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Hiding in Plain Sight

Science Fiction Research for all of you:

Since I don't have to write to earn a living but primarily do it for the joy and enlightenment it brings into my life and hopefully others, I like to share ideas with other writers for I find I'm sort of a muse for other writers as intuitives often are.

It is my thought that messages or codes are often hidden in plain sight and have been through secret agencies of all governments for thousands of years. So there are literally codes that could be anything from a fly on a plate in a room or house to a branch on the porch to a specific motorcycle driving by a specific place on a given day to a picture on a TV program that everyone tends to watch or literally anything. However, because it is "Hiding in Plain Sight" it only has real meaning for the one who either knows the code or who is triggered by the code.

Up until now any person that reads mysteries like James Bond by Ian Flemming or any other knows this kind of stuff. And even the next things I will write of you probably have seen in a movie or book but I guess I was triggered by the events in North Korea a few days ago so I'm writing all this because it triggered the whole "Cloak and Dagger" kind of book or movie in my mind.

So, I was thinking about a Time Cadre,(which I sometimes write about) in things like:
The Protectors
Uncle Tommy Travels Time
and other things at:


dragonofcompassion - Home 


under the names above and others. I was thinking about how a time cadre would operate and probably only one to three people on earth in any given time would know it exists. Because of the necessity of "Probable Deniability" it would be necessary for someone even at this level to be able to pass a lie detector test as to whether this person was a "Time Cadre" leader or "Time General" of that time era on Earth. So, what would trigger such a person to remember who he or she was? It would have to be an event like regarding nuclear proliferation or an outright nuclear blast. This would trigger their memory to move up out of the daydreaming and fantasy stage to realizing what their training had been and who they really were. Then they would trigger the other members of the time cadre by symbols hiding in plain sight or "Key Words". These people would likely already be friends and work associates or even relatives. They would then correct whatever problems were with their time, then give each other amnesiacs to forget the events and return to a daydream state with all of this to being heads of companies, Generals or Admirals or whatever was there cover. So after traveling through time and correcting the nuclear blast by eliminating the event by time manipulation they return to their undecipherable cover.



As a writer and as an intuitive this is how I think this could be done seamlessly. And given the insanity I grew up with during the Cold War here on earth along with Millions of the rest of you on the news every night, I think we have had this kind of help ongoing since at the very least World War II. What do you think?



George was a U.S. Foreign Service Representative. Being only about 28 to 30 years of age he didn't yet have the seniority to be sent someplace cool like the American Embassy in Paris, France or something like that. So, he was regularly moved from one third world U.S. Embassy to the next. However, yesterday something odd had happened. He had been ordered to return to Washington D.C. And when he asked who had ordered this he was given a government site online that he did not recognize. He wasn't able no matter what he did to find one person who was connected to this order. So, being an obedient Civil Servant he returned by Government Business jet along with several other U.S. Embassy personnel on regular re-assignments which happened regularly, especially for the younger and single U.S. Foreign Service members like himself.



However, when he returned to his assigned government apartment for security purposes he found that his Macbook Pro laptop started flashing in 3 inch letters across his computer screen, "New Event Detected!" It had a very strange cadence to this flash and size of words and he found himself hypnotized by it and it reminded him of how he felt when he was watching a really good movie where one forgets one is watching a movie and becomes a part of it. It was like his whole mind started to grow a whole new way of looking at everything. It was as if 20% of his reality had been temporarily covered over and was now re-integrating with the rest of him. His reaction now was, "OH Shit! I'm not who I think I am at all! This is just a cover for what I really am. Oh My God! I've been called up because of an incident. He noticed when he clicked on "New Event Detected" it had a little hand like a word button for a new online site. It immediately took him to a story about someone named George, his name.  Now this was obviously written about him because it had his first name, date of birth and where he grew up and even had the names of his now deceased parents and the names of his brother and sister were all correct. However, this was obviously science fiction. Or was it?



Was this a call to action for him since it obviously was about him. So there was a moment where he thought he was going crazy as the two worlds fought each other for reality---until--- the story talked about his room he was now in and described the placement of the bed, the pictures on the wall exactly like the apartment he was now in. Then it spoke of a particular drawer that George opened and that inside this drawer was a little notebook. And inside this notebook was a code book. So, in real life George opened this drawer and found this code book. And this was the introduction, "George, you are the lead captain of the U.S. Time Cadre, of course you think this is all science fiction, but if it is why does this site online know exactly who you are, when you were born, where you now are and the fact that no one except a computer program knows anything about why you were suddenly sent home?



This gave George chills all over his body and finally he knew who he was. The code book went on, It said, "Go to this site. print the first page. Now go to that online site. Now print that page. Now go to this third site. Now print that first and second page. Now staple them all together and use this decoder book to find out what you need to know"



George was getting pretty scared at this point because either he was going crazy, someone was trying to make him crazy, or he was some kind of spy and he hoped it was for the U.S. because that was his country and his loyalty.



So, as he gathered the pages and stapled them and put them all together he noticed the following: It said, "You now have 10 minutes to decode what you have printed out and to transfer the information by hand onto another sheet of paper before all these pages catch on fire by the staple you just put in these pages."


So, using the decoder he quickly decoded the message and it was a series of phone numbers and code words to be uttered to each phone. And this code word or series of words could be left in a phone message, or in  a text or directly to the person. Then George was to wait about 1/2 hour to 1 hour while everyone got used to knowing the other 20% of who they were so they could function as a cadre. They were to meet George at his apartment and they all knew where he would be. George was even more scared as the  phone numbers were his friends and business associates and his girlfriend. So, he began to worry about their safety as well as his own.


About 1 hour later several of his friends and business associates arrived. The last to arrive was his girlfriend. She looked especially worried. George realized that Martha likely wasn't her real name and George likely wasn't his real name either at that point. Though they often joked about them being George and Martha like George and Martha Washington, now it was just plain scary in this present context.


Martha said she had the runs and George wasn't far behind in this either. They were both almost "scared s---less" literally. So, as the friends all gathered there they said to George. Why are you gathering us all here?


George said,"I think we are members of some sort of U.S. super secret Cadre. This is my guess. Martha looked green and said, "No. It's more than that. We are a Time Changing Cadre. We only get called up in a REAL emergency when we have to correct time. She walked over to George's flatscreen TV and said, "For anyone listening if this room is bugged this is our groups play acting class resuming. We're pretty good stuntmen and me as a stunt woman. Look how good we are!" With that she showed videos taken from all sorts of angles of their last operation. They watched in Horror as one of them was shot down and dying with blood coming out of Martha's mouth. We watched her die.  They realized this wasn't an act. Martha had died before. At least this time.


George was sick to his stomach. He said, "Martha! You died! How can you be alive?" 


Martha seemed psychologically on the edge too. She said, "Look, George. I'm a very religious girl so this is difficult for me too. I was resurrected through time travel. You prevented my death."


George said, "I prevented your death?"


Martha: "Yes. You went back in time and shot the man who shot me before he shot me and so I lived in the next time sequence."


George said, "Time travel isn't possible!"


Martha said,"Do you believe your eyes or not?"


George said, "I don't know!"


Martha said, "If I disappear before your eyes and reappear in another 20 seconds time with my arms around your waist from behind, will you believe me then?"


All present looked scared and George bluffing said, "Yes. Then I'll believe you."


So, Martha  pushed a button on her belt that they had all wondered about before but had been afraid to ask. Then waited nervously for her to appear 20 seconds later behind George and put her arms around him from behind.


When it happened one of their group threw up on the floor and the rest looked kind of green and all including George sat down on a couch, chair or just collapsed on the floor in shock.


Martha said, "Do you all believe me now?"


George thought about how he always had been intimidated by Martha as she was a highly trained  psychiatrist and because of this was always a little threatened by someone with degrees from both Harvard and Stanford. She was literally a doctor and he just hoped she was real and not playing some strange drug induced game with the group in testing some new therapy medicine or something.


The group now huddled in a circle joined in a huddle of sorts. There were 8 of them in all. 7 men and one woman who was a psychiatrist. They sometimes called themselves as friends "7 men and a doctor" and thought it was pretty funny. But right now they weren't laughing at all.


George said, "WTF? Everyone. What's going on here?"


Ken was to George's left in the huddle and George had his right arm around Martha his girlfriend at this point. Ken said, "I'm the stabilizer here."



George said, "What?"


Ken was an intuitive, a writer, in his life. He didn't work for the government and never would and never did. He said, "I'm the Galactic Liaison to this Galactic sponsored Time Cadre to Earth through the United Nations and in this case through the U.S. Government. There are several of these cadres like us on earth at present."


Several of the friends started to laugh nervously. But Martha said, "He's right, everyone. Even though George is the captain of our team, Ken is Galactic Liaison. They are not allowed to be directly a part of any government on earth, so Ken is our observer, so all cultures are treated fairly in the Galaxies eyes.


Bill said, "Martha. You've been our friend since we all went to Harvard together as undergrads. But Ken here was with us too. How can he be a Galactic and us not know?"



Martha said, "It was on a need to know basis, Bill. Ken and I are the only ones here capable of living from our subconscious minds, so we don't ever completely separate from the time cadre completely."



Bill said, "What if someone gave you a lie detector test?"


Martha said, "That's easy. When you live from your subconscious those things don't register the same way on people like Ken and I."


Bill said, "Why is that?"


Martha said, "Because all truths are relative and they are especially relative if you can live from your subconscious."


Bill said, "I don't understand."


Martha said, "No one could understand this unless they are an intuitively based person."

Bill said, "So. You're saying that I"m a mentally and not emotionally based person?"


Martha said, "No. In your case I would say your mind and emotions are perfectly balanced which is very remarkable. But you were never forced by life experiences or disease to develop certain kinds of instincts and intuitions that make a person intuitively based just out of a need to survive.


Bill said, "Oh." But there was a look in his eyes that he was a victim of some very elaborate practical joke. He was really spooked by all this. These were all his very best friends and he hoped this didn't split them all up or result in the death of one of them. He felt sick to his stomach.


Martha said, "Sit down, everyone. Everyone just make yourselves comfortable. Have a beer. I'm sure George's fridge is stocked with all your favorite beers, ales and wines.  Just kick back and enjoy the show. Most present went to the fridge for moral support. They eyed each other as they found like Martha had said each of their most favorite beverages. Soon, they were sufficiently numbed to be entertained by all of this. They didn't know that a memory enhancer to bring back all their Time Cadre Memories relevant had been added to their beverages by Martha (as per regular orders under these circumstances).


So, as they watched their training as young people under the Swiss Alps  on a DVD played through George's Flatscreen TV of when they traveled there on a Winter Skiing Trip through Harvard on a Christmas break, they watched while they all studied with a man some called Arcane and other called him just "St. Germain", while others called him, "Arcane St. Germain". Whatever they called him they all remembered him as the most unforgettable teacher of this lifetime.


Bill said, "Do all Time Cadre Member always come from Harvard?"


Martha answered, "No. They come from Stanford and all universities and colleges throughout the U.S. for U.S. Time Cadres. And many nations on earth have their own sponsored by the Galactic Government."


Bill said, "Who?"

Martha said, "I know it is at least the G-20 or probably a lot more at this point. People die a lot in this profession so it's good to have replacements, even though we can usually bring back to life most that die in many circumstances, as long as their deaths aren't too public. And even then with plastic surgery we can give them a new life even if they were supposed to have died."


Bill just looked at Martha and wished this all were a dream.


To read about this kind of Training click on:

dragonofcompassion - UNUS

After the 2 hour video was over several of the group had had one or more ales or beers or glasses of wine and were better able for some reason to cope with living real science fiction here in their lives.

Bill started. He said, "Remember when you died? Wow. That was really close. I remember you dying there and the look on George's face. Even though I knew theoretically we could bring you back to life I had never seen it done so I just fell apart and blew away everyone present with my grenade launcher." He smiled at this.


Ken always the cultural relativist said, "Yes. You were hired Bill because of your excellent battle reflexes and never say die attitude. However, I had to bring those 5 back to life after you blew them into pieces with that grenade launcher. Did you know that?"


Bill held his tongue feeling an odd relief somehow. His anger at the moment had been very real and revenge then was on his mind. But now, somehow he was very relieved that most he had blown up had been brought back to life that weren't planning further nuclear blasts anyway. However, he imagined that Martha the Psychiatrist had worked those guys over with wonder drugs even after we brought them back to life to re-orient them, so to speak to move in another direction away from nuking millions out of existence. He smiled as he saw the symmetry of this thought.

As Martha put on the last DVD Ken motioned to Martha to meet him in another room. Since the general state of the 6 men left in the living room watching an operations Dvd of videos of previous operations, the mood of the room would be categorized as "completely blown out" as the 6 male friends watched their "normal" versions of reality be completely upended by harsh reality.

Martha whispered to Ken in the hallway, "What is it?" 

Ken said, "Why didn't you tell me that you were Elohar and Ragna's daughter?"

Martha turned red and said, "Because it was on a need to know basis."

Ken said, "That wasn't wise because you cannot be permanently missed from the other time line in the 7000s. There would be terrible consequences to that!"

Martha said, "Oh. Why?"

Ken said, "You eventually take George to live with you to your home time line and have children with George there."

Martha smiled. She liked this outcome.

Ken said, "By not telling me you were from another time line we might have let you die one of these times on assignment if it was too public to save you. That would have been a disaster for the other time line."

Martha finally connected all the dots. She finally said, "I'm sorry, Ken. I wasn't thinking Galactic and multiple time line about all this. It was very 21st century Earth of me." Her Blue eyes burned up into Ken's. He felt he could not be angry at her at this point. He put his arm around her like a sister. He had been friends with her father and mother now for 200 years in real time. He felt like Martha's uncle in real life at this point. Since Ken hadn't seen Martha since she was 10 or 11 and was sent off to school on the other time line he hadn't recognized her until now. But there was always something very familiar about her. Today he finally had put it all together.

The History:

Martha and Ken are full time time travelers. They never forget who they are. Ken doesn't forget because he works for the Galactic Government through the United Nations as a Liaison to the Galactic Time Guard and authorized by the United Nations when it was first formed after World War II. Presently all people who originally signed this agreement have all passed away. However, this program between the Galactic Government and the United Nations goes on anyway. So, even though Ken doesn't wear time traveling devices all the time like Martha does, he doesn't need to. For he is a Galactic Citizen and due all the protections and rights that all Galactic Citizens have (at least while traveling or living in this Galaxy).

Second, Martha comprises  the only member of the Office of the Liaison of the Two Time Lines which is always in communication with Ken. She also wears an amethyst on a golden ring which is an emergency button that will take her instantaneously to her  home time in the 1st time line. While she is in public she also wears a time belt. When the button is pushed it can be programmed to move her a few feet and a few moments or minutes in time or it can be programmed to place her on the other side of the planet in the same or different time or on either of the two Earth time lines instantaneously.  We saw her do this already to George and the group once. She never loses her consciousness concerning the two time lines, her group, or the Galactic Government. Only she and Ken (since they are not from the 2nd time line are allowed to be aware of the Time Cadre and its members all the time. George, Bill and the other 4 men ONLY are aware of the cadre's existence and of who they are while conducting a mission. Then they are slipped amnesiacs while celebrating as the 8 members of the Cadre. This is according to Galactic Rules. All of the G-20 and beyond Time Cadres function in this way on earth at this time.

more later.

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