Thursday, November 4, 2010

Every Birth and Every Death Radically Affects Future Time and Space

Time and Space is Constantly Changing

Science and Mysticism Use Different Methods 

The above two blog articles got me thinking in this Time and Space and Physics Direction. So I thought I would include these buttons in case anyone was interested in the thought progression. Science and Mysticism was written first.

I started thinking while driving my car home today about just how drastically every birth and every death not only of every human but of every creature on earth  Affects time and space.

Death is easier to quantify than birth because pre-death we might have 80 years of a human for example and their affects on their life and the lives of all on earth. First of all, when they were born they began to breathe air and to turn oxygen into CO2 as they began to breathe. Even in the womb it forced their mother to consume more food and to become irratated in new ways as her whole life changed often for the first and only time in this particular way. Then after birth, the lives of everyone around that one born has to change including any siblings already born and all near relatives and friends. This causes new relationships to form and some relationships possibly to drop away. Diapers (cloth or paper) also affects either water and soap use to wash them or land fills to deposit them in worldwide. Also, feces and urine is deposited daily from every human either directly by them after birth or before birth through the mother's elimination system. 

So, immediately at birth the ecological effects spread out almost to infinity from every birth just in regard to food, waste, air breathed and converted to CO2, food consumed and all the many many changes in all beings surrounding the new baby and these changes continue unabated until that being passes away and is either cremated or buried in the ground. And if that being is buried in the ground that ground or area cannot be used for any other purpose sometimes for hundreds or even potentially thousands of years. So, even after death beings affect thousands to millions of other beings if that land cannot be used to farm, to live on or to plant food in because now it is a grave site instead.

So, every living being human or otherwise drastically affects the future of every other living creature on earth not only now but thousands to millions of years from now potentially here on earth.

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