Thursday, November 4, 2010

A380 and Volcanic Dust Cloud?

A380 With Engine Trouble In Singapore Emergency ... 

click "A380 With Engine Trouble" to read about the jumbo airliner with the exloding Rolls Royce jumbo jet engine.

Since the A380 with the engine that just exploded has a route between Singapore and Sidney, Australia, did it run into the volcanic dust cloud at some point on this route? If this happened it would create glass buildup from the glass dust of a volcano on the engine. If it wasn't enough to kill the engine earlier then maybe it finally caused the explosion when it took off from Singapore. We have heard of the effects of volcanic dust on smaller engines than the huge Rolls Royce engines on an A380. It is possible that air traffic needs to be rerouted like it was in Europe from the Iceland Volcano this year. This could happen in the Indonesia area now or wherever the dust cloud is carried on the winds.

The following are search results from Google for the erupting Mt. Merapi in Indonesia.

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