Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dragonofcompassion.com Sept. 22, 2009

I was able to get up a complete copy of "Memories" in 7 web segments as well as some of the sequels like Jonathan Flow(under sequels) and "His Oneness", "Arcane", and "Celeste", at my new website dragonofcompassion.com

All the word buttons that you can count on for sure now are at the top of the page except for my blog page here which if you click on it there will open in a new window.

If you ever visited my geocities website over the last 10 years I likely won't have a Journal page at the new site as my blogsite intuitivefred888.blogpot.com (here) fulfills that need.

The purpose of the website is mostly so I don't have to work so hard each month trying to fin ways to display my online books here at the blogsite as the blogsite is mostly set up only for good access within any one month. After that trying to find out what I have written might be problematic for you. So, dragonofcompassion is a much easier way for you to find the books I've written. But if you want to read all my 624 blog articles so far in 2009 or the 830 blog articles I wrote in 2009 or the 193 blog articles I wrote in 2007 then I wish you well. However, I believe if you type a keyword up in the search area it might be helpful depending upon the subject you want to research through my blog articles.

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