Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Way the Galaxy really is


I'm saying this could be fiction because it feels safer to do that.

If I look at the Galaxy through a lifetime of experience as an intuitive and what it really is and what Earth is to this Galaxy, what I see is that Earth is a planetary city state in the Galactic Hierarchy. It is a Park that many Galactic Visitors love to visit. The UfOs that people tend to see are mostly tourists. Earth people would never see actual military UFOs because the technology is just too advanced.

To space tourists, Earth is a "Must See" very quaint place. Earth as a military power is about as much threat to the galaxy as an ant hill on earth is to humans. That's about the actual state of things. To the space tourists humans would be seen sort of like the Grizzly Bears and deer and Buffaloes and such you might visit Yellowstone or Teton National Parks to see. Because of this space tourists appear to be just like the person next door or at least like a person from the next country or around the world, depending upon just how good they are at emulating a human being from Earth.

Have you ever walked down a street or trail in the woods and felt someone or something watching you? Sometimes, when what is watching you isn't and animal or earth born human it is a space tourist in invisible just observing your behavior and taking notes.

Earth is a place of incredible freedom compared to most Galactic societies. Most galactic Societies don't have a lot of freedom as a way of avoiding planet killing wars. So earth is the exception and not the rule.

So, seeing earth as an island in space much like a small Pacific Island without much capability of defending itself from other countries would be exactly how most of the galaxy views Earth. However, because it is such a beautiful park like place it is protected by the Galaxy as much as possible in order to keep as much of its quaintness as possible long term.

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