Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Zen of Soul Travel

After spending years soul traveling I learned:

I spent years longing and trying to go somewhere to be with God and finally realized all the places I wanted to go I had always been there all along.

So, let me better explain if soul traveling isn't your experience or raison d'etre (reason for being)

When I was young I longed to be with God where he was and my parents believed in soul travel and that many masters commonly did this and that some masters even taught children to do this. So I prayed to masters to teach me and they did and I learned to consciously soul travel by my late teens and early twenties.

But even though I learned to soul travel all over earth, this wasn't what I was interested in. So I soul traveled to Venus and even into the sun and through the sun into the center of the Galaxy. And through the civilizations in the center of the galaxy I asked for help to prevent earth from nuking itself out of existence or earth being destroyed for any reason. I received this help and so now earth is protected from these things.

And so I was asked to be a liason to other Galaxies because I had this rare ability to soul travel so far without dying or being harmed. So I agreed if earth would be spared. And they agreed to this as well. So I did my job and so far they have lived up to their part of the agreement.

However, after all these years,(I'm 61 now and have been doing this for over 40 years) I started to notice that I was already anywhere I went so it really took no effort to soul travel anywhere. All I had to do was to believe I was everywhere and being anywhere anywhen was possible. Of course all these realizations took years to fathom. None of this I could figure out at first and scared myself many times because I was not yet a master at this yet. In fact, I wouldn't consider myself a master of it now. It would be like among drivers of cars that I am very proficient and don't have accidents but I wouldn't consider myself to be a good race car driver. It would be like that.

But experiencing that you are everywhere everywhen brings a peace I never knew before experiencing it. The experience for me is like sharing some of God's experiences and so I feel safer and closer to him her, the being more than ever.(By the way when I have actually met God, God is no sex at all just pure being but with the capacity to manifest as literally anyone, anything or all beings and things at once.)

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