Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

As an intuitive I can taste the fear all over earth. These are the times when the wheat and the chaff are separated.

But there is also another saying which I have lived and it is also true. It is, "Hope Springs Eternal if we Die Daily". To many people this just sounds ridiculous but since I have lived it I will explain it to you. It goes along with "There are no atheists in foxholes" which basically means if you think you are about to die you invent God because you need him or her whether God exists or not.

I have discovered in my own life that people need a certain amount of order in there lives to keep it together and to stay sane through most everything. And the only thing I have found that tirelessly does this is having a faith in Life, Nature, God, (The Force out of Star Wars) SOMETHING. Without this kind of sense of order minds and bodies often can't make their lives work. Yes. There are always those that can function without this kind of order and sort of still be okay. But for the other 85 to 95% of the human race we need to believe in something. It matters less whether it is what we think it is exactly. The real point is we need enough order to go on.

My thought is that in most people God is what we thought our parents were when we were little. First, they were infallible and as we grew up then they were right only part of the time, and then we got to 12 to 14 and believed our parents were complete idiots and we wanted to run away from them. But then we got to 18 to 25 and started being amazed just how much intelligence and wisdom our parents gained between ages 12 and 25.

So, my point of view is that God might be what we thought our parents were when we went to sleep with the wind howling outside sounding like banshees and the lightning striking and we were afraid of the unknown boogeyman under our beds. Then our parents were gods. Maybe we all need someone or something to believe in so we don't all die of our fears worldwide in times like these right now.

So, Hope Springs Eternal if we Die to God Daily.

May the Force Be with you, Luke!

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