Saturday, October 31, 2015

Science and spirituality

In the 1960s my generation was trying to be sincere and genuine because we thought this would prevent nuking the world out of existence and we were right.

When I grew up I learned about Jesus and Saint Germain and how Saint Germain was Francis Bacon the father of the Scientific Method of breaking all concepts down into hypotheses, theories and laws.

So, I decided to study spirituality and religion around the world and travel and meet Gurus and spiritual people all over the world which I have.

So, at this point I have a whole lot of  hypotheses, less Theories and even less laws. But, by categorizing something as a hypothesis, Theory or Law one doesn't really throw away a lot in life because you just wind up with hypotheses that might be true by the hundreds or thousands. As you prove these ideas and things to yourself one by one they move over to Theories and if they are really good they move over to laws in your life.

But, by using the scientific method on literally all information in your life you often wind up much more successful than most of the people around you because you aren't as gullible as they are because you cut through all the bullshit much more than they do to get to the actual truth. So, people can't get away with pulling the wool over your eyes and manipulating you like they might others.

By God's Grace.

I just call this being a Spiritual and Physical Survivor here on earth.

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