Thursday, September 10, 2009

Afghans Arming themselves

Strangely enough, the instability in Iran is spilling over now into Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. The price of a Kalashnikov rifle is rising as the people begin to arm themselves in Afghanistan in earnest now. Whether they are arming themselves against NATO or arming themselves against the present government in Afghanistan or arming themselves against the Taliban I don't know. I think depending upon their individual points of view the populace is arming against one or all three of them at once.

After all, Afghans have the reputation of driving out all foreign based governments all the way back to Alexander the Great. It is just something natural in the Afghan psyche. I don't think it is personal. I think it is more primal and has to do the the rugged individualism of the average Afghan person. Think of the average American Colonist in the mid 1700s. I think that might be more useful when thinking of all this. However, the average Afghan person might not be educated past about the 3rd grade if that.

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