Friday, September 4, 2009

The World is Changing

First of all I have experienced the last 61 years that I tend to be more intuitive than the average male my age. Now, this is hard to quantify except in the fact that I have a feeling that I tend to listen to my instincts better than the average male my age because I'm still alive and many of them are not. Of my 3 best friends that I made before age 21, one is dead, one has early alzheimer's and doesn't really know who I am anymore and I have one friend who is about 58 who is still alive and healthy like me from the old "Let's go climb mountains and explore the world, surf and body surf and let's go meet girls" kind of thinking that one often finds between the ages of about 15 and whenever and if ever people settle down and have a family or live with someone full time. So for whatever reason I'm here and most of my friends and relatives are already dead except my kids and a few cousins and my wife.

When I grew up my father liked to go to presentations by people who talked about meeting aliens from flying saucers and told me how the government basically couldn't shut Adamski up so they killed him just like the government killed Secretary Forrestal because they couldn't shut him up either.

My opinion about all this is that the whole UFO conspiracy cover-up is the biggest coverup so far in the whole history of the human race, politically. I suppose the case could be made that religious cover-ups are worse, for they are insidious because they affect what people pray to and believe in when they pray. So, I suppose religious cover-ups are incredibly more heinous even than the UFO cover-up.

I suppose the whole UFO thing and the Kennedy assasinations (Bobby and JFK) sucked all the faith out of the American people concerning the trustworthiness of the U.S. government. I don't think faith in our government has ever returned to the level of trust seen during the 1950s ever since.

I think the primary motivation to cover up UFO information is that the truth is more dangerous than an Atomic Bomb on many different levels.

The first level is that most people just couldn't deal with the truth in the 1950s without completely losing it. OH, the intelligencia (educated people) of the 1950s would have been okay but most people were just so superstitious anyway that there would have been incredible mayhem. (Look at how crazy it has gotten just with the first black president. Bigoted people who don't want to admit they are bigoted are just acting completely insane and what is even crazier more people are taking them seriously than should. (The times they are a changing) and some people are having shit fits because of all the changes.)

There was a joke on the "Daily Show" that seems appropriate. They were speaking about and older woman who said, "I want my America back!" and the Black comedian said, "Native Americans wanted their country back too." and John Stewart said, "Well. Is she going to get her country back?" And the black comedian said, "Did the Indians?"

Lady, the world is changing and none of us like it but if you don't face that it is changing then you are completely lost because it won't be back to the way it was ever again!

Things have always kept changing. The ONLY constant is change.

It is sort of like when you are out surfing in the ocean and a big wave comes when you are out there. You either surf the big wave or get out of the way. Any other choice is potentially fatal.

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