Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Communicating with Plants

Being an intuitive can be sometimes very humourous. I was today tending to two trays of Wheat berry sprouts on my redwood deck. After I cut some 8 inch tall blades of wheat grass off with my sharp kitchen knife I began to run the wheat grass through a hand crank wheat juice press or more accurately a compression stainless steel auger hand crank with a stainless steel strainer type of device built in.

After I had compressed enough wheat grass to make about 2 ounces of wheat grass juice that my wife and I now call wheat grass coffee because it really wakes you up and makes you feel alive in a good way a little like coffee except with wheat grass juice there is no coffee crash a few hours afterwords.

So, I was starting to rinse off the stainless steel parts outside next to the sprouting trays and the wheat grass sprouted seeds and plants started to communicate with me.

They telepathed, "Are you going to plant us in your yard like you did the others before us?" I telepathed back, "Yes." They said, "Why did you eat the other sprouts yesterday and not plant them?" I said, "Because they were sprouted on a plate and kept moist with a wet paper towel." They didn't really understand this and so they telepathed, "Anyway, after you trim us two times each will you plant us next to our compatriots in your yard?" I said, "Yes." They seemed very relieved hearing this. Then they said, "Why do you eat plants?" I said, "All humans must eat plants to live as well as all animals." They seemed sort of horrified at this. I said telepathically, "Only plants can convert sunlight in the way that plants do." Then their response was very educational for me. The words that formed from them telepathing with me were, "Humans and animals are plant parasites." This sort of shocked me because I found this to be very sophisticated and completely unexpected from sprouted wheat grass seeds as I find the longer most things live, trees especially, longer lived plants, but also humans, animals, birds, everything usually tends to become wiser and wiser with age. Beings that don't become wiser with age usually die young as a given although I suppose there are always exceptions to this rule for various reasons.

I thought about the concept of humans actually Being plant parasites and finally had to agree telepathically with the wheat grass sprouting seeds growing as wheat grass on my redwood deck that, "humans and animals are plant parasites." We just don't usually want to think of ourselves in this way. However, once the plants had named how they saw humans and animals there was a clarity between us that had not been there before and I sensed I had been accepted in a way I had not been before. It was that humans didn't do this to be mean, they did this because they have to to live.

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