Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heads UP

The politics in the Muslim and western secular world has radically changed almost overnight. People have been dreading these days when incontrovertable evidence arose that Iran was creating nuclear weapons like right now. One must expect a lot of anger and horror and arguments in not only all Muslim nations but all nations over this de facto problem here spitting in all our faces and it is inevitable that it has permanently changed the world political and nuclear and military dynamics. Muslim nations once convinced that the G-20 and the United Nations could keep Iran in check have been extremely disappointed and now will have no choice but to begin to acquire nuclear weapons themselves. And hopefully, this will not develop into a mini or maxi World War III scenario eventually. But it is obvious now that nothing the G-20 or the United Nations or even individual nations cannot put the genie back in the bottle. The genie is out and we are all in for it!

But unfortunately, I believe that it is the people of Iran who will suffer the most from the new sanctions. The unthinkable seems to be happening, Iran appears to be turning into another North Korea.

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