Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The World Keeps Changing

Through the recent oil deal between Russia and China, they cemented their relations in regard to oil prices and oil. This likely contributed to Hauwei now making deals in Iran and Syria to track everyone who has a cell phone there. So, we see once again Eastern Block nations like Russia, China, Iran, and Syria economically joining together completely separate from free world economies. This is one change that mimics the Cold War once again.

Although it is debatable whether we are in a new Cold War or not by many people, the result is the same where multiple blocks of nations function separately by different sets of rules. These different sets of rules create changes which often eventually result in some type of war. Will Russia, Iran, China and Syria always be (Friends?), Likely not, but for now just like Germany and Japan were allied during World War II this is what we are dealing with for right now.

So, being aware of the Realpolitik of the situation is wise so the western world doesn't get caught with it's pants down like in Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 once again.

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