Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In His Image

If it is true that man was created in God's image like it says in the Bible then it is my belief from a lifetime of experiences, that it is not God's physical image that he is talking about but God's Consciousness instead. And if we Are all Created in God's image then he has designed us to be Creators like him, since in creating us we are like his children. And if we were created to be Creators with him then we are also living as Co-Creators with him. So, what are we expected to do with this?

I think more than anywhere else on Earth in the United States more people seem to understand this "In His Image" concept of being created in "God's Image". It is true that there are many cultural variations of this theme like in India, europe and various other cultures and places on earth. And yes, it is true that for the most part "America" (The U.S.) has moved this "Creating in God's Image" to create a Government to match this way of thinking that we are God's Creators and that our nation functions under God to Create a more Perfect Union of places and people. And it is also true that materially the U.S. has been able because of natural resources, War (outside of the Civil War in the 1860s) to keep major warfare out of our national boundaries for the most part. So, our culture since the 1860s and our people's and our lands have not been ravaged by war since then. Yes. We have fought battles other places but have been lucky enough not to have to fight a house to house and city to city war here on American soil.

So, our sense of Being Created in God's image we have extended also to our country, our people and our national resources with generally really great results that up to this decade has made us literally the "Hope for the world and it's future".

But now, the relatively easy time that our country has had since World War II is changing to something else. And once again we must Create ourselves individually and collectively in God's image in order to move forward as a Creative Nation under God. We did it before individually and collectively and we will do it again.

I was reading recently a book called "The Lost Symbol" (or more appropriately as I drove to Santa Barbara and back I listened to the book on CD's in my car. In the last chapters of the book Dan Brown, the author looks at this whole concept of being created in God's image.

The book is a very different compilation of ideas in the form of masonic ideas connected with the U.S.Government and its history and of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. So the book  is sort of like "National Treasure" meets "The Da Vinci Code" or something like that. So, it might not be everyone's cup of tea as it is a very unique book and is sort of many of Dan Brown's creative thoughts and research and ideas tha didn't get dealt with in "The Da Vinci Code" and his other books already.

Though I like the book the "Bad Guy" in the book wasn't really believable to me because I don't think someone could realistically survive the kind of esoteric path that the "Bad Guy" was on without self destructing sooner. So, because the Bad Guy wasn't believable to me, I had to enjoy the rest of the process without believing that the bad guy could exist in real time and space. However, I must admit that the whole book does deal in many respects with the whole "In God's Image" sort of thinking.

And in that it tries to address "IN HIS IMAGE" in a fictional context I'm glad Dan Brown made an effort in this direction because I think it is an important subject for every God Fearing or God Loving and usually both kind of person to think about and to meditate upon sooner or later.

In my own life I had to deal with all this very young. My personal experience of all this was just so very real it almost killed me before I embraced God and invoked God into my Body to live with me. So, literally since I was 15 I have known that there is God, there is me and we both live together in my body. And this is not theoretical at all. This is a real 24 hour a day experience. For me, it was a choice to let God live within me or die. So since I didn't want to die I let God live in my body full time with me which has alwasy endowed me with Gifts like I have read about in the old Testament. And my experience is similar to those experiences and I identify the most with Moses and his experiences. What seems amazing to me is that I even experienced the "Burning Bush" on Mt. Shasta in 1970 and this has changed all my life ever since.

So, I guess I'm witnessing to all of you that it is possible to experience living every day in God's image because I have to to just to stay alive in a body on Earth. So, when I was faced with death or letting God live in my body with me I chose to live with God in my body. How do I feel about this after all these years at age 62? It is like being married to God and living in the same body. Many religious people consider themselves married to God. It's about like that. It also makes being alive and being dead(living in the world of the living and the worlds of those passed over) the same thing to me. But you would have to experience life as I do for me to be able to explain this to you properly. But if I try it would be to say that it is true we are all created in God's image, it's just that some of us choose to live this every day either because we have to like I do or because we choose to like I also did.

So, living in God's image is real for every human on earth and it is always a choice every moment of every day for each of us. I continue to choose to live with God in my body with me all the time.

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