck with the fierce lightning but God was with me and I was unafraid. However God wanted me was all right. As the Native Americans sometimes still say, "It's a good day to die!" And I add," to God!" I also prayed for a high Kagyu Lama I had recently met for the first time in this life. Too much traveling had made him temporarily ill so I prayed for his health for I sensed we had been friends for thousands of years.

That night in my Nyingma monastery penthouse room I slept on my Tibetan dragon carpet that I had bought in Dharmsala. Everywhere I went I felt safe in my North Face Sleeping Bag on my dragon carpet. That night with the Tibetan drums beating the many monks chanted late into the night a Dorje Drollo Puja. As I went to sleep I realized I was in another world. I could just as easily have been 1000 years ago. Little did I know that I would intersect with thousands of years in the future before the night was through. Before the next day was through I would also touch a culture so deep in the past that it provided many of the foundations of all present religions and philosophies on earth.

Note to the reader*** In rereading what I have written that follows Jonathan appears to be somwhat passive. It is important to the reader to note that Jonathan has been regularly having powerful ESP and what he would term supernatural experiences from childhood. By now he is in his late 30's and has grown accustomed to dealing with amazing experiences. He has learned to remain calm when something powerful happens and to be very focused and observant. What he has learned is that to survive these powerful supernatural experiences one must be very aware and calm and one must not get too emotional. If the reader understands that the keywords for Jonathan are calm, focused guarded observing then the reader can more easily understand what Jonathan is doing and why his reactions are the way they are. endnote

That night I had a visitation. The two silvery beings from my youth returned. I hadn't seen them in the physical since I was 21. At that time they had come to protect me. I hadn't expected to see them again until after I had passed on. This time they said I must physically come with them. I said," What about my family?" They said," you will return by morning." So I said," okay." They handed me a belt that I strapped around my waist. It was silver in color and seemed like a bendable metal.It seemed like metal and plastic combined for strength. As soon as it was in place I became invisible. They each held one of my hands as I could see nothing because there was no visible light and we made no noise. I couldn't even see my hands or feet or my own nose. As I walked out of the monastery guesthouse I stumbled several times in the disorientation of being invisible. Each time they caught me. At the edge of Rewalsar on a road turnout I was lead up invisible steps into an invisible ship. Once we were safely in the ship Ragna pushed a button on his waist and we all became visible again. Their invisible garments slid off automatically into their waist container. All were clad in their bulletproof jumpsuits once their invisible cloaks were removed. I recognized a woman who looked a lot like my mother when she was young.

Elohar greeted Jonathan and Jonathan responded warmly for he had seen her in his dreams. She had been mother and teacher in another form. He recognized her soul." Greetings old friend!" He said." Greetings to you, son and old friend." greeted Elohar.I Said, "What brings you here in person?" Elohar pointed to Ragna." Your father is born again in the future." Tears formed in Jonathan's eyes for his father had passed on six months earlier." Could you introduce us?" said Jonathan."

"I am now called Ragna, Jonathan. All this reincarnation stuff is new to me." Elohar said," I now introduce father and son once again."

" Far out mom and dad of the future!" Jonathan quiped to break the tension. They all laughed although a little though nervously.

Both Jonathan and Ragna were a little stunned. Especially because Jonathan although though only 38 appeared to be the oldest one present. Elohar heard Jonathan's thoughts and answered." Though we are much older than you in our new bodies we appear younger because of the regenerative techniques available in our culture." " Yes, I already realized that because of your very focused mature demeanor." Said Jonathan.

Jonathan hugged his mother nervously. He felt strangely out of time and space. He decided he must have be dreaming and if he wasn't the people of his time wouldn't believe this experience anyway.

Elohar appeared as a shapely brunette with Auburn highlights. Since Jonathan and Elohar were both natural telepaths , they instantly understood each other. However, the experience was very strange for Jonathan since his own mother was still alive in the U.S." Won't there be a time paradox or something if you are here in the same time in two bodies?"

" No, because there will be no future without you." " That sounds pretty ominous." Said Jonathan with a nervous half disbelieving laugh." I'm afraid it is true Jonathan. Your actions in this life and Ragna's interaction with you and me define the future for the next 10,000 years. If the three of us aren't careful there will be no future for anyone on earth."

Jonathan looked perplexed and said,"This is a bit much for me to believe but I have to take your word for it or I'd have to think you were crazy."
" What do your senses tell you son?"
"That you are sane but not of this time or the world I know." "Yes that's right. You saw us in your past as the silvery beings in your youth."

Jonathan said in an awed voice," I have been waiting for you but I thought this body would end and be cremated and left on Mt. Shasta before I saw you two again."
" No, we need you now!"

Chapter 5

Jonathan was introduced to the Awesome. Ragna manifested the awesome as the physical hologram Jan, a bucksome blonde who seemed very concerned with Jonathan's well-being." Jan telepathed, "Your soul wrote my seed sentient program millions of years ago." There was awe in her telepathic tone. Ragna said, "Jan will educate you so that you can be with us without damaging your present life when you return to 1986, Jonathan." "Jonathan? I am manifesting in this form so you will recognize me when I come into your life as an old friend returned in 1994. Though you won't remember me consciously you will be prepared for my return." said Jan, ships sentient.

Ragna said," Were taking off from India, Jonathan, and going toward Hawaii." Okay, but will I ever see my family again?" " Time travel is as safe as when you rode to Japan on that 747 Jonathan." "I guess it's okay." Said Jonathan. But he was mostly dazzled, awed, and in some kind of psychological shock. He kept telling himself that this was a dream even though he knew quite well it wasn't. He knew, however, that pretending it was a dream was useful in maintaining long term mental stability in a situation like this.

As the awesome rose into the sky the Tibetan monks beat their drums and chanted their puja to Padmasambhava. They watched the purple violet meteorite move up and shoot across the sky.

As the awesome passed over the Hawaiian Islands and specifically Haleakala Crater on Maui, Hawaii a time storm hit. Elohar fainted from the neural effects of the heightened electrical corona. Jonathan said" Mom!" And caught her before her body hit the deck.

Ragna swore and said," I think were under attack but I can't tell from where or when the attack has been launched from." As Ragna, Hawk, and Free struggled with the Awesome's instruments and control surfaces. Jonathan watched the Time Beacon move back in increments into the past to the date 44,733 B.C. to the month of June. Jonathan's jaw dropped. He said," My God, I think were in Lemuria or Mu. Suddenly everything stopped. Hawk said after looking at his viewscreen, "North America is a different place than we knew." Jonathan Gasped As the hair stood up on the back of his neck he said," I'm home!" The three time officers looked at him with more than a little concern. Ragna spoke first," What do you mean, Jonathan?" "Nothing to fear guys I haven't lost it. It's just that I 've always known somehow that this era was my real home." The Time officers weren't sure fully what to make of Jonathan's words but there was a little relief from their functional terror about the situation. However, stress over the whole situation was still written strongly on their faces faces.

Hawk said," This is just too slick, General we are over 30,000 years in previously inaccessible time. What shall we do, Sir?" Ragna never looked so focused,"Well, they didn't kill us and they went to the trouble to bring us here. So they must want us alive. Maybe they just want a time treaty or information. This could be the best or the worst that is ever happened to our civilization. Get out our dress uniforms. We may have just become political envoys from our civilization." Free said," I sent out a distress call to our home time. It should have automatically told our King that we somehow breached the past time barrier. Ragna said, "If we don't return in five days to our own era, our duplicates will duplicate and one set will come after us." Hawk said, "they may not be able to breach the past time barrier like we did." "That's true," said General Ragna, "unless this era decides to let them through. So for now it's just us five and the Awesome Sentience. Whatever happens we've got to stick together."

An unearthly voice rose out of Elohar's unconscious body. "No! There is only one on earth, Infidels. You are presently being absorbed into the One. None in the Awesome could move. Sweat poured down Ragna, Hawk and Free's faces. However Jonathan felt totally at home. Tears of joy and relief poured down his face. Hearing the voice of the Lemurian God King speaking from Elohar's unconscious body was amazing for him.

Frozen in place Ragna, Free and Hawk experienced extreme terror in what to them was a deathlike experience and then momentarily the awareness of the peace of a baby. "We have been altered men. Record in case we survive." The voice from Elohar boomed," Your normal modes of consciousness will be returned to you when you leave our era and return to your home times. Your ancestors, us, the oneness, have brought you here. We are the creators, refiners, and destroyers and maintainers of all cultures and creatures on earth past, present, and future. The reason all of you have been brought here is that the time alteration your kingdom has carried out through some of you is distressing too many eras and souls. It is interfering in their karmic patterns too greatly."

"It could be said, General Ragna, that you are too proficient at what you do." "If that's a complement, Sir, then I thank you!" "It is. However you need our training in order to prevent further soul and karmic harm. In order for us to allow you to continue you must follow our specific directions." "Sir? Before you alter us the purposes and the security of the era and the security of my home era is paramount to me. Could you please contact my king and government so diplomatic relations can be established?" "This meeting must remain secret for now until we understand each other better, Ragna. Your subconscious mind is now monitored by the one god mind awareness of the Lemurian oneness. You need to understand, Ragna, that thoughts and feelings are things. Thoughts and feelings can be fists and swords or whatever you wish. They are in fact just the same as the real physical article in their effect on souls, bodies and minds. In your history you have the saying, "The pen is mightier than the sword." "Yes, your oneness I have heard of that. It's quite true. But if I may say so what you are doing here in this culture is a breach of our rights in my culture." "I understand that, General, but to quote your history again, ' when in Rome do as the Romans." "Yes, Your oneness I understand." "Besides General all of your free will will be returned when you're all returned your home times with in a few weeks."

" How should we proceed then, General Ragna?" "The way in which you all process information is alien to us in my era, your oneness." " In our society there is no you or I there is only the one composite us." "Pardon my asking, Sir but doesn't that make your society vulnerable?" "Yes. In the near future it does but in the era we live in it works perfectly well. None survive who attack us. They are simply absorbed by the oneness. When the oneness is no longer an advantage to the survival of life on earth we then remove our civilization from this dimension to one that cannot be attacked." "Amazing! Though I am used to something else I have never felt such peace." said Ragna. "Already you are moving quickly toward Lemurian enlightenment" said that King. "I can feel it, your oneness. Is it permanent?" "Yes your new enlightenment will interface perfectly and perfectly with your previous disciplines and consciousness." While Ragna was playing this game with His Oneness he was thinking, "how are we going to get out of this one? My home time and country may be at stake."

His Oneness went on, "In the 20,000 years of your home era the mystics of all religions and philosophies strive for lifetimes to obtain what we have reached 200,000 years previous to them. Jonathan and Elohar and you, Ragna, will return to teach this enlightenment to your home eras." "But Sir my training is technical and military!" "All work and no play will make you a dull boy, Ragna."

"Then my past life is over?"

"It's not over. You will still be General Ragna, protector and champion of the King's lands and times. But now you will also be Ragna, the Enlightened, as well. Your king will be quite pleased."

"I am overwhelmed by all this, Your Oneness. You have taken away my rational and logical mind." "Not really, Ragna, I have simply changed what you are choosing to think about. My sister is coming. Please be respectful.**********************************************************************************************************************************************

Suddenly, the powerful presence of a red haired blue-eyed Goddess appeared dressed in a pastel green flowing gown with a green emerald held to her forehead by a golden band.

Elohar once again in control of her senses said," Aurora, is that you?"

"Yes, grandmother, sort of --. My soul is the same as Aurora but I'm wearing a slightly modified body in this now."

"Do you have her memories?"

"Yes, I have all the memories of all my lives. However, I choose not to experience all the feelings and emotions of any of my lives but the one I am presently living. This keeps my mind and emotion stream uncorrupted. Jonathan said," You are the seed soul of my daughter to be, Aurora?" "Yes, we will share in your time many happy and sad experiences."

This was a little too much for Jonathan. Tears welled up in his eyes. In the time he had just come from his daughter had not yet been born.

When it was just the unearthly voice coming through Elohar he could sort of deal with it. But with the presence of this female being he knew he was getting disoriented from time shock and culture shock at the same moment. Her eyes riveted on Jonathan, as he was her father and the father of His Oneness. At the time Jonathan didn't have a clue yet why she was staring at him except he knew she was his daughter. He had not fathered either she or His Oneness yet. That was still in his future. At present Jonathan was completely lost in a culture and time unknown to his own and trying to maintain his wits in a useful way. Just accepting the fact that his daughter to be was an adult over 45,000 years in his past was too much to fathom and stay in a normal frame of mind. So Jonathan decided to pretend for the moment at least it was a dream. In this way he believed he could protect his sensibilities. He was correct.

Ragna signaled Jan secretly to stay invisible in order to carry out emergency security procedures.

"Are you an emissary of the Lemurian government?" Asked Ragna. "Yes, I am sister to His Oneness. Jonathan over there is a was/will be father to us both." Replied the princess. "Are you sure?" questioned Ragna. "Yes!" Was the princess's answer. How should we address you, Princess?" "You may address me in the personal mode as Aurora or Princess Aurora when only your crew and I am present. At all other times address me as Princess of the Oneness as I am to succeed His Oneness should anything ever happened to him in the next 1000 years."

"How long can you live?"

"There is no limit physically. However we live as long as we can put up with physical life. Also, sometimes there are accidents in which our bodies cannot be repaired such as fires and explosions."

"You speak freely with us Princess Aurora. Why is that?" Asked Ragna. "It is because I am karmicly close to you and don't wish to damage old friends souls. Souls can be like butterflies. They are precious but friendships can be delicate through lifetimes. I'm just maintaining positive connections to you all."

"You are protecting us then?"

"Yes, you are under my personal protection while here in my time. Both I and His Oneness my brother will see you all returned home safely without breaching Lemurian security as soon as that can be done and still protect the Holy Lemurian Timeline." "As soon as possible will be best for I and my crew," said arcane. "I am interested in studying your culture but I am very concerned about my own home culture."

" No time damage will be allowed while you're gone General Ragna." Your home time is secure." "Thank you, Princess. Was/will be refers to things that have not happened yet in the time line of the being addressed I presume?" Said Ragna. "Yes. But there is more to it than that. Lemuria is the seed of all past and future it civilization's. Neither time nor space is any obstacle to us. All history exists for the entertainment and learning of Lemurian souls and their guests from other times, dimensions, planets and star systems. I should also tell you that His Oneness is an incarnation of Jonathan."

"Wow!" Said Jonathan.

To which Ragna replied, "Jonathan, do you remember living in another body as His Oneness?"

"Yes,but I'm not sure it is my future or my past or something else entirely." said Jonathan.

"Father, son, brother to brother and so on," Aurora said, "yes, but it means much more than that but it's too soon for you to understand." Ragna agreed. "Yes, I think we're all having difficulty maintaining a useful state of mind in this moment.

Princess Aurora spoke again, "Once you all get used to being part of the oneness and being here in the past future it will be easier to instantly understand anything you need to know about including history, languages and science. However, there is a lag time in figuring out how to make the best use of all the new found knowledge and incorporating it into the worlds you have come from in a way that is useful, and safe for all concerned especially the students.

Ragna with concern said, "You consider yourself the dominant paradigm for all civilizations on Earth then past, present and future?"

"Yes," said Aurora, "even the alien civilizations that visit us here are our guests."

"Oh!" Ragna seemed disturbed by this.

"Don't worry Ragna we brought you here to repair time damage not to punish you and your civilization."

Princess Aurora spoke into a very bright green emerald on her wrist. She said, "I'm transporting your bodies and souls to the palace. Please do not fear as it may cause pain if you do." All understood what she meant.

"Palace guard! Transport all bodies and souls intact to His Oneness' court, now!" With this she touched a green emerald on her wrist to the green emerald on her forehead. The men grunted "uhh!" As if they had been hit in the stomach and Elohar let out a slight scream. The interior of the awesome exploded in green light. The sentient ship Awesome immediately sent a distress call because of what the ship's sentient Jan perceived as the incineration of all who were in the operations room of the awesome. His oneness allowed the distress call to reach the palace in Elohar and Ragna's home time for his own purposes.

New editing point ******************************************************************************

Elohar was very upset after her body was reformed in a new place. "I wasn't designed for this all my disciplines have been disrupted!"

No one but Jonathan and Aurora had any idea what Elohar was so distressed about. They just knew she was upset.

"She's in pieces!", said Jonathan. By this Jonathan meant that although Elohar's soul was intact her spiritual disciplines were fragmented and out of sync. Whereas Ragna, Hawk and Free's thoughts were something like, "Amazing!"

Ragna pushed a single button on his wrist telling Jan and the Awesome that they were all alive. It was then relayed to his home time. It also relayed the opinion of Ragna that, "We are overmatched. Make a treaty with them if possible." Ragna was pale and shaken concerning all these changes but he remained focused and disciplined as he had been trained. Princess Aurora strode over to Elohar and placed a blue sapphire ring against Elohar's forehead and said, "Reorder!" And "Reintegrate!"

"What are you doing to me?" Said Elohar. Aurora replied, "Your disciplines are illegal in this culture. We have to change you, or move you out of our time. We chose to change you for the time being." Your disciplines are being stored fo7028.80r you to be reintegrated later."

Note: This Date is the exit-entry point for Elohar and Ragna's entry into the 21st and 20th centuries and visiting me in Rewalsar,India, Los Angeles and near Etna and the ufo track in 1974 and the US military ufo flight I witness both in proximity or on Mt. Shasta may have been them also. I am not sure whether the Shasta experiences were just US military time travellers or a combination of Ragna, Elohar and US military envoys. 4-22-01 Another thought that has occured to me lately is that the World Trade Organization may be a secret cover for all the democratic nations to secretly spread the knowledge of worldwide alliances with civilizations beyond our time and/or beyond our planet. The years were 1986,1969 and 2000. There were other contacts but not for publication.

From this same exit entry point they entered Lemurian time while visiting the 20th and 21st centuries. I cannot reveal the real time of his Oneness for security reasons. It was between 30,000 and 500,000 BC

Note: Alomar and eomar come from Atlantis or Lemuria. Alomar showed up during the 7028.80 transmissions. Maybe I'll be shown more later. Blessings

"I'm in order now. I'm whole again. They did change me on a subconscious motivational level. The philosophy at my core has changed. Now all life everywhere on Earth and throughout the Galaxy is equal to me regardless of intelligence or size. Humans are not the end all be all of everything in the universe.

His oneness was present and Jonathan became aware of his presence. The lighting changed and his oneness telepathically addressed Jonathan. "We will speak at length and private later. For now, are you the dreamer or the dream?" Jonathan replied telepathically, "Both!" "Excellent!" said his oneness.

His oneness spoke, "General Ragna? As emissary of your civilization and commanding General of your home times I must apologize to you, your crew and your civilization for bringing you here for this command performance. Since we the oneness are the protectors and keepers of time on Earth we have summoned you here."

To this Ragna replied, "Your oneness, I am amazed to be here. We are shaken up but as far as I can tell at present we are not harmed. I am told you wish to question me regarding the time changes in my area. I take full responsibility for any changes made by me or my time cadre on behalf of my king and my era of Earth."

"The problem Ragna is not a problem of action as much as perception. Actions follow perceptions and motivations. We, as the oneness have come to see all life as sacred. Life can take on ill-advised thoughts, forms and actions but even then it does not lose its basic sacredness. It has just then become incomplete or twisted. It is in being too harsh upon incomplete or twisted lifeforms that one creates soul abominations or serious soul abnormalities. Killing or twisting beings is not useful from our perspective because those beings tend to seek revenge as they reincarnate in the past or future or even the present after their demise if they are reincarnating souls. Since it is our pastime to watch souls incarnate and transmigrate we can see the harm ongoing that is done by your civilization's manipulation of time. You honor your civilization and culture but in doing so souls become violated and the time space of Earth becomes unbearable for many souls. Some of the souls you have harmed are your own future incarnations in your own past and future. So even in your own enlightened self-interest you need to learn our ways.

"General Ragna," Said His Oneness, "Let me tell you a story. During that story you will experience the necessary realignment of your soul and senses. Although you would have achieved this in time I'm speeding up the process in the interests of those whose lives who have been harmed.

"I invoke the Divine Selves of all those you have inadvertently harmed in any time past, present or future. I ask them all to assemble here in the spirit now. I ask them all to assist me in correcting all problems now, past, present and future that have been accidentally created through misunderstandings between you and the embodiments of those souls."

Immediately, a whirlwind of lights and energy came into the room and General Ragna was scared and started to shake a little. However, he was well trained and stood his ground. He felt faint but then he heard his Oneness telepathically in his mind. "I invoke your Divine Self too, Ragna, to help create a positive resolution for all souls and for the Earth past, present and future."

Somehow, the energy in Ragna's brain was exploding in electricity. But somehow his body stayed standing. Ragna's men sensed he was in distress but there bodies were riveted to the ground and couldn't move either. Ragna lost consciousness for what seemed to him about a half an hour. When he regained consciousness his whole awareness was different. All fear was gone. Instead what he found could only be described as God Consciousness perfectly interfaced with his own. What he thought was death was instead perfect enlightenment of the Lemurian Oneness.

He saw clearly now why the Lemurian Oneness was so effective. The reason was that all of the most efficient and advanced ways of thinking were available to each citizen. It was like having God with all answers to anything in ones brain at all times. He missed his individuality and separateness but understood also that all life on earth in any time had nothing ever to fear from Ragna ever again. The old Ragna had presumed himself to be the champion of all. But he was wrong. The new Ragna was millions of times more compassionate, aware, instinctual, logical and scarily efficient than Ragna would have ever believed was possible. He was a new man.

Ragna looked at His Oneness and said, " Is this permanent?"

"Yes," His Oneness Said, "What do you think, Ragna?"

"I have never been more amazed in my life!"

"The really incredible thing, Ragna, is that all time mistakes you made have been fixed. Your home world is now 1000% more beautiful, efficient and happy that it was when you left."

The old Ragna would have asked how this was possible. He didn't need to ask he just Knew.

"Would everyone please leave but the crew of the Awesome. You can stay Aurora." "Thank you, your Oneness." Said Aurora.

"I will reveal in my story the Lemurian civilization's journey to another dimension here on Earth thousands of years hence. It will still exist in your day Ragna. I want your King Interlaken to hear this story from my mind and lips. It will be thought and language recorded for him to hear. He will want to learn the Lemurian language if I know him."

Ragna did not have to speak but as emissary of his era he did. "your Oneness my king would be happy to receive the gift of your future move into another dimension."

"I share it because it affects as us so greatly. Come all of you stand around the time pool. Ragna noticed something like a levitating camera position itself above the pool at about 10 feet in elevation. They all stood around the pool. They all felt somewhat disembodied by this whole experience. But at least it was starting to get interesting.

His Oneness stood alongside them. They all stood in a circle around the time pool. His Oneness raised his hands. Immediately they saw his Oneness deep in the future.

Memories part


His Oneness

His Oneness awoke. It was morning. He had never experienced any morning quite like this one in the 40,000 years he had been alive. A message came in from the Galactic Consortium that Earth would experience an attack from another Galaxy soon. It is not that it was really an attack. It was a communication from another galaxy that his civilization couldn't survive. He was told he must make extraordinary changes to allow his Lemurian civilization to survive. He had hoped it would never come to this but somehow he knew it would one day come. At 10 am he would telepathically address the 3 billion souls of Earth in his charge. He wondered how his 500 colonies on other planets would fare. He meditated on this. They would survive. The communication from another galaxy would appear as a time storm. Since Earth was on the rim of our Galaxy it wouldn't be able to maintain stable time for itself if he kept his civilization on earth in a physical mode. He had no choice. He sent a group message to all 500+ planets and their leaders.

"Severely important! Listen as you've never listened before. The time space of Earth is in jeopardy. A message from another galaxy will disrupt Earth's time space for several years. Though it would destroy us if we remain physical, we have prepared long for this eventuality. You must form stronger alliances with each other for I must take the Mother civilization into another dimension. You will always be able to communicate with us. Scream in your minds, 'Lemuria!' and I or whomever you wish to speak with will come to you. Within one week the time storm will be over. It will affect all of you only slightly. There will be no loss of life on Earth or your worlds. However, there will be confusion as time warps and bends on your worlds. Get all your people to join psychically and mentally. Have all people who can be with loved ones form in circles with their arms around each other to stabilize souls, bodies, and minds. I am told by the Galactic consortium that the communication will last one week. Then you should all be intact again with no loss of life."

"However, all civilization on earth will be permanently gone from the physical. You will be able to contact us and to physically visit us but the energy we must expend to move us to a different dimension makes our move irreversible. However, the time line of Earth extending to our planetary colonies continues unabated because we still exist in a Galactically accepted legal form. I as we still have infinite rights to our time lines. As long as I exist in dimensional stasis you all have legal rights to your colonies time lines. We will all continue. We will all survive. This is an emergency so prepare your colonists. I must go and prepare the way for us all. Blessings!"

It was now about 9:55 am. He went into an earth communications telepathic mode. Some of his highest evolved ministers had already received his message to the planetary colonies. At 10 am he woke all on Earth with his mind.

"Emergency! I know some of you in different parts of the planet are just going to sleep or just waking up. Please be comfortable and stay wherever you are. Just listen.

A communication is coming in from another Galaxy. It will permanently destroy the time space continuum of Earth if we stay in the physical when it comes. We have prepared for contingencies such as this for thousands of years so there is nothing to fear. We must take all beings into another dimension connected to Earth. The good news is that no one need die ever again. The bad news is that no new child can be born in this new dimension unless one of us does first. To maintain the time line of Lemurian Earth and all its planetary and dimensional colonies I will never die. This is possible for me in the new dimension. The rest of you will have the choice when you pass on to be reborn with us or not. Most of us will have to stay in the new dimension. You may also stay on earth in personal stasis if you wish but your chances of survival are only 50%. You can travel to one of our colonies if you can afford transport. I know these are hard decisions but all must make them. If citizens do not make a choice within two weeks I will be forced to make them come with us. To do otherwise would be murder according to our laws. You may also have the choice of recolonizing Earth after this problem passes.

I have been told the best location for recolonizing earth is a large island Called Atlantis so any of you who wish to do this may. I can grant a few thousand of us at a time entry back into the physical. However, remember there are 3 billion of us now so the likelihood of going for you is one in many millions. It will be very primitive at first but it might be a great adventure for you much like our brave souls that began planetary and dimensional colonies. I can send a maximum of 100,000 back to earth over the next 20 years after the storm is over and time has stabilized.

We will not need food for sustenance in the dimension we will create to live in. We need not ever die. I plan to maintain my life by vicariously living through my future incarnations. Since you and I will not be physical we can incarnate on earth or any of our colonies into perpetuity. By manifesting in two or more places at once we can revitalize our souls and still stay alive here as well. I wish you all the perfect peace and balance of the Sacred Four."

With this his Oneness turned and looked into a mirror. He felt the weight of his decisions. Telepathically he asked his ministers to come. They arrived one by one. He could see they all seemed sad and in shock.

When they had all gathered in a semi circle facing him he said, "Friends and Ministers of the beings of Lemuria and Earth. I bring you here today to give me council. I wish to hear your thoughts. I have made these decisions but if you can convince me of a better way I want you to try."

His first minister said, "Sire, we all agree with your decisions. There are no other practical options to our group survival as a planet and colonies. Our Earth culture must be sacrificed so that the now 100+ billion colonists on over 500 planets and dimensions can survive in the physical. Besides, relative immortality and manifesting two or more places in bodies at once might be quite an adventure. We are all awed by your composure and are grateful you ask us to council you." "Thank you for your support my ministers. I need it more than ever today. Please go and prepare you families and staffs for the transference."

His Oneness wondered whether the Time Pool would transfer over to the new dimension. He asked his first minister to replicate the Time Pool so that a test could be made of its transference. He thought of the original design of the Time Pool. It had been given to him by the Galactic Legal system as a sign of his ownership of the Time line of Earth. He had been told that as long as he was in an energy body or a physical one on Earth or in one of the Earth heavens he could own the timeline and protect his children from each other. Any interference with Earth's time line from beyond earth the Galaxy would handle in the long run and he was more than capable of handling it in the short run.

Strategically if the Time Pool could transfer over to the new dimension they were building it would make Earth invulnerable from attack from without or within. As long as all who transferred over to the new dimension could maintain balance earth and thousands or millions of new generations could or would be safe from the ravages of the universe.

Note: The time pool is a very sophisticated device. It is basically a large pool of energy about 10 feet in diameter. It functions somewhat like a viewscreen or a very large television monitor. It's main observable difference is that it is like water in that it must be level with the surface of the earth like a swimming pool because it is affected by gravity. It runs directly off of Earth's magnetic fields and electrical fields. Its basic information structure comes from these fields as well.

It displays the earth in total and self modifies to display changes in the atmosphere of earth, within the earth, on or within the moon or any time changes made in the solar system. At any moment millions of years can be displayed at once. Time changes from any place or era are seen as ripples that move out from a time changing source. The next step would be for his Oneness to be notified of specific changes so that Lemurian Time Guards can be dispatched to that time in the physical to personally observe who is rearranging time and for what purpose. A decision is then made as to whether to leave the changes as they are or to change them back or to rearrange an entirely new pattern.

The Lemurian point of view is based upon not who lives or dies but how is the entire world culture affected within 300 to 500 years. How do the changes affect the life quality of all on earth within that range? Then another more in depth study is done upon how that group of time changes affects Earth over thousands of years and then millions of years. So to repeat three basic things are considered.
1. How do these changes affect life within 300 to 500 years?
2. How do the changes affect life within thousands of years?
3. How do these changes affect life on earth within millions of years? Only after these three studies are completed do we move to change or rearrange time.

Another entirely separate study is done upon the leader of the rogue time changers or upon the lone time changer. What is the motivation of the group or individual? Is it benevolent or harmful to the mass of life upon earth?
If the changes are considered more harmful than good to life upon earth the group or individual is warned.
It they don't listen they are stopped.
If the still don't listen their conceptions are prevented so they never existed in those bodies.
If positive changes that are caused by that individual are priceless to the group then a replacement android is put in a birth preprogrammed to do the important works of the eliminated time changer.

If a time invasion comes from another galaxy the Multi Galactic Time Guard is invoked. In other words eventually any type of problem can and has been and will be solved.


Ice Cave 2000

We now travel through time to Jonathan in the year 2000 AD. He and his daughter have been asked to meet the Awesome and its crew once again.

This afternoon and evening we built a snow cave. We were on the mountains above Etna. The light from our l.e.d. flashlight and candle lantern acted as a beacon bringing in the "Awesome" once again. It's been some time since I'd seen them. They started in 2005 and then they went back to 1986 then they randomly visited times from 1965 on up after we all got back from Lemuria. They visited many times and places again up to 2005. This time when we went on board Aurora was with me. We were happy to see Ragna and Elohar as they were family. Hawk and Free had become like brothers or our uncles. It was a good experience to see them all again. It was snowing when they hovered above the snow cave. They brought us back the same second we left so there would be no trace of our being gone even though we were gone 6 months or more. They took us to a remote island in the South pacific where no one lives or visits much. And we landed the Awesome right on the beach. The nearest big Island was somewhere in the Tahiti or Tuomoto Archipelago. I was never too sure what century we vacationed in. When Ragna was my father in a previous life. About 10 years before I was born as his son he had chartered a yacht and come here with his brother. Since he was now a Seer like Elohar and myself he said he remembered it all very fondly like it was yesterday.

We went free diving from the beach with masks and snorkels. The water was very warm so we didn't need wet or dry suits. Hawk and Free particularly enjoyed themselves snorkeling. They even brought a wind surfer along that they bought in '89 or '90 when I had lived in Hawaii. They bought it because they felt sorry for me because I was working so much I didn't have time to wind surf then. We all learned how to shinny up coconut palms and pick the coconuts and someone had brought along a machete so we could whack the tops off and drink the coconut milk. There was water on the island too, even though we had plenty on the ship. So it was just an idyllic paradise to be in. We enjoyed it immensely! Ragna and Elohar said that this was their 15th journey back to my times from their home time in the future. They were happy to see us and Ragna was greatly changed from the person I had known when we were all taken to Lemuria.

We soon found that we had been invited by King Interlakken to visit him in the future. It appeared that the King wanted to meet Aurora and I and had given Ragna and Elohar the task to invite and convince us to return to his home time. . For myself and Aurora this was an unusual request. I did not know exactly why I was being asked to do this.Even though I trusted Elohar as much or more than I did my parents I was concerned about Aurora and her future. We finally decided to go because I couldn't give Aurora a good enough reason not to go. How could we refuse such an amazing experience and potential dream vacation?

So we journeyed forward in time in the ship. Ragna took care of paperwork, time travel and all protocol preparation. Along the way Ragna and Elohar mentioned that they had been married. Aurora and I were very happy for them and congratulated them. In their real time only 4 or 5 years had passed. However, for me 30 years had passed since I was first contacted by them.I was about 21 or 22 at the first contact. On the first occasion they had come to save my life, as they knew my future was a pivotal one for the human race. They couldn't allow me to die. Elohar through precognition and Ragna knew from preventative time scans that yhey would have a son before 3 more years of their 'real' life time passed.(At least three more years of Elohar's time because it would be difficult to say how much of Ragna's real life time had passed because he could leave and come back the same day but having aged 6 months on a time mission in the past or future.

As we got off the ship in Elohar and Ragna's home time I noticed that everything was very clean and that the light from the sun was very odd. It was much more piercing than in my home time. It made the color spectrum shift more into the blue and purple range. The atmosphere had changed a lot. Soon we were taken into very resplendent rooms near the Time Palace. We were very amazed to be there. Aurora and I were then taken to see King Interlakken and his family. He appeared to be about 25 years of age but since no one ages past 25 one could never really know the age of a person unless one was told. I was later told he was about 500 years old and very well loved and respected by his people. The Government is somewhat similar to the parliamentary Government of England. However, in this Government the king had real power. Even though the will of the people was listened to in most respects the king's decisions governing certain aspects of life was always final. One of these governances was the protection of time. This was something most people weren't ever really told about just like in 20th and 21st century America. People in the US haven't been told about all the time travel and engineering that have taken place ever since the first Philadelphia experiments during World War II. These experiments were designed by Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein and reverse engineered from a saucer crash near Germany in 1939. 20th century computers were reverse engineered from the '39 crash and the 47 Roswell crash. It is interesting to me that the transistor was also invented in 1947.

As we were presented to King Interlakken, he had questions for us to answer. His first question should have been easy to answer but I was having difficulty concentrating on anything because the light made me feel dizzy and disoriented. He said, "How do you like it here, so far?" I said, "The light seems very odd to me. The color seems to have shifted into the blue and the purple."

The King said, "When the ozone layer was totally destroyed in the 22nd and 23rd centuries we had to create a synthetic replication at our factories to block out the harmful part of the suns rays. The synthetic ozone has a different effect on color and so has moved all daylight color into a more of the blue and violet part of the spectrum. That's why everything looks different to you. Because we have gotten used to this spectrum shift over thousands of years we have changed our indoor lighting to match this spectrum. Is there anything else that you've noticed, Jonathan?"

"Well, the air smells different."

"In what way?" said the King.

I said, "It sort of buzzes my nose."

"Well" he said. "There's a higher ozone content now than there used to be. We did experiments to try to replace the ozone layer but there is now a residue of ozone that has maintained as a result of our experiments long ago. So it may take some time to get used to the feeling of carbonation in your nose. What do you think of the people of our time?"

"You seem to look a little different than we do in my home time. Probably the changes in the food and the ecology has changed and adapted everyone to the new environment you are all in. This makes sense because I'm now thousands of years in the future from my home time. I'm sure if I went back in time and visited Socrates in his home time that we would be both physically and psychologically different as well." "Yes," said the king. "I have visited Socrates and he was definitely a very different kind of person than you would find in your 20th and 21st centuries." "Wow." Said Jonathan. "You really visited Socrates?"

"Yes. " said the King. "Did you tell him who you were? " Said Jonathan.

"I told him I was from a distant foreign land. I told him the thought necklace was magic and would allow us to understand each other. He was overjoyed such magical technology was possible. However, I had to take it with me when I left and he was sad it had to go with me." "Are there other ways to make people believe you speak their language without the thought necklace?" asked Jonathan. "Yes," said the king, "but it is much more complicated because we have to erect thought screens which make the contacted mind think something else is happening than they think. For example, Jonathan I have contacted you many times in many guises. I have even saved your life more than once. However, I couldn't tell you who I was or ask you the most important questions without causing potential problems in your time space continuum or in mine or others." "Amazing! So I have met you in different disguises." "Yes. I have always been a young or old man but I didn't look like I do now. I have talked to you or watched you in England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Thailand, Japan, India and Nepal in addition to many, many times in America."

"Amazing!" said Jonathan again. He had a flash of thought. "Were you the strange acting Japanese Businessman at Narito Airport in 1985?" "Why Yes, how did you guess, Jonathan? "

"Well, that experience just seemed too otherworldly to be from normal time."

"Well, if the truth be known I was being followed so I wanted to throw those following me off by acting a little crazy."

"Well, you succeeded, Your Highness." At which point they both had a hearty laugh. The rest of the court laughed politely but seemed a little subdued.

The King after a robust laugh said, "You have a remarkable way of looking at things, Jonathan."

Jonathan finally felt comfortable enough to ask the following question. "Why did you ask me here, Your Highness?" "You've become sort of a celebrity among the timekeepers here and throughout the Galaxy. Also, His Oneness back in time in Lemuria does not like to physically travel in his own body as His Oneness outside his time or his stasis dimension. This is because he considers himself both the guardian of his time and of all other times on Earth, past present and future. So he basically stays on Earth in his time and doesn't travel outside his times and spaces and dimensions. Though this gives him millions of years and the whole galaxy to interact with it does not allow him to physically visit me in my time on earth or in any time I'm permitted to visit. This if for the safety of all Earth civilizations including the one you are now visiting."*****************************************************************************************************************************************

He negotiated his legal rights to all the time lines of earth and their maintenance and received these rights ongoing as long as there are humans alive on Earth in human or spirit bodies. Ever since he went to the Galactic Core and petitioned for his rights before the Galactic Government he stayed in human form until he phase shifted his civilization to another dimension. From this dimension he can see all time and space on earth and since this dimension is a part of earth and acceptable to the Galactic Legal system Earth's time line continues under the ownership of His oneness until there are no more humans or any human spirit bodies

left on Earth in any form." "Yes. I can see why he doesn't time travel physically. Especially if he can view all time and its changes from his time" Said Jonathan. "Exactly!" Said King Rai Ernon.

"Jonathan don't you see you are as close as I can come to His Oneness. You are the same soul. I'm not allowed for many reasons to travel back to Lemuria and visit His Oneness."

"But I'm just a man from the 20th and 21st century. I'm not Lemurian Royalty. I'm just a person. Y'know?" "Yes, Jonathan, but don't you see you're the same soul. You have all these memories so it's almost as if you were the same person and soul wise you are the same person. And so I wanted to talk to you because you are the Real McCoy so to speak.

Even though it's very deep seated in your memories you still have a very good idea of who his Oneness was and is. This is because there is a part of you that experienced his life.

Jonathan said, "I don't know for sure what context I experienced it in. I'm not completely certain if it's a past life or a future life. I just know it's there. That's basically it."

"Jonathan, we would like to replicate the things from that era that would be useful to us here."

"Jonathan said," I'm not 100% certain that's really wise. There were really positive and also really negative aspects to both Mu and Lemuria. Each civilization is an experiment. You can't perfectly duplicate the same experiment twice. Different souls are incarnating. There are different ecologies and interaction of energies and spirits. One has to be very careful in trying to duplicate the past.

I would be interested in helping you any way I can to help create a civilization that spans the millennia and lasts 500,000 to 1,000,000 years or more but not if it costs people their free will. There has to be some guarantee or freedom for souls to worship as they see fit. They need to have a certain amount of freedom and the capacity to have some happiness and not to feel like slaves.

I know Sir that you would not be interested in creating something like that but once your rulership is gone someone else might come in and take away peoples freedoms.

"Yes that makes sense." Said the King. "He must oversee not only Earth's time line but also the time lines of all human's spreading across the Galaxy since Mu and Lemuria. There are many colonies that have spread out from Atlantis and all the others I take it?" "Yes. Jonathan. Starting in the 22nd and 23rd Centuries many new planets on the Galactic Rim are colonized as well. As soon as faster than light travel is made accessible many corporations use it to colonize new areas and planets." "That's news to me. However, that makes a lot of sense when I think as a futurist."

King Rai Ernon laughed. Jonathan looked perplexed, as he didn't know why the king was laughing. The King said, "I'm sorry I need to let you in on my joke. I was laughing because of what George our time explorer said to me. You know George as Arcane from your memories." "Arcane is here? That's amazing." The king said, "He uses a lot of different names because he may never die." "Never die?" "He doesn't know if he will ever die or not. He isn't certain what will happen next. So he goes to different times and places and does his work and learns and plays and plays different roles as God guides him.

There is a legend we have heard of Arcane being Francis Bacon, the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England. We believe Arcane and Francis Bacon were friends and that Arcane inspired Francis Bacon to write Novus Organum and other works. There is also a belief that Arcane inspired Francis Bacon to have Shakespeare publish encoded works to help enlighten European minds and through them the whole world in time.

Anyway, Jonathan, Arcane told me of one of the future time missions I sent him on. He said he took Time3 that we call, Explorer, because that is what we do with it. He said he was going to all the colonies established since Lemuria and asking them where the new planetary colonies they had established were. He had visited about 1000 planets when he discovered something very odd.

He found that colonists from earth re-colonized it about 10,000 years later according to their time. This is because time functions differently on each planet. When someone stopped on earth and defecated before there was life here they began the life process that eventually resulted in the dinosaurs.

Then they colonized Maldek and Mars with humans. The humans of Maldek blew it up eventually and the survivors came to Earth. They mixed their DNA with humanoid apes to be better adapted to earth and now here we are. Isn't that funny?" "I don't know whether to laugh or cry? said Jonathan. "Yes. That is how I felt when Arcane first told me but now I can laugh about it."

"How was it that time repeated itself?" said Jonathan.

"This is just one of the anomalies as one travels through the galaxy using a time ship. There is something referred to as a zero time point and this is what connects each of us to our home time. In order to move someone through time with their minds and soul intact one must then move that body, mind and souls zero time point through time and space to where that one wishes to go.

God appears to have created zero time points for each being that incarnates. Without a zero time point beings would flit both through time and space because one could manifest where ones planet or ship was last year and that could be out in space somewhere in even inside a star or planet or asteroid. This happened to many early time space explorers from earth as they first ventured out in the 20th and 21st centuries without the knowledge of the general public.

It reminds me of early airplane test pilots and how many of them died testing new equipment, designs and theories. The general public was not told of these experiments because one unauthorized unsanctioned time traveler could theoretically destroy all humans and all time by accident. It was just too potentially dangerous for the governments of earth to admit at any point that time travel exists. Even though we are now thousands of years in your future in the Alps we still don't tell the common people about time travel. I'm only telling you because you are his Oneness reborn again and have been time traveling since you were L1 and rescued the wives and children of Maldek. So from millions of years in the past to millions of years in the future you have been a time traveler and a galactic citizen in a good portion of the lives you have chosen to live." "Why don't I know about time travel in all my lives?" "Because, Jonathan, it is just too much responsibility for any soul to carry all the time in all lives. Whatever a time traveler does changes things and no matter how careful he or she or the being is some indirect lives not understood might be affected adversely in even from the kindest of actions. This is why governments cannot tell the general population ever about time travel. One can only hope it is in the control of generally beneficent people. Another thing I wanted to share with you, Jonathan is that since we signed an agreement with Lemuria we have become a time colony of Lemuria.This may happen in your 21st century as well when you return and write about all this. His oneness said that I should bring you through time since you can "channel" him directly. He said you don't even have to trance to do that because he has merged your awareness and his so completely that it is like a married couple in your body of the same soul from two times. He said in order to do this he has had to incorporate the 20th century Jonathan back into Lemuria as well. He said it is a 2 way exchange of information and supernatural abilities."

"I guess I've always known this somehow since I was 15 but I've never known anyone evolved enough to tell me this face to face!"

The King laughed. Jonathan sat down and was shaking.

"I'm sorry Jonathan I'm just following His Oneness's instructions."

"I know, your Highness. However, knowing all this is real and having someone bring it into my physical world are two very different things." "Of course, Jonathan, but His Oneness said you have been rigorously trained."

"Yes, I have but it reminds me of when I asked God to let me Soul travel consciously. When God answered me and my hand went through the wall the first time I almost died of fright right then. Wanting God's supernatural gifts is one thing. Actually having them manifest is very much another thing again. They are an ominous responsibility. It would be like piloting a plane filled with hundreds of people for the first time in an emergency. It can be very scary."

"I'm not worried, Jonathan, His Oneness says you have already made all the right decisions to help and protect all life. Besides if you ever misused any of this you'd just drop dead anyway."

"How comforting!" said Jonathan. They both laughed. However, many in the room were horrified.

The king turned to his court and said, "If you want to be near me you must keep secret all these conversations. If you talk outside yourselves about these things you will disappear. At this One of the countries leaders spoke up. "I think we should all erase these things from our memories. They are too dangerous for us to retain." The King said, "Do the rest of you wish this as well?" Most nodded in agreement.

"Very well. The king told Jonathan and Aurora to stand behind him. He pushed a button on his wrist. The whole court was covered in green light. Next they all walked out. Only Jonathan, Aurora and the King remained.

The King said, "I would have had Aurora leave as well except she may be His Oneness's successor if the need arises. Aurora had a dazed look on her face.

Memories part 5
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As Jonathan walked to his quarters he really was kind of confused and disoriented. He was concerned that his usual straightforward approach to life might get him into trouble because of the political situation he was dealing with. Many times people had ulterior motives. Especially since he was dealing with the king of a very powerful country that appeared to control time from 5000 BC to who knows how long AD. He wondered if he wasn't being a little naive. Yes, Elohar and Ragna probably were his reincarnated relatives but there were many things going on here that he wasn't entirely sure about.

Jonathan knew he had to rely on the beneficence and protection of His Oneness of Lemuria as well as King Interlaken. He was just a private citizen from the newly 21st century earth. Aurora very much enjoyed this experience of meeting relatives from the future reincarnated. Even though Jonathan was Aurora's father and very protective of her he knew one day she would become Princess Aurora of His Oneness' time in Lemuria. She had mentioned that she was about 300 years old when Jonathan met his daughter there. This fact had not been missed by King Interlaken. Of this Jonathan was sure.

When Jonathan awoke the next morning he asked Aurora if she wanted to talk to the king? She said, "Yes!" As they walked down the hallway together Jonathan said, "Aurora, you need to be a little careful what you say. We are not only in a different country but also in a different time. So be a little guarded but be pleasant."

Finally they were at a lavish breakfast table with the king. King Interlaken asked Aurora what she thought of our world in this time. Aurora said, "I like it here in your palace in the mountains. Everyone has been very nice to me. I also want to thank you for the wraparound glasses. They allow me to see colors like everyone does in our time."

Then king then said, "How do you like the way we dress and the fact that none of us look over age 25 in your time era no matter how old we are?" Aurora answered, " I like the way you dress. It's simple, elegant and to the point. However, it is difficult to have the same respect for someone who looks 25 that I would for someone who looked 50 or 70 in my culture."

The king laughed and said, "Y'know, we don't live there so we don't have to live with concepts like those. However, what you said is what we expected someone your age would answer. In our culture one is shown respect by either the garments they are wearing or the way that they conduct themselves. So one is always looking for subtleties in either dress or behavior when meeting or passing by someone new.

In our culture everything is much more subtle since no one looks over 25. Even if I had a great Grandfather still alive he would look no more that 25 also. Just one day he would get pale and then he'd be gone. Isn't that funny?"

"Yes, it is very funny. Said Aurora.

The king said, "Tell me a little about your life in your century, Aurora. What would an average day be like?"

"Well, if it was on a school day I would eat, brush my teeth after waking up about 7 am. Then I would leave around 7:30 am and there I would learn math, spelling, history and English. We would also have recess, lunch and do reports. Also we would do fun stuff. However, some of the kids in my century aren't kind to each other. A few don't respect each other and call each other names. If kids get angry with each other the teacher settles it. Monday through Thursday I get out of school at 3pm. On Friday I get out of school at 2pm. I find it a very unusual way of living life. I don't know about schools now days. It's a very weird life I'm living."

The king laughed a little at this because her thoughts entertained him.

"Aurora. Would you like to see what school is like here? I'd like you to meet my son. He's 12 years old just one year older than you and he'll tell you what his day is like.

As Aurora turned she saw a 12 year old boy with some of his father's features arise from the table. He seemed a little nervous but overcame that quickly. He was tall for his age and Aurora found him interesting.

The boy spoke up. " Hello Aurora and all present. If any of you don't know me I am heir to my father's throne. I'm Prince Orion named after the Orion Nebula.

My day partly consists of going to the holodeck to observe recordings of history. It is usually chosen by my tutors which historical period I observe.

Our culture takes what would be like holodeck videos of real historic events. Then they are brought back here for a few of us to observe. Though most of the citizens of our world have no knowledge of this just as in your home time all world leaders here and now must be familiar with historical holograms so the same mistakes are not repeated from past civilizations. I get to experience history exactly as it was. I am also allowed to interact with holograms of historical people. When I'm 14 my father will take me to witness real historical events in person. I'm preparing for that with many holograms so I don't faint when people die for real in front of me."

The king smiled, "Prince Orion. Some of this may not be suitable."

The Prince looked a little scared and said, "Sorry Father."

The king said, "Go on, son."

Prince Orion continued, "The reason we take holograms of all the historical events we are allowed to on earth is that we are very offended in our era of all the historical inaccuracies present in history books before we gathered history as it happened through time travel. History is usually written by the winners of battles both physical and political.

However, in a sanctioned hologram all views are represented. In this way we see all the major problems the people encountered. Even though this eliminates many personal problems of historical figures it covers the most important military and political actions as they really happened."

"I spend most of the most interesting parts of my education witnessing history in all its happiness, sadness and pathos. In the last couple of years since General Ragna and Elohar, our Seer went back to Lemuria there are also Holograms of many alien planets that I can study so I can interact with aliens.

Sometimes I can actually meet aliens that are visiting my father. They have given him holograms from their planets and dimensions so I can experience what their planets are like as well. They send me holograms to of their families and friends and creatures of their worlds. So my life is very enriched by all the knowledge of alien worlds and peoples.

"May I go with you on one of your alien Hologram adventures, Prince Orion?" said Aurora. "Would that be okay, Father?" said Prince Orion. "If Jonathan and Ragna agree it would be fine."

To this Jonathan said, " Aurora, you heard that this is so lifelike a display and sound generation that it can't be distinguished from reality?"

"Yes, I did." Said Aurora with a quizzical look on her face.

"Well. If your body reacts in an extreme way to something you may faint. Do you understand that?"

"I'm 11, Dad. I won't faint."

"As long as you know what you're getting into it I'm okay with it. However, this is bound to affect your thoughts and dreams like television does."

"I'm okay with that, Dad.

Ragna spoke next. He talked to Prince Orion. "Young Sir," he said, "You must not show Aurora how the technology operates. Not a word. In this way even if someone found out that she had been here from the 21st century she would know nothing of any of our technologies."

"I understand, General Ragna. I will protect us and her from harm."

"Good." Said General Ragna, "Then I also approve."

The King continued, "Also, son, you want her to have one of the more tame adventures. People who aren't used to experiences this real can become very confused or go into shock sometimes. We've had people actually die from the realism of our holograms. One of the nice things though, is that we are able to go back in time and bring them back. We find this incredibly helpful in our military. In this way no one ever dies permanently that we need. So we can uncreate those kind of problems when we need to."

Jonathan spoke up. He said, "I'd like to accompany her on her first adventure to see how she's doing so I can monitor her."

The king said, " I would do the same for my daughters so I understand. Of course you can accompany her. Mind if I tag along?"

"Sounds good, the more the merrier." Said Jonathan.

"Y'know there's a particularly interesting one that I would love to share with you all. We just received it from a very good friend of mine from the Orion sector. He said there are some really great views from inside the Orion or Hercules Nebula. I can't remember which one he said it is of."

Note: Even though Jonathan and Aurora were speaking a different language than the rest of the people present they all understood each other because of a device worn around their necks that directly interfaces thoughts. In this way no nuances are left ambiguous or confusing. As each one speaks his native language all understand each other perfectly. Also, it only works when one is speaking. It doesn't work when one is trying to compose ideas or thoughts only when one actually speaks. It is a very efficient mechanism.

Prince Orion and King Interlaken led the way. There was a feeling of merriment among everyone present like a party. For How often do beings get to meet each other born 7000+ years apart? If Arcane joins the group it will be almost 1,000,000 years difference in ages.

At this point about 20 people composed the entourage into the Living Hologram facility. As they walked down the hall the real space of the living Hologram room was growing to the size of a present day football collesium. The King had ordered the sentient computers and robots to enlarge the chambers for the extra people. The maximum capacity of real people in this royal living Hologram facility was 50000. The King sometimes invited dignitaries from around the world to introduce them to alien representatives and their cultures. In this way through live transmissions from alien worlds and dimensions government conferences and alignments could be formed between Earth governments and alien governments and representatives. In the time of King Interlaken alliances were being regularly formed between Earth's colony planets of the previous 100,000 years or more and the Earth.

Since His Oneness of Lemuria is still recognized as the spiritual and Paternal leader through time of the colonies much like the Pope or the Dalai Lama is recognized by followers of their religions, connections of spiritual, religious, political and others are being grown and reinforced between most of Earth's colonies and the Earth. In addition, connections are being formed between the planets who colonized the solar system and earth, Mars etc. who are the genetic ancestors of Earth.

The king said, "Activate new Holotape Orion." The sentient computer said, "Done." As the approximately 20 people stood there they became invisible to each other. A few people called out in alarm as No one could see their body or any one else's and there was no ground or planet to make one feel secure either. This hologram had been taken by a spaceship traveling through the Orion Nebula. They could talk to each other but mostly now they were thought projecting at each other because their translators had been changed by the sentient computers. It seems that thinking and speaking and consciousness is different in this reality. The pink and white and purple and orange colors enveloped them.

King Interlaken remarked, " Isn't this incredible? It's like God is here."

At this point there appeared to be a shimmering in the distance. Jonathan was holding Aurora's hand even though they couldn't see each other.

Jonathan spoke up. "Wow! This is amazing! This is the form of God that appeared to me when I was 22."

It was a shimmering power object. The rest of the group became very silent.

At this point the conversation between God and Jonathan began and God said, "Hello Jonathan. It's been a long time for you since you contacted me like this."

Jonathan said, "I'm surprised to find you again in a hologram projection."

And God said, "I'm not part of the Hologram. You have astral projected to the actual Orion space by being aware of it in the hologram. But I've projected myself to the hologram so these good people could see me as well."

"What do you want to see me about Jonathan?"

Jonathan said, " I wasn't aware that I had invoked you, God."

God said, " I think it's the number of changes you've been exposed to. I would like you to help King Interlaken to develop a civilization on Earth that could again last over 1 million years. The real trick is surviving ice ages, meteor showers and competing Galactic species. I would also like you to teach their civilization to move into another dimension as you did as your Oneness."

" Is that within me, God?" "It's latent within you but I will invoke it for you beginning now." "I guess you can do whatever you want to, God. I'm just honored that you come to visit me again."

"Actually, you've come to visit me, Jonathan." "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Aurora, God."

"Yes. I sent her to you so you both could help build a better future with King Interlaken, Elohar and Ragna.

Well, I've finished what I need to do for now. All present have been sufficiently changed to make the future successful. Blessings Be upon you All." With this the Rainbow shimmering being left.

At this point King Interlaken said, "That was amazing Jonathan. That wasn't part of the program was it?" "No." said Jonathan. "God said that somehow I Astral projected there and he came here to share the information here with all of us." The king said, "We had no idea that these events could or would take place. This has created a whole new spirit paradigm. It's going to take some time for us all to get used to this!.

Eridian spoke to Arcane through the sphere. "Arcane, I want you to see some of your lives. Some you have already lived and some you will live. For now I won't tell you which is which. The value of showing you this is to better acquaint you with Jonathan. You two will work together to help prevent the human race from going extinct between the 1900's and the year 3000."


Although I can remember several million years back on earth I also remember living on other planets. Especially 6 million to 10 million years ago.

Before that I remember forms as both Hominid and non-Hominid as well as corporeal and non corporeal forms.

However, there are no useful reference points to describe most of this to you or even properly to myself. I just know it's there. It is most useful to me in knowing that this lifetime is but a day in the life of my soul.

I often remind myself of this if my life seems difficult at times.

What would be more relevant to you would be my memories starting with the time of Christ. I was a roman soldier at the time of the crucifiction of Jesus. This experience turned me toward Christianity. Then I was reborn and became a Christian soldier fighting moslems. Then I was killed and became a Moslem soldier fighting Christians.

I went back and forth between christian and Moslem for several lifetimes before God got me to give up being a soldier and fighting for any reason.

By the year 1000 to 1100 I had had enough of being a soldier. When I met St Francis and became a Catholic Franciscan monk I renounced fighting.

When I passed on I was reborn in Tibet and met Mila Repa. St Francis and Mila Repa both moved me permanently toward non violence and ahimsa(Harmlessness toward all living beings in the universe)

St Francis and Mila Repa became my heroes and living teachers in each of those two lifetimes and changed the course of the last 1000 years just as seeing Jesus Cruci- fied changed the last 2000 years of my lives. So that my lives have been dedicated to helping end the suffering of all beings for about 1000 years now. Non-violence and ahimsa are the living result.

Flying in the 1870's

I was born in that lifetime around 1850 in the Himalayas of what is now Nepal. In that lifetime I was the son of an accomplished Tibetan Lama. My uncle was a Bon Po priest which sparked many lively family debates. My mother was a Tara devotee and prayed at least 3 hours daily all her adult life.

I was recognized as a reincarnated yogi and so was trained from a young age.

In my late teens I was doing cave meditations and retreats of three months or more at above 9000 ft in elevation in the Himalayas as Mila Repa was still my hero in this life.

In my twenties I decided to learn to fly like Mila Repa. After I was initiated by someone from his lineage I diligently did his flying meditation and pujas for over 3 years so that I could fly at will.

I remember clearly the moonlit spring night I first flew over the himalayas. It was over Taki Gyan and Shermontang in the Helambu District of what is now Nepal. I remember feeling the exhileration of my rotting robes flapping in the breeze along with my ratted long hair after months of solitary meditation in a sacred cave.

I learned quickly to fly at night unseen as some peasants were difficult to resusitate after they fainted if I flew during the day when they could see me.I travelled at night all over India and Nepal and Tibet as well as into China this way until about 1930.

I met thousands of Students and devotees in this way. I knew toward the end of this life that I would next live a short life in Japan and then I would be born in the Northwestern United States. So I prepared my soul for the traumatic events to come.

I diligently prepared for my coming lives on earth for I did not know when I would be able to have such amazing teachers or students again.

NEW DECEMBER 22nd 1999

L1-The Legend of Maldek

The following is a slightly fictionalized past life memory. It is only fictionalized to protect certain elements of the time space continuum that we now live in in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This took place about 4,000,000 years ago.

L1,(Living one) time traveler and protector of the Constellation of Hercules was summoned by President Rayin of the Federated Planets of Hercules to go to Earth in the Solar system of the outer rim of the Galaxy. Emergency! the planet Maldek-5th planet from the sun had turned into an asteroid belt.

There are several thousand survivors-- mainly wives and children of the World leaders of Maldek who saw the end coming and that nuclear war was inevitable.

Their emergency transponders are calling for help from their escape pods. go quickly for only we have the right time altering device to get there soon enough to save them.

L1 answered, "Mr. President I will go immediately. It will take one week to get there . I can throw a time stasis on the survivors so they won't needlessly suffer." The President said, "Do it quickly L1" " Consider it done, Mr. President."

"Please offer my condolences and my grief at the loss of the civilization and culture of the people of Maldek and to the widow of the President of Maldek.", said the President. "I will bear your condolences with honor, Mr. President."

"As L1 floated to his time-space ship-lifeform he thought to himself, "It's too bad we have a treaty with Maldek that prevents me from stopping the nuclear war through time travel before it started.

The universe is a very strange place indeed! What's done is done then.

When L1 reached the vicinity of Maldek he found the survivors 5 or 10 to each escape life-pod. They were all in a state of profound shock

Their planet had been destroyed and now they were being rescued by a non humanoid alien that looked like a nine foot tall purple octopus that talked mind to mind but didn't speak

Just the mind talk unhinged some of the adults further. Although children were comforted by the mind talk. L1's experience was the most horrifying of any lifetime he could remember in his past or future. The death of a world civili- zation held horrors he had never witnessed firsthand. this experience scarred his soul for millions of years to come. Though he could compartmentalize the problem it never left him.

The mothers and the children requested that since Earth had an atmosphere they could breathe would the Galactic Federation please modify Earth slightly so that what was left of Maldeks mankind could survive there? The survivors of Maldek chose Earth because Mar's atmosphere had been mostly blown off by the nuclear shock wave from Maldek and had killed most of the inhabitants there. Any left would certainly kill any of Maldeks survivors if they went there.

All the large dinosaurs had been killed by the shockwave that hit Earth from the nuclear explosion on Maldek. Maldek fragmented into thousands of pieces that traveled in all directions. Some pieces of Maldek eventually left the solar system and are still travelling in our galaxy. Many large pieces of Maldek impacted Earth over the next 25 years

Because the large dinosaurs were to big to hide in caves and crevices they did not survive the major impacts. The Galactic Federation decided that the survivors of Maldek would be safe enough to live on Earth. Mar's and Maldeks space amardas had been rendered useless by the nuclear shockwave.No one would bother the survivors of Maldek on Earth. As punishment for the damage to the Galaxy done by Maldeks nuclear war the Maldek survivors were to be isolated there for a long time until there was no memory of Maldek left.

Earth's axis shifted to create the four seasons we now experience but at least our atmosphere wasn't completely blown of our planet like what happened to most of Mar's atmosphere.L1 was given permission to alter earth so that mankind would survive and prosper for millions of years to come.

L1 programmed the rocks of several mountain ranges of earth with a consciousness formula for preventing an Earth destroying nuclear war from ever happening.

Though L1 has now gone to other times, places and bodies Zhe his sentient ship still flits though the time space continuum of the solar system as a permanent block to a planet destroying nuclear war. She is still authorized and funded by the Galactic Federation 4,000,000 years later!

Whether one studies the technology of the spirit or the technology of material things the discipline and focus and level headedness necessary to survive either or both technologies is the same. And unless one is kind and compassionate towards life it is all meaningless anyway!

For whatever you do towards any part of life in any time you do to yourself anyway.


Chapter 4C

After L1

The following was the most difficult thing that Arcane had to deal with in regard to his past lives.

L1 converted Earth for the survivors of Maldek and gave them residence rights to Earth and not ownership. Because of what had happened on Maldek the Galaxy and all local Governments would not allow ownership of Earth or any other planetary body by the survivors of Maldek. This is still legally true. However, since Mu and Lemuria we as the Earth born survivors of Maldek to have ownership of our main time line. The one in which you and I live on is owned and maintained by our ancestors on Mu and Lemuria to this day. They view us as their children and grandchildren and treat us as such. However, they know full well we must be recognized as full adults by the galaxy or we will never gain the rights at least in mass as galactic citizens. I have been a galactic citizen in thousands and perhaps millions of lives on various planets, stars nebulae and dimensions.

The part of L1's life that wounded him the most was when he asked permission from President Rayin to conduct a time experiment. He would only temporarily prevent the Maldek destroying nuclear war. He would take over the airwaves on Maldek and explain what he had done on behalf of Maldek and the galaxy. President Rayin reluctantly agreed. He did this only because L1 was a lifelong compatriot and friend and because he worried about L1's mental and emotional balance a little after his return from Maldek. L1 just seemed to emotionally invested in all this.

When L1 prevented the war on Maldek and took over all what were like television transmission stations on Maldek he told them what had happened and what he had done. No one believed him because he hadn't considered the effect of a 9 foot tall purple Octopus like creature that was telepathing through media technology to 9 billion people. If he hadn't been so unbalanced by his experience with the survivors he would have thought to get someone from the Galaxy who looked and acted human to do this for him. But that was not to be.

The result was that all factions on Maldek thought they were under attack by the purple octopus people and decided there only hope was to destroy the planet to prevent their women and children from being contacted by the purple octopus invasion.

L1 begged them to listen to him but the Galactic travelers which numbered about 10,000 on the planet were all executed and not allowed to speak. Because of the paranoia on the planet they all commited group suicide rather than being taken over by imaginary purple octopus invaders.

The result: the solar system was destroyed and the final result was that L1 had to go back in time once more and tell himself before he took over the airwaves on Maldek to stop before he inadvertently destroyed the solar system. He then was then legally forced to repair time and allow the Maldek factions destroy their planet again. A very sad and dejected L1 was severely rebuked by the Galactic Timekeepers and was summarily discharged.

Within 1 year L1 simply took off in his personal saucer time capsule and went into unfindable stasis and was never heard from again. Folk legend has it he traveled time and space in his own personal timeship given to him as a retirement gift. Jonathan remembers him in Hawaii starting in 1990.

The paranoia surrounding Orson Wells Halloween reading and the general paranoia that greeted the Roswell 1947 incident in the military and government came close to the paranoia on Maldek. In other words the Earth was destroyed once in December 1947 and again in 1948. However, the galaxy doesn't permit that any more so they changed it. The horror revisited but the galaxy prevented it from happening again. Planets just aren't allowed to be destroyed and stay that way by anyone especially not by the Maldek survivors on Earth with amnesia concerning Maldek.

There were tears in Arcane's eyes. He said, "Why in God's name did you show this to me, Eridean.?" "Because I wanted you to see how your soul never gives up if something is important. You are still working to help the souls who were then on Maldek. Millions of those same souls are right now on your planet New Deva and on Isfahel. This same battle is being fought again between the forces of freedom and the forces of mind control. It is the same battle being fought over and over again in different formats."

"When will it ever end, Eridian!" "The battles are only to remind souls the importance of mental, emotional and spritual freedom. If they don't create wars periodically they forget the importance of the freedom to worship God or of even to not worship anything or anyone anytime. By playing out these roles they come to value mental, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom when they are willing to die for it! This is one of the ways souls give themselves and each other a wake up call for how important mental, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom are!"

Arcane was completely blown away. He'd heard of planet destroying nuclear wars. But in his time the Galaxy expressly forbid any treaties that prevented the galaxy from saving planets from destruction. To actually see a nuclear war that actually destroyed a planet that was not brought back to life had to be the most horrific thing he had ever witnessed in his life as Arcane. Witnessing this experience helped him later to play a stronger part in the eventual peace agreement in the war he was presently engaged. Eridian said, "Please calm yourself, Arcane." So Arcane went into a deep meditation for ½ hour to an hour. Then he said, "I'm ready."

"I want to share one more realization that I had about L1," said Eridian. "Okay." said Arcane. "Though L1 meant well the problem of Maldek was just too big for any one being to change. What L1 didn't understand at the time was that there was no way for him to save Maldek alone. Since L1 was the last member of his species left alive it was more than he could manage given that he was also living with that."

Eridian then said, "The reason I am conveying the next part to you in the ways that I am is because the person you need to be aware of is Jonathan Flow. This is because Jonathan is a nexus point of many of your future lives. Arcane said, "I think I understand, Eridian." Arcane heard the voice of Jonathan Flow once again introducing him to his most recent life as Darshan.

Memories part 7
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Chapter 6 Beginning


ARCANE remembers being His Oneness and Jonathan

Arcane said, "Eridian, may I please speak with you." Eridian said, "As you wish, Arcane." "Eridian, I remember these experiences on Lemuria. I remember being his Oneness. I remember being Jonathan. How can this be?" said Arcane incredulously. "I don't know for sure, Arcane. There are things even I don't know or at least God has not seen fit to show me yet. What I do know and believe is that time is a circle or a sphere in that it to some degree it repeats itself. It repeats much the same way as you and I have by reincarnating to complete a cause that is important to us. For example, we have reincarnated to end suffering of beings that we are close to or whole life waves of billions of beings that we have come to love and care for as our own. In caring about anything in time and space one continues to incarnate if that is ones agreement with the creator. It is also true that a soul could live an infinity as an angel or archangel and then return the next moment after one last passed on and reincarnate. Even though things don't exactly repeat themselves when universes are created they sometimes follow somewhat the same paths as previous universes that were created and dissolved. Some universes have time and space others do other things other than time and space. The creator of all is the artist, musician, artisan, and builder. All of us are microcosmic copies of the creator built specifically in the creators image.

The image of the creator is not specifically physical it is perceptual. The capacity to love, think, intuit and reason are what makes us microcosms of the creator. It does not matter whether we have humanoid bodies or earth bodies or are purple octopuses or live inside stars or the magma of planets in plasma forms. All are created in the image of the creator. In understanding this we are free.

Your remembering yourself to be his Oneness and Jonathan is actually very encouraging. If you remember being them do you also remember being me?" "Why, Yes! Now that you mention it I do." "Well then, Arcane, Something must be said for the theory of spherical time." "I don't know what it means. I just remember you all. I remember being you, Jonathan, His Oneness and all the people they know and knew and will know. How can this be, Eridian?" "I don't know the answer, Arcane, but I think you are on to something useful and important to us all."

"In helping me you are helping us accomplish our goals and the evolution of our soul." "Yes, Arcane. That is true."

"Eridian. Just one more question before we resume the life recordings. "What is success? How would you define success?" Eridian thought for a moment before he replied. "With what I know now from my present vantage point success would be being able to sleep at night and feeling at peace about how you treated yourself, your children and everyone you touched in any way in your life or lives. I would consider that a success. One who could be at peace because of a lifetime, of wise, compassionate actions toward all beings would be a most precious and successful being.

Chapter 8 Arcane on New Deva and Isfahel

Chapter 7 Light Travel to New Deva


Arcane is leaving Earth and the nine light emissaries. Eridian speaks," Arcane, You are the only humanoid now to carry our Millions of years of wisdom, compassion and enlightenment for thousands of years. You are not only a priest scientist for your home planet New Deva. You are now forever, a priest scientist of Earth as well.

You will be protected from injury in the war you return to. We will not let you be seriously injured or die. We need you to spread the wisdom, power, compassion and uniqueness of Earth wherever you go. We will see to it you live thousands of years and that you return to earth in the past in the 20th century. There you will meet Jonathan Flow. You will not tell him that you are a past incarnation of him or that you are from the future. Rather, remember he is the future and you are his past. Meditate on that when you are with him. He is everything you have ever been and more because he is after you.

"Now it's time for you to return home to New Deva!"

"How will I get there?" Arcane asked.

"You only need realize you are already there!"

"I've done that soul traveling. Can that be done with a physical body as well?"

Eridian answered, "Many human masters have done it for thousands of years. You will benefit from millions of years of their experiences. Now Arcane! Know you are in your home in New Deva. You are asleep in your bed at home. When you are asked by your lineage how you returned to New Deva tell them the light Elders of Earth made you an honorary Citizen and Priest-Scientist of Earth and that you are under our protection and a humanoid immortal.

Tell them they have nothing to fear. Ask them to look deep into your soul. Tell them to send you into the thick of battle as you cannot lose your life or die. They will do this to test you. We want you tested as well so you know we tell you the truth. You cannot die. We need you alive for thousands of years yet. New Deva will be saved and things will be put right for your people."

"I have no words. I am speechless." said Arcane.

"That is to be expected. However, you will be sorely tested in the next 6 months, Arcane."

Arcane replied, "In dying I will be reborn."

"Exactly!" said Eridian.

Arcane's normally light purple blue glow to his humanoid skin had turned to a blue green and purple glow. He looked at his reflection in one of the spheres.

He said, "They will know I've changed because my glow aura has changed!"

"Yes Arcane, you cannot hide your Earth humanness or your New Deva glow. You are now of New Deva and of Earth. You represent both. When you save your planet they will accept that. Our Blessings go with you, Arcane. Whenever you need us just think of us. We will instantly be there . Neither time nor space is any obstacle!"

Arcane saw himself in his bed at peace at home and so he woke up there dreaming.

"My God, it wasn't a dream!", he thought as he woke up.

Since he wasn't married and a priest scientist and since it was wartime, home was his parents house.

His father felt his presence first. "Arcane, my God! How did you get here? We were told you were dead! My Son! My Son! Thank God you're alive."

His father acted like he was Lazarus raised from the dead. His mother heard the commotion and came as fast as she could. When she saw him he had to catch her. He saw the shock and the tear in her eye and then she was out. It was too much for her. They had both been told he was missing in action and feared dead.

Arcane was angry at those who had done this to him and his parents.

But he heard Eridian say, "You must stay centered. Remember, Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Be kind to all. Remember."

"You are right, Eridian. You are always right!" But he found it hard to be that disciplined. Finally he got control. "Equanimity!" he screamed to himself.

Within an hour his mother regained consciousness and cried while holding her son. His father had a hard time too.

Finally his father said, "What happened son!"

"I have to get permission from Priest-Scientist 1 to tell you. However, I can tell you I was on a planet called Earth." cautioned Arcane.

"But there's been no humanoid life there for thousands of years." said his father.

"Yes, that's true, father. But that's all I can say for now."

"You must report this, son."

"Yes, Father." Arcane was already walking toward the wall mounted view screen. " On viewscreen! Connect with Priest-Scientist 1. Secure connection please!"

A few moments later Priest Scientist 1 saw Arcane. He looked worried. "What's going on, Arcane?"

"Your Holiness, something very strange happened."

"I gathered that. Have you been tortured?"

"Yes, but they couldn't break me. I became too much of a supernatural threat so they sent me to a planet that no longer had a physical race or civilization."

"Where did they send you?"

"Earth!" replied Arcane.

"Earth? They expected you to be eaten by the beasts of Earth!"

"Yes, I was almost eaten by Earth Wolves."

"What Kind of species is that?"

"It is a lot like a big zamut but not domesticated. They hunt in packs."

"I'll have to look them up."

"How did you escape them?"

"Desperation brings out things we least expect!"

"How true that is, Arcane. How did you get here? Do you think you might have biological weapons or implants in you body?"

"I don't think so." said Arcane.

"The light elders of Earth said I was clear."

"The what?" said Priest Scientist1.

"The light elders. When the wolf pack almost got me I was forced to go very primal and in this primal scream I found the strength to find a powerful enough Earth nexus point to levitate New Deva style."

"Amazing! With no amplifiers?"

"That's right!"

"I think the light elders helped you."

"Yes, your holiness. So do I."

"What did they tell you?"

"They said to tell you to send me into the thick of battle so I could prove myself to you. They also said I can't die for thousands of years."

"I must consult the oracle now, Arcane."


"I'll call you back."

"Thank you, Your Holiness."

As the view screen flickered out Arcane felt faint. It was to be expected The Oracle of New Deva was supernaturally scanning him. He lay on the floor in front of the view screen so he wouldn't faint.

He heard the oracle in the center of his mind, "What is this strangeness? Who are you now?"

In his mind Arcane replied, "I am a citizen and representative of two planets now. Earth's light elders said I can't be killed in this war. Send me into battle. Let me prove my worth to you and to New Deva."

"Yes, Arcane! You will be our secret weapon! Expect Priest Scientist 1 to call you with instructions. I will tell him the proper moment to next speak with you. You will be the savior of New Deva, Arcane. But after you save us you will have to leave because all will become terrified of you."

"I understand, my oracle. It is enough to know my planet will survive."

"Yes, Arcane, you do understand. Your value to us is priceless. But remember, after the war is won you must leave within 6 months for your safety and for the safety of the general populace."

"I agree, your Holiness." said Arcane.

Arcane's felt his mind still reeling when Priest Scientist 1 called again.

Priest Scientist 1's voice was trembling. "Arcane, I'm sorry that you will have to leave when the war is over."

"It's a small price to pay to know my civilization and planet will survive."

"Nevertheless, I wish you could stay somehow!"

"The oracle usually knows best, Your Holiness."

"Thanks, for making my burden lighter, Arcane. Even though the oracle says this is all true it sure seems farfetched."

"Are you willing to die Arcane to prove him right?"

"If I want to live I don't appear to have a choice."

"That's right, Arcane."

"Then so be it!" said Arcane.

Priest Scientist 1 let out a big sigh. "You're the best of the best, Arcane. I'll be very sad to lose you either way. To lose you to death or exile is a loss for the whole planet and civilization."

"That our civilization and planet survive is the most important thing to me."

"I agree, Arcane. That is the choice I would make too. God Bless you and keep you, Arcane."

"God Bless you and keep you, Your Holiness.

Priest Scientist 1's first officer appeared on the screen. He said, "Priest Scientist Arcane, Your orders are to move as soon and you are able in no more that 3 days to the center of battle on Isfahel. You will capture the main Time Grid on Isfahel and send all inhabitants on Isfahel into temporary time stasis. If you survive this you will be given a heroes welcome and carte blanche with your credit card for 6 months. At the end of 6 months you will leave New Deva never to return."

Arcane nearly fainted. "Never to return." Echoed in his mind. He sat down. The first Officer knew Arcane well. "I'm sorry about this Arcane. Orders are orders.

"It is for the best, First Officer."

"I'm glad you feel that way Arcane. I'll be sorry to lose your friendship."

"You won't lose my friendship ever, First Officer."

"You will never lose mine either, Arcane. Good luck and Godspeed!" The view screen flickered out.

As an afterthought Arcane typed a message to first officer. It read, "May I tell my parents what happened to me?"

The answer came back within 10 minutes. "Not until you return from Isfahel"

Arcane typed back. "Understood!"

When Arcane walked back into his parents room they were holding each other crying that Arcane was still alive. Arcane had them stand up. The three of them held each other quietly for some time.

His mother spoke first, "Arcane, you are so different. Your skin glows new colors. What Happened?"

"I can't speak of it until I return from my next mission. I can only say the war will be over soon. We are going to win."

"Yes, but are you going to live?"

"Yes, mother. I will live."

"Something's wrong!", she said. I can feel it."

"It's a war, Mom. Nothing is ever right in a war."

"But you will live?"

"Yes, mother, I will live."

She cried softly saying, "My son will live!" over and over again.

Arcane's father said, "How long before you leave?"

"I will know the time to go within the next three days."

"So soon. How long before you return?"

"Sooner than 6 months the war will be over."

"Your mother's right, son. You've changed. You're becoming some kind of oracle."

"Maybe." was all Arcane could muster. He was going into shock. "I've got to sleep now, Dad. I haven't slept in days."

"You're here and your alive, son. That's all that matters."

Arcane hugged them both and wandered away. He slept the sleep of the dead for two days.

Arcane is shown his future after the war is over

In his dreams Arcane found Arrayin, his wife to be. She said, "Arcane. I will not survive this war! I have been tortured beyond repair. I love you, Arcane. Help me die! Take me to the light realms so we can visit after I die!"

"Is it really that bad Arayin?" "Yes, I'm afraid so, Arcane. I'm so glad to know you're alive! I thought they had killed you."

"No, the Light Elders of Earth saved me. Would you like to meet them Arayin?"

"Anything would help now, Arcane. My body is lost."

"I will bring the light elders to you Arayin."

"God Bless your soul, Arcane. Though I am dying. Know that I will love you forever!"

"Eridian! Help me!" Arcane cried out in his mind. "I'm losing Arayin!" Eridian and the elders were with him instantly.

Eridian said, "We knew she would die soon but telling you would have destabilized you. So we waited for you to find out with you body on New Deva so you could survive this."

In his dreams Arcane fell to his knees with the light elders in a circle around him and cried. The love of his life was dying. She had come to him in a last hope to save her soul.

Through his tears arcane said, "Please help me save the soul of Arayin.

"It was done the moment you called us, Arcane. Come to visit her now in the light dimensions of Earth."

Arcane felt his soul body move through the time-space continuum to Earth's light dimensions. The ten traveled as a group. The nine protecting Arcane's sensibilities.

Eridian spoke as they traveled as a group. " Arcane, we will be your protectors throughout all your future lives. Whether you live in the past, present or future you will represent all that is best about the Earth wherever you go!"

Arcane nodded and said, "I am grateful!" He meant this but his senses spun. He was grateful he was in a dream even though he knew it was all true. The dream could cushion his pain a little. He could pretend at least a little that this was only partially true. It was the only way he knew to survive this.

When the ten arrived in Earth's light dimensions they found Arayin. She was asleep in her soul body inside a healing sphere. The ten surrounded the sphere and joined hands. Since Arcane was numb Eridian spoke, "Arayin has shed her mortal coil. On Isfahel her body has already disappeared and returned to the universal. All that remains of Arayin is here."

At these words Arcane felt dream tears in his eyes. Eridian went on. "Since this soul is a visionary saint of your lineage, Arcane, she will be revered on Earth as well as New Deva. Since she was to be your wife we will instruct her soul as we instructed you. She is now a saint of both New Deva and of Earth. The light dimensions of both worlds will benefit.

"Thank you." was all that Arcane could mumble.

"When she wakes, Arcane she will no longer remember her torture She will only remember growing up and falling in love with you and all the good experiences in her life. Later she will remember all. However, now her soul must heal. When she wakes it will seem normal to her. Say nothing of her most recent experiences. Be supportive of a newly transitioned soul."

"I agree." said Arcane.

An angelic sound like a choir of angels filled the air. Arayin began to awake. Though Arcane felt broken inside he was a good actor. He would put on a good show for her. She got up and slowly walked through the wall of the healing sphere that held her soul body. "Arcane would you introduce me?"

"Yes, Arayin. This is Eridian light elder of Earth. The other 8 are: Americas, Europe, Asia, Atlantic, Pacific, Australia, Africa and Islands. They take their names as light beings from the areas of Earth they represent. Eridian is a variation of Meridian which means dividing line or equator. As light elder he encircles the planet."

"Why are we here, Arcane?"

"We are here to learn of the mysteries of Earth, Arayin. You will be learning in the light dimensions of Earth and New Deva."

"My physical body is dead then, Arcane?"

"Yes, Arayin." At this Arcane had to turn away for a moment."

Arayin's glance pierced his soul.

"She was always so wise and insightful." he thought.

She said, "Though we will never marry we will be together always now. Thank God, Arcane, you are as at home with the dead as the living."

"Yes, Arayin. We will never be separated again."

"Then this is good, Arcane."

"Yes, Arrayin. I agree." He thought to himself that it would be good for Arayin. However, for himself it was a very mixed blessing.

"At least she is free of the pain of the material world," he thought.

She walked up to him knowing he was having difficulty with her death. She put her arms around him. They melted into each other and stayed like that for a long time.

A Ray in Shares her future life with Arcane ten years in his future

After melting souls by standing inside each other in a state of love, and caring they communicated. A Ray In communicated deeply so that Arcane would know in depth her message. "I need to say something about our future life together that I'm becoming aware of now. I'm being made aware of our next life together."

Arcane responded, "Okay." She went on, "I'm moving into a more angelic consciousness so I can see our future clearly. To reduce your pain of losing my physical body and to ensure your success I will share our future life together which begins ten years in your future. I am being permitted to share this with you so you will more likely be successful in bringing the war between Isfahel and New Deva to a just conclusion."

"I'm listening." Said Arcane. He knew what a powerful and deep soul A Ray In was. He respected her soul now more than any but Eridian and God and loved her more than any save God. I wish to introduce you to the being that I will be in this lifetime."

"Will I remember this?" said Arcane.

"No, I'm afraid I can't leave this in your conscious mind but it will be in your subconscious to fortify you in your trials to come. If I leave the memory conscious it may mess up time and your resolution of the problems on Isfahel. If you know the future you could become overconfident and fail. You need to be unsure enough and yet confident enough to succeed."

"That makes sense." Jonathan felt suddenly jealous of A Ray In. She didn't have to face Tech Noir and his armies but he did.

A Ray In both felt his feelings and thoughts and said, "I would feel the same in your place. But please don't be jealous of my angelic state. If I could I would be jealous of you still having a physical body. Know this, Arcane, I will be will with you every moment protecting you and helping you along with Eridian, the Light Elders and all who need your protection from Tech Noir." Her look then seared him 'as one who has been called by God'. He felt his mind melting into a puddle and fell to his knees in respect and awe.

"God is preparing you now Arcane for your success. You are the chosen one to save humankind from those who would enslave humankinds minds and bodies. Though they could reincarnate among us again in the future or past you have been chosen by God to rid the Galaxy of them for now."

"I am honored that God has chosen you to be one of his Spokesperson's A Ray In." Arcane felt his mind and spirit body burning from the awesome power of God. If his soul had been in a physical body when this happened he knew he would have died.

"God's Fire slowly faded from A Ray In' s eyes and she became once again the angel that she was now.

"Even though you will receive the memory of your future with me now it will be gone when you return to your body on New Deva and go to Isfahel. The subconscious memories I instill in you will give you some peace and allow your success in every way. You won't have to wait any longer to see me again than you did when I left you in our Atlantis heaven to embody on New Deva. This time it will be easier because you won't have to die or be born and grow up in a new body." "How will I know you? Will you be a beautiful outside and in as you are now?" a concerned Arcane asked.

"I will be beautiful in a different way than now and I will have latent supernatural gifts but you will have to train me."

Arcane laughed. "That will be fun."

"Yes. You always enjoy teaching. It will be fun for us both." Said A Ray in.

"What will you teach me to complete the circle?" said Arcane.

"I'll teach you humanism and the kindness that comes from helping civilizations evolve out of poverty, anguish and pain to ecologically balanced and spiritually empowered civilizations that are a credit to the galaxy and beyond.

"I want you to know Arcane that as you followed me to New Deva you will follow me to Earth."

Arcane thought about this and realized that he was going to have a completely different future than he had planned. He felt a little betrayed by life. However, he had been mentally trained to deal with the unexpected and his emotions would take years to fully recover. But his absolute discipline would carry him through until he healed enough to become at home with his new future.

"Thank God A Ray in will come back to me in the physical." He thought.

"I can live with this future."

Then he spoke, "Will we be able to marry, A Ray In?"

"Yes, I foresee this outcome. We will be married for several hundred years while you go in and out repairing time."

"Repairing time? Only the Galactic Time Guard does that."

"That's true, Arcane." Said A Ray in.

"It's good I'll forget this until it happens. This would be too much to bear at least until the war is over."

"I agree with you, Arcane."

"Okay A Ray In. I'm ready. You can show me our future together."

A Ray In began. "Okay. You will see it from the perspective of the person you will be ten years hence. My name will be Celeste Weaver." Arcane replied, "It's almost like saying Celestial Weaver."

"Well, It's what the next incarnation of me is trying to do to create cultural continuity for earth for earth. I'm trying to prevent tortured deaths like the one I just endured. I want to have people's lives less traumatic. That's what I'm trying to create in the future. And so when you meet me next I will be more of a humanist and an activist and less of a religious icon and personality."

Arcane said, "Any port in a storm, I guess."

"No." said A Ray In, "You don't understand. What I'm trying to say to you is that I will be born on a humanist planet that has no religions. I'm choosing this purposefully to create a specific kind of person who can help Earth and all it's colonies in a specific sort of way. I can help people's spirits but unless I can help people's bodies survive on earth and beyond I can't reduce the chaos."

"But if you go back in time and change earth you'll change the colonies too!"

A Ray In said, "I won't change the fact that there will be colonies but I will change the quality of life going out to the colonies to be less torturous. In other words we will still go out from earth. We will still colonize and terraform worlds by turning them into oxygen and water based planets. However, it just won't have to be so bloody. That is why I'm not just moving forward as a religious and spiritual figure.

Besides, the era I will work from will be the 20th through the 30th centuries on Earth and beyond. A separation of church and state is prevalent even though not exclusively so during that time epoch."

A Ray In continued, "It is great to be thought of as a visionary saint and to have people pray to me. But other things are needed besides that. Man does not live by spirit alone. Man does not live by bread alone. There are many things needed to make a good culture as Earth moves out into the galaxies and universes. Survival alone is not all of it."

Arcane looked at her and said, "Y'know you've grown much wiser from this experience you've just been through. A Ray In said, "One must learn from all the experiences that one goes through, Arcane, even difficult deaths."

"You are more amazing than I even imagined." Said Arcane.

"One must always maintain adaptability." Said A Ray in.

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And then he woke up on New Deva remembering everything. He gritted his teeth. His senses reeled. He must tell Priest Scientist 1 that Arayin was dead sometime today before he left for Isfahel. He sat up and meditated the meditation of his life. He prepared for death even though he could not die in order to prepare for the coming days on Isfahel.

Arcane moved as if in a trance. He was aware of what he was doing but it was as if he was a spiritually motivated biological robot. It was as if part of his brain was disconnected-the part dealing with emotions. During crises or wars some parts of soldiers brains shut down and other parts activate. Soldiers become robots doing what they must to save their culture or species. Most of the time this is necessary for the survival of the humanoid species. This was the case today.

As sure as Arcane knew he was alive he knew he was the last hope of New Deva. His people just weren't capable of the ruthlessness of Isfahel. But he was capable of Ruthlessness today!

He would be just as ruthless as he had to be to save New Deva.

Eridian and the Light Elders would not let him misuse the gifts given. He must honor his culture of New Deva, the light elders of Earth, and the souls of Isfahel. To do less would be a blasphemy to all souls.

He walked to the view screen. He pulled out the keyboard. He typed "Give me above top secret clearance." The sentient viewscreen said, "Done, Arcane."

Arcane Said,"Scramble a voice message from me to Priest Scientist 1."

"Done." the viewscreen said.

"Begin encoding above top secret message." "I am going to take my body to the appointed destination on Isfahel. I will return today or within 6 months to my parents house. When I return I will viewscreen you. Wish me Godspeed.

I also have some very bad news. Arayin, visionary saint of New Deva is dead. She would not bow to Tech Noir. I have put her soul in a safe place until the war is over. Thank God I am well trained in governing my emotions. I leave now and I will succeed. God Bless you and New Deva! "

"Send Please."

The viewscreen said, "Thank you, Arcane and good luck. Sent above top secret."

Arcane visualized himself inside the time grid controls on Isfahel. He knew he would succeed. It was just a matter of when and how. He also knew he would have to leave New Deva within 6 months of his success. For there to be a lasting peace with Isfahel he must disappear into another career somewhere in the Galaxy. Eridian had said something about travelling to Earth in the deep past. It was all becoming clearer.

Tech Noir's method of government came from being a prophet. He even prophesied the coming of Arcane and knew who he was the first time. However, Tech Noir didn't know that his banishment of Arcane to Earth would lead to the fall of his government and religion on Isfahel. Eridian and the Light Elders of Earth knew the soul of Tech Noir well. They had no Problem in separating him from his body for they knew the incredible suffering he had caused to humans of earth so long ago. Tech Noir's karma was overdue.

The prophet leader of Isfahel had one great flaw. He prophesized that everyone must worship him as the son of God. Anyone on any planet who didn't must die. So he basicly had declared War on the Galaxy. Though most of the Galaxy could laugh about this, New Deva wasn't laughing for they were as close as Earth is to Mars. After Tech Noir had exterminated everyone on Isfahel that didn't worship him or at least pretend to worship him he attacked New Deva, a peaceful and Democratic Planet. New Deva was no match for Tech Noir and was losing the war. However, Tech Noir was no match for Arcane interfaced with Eridian and the other 8 Light Elders and the living spirit of Earth.

After saying goodbye to his parents. He went to his room. At first his body shook with the surreal nature of what he must do. Then he thought of all who would benefit on New Deva and Isfahel from his personal sacrifice. He held all the souls of Isfahel and New Deva in his heart to give him the spirit strength to succeed in ending all their suffering. He felt almost disembodied as he visualized himself on Isfahel. He felt the full power of God in action flow through him. He experienced a grattitude he had never known to his creator in allowing him to be his instrument to save both planets and possibly even his galaxy from Tech Noir. Arcane saw himself on Isfahel and he was there. He appeared at the time grid controls of Isfahel. He shorted them out immediately with his mind and set them off phase. 3 billion people were now in time stasis. It was as if time froze for them.

On his wrist he accessed his communicator. "Priest-Scientist 1, Attack Now! The grid is down."

"Understood, Arcane. Can you hold out until we get there?"

"I think so, your Holiness."

"Good!" said Priest scientist1

Immediately, Arcane was under attack from Tech Noir's elite squad who had their own personal time generators mounted on their utility belts outside their armor.

He saw the plasma explosions from the Guard's weapons hit the green sphere force fields surrounding his body courtesy of Eridian. He saw the look of horror on the elite Guards as he disconnected their souls from their bodies with his mind. He didn't kill them but they were all going to be unconscious for days.

He was growing tired from rendering so many unconsious. He decided he must tell Priest Scientist 1 what he was going to do.

"New Deva!" he said into his wrist communicator. "I must leave my present position and hide. There are too many of them"

"Understood" the voice said.

"I will be somewhere that can receive your signal. Tell me when to come back to this point."

Again the words, "Understood." in response.

Arcane visualized himself under the oceans of Isfahel in a random place even he didn't know the location of. The green sphere's depth gauge said he was 1000 feet deep in Isfahel's ocean. Since he was in the green protective sentient sphere of Earth he knew he would be safe. He knew the sentient sphere would care for him. He sat cross legged and watched the ocean creatures curiously examine him inside the sphere. If any were a threat the sphere would tell him.

He pulled up a portable view screen from his wrist and set it up. He saw a lot of viewscreen traffic of Tech Noir's elite Guard. They knew they were done for. Their was just no combatting the type of attack that Arcane Eridian and the Light Elders were bringing.

Finally, he picked up a private conversation between Tech Noir and his underlings. Tech Noir said," I must escape to another time. Otherwise I will be captured. Gather all the Elite guard together. We must all go to the same random untraceable date in the past together."

Arcane called Eridian to him. Arcane said, "Can you track Tech Noir to any time destination?"

"Yes, as long as it's on Isfahel." Arcane said, "That could be a real problem if he leaves the planet."

"I'm going to have to risk a transmission."

"Then you are going to have to leave here as you transmit as they plan to nuke you when you next transmit." said, Eridian. "We can't protect you from that so you must get out of the way somehow."

Arcane said, "If I stay here all the sea creatures will die. Are there clouds above the capitol?"

"Yes, said Eridian there are some."

"Then I'll appear for 20 seconds or less while I transmit in one of those clouds."

"Eridian said, "I think that will work."

Arcane visualized himself above the capital of Isfahel in a cloud and there he was.

"Above top secret Emergency! Tech Noir plans to escape back into time. He may also go off planet. come soon."

"Missiles have been launched Arcane!"

Arcane visualized himself deep under the ground of Isfahel. He had been told it would take 90 minutes until New Deva anti gravity Battleships arrived over the capitol of Isfahel.

45 minutes had passed already. His instincts told him to wait 15 minutes. Then he would travel back in time to the location of Tech Noir just before Arcane had disabled the time grid. In this way he may be able to catch Tech Noir off guard while the previous time arcane disabled the time grid and temporarily disconnected the elite guard from their bodies.

15 minutes had passed. Arcane visualized himself in Tech Noir's quarters in invisible mode. He was lucky no alarms were triggered thanks to Eridian.

As he watched Tech Noir II going over his military plans for the day Arcane realized no one was in the room with him.

Arcane quickly disconnected Tech Noir from his body. He gave his soul to Eridian. Arcane said, "He won't be coming back to his body."

Even Tech Noir's soul was unconscious. Eridian had a slight look of horror in his eyes.

Then Arcane said, "The Billions of souls on New Deva and Isfahel must be saved from this Hell maker! I'm going to be okay, Eridian."

"Yes, you will Arcane. I thought for a moment you had slipped into madness! I'm very glad to be mistaken." Arcane went swiftly in invisible mode to the inert body of Tech Noir II. He took the controls on Tech Noirs time control belt and turned off all the personal time grid generators of the Elite Guard.

Arcane looked at Eridian and said with tears of anger in his eyes. "No more will die today. No more will be tortured to death the way Arayin was."

Arcane was shaking now. It had finally sunk in. He was functioning no longer as a man or even a humanoid. He had become a demigod and a hero of New Deva. He thought, "No man should have this kind of power."

"We won't let you misuse it, Arcane." said Eridian.

"I know, Eridian. If I misuse the power I will die."

"Exactly." said Eridian. "Go home and sleep, Arcane. Your mind can't take any more of this."

"Your right, Eridian, I'll call Priest Scientist 1 from my home viewscreen."

A moment later he was in his room. the viewscreen in his room said, "I'm ready"

Arcane spoke like a robot, "Above top secret. to Priest Scientist 1. find him wherever he is. Say it's urgent from Arcane."

"Okay" said the viewscreen.

"Tech Noir II has been permanently disconnected from his body to prevent him from hiding somewhere in time with what remained of his elite guard. I have disconnected all that remained of the elite guard and put them into time stasis. I am sickened from the necessity of taking the life of Tech Noir and the torture death of Arrayin. If you need me I will be in catatonic meditation for about 12 hours. I can come out of it within 10 seconds if need be. All soldiers who not under the ocean are unconscious or in time stasis with the rest of the population. Only the sea creature are unaffected.

You might need to be on the lookout for submarines and other underwater installations since the sea creatures weren't affected. Transmission complete. Call if you need further information. we have won. We are free!"

He laid down on his bed and kept his parents asleep with his mind. He appeared to them in their dreams. He said, "Mom and Dad. I'm alive safe and back but am So exhausted in all ways I must sleep. Be at peace. The war is over!" Tears came to all three sets of their eyes in the dream and Arcane disappeared out of their dream in exhaustion. Arcane's soul was gone from his body. He passed out on his bed. He was with Arayin. He said, "We won the war, Arayin."

"That is wonderful, Arcane! what happened to Tech Noir ?"

Arcane looked away searching for the right words. He finally said, "He's dead!"

Arayin would let up. "How did he die?"

Arcane looked her straight in the eye as there was no escape and said, "I permanently disconnected his soul from his body and rendered it unconscious."

A look of horror came into Arayin's eyes. "Arcane you've broken your vows. You are no longer a Priest Scientist."

"I know. To New Deva I have become some kind of man-God anyway. I will have to leave New Deva never to return within 6 months."

"Can you survive that?"

"Can I survive you being dead and gone and a light being saint that I can never touch or have children with? That is more pressing to me than the priesthood or my vows at the moment."

"I'm beginning to understand, Arcane."

"Did you take his life because of what he did to me?" "Partly, and partly I did it to protect all the innocent souls on New Deva and Isfahel from that Hell maker."

He felt a tug at his soul and found himself experiencing two dreams at once.

"He said, "I've got to go, Arayin. I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Everything is as it should be Arcane, Be at peace, my love."

Arcane's soul snapped back into his body. The face of Priest scientist 1 was red in the viewscreen as Arcane opened his eyes. Something was wrong.

"Arcane wake up. I must talk to you. Where is the soul of Tech Noir?"

"It's back on Earth. Eridian has it."

"Why does he want it?"said Priest Scientist1.

"Tech Noir almost destroyed earth in their 20th century. He just doesn't want any other planets to be tortured by him. He plans to reeducate him or put him through the second death whichever Tech Noir chooses."

"The end of the soul?"

"Yes, it's pretty drastic but Eridian believes it must be done now before he takes over a whole Galaxy or something in a future incarnation."

"We need him back in his body so he can surrender to us."

"Can you let me speak to Eridian?"

"I'll call him for you but as the leader of all life on his planet he may not listen to you."

"Let's try" said Priest scientist I.

There were obviously many bruised egos at play here. This wasn't going to be fun. Arcane asked and of course the answer was "no!"

Once again Arcane faced the viewscreen and said, "I'm sorry but eridian says "No!"

"Actually, I'm relieved", said Priest Scientist 1, "because I didn't really think it was safe to return him to his body. I'll tell the generals he can't be brought back and that he's receiving his Karma as a soul. they will be happy to hear that. Very happy!" NOW IS THE TIME FOR GOOD BEINGS TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR UNIVERSE

Arcane leaves New Deva

Arcane waved goodbye to family and friends. His parents had wanted to go with him. However, his new job as an Anthropologist for the Galactic timekeepers would allow him to visit them on a neutral planet of their choosing, many times while they were still alive.

His reward time had been good. He had been honored and loved like a king. Now he must go for the good of both New Deva and Isfahel.

As the Galactic Shuttle took off he thought of Arrayin and a tear came to his eye. He raised his hand to cover his eyes so that none could see. There were world hero groupies on this plane and he could not disappoint them, at least not yet. He put a "Do Not Disturb-Sleeping" beacon on his shoulder so the groupies would be forced to leave him alone.

There was a murmur of excitement when they all saw their hero leave his body and float through the plane on his way to Earth. They all knew that everyone soul traveled during their dreams but very few but the priest scientists on New Deva could do this at will. Tears came to the eyes of some. They knew he would go to visit Arrayin in an Earth light realm. They resented it a little that she was still on Earth. But they understood better when they were told she had lived in an Earth body last in Atlantis and knew Arcane when he was the boy, Darshan. She was the one they would worship long term. Arcane was just too terrifying in his priest scientist efficiency. They loved him but he was just too supernaturally powerful now to live with them on the same planet.

They respected no one more than Arcane. They knew he had sacrificed everything for them. However, someone so much bigger than life must leave them behind and follow his own path. In leaving he became a part of the war dead, a hero in their eyes. They would not have survived as a civilization without him. They would train their children to be like him. The children would know they might be one day required to sacrifice their lives for New Deva too.

Arcane drifted through space, choosing to travel slowly under the stars. His Spirit guardians of New Deva and Earth traveled around him to threaten off all potential intruders. This day none were foolish enough to attempt any intrusions. Spirit tears coursed down Arcane's soul cheeks. In the distance he saw earth and remembered being Darshan so recent to his memory but so long in planetary times ago.

He thought, " Arrayin, can you hear me?"

"Always, my friend, Always, my love!" she whispered.

He thought of all that had transpired. "I've left New Deva. Never to return until I die."

"It's somewhat the same for me, Arcane." She softly reminded him.

This jolted him for he had not really had enough time to think of the needs of her soul, the pain of her soul in losing her physical life with him, her family, her planet. "I'm sorry Arrayin, I have not been fair to you." "I would have done the same, Arcane, had it been the other way around. Remember, my friend, LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING." "Thanks, old friend, I needed that!"

As he arrived he saw new sections in the light realms of earth. "What are you building Arrayin?" "It seems there are no recent arrivals here other than you and me and they couldn't keep you because you are alive. They are very inspired by my presence and so are building me a light dimension in my honor. I'm very pleased as it lessons the pain of being away from you and my family and friends on New Deva. Besides they've deified me now. It feels very unreal when I contact my family and friends. It's not that they were wrong to deify me its just that I'm still me, Arrayin. I wish they would keep that in perspective. Once they make me a magic talisman or something the real me is lost somehow."

"I know what you mean Arrayin. I've been experiencing something a little similar but weirder because I'm still alive in a body." "The difference is that you are literally in heaven and I am still alive in another time and place than New Deva." Said Arcane.

They both laughed and hugged and since they were both souls they stood inside each other to share their memories and experiences before they had to part again.

Arcane stepped outside Arrayin and said," I don't have much time this visit."

"I know but we have a lot of time to experience each others memories."

"Yes." Said Arcane. "I will savor being with you in your Earth heaven. Are they really building a new heaven in your honor?"

"What does it look like to you?"

"I guess you're right. What kind beings these light elders are. They've adopted you as family, Arrayin."

"They've adopted you too, Arcane."

"Yes" said Arcane. He looked deeply into Arrayin before he said,"Eridian tells me that he is a future me."

Arrayin closed her eyes for a moment and then said," Yes, he is like your grandfather, I believe that is true."

"Yes, I agree, Arrayin."

Arcane felt her warmth seeping into his mind. He felt her love, caring and friendship. It was good to feel at least one moment without the pain of her loss in the physical.

His body was waking. The Galactic shuttle was landing near the center of the Galaxy. The stewardess was saying," Please wake up sir and put on your landing harness."

"Thank you. I'll do it right now." Said Arcane. The ones who were watching him saw his soul quickly snap back into his body.

After harnessing himself to the Shuttle he felt very at peace. He knew his life would be okay and livable now. He wasn't sure why he just knew he would be okay.

The training planet for the Galactic Timekeepers was only available for Shuttle landings a few minutes a day. Then it went into unreachable stasis. Its location was not known to any being off planet. Even Arcane was in a temporary stasis that reminded him of the Earth fire games of the Lord of the Flame, Darshan and Arjuna. He was amazed how this triggered those memories.

Finally, after a long time a voice boomed and he could see who he was talking to. "Hello, I'm timekeeper General." said the voice.

" I'm Priest Scientist Arcane assigned to you from the Priest Scientists of new Deva."

"Your service record is quite impressive. We wish we could talk you into military service." The general said.

"No, General. I'm afraid I've been wounded enough for now."

"But I see no wounds or scars."

"My scars are inside, General. If I had many more of them I would be of no use to you at all."

"I understand, Priest Scientist Arcane, but the military man in me had to ask you."

"In your place I would have done the same for the good of the Galaxy, Sir."

"You and I will get along well, Arcane. "

On his first day of training he was introduced as the exiled hero of New Deva. Though the class were all Galactic heroes as well they were in awe and nervous of him because Arcane's fighting methods were all supernatural in nature and effect. Most of these heroes used a little of the supernatural methods but not to the degree of the Priest Scientists of New Deva. Though he would have friends here no one would ever mess with him. He was just too potentially dangerous.

The Instructor went on. "The first thing I am required to share with you are the basic tenants of Galactic Citizenship. As Galactic Timekeepers you become automatic Galactic Citizens for life just like the Galactic Time Guards. And as Galactic timekeepers you have a much better chance of living and keeping your sanity intact than Time Guards to actually benefit from Galactic citizenship." The whole class laughed a little nervously at this.

First I will give a brief description and I do mean brief, specifically designed for Galactic Timekeepers. Here it is."

The responsibilities and rights of a Galactic Citizen:

Responsibilities of a Galactic Citizen

1. Respect all sentient life in the Galaxy and beyond.
2. Protect from harm all sentient life in whatever form it exists in especially other Galactic Citizens
3. Make a vow and honor it to never kill any sentient being again.
4. Protect souls especially when they are changing bodies or forms.
5. Protect Life waves of souls as they embody in various, planets, stars and dimensions.
6. Be polite. Don't scare naive beings just because you can.
7. Defend the weak and helpless for one day they will defend you.
Now I'll give the rights but remember this is short list is specifically designed for Timekeepers. Your full rights are much more complicated and profuse than listed here. So here goes.

Rights of a Galactic Citizen.

1. The right to life.
2. If someone takes your body by force and it cannot be reformed by us for any reason then you have the right and the power to drive out the responsible native soul and take their body until another suitable body can be obtained for you by us. If the native soul cannot return when you are finished with its body we will prevent your original demise through time altering so the soul is not permanently compromised.
3. A Galactic citizen has the right (even though this right is seldom exercised) of preventing the conception of anyone who murders their body and the right to be raised from the dead through time alteration.
4. A Galactic citizen has the right of being educated in the nuances of the Multi- Galactic language called No Walls- No Secrets or sometimes Perfect Freedom- Perfect Bliss. The first being its political name and the second its spiritual or religious name.
5. You have the right to free expression and the pursuit of happiness so long as this free expression does not consciously cause harm to any being or make any other beings life worse in any important way.
6. You have the right to bring happiness and bliss to all sentient life in the universe by God's grace.

7.You have the right to bring Galactic Citizenship to upstanding potential candidates on or in whatever planet or dimension they may be in or on.

Arcane was moved in hearing this. He hadn't heard any of this since he was a child in school. The points emphasized for Timekeepers were a little eerie but that was to be expected.

The instructor took Arcane aside one day. He said. "If you meet any potential Galactic Citizens while on Earth this is for them." He handed a document to Arcane.

Arcane said "Thanks, Sir, I'll go over it right away. "

"Good Luck , Arcane."

. As Arcane walked to his dorm room he read the document.

It began. For Potential Galactic Citizens of Earth If you have accepted and made your own the vows and responsibilities of a Galactic citizen then you already are one. Being a Galactic Citizen should not conflict in any way with your present allegiances to Country and Planet.

Next he read:

Galactic Citizens: A Useful Paradigm for the Galactic Citizens of Earth

Thoughts are things
Feelings are things
Since all Galactic Citizens have access to some form of time travel Going from time-space point A to time-space point B is only useful when using Earth forms of Transport i.e. walking, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, planes, boats etc.

< Going anywhere off planet it is more useful to perceive in ways other than Time and space. Because of Galactic perception and technology death as We know it on Earth is at least partially eliminated. Lifetimes of 100,000 Years to 1,000,000 years are not uncommon for Galactic Citizens. However, To live that long many ways of acting and thinking and even feeling need to be cultivated.

The first barrier to be overcome is present Earth perceptions of life and death.

Arcane saw the note below and realized that this was written by A native Earthling for Earthlings.

Somehow this was appropriate he thought.

Note from native earthling: At 17 years of age I realized the biggest barrier to living hundreds or thousands of years was psychological and so I programmed my mind and emotions that is very possible and probable to never die. Now whether I live hundreds or thousands of years the first barrier is already overcome. Having lived 50+ years now I'm beginning to surmount the next barriers. One of my teachers gave me a zen-like koan concerning this. I find it quite useful.

"If you want to live forever you may die right now but if you are ready to die right now you may live forever"

In being prepared for death any moment one is then free to live or die at any moment. In always being prepared one is ready for any outcome at any time. Some call this the stance of the Warrior. However, I see this stance as the way of the ones who surmount all obstacles for the benefit of all their people and all life everywhere!

"Wow!" Thought Arcane." This is some heady stuff for any being to digest. "

As he read on he thought how beneficent the Galactic Order was. He could see how extending Galactic Citizenship even to Earthlings of the 20th and 21st Century was very wise. For if enough Earthlings became Galactic citizens( I believe 1/3 to ½ of Earth's population is necessary) then the planet becomes in the eyes of the Galactic Order a young adult civilization and ceases to be a protectorate planet that is treated like a child.

The problem for 20th Century Earth is that a child has no rights other than to be protected from wars, molestation and major harm. This does not always protect such civilizations on the Galactic rim from Galactic Criminals. In the long run they are protected but not always in the short run. Sometimes Galactic criminals can have their way with Earth or other Earth type planets for up to 100 earth years before they are caught by the time guard and time is replaced back to the way it would have been without the criminals.

Going to Earth in Arcane's Deep Past

Arcane was ready for his assignment to Earth. His naturally lavender shaded skin had been altered to look like a Nordic human. His fiery Golden Irises had been turned green with contact lenses. Since Brown hair was the most common on earth he had chosen that to blend in.

He felt strange being so physically changed in appearance and being away from his planet. He knew he would never see it again or ever see any of his friends again before they died. It was as if he really had died and had reincarnated in another body in another place. He felt very alone. He wished A Ray In were still alive in a body. He found comfort in visiting her in Earth and New Deva's heavens from time to time but like she said "Life is for the living!"

On the day he was to blast through time and space to Earth he walked into the Office of Body and soul dispatching. He had never traveled this far since becoming a Galactic Anthropologist assigned to the Galactic Timekeepers. He was still on the full stasis planet of the Galactic Time Guard located sometimes near the center of the Galaxy for security purposes.

To be suddenly blasted to a new time and location half a Galaxy away was very unnerving for most beings. Since it was his first time he was a little nervous. Only the Galactic Timekeepers and the Galactic Time Guard traveled this way.

No one else in the Galaxy was allowed blast through time and space beyond a single system of worlds. Others were allowed to instantly travel anyplace in the Galaxy in the same time continuum but only the Time Guard and Time Keepers could annihilate both time and space in their travels across whole galaxies when necessary.

Since everything that happened anywhere in the Galaxy affected everything else in the Galaxy all time continuums were constantly monitored for destructive elements. In this way all the Galactic life forms are kept in stabilized forms in all times throughout billions and billions of years.

As a newly commissioned Galactic Anthropologist, Arcane walked into the Office of Body and soul dispatching. He was shaking a little because of the unknown. He knew it would pass. However, his mind had been through a lot the last few years.

"Next!" the Time Shooter said. He seemed to derive perverse pleasure from shooting anthropologists to strange and foreboding worlds in many different times. As Arcane stepped upon the time space-blasting podium he saw the strangeness in the time blasters eyes. He was afraid of Arcane, Arcane realized.

The Time Shooter had no training in Psychic operations and saw the psi-ops patch on Arcane's chart. The time blaster hated psychic anthropologists because he thought they would be so much more useful to the Galaxy in military operations in the Time Guard.

Finally, Arcane was blasted through time and space. His senses reeled and then he was standing on the Golden Gate Bridge looking out to sea and toward the beautiful city of San Francisco.

He was having trouble with the light spectrum but his bio-com quickly adjusted his lenses to automatically convert the light to what he was used to in the spectrum he was most comfortable with. His skin felt wet from the sea moisture. He sensed new feelings and perceptions than he had ever thought or felt before as the overall ambiance of a new planet set in upon him biologically and perceptually. He thought to himself, "Boy, this is sure different from the earth I visited a few years ago in about 1,000,000 A.D."

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Memories part 9
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Arcane on Earth as an Anthropologist for the Galactic Timekeepers


Earth 1987 is definitely not a time I would choose to vacation in. It is Early Nuclear in Galactic Timekeeper terms.

My biological implants are called by us Biocom which is short for Biocommunicator and biocomputer for it is both. Biocom has done a mind scan and is programming my psychic substructure for verbal physical and psychic nuances of this era so I can appear to be a normal human of 1987. I am standing on what is called the Golden Gate Bridge which guards the opening of the San Francisco Bay.

What is this? Someone's going to jump off the bridge. Does a forthright person in this culture stop this behavior? Yes, others are running to help stop her. The Woman is screaming and foaming at the mouth. "Help me they are trying to kill me." She says. Her behavior seems bizarre even to me, an offworlder.

The automatic thought scanner of my friendly sentient biocom tells me she has been tampered with by beings that are unfriendly aliens. But the cultural norm of this present day culture apparently doubts that aliens even exist in real time on earth. Boy! Have they got a lot to learn?

***Note a biocomputer is a micro-micro sentient computer built into the left ear lobe and into a spot just outside the left corner of the mouth and into a little area atop the head. Each of these three interfaced units is both thought and voice activated and undetectable to the present technology of 1987. There is also deep memory storage of one billion terabytes in the fillings of my lower molars. Through earth satellite relay I can within ten seconds retrieve Earth information from any files on earth or any information I am permitted to access in this Galaxy from any known time or space. I can instantly communicate by thought or word to Galactic Central Timekeepers in emergencies. This can be done in 4 or 5 basic ways consciously or by about 50 different unconscious ways, which automatically generate when consciousness is absent or altered in any way. All my vital signs and all DNA based life forms around me within 100 yards are also monitored for potential threats or dangers.

*** Note 2: Contrary to popular belief the best place to manifest and disappear in time travel is in public. Over 50 people in a football field size area is an earth traveling rule for my group of timekeepers. Our biocoms can change the motivations and thoughts in those around us when we manifest or disappear within 1/100th of a second when necessary. Since our biocoms monitor all life around us they do this automatically.

Arcane thinks, "This woman feels very familiar. Do I know her from Time School?"

She is entering her pre-seizure catatonia with a look that could be described as a mixture of relief and resignation. What an odd reaction.

"Wait a minute! She has a mole on her left cheek strategically placed. Here's a thought project, Biocom. What type of Galactic Federation operative wears this kind of mole, Biocom? Picture detect from left cheek mini camera video stream."

"Arcane?" says Biocom. "Yes Bio." I return.

"This woman seems to be an employee of the Federation from 5000 years before you were born."

I say, " I need more information on her from your memory. Also, what is her profession?"

"Her profession is easy. She is a planetary anthropologist like you."

Note 3: Planetary Anthropologists study the culture of a planet in totality within a planetary era of about 25 years. This information is sent to the Galactic archives to see what uses the galaxy can make of earth's wisdom, adaptations, knowledge and mistakes garnered during that time epoch.

Biocom continued, "As to the nature of her identity and complete mission, I will have to locate some cross references that are in deep storage in your teeth-fillings. It will make your teeth buzz a little."

"Go ahead," I say. " I think this is important enough to deep access."

Biocom continued thinking, "Then I will draw some biomass electricity from the group auric field. Okay?"

"Do it." I say.

All this took less than 5 seconds, as thought is far quicker than spoken words. I hoped the slight drain on the group biomass wouldn't' adversely affect anyone. I knew biocom would not draw any electricity from the girl in trouble so I let him continue.

As her seizure develops, I place my hand at the base of her neck to draw off the excess neuron electricity. Her seizure slows and ebbs as a result of this process.

A woman helping me says, "I am a nurse. You seem to know what you are doing."

I quickly reply. " I have learned some of the healing arts while traveling through Asia."

"Good." She says. " I think she'll recover."

Will someone please call an ambulance?"

The ambulance arrived very quickly. The men in the ambulance I recognized as Morlocks by the shape of their reconstructed auras. They are obviously time traveling Morlocks. I know they were completely wiped out by the Galactic Federation over 30,000 years ago.

"Biocom. Were these Morlocks killed along with their culture?"

"Yes" was biocoms reply. "They just haven't experienced it yet."

"Do they know that their civilization is gone?"

" No, Arcane, the Federation is very thorough. No stone was left unturned."

" If I take away their consciousness while protecting the girl will problems arise?"

"It's hard to say." Said biocom. "I'll have to access the ancient prime directives concerning this type of situation. Just a moment. ------Found it. ---You must not disconnect from consciousness either temporarily or permanently any of this group. I have called for Galactic Federation Watchers to supervise this situation, as it is very delicate."

As the Morlock ambulance personnel pick up the woman and place her on a stretcher or gurney I ask if I may ride in the ambulance with her. They ask, "Are you a close friend or relative?"

I say. "Yes."

"What is your name?" one of the Morlocks asks.

" George Smith." I reply.

"Very Well George get on board as we must move quickly." Arcane realizes he feels happy. He thinks how odd this is. He hasn't felt really happy like a man since he and Arrayin were together before the war. "Amazing!" he thinks. "I never expected to feel happy like this again."

We are moving down the streets of San Francisco to the nearest hospital. I know the Morlocks cannot fulfill their plans for her as long as I am around. I sense their uneasiness as to who or what I am. Biocom has informed me that they must wait for orders. I'm a monkeywrench in the gears of their plans so they must play out the hospital act.

As we arrive at the hospital other attendants take the young woman from the driver and the attendant. As they leave they give us strange looks. I'm glad to be rid of them even though I know it is only temporary.

The hospital technicians ask me my name and I continue with "George Smith."

I tell them that she has attempted suicide before in other parts of the country. I want the police involved as this will scare of the Morlocks further.

Then I say, "I'll be in the waiting room for a couple of hours until I can speak with her."

One of the nurses says, "Fine, you will be notified as soon as she regains consciousness. It will help her to have someone familiar to talk to after she regains consciousness. Was it drugs that caused this?"

"I'm not sure." I reply.

"We'll do some tests to try to find the cause. Thanks for your help."

Biocom sounded concerned. "Arcane! The Galactic Feds are arriving. Get ready to great them. You know these kind are usually difficult. These two are pretty stiff."

Two stiffly walking humanoids trying to hide their displeasure at being assigned to a backwater planet strut toward me.

"Archaic isn't it?" I offer in greeting.

"What's going on here? Why were we summoned by your biocom?"

I return. "I'm afraid it could be a ticklish situation. There's a 1st class planetary Timekeeper being manipulated by Morlocks."

"I thought they were all dead." Said the first guard.

I reply, "In their time they are dead but they are time travelers and don't know they are extinct yet."

The tall one is the leader and says his name is K-15 from the Anteres system. The middle sized chubby one says he is from the Andromeda Nebula.

They have taken over the bodies of two recent additions to the San Francisco morgue. What a macabre pair they are. They are definitely more alien to this planet than me. They are dressed in business suits and look like police officers. Whoever sent them had some brains at least.

K-15 says, "This is Andro 5000."

I reply, " They numbers won't go here so I'll call you, Cory, and you, Andy. Is that okay with you?"

"That's fine." Said Cory. "If these are Morlocks as you suspect, Arcane, we are on dangerous ground."

"Yes." I reply. "My biocom has confirmed that they are Morlocks. The Timekeepers name is Celeste Weaver. She is here doing a study on city, suburban and country living in this era and its affects on human psychology in the Earth human transition to a Galactic entry level culture. She is here deep in Earth's past to prepare the present cultures to interface more smoothly with the Galactic Federation.

Andy said, "She wrote about all of us in her field notes and has a child by you, arcane."

Cory slapped Andy. "What's the matter with you Andy. Get it together. You could have harmed time by telling him that."

Andy smiled a twisted smile.

As Cory enforces military discipline on Andy I think to myself, "I hate time cycling! You find your future before you can choose it yourself."

In a weird twist of fate this idiot just broke one of the cardinal laws of Time Travel. You don't tell people their future because people get upset and often change their futures when you tell them what will be.

Cory was definitely in charge. He turned to me still angry. "Celeste Weaver must be saved and you must father a child with her. Time must not change in the main even though Andy screwed up. Do you understand, Arcane?" "Perfectly" I understood only too well.

About this time the nurse came into the waiting room. "Mr. Smith?" she said. "Celeste has regained consciousness and is asking about the man who saved her life. She's a little disoriented so be careful when you speak to her."

Walking down the corridor with the nurse I quickly converse with Biocom by thought, "Biocom can you operate on Celeste Weaver's archaic internal frequency?"

"Yes, I'm working on it. -Done"

" Excellent!" I reply. I thought transmit through my biocom to Celeste's biocom.

"Celeste? Can you hear me?"
"Who is this?" she thought transmits back. She sounds worried but what a voice.
"This is Arcane of Hercules sector. I'm a Priest Scientist and I'm here to help and protect you. I'm going by George Smith. Pretend you know me and that I'm your friend."
"I'm scared you may not be but I'll try. I've got nothing left to lose. I need help."
"I'll protect you. Remember George Smith."

As we open her door her beauty strikes me at once. Those eyes flash with a brilliant intelligence. Such beauty is strange for a plananthro (Planetary Anthropologist). She is definitely a remarkable woman.

Now for the act! " Celeste, Thank God you're all right." I walk right up and kiss her on the lips.
She opens her mouth. "Isn't this overdoing it, Celeste? I reply in my thoughts.
" Yes, but you're beautiful and I'm on the edge of death anyway."
"I like you, Celeste. You're a very impressive woman." She's blushing. How quaint.
With my voice I say. "I thought you were a goner, Celeste. What made you do it?"
We are hamming it up for the nurse and the policeman present. "I was drugged." She calmly replies.

The policeman sent to watch her is suddenly interested and says, "If this is true I would like you to help me make a report."
She says, "I would be glad to as soon as my head stops spinning."
" Very well." Replies the policeman.
"Could we be alone so I can counsel her?" I say.
The nurse says, "She seems to be out of danger for the moment at least."

The nurse leaves and the policeman waits outside.

We banter in case someone is listening. However, our real conversation went like this through our biocoms. "I've got some good news and some bad news, Celeste."
"Wait a minute, Arcane, if that is who you are. I need some proof before I trust you further."
"A handshake instead of a kiss?" I reply.
She's blushing again. "This woman is trouble for you, Arcane", I think to myself. Biocom comes back with "Arcane, Celeste Weaver was on special assignment to Earth 1980 to 2005 from your year 905,432 AD. Her assignment is to prepare Earth's cultures to interface with the present day Galactic Federation on earth's date of approximately 2014 or thereabouts."

A worried look passed over Celeste's face. "You're not from Earth now or my time are you? You're biocom is different. And your thought patterns are very different than mine. My biocom tells that I'm probably looking at a Priest Scientist 2 to 5000 years in my future."

"Is this so?"
I reply, "5000 years is close." She shivers.

To myself I say, "reduce your arousal level."

Celeste looking worried says. "Is the Federation loyal to itself through time?"

"Are we loyal to ourselves through time? Yes, that is one of the unbreakable laws of time school. Never break the lineage of the Galactic Federation."

"I believe you, Arcane. I'm here alone. I fought with my superiors to come here. I love Earth. I want to live study, and in a few hundred years maybe I'll even die here if I don't choose to renew."
"Sounds like you're married to Earth."
"Maybe I am." Said Celeste. "Is that so bad?"

"No. I understand. It could grow on me, too. But let me get to the present danger. Okay?"
"Please do." She said.
"It's like this, Celeste. Do you know who the Morlocks are?"
"No. Can't say I do."
" Well, the Morlocks were an ornery race that were made to go extinct by the federation because they just wouldn't tolerate co-existence with any other planetary race."

"That's sick." Said Celeste.

"Which, the coexistence part or the extinct part?"
" Both." Said Celeste.

I replied, "I'm not as sensitive as you. I'm more pragmatic. I'm sorry that they had to be eliminated but the few were sacrificed so the many could go on living peacefully."

She said, "There's nothing I can do about it. Just tell me what I need to know."
" Well, a group of these Morlocks seem to have found you out and are either interested in manipulating you or killing you. They might be trying to take over your mind or spirit in order to manipulate earth people to their own devices."
"I was afraid it would be something like this. I had hoped it was an earth government. It would have been a simple matter to deal with them."

"No. I'm afraid it is much more serious than that."

Arcane thought to himself, " I need to calm her down. This is just too much for her to take right now."

"Uh, Celeste? What have you been studying on Earth?"
She gives me a strange look but then gives in. "In graduate school at the Galactic Time University I became interested in Earth. I am descended directly or indirectly from the human beings of earth."
"Yes." I said, "I've studied that too. Some human colonists left during the time of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis and some left beginning in the 21st century because of water and air pollution."
"Yes. That's right!" she said. A mischievous look came into her eyes.
"I was fascinated by the 20th century-so much change and upheaval in all lifeforms on earth. The technological and social changes drove many people crazy and made all the institutions of government and finance obsolete and ineffective within a few centuries. I realized that if the changes in the 20th through the 29th centuries could be harmonized and stabilized somehow that the future of the human race throughout the galaxies could be made less chaotic and bloody and disorienting to so many lifeforms including humans."
A lady with a purpose I thought. One must be careful with one of these.
I said, "Sometimes chaos is necessary. Survival of the fittest is a tool that helps keep any race of beings strong enough to keep going in any situation."
"Yes, Arcane, but too much of this survival stuff makes the beings too weird to get along with. Too much of survival of the fittest causes family abuse, child molestation and many other social problems. The key is balance. As we both know balance is hard to achieve. But without balance cultures eventually cease to exist."

"Huh, Yes?"
"It's Cory on Biocom intercept mode.
"That's right they're Galactic police there's no privacy from them."
"Sorry to listen in Arcane but you know the rules."
"Yes." I said," I'm afraid I do.

"I didn't tell you yet but I've called in the Galactic Time Guard. They've sent a police unit to protect you from the Morlocks. Just listen as we don't have much time. This Morlock thing is presently beyond your or my understanding. I used to be in the psychic special forces for my planet so I know a little about these kind of things. You've just got to trust me. Not only our lives but the time security of Earth and possibly of the federation is at stake."

She looked hard at me. She said, "I've got to trust you. I think the Morlocks have drugged me or mind tapped me as I can't seem to think straight. I'll do as you say."
I speak to Cory on a private biocom line. "I think she is going into some type of psychological shock. She's strong though. She'll make it."
Cory to both Celeste and I says. "Okay. It's going to get a little strange so hang in there.

"Arcane! We've got to move you both out now! There's no time for frilly psyche games."

I reply. "Okay Cory we're ready."

The room fades and we are suddenly in another room overlooking what looks like an ocean. Cory and Andy are here too. There's a worried look on Cory's face. Andy as usual is strange.

"Susan Weaver, Kotrel 20, I'm K-15, a captain in the Galactic Federation Time Police. I've been assigned to protect you. Permission to protect you with Galactic tactics computer for your time has been acquired and you are assigned to temporary duty to a Galactic Federation time security detail. All Anthropological manipulation will temporarily terminate immediately."

A worried look covered Celeste's face. "But I've got Earth people to protect. Their lives will be in danger."

I think. "Look how her redish blonde hair glistens when she moves. Look at those eyes flash!" Cory responds, "A computer time warper android that looks and acts exactly like you has been put in place. If any life threatening situations of your earth manipulants takes place the android will warn us. All your contacts that register on your biocom will be protected. Are there any contacts that are not on your open archive listings?"
"Yes, three." She sadly replies.
Cory says, "Very well. Project them to my Biocom and they will be added to our protection list."
Celeste says. "I don't have much choice do I?" "I'm afraid not. Time security overrides almost all other concerns and priorities."
"It's done." Says Cory. Celeste seems sad.

I think to myself. What a strange life I lead. Flitting about the Galaxies in different times and places. The ocean is blue-green on this planet. On my home planet it is lavender purple. The light of this sun is different too. It makes everything surrealistic to my perceptions.

"Priest Scientist Arcane!"
"Sorry Cory. I'm just trying to get adjusted to earth."
Cory looks angry. "We don't even have our own body or brains. How do you think Andy and I feel?"
"Sorry, I'm trained to go deep into everything."
Cory looks thoughtful. "Your skills will be useful to our cause but I need you to be superficial now. Our survival and that of our mission is at stake. You have been assigned as advisor to me by Priest Scientist One in Galactic Core."

I think to myself. Wow, Things are moving fast.
I say, "You don't waste time do you, Cory?"
"That's what I'm paid for."

"Security alert! Cory! It's Andy. The Morlocks have discovered in their own time that Celeste has disappeared from the hospital."
Cory looks disturbed, "Damn, we're only a skeleton crew. I've got to slow them down."

I reply, "I can thought loop the atoms in the hospital room."
"What's that Arcane?"
"It's a trick I learned from a Galactic shaman ."
"Does it work?"
"I think it would be perfect. The Morlocks won't know what's happening."
Cory said, "Slow them down ,Arcane, any way you can."
Cory must have heard I'm one of the best in the galaxy at what I do. Most cops are suspicious of Priest Scientists. Cory is turning out to be exceptional. I think we're going to be fine. We may even be friends by the end of this.

We hear swearing on our biocoms. "Cory? Arcane? She's gone. Is she one of them?" It's a very upset Andy.


Sitting on a beach in Tahiti Kotrel 20 known on Earth as Celeste Weaver contemplates her next move. She is thinking, "I wish I didn't have to run out on Arcane. He is really something. He's the first priest scientist I've met that didn't scare me. I'd like to have a child by him. Maybe if we had met under other circumstances. If I can just lay low and avoid detection by any offworlders for a year I think it will be relatively safe to resume my work. The duplicate android will take my place until then."

"Lying in the sun and swimming in the surf is washing my cares away. I'm not a fighter I'm a researcher. In a fight the only thing I know to do is to hide. I'm like a deer. I'm quick but I'm no match for the big guns of the galaxies."

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Memories part 10
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Celeste Weaver ***note this section comes after she escapes the hospital

Susan is lying on the beach in Tahiti. She is having a conversation with her biocom. "Biocom I have invoked section 25-350 from the emergency procedures manual. I have withdrawn from the situation we were in because of incompetence due to being mind tapped or drugged. I ran to escape. You, Biocom are balancing my mind and awareness. You are presently healing me biocom. What is your projection of what we should do next? " Said Celeste.

"Celeste, the real problem I see is that we are on legally shaky ground doing this because you were legally assigned to a time guard. You left. However, because you were mentally and emotionally incompetent we probably will come out of this okay. I have taken temporary legal charge of you. However, within 36 to 48hours I will have to notify the Galactic Time Guard of what has happened. I will have to tell them that we have bolted for safety. We are still going to be a magnet for Morlocks. If they find you before the time guard does it could cost you your sanity or your life.

We need to be very careful how we deal with the next 48 hours."

Celeste Weaver contemplated this. " I still feel pretty sketchy Biocom. What is your recommendation medically and mentally?" said Celeste.

"I'm reviewing the way your biological and thought processes are working and they seem to be flip flopping back and forth. I'm thinking that you've been mind tapped because of the way in which your mental processes keep flipping back and forth on a motivational level. It appears that the Morlocks have installed some sort of Nanobots that are microscopic in size in your blood stream. They probably did this to you through a needle prick. Someone brushed against you while you were walking along the Golden Gate Bridge with the other tourists, walkers and runners. I believe that was when this must have happened."

One of the reasons that the Galactic time Guard computer sentience sent Arcane to your location and time was that we knew something wasn't right in your time and space. Since we weren't sure what it was yet, we didn't tell him anything. We just knew he would help you as your behavior would stand out and need attention."

"How should I deal with all this, Biocom?" said Celeste in a concerned voice. "Well, I have created some sentient nanobots from your own dna. I used your pineal gland as a primary secretion source to bring this about. They will go after the mind tapper Morlock nanobots in your blood stream. I am also asking for information on Morlock Nanobot subroutines stored in our Sentient Time Guard computer archives in the Galactic Center for any information on this type of nanobots. 'I've got it!' I have the solution. It should be done within 5 to 10 minutes."

Celeste Weaver sat on the beach and was thinking how her thoughts were beginning to clear a little.

Biocom came back on and said, " We are 90% effective at preventing them from functioning any longer. However, I'm not certain how to eliminate them from your system before they create other problems like blood clots. Once I disconnect them they may cause blood clots."

Celeste said, "Can't you talk to the Galactic sentience and fix that?" "Not without giving your location away and bringing a med tech."

"Biocom. What is the probability of my death from these blood clots." Said a very worried Celeste.

"Actually, very high, Celeste. I think I may need to bring in the Galactic Med techs at least in Robotic form to pull these dormant Morlock Nanobots out of you."

" Well, let's go to my room so they can appear without being noticed, Biocom because I don't want to die."

The Robotic Med techs appeared and put their probes into her arm and started filtering her blood for nanobots. After ½ hour to an hour of filtering her blood they said, "We have retrieved 97.6 % of the nanobots. We think we can program your biocom to trick the rest of the nanobots remaining to continuously regenerate your body, heart and brain function. We've downloaded subroutines from our archives, which were taken from the now nonexistent Morlock culture. There are subroutines that will revitalize a human body of your type that will work. Would you like us to do this?" asked the head robomed.

"As long as its safe." Said Celeste. "That way I could be constantly regenerated and maintain my present health and form indefinitely."

The robomed spokesperson then added, "There are some side affects to this procedure but most of them are positive. You will have some senses that you did not have before and you may have to compensate for them. You will become much more telepathic and you will be able to see the auras of all living things."

To which Celeste responded, "I can see the value of telepathy but I'm concerned that seeing auras might be very distracting in my work."

To which the robomeds responded," If any of these abilities get in the way of your work or concentration you can ask your Biocom to turn these abilities off or on as you need them."

Celeste waxed creative and artistic for a moment and said, "I can see how under the right circumstances being both telepathic and seeing auras could be very sensually and or spiritually enhancing. I believe in the consciousness regenerating techniques that I 've seen on some planets. Many are tied to perceptions of Oneness of all life and a feeling of Timelessness."

"You don't know this because the world you grew up on was humanistic and religion was not allowed. However, you used to be called A Ray In in your last incarnation and you knew Arcane. He was the man you were about to marry before you died." The hair on the back of Celeste's neck stood up. She said to the med techs, "Yes. That makes sense of my feelings when I first met Arcane. I have never felt instantly that way toward any person in my life. Will we be together in this life?"

The med tech said, "There's a high probability of that. But we are not allowed to tell you what will happen even though we are aware of it. If we did there could be time paradoxes created that could change all time that comes afterward. So we must be very careful. There is a high probability that you and he will get together. Let's leave it at that."

"Thank you Robomed," said Celeste.

"At this point we have programmed your personal Biocom to take care of all aspects of your care. We need to return to the Galactic Core before we are discovered by any of the Earth Governments or security forces connected to Earth. We give off electronic signals that the US military and others may pick up. In fact we are aware that there are already some security units already here to check out what it happening here. We must leave now. Thank you for letting us helps you, Celeste."

"When will I see you again?" said Celeste.

"Maybe soon, Maybe never. We will remember you always, Celeste. You are a very remarkable being. You accept us. Many do not. You also accept our sentience. Many do not. We send Blessings to you from all the humanoid created sentients. We'll see you. Take care, Celeste." With that they slowly faded out and reappeared in the Galactic Core on the planet of the Galactic Time Guard.

The next moment there was a knock at the door. When Celeste opened the door a nice looking man in his late 20's was there. He looked at Celeste. "There have been reports of some strange noises in here. I'm with hotel security. Who are you?" He obviously was an American.

"I'm Celeste Weaver. I'm connected with Cornell University. I do research for them. I'm a cultural anthropologist."

"Oh really? Can I see your credentials please?" said the man.

Then Celeste answered back "But if you are just hotel security why do you want to see my credentials?"

"Well, actually I'm connected with the United Nations. I'm part of a detail of US Government Security. We are working together to do certain kinds of research. Since you are with Cornell University you must comply with what we are asking of you in order to keep your research grants that are sponsored by the US Government."

With that she handed him her passport and ID. The man said, "There's a report that you escaped from a hospital in San Francisco and that you attempted to kill yourself. Is that true?"

"I've been drugged. Someone injected me with something as I was walking on the Golden Gate Bridge."

At this point the man was very interested. He said, "What kind of research are you doing? Why would someone want to do that to you?"

"I don't know." Said Celeste. "The kind of research I'm involved in is fairly hush hush within my university. You really need to show me some kind of ID before I can share anything with you."

"My name is John Hand. I'm part of US Security assigned to UN International Security. Here is my ID."

"Well, the research I'm involved in is tied in with above top secret clearance with the US Government and if I reveal this to you I could be imprisoned or executed. So you need to connect your superiors to my superiors."

All this blew John Hand away. He realized there was more to this than he had originally thought. He pulled out a walkie-talkie and talked into it. " Jim! Please get on the Radio-telephone and Call Cornell University and the US Government. She's going to give us some numbers. We're trying to get authorization for an interview. Be discreet. I don't know who is listening."

"Roger." Was the answer that came back.

Celeste relayed the phone numbers. It turned out that Celeste was directly connected with the Pentagon and the Defense Department in the types of research she was doing. Finally they got clearance from both their superiors.

John Hand said, "They have told me to immediately take you to Hawaii. This is our nearest 'white room'. This means it is a totally electronically secure environment that can't be bugged and is surrounded with a faraday cage for added electronic security."

Celeste said, "May I speak with my superior first."

John Hand said, "Of course. I'll have the call transferred here to your room."

When the call was transferred. She spoke with her superior, Fred Branch of the DIA. She said, "Fred, I'm being questioned by John Hand here. What are my instructions? I was drugged in San Francisco and I've been on the run ever since to try to keep from being killed or worse. What should I do?"

Fred Branch said, "I think you should accompany him to Hawaii. I'll send a security detail to watch out for you. Why didn't you contact me sooner? We need to know if our people are in jeopardy or if our research has been compromised."

Celeste responded, "I was very confused and scared. I don't know what kind of drugs were used but I had a lot of trouble making useful decisions. I decided to run away."

"I might have made the same choice if I were in your shoes. But now you need to stay in our sight and associate only with US agents for a while so we can protect and observe you, Okay?"

"Yes Sir, I agree." Said Celeste.

"The man who will be in charge of the security detail that I'm sending will be George Smith. He's been newly assigned to our division and is very highly recommended."

Celeste couldn't help smiling. The Galactic Time Guard had worked its wonders, as usual.

After she hung up she turned to John Hand. "I've been given permission to go with you. When do we leave?"

"We have to go now." He said. He seemed a little worried. "Many strange things are taking place here. We need to go now because units of many different countries are starting to converge on this locality. I've got ten men outside now and hopefully there won't be any battles over you."

As they walked outside she saw several flashes of light, which she knew from past experience, and training in the time guard were the reports of guns at night with silencers. Bullets whizzing through the air sounded like angry bees in the night. A white GMC van rolled up beside them and there were bangs against the sides and the windows but the windows were obviously bulletproof.

They quickly drove away followed by three other pursuing cars. One was US the others were other interested parties. The local police had been tipped off and allowed the US-UN diplomatic vehicle through and stopped all the rest. However, since all cars were filled with people with diplomatic immunity from their various nations no one went to jail. complaints were filed with their various embassies by the government of Tahiti.

Celeste was whisked upon a business Lear Jet to a military base on Oahu, Hawaii. Celeste asked, "Will my belongings and research papers be gathered and returned to me?"

"Yes, that's being taken care of right now. However, some strange people were there when my people arrived just after we left. They disappeared with some of your research papers in hand."

"That's not good." Said Celeste.

"No you don't understand, Celeste. They disappeared out of our time and space as my agents were confronting them."

"What? That's impossible!" she acted for John.

He watched her carefully. He sensed she knew much more than she was saying.

As for Celeste, she spoke with her Biocom. "Get a hold of Arcane, Cory and Andy immediately. Tell them to protect this plane from Morlock attack."

Immediately Biocom responded and contacted all three.

By adjusting time- space ever so slightly Arcane, Andy and Cory were riding their Time Saucer built for three plus humanoids. They rode within three feet of the top of the plane over Celeste's seat. They created a protection grid around the plane.

When the Morlocks gave chase in their saucer they knew they were overmatched and retreated. They didn't know who was behind the protective saucer and grid. They just knew it was a technology in advance of theirs.

Meanwhile in the Lear Jet John Hand had been informed of the Morlock saucer that was tailing them at a distance of 5 miles. He didn't say anything to Celeste as she seemed a little confused and fragile. He wouldn't have been permitted to speak of it to her anyway. Everything in this case was on a need to know basis only.

John Hand turned to Celeste and said, "Who were you talking to a few moments before I knocked on the door?"

Celeste looked at him. She said, "Well, I can't discuss that with you now. Maybe I can discuss it with you in the white room. I have to talk with Fred Branch again to find out what I can discuss with you in the white room."

"There's been some rumors," said John "about time travel within the US Government. Are you connected to US Government time travel?"

"I can't discuss that either, John, until we are in the white room."

To this John replied, "Whatever you do you are really good. You're really well trained."

"What I can tell you,John, is that I was drugged and I'm still a little fragile from that experience."

"Well, if they wanted to drug you they must not have wanted your knowledge to fall into other hands."

Celeste replied, "Yes, but that's only part of it. I think that they wanted to try to get the information from me. But I'm not sure who wanted this information from me. I need to be quiet to try to gather my thoughts in some useful fashion so I can prepare for this meeting."

So John finally left her alone. She put her seat back and closed her eyes and had a thought conversation with her biocom.

"Biocom." "Yes, Celeste." "What's going on? What are my orders?"

You need to talk to the Galactic Timekeepers and Time Guard."

"I need to know how I'm supposed to deal with all these new variables in a useful way for everyone concerned."

Biocom thought spoke back, "Arcane, Cory and Andy are a few feet above you in their time saucer. They all have been very concerned about you. However, they feel you are much safer now that earth security forces are protecting you. You are at 96% of normal and we are revitalizing you even as we speak. We don't believe that there is technology on Earth 1987 that can detect your biocom or the nanoprobes or nanobots within your system. However, we could be wrong. Morlock technology is much more cumbersome than standard Galactic time guard technology. So we'll have to see when we reach Hawaii."

They landed at the main airport in Honolulu. It was about midnight by then. This had all begun about 6pm Tahiti time. Celeste had slept a little on the plane. As soon as she got off the plane George Smith was there to meet her.

They hugged each other. John hand was a little jealous because he was very enamored with her at this point because she was some kind of US Mata Hari in his eyes. He had her way up on his fantasy pedestal. So he had some difficulty meeting George Smith.

Arcane under the pseudonym George Smith looked at John Hand and went inside his awareness and calmed him a little. Arcane saw that John was having a bad biorhythm day. John didn't seem like he was going to be able to successfully deal with all this otherwise.

Arcane said, "John, what happened?"

"Who are you?" John said.

"I'm George Smith. I work for the DIA. I was sent here to protect Celeste, who is one of our researchers."

"My name is John Hand. I work for the United Nations. I'm assigned there from the US Government."

"We can work together. It's going to be fine." said Arcane as George Smith. Arcane was stimulating John psychically to share more with him.

Uncharacteristically, John said, "I'm investigating reports of time travel. We experienced some time echoes in Celeste's room in Tahiti. There are certain kinds of echoes that take place when an object leaves known time-space and travels through time. Whenever that happens we go to investigate. Because the ramifications are potentially greater than nuclear war whenever we see this. Whenever anyone is changing time we want to be sure who it is that is doing it." Arcane looked at John and said, "Yes. I can see that could be a serious problem."

After Arcane as George Smith had straightened out John Hand's psychic substructure so he could function better they all seemed to become like family. They all intuitively trusted each other from then on. The three of them became life long friends.

When John began talking with one of his superiors Celeste spoke with Arcane privately. She said, " I'm really glad to see you. I'm sorry I ran away from you and Cory and Andy."

Cory and Andy were standing next to Arcane as George Smith. They were functioning as his associates and acting as bodyguards for Celeste.

When John finished speaking with his superior he returned to Arcane and Celeste.

Arcane as George Smith said, " John, I want you to meet Cory and Andy. They have top secret clearance so I can't tell you any more than their first names."

John said, "I understand." John knew that these guys from the looks of them were basically trained killers. He was very nervous of their demeanor. They seemed very odd and strange but he knew they were professionals by the way they conducted themselves.

They all went to the secret white chamber. Only George Smith, John Hand and Celeste Weaver went inside.

There were men guarding the outside with guns and electronic devices. There was no furniture inside the white room and they all had to be electronically swept for potential bugs and devices. The scanner operatives looked closely at Arcane and Celeste. They said to them, "This is odd. You two seem to have a few bits of metal and plastic here and there in your bodies."

Arcane responded, " We both survived a crash. Pieces of the interior of the auto exploded and imbedded in our flesh."

Though this was not a completely satisfactory answer, Arcane altered the scanners perception of the situation so they thought it was okay. Later Cory destroyed any evidence of what the scanners had picked up on x-ray and other records

There were no lights or electricity in the white room. There was only an ambient glow that lighted the room.

Celeste said, "The light is very odd in here."

"Yes, it is very high tech. There is no electricity present in this room at all." Said John.

Once they were all in the room John had a long list of questions that he needed to ask. John began, "On Behalf of the UN and the multinational security force I represent I'm very sorry we had to take you away from your vacation or whatever you were doing there. However, if we had not rescued you you might not be alive now. As you noticed our GMC van had many holes in it. We could have all been killed."

Celeste said, " I understand. You saved my life." Arcane spoke up as well. "It's quite all right, John. International and National security must always come first."

John began his questions. "At 6:42 pm in Tahiti we picked up time echoes from something that we thought was leaving time in the vicinity of your bungalow. Also at 5:47 pm we picked up something that appeared to be entering time also in your bungalow. Can you explain this?" Celeste and Arcane were talking fast and furious to their Biocoms trying to figure a useful cover story.

Finally Celeste said out loud, "I'm not entirely certain what was going on. What I believe happened, John, was that some kind of surveillance device, a robotic device of some sort was observing me and then left. I was half asleep and half awake. At the foot of my bed something appeared. It looked like a robot,-- possibly a medical device of some kind. It quickly appeared and then to my senses it was gone. It may have conducted medical experiments on me. But I don't know where it came from or what it was doing there."

John was visibly upset, "This is worse than I thought. We were afraid of something like this." George said, "Why is this such a problem, John?" We had word down the pipeline that this kind of experimentation has been taking place on high governmental officials for some time now. We're very worried that our national secrets are being compromised. We're not sure who is behind it or whether it is corporate or governmental in nature or even if it is from beyond our planet. We just know it's very high tech and very secret. We know someone or something has the technology to come in and out of time and conduct experiments and to gain information of strategic interest to the US government as well as the UN and many other 1st world nations and our corporations. There is a severe leak of information at this time and we don't know how to stop it."

Arcane said, "Yes, that is serious."

John said to Celeste, "You need to tell me more about what kind of research you are doing in regard to time." Celeste replied, "I am collating and cross referencing studies that have been done on historical records of cuneiform tablets and from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as ancient texts of religious and non religious nature. I'm correlating and cross referencing them with technical data and readouts that are available today from satellites, computers and books and studies of the last 200 years.

All potential time travel anomalies are also being crossreferenced that have occurred since serious recordings has taken place since the 1939 ufo crash in Europe and the 1947 crash at roswell and the hundreds of other documented crashes worldwide since then.

Since I also have a background in psychological Anthropology I'm trying to come up with a with a psychological and sociological profile of the way people are going to react to the apparent fact that time travel may have existed before humans came to be in this planet."

John said, "What?"

Celeste said, "John, I'm involved different kinds of research than you are. Part of my research takes me back to Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla. In the late 30's and early 40's these two geniuses worked with the US Government to create a device to make destroyers and battleships invisible. In the beginning many men lost their lives in these experiments. But eventually they made the ships invisible but found it wasn't practical for wartime use. However, as a by product they discovered time travel when some of the men on board ship were shot through time into the future. I believe this happened in 1942 or thereabouts in Philadelphia harbor. In fact there's a fictionalized movie called The Philadelphia Experiment that is loosely based on these facts."

John Hand said, "Are you serious? That was based on fact?"

"Yes. It appears so. When I went into top secret and above top secret government archives it appears to have really happened."

"Amazing!" said John.

Arcane thought, "He's eating this stuff up like candy. He's really into all this. I'll have to look deeper into his memories. There's something close to obsession and unstable behavior from deep in his psyche."

"Yes, there are also many reports down through history of apparent time travelers who came to the US government to warn us of impending danger. Most all of these people were thought insane at the time but when they disappeared from locked jail cells and locked rooms greater credence was given to what they had said.

The time travelers who came to warn various presidents of the US started appearing about 1800. The number of incidents had several peaks. The first peak was during the war of 1812 warning of the intent of the British to reclaim the US. The second warning was before and during the civil war. The third warning was before and during World War II and the 4th grouping began when the first atomic weapon was tested in Nevada.

There is also a legend of an angel that came to George Washington at Valley Forge and told of the next 300 years of US History. The third episode of Washington's vision spoke of the whole world attacking the US and the nation almost destroyed but eventually after most things were destroyed in the US all attackers were pushed back out of the US."

"That's pretty scary if it's true!" Said John.

"Now, these are all top secret archives and they are thought pretty wacky by most people. However, out of desperation our government needs to know answers it can't seem to get in any other way. That's why I and many of my colleages and graduate students who are working with me were joined together to try to make some sense out of all of this."

"Do you feel you are succeeding in getting it all to make sense?"

"To some degree we are succeeding. Granted we are only now creating the barest skeleton of success but soon we feel we will have enough consistent evidence to have a better understanding of the whole process so we all won't feel so much in the dark."

Also, all the time travelers if that is what they all were who came to warn us of impending disasters have helped create the world we now live in and have helped to bring us fairly safely through all our crises to 1987. When you see all the problems the US has overcome and compare it to all other nations on earth it is quite easy to think we have had supernatural help to get here."

"I'll have to take your word for that Celeste, as I'm not a religious man." Said John.

Celeste looked at John. "What can you share with George and I about all this John?"

"I know absolutely nothing about what your saying except that someone or something is time traveling. We don't if it's from this planet or from another planet or what it's from. In speculating it could be interdimensional travelers or technology or both from who knows where."

"Can I give you my theory, John?" "Why yes I'd like to hear that." "Well, my theory is that it is all three. From my sources I'm led to believe that interdimentional time travel is taking place from off planet sources, from Earth governmental sources and from corporate Earth sources. I presently believe that there is travel happening between planets and through time here on earth."

"That's horrible." Said John.

"Why do you think it's horrible?" said Celeste. "Because it changes everything. Everything we believe in will be gone if anyone in the public finds out about this!"

"I can't really experience it that way, John. Even though it's true that if all the general public on earth believed that time and space travel was happening regularly on earth all governments, religions and large corporations would collapse within one year if this happened all at once. However, if this perceptual world change happens more gradually we may be able to preserve what it best about our governments, religions and corporations and avoid a total collapse."

It is possible that we can avoid worldwide what happened to the Aztec, Mayan and Incan cultures when they were exposed to what was to them an alien culture in the Spanish Conquistadores. We don't have to be destroyed like those cultures and have to go underground."

"Boy, you really are a well read and well studied person aren't you?" said John.

"Yes, uh-- Yes I am. Both George and I have our doctorates in anthropology specializing in cultural Anthopology. However, George is more of a Psychological Anthropologist than I.

George and Celeste shared a smile at this.

John felt uncomfortable and winced. He felt like a child around these two. But he also felt he could trust them. If he hadn't been able to trust these two he would have wanted to be away as far as possible from them. Their knowledge and sophistication was far beyond him. He sensed this. He was glad he sensed he could trust them. And if he could trust them he could learn from them. They were his teachers. He intuitively knew this.

Celeste went on, "George and I have done research in many parts of the world on this subject."

"Y'know It's very reassuring to know you both. I have a feeling we will all know each other for a very long time."

Celeste looked deep into Johns eyes and said, "So do I." This made all three of them smile.

After John finished questioning Celeste they disembarked the white room. John relaxed after speaking with his superiors.

He said, "Y'know I think I can get clearance for us to go off base since Celeste is not considered a threat to international security. Something I've always dreamed about since I was a boy is going to Haleakala Crater. I've always had an interest in UFO's, time travel and the like which is why I have the job I do. Would you two like to accompany me to Maui. We could rent a car and drive up Haleakala and maybe go for a hike down inside the crater."

Celeste looked at Arcane and said, Yeah, that sounds okay."

Arcane said, "Hey, that would be great. Let's do it!"

John said, "I have a girlfriend here in Honolulu. Could I invite her along? She's native Hawaiian. Her name is Grace."

Arcane said, "Great! As soon as you put your report in and we get some sleep we'll fly over to Haleakala.

"Okay", said John. "I'll notify the Lear jet pilot to be ready at 1 pm tomorrow."

"We'll seen you then, " Said Arcane.

Arcane and Celeste said goodbye to John for the night. It was now about 2 am. They were all pretty tired. Cory and Andy accompanied Arcane and Celeste to their Room. Cory and andy shared a room and Arcane and Celeste shared another that adjoined Arcane's and Celeste's.

Once they were in their room, George and Celeste spoke. But they spoke telepathically through their biocoms. "I found out who you are, Arcane."

"In what way Celeste?" said Arcane.

"You and I were in another life to be married."

"What?" said Arcane.

" I found out from the Robomed that I am an incarnation of A Ray In."

"How could you be? A Ray In is still in the Heaven realms in the future here on Earth."

"I don't know how that works Arcane but I'm here. I'm A Ray In."

"But you don't have any of her disciplines, any of her knowledge!"

"That's because I was born on a humanistic planet. We don't have religions there. It's forbidden because of the excesses of religion when all the human colonists arrived."

"Ah!" said Arcane, "That makes perfect sense. So then in this life you emphasized humanism rather than religion."

"Yes, I guess that's so." Said Celeste.

Arcane looked at her and he said, "Can I share with you your memories as A Ray In?"

Celeste said, "Share with me the less traumatic ones."

He went over to Celeste and put his thumb on her forehead and put his fingers over the top of her head. Arcane transmitted the good memories of A ray in directly into Celeste's neurons. What he actually did was reawaken the latent memories which were stored in her soul dna.

Celeste stared into blank space in disbelief. "I was a saint! A visionary saint as A Ray In. Why would I go to be born on a humanistic planet?"

" It make sense to me Celeste. What happened to you when you were tortured-"

"Tortured?" Celeste said aghast.

Quickly Arcane returned, "I won't go into that now. What happened to you after you were deified prevented you from contacting relatives and friends in their dreams in ways that you could have if they still thought of you as just a person. Once you were deified by the general populace and people started praying to you for help you had to enlist the help of thousands of angels to manifest the prayers that people sent to you each day.

They began praying to you and it made your life much more complicated. You had to spend more and more of your time invoking angels to help you fulfill peoples prayers, even though the angels understood and thought all this was wonderful. However, you always have been and always will be a free being of God who incarnates and you wanted to be doing other things than answer everyone's prayers. Eventually you asked God for help as it was time for you to incarnate again. God created a special group of angels to anwer the prayers sent to you for healing."

"How do you know all this, Arcane?"

" I just gave you A Ray In's memories that she gave me when we blended our souls. However, I also took a copy of your souls memories which is a history of all your past lives in the past, present and future in this galaxy and others. You are indeed A Ray In. No doubt about it now."

Chills went up both Celeste and Arcane's spine when he said this.

"Being a priest-scientist is a little too creepy for me, Arcane."

"I'm sorry Celeste if it was an intrusion. I just had to know for sure. My heart and mind were so wounded when I lost you. I don't think I can bear to lose you again."

"Please hold me Arcane. I think I understand." Arcane was on the edge but he began to regroup as she held him. He stepped inside her with his soul.

She said, "I've never felt these feelings before."

You're standing inside me aren't you?"

" Yes," he said. "Is it okay, my A Ray In, My new Celeste."

"Yes, Arcane. I am God's and I am also yours."

He returned, " I am God's and I am yours. We will be together as long as God permits and we both wish."

"Yes!" was all that Celeste could muster. Tears coursed down both their faces. It had been a long journey back to earth since they died and went to heaven during the time of Atlantis. They had come home. Without surgery neither would have looked like an earth born human. But now they were home on Earth and home with each other. It was as if they had just returned from the long space journey that began when they first met on the Lord of the Flame above Venus. They had come home. They had succeeded. They had survived a long, long adventure through time, space and several lifetimes. No words in any language could describe what they thought and felt now.

After another hour or two in each other's sweet company Celeste needed to talk to try work out all the odds and ends in her life. She said, "Arcane, do you have any idea how amazing it is to hear these kinds of things about yourself and to experience our timeless love for each other. I can't dismiss any of it as fiction or lies even though part of my humanistic side says, 'This is impossible. The robomeds must be in collusion with Arcane'.

Do you realize how difficult it is to deal with this information. I don't know what to do with all of it."

" Well, Celeste, let me share this with you. Before the war ended between New Deva and Isfahel I was on earth and the Light Emissaries of Earth revealed some of my past lives and some of my future lives to me. And I was in a similar state that you are in now. The best thing that one can do is to meditate or contemplate or just sit back and try to interface it into your life in some way if you don't meditate. Then just while you are going to sleep think about it and try to see if it's true or not. Try to see what it all means. If it rings true then find out what you need to do with it. You just have to figure a way to deal with it. That is really the important thing after all. If something is useful keep it. If it's not useful then discard it. Or if it is not useful now but might be in the future then keep it somewhere in your mind in case it is useful sometime in the future. Use your mind. Use your intuition. Use your instincts. God created us as totally amazing beings. And each of us desperately needs to find out who we are in the universe. What use are we to God, the universe, ourselves and others? That may be one of the most important questions a soul ever asks whether it is in a human body or not ."

"You really are a priest. Aren't you Arcane?"

"Of course. What did you expect from a New Deva Dragon of Compassion."

"Oh my God! Is that what you called yourselves." Laughed Celeste.

Arcane laughed and said, " I feel a cultural discontinuity coming on."

"It's okay Arcane, remember we're both Galactic Cultural relativists. We couldn't have become Timekeepers otherwise. They don't let Galactic bigots in the time core."

At this they both laughed. She said, "Dragons of Compassion, the words create a complete paradox in my mind."

"That's the idea. We chose carefully that koan to create a paradox so that beings would either love us or mess their pants at the mention of us."

"It works for me, Arcane. Listening to you I feel like I'm watching anthropological tapes of the thousands and perhaps millions of types of ministers and priests on earth and thousands of other planets. You have a really good line. Whether it's true or not I really will have to wait and see. But I really feel you and I are meant to be together."

"I agree." Said Arcane. He deeply loved and respected this woman. That she could address things he could not even dare speak out loud on New Deva only made him love her more. Amazing! So quickly she had ferreted out the paradox of the Dragons of Compassion.

After all the main tenant of the Scroll of a Thousand Planets says, "If you can't laugh at your own existence you will never be enlightened. The most enlightened beings he had met shared that one thing in common. They laughed a lot. They had learned not to take everything too seriously. Life was a game after all. It was a serious game but it was still a game that God played for entertainment.

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Memories Part 11 end of first book
My Book Memories Page 11 last page.

This is the place to put the text Celeste Weaver Part 2

They woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Somewhere the Morlock issue hung over their heads. But for the time being they were letting Cory and Andy worry about that in the room next to them on Base.

Cory and Andy called Arcane and Celeste at about 8 am the next day through their biocoms.Cory said, "Come on you guys, get up. John Hand wants us all to go to Maui today. I still don't know why we're all doing that. We don't know where or when the Morlocks will turn up. John Hand and his lady friend may not be able to deal with it if they come in a time saucer and just appear from nowhere. Some humans just lose it when the see something appear from nowhere. They think they're losing their minds. Many times, even someone trained to deal with issues like this can't make the transition fast enough."

Arcane replied, "I'm well aware of John's problems. However, I'm trained to keep people from having psychotic breaks if they are not useful to the present or future needs."

"So you'll keep his mind glued together if the Morlocks show up."

"Yes. As long as I'm conscious and alive I can center him through it if it comes to that."

Cory said, "The only reason that I'm concerned is that his future is integral to Earth's integration into the Galactic Consortium."

"Yes", said Arcane, "Our biocoms told us we had to be very careful of him and to nurture him into his next level of awareness."

Celeste said, "Since his feelings for me are strong I can have a positive affect on him if I'm careful."

"He has a fantasy about you that is pretty sophisticated."

"Can you share it with me."

"I don't know if that would be a good idea."

"I don't need a direct memory Arcane. Just tell me what will be useful to me."

"Maybe later." Sulked Arcane.

Quickly Arcane moved on with Cory and Andy on his biocom. "I'm a little concerned that the Morlocks might show up over the Haleakala Crater while we are there. Can you guys 'net' the area."

To this Cory said, "It's a pretty big area to net but Yeah we could net it. Is this one of those Psi-ops feelings, Arcane?"

"Yes, Cory, I'm afraid so." "Then the Morlocks are dead meat. We've got them."

"Maybe." Said Arcane. "They don't think like normal humanoids so I can't be completely sure. I would say there is a 80 to 90% likelihood they will be there sometime tonight."

"Like I said Arcane we've got them." Even though Cory and Arcane were in different rooms they both smiled.

Celeste asked, "What's a net?"

"It just means we'll set an electronic trap for them. If they enter the 'net' Cory sets up over Haleakala it will automatically put their ship in time stasis and none of their main systems will work. They will have no weapons, no propulsion, no time. They'll be finished."

They went to the Honolulu Airport and Aloha airlines shuttle to the Kahului Airport on Maui. Arcane thought to himself.

"Jonathan is going to be coming here in a couple of years."

Celeste heard his thoughts and said, "Who?"

Arcane said, "Oh, ah Jonathan. He's one of my future incarnations."

"What! You mean you have one of your future incarnations here on the planet while you are here? You know that's forbidden because of potential time paradoxes! Isn't that dangerous?" worried Celeste.

"For some reason it's not a problem. I just can't tell the time guard at least for now that I have a future incarnation here the same time as I am." Defended Arcane.

"What if they find out." Asked Celeste.

"Well, if they find out they will see there are no anomalies. I think it is because of His Oneness and Eridian."

"Who?" asked Celeste incredulously.

"Well, you might get a kick out of this as an anthropologist. I'm going to live many lives here on Earth in the future. I could get depressed about it all except I know it turns out all right in the end."

"How do you know all this Arcane?"

"Well about 1,000,000 years from now and about 10,000 years after you were born in this life. I met Eridian. Eridian told me that he is my last life as a human but that I have many lives to live on Earth before I become him. In one of these future lives I buy or receive in some way the ownership of the time line of earth during the Lemurian civilization. So as long as there is at least one of me in a physical or energy body here no one can buy or steal the time line of earth."

"Your soul owns the time line of Earth and this is Galactically recognized?"

"Yes, it appears so. Because I rescued the Maldek survivors the galaxy holds my soul responsible for them and so bestowed upon me 3 million years after I rescued them the ownership of their time line. Even though several of world civilizations were offended by this the ownership has stayed intact for at least 40,000 years plus so far. It appears it stays intact at least 1,000,000 years into the future. It continues for as long as any souls remain in earth heavens long after the last human bodies have left."

"Amazing!" was all that Celeste could say. After a while deep in thought she said, "You are the most complex being I've ever had the pleasure to meet."

"I love you, too." Said Arcane.

They met John Hands girlfriend. John and his girlfriend had flown over the night before on their own tryst. By the time Celeste, Arcane and Cory and Andy as bodyguard arrived John had already rented a window van big enough to comfortably fit them all with all their gear.

John's girlfriend Grace was very into the ancient Hawaiian religions mixed with Christianity. She knew several Christian Kahuna's who had lineages of teachers that went back hundreds of years. Since both Arcane and Celeste were highly educated anthropologists they had fun talking to her about her intricate knowledge of everything Hawaiian.

When they all got going toward Haleakala Crater they drove as high as one could drive on the pavement to the top of Haleakala Crater. On the Way up they found incredible views of Kahului, Lahaina, Kihei, and even of the road to Hana. They also saw the Iao needle and many other very beautiful sights. At one point they thought they even saw the big island of Hawaii from the very top point they went to on edge of the top of Haleakala Crater. Then they drove down a ways to see the ney neys which are a variation of Canadian Geese that must have flown to Hawaii thousands of years ago and gotten stranded here because it was too far for them to fly back to the mainland. They are relatively tame and don't fly anymore and have different colorations from Canadian Geese. They had a lot of fun taking pictures of the ney neys and listening to them honk. However, they stayed far enough away so the ney neys wouldn't bite as geese sometimes are known to do. However, they all felt the true spirit of Haleakala from being around the Geese and all the native plants. They all felt enraptured by the area they were now in.

Grace had told John how to rent cabins down in the Crater from the Park so John had called and gotten one. There had been a cancellation so he had used his VIP status to obtain one for all his group. Nearby the Ney Neys they found the foot trail down into the Crater itself and walked down trails that lead down some of the gentle cliffs into the Crater. As they reached the Crater bottom they felt transported to another world. For since the Crater is enclosed and no roads are visible one could just as easily have been visiting the crater a 1000 yeas ago except for one cabin every few miles across the crater. When they reached the camping lodge they found it had bunk beds, an outhouse, kitchen facilities and a little water in a tank for cooking and washing dishes. It also had a little wood stove as we were now at fairly high altitude. Even in a tropical climate it gets cold if one goes high enough. People ski on Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii which is about 14,000 feet high and Grace mentioned she had often played in the snow near the approximately 10,000 foot summit of Haleakala crater. They all were experiencing some of the alpine like effects of high altitude, strong sun and a need for sunblock as well as a drier air in the crater than one felt at sea level. The water had been carried in by pack mule so it was precious.

They all unpacked their gear for the first night. Andy and Cory were guarding them as well. Though they didn't really fit in with the group all knew they were necessary. Grace at first had wondered why these two extra men were there at first. However, even she knew John's business was with the US Government and the UN. He couldn't tell her more than that. She suspected they were bodyguards for Celeste or Arcane or even John.

Grace began telling Hawaiian stories of the Haleakala Crater and ancient Hawaiian religious concepts and legends. All were thoroughly taken with her useful and intelligent interpretations of her people and history. Since everyone including John was interested in her people's history, religion, and legends they let her speak for hours after dinner. Grace wondered a little that Cory and Andy stayed outside watching the stars and listening to the nature sounds instead of her but by then she knew they were guards for one or all of them.

At about midnight the sounds began. They were a rhythmic humming that could be associated with a flying saucer or some other powerful electrical device like a Tesla coil. Though Celeste and Arcane knew exactly what it was all there acted like it was a surprise and ran outside to investigate. It was a reddish orange ship hovering about 50 feet above the roof of the lodge. They also began to hear screaming and yelling.

John Hand was the first outside. He screamed, "Oh my God! It's a ufo!"

Cory and Andy had hand held weapons out but were amazingly quiet. They didn't say a word. Grace, Celeste and Arcane were the last outside. Grace noticed that Celeste and Arcane were very deep in thought.

Grace thought, "It's almost as if these two were deep in a telepathic conversation." Since it was true Arcane almost wanted to break cover and tell Grace what was happening. However, he thought better of it knowing that she was strong enough in her belief system to withstand tonight. John Hand was another story.

By now the screaming from the reddish orange ship had "mysteriously stopped" along with the rhythmic humming. John and Grace thought this very strange. Next came a blue ship that came close to the reddish Orange ship that was quickly losing color. It appeared to John and Grace that the blue ship was towing the reddish orange ship away.

Arcane looked at John Hand with a worried look on his face. John was shaking and starting to crack up. The timber of John's voice was a little shaky when he said to Arcane, "Was the blue ship American?"

Arcane looked at him and said what would heal. "Maybe."

John started to throw up. Andy and Cory looked disgusted. Through his Biocom Arcane said, "Let me glue him back together." Andy, Cory and Celeste agreed.

Andy and Cory quickly said, "I'm sorry everyone we must leave now to file our report with the government." So Andy and Cory left about 2 am in the morning. However, none saw them disappear behind the nearest boulder.

John Hand was a mess and Grace was shaking now as much because of seeing John lose it as having gone through the experience itself. Tears were in Grace's eyes because she was worried about John and herself. She wasn't sure what all this meant and worried that since Andy and Cory were with the Government she might not be allowed to survive after having seen this. She had heard stories. She worried about John and herself. She had long term designs on John if that could work out. His sensitive and kind nature only attracted her more to him.

John said defensively. "Something I ate or drank must have set me off." Grace said, "I feel sick too. Will we survive this, John?"

"Of course, Grace. I'll take care of you. You and I will be fine." He looked plaintively at Arcane.

Arcane quickly said, "Grace. This was a once in a lifetime experience. John and I and Celeste will protect you from harm. If you wish none of us will tell anyone that you saw any of this."

She turned to John. You will be safe of that I'm sure." Said John.

"The important thing is that all our stories agree with Andy and Cory's."

Arcane smiled. "Don't worry about that, John. Their agency is so secret what they say will never see the light of day."

John paled again at this. He said, "You mean they are Black ops? Y'know I actually expected that. That's why you could say, 'maybe' to my question before isn't it."

Arcane smiled his secret smile and said, "That's right."

John looked a little crazy and said, "How many secret levels of government are there, George?"

"I'll tell you what I can, John. There are so many things going on that if I even told you my real name I would have to kill everyone here including myself."

"Don't do it then!" said John.

That one statement bonded John and George for life. "You are a real friend, George. You may even be a ufo. You're not like other people. You just know too much."

Arcane smiled and said, "Maybe."

To this John began laughing hysterically. "I'll never tell a soul." He said. And he meant it.

Grace said, "Am I your friend too, George?"

"Don't worry Grace I will protect you, body and soul to the death."

At this point Celeste came back from making a detailed Biocom report and said, "I had to throw up and I didn't want anyone to see."

Grace put her arm around Celeste.

Through his biocom he said to Celeste, "My God, Celeste you're a good actress."

"Just basic Galactic Anthro training." replied Celeste through her Bicom.

John was still shaking a little. Arcane said, "John, let me massage your back. I've learned some Asian healing techniques for stress.

"Okay, George. After all you're a doctor." John laughed nervously.

As Arcane messaged John's back he at one point put his thumb on the back of John's neck. George said to John, "This acupressure point will make you see some colors so don't be alarmed by the colors and the warm peaceful feelings you have."

John said, "Thanks George, you're out of this world in your talents." By now John both suspected and knew somehow that George was not from this world. Because of his experiences with George he knew he could trust George more than anyone he had ever met. This told John he was dealing with an off-worlder. However, he also knew he would protect George. Because whatever Celeste and George, the two off-worlders were doing he would give his life if necessary to protect them. With this thought John passed out into peaceful colors. He felt his spirit was at last at peace. He was home with George, Celeste and Grace. He was home for home is not a place but a state of consciousness. And John floated away at peace.

Arcane said out loud to Grace and Celeste, "I think he will be okay now. Grace I want to tell you something you don't know about John. He cares about you very much. The other thing you need to know is that he had a very terrifying experience as a child with ufos. His dog that he loved disappeared when he was about 4 years old. His dog was taken by a ufo. His family never believed his story and he has been traumatized ever since by this."

"How do you know this about him." Asked Grace with a worried look on her face.

"Sometime when the two of you are alone ask John how I know this. Ask him sometime you are both at peace and very happy."

"Okay." was her answer. Grace sensed that George and Celeste were much more than they said. She wasn't sure exactly what but maybe John would tell her one day. George left Grace alone with John.

Arcane and Celeste walked a little away. They held each other. "My God!" said Celeste through her Biocom, "That went well. I don't even think we need to bring in Time refinishers to clean up."

"Yes," said Arcane, "we'll see. There are still some other campers from the next lodge who got pictures and are hiking this way."

"There are? Will they be a problem, Arcane?"

"I don't think so but they are still an unknown. John and Grace will be our friends for life. We need to protect them from any harm from any source. They deserve our protection."

"I agree. They are completely loyal to us. We must take care of them and protect them."

Arcane said, "It's agreed then. I heard some of your report to the Time Guard. Did your report agree with Andy and Cory's?"

"Yes, in every way except in regard to John. They thought he was too unstable to be useful to us. They did this to John, Arcane. Andy went back in time and stole his dog to make him easier for us to deal with."

"Yes. But there is another way to look at it, Celeste. Without Andy's cruelty we wouldn't even know these two amazing humans."

"You really are a priest. Whenever you do that I love you and hate you so much."

"Makes sense to me." Said Arcane. She hit him lovingly on the shoulder. He held her to him. She knew she was home with Arcane.

After a while Celeste said, "Will John be okay?" "Yes, he will. He knows we're aliens but he will protect us."

"Did you tell him Arcane?"

"No. But he's not stupid. He also has no proof. He will protect us from harm just like we pledge to protect him. Grace suspects also but not as much."

" So you don't consider them to be a security risk?"

"No, I've looked deep into them both. They are no threat to us."

"I had hoped for that outcome."

"Shall I contact the time guard and tell them, Arcane?"

"No. Contact Cory first. Our stories and assessments need to correspond."

"Okay." said Celeste.

After John went to sleep Arcane asked Grace if he could massage her back. She looked at George and said, "Will it put me to sleep like it did John?"

"Only if you wish."

"I'd like that." Said Grace. Soon Grace and John were sleeping on their bunk.

Celeste was realizing more and more she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Arcane. Arcane knew that his mind and soul were healing just being next to A ray in now Celeste. This was the first time he felt the many fragments of Arcane coming back together since he lost A ray in during the war. So arcane was beginning to feel real and alive again instead of just a spiritual and biological robot. He was feeling peace which was something he hadn't felt in a long time.

When John woke up the next morning before dawn. He watched the stars slowly fade as the sun rose. He knew the same dawn was happening to his soul. He was finally free from the ufo experience as a child. His dog's name had been George. Somehow, it was all synchronistic. Everything was the way it should be. This was the first time he had felt this in his life. Tears flowed down his face. He was in haleakala. It was his dream of a lifetime. He had survived another ufo encounter. They had all seen them and dealt with this situation. He was just fine and he cried alone sitting on a boulder a mile away from the lodge so none of his friends could see or hear.

Grace woke up next because John was gone. She was concerned about him and followed him outside to comfort him. When she found him they both comforted each other. Later when they both came back in the lodge George and Celeste woke up.

George said as the ate breakfast all together, "I think the less we say about this experience the better. If we are asked by our superiors we should answer direct questions only. We should not offer any information because even though some parts of the US and UN are open to this kind of information most bureaus are not and would try to destroy our careers."

"I agree." Said John.

"We will destroy all our careers if we say too much in the present world political climate."

About that time there was a knock at the door. Arcane quickly moved to answer it. Three strangers were there. Their leader, a man asked, "What happened over here last night. We heard a lot of yelling and screaming."

Arcane said, "Y'know I'm not sure what it all was. We heard yelling and screaming too and we saw a shooting star or something. We thought the noise was from a wounded animal like a boar or a deer or something."

The stranger said, "That's too bad we really wanted to know what it was."

"I'm sorry that's all we know for sure. Anything else would be pure speculation."

"Well, I've got some pictures. I got some great pictures."

"Yeah?" said George, "I'd like to see them."

He gave the man an address that was indirectly connected to the US Government. With this they bid the hikers from the next lodge a few miles away goodbye and they went on their way.

At about noon they all packed up and walked back up to their window van and out of the crater. John and Grace knew their lives would never be the same. Arcane and Celeste knew they would finally be allowed by life to live together as man and wife. Their lives would never be the same for a very different reason that John and Grace's. However, Arcane saw John and Grace living together or marrying in the future as well.

As they drove down the mountain Arcane said to John, "Y'know the day isn't over yet. Would you like to go over to kihei and go wind surfing?" John replied, "Ho'okipah is the best windsurfing beach in the world."

"Yeah, but that's for experts. We're just beginners. " Said Arcane.

"Yeah. That's true. If we wanted to go to Ho'okipah we'd have to be really good. Let's go to Kihei. What do the ladies think?"

They both thought it would be fun. They were just happy to see John in one piece again and laughing. They would never tell him that, however, because his ego couldn't take it. Grace thought. "It's going to take me some time to get used to what happened last night."

Arcane said, "Let's go over to Kihei where we can rent windsurfers or masks and snorkels and we can have a really great time."

Everyone thought that was a great idea. Celeste said, "Why don't you two guys rent wind surfers and Grace and I will rent Masks and snorkels and we could trade off equipment?" Everyone was in play and party mode now.

Since the wind wasn't happening they wound up renting masks and snorkels and going to McKenna Beach and snorkeling. All were healed by swimming in the ocean and seeing all the amazing life underwater. It reminded Arcane of dying and going to Lake Atlantis in heaven. "

On his biocom while snorkeling with the group Arcane asked Celeste, "Will you marry me?"

"You're such a character, Arcane.-Asking me to marry you over a Biocom?"

Arcane answered dreamily, "I remember you taking me to heaven after I died in Atlantis. Do you remember that, Celeste?"

Celeste thought about this a moment and said through her biocom. "Yes. But it's very disorienting for me to do that all at once. I'm having trouble integrating all these new memories with the rest of my present life."

"I'm sorry, Celeste. That's to be expected. I had the same experience with Eridian."

"We have a lifetime to relive the past and our future together, Arcane."

" I take it your answer is 'yes' then." "Has it ever been 'no' since you can remember?"

"Always 'yes'"

"Then why did you even have to ask?" "Out of politeness and respect for your choice and your soul."

"You are always such a polite priest, Arcane. How do you ever get anything done being so polite?"

"Actually, for me it's all quite easy. When one loves and respects all life as sacred one also loves and respects ones own life as sacred. This love and respect frees the life force from within and without so there is no limit to ones accomplishments. All life everywhere assists in the infinite accomplishments that follow love and respect for all life in all places and times."

"I'm a convert, Arcane. Just love me and teach me. You are now my priest and my husband."

" Since I was a boy in the time of Atlantis you have been my teacher, my friend and my love. I owe God and you everything I am today."

"Life and God has trained us both well then Arcane."

"Yes, and it's not over yet."

Abruptly this conversation ended when John said, "What are you two lovebirds doing. Your drifting out to sea!"

"We're coming back" said Arcane.

"Be right there." Said Celeste.

When they returned Arcane said to John. "Celeste and I have decided to get married."

"Where and when?" said John. Grace was delighted also. She knew it might lead to John and her marrying also. Love and marriage is very contagious as we all know.

Celeste spoke up. "I'd like you two to be with us."

"We'd be honored." Said John.

Grace agreed. "Since I was picked up from Tahiti could you return Arcane and I there, John?"

"Actually, it is in the works! We got the information we wanted and it has all been verified. You told us the truth. You are a part of the US Government sworn to secrecy so no leakage problem exits. You can go back to Tahiti if you feel safe now."

"What about the people shooting at us in Tahiti?"

"We've already given them as much information as we can. We did this so your life wouldn't be in jeopardy. We told them that time experiments were being done without your knowledge, Celeste. We told them that you have no real knowledge of the technologies involved. Whether that is ultimately true we have convinced them you no nothing useful to you or us."

"Do you think it's safe to return to Tahiti, George?" George as Arcane said, "I'll make one or two phone calls and it will be safe."

"You are a pretty scary guy sometimes, Arcane!" Said John.

Then he laughed with a belly laugh because he thought what he had said was very funny. This was because he intuitively knew that George and Celeste and maybe even Cory and Andy were time and space travelers from somewhere and some when else. That he could not safely ever tell anyone this he thought was extremely funny.

"Now I'm really going to scare you. Will you be my best man, John?"

John stopped laughing. He said, "Do you really mean that, George?"

" Yes!" said George as Arcane.

"Then it's a done deal" and he slapped George on the back.

Celeste looked at Grace and said, "Grace will you be my maid of honor?"

"Are you sure?"said Grace.

"Very sure!" said Celeste.

"I'd be honored, Celeste. You are a real lady, a real friend!" said Grace.

John called the Airport to ready their Lear jet and Arcane and Celeste got on the phone to Tahiti to set up their wedding by Credit card. While he was calling he said to Celeste on Biocom, "Jonathan, my soul double in physical form had a father that traveled by yacht to Tahiti in the late 30's. It will honor my future father that we marry there."

Celeste's reply was, "I love you Arcane but you will always be a little strange and more than a little mysterious."

"As long as you love me I don't mind being strange and mysterious."

"We'll honor your future father then."

"Thanks for being patient with me, Celeste."

Celeste laughed. She was marrying the man of her dreams of several lifetimes. It may be weird but it was real and she was at last so very happy.

Grace came back and said, "I was able to get off work Monday so I can go with you to Tahiti."

"Great!" said Arcane. They had decided to leave at 7 pm Saturday night and fly to Tahiti. John promised to have Grace back to Honolulu by midnight Monday. Arcane and Celeste would be married around noon in Tahiti at a special place Celeste had picked out.

When Celeste Weaver first came to Earth it was to Tahiti. So for her it was her safe place, her home on Earth away from most of the hustle and bustle of earth.

When their Lear jet touched down on Tahiti a helicopter was waiting to take them to a private island. Except for a few friends and a minister they would have the island to themselves. George as Arcane, Celeste, John and Grace all had friends in very high places in national and world Government and business. Their private island paradise for two days proved it.

They were married on the beach with John, Grace and a few friends. George said after the marriage ceremony. "It's been a very long wait to be married to you, Celeste. I'm grateful we could finally do this after all this time."

John said, "Have you two been going together a long time."

"Not really" said George. We've just been very good friends for a very long time.We're both sort of traditional."

John said, "Sometimes just being friends is the most important part of a good long term relationship."

George said, "I agree." Celeste said, "So do I."

With that we leave our friends and lovers now married and moving toward a long life together. Two years hence Jonathan will come and learn his lessons in Hawaii with his family. But that is another story.

With this we leave Arcane and Celeste and their future 3 children. It is said that Arcane and Celeste remained married for over a thousand years.


If you are interested in reading more about Arcane go back to my index page and click on History of Arcane Part 1 and also 2. If interested in one of the other pages please read History of Celeste Weaver, History of His Oneness or the History of Jonathan Flow. There are several other minibooks there as well that are directly or indirectly related to "Memories".


July 25th 2001 11:25 PST

I guess you could say I was born a seer. As a child it was terrifying at times knowing what people were thinking. At about 3 I wondered why adults never said exactly what they thought. At about 15 I realized why. It was because politeness kept people from harming each other, themselves and society. In my teens I found God or should I say God found me and basicly said, "Use these gifts as I will you to, Fred, or die." I obeyed and began to use my gifts to help everyone I knew, saw or met.

At times it was horrifying to walk by someone and to know they would die soon. However, that was balanced by good things and the satisfaction of knowing that God had allowed me to be his instrument to help someone. I did not really begin to have peace about my gifts until I met a Tibetan Lama at around the age of 30. Then all aspects of the "gifts" came into balance.

The two most difficult precognitions that have come to pass already were in 1985 and 1989. The first involved my family and the second a major earthquake in where I lived. In 1985 I woke up one morning knowing that if any of my family drove in a car that day that one of us would die. I told my wife and children about this and my wife said,"I have a business delivery and your daughter has an orchestra practice." I said, "Please listen to me. You know I'm usually right about these things." Anyway, she would not listen. And so I prayed as hard as I could that neither of them would die that day. When they drove away I felt sick to my stomach. About 5 minutes later my daughter ran back home crying and said they had had a head on and the car was totaled. I got in another of our cars and drove my daughter and I to the sight. She was right our car was totaled. My wife had collapsed the steering wheel and had cracked ribs and my daughter had hit her head on the windshield. I immediately thought ofof a Lama friend and what he had said, "Little hurt instead of big hurt." I smiled and was grateful no one had died.

The next precognition was more psychologically difficult for me and affected thousands of people. I woke up seeing death the skeleton in the black shrowd. I had never had a vision this being before and so when I fully wakened I said to mywife "We had better check this out because "death" has never appeared to me before." So we checked it out and narrowed it down to an earthquake or a nuclear blast on a specific week a few weeks hence. We decided to be in Hawaii when it happened and so watched it happen on CNN in Hana, Maui, Hawaii. It was the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989. Most of the friends that I told about the Loma Prieta Earthquake weeks before it happened were too frightened to speak to me after they lived through the earthquake. One of the people's houses in the Bay area had thousands of dollars of damage. There is something called the Kasondra effect. It is in regard to telling someone of something before it happens and because of that being blamed for the event. It is something I've had to deal with my whole life. Usually, the way I deal with it is to distract someone who is going to have an accident from their normal time line without telling them anything and thereby saving their life or limbs. I have found one must be very careful who and what one shares about these kinds of things with others.

However, I have been authorized to write this book in the hope that the war between the free world and China is avoided. As of 7000+ AD in my book this war has already taken place and Asia, North and South America, Australia and the Pacific Islands are all unihabitable. Only Europe and Africa and Greenland are still inhabitable by healthy humans. All cities below 3000 feet no longer exist because of global warming and incredible winds so most healthy people in 7000 ad now live above 5000 feet in elevation. That is why places like the Alps are a good place to have a seat of world government for what remains of the inhabitable world.

If a war between the free world and China takes place in the next 200 years it leaves, Asia, North and South America and Australia uninhabitable for about 20,000 years.

This book has been written partly to help change the future by eliminating this war. There is no occurance in presently recorded history that devastates earth like this war did. All efforts should perservere to create China into a democracy as soon as possible and thereby eliminate this war from future history. The hellish karma for earth and its souls caused by this war must be stopped by eliminating this war. All in the future agree that this war must be stopped so that all nations and their cultures can continue to strengthen earth for future colonization of other planets. All cultures are needed when we colonize other planets when we have to deal with other species far into the future.


When I was travelling in Thailand in 1985 and 6 I was guided inwardly to suddenly leave Thailand with my family and go to India. At the time I didn't know really what the KalaChakra was. I thought I was just going to meet a lama in Bodhgaya that I knew in Santa Cruz that I and my family had become friends with. However, after a fairly adventurous journey we arrived in Bodhgaya, India to see 500,000 people receiving the Kalachakra Initiation from the Dalai Lama. About 10,000 people were there from the western world: i.e europe,North and South America, Aurstralia and Japan etc.The rest were in a circle around the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya by country. There were devotees receiving initiation from Tibet,Sri Lanka,Nepal,Bhutan,India and many other Asian places. It was amazing to see all these devotees in their native costumes. We were very amazed to be in this situation and were overwhelmed by our experience. Our lama friend signed us up as foreign recipients of the Kalachakra Initiation as we arrived on the first day and were eligible for this. I bought an authorized book on the Kalachakra then and began reading. I found that this initiation connects one to to the mystical world of Shambala that is believed to be a real heaven like world connected to this one through the Gobi desert in Asia. Some lamas speak of having been there. It is possible that His Oneness is the immortal King of Shambala.

Author's notes: All the following was originally my dedication, Introduction etc. to "Memories" which helped me greatly in understanding my own writer's process in organization and of the writing and editing of this book. However, after looking at it a few years I believe now that the reader is actually beter served by discovering it at the end. In this way the details come after you have experienced the book yourself and therefore become more meaningful. Also, if one doesn't want the details then they are happy too!

Memories and its sequels have been written as a tool for humanoids and others in general to better understand this Galaxy and their place in it or in relation to it and their place in the sea of all Galaxies. The primary sponsors of this work are the present Galactic Sentience, His Oneness, The Galactic Time Guard, Arcane and Celeste etc. The Galactic sentience has authorized this ongoing written series as a way of honoring his Grandfather and Grandmother, the physical Creators of the Milky Way Galaxy as it is called on Earth. Several of the millions and millions of simaltaneous regenerative incarnations made by the Present Galactic Sentience's Grandfather and Grandmother are recounted here.

It is with great kindness and grattitude for His Grandmother's and Grandfather's benevolence and sacrifice that the Galaxy exists today to bless and to benefit all sentient life within it and all that see, sense, or visit it in any way. These ongoing writings are not intended as a professional recounting but instead as friends sharing around a campfire their most profound experiences and insights on a starlit summer night.

The reason I published "Memories" online

This book "Memories" was written as a legacy by me and those who sponsor it to help mankind long after I'm gone. I have always been a precognitive psychic all my life. Sometimes this was very uncomfortable. However, after I turned about 30 years old and met my first Tibetan Lama I began to understand nonduality, the void and compassion for all beings in all time and space. At this point my psychic gifts became a complete blessing to me and all who came into contact with me. I know that might sound strange to some of you but then again this is my life experience.

I had always been afraid to publish information on my researches in this life as I thought it might be dangerous to me or to my family. However, when I almost died of a heart virus in 1998 and 1999 I realized how ignorant it was of me to think so little of the gifts God has so graciously given me that I would not share them with mankind before I passed on. One of the experiences of having a heart virus is feeling you are suffocating and can't get air. By using a Tibetan meditation I survived the illness. Also, when it first started about a dozen angels appeared to me so I thought I was dying and so I prepared for my passing on. However, the angels said in unison at that time over and over again, "You are not going to die! Your life will get better now!" Even though this was hard for me to take in let alone to believe I have learned through long experience to always take angels seriously. This understanding allowed me to survive when I couldn't breathe or oxygenate my blood. Instead of panicking and dying like many people do I simply disconnected through meditation instead of panicking and so I survived to write the book "Memories" for you and your friends and family to read.

In this near death experience God convinced me what a loss it would be if I died without sharing my lifetimes of research as a spiritual scientist. I hope my lifetimes of experience can help your soul and the souls of all your friends and family to better navigate your own lifetimes of experience. God had to make me think I was going to die before I shared this with you! Hopefully, God will convince you to do what you need to do without doing the same to you.

It is not necessary to believe in God or anything else to benefit from this book. What I feel is important in life is kindness and compassion that is exercised with wisdom. This book is an expression of that kindness, compassion and wisdom. So whether your approach to life is humanistic or whatever you can benefit from the wisdom expressed through this book. Even if you are only looking at this book as Science Fiction it is perfectly all right with me.


Originally Author's preface

I believe the paradigms illustrated here are true. However, I'm not attached to the idea that you must also believe as I do. Besides, not all truth seekers believe in God, extrasensory perception (ESP), soul travel and reincarnation as I do. The universe is a big place after all and I consider all my brothers and sisters and/or beings of fellowship if they have no gender as humans know it. So I have written this book for all who can be entertained or benefit in any positive way from reading or hearing it read to them or translated to them or for them.

The culture or cultures that now control both time and space also control our galaxy past, present and future. The culture or cultures that have the Galactic Legal right to control Earth's time and space do now control Earth past, present and future as well.

The past lives of the transmigrating soul are based upon memories as clear to me as you presently have of your childhood from age 4 through 20 years of age. However, I had to convert my memories to legendary form. This is to protect the real bodies and minds of all mentioned. It is my hope that reading this book will help you and your friends and families in your ongoing search for truth. My lifetimes of research as a truth seeker and soul pilgrim have helped me in translating the galactic paradigms that I have encountered in my journey as a soul.I believe that all civilized and uncivilized beings in this galaxy are subject to the paradigms illustrated if the beings and cultures exist within 1 to 5 million years future and past. I have done my best to share useful and practical paradigms that should help the humans of earth more easily survive and prosper through the many coming contacts with offworlders and multidimentional beings.

Jonathan Flow follows some of my personal travels from 1948 to the present. The Pseudonym Jonathan Flow gives me license to share deeper truths. I feel safer in sharing more of what I wish in this context without fear for my life or yours. The governments of Earth are not the problem. Some of the governments and businesses and ruffians beyond earth who do not control earth but have an interest in earth are.

It is my hope that Peace may come to you through your religions. It is my hope that security may come through your governments. However, since truth can only be experienced and not even properly talked about, each of us must find truth alone. For me truth has come by being open to it, by knowing that I must be willing to give up old paradigms of life when shown something truer and superior to what I knew and believed before. To be a truth seeker goes beyond being a member of any religion,race or creed. For me it has gone something like this. "I want to know the truth no matter what."

I have written this book in order to help other truth seekers more easily find the truth. Within this book I have included as many paradigms and hints as I could to give the reader as safe a passage as possible in their own search for truth both inward and throughout the galaxy.

This reminds me of a joke. Someone went high into the Himalayas to speak to an enlightened master in a cave. Upon reaching the master the seeker said, "How do I become enlightened?" "Good decisions!" the master said. The seeker then said, "But how do I learn to make good decisions?" "Bad decisions." said the master.

Here in joke form we find the simple keys to both truth and enlightenment. It ain't pretty but it's the way it is.


Since I believe the book to be real life memories inserted into a legendary form I have often prayed about how to present and publish the information so that it would be both safe and useful for all wherever and whenever they read, hear or see this. One of the ways I tried to make it safe for all is to change most of the dates. With 90% of the dates changed it seemed safer to me. The second thing I did was to change most of the names of the real characters. With most of the true dates and true names changed I felt that the reliability of the book could not be counted on by anyone trying to harm any of the existing characters in their home times and spaces. Since the characters Eridian and His Oneness now live in different dimensions than our physical world exists in they are relatively safe so I used their real names. However, both Eridian and His Onenes are known in Legends by thousands of other names. Eridian is known in many relgions ancient, prehistoric, present and future as the Guardian of the Gates of the Heavens of Earth. I was surprised that evolved beings can evolve in any time or times and still be totally masters in all times past, present or future. This one concept has totally redefined reality for me. It appears that childlike souls evolving are overshadowed by their already evolved fully masterful souls. It appears that the Buddhist statement that talks about one already being enlightened and that all that one needs do is to realize it is true. From this point of view it may be that all materialistic thought including time, space and logic is untrue and only useful in strengthening a souls resolve in being what it already naturally is.

Arcane is similar to his real name. His real name means Ancient Wisdom in his native tongue. However, his name could not be pronounced by present day humans because of evolution and genetic enhancement of the humans of New Deva approximately 1,000,000 years into human future.(I'm not sure about this but it is possible that New Deva is Earth recolonized after physical humans become extinct 1.5 to 2 million years in earth's future. Likewise Isfahel may be a recolonized and reterraformed Mars. If this is true the New Earth called New Deva has also been terraformed.) Arcane is a descendant of human colonists who originated on earth from Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis and colonists from several hundred years from now that venture into space. When many of these planetary colonies intersect in our future they form treaties and interbreed.

I also feel an obligation to protect the reader, my family and myself from harm. This is because time travel by governments and multinational corporations is no longer something that can easily be denied. The propaganda machine of the western world tries but it is no longer credible or believable. This may seem silly or outrageous to you but you have not seen what I have. If you had you would know as I do that thousands to millions of planets in our galaxy are inhabited and that we on earth are descendants of colonists from other worlds. We have been strengthened and somewhat mutated genetically with Earth Dna in order to survive better here. However, we are directly related to beings on thousands of human planets and earth will colonize planets and dimensions for thousands of years to come. That is what humans do. We colonize planets, we terraform planets and we genetically mutate ourselves to survive wherever we go. We are an extremely adaptable species. Other species that fear humans fear our adaptability most. Our intelligence is not feared just adaptability. This is because IQs of 1000 to 10,000 are very common in our galaxy with the most intelligent beings known coming out at an unheard of 1 million IQ. Only our adaptability is feared because we are one of only a few intelligent species that can survive on galactic rim planets.

The Galaxy has altered time so that humans will not be invaded by other species for a long, long time. It is one of the ways the Galaxy handles things. They try to prevent war by creating more than one basic timeline. Each species is given one or more timelines that it can inhabit without being invaded by another off world species.

We are on what His Oneness calls the Holy Lemurian Timeline. Since he is the Galactically delegated authority for our timeline his rulings are final. When time changes are made by today's humans the changes are watched by His Oneness and the Lemurians. If they don't see the time changes beneficial to enough beings the Lemurians fix time and tell todays humans to stop. Todays humans are given three chances to listen. If they continue to disobey His Oneness their births are prevented by temporarily sterilizing their parents. This is common practice. They don't kill anyone they simply prevent conception. This is a very common and painless Galactic practice. Since they can travel through time they have unlimited time to consider any action or inaction. And their rulings are reinforced by the Galaxy in order to maintain the galactic order of time and space.


Introduction to Arcane

One souls search for truth, wisdom, compassion and loyalty over millions of years.

Chapter 1 Dragon of Compassion

Dragons of Compassion denotes the name of Arcane's Spiritual Lineage of Priest Scientists. His lineage is also called: Compassionate Invincible Protectors of the planet New Deva

Arcane is a young humanoid. At the time his story begins I would say he is between 27 and 29 years old in Earth maturity both mental and physical. His physical lineage comes originally from Earth but about one million years have passed from our present day so a lot of changes have taken place. Earth has colonized many planets and dimensions and those colonies have in turn colonized other planets and dimensions. There are also planetary colonies established between 40,000 and 500,000 years before the year 2000 AD. in Lemuria and Mu's time and later there were colonies from Atlantis that were established between 70,000 and less than 10,000 years before the year 2000 AD. Later still there were colonies first on the moon and then beyond that began in the 20th century onward.

The people of Earth weren't told about early colonies on the moon and Mars and beyond until the 22nd century. These colonies began in 1969 with the first US missions to the moon and continued secretly from then on by joint efforts between first the Soviet union and the United States and later including Japan and Europe. Many of the Shuttle missions contained extra people and supplies between 1969 and 2100.Space stations became staging areas for colonization experiments. Some of the early colonization efforts that were publicly recognized starting in the 2040's and beyond met some of the survivors of these early secret colonies but were requested by the survivor colonists to not publicly share this information on pain of death. President Eisenhower may have traded for UFO technology in 1952 or 3. Since these ufos travel time as well as space the US has been secretly many wheres and many whens. I myself must say that the previous paragraph was complete fiction as a way of protecting both of us.

From the 21st century on there were more and more colonies from earth. They eventually met their relatives on nearby worlds whose ancestors colonized other planets, places and dimensions Thousands and thousands of years before. They discovered colonies further and further out as faster and faster space travel became possible.

Arcane is descended from ancient Lemurian human stock, from Atlantean human stock and descended from more modern human colonists who left Earth to colonize the galaxy during the 23rd through the 25th centuries. Eventually the different colonies from all the different eras that continued to survive met and formed a mutually beneficial alliance and begin trading and even helping each other defend their territories from non humanoids. All the colonists of these thousands of planets adapted physically and mentally to wherever they chose to live. Many have been scientifically and medically modified in order to survive in specific environments. Although Arcane is still humanoid his ancestors have been genetically modified to breathe both water and air and to live underwater for years at a time. He is as at home in the water as on the land or in the air and his fingers are longer than most humans on earth.However, he greatly prefers to breathe air as one can't usually see as far underwater. If possible Arcane prefers to be in the open air with vistas of hundreds of miles. Whenever he can get away he goes to the mountains to be quiet with nature. His skin glows violet and his features are a little different than ours. His eyes are gold and would be very hypnotic for an earth born human to view. He has long hair which shimmers between gold and lavender but it is usually tied back and hidden under the purple and white robes of his hood and lineage. He stands about 6 feet tall and is slim but very muscular from rigorous training in martial arts. The types of martial arts practiced are mainly used to train the mind and to hypnotize opponents into catatonia by physical and psychic movement of consciousness and energy. He has taken vows not to kill because he is a priest in addition to a scientist and protector but can render up to ten opponents at a time unconscious for hours or days by temporarily disconnecting their souls from their bodies. He only does this when there is no other humane alternative available.

He has been rigorously trained and tested to prevent misuse of his gifts and abilities. He has been taught equanimity which is a feeling of equalness, kindness and kindredness towards all beings and all sentient life in the universe. He has been taught never to lose his center. He has been taught it is better to lose ones body than to kill another. However, for the survival of a culture or a planet he was taught that one must sometimes set aside ones vows so that ones culture can survive. Only one in the lineage is allowed this in any era. The rules are strict because a rule breaker would be to dangerous supernaturally to be allowed to live.

******************************************************************************** Arcane is a priest Scientist of New Deva and he is involved in a war. He has been tortured but not killed because it wasn't practical for his enemies to kill him This is because he is very supernaturally endowed. So the most practical solution for his enemies was to lose him in time after trying to twist his mind. After Arcane had temporarily disconnected several thousand soldiers and technicians of Isfahel from their bodies they banished Arcane to Earth in another time.

It is believed that Arcane's sworn enemy the Prophet Tech Noir of the planet Isfahel is a reincarnation of another terrifying leader of 20th century Earth. In Arcane's time as much is known about Earth as we presently know about ancient Greece and China before the time of Christ.

Tech Noir has used his prophetic abilities in conjunction with technological amplifiers to control his planet. His doctrine is that he is the one son of God and that all who do not believe in him will be put to death. Most resistors to Tech Noir have already been murdered on Isfahel. All the humanoids that remain on Isfahel either believe in Tech Noir or pretend to. All the rest are dead or have escaped to other worlds or dimensions.

In the time that Arcane is forcibly sent to Earth there are no humans left in human bodies on Earth. There are still human colonists throughout the Galaxy but any humans that remained on earth that are the descendants of the 21st century have turned into light. The rest moved their bodies and civilizations to other dimensions to protect them from harm.

A war involving about 1000 planets spilled over into earth. As a result earth has been a part of a demilitarized zone for thousands of years now. No physical body of any member of any galactic civilization is allowed to visit earth in the time that Arcane has been banished to. The demilitarized zone was set up to create a buffer zone between humanoid worlds and the worlds of a competing species. The only physical life left on earth is all its wild creatures and plants and organisms that are native to earth and the light realms of earth. The animals finally have earth to themselves once again after so long. They only have to share it with the spirits of the souls that remain who guard earth and its heavens.

Eridian is the guardian of earth along with the other 8 Light elders. Eridian has the legal right in the galaxy to the time line of earth still and he continues to be recognized by the Galactic Legal system. Since he is defined by the Galaxy as an energy being he is still legally recognized as the owner of Earth's timeline by galactic law. This will continue as long as Eridian chooses to maintain planet Earth as his home. Since Eridian is a reincarnation of His Oneness of Lemuria he has held the ownership unbroken for over 1 ½ million years. He is still looked to as the final arbiter for time disputes on earth regarding the last 1 ½ million years. The galaxy owns earth. Eridian owns its time line. Both have extreme legal protection.

Following added 10-2005

None of the stories of "memories" came to be in my life until I began to understand nondualism. This understanding began to take place when I met a Lama in Ashland Oregon around 1980. Though multiple initiations with multiple Lamas in Oregon, California and culminating with the Kalachakra Initiation in 1985 in Bodhgaya, India with the Dalai Lama along with 500,000 others I grew in my understanding of the necessity of having and developing compassion for all beings in the universe, especially if you have been given supernatural gifts like I was at birth. In this way I can use my gifts to help all beings to the end of suffering, the beginning of bliss and towards enlightenment.

I am extremely gratetful for all the gifts I have been given throughout this lifetime and many many others.

Inspiring Books

"Same Soul Many Bodies" and also
"Many Lives Many Masters"
both by Dr. Brian L.Weiss, M.D. Same Soul recounts soul progression of future lives his newest therapy for patients, "Many Lives" recounts his early work in hypnotic regression as therapy for his patients

The following books inspired my path and this book

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Dweller on Two Planets by Phylos the Tibetan through Frederick Spenser Oliver (Age 18 in the 1880's) Might be out of print now

The following is the definitive book yet published on UFO's given to me for Christmas by my affluent mother in law several years ago when it was first published.
The Day After Roswell by Colonel Phillip Corso (ret.)

Reference Book

The Kalachakra Tantra translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkins

When I first arrived in India in late December 1985 in Bodhgaya, India. I thought I was there to meet a good friend I first met in Santa Cruz, California. However, when my family and I arrived there 500,000+ people were there to receive the Kalachakra Tantra, an initiation that many Tibetans had walked six months out of deep Tibet to receive knowing they would never be allowed to return to Tibet. There were native peoples in traditional native dress from Tibet,Bhutan,Nepal,and all over India. It is my understanding that this initiation connects the devotee to Shambala and to the King of Shambala.The movie "Shangri-La" first made in the 1930's was a westernized concept of Shambala.

It is my present belief that my present understanding of His Oneness and my book "Memories" were partly facilitated by this approximately 1 week initiation received by 500,000+ people and given by the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, India in late December 1985. I am amazed that I was magically directed there not knowing even what the Kalachakra was from Thailand right on time to receive this initiation with my whole family. I am equally amazed at the path that brought me to write "Memories" and many of the beginning sequels.

May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss
May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space Be Freed from Suffering and the Cause of Suffering
May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space never be without the Supreme Bliss that is Free from all Near and Far, All Grasping and Aversion!

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