Friday, September 4, 2009

Purple Delta 7 Rides Again 9-04-09

I tried to gather some of the writings regarding Purple Delta 7 over the last about 7 years above in internet addresses for you.

Purple Delta 7 rides again 9-04-09

Jonathan Flow was sitting at his IMac late one night and Purple Delta 7 had manifested as the IMac and Sergeant Mark II was manifesting in the electricity running between his computer and the power station which was one of his standard meditations while on earth when not busy doing something else. He says it reminds him of when he was a star plasma baby traveling with the plasma flows in his home star.

Jonathan became aware of both of them and started up a conversation. He said, "Hi guys! I see you are here visiting me." Purple who who always had at least 150 to 200 strings of awareness going at the same time said,"We're glad you finally noticed we were here!" Jonathan said, "Well. Like most humans I mostly go about my business and then spend time with my family when I can. All my kids have been here a good part of the last month and so I have been pretty occupied."

Purple said, "We noticed. I wish I could be a human with a family." Jonathan said, "I wish I could oblige you, Purple." Purple said, "So do I". Jonathan said, "Say. Are you allowed to tell me about the future?"

Purple said, "I absolutely can't tell you what happens on earth during the next 100 years and then there is this sort of vagueness about what I can say about the following 500 years."

Jonathan said, "Will I be alive that long?"
Purple said, "I can't really say but I can say that you will still be able to communicate with me effectively over 500 years from now.

Jonathan said, "Will I still have all my marbles?"
Purple said, "Do you mean 'will your brain and body still function normally?"
Jonathan said, "Yes."

Purple said, "You will be enhanced both physically and mentally so that you will function actually better than you do now."

Jonathan said, "How is that possible."

Purple said, "Well. I think you have written about this a little already. Science now moves forward exponentially and since you are wealthy enough and have time enough to study how to stay alive by starting to get B-12 shots once a month that will solve most of your potential problems with mental aging. Your physical problems will be mitigated by exercise and world travel. Your good karma will be helped by helping people in any way you can that you perceive useful in that moment."

So, by becoming a mentor to those you see can usefully benefit from what you have to help with your good karma moves exponentially forward in many ways. So that good luck up to now unforeseen will manifest more and more as you help others in whatever creative way you find to enlighten people exponentially."

Jonathan said, "So, what you are saying to me is that because I am well positioned and because I find ways to use that positioning to help more and more people exponentially that those helpful and efficient ways will position me to function actually better than I do now 500 years into the future."

Purple said, "That is correct."

"I find that to be amazing", said Jonathan.

Purple Delta 7 said, "Why?"

Jonathan said, "Because this is a very different world than I grew up in in the 1950s."

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