Monday, November 15, 2010

A One Way Trip to Mars?

Scientists propose a one-way trip to Mars

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I think this idea is one whose time has come. Just like early explorers of the United States never expected to return to Europe but expected to live and die developing the "New World" the opportunity would be there for humans who wished to do the same for Mars. I also agree that this might be a hedge against a catastrophe on Earth to have another colony on another planet as well. 



Since a Soviet research Satellite in the 1970s confirmed that the Asteroid belt had been a planet destroyed by nuclear weapons, and since if that is true then likely Mars' atmosphere was blown off also by the exploding of the Asteroid Belt  planet that the Asteroid belt became. And since this likely was how humanoid DNA  got to Earth as the last planet capable of being a good home to humanoids after the Asteroid planet blew up and blew most of Mars' atmosphere off then likely returning to Mars is likely humans biologically, at least returning to one of our other to original homes in the Solar System.



Though it could also be true that humanoids like us, (our ancestors) could have come from another solar system elsewhere before that, still returning to one of our old colonies that we might have colonized millions of years ago seems fitting.

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