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Purple Delta 7 Visits New York and the U.N.

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Purple Delta 7 and Arcane showed up at the United Nations Building. No one on earth would recognize that they were from somewhere besides earth originally. They just looked like a man about 45 and a very attractive and shapely and well dressed woman about 25 years of age(although Purple could be any age or anything for that matter any time). 

As they walked in through the front door one of the guards recognized Arcane and said, "Good to see you, Sir" and passed he and Purple through without further ado.

They were quickly ushered into a United Nations Security Council Meeting. They were there to address the many problems associated with the latest Wikileaks phenomenon and what the world's nations could do to stop further releases.

Arcane and Purple were set to speak to the group.  Arcane walked to the podium and spoke first, He said, "Many of you have known me now for 20 years or more, and some of you know the fullness of who and what I represent."

Many there nodded in agreement with Arcane on this one point. 

Arcane said, "Today I would like to introduce you to a Galactic Representative and special Envoy direct from the Galactic Sentience."

Someone spoke up from the Security Council and said, "Why weren't we notified about this?"

Arcane said, "Well. The leader of the Galactic Government tends to be spontaneous in these ways. He finds it more useful to everyone's long term needs."

There were uncomfortable murmurs in the Security Council Chamber.

Arcane went on, "I want to introduce you to Purple Delta 7." There were a few snickers in the group at this name.

Arcane said, "I think I should explain that Purple here is not a human being but an extremely advanced Robot. Imagine a Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier that is sentient like a human being. That is a good way to imagine what Purple is."

A voice within the security council spoke up again. "You have no right to bring a military weapon in here."

Arcane said, "I'm not bringing a military weapon in here. Purple Delta 7 is the Galactic Sentience's Personal Envoy and can speak for him."

"Why didn't he come himself."

Arcane said, "Because if he came here it is possible that all life on earth might die just from his presence."

"Why is that."

Arcane said, "Because he is not a biological being and lives for millions and possible billions of years."

The voice said, "But that isn't possible! That kind of being would be considered to be a God by many of the uneducated people here on earth."

Arcane said, "Yes. Many civilizations on Earth do consider the Galactic Sentience to BE God, but he doesn't consider himself to be God or even a God."

"Oh. Proceed then."

Purple Delta 7 spoke at the podium, "Greetings people of Earth. I understand this presentation by my Envoy Purple Delta 7 is highly irregular. However, because of the present and future changes coming to earth I thought I should begin to prepare the people of earth for some of the changes."

There was a stunned silence in the Security council Chambers.

"The problem at hand is that most of you didn't realize until right now that Earth has been a protectorate of the Galaxy and the Galactic Government now for basically millions of years. This was done to protect the humans of earth from blowing up this planet the way their ancestors did Maldek millions of years ago and turning it into the present Asteroid Belt."

There were murmurs in the chambers at this.

"So, in order to assure the Galaxy that no more planets would be nuked out of existence like Maldek was, Earth and all the planets of what you call the "Solar System" are now part of the Galactic Protected Planets and Stars. So no one in the Solar System or beyond will be allowed to blow up a planet in the Solar System ever and have it remain blown up."

This seemed to evoke a lot of questions.

Purple Delta 7 for the Galactic Sentience continued. "So I want as many as possible in positions of leadership throughout the earth to be aware of this change now, so there won't be any misunderstandings of what is actually going on now or in the future."

A voice that seemed sort of shrill said, "Then you are in control of Earth and always have been?"

Purple Delta 7 spoke up: "Yes. But we didn't need for the people of earth to know this yet. However, now we do because of changes coming to earth."

This voice said again, "What kind of changes?"

Purple went on: "Well. It is sort of difficult to explain but let me try anyway. It's like this: imagine if you had a group of sentient beings and you wanted them to feel like they were in charge of their own destiny. Because you knew if you didn't make them believe this that they wouldn't become self sufficient the way humans of earth have become and generally have come to the point because of nuclear weapons where they don't really have wars with millions and millions of people fighting each other to the death anymore. So, this is a good thing that there has been no World Wars since World War II."

"Because another war like that today would likely extinct all life on earth eventually even if no nuclear weapons were used at all."

The small voice once again said, "So you are here to prevent any more large wars?"

Purple went on: "No. The United Nations to a greater or lesser degree has already succeeded in preventing another world war. This is very good. However, now other problems are cropping up like running out of oil within 25 to 50 years depending upon how the earth uses it and all the chaos that could cause even without a world war. The second major problem is that the climate is changing to another one and no one can agree how to fix it. In other words there appears to be no worldwide consensus on how to fix the climate before every human and every animal dies. And without that consenses likely everything living on earth above the size of a mouse likely will die eventually."

This set off groans around the room. Because even though people suspected it was like this generally, to have it put this way made everyone feel pretty helpless.

The small voice once again said, "What do you suggest?"

Purple said, "I'm not here to suggest I am here to do. So I am not asking your opinion I'm simply stating that I won't allow all life on earth to die. So the likely outcome beginning in 2012 is that humans and animals will simply be allowed to thin out down to a manageable number and things will go on as they have been."

"I don't think we really understand what you are saying."

Purple said, "I'm simply notifying Earth of the Great Thinning out of humans and animals that will naturally take place soon. Though I won't let anyone on or off of earth nuke it or destroy it I also won't let overpopulation or climate change extinct all life on earth. So, since you can't seem to get your consensus act together I will allow nature to take its course to thin humans down to a useful number."

The small voice was scared now and asked, "What is a useful number?"

Purple said, "If humans are going to live on the surface of Earth, about 150 to 300 million. But if they live under the earth, the earth might sustain up to about 12 to 14 billion as an upper limit. But if you want the upper limit all buildings above ground need to be brought down and all earth needs to be used for recreation and farming, and all roads need to be plowed up and all transportation needs to be either walking, bicycling, by helicopter or plane or by boat. In this way all ground surface areas are only used for growing food, recreation and all living and other building will only be underground so that energy can be saved in the  heating and cooling everything people reside, shop or work or recreate in underground. Food needs to be grown within 100 miles of where someone lives in order to be practical unless you are in climates like mountains or near the north pole or south pole where that might not be practical. In other words humans must choose between staying on the surface and going underground to live. I will give all humans until December 21st 2012 to make this decision. I think the fairest way is to put it to a vote of all humans on earth before that date."

The room was stunned.

Purple said, "I thank all of you and will meet all of you back here once more on December 21st 2012" And she walked out of the room and out of the building and disappeared out onto the streets of New York City.

A voice Among the Security Council said, "Were we just Punked? This can't be real! This can't be happening?"

Arcane rose and said, "I am a part of the United Nations. And those of you here who have known me for over 20 years now know I am a man of my word."

Several of those present vouched for Arcane. So Arcane went on, "I cannot really explain how I can tell you that this is all real and on the level because as we all know by now if I did I would have to kill myself first and then all of you here."

There was nodding and laughter though somewhat subdued because of the importance of all this.

Arcane went on, "I'm familiar with how the Galactic Government operates and I was first assigned (Don't worry I am allowed to share this much with you) by the U.S. Government. And I can also tell you that some of the first contacts were made through UFOs like the Roswell one and the ones that crashed in Germany before World War II and the ones that also crashed in Russia."

Many nodded. "Well. Through all this I was one of several who were taken and instructed about how the Galactic Government works."

One of the security council asked, "Were you taken off planet to be instructed?"

Arcane said, "That is likely but none of us were told exactly what was going on at any time. However, we were put in space suits that were impervious to the heat and radiation generated by the Galactic Sentience so we could see him. And basically he is somewhere between a Nebula and a Star as far as I can ascertain."

"You've got to be kidding?"

Arcane said, "No. It appears that both Stars and Nebulas are self aware. And according to the Galactic Sentience, the Galaxy is an aware entity. And the main purpose of a "Galactic Sentience" is to channel the will of the entity called "The Milky Way Galaxy".

"This is for real?"

Arcane, "To the best of my knowledge this is all the Gospel Truth!"

"But you could have been misled?"

Arcane:"That's always a possibility. But I'm presently convinced to the best of my ability that I was introduced to the leader of the Galaxy."

"Why is that?"

Arcane said,"Well. He demonstrated what he was capable of, and showed how he can either be antimatter or matter."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

Arcane: "Yes. It is death to any biological being on any planet in our galaxy. That is why I'm convinced that he is the Galactic Sentience. Not only that, all the Stars and Constellations and Nebula are his relatives."

"That's Crazy!"

Arcane said, "Yes. That is crazy. But imagine what havoc a family of beings that compared to humans were never born and never die and how much damage to humans and other biological organisms they could inflict if you harmed one of their relatives."

Another council member said, "I agree. This makes complete sense of who would be in charge. Logically, nothing could stand against a sentient Star, Constellation or Nebula if indeed they are sentient."

One by one all the council member started to agree and nodded their heads. None of them had been exposed to any of this information before but one by one they all saw the logic of what Arcane was saying.

Arcane continued, "So,  even though each of you must make up your own minds about this, I think two things are important to take away from all this. First, this is all likely true. And second, how would it be possible to have the human race vote on this without destroying human civilization in the process?"

Another council member said, "I don't think we could tell them the whole truth without causing chaos. Look at us here. We all feel a little crazy having to entertain these thoughts. Look at Arcane here. I can see even he has had to be very heroic to endure what he obviously has to be able to give us this information."

another said, "Yes. But what can we tell the world's peoples about this vote the Galactic Sentience spoke about?"

another said, "I don't believe any of this. This has to be all made up!"

The council leader spoke up at this point, He said, "I am privy to information just like Arcane here is, and I must also vouch for everything he says and more. I, however, am not at liberty to say more at this time."

Pained looks all around.

Arcane said, "We are faced here with a dillema. And if I may be so bold as to define the dillema it is primarily this.  Humans have been unable to decide how to deal with global Warming and overpopulation. And so the leader of the Galaxy has come and said to us. Either make a decision or I will make it for you. This I think completely defines the problem. Now it is up to all of you and possibly the full Assembly of nations to decide what to do with that definition of the problem.

The Security council leader spoke up, "I agree with Arcane. This must be our definition and we don't have time to debate for years about this. We are all 6.5 billion or more of us in the same Life Boat now and we are given a choice which is either 6.2 billion people are now going to die likely horrid deaths of various kinds before their times. Or we can choose to be an underground culture and knock all our buildings and edifices and roads down on earth. What will it be?"

Another member said, "And how do you propose to sell this? It just can't be done?"

Arcane said, "I have an idea. However, I'm not sure it could work because there is no way to demonstrate it to the world that it is real."

The Security Council Leader said," Let's hear it. We need to create some realistic options and we need to start somewhere."

Arcane said, "How about we claim that some alien race is going to attack us so we must all move underground and destroy all our buildings and roads so we can dig in and prepare for the attack."

The Security Council leader said, "I just don't think that is practical. What about the rest of you?"

Others thought that this would just cause more chaos without resolving the problem.

Finally Arcane said, "Then why not just hit them with the truth?"

The Security Council Leader said, "How can we prove any of this?"

Arcane said, "I was told that there is a way to prove the reality of the Galactic Sentience."

Another Council Member said, "How can it be done?"

"You remember Purple Delta 7" said Arcane.

They all said "Yes." though all seemed to fear her now.

ARcane said, "I was told she is capable of preventing any sunlight to come to earth for a few days time. Do you think that would make people believe that the Galactic Sentience is real?"

The Security Council leader said, "I would rather not do that because it would really terrify all the people of Earth unless we have no other option."

another member said, "This seems just like so much science fiction to me."

The Leader said, "It seems that way to all of us but just like the first time any of us rode on a jet airliner, that too seemed like Science Fiction and what about the Space Shuttle? Same thing."

All nodded unhappily in agreement about this.

The Leader said, "So who is going to tell the world about all this and of the vote? And not only that who is going to assure honesty concerning the vote?"

This stumped them all for some time.

Finally, the Security Council Leader said, "I think we should adjourn for the day. Enough Said."

Everyone nodded in agreement this time. They all meandered out sort of in a state of shock.

More later.



Note: I started out to write something very different than what showed up.  I think I'll leave it for now. However, I kind of like how the next paragraph turned out so this is where I originally was going before I kind of got directed in a new direction.

No Walls No Secrets: The Language

There are many languages both on Earth and throughout the Galaxy. But the most elementary and honest of all languages is a form of telepathy that all creatures on Earth share. It is the consciousness of cells to cells which all creatures seem to understand. Only man pretends he doesn't understand or in some cases has been conditioned to pretend he does not know what he or she knows. Because this language is instinctual and is a language of safety and survival of all species. When people started talking they started lying because it is very very difficult to lie or sometimes almost completely impossible to lie if one is communicating cell to cell or cell colony to cell colony, or even a man or woman communicating in nature with all life around all at once. Some call this communing with nature.








Wikileaks, Globalization and the Disintegration of the Nation State Worldwide

Wikileaks is simply the next nail in the coffins of all Nation States worldwide. If you want your nation state or any or all nation states worldwide then a way must be found to protect the existence of all useful nation states.

I suppose another point of view would be that humans are evolving away from the need for nation states through various types of communication media. For nation states cannot exist with this much free exchange of information worldwide that has always been kept secret from the general public.

Everything useful that a nation state does for its people is now under attack both directly and indirectly through globalization and Wikileaks is just the most recent example of the nearing death of all nation states on earth.

If we want our nation states to exist we MUST find a way to protect them. Otherwise, they will all be gone soon. And what will exist then? Anarchy?

Or will we create a worldwide nation state? The whole world needs to be very careful now. Because if we allow our nation states that have always protected all of us to disappear without a fight then there is the possibility that no one will be there to protect the masses and if there is only anarchy then civilization likely will end. So, it is in the interests of everyone on earth to protect what is inherently good about their nation state before it disappears forever.

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Fountain of Youth? Telomerase

Scientists reverse aging in mice, human applications possible

To read news article click "Scientists reverse aging" above. below is a quote from above article.

telomerase which allows the development of a protective cap called a telomere on each of our 23 chromosones. When a cell divides the telomere gets shorter and eventually stops working. This is what causes the outwardly visible signs of aging. By removing it from the mice you can see why they aged quickly, but what the scientists didn’t expect was that reintroducing it would reverse the process so quickly and effectively.
Mice were chosen for the experiment because they naturally produce telomerase throughout their lives. Humans don’t, and it stops being produced when we reach adulthood with good reason. If it continued to be produced the chance of us getting cancer from continued cell growth goes up considerably, so turning it back on to halt aging is going to be difficult unless strictly controlled. end quote.

So, it might be possible with the use of telomerase to stop or reverse aging in humans. However, how this can be safely done without making us more susceptible to cancer is the real trick.  But, if a way is now found expect life expectancies of some humans to move into the 100s or even 200s or more for those who can afford it and for those who actually want to live that long. Longevity is not something that everyone would actually choose given the opportunity. Watching most or all of one's friends and relatives pass on is not something everyone could psychologically survive as one lives into one's 100s and beyond.

Until whole families and their friends make this choice to live on together I don't think this will be as useful (at least yet) as most people think at present.

Mortgage Derivitives Still Haunt Many Foreclosures

The main problem appears to be that many Banks cannot prove that they have the legal right to foreclose on a specific property because they might not own enough of the mortgage to give them that right.

Banks grapple with right to foreclose

To read full Yahoo Business News article click on "Banks grapple" above. Begin quote from article below.

But while banks may have booted a few robo-signers and tightened up some lax procedures, one question at the heart of the foreclosure mess refuses to go away: whether institutions trying to take back a property can prove they even have the right to foreclose at all.

Some in the industry believe that questions about this issue — known as “legal standing” — are trivial. They say it’s just a gambit by borrowers’ lawyers to throw sand in the foreclosure machine. Nine times out of 10, bankers say, the right institutions are foreclosing on the right borrowers.

Maybe so. But the United States Trustee Program, the unit of the Justice Department charged with overseeing the integrity of the nation’s bankruptcy courts, is taking a different view. The unit is stepping up its scrutiny of the veracity of banks’ claims against borrowers, and its approach is evident in two cases in federal bankruptcy court in Atlanta.

In both cases, Donald F. Walton, the United States trustee for the region, has intervened, filing motions contending that the banks trying to foreclose have not shown they have the right to do so.

The matters involve borrowers operating under Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans overseen by the court in the Northern District of Georgia. In both cases, the banks have filed motions with the bankruptcy court to remove the automatic foreclosure stay that results when a court confirms a debtor’s Chapter 13 repayment plan. If the stay is removed, the banks can foreclose.

In one case, the borrower had her Chapter 13 plan confirmed by the court early last month. About two weeks later, Wells Fargo asked the court for relief from the stay so that it could foreclose.
Responding on Nov. 16, Mr. Walton asked the court to deny the bank’s request because it had failed to produce any facts showing that it was entitled to foreclose — either as the holder of the underlying note or as the agent for the holder.

The other case involves a couple who had their Chapter 13 plan confirmed by the court in March 2009. A month ago, Chase Home Finance, a unit of JPMorgan Chase, asked the court for relief from the automatic stay so that it could start foreclosure proceedings.

Again, Mr. Walton objected, asking the court to deny the request on the same grounds as argued in the Wells Fargo matter — in this case, that Chase hadn’t proved that it controlled the note on the property.

Jane Limprecht, a spokeswoman for the trustee program, confirmed that it was ratcheting up its scrutiny on banks’ foreclosure practices. end quote.

So even if 9 times out of 10 the banks are shown legally able to foreclose you will definitely see more and more people who are in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy hiring lawyers to defend their right to keep their homes and some will succeed.

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More on The Comte De Saint Germain


I found the above site when I put "Prince Ragocy" in my Google Search as a key word.
Here is a word button below that will take you there:

The Comte de St. Germain: Chapter I. Mystic and Philosopher

Also, it appears at the bottom of each webpage with the word button above is another word button to a condensed version(I believe) of each new chapter of the book printed in the early 1900s by Cooper Oakley. Though I have a copy of one of the original books from the early 1900s I believe there are now reprints available from Amazon.com 


The following excerpt is from Chapter 4. It is likely originally from a diary of Madame D'Adhemar who was a friend of Queen Marie Antoinette. Also, I believe that somehow Madame D'Adhemar survived the French Revolution somehow if I am correct in this. I am recounting this excerpt to show you a poem "The Comte De Saint Germain"  wrote to warn Queen Marie Antoinette of the coming French Revolution and of its consequences before it occurred.

begin quote from Chapter 4 of "The Comte De Saint Germain" by Cooper Oakley.

to give an idea of these sad debates [in the National Assembly], a letter written by M. de Sallier, parliamentary adviser to the Chambres de Requêtes, and addressed to one of his friends, a member of the parliament at Toulouse. . . . This account was spread abroad and read with avidity; many copies of it were circulated in Paris. Before the original reached Toulouse, it was spoken of in the drawing-room of the Duchesse de Polignac.
"The Queen, turning to me, asked me if I had read it, and requested me to procure it for her. This request caused me real embarrassment; I wished to obey Her Majesty, and at the same time I feared to displease the ruling Minister; however my attachment to the Queen prevailed.
"Marie-Antoinette read the article in my presence, and then sighing, 'Ah! Madame d’Adhémar,' she said, 'how painful all these attacks on the authority of the King are to me! We are walking on dangerous ground; I begin to believe that your Comte de St.--Germain was right. We were wrong not to listen to him, but M. de Maurepas imposed a skilful and despotic dictatorship upon us. To what are we coming? 1
". . . The Queen sent for me, and I hastened to her sacred order. She held a letter in her

p. 77
hand. 'Madame d’Adhémar,' she said, 'here is another missive from my unknown. Have you not heard people talking again of the Comte de St.--Germain?'
"'No,' I replied; 'I have not seen him, and nothing has reached me from him.'
"'This time,' added the Queen, 'the oracle has used the language which becomes him, the epistle is in verse; it may be bad, but it is not very cheering. You shall read it at your leisure, for I have promised an audience to the Abbé de Ballivières. I wish that my friends could live on good terms!'
"'Especially,' I ventured to add, 'as their enemies triumph in their quarrels.'
"'The unknown says the same as you do; but who is wrong or right?'
"'The Queen may satisfy both parties by means of the first two vacant Bishoprics.'
"'You are mistaken; the King will give the episcopal mitre neither to the Abbé d’Erse nor to the Abbé de Ballivières. The protectors of these gentlemen and our Abbé will believe that the ill-will is on my side; you might, since you are compared to the heroes of Ariosto (the speech of the Baroness de Staël had occurred to the Queen), play the part of peace-maker of the good King Sobrir; behold the Countess Diana, make her listen to reason.'
p. 78
"'I will talk reason to her,' said I, trying to laugh in order to dispel the melancholy of the Queen.
"'Diana is a spoilt child,' replied Her Majesty, 'however, she loves her friends.'
"'Yes, Madam, even to showing herself implacable to their enemies! I will obey the Queen.'
"They came to inform Marie-Antoinette that the Abbé de Ballivières had arrived according to her command. I passed into the small closet, where having asked Madame Campan for pen, ink, and paper, I copied the following passage, obscure then, but which afterwards became only too clear.
"'The time is fast approaching when imprudent France,
Surrounded by misfortune she might have spared herself,
Will call to mind such hell as Dante painted.
This day, O Queen! is near, no more can doubt remain,
A hydra vile and cowardly, with his enormous horns
Will carry off the altar, throne, and Themis;
In place of common sense, madness incredible
Will reign, and all be lawful to the wicked.
Yea! Falling shall we see sceptre, censer, scales,
Towers and escutcheons, even the white flag:
Henceforth will all be fraud, murders and violence,
Which we shall find instead of sweet repose.
Great streams of blood are flowing in each town;
Sobs only do I hear, and exiles see!
On all sides civil discord loudly roars,
And uttering cries on all sides virtue flees,
As from the assembly votes of death arise.
Great God! who can reply to murderous judges?
And on what brows august I see the sword descend! p. 79
What monsters treated as the peers of heroes!
Oppressors, oppressed, victors, vanquished . . .
The storm reaches you all in turn, in this common wreck,
What crimes, what evils, what appalling guilt,
Menace the subjects, as the potentates!
And more than one usurper triumphs in command,
More than one heart misled is humbled and repents.
At last, closing the abyss and born from a black tomb
There rises a young lily, more happy, and more fair.'
"These prophetic verses, written by a pen we already knew, astonished me. I racked my brains to guess their meaning; for how could I believe that it was their simplest meaning that I ought to give them! How imagine, for instance, that it was the King and Queen who would die a violent death, and as the result of iniquitous sentences? We could not, in 1788, have such clear sight; it was an impossibility.
"When I returned to the Queen, and no indiscreet person could listen, she said:--
"'What do you make of these threatening verses?'
"'They are dismaying! But they cannot affect your Majesty. People do say incredible things, follies; if, however, the prophetic words turn out to be true, they will concern our posterity.'
"'Pray heaven you speak truly, Madame d’Adhémar,' replied the Queen; 'however, these are strange experiences. Who is this personage who has taken an interest in me for so many
p. 80
years without making himself known, without seeking any reward, and who yet has always told me the truth? He now warns me of the overthrow of everything that exists and, if he gives a gleam of hope, it is so distant that I may not reach it.'
"I strove to comfort the Queen; above all, I told her, she must make her friends live on good terms with each other, and not let their private quarrels be known outside. Marie-Antoinette answered me in these memorable words:--
"'You fancy that I possess credit or power in our Salon. You are mistaken; I had the misfortune to believe that a Queen was permitted to have friends. The consequence is that all try to rule me, or to use me for their own personal advantage. I am the centre of a crowd of intrigues, which I have difficulty in avoiding. Everyone complains of my ingratitude. This is not the rôle of a Queen of France. There is a very fine verse which I apply to myself, making a change in the reading: "Kings are condemned to magnificence." I should say with more reason: "Kings are condemned to be weary in utter loneliness."

The Santa Claus 2

I actually just had some more thoughts about "The Santa Claus" movie with Tim Allen made in 1994.

I thought that writing the story to make it seem like every man could "Could Be" Santa Claus in an emergency was a really nice touch. So whether the person watching the movie sees this or not outright it is definitely a subliminal message. I found this a really wonderful way to "employ" all fathers and all men as "Men with enough Christmas Spirit" to attempt to be at the very least "a Stand-in for Santa Claus" in a pinch.

In this sense it empowers all men who want to be emissaries of the Christmas spirit to do it in a really useful way.

The Santa Clause

My wife wanted my daughter and I to choose between about 14 different Christmas movies tonight. So the three of us chose  "The Santa Clause" which starred Tim Allen and was made in 1994. So we watched it on DVD.

This has been a very depressing after Thanksgiving for some reason and I was amazed how much this movie perked us all up. It hit my wife very hard on Friday as she had spent most of her life going shopping for Christmas with her Mom on this day since she was a little girl. her mother passed away in 1999 and her Dad two years ago. Now both of us have lost all our parents. So, around the holidays we both feel a little lost. It's sort of like the little Christmas child in each of us died with our parents. But watching this movie really started to cheer us both up. It's like watching kids Christmas movies can at the very least re-awaken your little Christmas child within you. This might be enough to take away some of the terrible things happening on earth lately, so your subconscious mind (and to some degree your conscious one's too) can do some well needed healing around Christmas.

I was thinking that Christmas only exists because each one of us keeps it alive. It wouldn't exist and even the Christmas spirit wouldn't exist without each one of us. The same is true of Christian brotherhood which makes a state of trust to exist between all secular and religious Christians around the world to a greater or lesser degree. But the Secular Christian world exists and even the American and English forms of democracy exist precisely because of Christian religious and secular thought.

So, I guess what is important about this to understand is that Christmas in all its forms won't exist without all of us participating in it. And if we want it to exist at all, then we must do it. If we don't both Jesus and Santa Clause will be forever gone out of the consciousness of mankind. So, it's up to each one of us if we care enough to keep Santa and the  Christmas spirit alive for thousands of years and more into the future.

Dad and the Weasel

In this case the year is 1951 or 1952 and the Weasel is not an animal but an army tank like vehicle with the turret taken off so there are no guns at all an only a tank tread open air vehicle. These types of U.S. Army surplus vehicles were often used to do work in snowy or extremely muddy areas in the U.S., Alaska and Canada and throughout the world after World War II ended. My Grandad and my Dad had bought one from an  Army surplus outlet somewhere in Seattle at a really great (after world war II deal). So, one day while it was snowing near Seattle then in Lake Forest Park on my Grandad's 2 1/2 acres my Dad started it up and I remember it was the single loudest thing (outside of a loud gunshot of my Grandad's hunting rifle) that I had ever heard in my life then at age 3 or 4 so I was scared.  My father who was then about age 36 and still very physically active and strong like a much younger person hopped in the Weasel and asked me if I wanted to ride with him. Now, remember there are no seat belts in this thing and Dad decides to go straight down a 45 degree embankment on Grandad's property. So he heads down the embankment of snow and levels out heading for one of Grandpa's many Black Cherry trees there on his acreage. At age 3 or 4 I was ready for almost anything but this was above my pay grade and I started to cry as I had bumped my head on something or other device within this "Tank without a turret" that I was riding in with my Dad. So, I was removed and given to my Mom. Looking back at this incident it reminds me sometimes with my first son when I went cross country skiing with my then 2 1/2 year old son in a Gerry carrier. Things were just great until I hit a patch of ice and fell down and my son flew forward out of the Gerry carrier and began to cry. I realized right then I was being really stupid as I wiped the snow off my son's face and gave up the idea of skiing with my son in a backpack called a Gerry Carrier for little ones. However, if you are a new father, just remember it takes some time to learn the ropes, just like it takes some time to learn that you aren't single anymore after you are married with kids. So, learn as fast as you can so your kids can stay alive and your marriage can last.

I remember thinking after I bumped my head on the inside of the turret-less army tank that somehow I had failed my father at age 3. But really it was me then who had been failed. But when I was three I vowed I would never cry again in front of my father. And I didn't except when I was 9 and I had done something bad and was being hit in the back and butt with my own belt repeatedly on our front lawn so the neighbors could see me being punished. However, this time I deserved to cry but not the first time. It's amazing we survive all the stuff in our lives at all. And like almost all boys back then I learned to be just as macho as my Dad was. And the strangest thing of all is all the things that scared me the most about my Dad and Grand Dad have been the same things that have kept me alive and going in tough times. So, sometimes the most terrifying things about your male relatives will be the same things that keep you alive too when you need to be adaptable and tough enough to survive anything that comes.

note: I actually found pictures of the type of vehicle that my Dad and Grand Dad owned until they sold it to someone in Alaska:


Though it is a really long url you can paste it if you are interested to see the photos. or if you have a Popular Science November 1944 edition, you can see it there. I think that is where they got the photos and article about the Weasel. Some versions could travel through water like the Ducks you see at places like Santa Barbara which they call there the "Land Shark" for touring people throughout Santa Barbara and out into the ocean there in Santa Barbara, California.

or if you just type in "Weasel with tank treads" into Google it should take you to the pictures that I found. or just click "Weasel goes anywhere" below.

Weasel goes anywhere - Nov 1944 - Google Books Result

Money is a Belief System much like a Religion Worldwide

If we look back to how money started on earth, it started as a convenience only. It was more convenient to carry gold or other metals stamped with the local tribal or national leader's seal than it was to carry bushels and bushels of wheat hundreds of miles to purchase something or to drive thousands of heads of cattle or goats somewhere to purchase something or as a wedding gift for a King or other potentate.

So began the belief system of money. It could almost be said that it was a matter of trust between business associates tribal members and eventually whole nation states full of people for a coin or eventually paper to represent something else.

Over thousands of years of using something to represent something else it reminds me at times almost of our representatives we send to Congress. Money represents work, power, and real goods.

However, over time all this sort of thing called money became corrupted in multiple ways by devious people down through the centuries, people both in governments and in business throughout the world.

And now once again money is being corrupted by the few very rich both in Governments and in Business worldwide. But there is something more ominous about all this that reminds me more of the Great Depression and World War II than anything else.

It is like a Great Economic Battle for the lives and property of the middle Class and poor is being waged against these classes worldwide. And millions of lives are being permanently destroyed and suicides therefore are likely to be on the rise worldwide because of this.

So, the main reason I'm writing this particular article is to make people aware that money is a belief system and each of us buys into this system in times like these at our own peril.

So then, what is important about thinking like this?

What is important is to realize that ultimately the only real things important are food, shelter, clothing, a safe place to live and to be around family and friends. All else is just a belief system and in some ways irrelevant to one's ongoing life.

So, owning a home or property outright with no money owed to anyone is the ideal in times like this. As long as you can feed yourselves and your family and feel safe in your home this is a good thing. And of course one needs to be able to pay the property tax on one's home.

But taking excessive risks like buying a home if you aren't sure if your job will be there soon might just lead to your bankruptcy eventually and with your family out on the streets. This is something seriously to think about around times like these.

One needs to develop a strategy for whatever times one lives in worldwide and these times resemble more the Great Depression than any other single thing. It could get worse than that worldwide or it could ease off. One never knows. However, despite what any one government does or any group of governments does each of us must develop a strategy for ourselves and our families to survive all this no matter what.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Demonstration of Google Translate- French to English

Here I went to Wikipedia in French (Francais) since I understand French to see if I liked the translation back into English. I used the article on the "Comte De Saint Germain" because I and my parents have been interested in this person since the before I was born by my parents in the 1930s. I find the translation pretty good. I'm not sure Google Translate would work this well in all translations into all languages. However, it is one way for people to use the incredible base of knowledge in wikipedia in  English and to translate it into any language that Google Translate translates to if it works well in that language. Or, it is a way to take anything from Any Wikipedia page in any language and to translate it into any other language that Google Translate has available. Imagine all the language specific information that could be universally useful to all in literally any language. I accomplished this in tranlating the French (Francais) to English by going to the edit function at the top of the page in Firefox. If you have Firefox, it says on the top left of your screen "Firefox", then next to that to the right is "File" and then
"Edit". By clicking the edit function and then mousing a blue (or purple) over all I wish to translate. I then "while it all is still blue or purple" click "Copy" up at the "Edit" function.  Then I "Paste it into the box at Google Translate in another window by putting my cursor there in the box in the Google Translate window. (don't worry because the amount I translated below all translated at once. So I know at least this much can be translated at one time.)   I set the left language to French and then right language to English to accomplish the following from the French (Francais) version of Wikipedia. Then I click on "Translate". So the point is you put the left language as the language the information is in and then the right language as the one you want to translate it into. Then I took all the translated and pretranslated(French) material and clicked "Copy" and then went to my other window that I had open here at my blog site and clicked "Paste" here. In this way I could share how it is possible to translate from any language one wants to translate from(that Google translate presently has available) and to whatever language that "Google Translate" has available to translate into.


French to English translation

CloseCount Saint-GermainFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Jump to: navigation, searchCount Saint-Germain.
Count Saint-Germain is an adventurer of the eighteenth century, probably born between 1690 and 1710 and died in Eckernförde (Schleswig) in 1784.Summary[Hide]

* 1 The origins
* 2 A laboratory of chemistry at the Chateau de Chambord
* 3 Aimé Louis XV, Choiseul and hated
* 4 The death of Saint-Germain
* 5 Legend
* 6 In fiction
* 7 See also
o 7.1 Bibliography
o 7.2 Related articles
o 7.3 External links
* 8 Notes and references
Its origins [edit]
Episodes more or less specific to which summarizes our knowledge of the life of the Count Saint-Germain, his birth could only be conjectured on the basis of some scattered evidence, including that of his friend the Prince of Hesse Cassel. These accounts suggest that he was the illegitimate child of Prince Francis II Rákóczi of Transylvania and Princess Violante Beatrice of Bavaria, the Wittelsbach dynasty, and he was brought to Florence by Gian 'Medici, beautiful brother of the second [1]. Nevertheless, some saw in him the descendant of a royal personality hidden, and this affiliation because of the supposed intimacy with the King Louis XV. Thus it was also able to recognize him as the natural child of the Queen of Spain Marie Anne of Neuburg, and a nobleman, Count of Melgar. These relationships, none of which, again, is proven, would explain the easy lifestyle that has always led, education and culture. In fact, besides some knowledge in chemistry, Saint-Germain is recognized by his contemporaries as a man of great knowledge, skilled musician and artist quality. [2]A chemistry laboratory in the castle of Chambord [edit]
St. Germain left London in 1746. We lose track of him for 12 years. To some, he retired to Germany where he devoted himself to his chemical and alchemical researches. For others, he traveled to India and Tibet: no evidence of these voyages is advanced, but there is later, in fact, that the Count has a deep knowledge of the East. He arrived in Paris at the beginning of 1758 and immediately sends a request to Marigny, director of the King's Buildings. It calls for a royal family is put at his disposal so he can install a laboratory and a factory, promising in return to Louis XV, "the richest and most unusual discovery that has made". Marigny assigned the castle of Chambord, deserted mansions. Saint-Germain installs his assistants, his workers and his laboratory in common.
However, it is more often in Paris than Chambord. It is present at the Marquise de Pompadour, who introduced him to the king, Louis XV. One immediately appreciates the brilliant character who very quickly became one of his friends.Aimé Louis XV, Choiseul and hated [edit]
If the count has attracted the sympathy of the king, however he alienated the powerful Duke of Choiseul, Louis XV's chief minister, who will launch a campaign to discredit him. Choiseul Gauve named entertainer pays to imitate the Count Saint-Germain and impersonate him. Gauve runs under the identity of the salons of St. Germain and tells the stories most unlikely: he drank with Alexander the Great, he knew Jesus and would have predicted a horrible end ... [3]
Quickly, deceit is revealed and recognized Gauve. Contrary to what awaits Choiseul, the real Saint-Germain did not come out being ridiculed, but grown.
Annoyed, the Minister must wait to reach 1760 to get rid of St. Germain, making it accused of spying [ref. desired]. Fell into disgrace, the count took refuge in the Netherlands. In subsequent years, it is reported in England, Italy, Russia, Saxony and Prussia: everywhere he tries to climb out research on the pigments and colors.The death of Saint-Germain [edit]
In 1766, he began under the protection of the Prussian king Frederick II but left the following year. He finally reaches Gottrop on the Baltic, where it is hosted by the Prince of Hesse-Cassel. He died February 27, 1784 in Eckernförde, in Schleswig, 93 years old according to his host, who was probably also his chief confidant.Legend [edit]
Saint-Germain, exceptional character, amused by the rumors, has never denied, remains in the story because it symbolizes the oldest dream of man's immortality.
He was dressed in clothes covered with jewels, absorbed only pills, bread and oatmeal and spoke and wrote Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish [ref. desired]. He painted and virtuoso on the harpsichord and violin, he also composed the music. He was well versed in chemistry and alchemy. The people of the time believed he had accomplished the Great Work of alchemy that brings immortality. He also attributes the work of alchemy The Blessed Trinosophie, but this is not proven and often contested. He had a passion for gems, which he always had large amounts [ref. needed], often of extraordinary size, and claimed to hold a secret to eliminating defects in diamonds.
Popular beliefs lent him the memory of his past lives and wisdom relevant: it would have had an elixir that gave him a very long life, two to four thousand years after him, allowing him to tell the wedding Qana or the intrigues of the court of Babylon. In a letter dated April 15, 1760 to Frederick, Voltaire said of him "He is a man who never dies and knows everything" Frederick II and called him "the man who can not die." Chamfort seems to this point since it relates only moderate, if you asked his servant: "Is it true that your master has three hundred years? "The man said:" I can tell you: there is only a hundred years I am in his service [4]. "
The composer Rameau remembered having seen Saint-Germain in 1701. The Comtesse de Cergy had seen in Venice, where she was an ambassador 50 years ago.
These are actually ways and originality of Saint-Germain, especially its way of telling the history of France as if he had known actors (Francis et al), which earned him in the 1750s some favors from some representatives of the court, beginning with Madame de Pompadour. Several excerpts from memoirs [5] Casanova corroborate the idea that the count "showed" actually very realistic earliest times (an anecdote is given in which the count suggesting its presence at the Council of Trent). Saint-Germain is also presented by Casanova as "scholar, [talking] perfectly most languages; great musician, great chemist, with a pleasant face." His interest in finding ways for increasing the duration of human life also has the effect of increasing the current rumors already assumed his unusual longevity.
It should also emphasize the role of comedian Gauve (aka "Lord Gor" or "Gower", or "Qoys"), mentioned above, posing as the Count in the neighborhoods of Paris, in the building of the legend. The latter, which describes in great detail and conviction of so-called interviews with some figures of Christ and Christian antiquity, contributes greatly to the birth and the amplification of the rumor of immortality. Jean-Pierre-Louis Luchet, inventor, in his memoirs to serve authentic to the story of Count Cagliostro (Berlin, 1785), a meeting also baroque fantasy between Saint Germain and Cagliostro, also mentions this Lord Gor Gauve or that he improperly equates to the count.
Forced to flee France in 1760 under the pressure of dark business [Ref. necessary], the latter traveled to Prussia, Russia, Italy, England and Austria (where it often lives in Vienna, "headquarters of the Rosicrucians") and finally stopped at the court of the Landgrave of Schleswig-Holstein alchemist enthusiast.
Assumptions have been circulating about his espionage activities, but to whose benefit? It would have been at least triple agent, while various allegations relate its commitment to the monarchy or even German hegemony Rosicrucian. [Ref. necessary]
According to the Marquise de Créquy it drawn off a hundred thousand crowns in four years with Madame d'Urfe, to cabal and the Philosopher's Stone. [Ref. necessary]
Casanova told her interview in The Hague with the Count, dressed in a costume Armenian, as it lent to the Wandering Jew, another incarnation of the myth of perpetual life, a myth which incidentally disappeared in the seventeenth century. But Casanova suspected the Earl of conjuring and deception.
Goethe was one of his disciples. Napoleon III initiated the Carbonari ("brick" of wood) was interested in the Count Saint-Germain and instructed the police to gather the Tuileries all possible clues about him. This file would have burned in the fire that destroyed the Palace in Paris in 1871, so it is left almost no trace of the identity of actual or alleged Saint Germain.
Several authors play fast enough role in the spread of a legend soon exceed the historical reality. Etteilla states in particular, when newspapers announced the death of the Count, there has been confusion about the real identity of the deceased, that the real Count Saint-Germain, his direct master for twenty years, true Kabbalist and Hermetic magician, author The entrance of the palace closed from King (1645) [6], is still alive, living in America, and is thriving.
Some of the assertions Barruel [7] will maintain thereafter the legend on the immortality of Saint-Germain, after mastering the metempsychosis. Miss Lenormand [8] does not suggest the least idea of its survival during the First Empire, and the Baron de Gleichen, in his Souvenirs (Denwürdigkeiten, 1847) [9], defend the idea of a Count of St. Germain had lived since ancient times.
Count Saint-Germain subsequently inspired many works of fiction to contemporary times, and also became an important figure within the Theosophical Society where we end up considering, among others, following a vision of the medium Annie Besant, as the reincarnation of Christian Rosenkreutz and Francis Bacon. 

End quote: I found the translation mostly useful, for example it speaks of the Comte de St. Germain still being alive and living in America. I found that interesting. However, since French (Francais) is gender specific the translation changed  (He) into It which makes sense if the robot translator isn't sensitive to masculine and feminine case. So it translated likely (il) which can be either it or he or possibly she to only (it) and so it becomes confusing and misdirecting in English. Even still you get the benefit of all this information in French which because the Comte De St. Germain actually lived in France for sure through many parts of the 18th Century (1700s) where there are still so many documents historically about him in French longhand in memoirs of the French and other nobles who knew him. So, the French Wikipedia would logically be more richly endowed in regard to someone like Saint Germain than one in English which makes complete sense.

By Googling " The entrance of the palace closed from King" I found the following PDF. It appears to be an English Translation of something written in 1645 and mentioned about. It also appears to be written by an alchemist of that era, possibly even Sir Francis Bacon, or if he is also The Comte De Saint Germain, by Saint Germain himself.  Today,  5 Centuries later it is hard to know for sure.

An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King

Just remember if you look at this work in PDF that you are looking into the mind of someone educated before 1645 AD. And that this is like peering today in 2010 into the mind of someone from another planet, just like if someone in 2500 AD would read what you and I might write today. We would be just as alien as reading this is to us today.

The other interesting thing I found was that it appears that not much was known then in 1645 about just how poisonous the (liquid metal) Mercury was then in that era. For example, miners in Alaska were still using it to pull gold out of Gold Ore in the late 1800s, and many of these grew blind and ill and then died. So, I don't believe that enough research had been done on Mercury in 1645 for people to understand just how dangerous it was yet. 

And even in the 1950s people still let children play with globs of Mercury. I remember being about 8 years old and someone came into the class to talk about Science and passed around about a half inch blob of Mercury to all 30 children in the class to play with. Some dropped theirs on the floor and so had to spend time pushing all the little Mercury drops back together before putting it on a spoon and then putting all the half inch globs back into the Science teacher's glass bottle with a stopper of mercury.

This would never ever be done today because finally scientists have discovered just how incredibly toxic Mercury is to humans both in touching it and the vapors are even worse if breathed in.

Surviving the Traumas of One's Life

Being retired has its advantages and disadvantages. It allows me to have time to think about things more deeply than many other people still have time for. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. So, last night I was thinking about "What are the most important things that allow any human to survive?"

The more I thought about this and went back in my own life in my mind, I realized that one of the most important things is how each of us deal with our traumas. Now, here I should define what I mean by a trauma. So, the way I would define a trauma is anything that is a serious physical illness or injury. It also could be the death of a very close loved one. It could also be breaking up with someone you love. It could also mean losing a really good job or having your home foreclosed and losing a place to live.

All these and more are the traumas in one's life and how each of us deal with these things and how we each choose to react to all these things will decide whether we live, die, survive, go crazy, go temporarily crazy and regroup as a slightly different person or whatever.

For example, I can retrace quite easily all the basic traumas of my life, and I can say quite easily to you that each one changed me irrevocably into a different person each time. So, the most important thing I can say to each of you is that if you don't find a useful way to adapt to any trauma in your life, you either won't survive or you won't be sane out the other side of it, one of the two.

So, being an opportunist at all times and basically living the motto, "There are no problems only opportunities" will allow you to not only survive almost anything, but it will allow you to always create an amazing life in literally any circumstances. Because if you don't see anything as a real problem then truly all experiences become opportunities for new and amazing experiences. Life is an ongoing adventure. If things don't go the way you thought or planned, So what? BE an OPPORTUNIST. If life gives you lemons just make lemonade or lemon pie. I really like Lemon meringue pie! How about you?