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Science and spirituality

In the 1960s my generation was trying to be sincere and genuine because we thought this would prevent nuking the world out of existence and we were right.

When I grew up I learned about Jesus and Saint Germain and how Saint Germain was Francis Bacon the father of the Scientific Method of breaking all concepts down into hypotheses, theories and laws.

So, I decided to study spirituality and religion around the world and travel and meet Gurus and spiritual people all over the world which I have.

So, at this point I have a whole lot of  hypotheses, less Theories and even less laws. But, by categorizing something as a hypothesis, Theory or Law one doesn't really throw away a lot in life because you just wind up with hypotheses that might be true by the hundreds or thousands. As you prove these ideas and things to yourself one by one they move over to Theories and if they are really good they move over to laws in your life.

But, by using the scientific method on literally all information in your life you often wind up much more successful than most of the people around you because you aren't as gullible as they are because you cut through all the bullshit much more than they do to get to the actual truth. So, people can't get away with pulling the wool over your eyes and manipulating you like they might others.

By God's Grace.

I just call this being a Spiritual and Physical Survivor here on earth.

The problem with Cults and religions in general

  1. 20/20 : 20/20 10/30/15: Troublemaker Watch Full...
    Check out 20/20: 20/20 10/30/15: Troublemaker on WATCH ABC ... Leah Remini Recalls When She First Got Involved in Scientology; Leah Remini on Being Friends Tom Cruise ...

  1. I was watching the above episode regarding Leah Remini leaving Scientology which she had been with since she was 8 years old. 

    I found this interesting because I left my own religious cult I had been raised in from birth at age 21 in 1969.
When you are raised in a religion (and it doesn't have to be a cult) and many of your relatives are in it this can cause your death as it almost did me when I left  at the age of 21. When you are shunned and if you are under about 30 to 35 you might not have the will and intestinal fortitude to chart your own course and life after that because you have been so brainwashed by whatever religion it is (cult or not). So, you have to find some way forward. It isn't easy especially if you have relatives and friends still in this religion or cult. But, you have to find a way to stay alive.

My wife says I'm one of the emotionally and spiritually strongest people she has ever met in her life. I understand this because when I left I chose to completely rebuild myself into the person I am now. I chose to take the ideals I had learned in church and to apply the practical ones to become (everything that I could be). Because churches are idealistic and aren't at all ever what you think they are.

It's like having a bunch of actors pretending to be something they are not really. It all sounds pretty good but what I find is you can't really organize goodness in people. It either manifests spontaneously or it doesn't manifest at all.

So, churches of necessity and practicality have to be mostly phoney in nature. People want to be perfect all the time but it isn't true, especially organized perfection.

Organized perfection doesn't really exist. Actors might portray perfection but it is a dream. So, I find perfection is always from the heart and spontaneous. So, you really cannot expect to find it in actuality in anything organized ever. All you wind up with is usually some kind of farce.

If you watch the above program be sure to realize that this person was raised from 8 years old in this religion and most of her family and friends were in this religion too. And it took her all these years to decide to break away. I admire her bravery to do this because it isn't easy ever to do something like this.

But, sometimes in order to keep your self respect and to protect your children and spouses and relatives from harm you have to do what is right no matter what the consequences are.

IN my 20s I thought about starting my own religion and realized that religions are obsolete for humans because I now believe they do more harm than good to people at this point in their evolution. I think it's great for people to have a personal relationship with God or Buddha or Nature or the primordial spirit that created us all. But, I think that for the most part religions are obsolete and now do more individual and group harm than anything else at this point.

This is my view after everything I went through in my life. However, you are entitled to your own opinion from your own experiences.

By God's Grace.

It sort of like Disneyland. You can go to Disneyland and it can bring tears to your eyes but you know it is mostly all acting and stages and terra forming. But, that is much more real in some ways than any church can be. This is something to think about.

Russian Airliner Crashes in Egypt, Killing 224

Russian Airliner Crashes in Egypt, Killing 224

New York Times - ‎1 hour ago‎
MOSCOW - A Russian charter flight ferrying 224 passengers and crew to St. Petersburg from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, crashed soon after taking off early Saturday, killing everyone onboard, officials in Egypt and Russia said.
Kogalymavia Flight 9268
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Plane Passengers' Bodies Arrive in Cairo

As bodies of the Russian airliner that crashed in the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday arrived in Cairo, officials in Egypt and Russia discussed the investigation.
By REUTERS on Publish Date October 31, 2015. Photo by Mohammed Hossam/European Pressphoto Agency. Watch in Times Video »
MOSCOW — A Russian charter flight ferrying 224 passengers and crew to St. Petersburg from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, crashed soon after taking off early Saturday, killing everyone onboard, officials in Egypt and Russia said.
The plane, an 18-year-old Airbus A321-200, disappeared from radar screens about 25 minutes after it took off, according to official accounts. Hossam Kamal, the Egyptian transportation minister, denied that anything abnormal had happened before the plane disappeared. Earlier news reports in Egypt, citing officials, said the pilot had radioed that he was having technical difficulties and wanted to make an emergency landing.
“Communications between the pilot and the tower were very normal — no distress signals occurred,” Mr. Kamal said at a news conference broadcast nationally. The pilot did not request to change his route to make an emergency landing, he said, emphasizing that “all was normal; the plane disappeared suddenly off the radar without any prior warning.”
Debris from the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt on Saturday. Credit European Pressphoto Agency
The Egyptian government sent military crews and 50 ambulances to the crash site in an area called Hasana, a mountainous region about 46 miles south of El-Arish, the main city in the part of the Sinai Peninsula where the crash occurred. The ambulances began taking the 129 bodies recovered to military helicopters, senior officials said. All 224 people onboard the plane died, the Russian Embassy in Cairo said in a brief statement on Twitter.
Hours after the crash, a branch of the Islamic State operating in Sinai claimed responsibility. There has been no indication that the branch has the kind of weapons needed to bring down a plane from a high altitude. The other possibility would be a bomb planted or carried onboard. There has been a violent insurgency in Sinai against the Egyptian government for several years.
Egyptian and Russian officials did not immediately confirm the cause of the crash. The plane had apparently been trying to land at the airport at El-Arish, in northern Sinai, when it crashed, spreading mangled wreckage over a wide area of desert.
Maxim Sokolov, the Russian transportation minister, issued a statement rejecting reports that the plane had been the target of a terrorist attack.
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Mediterranean Sea
Nile Delta
Last radar
Flight path
Sharm el-Sheikh
50 Miles
Red Sea
Altitude data from flight
40,000 feet
Local time
500 knots (575 m.p.h.)
300 (345)
Speed data from flight
100 (115)
“This information cannot be considered credible,” Mr. Sokolov said. “We are in a close contact with our Egyptian colleagues, with the aviation authorities of this country. At the moment, they have no information that would confirm such fabrications.”
Air France and Lufthansa said Saturday that they would avoid flying over the Sinai Peninsula as a precaution until further notice. Lufthansa said this would involve rerouting flights to six destinations.
The plane was flying at 31,000 feet when it suddenly began to descend. The general range of the shoulder-fired missiles, commonly known as Manpads, that have been used against Egyptian military helicopters in the region is much lower, around 20,000 feet.
Russian officials emphasized that determining the cause of the crash would require a technical analysis of the flight recorders and other work. Investigators from both Russia and France will assist.
Relatives of passengers on a flight that crashed in Egypt wait for news at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Saturday. Credit Anatoly Maltsev/European Pressphoto Agency
News reports in Egypt quoted the first security officials who reached the site as saying that the plane had broken in two and that many of the passengers were still strapped into their seats.
Sherif Ismail, the Egyptian prime minister, said at a news conference that the flight recorder had been recovered, along with the bodies of 129 victims. Debris from the crash was spread over an area of at least four miles, he said, and the security services continued to comb it.
Television footage showed ambulances backing up to a brown military transport helicopter and wrapped corpses being put on board.
An Egyptian government statement said the plane had been carrying 217 passengers, including 17 children, and seven crew members. Everyone onboard was Russian, most from the St. Petersburg region, except for three passengers from Ukraine and one from Belarus.
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The plane, Metrojet Flight 7K9268, left the airport in Sharm el-Sheikh shortly before 6 a.m. and disappeared from radar screens at 6:20 a.m.
A website called Flightradar24, which tracks air traffic around the globe, said the plane had been descending at a rate of 6,000 feet per minute just before it disappeared from radar.
In St. Petersburg, friends and relatives who showed up at Pulkovo Airport to meet the flight were shuttled to the nearby Crowne Plaza hotel. They remained cordoned off in a corner of the lobby, awaiting developments. A Russian Orthodox priest and at least one grief counselor circled among them.
Nina, an elderly woman who gave only her first name, said she was waiting to give a sample of her DNA, requested from all the relatives to help identify the victims. “I saw the news on television, so I came,” she said. Her son Alexei, 45, and his fiancĂ©e, Natasha, had been vacationing in Egypt.
Relatives of passengers of MetroJet Airbus A321 at the airport in St. Petersburg. Credit Anatoly Maltsev/European Pressphoto Agency
President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia ordered the establishment of a state commission to investigate the crash. The Russian government also sent a plane from its emergency services to take a team of investigators to the scene.
Mr. Putin declared Sunday a day of mourning for the victims. Russian news reports said the crash was the worst aviation disaster in Russian history.
A criminal investigation began with searches of the airline’s offices to make sure the plane was in compliance with Russian safety standards, according to a statement on the website of the Investigative Committee, the main government agency for criminal inquiries.
The plane was operated by Kogalymavia, which is privately owned and flies planes under the name Metrojet. There was nothing remarkable about the airline’s safety record, though the fuel tank on one of its planes exploded before departure from the Siberian city of Surgut in 2011, and the ensuing fire killed three people.
Ambulances transporting the bodies of the victims of the Russian passenger flight crash arrive at the Zeinhom morgue in Cairo. Credit Mohammed Hossam/European Pressphoto Agency
The airline issued a statement saying that the plane had been in good working order and in the hands of experienced pilots.
“In 2014, the airplane has undergone factory maintenance in accordance with the factory specifications,” the statement said. “All requirements of preflight technical maintenance were fulfilled in full and on time.”
Russian news reports quoted unidentified sources as saying that the crew had recently complained about problems with one of the two engines on the plane that crashed, but there was no official confirmation.
The sharp drop in the value of the ruble and tensions with the West over the past year have sharply diminished the number of Russians traveling abroad. But Egypt remained the No. 1 tourist destination for Russians leaving the country in the first six months of 2015, with more than a million Russians vacationing there, according to the Russian federal agency for tourism. A basic package tour including a flight, hotel and meals can be had for as little as $500 or $600 a week.
Apart from coastal resorts in the south, much of the Sinai Peninsula is a closed military zone, with a long-running insurgency by jihadist groups against the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.
In the claim of responsibility, which the SITE Intelligence Group said was issued by the Sinai Province of the Islamic State, the terrorists indicated that they had shot the plane down in retaliation for Russia’s military actions in Syria.
Generally, analysts have noted that the Islamic State does not issue official statements for attacks it has not carried out. That is less true for its followers, however. “Soldiers of the Caliphate were able to down a Russian airplane over Sinai province,” the statement said. “It was carrying on board more than 220 Russian crusaders. O Russians and whoever is allied with you, know that you neither have safety in the lands of Muslims nor in the air, and that killing dozens every day” in Syria “by the bombardment of your aircraft will bring calamity on you.”
It is unclear what weapon systems the Sinai branch of the Islamic State has. French officials and weapons manuals recovered in Mali confirmed in 2013 that Al Qaeda’s branch in North Africa possessed SA-7a and SA-7b surface-to-air missiles, which are capable of shooting down a commercial plane during takeoff and landing but do not have the range to hit an aircraft at high altitude.
Members of Al Qaeda’s branch in Africa have defected to the Islamic State, but it is unclear if they brought weapons with them.
The Sinai branch of the Islamic State has displayed the capability to shoot down an aircraft on at least one occasion. In January 2014, when the group was known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis and had not yet linked itself to the Islamic State, the militants used a Manpad portable missile launcher to take down an Egyptian military helicopter. This summer, the group also hit an Egyptian naval vessel in the Mediterranean with a guided missile.


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    I think a better definition of Ryan, Cruz and Rubio would just be: Young and sort of untested in the Political arena. Ryan because he was on the ticket with Romney likely is the most stable of all of them, but likely by becoming Speaker he has doomed himself to never be President. Because as Speaker of the House you make so many enemies that I have never heard of a single Speaker of the House that ever become President.

Are the U.S., Russia, NATO and Iran in a quagmire in Syria?

Yes. The Short answer is: "Yes". The country in the worst shape right now likely is Russia in all this. The second most in bad shape is Iran. NATO and the U.S. are sort of staying back as far as they usefully can except for the 50 Special OPs Forces to be deployed training fighters to fight ISIS in Northern Syria. However, I think in the end this is more political than anything else to give us leverage to eventually oust Assad from Syria. This is my thought why we are deploying only 50 Special ops forces into Syria to train Moderates to fight ISIS.

But, Russia is in the biggest danger because it went in with all guns blazing so to speak which is more like the old "Cowboy" Stance of the U.S. up through World War II before the Cold War than anything else.

However, in todays world it plays good on the news still but isn't very effective with what is presently going on in Syria.

So, likely Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations likely are going to Aid Syria moderate rebels with many weapons to really put Russia into a real quagmire there. This is the most likely outcome there in Syria.

Where is Iran in all this? They need to get rid of ISIS so they don't make inroads into Iran or further into Syria where they have another Shiite government in Assad. So, Iran now has three governments in it's pocket: Syria, Iraq and IRan. But, that's all. So, they are likely willing to expend any amount of money whether they can afford it or not, to keep Assad in power.

So, the three nations in the deepest quagmire after all this are: Russia, Iran, Syria.

60,000 factories in U.S. lost since 2001?

IF you think about this realistically: Why did 60,000 factories close here in the U.S.?

There could be many reasons, but the driving force in all businesses is profit. This doesn't care for the families who lose their jobs and might even go homeless or worse when any factory closes, especially if there is no other Good paying work nearby where all those once employed people live.

So, if people are competing internationally, of course they won't be able to compete with lower waged lower quality things manufactured elsewhere. Because in the end it is always about what people are willing to pay for something that they want to buy.

So, if someone makes something with a little less quality or the same quality for less money somewhere else on earth people are going to go out of business here in the U.S. because there is no one protecting their jobs.

So, this is how the middle Class is dying here in the U.S. directly from these 60,000 factories who have died since 2001.

And these middle Class well paying jobs won't come back anytime soon either. But, without these well paid Americans in the Middle Class our government can't work right either.

So, it is in the interests of all classes of Americans to reinstall anyway they can the middle Class before our government and society collapses into a Banana Republic like many we have seen over the years in Central and South America or in Africa.

So, this is our choice: Find a way to reinstall our middle Class or suffer the consequences as a nation.

The nation cannot be properly governed or work properly if we don't.

You might ask what is wrong with Congress? No middle Class to have the time to watch over Congress.

Very simple.

Without an effective Congress we don't have an effective nation either at peace or in war. And Without a real middle Class nothing is going to function properly.

There isn't any better evidence than Candidates like Trump and Ben Carson in the Republican party to indicate that we are in trouble because they are outsiders an so far ahead.

This indicates to me a death of the middle Class more than anything else.

And who is the Democratic Candidate? Hillary Clinton who is a part of the Clinton dynasty. So, since 1988 either the Bush dynasty or the Clinton dynasty has ruled the U.S.

What's wrong with this picture?

Are we a monarchy now?

We need our middle Class back or we will continue to function as a monarchy or an oligarchy of the rich. And an oligarchy of the rich creates Banana Republics and we don't need that.

The U.S. has lost almost 60,000 factories since 2001

Where did those jobs go? Mostly overseas. And many of these factories were union factories, so as these factories closed often the union members had nowhere to go. This is part of the cause of lower wages or no real wage growth in America. In other words, inflation is presently beating wage growth so that real wages are actually getting smaller every year now.

Inflation averages about 4% per year, sometimes more sometimes less.

  1. The Plight of American Manufacturing
    Dec 20, 2009 · Since 2001, the U.S. has lost 42,400 factories -- ... Richard McCormack is editor of Manufacturing & Technology News. ... Not Everything Has Changed;
  2. Kevin Hardy on Twitter: "Many of the 60,000 U.S. ...
    Many of the 60,000 U.S. factories that have closed since 2001 can be blamed on trade agreements - @BernieSanders
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  6. 60,000 Manufacturing Plants Closed Since 2001,...
    60,000 Manufacturing Plants Closed Since 2001 page: 1. 38 ... passes companies will have to move factories overseas to compete ... of the past in the U.S.A ...

Getting Beach sand off your feet

IF you have ever visited a beach and the weather was warm enough and there weren't too many rocks and the beach is clean enough without a lot of glass or trash that might puncture cut your feet, often you might go barefoot along the beach in shorts.

This has always been a nice experience for me over the years since I was a child in Seattle (up to age 4) and then in Southern and now northern California. What is really strange is it is still warm enough today to walk barefoot comfortably without a flannel shirt or jacket on which is very strange for this late in the year (especially between Halloween and Thanksgiving) which tends to be the coldest it gets around where I live. Once the clouds come in more by December and January it isn't quite as cold usually because clouds to some degree hold the heat and don't dissipate it off into space as much here. So, that's why the next month normally is the coldest because normally it is clear and windy. So, this year it is clear and a little windy and about 10 to 20 degrees (at least warmer than normal) all day and night for this time of year.

After a beautiful time at the beach with my dogs using my Chuckit to throw an orange tennis ball for my dogs to chase along the beach I had to deal with the sand then on my feet. It was about 75 degrees at least Fahrenheit along the beach today.

So, I was thinking coming home about sharing with you about Crocs. Crocs are a rubberized sandal that covers your whole front of your foot but you can walk through lakes, rivers or through the ocean with them. However, I wouldn't wear them for climbing around on rocks because they can slip around too much for that. But, what I have found they are good for is to walk through surf or sand and usually most of the sand stays inside the sandal.

So, one way to deal with sand on your bare feet is to put the Crocs on when you are through at the beach and just walk to your car with them on full of sand. The sand will slowly go out through the holes and you can often just drive your car or truck that way back home and wash off your feet with a hose there unless you are at a public facility where they have fresh water open air showers to get surf and sand off your body and feet from the ocean and sand.

I used to use a different method when I was a surfer in the 1960s. This method consists of sitting on your seat of your car and rubbing one foot against the other. This usually gets rid of enough sand so you are free to not fill your carpet in your car with sand.

So, if you are going to go to the beach and walk barefoot in the sand and don't have a shower available this is one way to deal with the sand. (Actually, I gave you two or more ways to deal with the sand).

If you want a chuckit for your dogs here are some sites for that:
Shop for chuckit
I was always throwing pine cones, sticks in the forest and seaweed branches for my dogs catch and other small pieces of driftwood in the forests and along the beach where I live in northern California like my father, uncles and cousins always had while I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. However, my daughter's corgi needed an operation on her mouth recently and a tooth removed in the back and I started to think that Pine cones and sticks might have been part of the problem. When I got my new dog (an 8 year old Yellow Lab) he was trained to fetch orange chuckit balls so my daughter's corgi began to convert to orange tennis balls instead. I find the ones without the tennis ball fur are best because the dogs don't have to have so many little rocks and dirt in their mouths while fetching the balls. Less dirt and rocks attach to the balls from the dogs saliva.

Also, I have found it is easier to actually find balls the dogs are fetching if I throw uphill on a trail like a fire road through a forest than downhill. But, I have also developed a method to throw down hill too. You just can't use as much force for down hill throws because you will lose the ball and the dogs won't get to it in time or they will run off a cliff edge or something. So, throwing uphill or on the level at the beach is best.

But, even at the beach think about how good a swimmer your dog is and whether they can deal with the ocean waves coming in. My yellow lab is good in most ocean conditions but my daughter's Corgi knows not to go in water at all because of bad experiences she had as a puppy running into the ocean and almost drowning. However, letting your young dog experience the ocean also trains them to have respect for it so they don't drown as older dogs. Because a puppy can't usually get very far without problems arising at first. So, they are pretty easy to rescue if necessary.

The other thing dogs are usually smell oriented over seeing since they only see in black and white and gray and can't see colors like humans do. So, their main sense (especially if they are outdoor dogs is there smell and hearing) and not seeing as much.

So, as humans since seeing and hearing are our first two senses usually and not smelling we are different creatures with different priorities generally speaking. What this means is if you don't keep track of your balls and look carefully where they land often your dogs will lose track of the orange balls. Even I lose one every 3 days or so of walking the dogs even if I keep an eagle eye on them every moment. This is because some underbrush can't be gone into and some covers too much ground to be able to see the balls. So, pick carefully where you have your dogs chase balls both for your safety and for theirs.

I have noticed the yellow lab primarily finds the balls through smell and hearing.

One way to reduce temperatures on earth

I was thinking about how GPS satellites are stationary in space over a certain locality. You wouldn't want to blot out the sun all the time to any one place on earth. However, you could mitigate heat over specific areas everyday by unfurling Football field size mylar arrays over sections of earth. What would happen is this would create a cloud effect on earth that would move over the land depending upon the declination of the sun that day. So, over time different places below the football size mylar field would be shady. This shade would move as the sun moved that day and be sort of like a cloud from space. The effect would cover a large area on land because of the distance to space.

If you have ever been under a large plane when it flew overhead, likely the shady spot would move as quickly as the sun moved over the mylar football field sized cover. Groups of these mylar fields in space unfurled at a stationary place could cool regions that needed it on earth some and mitigate global warming to some degree for some areas.

Also, the mylar would reflect the sun over this football size area back into space and cause that much less heat to reach the ground. Since there is no wind that I know of at the elevation of GPS satellites I think once you placed something like this at a stationary point it would not take much maintenance at all to keep this stationary at the elevation of gps satellites or thereabout.

This is how in the book "Ringworld" they created night and day for Ringworld which is an imaginary alien designed structure circling a Sun in space like a gigantic circular ring ribbon circling the sun.

However, this could work in small patches every so often over the earth to reduce temperatures wherever necessary. I think this would be feasible for specific areas on earth and cost effective over time.

Another way to do this (I don't know the feasibility of this) would be to put such and array in orbit. In this way many countries would invest in something like this because it would then cool more random sections all over the earth.

Many nations might invest in something like this as literally all over earth over time would be cooled by this array in orbit.

Thousands Without Power in Louisiana

  1. REPORTS: Thousands Without Power in Louisiana as ...
    Heavy rain has caused widespread flooding and cut power to thousands from Texas to Louisiana.
    • Texas and Gulf Coast Flooding: San Antonio Man Swept Away ...
    • Louisiana suffers damage from flooding
    • In Hurricane Patricia's wake, torrential rains move into ...
    • Drone footage shows rising flood waters in Louisiana

      REPORTS: Thousands Without Power in Louisiana as Flood Threat Shifts East

      By Mark Leberfinger, Staff Writer
      October 26, 2015; 6:01 AM ET
      As of 6:55 a.m. CDT, this blog is no longer active. For archived reports, see below. Forecast information for the flood threat from Mississippi to Florida can be found here.

      Heavy rain will continue to stream into Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, threatening to trigger major flooding.
      "Widespread rainfall totals of 3-6 inches are expected through Monday with localized higher amounts," AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said. "Motorists should prepare for potential road closures and are strongly reminded to never cross a flooded road."
      Between 8 and 9 inches of rain fell across Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday.
      In addition to the flooding rain, locations from southern Mississippi to the Florida Panhandle will remain at risk for isolated tornadoes and occasional gale-force winds.
      A tornado was confirmed by an NWS Storm Survey Team on Sunday afternoon in Destrehan, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans. One woman was injured due to damage to her mobile home, according to local emergency management.

      Patricia to Spread Flood Threat From Mississippi to the Florida Panhandle on Monday
      South Central Regional Radar
      Map: Current Severe Weather Watches and Warnings

      Click here to view flood reports from Friday through Sunday afternoon.

      UPDATES: (All times are listed in Central Time)
      6:20 a.m. Monday: For the latest forecast information on the storm, watch the video below:
      5:33 a.m. Monday: More than 8,000 Entergy customers are without power across Louisiana.
      5:09 a.m. Monday: Tree blocking the road in Jackson, Mississippi.
      5:00 a.m. Monday: Latest wind gusts along the Gulf Coast.
      Latest Wind Gusts Along Gulf Coast
      City, StateGust (mph)
      Gulf Shores, Alabama37
      Gulfport, Mississippi33
      Mobile, Alabama33
      Pensacola, Florida31
      Slidell, Louisiana29
      Pascagoula, Mississippi28
      4:35 a.m. Monday: A Wind Advisory is in effect across southern Alabama until 7 p.m. Monday evening. Winds could gust over 30 mph.
      4:07 a.m. Monday: 40 mph gust at Dauphin Island, Alabama, Mesonet reports.
      3:29 a.m. Monday: Four to 6 inches of rain have fallen in last 6 hours along the I-55 corridor between McComb and Brookhaven, Mississippi, Mesonet reports.

      3:13 a.m. Monday: Flooding closes roads between McComb and the Amite County line in Mississippi, the Pike County 911 Center reported.

      3:06 a.m. Monday: 48 mph gust at Mobile Regional Airport, Alabama, Mesonet reports.
      2:56 a.m. Monday: More than 14,000 Entergy New Orleans customers are without power, the utility reported. Another 19,000 customers are without power across Louisiana.

      2:47 a.m. Monday: 3.76 inches of rain fell in 3 hours at Brookhaven, Mississippi, Mesonet reports.
      2:20 a.m. Monday: More than 3,000 electric customers around Jackson, Mississippi, are without power, most of those customers of the Southern Pine Electric Power Association, utilities report.
      Over 2,100 Southern Pine Electric Power Association were without power early Monday morning. (Image/Southern Pine Electric Power Association)
      2:09 a.m. Monday 24-hour rain totals from Mississippi.
      24-Hour Rain Totals Across Mississippi (ending 2 a.m. Monday)
      CityAmount (inches)
      2:05 a.m. Monday: 1.30 inches of rain in 1 hour at Brookhaven, Mississippi, Mesonet reports.
      1:41 a.m. Monday: 8.76 inches of rain have fallen at McComb-Pike County Airport, Mississippi, in the last 24 hours, Mesonet reports.

      1:14 a.m. Monday: Travel problems continue on Interstate 10 in the Baton Rouge area.
      1:11 a.m. Monday: More than 9,400 Mississippi customers are without power due to storms, utilities report.
      12:50 a.m. Monday: 24-hour rain totals across Louisiana on Sunday.
      24-Hour Rain Totals Across Louisiana (Sunday)
      CityAmount (inches)CityAmount (inches)
      New Orleans8.64Dequincy3.96
      Baton Rouge8.57Peason3.95
      New Roads5.05Opelousas3.62
      Fort Polk4.81Sulphur3.16
      South Lafourche4.63Lafayette3.14
      Bastrop4.32De Ridder3.00
      Alexandria4.24Lake Charles2.26
      12:43 a.m. Monday: New travel problems reported on the Acadian Thruway near Baton Rouge.
      12:35 a.m. Monday: 52 mph gust clocked on an offshore drilling rig south of Empire, Louisiana, National Data Buoy Center reports.
      12:11 a.m. Monday: Flooding continues in Lafourche Parish.
      11:54 p.m. Sunday: Flooding closes roads in Mandeville, Louisiana.
      11:13 p.m. Sunday: More high water affects travel in the Baton Rouge area.
      11:00 p.m. Sunday: Flooding continues in New Orleans.
      10:44 p.m. Sunday: About 34,000 Louisiana customers are without power after storms, utilities report.
      10:07 p.m. Sunday: 63 mph gust clocked on an offshore drilling rig south of New Orleans, the National Data Buoy Center reports.

      10:04 p.m. Sunday: 10.64 inches of rain fell in the last 48 hours at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mesonet reports.
      9:50 p.m. Sunday:Restrictions for the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge.
      9:40 p.m. Sunday: Flooding closes roads in Lafourche Parish.
      9:35 p.m. Sunday: More roads closed in the North Shore area of Louisiana.
      9:30 p.m. Sunday: 45 mph gust at a shore-based tower at Grand Isle Blocks, Louisiana, National Data Buoy Center reports.
      9:15 p.m. Sunday:Part of the Acadian Thruway is closed in Baton Rouge.
      9:13 p.m. Sunday: Numerous roads are covered with water but are passable, according to Ascension Parish officials.
      8:40 p.m. Sunday: Over 25,000 Entergy customers are currently without power across Louisiana as the rain continues.
      8:24 p.m. Sunday: Emergency management reports of minor street flooding in the Shoreline Park area in Waveland, Mississippi, area as water levels have increased in the past several hours.
      8:13 p.m. Sunday: 1.05 inches of rain fell within an hour in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As of 8:00 p.m. CDT, the city has received 8.58 inches of rain.

      8:02 p.m. Sunday: Two roads in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are closed due to high water, the Baton Rouge Police Department reports.
      7:22 p.m. Sunday: Floodwaters cover a parking lot in Houma, Louisiana.
      7:12 p.m. Sunday: Terrebonne Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness reports a large amount of street flooding in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.
      6:52 p.m. Sunday: More than 20,000 Entergy customers are currently without power, the utility reports.
      6:32 p.m. Sunday: A severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located 7 miles east of Cocodrie, Louisiana and moving north at 40 mph.
      6:03 p.m. Sunday: Reports of streets flooded in the Gray, Louisiana area, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service in Louisiana reports.
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